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    FAQ/Walkthrough by FDelles

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/11/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator Walkthrough/FAQ v. 1.3
    Compiled by Fred Delles
    Email: dellesfy@clarkson.edu
    Visit my website, "The Cool Nut Archives" at the following URL:
    The latest edition of this FAQ is under this URL, under the "Septerra Core
    Best viewed under Wordpad under Windows 95/98
    This is my first-ever FAQ, so if I get something wrong, don't flame me about 
    it. This FAQ is also unofficial, so, obviously, do not harass Valkyrie Studios,
    TopWare, or Monolith if I blow something. E-mail me at the above address if 
    you have any questions or corrections, or any name origins or weird facts for 
    the "Did You Know?" section.
    - Updates
    - Before we Begin (IMPORTANT!)
    - Walkthrough (currently unfinished)
        - Oasis
        - Wind City
        - Ankara and Jinam
        - The World Bazaar
        - The Mold Forest
    - The Characters of the World of Septerra Core
    - The Fate Cards of Septerra Core
    - Spells and Spell Combinations
    - Weapons, Armor, and Items
    - Character Skills/Skill Items
    - Unanswered Questions
    - The Game's Secrets
    - Did you Know?
    - Copyright Information
    V. 1.3 (June 11, 2000): You hate to be in my shoes. For the summer, I'm not
    only working full-time for data entry/programming at a local computer com-
    pany, but also am working at a grocery store as a cashier part-time on Sun-
    days and weekends. Yeech. 
    Added "The Mold Forest" section, plus a couple more secrets in "The Game's
    Secrets" section.
    And, I got a MASSIVE revision of the Weapons, Armor, Items, and The Game's
    Secrets (plus many others) straight from Pete Karsanow (karsanow@twrol.com).
    So, give him a big hand, everyone. All I really need to do is to finish the
    friggin' walkthrough...
    I'm working on this side-by-side with my "Legend of Mana" walkthrough, so,
    still, bear with me. The reason I didn't answer many e-mails I got was that I
    assumed that I could answer 99% of 'em by merely finishing this walkthrough.
    (But...when? Only Marduk knows...)
    V. 1.2 (March 2, 2000): If you mailed me a question, and I forgot to reply,
    I probably accidentially skipped it and left it unread. It's "Real Life Syn-
    drome", you know? I apologize if I ignored you like that.
    A little more, including the section on the World Bazaar and finding Araym. 
    Plus, a bug found when stealing (see "The Game's Secrets")
    And Version 1.1 was on February 12, 2000, not February 12, 1999. B-)
    V. 1.1 (February 12, 2000): I was on vacation in Florida all winter break, and 
    could not get much done there. In addition, college and signups for summer 
    internships all January really hampered my time. Sorry for the delay.
    Added a little more on the Walkthrough, including the Ankara and Jinam 
    section. Plus the "Character Skills/Skill Items" and "The Game's Secrets" 
    sections, including the ten birds, and a CHEAT MODE!
    V. 1.0 (December 22, 1999): The first edition of the FAQ! Mostly the walk-
    through (unfinished), items, weapons, armor, and characters, along with the 
    locations and powers of the Fate Cards. I've already beat the game; I just have 
    to play it again to get through the walkthrough, using only one saved game to 
    get through the first time.
    Before we begin... |
    First of all, I received numerous e-mails about the numerous delays in the FAQ.
    Unfortunately, I have a very severe case of RLS (Real Life Syndrome), and could
    get little done due to that very problem. With several tests, an upcoming state
    swim meet, an attempt for a summer internship (meaning numerous cover letters
    and a resume that kept getting revised and edited almost every day), and a
    web page design contest in the Association of Computer Machinery, and my
    personal interests, I just got hampered with stuff to do. So, bear with me
    when I work on this slowly but surely. If you want to e-mail me, do so at
    dellesfy@clarkson.edu. Note that it might take a while to get a reply, so
    just be patient.
    But by Marduk, I WILL finish the walkthrough! That's a promise... 8-)
    The First Chapter - Oasis|
    After the Chosen Doskias's mad rush to begin the Prophecy, he sends out his 
    Chosen ships across the Shells to begin his operation. They pass through 
    Shell Two, where Maya, Grubb, and Runner were doing their daily business - 
    scavenging junk. Knowing that this was going to be trouble again - there was 
    a war with the Chosen ten years ago, in which many people, including Maya's 
    parents, died - Maya and Grubb ride on Runner back to the Oasis, the ruined 
    city in which Maya lives in with the kindly Uncle, who took care of the young 
    orphans whose parents died in the war. Unfortunately, Tori, one of the 
    orphans, keeps getting out of line time and time again. After a brief argument 
    with the P.O.'ed Mayor (who was searching everywhere in Oasis for any 
    suspected weapon smugglers) and Uncle, Maya and Tori will end up going to 
    Azziz's temple for their daily class.
    Here, you will gain control of Maya. Go to the east room, and raid the fridge 
    there for some Bread. The west room contains a bed, which is free healing. If 
    your HP or Core power is low, go there to rest. You can also talk to Uncle for 
    a bit on the war and the Chosen. Outside, you can chat with the locals, 
    including the Workbots and Mayor, in case you want a bit of comic relief. Talk 
    with other locals, including the ones in the "Old Junkers" bar, for more 
    information on the world of Septerra. The "Stock Pile" contains weapons you 
    can purchase. Buy the Engine for your gun - it increases your firepower and 
    accuracy, and will help quite a bit when you go outside. Alternately, you can 
    stock up on some Bread at the Item Shop - it raises your HP when you get 
    injured in battle. Leave the city by going to the southeastern corner of the 
    city (not to far from Mayor and the Workbots).
