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"Just Another Review With "GREAT" In The Title."


This is a wonderful game. It is addictive. It has perfect difficulty balance range. It sounds great, with loads of effects and full voice acting. The graphics are among the best I have ever seen with particle and lighting effects, no slowdown, no popup, detailed backgrounds... **Rambles on for a year or so**... and great detail.

That stuff is great.

Better yet, this game also has a great core. Graphics and sound are nice, but many games fail at the core. For instance, Halo looks and sounds great, but in the end it just another FPS. However, FS2 (as it is referred to from now on) is another story.

a GOOD story. I cannot give much away without spoilers. After a big war with evil aliens, these aliens and the humans had a ''cold war'' of spacecraft. The humans, after receiving word that the aliens have built a massive warship, mount an attack against a base somewhere, and start to fight back. You start out as a fighter pilot in training, but you are quickly brought in as a reserve. Then you progress through ranks. Although it sounds simple, it is not. You go through many missions, some missions are escorts, some are kill all, some are tactical destroy, some are intercept fighter, and many others. Sometimes, you betray people, and sometimes you are betrayed. There are hundreds of plot twists.

This game has a strategic element. There are many different lazers, guns, bombs, hulls, and such to choose from.

You feel you are a part of a team. Wingmate AI is well done. You also have a communicate option where you can call for cover, tell whomever you want what to attack, call for reinforcements, call for a reload ship, tell a squadron to guard one of your team's warships and more. Also, the story is constantly evolving as you play, not always before or after a mission.

FS2 has a huge learning curve, so it will take time. The controls are so intricate. You must control speed, shield balance, guns, torpedoes, your wingmates, your power balance, direction, and targets while you play. there are literally about 150 things to learn to do. These controls make the game fun, but only after you learn them. This game supports joysticks, I would recommend one of them if you have it.

When playing FS2, you are in free space. There are no limits to how far you can go in any direction. In space there is no up or down. It is the same in this game. Again, it is a bit chaotic at first, but worth it once you adapt.

That’s not all. Once you have beaten the main campaign, there is another, smaller one that is very challenging and fun.

When you think replay has run itself out, you can also play multiplayer online. In any mission. in teams or enemies. wonderful.

see above.

**Thinks for an hour, cannot quite come up with anything**

in case you have not gotten the jist of my review, here it is in plain English. and Spanish, if you cannot read this.

buy. now.
ud. compra. ahora.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/21/03, Updated 03/21/03

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