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"You Don't Realise How Good A Game Is Until You Loose It!"

I lost this game last year, and I still love it...

FS2 is a space combat game from 1999 in which you play an officer in the GTVA (Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance). The game starts off with you fighting the NTF, a band of human rebels led by Admiral Bosche (Yes, as in the tools) but it soon expands into huge battles with our alien friends from Freespace 1, the Shivans. Soon enough, you'll be fighting huge juggernaughts, stealthily scanning ships, fighting fighter-to-fighter dogfights and much, much more...

PLOT - 10/10

The plot always keeps you on your toes, and a small dogfight-style mission can turn into a huge battle with piles of enemy ships. You always know there's a plot twist around the corner, but it always comes as a surprise when one takes place. The cockpit-chatter, the briefings, the debriefing, even the music engrosses you completely. Which is why this gets full marks.


The game was made in '99, so good graphics for 4 years ago, fine graphics for now. Not much to say, really, except that the explosions are amazing and the ships look a lot like you would expect our ships to look like!

SOUND - 10/10

Wow. Everythign about this game's sound is great. Great actors, great music, great sound effects as a beam weapon annialhates that huge juggernaught that was beating you up. As the huge ships are destroyed, the lethal shockwave can obliterate your fighter, and even if it does, you can't help thinking how good it sounded.


From the moment you select your ship and weapons to the debriefing, the game will be, first and foremost, fun. By around the middle of the game, you will have access to most of the ships and a lot of the weapons, and will have a favourite combination. I personally used to always choose the Perseus Interceptor with the Totnado Missiles, which would send out 8 missiles at the one time towards your target. So, you can choose your own style of play. This just adds to the fun of having fighters attack from all sides, and the sense of achievement that you will get from taking them all down. So, a fun game? The funnest!

OVERALL - 10/10

Well done to Volition for creating such a great game. Too bad that Interplay wont release a trequel (Is that a word?). My suggestion is, if you can find it, buy it. I know I will.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/08/03, Updated 02/08/03

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