    NOTE: Any time the icon is a gate and not an arrow, you can exit the place by 
    Outside, you can go south to Grubb's Workshop and chat, but you still must get 
    to class. Head west to the Badlands. You must take this treacherous path to 
    reach Azziz's Temple.
    At the Badlands, there are treacherous enemies. There are Wulves on the path; 
    The light-colored ones are weak, standard fighters. The darker-colored ones 
    are far more dangerous; Not only are they physically stronger, they can speed 
    up their fellow Wulves, or they can summon other Wulves to join the fight to 
    rip you to shreds. With those ideas in mind, head northwest. You will 
    encounter more of the lighter-colored Wulves. Use the RifleShot skill (allow 
    the bar to reach the first level) for about three rounds to take out each of 
    the enemy Wulves you will encounter. Heal with Bread when your HP falls below 
    10 HP.
    Head west as far as you can until the mouse icon changes into a gate, and you 
    can leave.
    NOTE: Any time you feel you're lost in any location, stop your character and 
    hit the TAB key for a map of the location. Yellow areas are locations in which 
    your party can leave the place.
    Another note: Save the game often. Remember, you can hit F5 for a quick save. 
    You can also enter the Main Menu (click on the blue CD under the characters' 
    stats sheet), and save a game there. Right now, save the game after you exit 
    the Badlands - if you get in too much trouble, you can load and go back. You 
    can't save during a full-motion video sequence or during a battle. 
    After exiting the Badlands, enter Azziz's Temple. Walk northeast once inside, 
    and you'll see the elderly Azziz finishing off a lesson with the other kids of 
    Oasis. Apparently, Tori played hookey and skipped class for that day.
    Have Maya step up to Azziz and talk to him. Talk to him about various subjects,
    and learn more about the world of Septerra and its legends. You'll also learn 
    about Core Power and Fate Cards. After the day's lesson, you will gain the 
    Water Fate Card.
    Head back east through the Badlands, making sure to fight off any Wulves you 
    might encounter. Go back through Oasis, and back to Uncle's place. You'll find 
    that Tori skipped class for that day, and will run off before he gets in lots 
    of trouble with Uncle. 
    Talk to Uncle. Maya will be a rat and turn Tori in. Uncle will tell Maya to 
    bring Tori back from the Pumping Station.
    After exiting (and stocking up on Bread at the Item Shop - you'll need it!), 
    go to the Pumping Station just past the city of Oasis.
    When you arrive, you find that Tori was the smuggler that Mayor was looking 
    for! You also find that three Holy Guards from Shell Three will surround you, 
    thinking that YOU are the smuggler! Tori makes like a total wuss and runs 
    This is your first major fight. The enemies are weak, but so are you. Pound on 
    the weaker Holy Guards (they have only 20 HP) with RifleShot and RifleVulcan 
    attacks, taking out each of them one at a time. Heal with Bread when your HP 
    falls below 10 HP. This shouldn't be too difficult - the two underling Guards 
    will deal only 1-2 HP of damage per attack, and the sergeant isn't that much
    stronger. Watch out for his healing and fire spells, though.
    After defeating the guards, you will steal a Heal Fate Card from the sergeant, 
    and run off, heading back to Oasis. The Holy Guards, only knocked down from 
    Maya's attack, will get back up and chase you.
    Back in Oasis, news spread that Maya was the smuggler. The Mayor used Grubb's 
    Workbots to capture Maya if she enters the city. However, the Workbots are too 
    damned pacifist, and will not really to anything in means of force. Talk to 
    them, and the Workbots will hilariously go on strike after Maya reminds them 
    of Mayor's poor treatment towards them.
    Go back to Uncle. He will have Maya find Tori and set things straight. 
    Unfortunately, that's in Outlaw Canyon, and Maya never traveled such a 
    distance. So, she must persuade Grubb to help her. Exit Oasis (LOL at the 
    little skit with the Mayor and striking Workbots) and hoof it to Grubb's
    Talk to Grubb about the problems, and he and Runner will join. Go to the 
    Badlands and fight the enemies there for some experience and a level or two - 
    you'll need it for the trek. Remember to take the Power Generator from the 
    floor near Grubb's bed before you leave.
    NOTE: Grubb is a weak, but speedy fighter, and Runner is a slow, but powerful 
    fighter. If Runner gets in too much trouble, use Grubb's Repair skill on him - 
    ordinary healing items aren't as effective on the mechanical pooch. If you 
    need to cast a spell (i.e. Kyra's Heal), use Grubb to do so. Note that while a 
    spell can be cast as early as 1/3 of the bar being filled, a spell is more 
    effective if the bar is 2/3 full, or maxed out.
    Return to Oasis. Neither Mayor nor the Workbots will not bother you as you 
    enter the city. Get Engines for your party members, and Bread with the rest of 
    the money. If you're broke, either fight off more enemies in the Badlands, or 
    sell off items you don't need (Skins, etc.) Rest up at Uncle's house.
    Exit Oasis, and go to the Pumping Station. Go around the ramp and search the 
    sand for the Conduit Wires. After picking them up, climb the series of ramps 
    until you reach a control box and a large fan. Look at the control box, and 
    select Grubb. He will open the box. Then, select the Conduit Wires and use 
    them on the box. After soing so, select the Power Generator and use that on 
    the control box. Grubb will then short out the fan, and you can proceed. After 
    exiting, you will enter the World Map. Head southeast, traveling on the pipes. 
    You will then enter a large series of Desert Pipes.
    Once you enter the Desert Pipes, head southeast, and continue southeast, 
    fighting off Unicorn Beetles and Arachnids. Take out the Arachnids first; they 
    have the potential of badly injuring a character with one shot. However, these 
    battles aren't too tough if you heal with Bread (or Repair on Runner) after 
    each fight. Once you reach the cliff edge, go southwest, until you reach a 
    massive crab blocking a stairway up the pipes. Fight the crab. Don't worry if 
    you're only dealing 1 HP of damage per attack - just pound him with a bunch of 
    Level 1 attacks, and he'll go down after 11 HP of damage.
    Climb the stairway-like ramp. You will encounter a junction in which you can 
    go right or left. Head right, and continue along the path to a chest with a 
    Healing Potion, SmellSalts, and a HeartStone. Head back to the same junction, 
    and continue left. The pipe will turn northwest. Continue along the path until 
    you reach another ramp that will take you back to the sand. Head southeast, 
    past thelong pipe sticking out in the sand. Then, turn east and go between the 
    two large elbow pipes. You'll see another ramp. Climb it, and after reaching 
    the top, head southeast. You should be on the World Map. Enter the town. DO 
    NOT enter Outlaw Canyon yet, especially if you are low on Bread and need 
    healing. Also, remember to save the game.
    Galdon is almost like a town straight out of a Western movie. After entering, 
    search the saddlebags of the three Helgaks (the floating horse-like animals 
    tied to various posts) for a couple of Roots. Enter the saloon - the locals 
    will treat you like the junk your people collect and deal with. Talk to the 
    three dudes messing around near the automated bronco Helgak. Have Maya and 
    Grubb pick on them, and your cliched bar brawl will occur. Fight the three 
    dudes (they have about 45-50 HP). Remember to heal when necessary, and fight 
    them one at a time. Watch out for their Barrier and Poison spells.
    After defeating the three, talk to the bartender about Tori. You can also buy 
    supplies and rest for the night. If you have the money, buy the Grenade for 
    Maya, and more powerful armor and boots for the team. Use the rest of the 
    money for Bread and the Inn fee. Exit the saloon, exit Galdon, and enter the 
    World Map - we've off to Outlaw Canyon.
    Right when you enter Outlaw Canyon, the outlaws will demand your money for 
    safe passage. However, Maya becomes quite pugilistic on them, and a battle 
    will occur. After defeating them, head northwest, and then northeast. Climb 
    the nearby ramp. (It's pretty hard to find, but take a close look at the 
    cliffs, and you'll find something that looks like a ramp.) Once on the upper 
    level, head over the bridge. After crossing it, head northwest, and then take 
    the bridge northeast.
    NOTE: Any time you encounter a group of enemies, take them out one at a time. 
    An injured enemy deals just as much damage as a healthy one.
    You will then find Tori's camp. At the same time, a Holy Guard will appear, 
    accusing Maya and Tori of smuggling weapons to the warriors allied with the 
    Chosen. Unfortunately for him, a couple of minions enter the scene and fry the 
    Holy Guard. Angry at the destruction that occurred the last time the Chosen 
    messed around with Oasis, she commands Tori to go back home and warn the 
    people of Oasis about the possible danger. Maya will then try to figure out 
    what just happened, and will also try to find out why Wind City is involved.
    Search the dead Guard for a couple of useful supplies. Then, snag Tori's 
    Helgak mounts. The game will then go auto-pilot as the group chases the Chosen 
    ship. However, the three get blown up the Chosen ship's nostril and right 
    inside. No, it isn't THAT gross. 8-) The three will overhear Doskias and 
    Dugan's plan to dissolve the Holy Guard as part of Doskias's still-enigmatic 
    master plans. Maya vows revenge against Doskias, but must warn the Holy Guard 
    The Second Chapter - Wind City|
    After disembarking from the Chosen ship, you'll find yourself on the grass-
    lands of Shell Three. Note the tower in the north and the woods in the south. 
    Don't bother with either - the tower serves nothing at the moment and the 
    woods contains ultra-powerful enemies that'll really boot your rear.
    Enter the pentagon-shaped village of Southfarm. After chatting with the locals 
    (and a couple of drunks at the bar), enter the northernmost building, and 
    purchase one Acid Vial. (Plus supplies, if you need 'em.) Talk to some of the 
    people, especailly with Grubb. One of them should give you bird seed. Return 
    to the World Map, and head on over to the Graveyard.
    Once in the Graveyard, head on north. You will see a mist on the ground; 
    examine it and you will then fight one of the Living Dead. He should be easy; 
    just wail on him with as many hits as possible.
    After defeating the Living Dead, you will see a pool of zombie blood. Use the 
    Acid Vial on the blood, and you will have some acidic solution. You'll also 
    notice a headless statue at the western end of the area. Leave the Graveyard.
    Enter Wind City, and its main section of the city. (The Resivoir is closed off 
    for now.) Talk with the various locals, and have Grubb fix some of the 
    peoples' items for free stuff. You'll pass by an array of shops - they have 
    awnings over the doorways and green-colored marble floors. Shop if you want, 
    and then enter the Capitol building. Once inside, head northeast to the 
    The Library contains a broken model of Septerra (Grubb can't fix it), plus 
    lots of books. Look at some of the books for some facts on the world of 
    Septerra, its demi-gods, and its legends. You'll run into a bunch of monks who 
    haven't got much to say. However, you'll eventually run into a talkative monk. 
    He provides lots of information on Marduk, Bowman, the monks, and the weird 
    statue in the Graveyard.
    Head back east past the Septerra model, and you'll find another set of 
    shelves... and a head. It's bolted by an iron collar to the table. Remember 
    the headless statue you found at the Graveyard? Use the Acid Vial on the head, 
    and add the head to your inventory.
    Return to the Graveyard, and go back to the headless statue. REMEMBER TO SAVE 
    YOUR GAME! The upcoming fight is a damn tough one. Select the head, and toss 
    it on the statue. The statue of Draxx will then rumble, shake, and will start 
    to fight your party. Draxx has about 150 or so HP, but can deal lots of damage 
    on your party.
    NOTE: Try to use healing spells (using Fate Cards, not items!) on the undead. 
    It will damage them significantly.
    Use your firepower on Draxx, firing off your most powerful attacks. Have 
    Runner and Grubb attack Draxx, and Maya zap the Living Dead. Zap the closest 
    ones to minimize the damage to your party. Heal if a character is low on 
    health, and watch out if a character is poisoned (loses HP each turn) or 
    cursed (all stats decrease). Once Draxx is defeated, you then can pass 
    through his altar and enter the Catacombs.
    The Catacombs have lots of Living Dead. Just pound on the closest ones (if 
    they are in a line near Runner, zap 'em with his Beam attacks), and they 
    should go down quickly. Go northwest. After passing theough a stone arch, go 
    northeast. Cross the green river of goo and flip the switch at the end. Walk 
    over the green goo and head northwest. Enter the door, and head northeast, 
    following the wall. At the end, head southeast until you reach the end of the 
    narrow corridor. At the end of the corridor, climb the stone steps, and follow 
    the brick path to an illuminated stairway. Climb the stairway, and enter the 
    Cathedral. You will find the Holy Guard there.
    Maya will tell the group about Dugan's plans to dissolve the Holy Guard. 
    Bowman doesn't believe them at first, but once Dugan's forces show up, they 
    must react. Runner scampers off with Layla and the rest of the Holy Guard 
    (much to the chagrin of Grubb), and Corgan comes with Maya and Grubb; this 
    group is your new party as you will make your escape. Bowman will stall off 
    Dugan as the two groups escape - only to die.
    Head southeast across the bridge over green goo. Once you reach the arch, head 
    southeast. Dugan will send his thugs, Duke and Araym, to attack your group. An 
    encounter ensues. Attack Duke first - his attacks are stronger. Then take out 
    Araym. After fighting, you will leave the Catacombs and enter the northern 
    part of the cemetary.
    Inside the Graveyard, take the northwest route. You'll reach an intersection. 
    Head southeast until you reach another junction. Head northeast from that 
    junction until it turns. Take the turn. Go around the church and head 
    southwest. You'll find a switch. Click on the switch and it will open another 
    exit in the Graveyard. Follow the path back to the intersection and head 
    northwest. Turn northeast through the gate. You'll run into - you guessed it - 
    Duke and Araym. Like before, take out Duke first, then Araym. Heal when 
    You'll meet with Layla again. Corgan will tell her about Bowman's death, and 
    Doskias's plan to control Wind City, using it as a supply station as he 
    ventures to the Core of Septerra. The group must go to the Shell Five to get 
    help from the armies of Ankara and Jinam, but must travel to Armstrong to 
    collect supplies. If you want, you can rest up in one of the tents for free. 
    Go north past Layla, then turn east. This one-way path is simple... except 
    for the enemies. The Wulves and Cats should be easy if you pepper them with 
    Level One attacks. Once you re-enter the World Map, head west to Armstrong.
    Sadly, Armstrong was practically nuked, flash-broiled, and given the works at 
    the hands of the Chosen. The group angrily confronts Selina, and must fight 
    her and two Chosen guards. The battle is a little tough. Take out the two 
    guards first, then perform full-power attacks on Selina. You will win a 
    Barrier Fate Card after the battle.
    After the battle, head northeast. Once you reach an intersection, head north-
    west. Once you reach another intersection, head northeast until you reach a 
    chest containing the supplies. Backtrack to the entrance, get back on the 
    World Map, and head back through the Mountain Pass, and trek through the long 
    trail of the Mountain Pass until you reach Layla again. Ain't "fetch quests" 
    wonderful? ;-)
    Give Layla the supplies. Corgan will also tell about the destruction of 
    Armstrong, and they find that Ankara and Jinam, the countries that can stand 
    against the Chosen, are warring with one another yet again. They must get to 
    Shell Five ASAP! You must go to the Helgak Port to travel there, but must go 
    through the graveyard. Make sure Corgan is in your party.
    NOTE: There will be a "cut scene" where Selina will talk with her lover 
    Doskias aboard his Chosen ship. He commands Selina to stay in Wind City and 
    cut off all the supply lines to the small villages. After Selina leaves, three 
    Magi arrive. (Remember them toasting the Holy Guard in Outlaw Canyon?) Doskias 
    will announce that he is going to dump Selina. Dugan is also brought in. 
    Seeing no further use for him, Doskias plans to have Dugan executed. Dugan 
    turns around and flees.
    Once in the graveyard, follow the dirt path. When you reach the intersection, 
    head southwest all the way through the gate. Once through the gate, head 
    southeast toward the exit. Once on the World Map, go west across the bridge, 
    and you'll find the Helgak Port. Enter it.
    You'll see a couple of Chosen Guards talk with the desk clerk, but they'll 
    leave before you arrive. Talk to the clerk, especially about passports. You'll 
    need passports to ride to Shell Five. With Wind City closed off, head to 
    Once inside, you'll notice two guards at the gate. Unless you think you can 
    boot their rears, just zip your lips and pass by them quietly. Enter the 
    Weapons Shop to the southeast. Talk to the people there, especially with 
    Corgan. Corgan will recognize Maxon, who's actually a monk helping to get 
    people out of Wind City with a secret passage before the Chosen nuke the 
    place. He will then open the grate, allowing you to enter Wind City's library.
    Once inside, talk to Abbot. Ask about passports and he'll give you some fakes 
    to exit Shell Three. Chat with him a little, then exit the place using the 
    secret passage. Exit Southfarm. Go back to the Helgak Port and give the pass-
    ports to the desk clerk. You then can leave the Shell.
    Once inside the airship to Shell Five, you'll run straight into a battle 
    between the Ankaran and Jinam forces. The airship is destroyed, and crashes 
    onto a Shell Five continent...
    The Third Part - Ankara and Jinam|
    Maya will wake up in an unknown bed. Once you get up, talk to the kindly couple
    and ask about the other characters. You'll find that you're gonna need to do 
    some searching. Search the house for a couple of supplies. Heal if you need
    to - you're in the middle of a war!
    The people will be afraid of you if you talk to 'em. Head southeast a bit, then
    head northwest, past the weapons shop (King Pin's Botique). Talk to the dark-
    skinned villager there about Corgan. He'll give you Corgan's sword.
    Head southwest, past the Jinam Soldiers. You'll find Corgan. Give the sword to
    him, then Maya will pick another fight with the two Jinam cyborgs. After
    fighting them, Corgan will reunite with you. Head southwest and exit to the 
    World Map.
    Enter the Mesa Canyons. Head north once inside. After the first fight, head
    northeast, running under the bridge. Turn southwest once you pass the bridge.
    Then head northeast and climb the ramp to the upper level. Turn northwest,
    walk over the bridge, then head west, following the ledge. Fight the enemies,
    then head southwest, up a small ramp. Cross the bridge to the southeast and
    down the ramp. Go east, past the tumbleweeds, and then you're on the Mesa
    Once on the massive bridge, head southeast. You'll find a massive hole on the 
    bridge; head west, following the trail southwest. Head southeast after a battle
    with some Thunder Cats, walking past patches of dead grass. Continue northeast, 
    then southeast once you are on the bridge. Head northeast, then east to exit
    the area.
    You'll enter another area of mesas. After the initial battle with a couple
    soldiers and a combat hound, head northeast, then turn southeast and head down
    the small ramp. Go north. You'll run into a couple of Ankaran and Jinam 
    soldiers. Just let them fight each other until one side dies, then finish the
    other side off 8-). Climb up the ramp, then go southeast to follow the path.
    Go west, then continue northwest and go down the ramp. Go southeast along the
    path to exit to the World Map.
    Once outside, head north to the downed Jinam battleship. Once the screen loads
    and you are outside, ust go east and enter the greenish hole to enter the ship.
    Once inside, head northeast. After a couple of battles, head southwest into
    another room. Click on the switch on the northern corner of the room.
    Backtrack to the larger room, then head northeast. You'll pass a bunch of
    fried cyborgs. Continue northeast, passing a couple of Jinam troops, and then
    activate the switch in the northwest wall of the room. Another door will open.
    Walk back to the large room again and enter the just-opened doors. After a
    fight, head southwest. You'll find Grubb there, fixing some machinery (natch).
    Grubb will re-join and give you a holo message. Leave the ship, and return to
    the World Map. Head south, straight to the Ankaran Base.
    At the Ankaran Base, Grubb will find Runner. Unfortunately, a pixie-like young
    woman with a three-and-a-half foot tall wrench apparently "adopted" Runner, and
    is calling him "Punkin". The girl, as you probably know, is Led Campbell, the
    daughter of Ankara's General Campbell. She allows Runner to join the party.
    Notice the large Ankaran computer to the northeast? Ue the holo message on it,
    and it will tell that the war was, sadly enough, caused by that Chosen bastard
    Doskias. They must warn Led's father immediately! To reach the Ankaran Capitol,
    Led will need an AE-35 Power Converter to complete her custom-built ship.
    Talk to the Ankaran soldier with Led, named Dave. He will give you some Jinam
    Dog Tags that he took off a toasted enemy soldier. Just past Dave is a chest
    with the Air Fate Card. Leave the base, onto the World Map, then go north to
    the Jinam Ship.
    Enter the ship, and go northwest. Then go northeast as soon as possible, and
    go to the locked door. Use the Jinam Dog Tags from Dave on the control panel
    of the door to open it. Enter and walk along the corridor. Pass the large
    room and continue northeast. Skip the first opening southeast, and enter the
    SECOND one. You should be in the back area of the ship. Continue southeast and
    follow the path to another switch. Hit it, and a door will open to the west.
    Head back to the hall and backtrack southwest, and enter the door you just
    opened. Go northwest, and turn southeast. Enter the door the two Jinam 
    soldiers are guarding. Head northwest, through a thin corridor, and you should
    enter another repair lab. After the fight, search the northwest section of the
    room. You will find the AE-35 Power Converter. Pick it up. Retrace your steps
    back out of the ship, and enter the World Map. Head south, back to the Ankaran
    Once in the base, go northwest. You should be inside Led's workshop. Give her
    the AE-35 Power Converter, and she should be able to fix the ship. Look at the
    ship. Your party will then reconfigure as Maya, Led, and Runner. Corgan and
    Grubb will stay behind. (Apparently, Led has a crush with Grubb...)
    The ship will fly along... only to crash right in front of the Ankaran Head-
    quarters. (For those of you who played Breath of Fire 3, notice the connection
    between Ryu, Nina, and Momo's one-flight rocket crash and Led's ship crash? 
    Kinda makes me think that the Septerra Core part was inspired by that little 
    tidbit. But that's just me.) 8-)
    Walk to the Ankaran guard and have Led talk to him. You will be able to enter
    the Headquarters.
    Inside the headquarters, you will learn that General Campbell was sent to
    get the Doomsday Device, a weapon that will completely obliterate Jinam by
    altering its gravitational pull. Maya will show the holo message about 
    Doskias's evil plan to pit Ankara and Jinam against one another, and the three 
    will then go on a mission to warn General Campbell before it is too late.
    Also, Doskias will plan to use the stolen twin keys (from the Emperor) to begin
    the Conjunction... only to realize that it will take 50 more years for the
    Conjunction to actually begin. Instead of waiting for that time, they will make
    their OWN Conjuction...
    The subway-like area is just an easy straight southwest walk... except for the
    enemies. Take out the maggots last - they are very slow-moving. Once you reach
    the polished white floor of the station, go southeast. After a couple of
    fights, you'll reach an old highway. Once you do, just head northeast. Watch
    out for the enemies, though.
    You'll reach the Research Station and confront General Campbell. He won't lis-
    ten to any of your evidence, or his daughter, and runs off. Selina enters, and
    you also find that the Chosen isn't just one tribe, but merely many warring
    nations. The group enters Selina's ship and flies off to Campbell's ship.
    Once on Campbell's ship, head northeast. You'll run into four Ankaran soldiers
    who have orders to stop you cold. Battle the four. Runner's laser might be
    useful here, as it can hit multiple enemies in a line. Take one soldier out at
    a time - an injured soldier does as much damage as a healthy one. Once you take
    'em out, continue on. You'll probably have to do another battle after this one,
    so keep your Hit Points up.
    You'll reach the bridge and encounter General Campbell. He doesn't seem too
    pleased to see Led. He tells her that he has fired the Doomsday Device at the
    Jinam continent, and shot the entire region into an upper continent, devasta-
    ting the entire country. Led plays the holo message and the General learned
    that he was totally tricked by Doskias. The Chosen begin an attack at the
    General's ship, and Selina helps the party escape. General Campbell, however,
    stays with his ship, awaiting his fate...
    The Fourth Part - The World Bazaar |
    You will arrive in Shell Four with the rest of the party, in a house of ill
    repute. Selina is now officially part of your party. She's a damn good fighter
    WITH powerful magic, and is easily one of the best characters in your party.
    Okay, after a bit of talk, you'll have to find the bounty hunter Araym, who
    will help you go to Shell Seven, where Doskias is mining Corite to create the
    artifical Conjunction.
    Well, select your party. Go northwest up the ramp. You'll meet a couple of
    prostitutes and a seedy-looking dude. (If you want a bit of humor, put Grubb in 
    your active party and have him talk to the prostitutes. B-) ) Anywho, talk to
    the dude. His name is Loch, and he apparently is a bounty hunter.
    You can try fighting him if you want, but he's too powerful, yet too chicken
    (he runs away after the first hit). But once he runs away, check the chains
    that were above him (you are outside the brothel). Hanging on the chain is a
    crate of mega-power dynamite. Have Led (or Grubb) examine the chains. That
    character will release them and drop the crate to the ground.
    Go back inside and back to Loch. Have Maya pick on Loch once again. You'll
    initiate another battle. This time, have Maya shoot the crate of dynamite be-
    hind Loch. The crate will explode and kill him instantly. You'll receive his
    keys allowing you to enter the Bounty Hunter's Hideout.
    After taking out Loch, head northwest, eventually climbing two flights of
    stairs. Go northwest once up the sets of steps, and you'll find a weapons shop.
    Buy all the equipment you need. Down the steps to the southwest is an item
    shop. Buy as many healing items as you can afford. Further southwest is an 
    armor shop. Buy what you need there (I think one of these stores sells ear-
    plugs; if they do, grab three pairs of 'em.)
    After passing the armor shop, go down the stairs southeast and then head north-
    west to reach the World Map. Click on the Bounty Hunter District to enter.
    Once inside, head southwest, past the steps, and go down the ramp. Go southwest
    and follow the catwalk northwest, then northeast. You'll see a large sewer
    with a locked valve and lotsa bounty hunter graffiti. Use the key to stole from
    Loch on the valve, and Maya will be able to open the door into the sewers.
    Enter from the northeast.
    The sewers is quite simple... except for the enemies. Along the twisted one-way
    path, you'll run into maggots and big crab dudes. Hammer 'em with full-power
    attacks, and heal when necessary. You will eventually reach a nasty-looking
    pipe at the end of the path. Enter there to enter the Bounty Hunter's Hideout.
    Once inside, head to the northwest, then go southwest. The path will turn
    northwest again. Continue northwest and head up the ramp. Then cross the bridge
    to the southeast and click on the switch. A door will open to the southwest.
    Head back down the ramp and go southwest, passing an arched entryway into the
    prison area. You'll eventually reach a set of prison cells. Talk to the pri-
    soner. You'll recognize him as Araym.
    After busting him out, retrace your steps back to the Sewers. As soon as you
    enter the Sewers, the alarms will sound, and all the bounty hunters will
    really be at your heels. Just run along the one-way path to the exit on the
    other side. None of the enemies should be a threat if you heal after each 
    battle. Once you escape, you'll be at the World Map. Head back to the Red
    Light District, back to the "Ill Repute" brothel. Araym will be waiting there.
    The group will chat a bit. Araym will mention that he has actually "held back"
    when he hunted you down earlier. He also tells about his arms, which were
    blown away during the wars of Ankara and Jinam, and the fact that they were
    replaced by cybernetic implements. He finally mentions that he knows a
    captain in this every shell who can transport the group to Shell 7. But
    Selina gets a bit impatient with your group's constant bickering, and leaves
    your party...
    You'll need to re-form another party with Maya, Araym, and a third member.
    I took Led as the third member, if you're confused on who to take. Head out
    of the brothel, and head northeast up the steps. Continue up the stairs, and
    then head northwest, then southwest. You'll pass an Item Shop. If you didn't
    get three sets of earplugs yet, GET THEM NOW! Grab a couple healing items,
    too. Continue southwest, then go southeast and then northwest to exit to the
    World Map.
    Go to the Shipping Transport area. Go southwest, then go northwest to follow
    the path. Go down the stairs to the southeast and then and continue down a
    second flight of stairs. Head southwest across the docks until you reach a
    captain standing around at a dock near a fruit stand.
    Talk to the captain. Talk to him with Araym. The captain will allow you to go
    to Shell 7. Click on the Transport Ship icon to depart. Click on World Shell
    7 to reach, well, World Shell 7. As you pass the crates to reach the ship,
    though... you'll run into Duke. D'OH! He and Araym have a score to settle.
    Just fight 'em - they're not too tough. Heal when necessary. You'll then
    enter the ship and go to World 7.
    The Fifth Part - The Mold Forest |
    You will arrive in Shell 7. This place is easily the strangest Shell of 'em
    all, with lots of weird mushrooms and the Underlost beings. Go southwest to
    exit the landing site.
    Once on the World Map, cut north around the landing site, and enter the Bone
    Circle Village (the location with the Underlost). Apparently, you can't do much
    here at the moment. Go back to the World Map, and continue to the west. Head
    north, and go west to enter the Western Mountain Caverns. The encounters here
    are random.
    Once in the Caverns, head south. Remember those large, high-defense crab dudes?
    They're here again. Remember to pelt them with a barrage of level one attacks
    to defeat them more easily. Head south and go down the stone ramp. Then go
    northwest, across the stone bridge. Head down the ramp to the southwest, turn
    east, and then go northwest and go under a stone bridge. Head northwest, but
    stay south of the ramp and continue west. Go southeast and head down another
    stone ramp. Go south, then southwest to exit the first Cavern map.
    Once in the second Cavern map, head southwest down the ramp. Then go northwest,
    then west until you enter an open area (possibly with another battle). Go
    southwest, then down the ramp. Before continuing, equip with the Earplugs (you
    DID remember to buy three of 'em at the World Bazaar like I told you, right?). 
    Equip all three of your characters with this accessory, then continue southeast 
    to exit to the second Caverns map.
    You'll reach a land of dripping lava. REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR GAME! The Sonic
    Lava Boss you're gonna face will be the toughest boss yet. The trick here is to
    damage the enemy's legs in a way so you can smash 'em all down at once (the
    legs have 100 HP each). Why? Well, they regenerate if one leg is dead for too
    long. Try to strike them with Water/Summon combos, then Level 1 attacks so 
    they each reach roughly 90-95 damage. Wait a bit, then strike them with Level 
    3 attacks or Water spells. This should defeat the enemy.
    Once you defeat the Sonic Lava Boss, head west to leave the infernal place.
    Head to the Mining Ruins northeast, and enter.
    You'll meet a lone hermit in the ruins. Many years ago, this place was used by
    the Ankara and Jinam forces in mining Corite, but it is today just mere ruins
    and a dilapidated environment. Talk to the hermit there to learn more about
    the mining ruins' history. Northeast of the entrance is a Bioium Lantern; it
    is found in a treasure chest. West of the hermit is a cylindrical container
    with some explosives. Take them. Leave the area.
    Note: There is a possible bug(?) where you could take the explosives from the
    chest there, go to Shell 3's Mourn Graveyard, and "waste" them on a wall there
    (you blow it up with identical explosives late in the game). The result is
    getting yourself locked in the game with no way out. Does anyone have any
    info on this possible, but major mishap?
    Once on the World Map, go to the Dark Lake toward the west. Enter it. Go to
    the poisoned green gooey lake in the north. Look at it with Araym, and he'll
    suggest bombing it with some explosives, killing many of the underwater Helgaks
    and making "bridges" with them. Take this suggestion, and use the explosives
    you got from the hermit on the lake. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly) enough,
    the lake will be chock full of carcasses on the surface, allowing you to con-
    tinue on.
    Cross the westernmost bridge of Helgak carcasses. Then head north and cross
    the Helgak bridge to the northeast. Go north across another bridge, then go
    northwest to the bone (not carcass) bridge. Cross it to enter the World Map.
    Go to the Helgak Graveyard. (Geez, lots of Helgak-bashing nowadays, hmm?)
    Head southwest on the bridge in the Helgak Graveyard, then go southeast. You'll
    find a small piece of Helgak bone on the ground. (It's easy to miss, and it's
    not the shell in the east part of the screen; you'll get that later.) Yes, you
    went all this way JUST to get a tiny piece of bone. D'OH! Backtrack and go
    back to the World Map.
    Backtrack through Dark Lake, going back south quite a ways, then east. You'll
    be back at the World Map. Then, go through the Caverns (Don't you hate trudging
    through all this?), and go southeast. Head southwest, under the bridge, then
    turn northwest and climb the stone ramp. Head up another stone ramp and then
    go north, exiting to the World Map.
    Using the World Map, head back to the Landing Area, and talk to the captain.
    Ask to go to Shell Three.
    At Shell Three, you'll be back at the Helgak Port. Exit the port, and go east
    to SouthFarm. In Suthfarm, go northeast to go to the Items Shop. Talk to Carver
    (NOT the shopkeeper), and he'll tell you about his skill in carving Helgak
    bone into flutes and whatnot. Give the Helgak Bone (a Key Item), and he'll make
    a flute for you. This flute will emulate the mating calls of Helgaks.
    Still on Shell Three? Good. Go to the Mourn Graveyard, and enter the Catacombs.
    Search the chest next to Bowman's grave, and you'll get a Resurrect Fate Card!
    Yeah, it's grave robbing, but I won't tell if you won't tell. B-)
    Go west to the Helgak Port. Talk to the Shipping Clerk and you'll be able to go
    to the World Bazaar once again. YOu'll be outside the Captain's ship. Ask him
    to go to Shell 7. You'll be at the landing port. Go back to the Caverns, and
    get through the north/west path, going back to the World Map. Head to the Mold
    Forest, which is southwest of the Caverns exit.
    The Mold Forest is a huge maze, enough to drive any gamer insane. From the en-
    trance, head northeast. You can walk under the incredibly tall plants. Keep
    taking the east and northeast paths until you reach a large sandy rock for-
    mation. Go straight east at that point. Keep going until you reach path of
    spindly mushrooms, then go southeast. Go east as far as you can. Then, go south
    a bit. Go east to leave the place and enter ANOTHER section of the Mold Forest.
    In the second section, immediately head east. Then go south once you see a
    green-glowing mushroom, and go east as soon as you can. Then head north. Cut
    east and you'll run into a strange, red mushroom-like thingy in the middle of
    the ground. Examine it with Maya and Araym. Use the Helgak Flute on it, and
    you'll open it up, revealing a bright green goo inside. Use the Bioium
    Lantern on it to scarf some of that goo. Head all the way out (going westward).
    Use the Tab key (while standing) to show the map of the place, in case you get
    lost. Go back to the World Map.
    Once on the World Map, head all the way back to the Underlost Village (you have
    to get through the Caverns once again). Once you enter the village, you run
    into some of the Underlost tribe. You can't pass; both you and the Underlost
    have extremely prohibitive communication barriers, and you have to do some kind
    of physical ways of communicating. So... use the Bioium Lantern (you DID fill
    it with goo, did you?) on the two totem poles. Keep trying until you get it.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a possible bug in the game at this point. I frequently
    received many e-mails about this, and how Maya might not be able to reach the
    totem poles because of a message that "the sound is scrambling her brain". I
    think it might be a big, or that you didn't do certain steps correctly. See
    below for more details.
    The folloing criteria must be met:
    1. The Bioium Lantern MUST be filled with the goo from the Mold Forest Plant.
    2. The Sonic Lava Boss must be defeated.
    3. You must run into the Underlost and look at them a bit.
    4. If all else fails, equip Earplugs after doing the first three steps. Leave,
    and return to the Underlost Village.
    If all this is done, you SHOULD be able to use the lantern on the two totem
    poles. If not... the game might have to be patched, especially if it is only
    Version 1.00. Go to http://www.lith.com for the Septerra Core patch.
    After the totem poles are lit from the phosphorous (or whatever) from the goo,
    the Underlost will be pleased. Enter the village to the northwest. Talk to the
    village chief. Apparently, he can speak your language, and will explain his
    story about the Chosen and how the Underlost were used as slaves by them in
    the mining operations. He will have Badu join you (You MUST replace a party
    member with Badu, or you can't go on). Try a group of Maya, Araym, and Badu, or
    Maya, Selina, and Badu. You will also get a Cure Fate Card.
    Leave the village and go to the Caverns yet another time. Go through 'em (you
    should know the path by now), and go to the World Map. Go to the Mold Forest
    Once inside, head northeast to the weird rock formation. Go to the northeast
    side of the formation, and you will come at a strange door. Have Badu look at
    it, and it will open. Go through the door and go west. Go north after a battle,
    and then cut east as soon as you can. Continue east all the way. Go southeast
    a bit, then go east until you reach a clearing. G. north to leave.
    You have found the Chosen mining operations. They are currently mining Corite
    to create the lens for Doskias's insane plan. Once here, head southeast, along
    the walkway. Go northwest and walk across a small bridge. Cross the second
    bridge to the southwest and continuse southwest, going across a third bridge.
    Head down a ramp to the southeast and go northwest, walking under a bridge.
    You'll see an enemy walk along. After a fight, go along the path where the
    enemy had emerged, and enter the main part of the mine.
    Once there, you'll help free three of the Underlost. They'll go back to the
    village. Go northwest. Follow the path by going northeast, northwest, and
    northeast again. Walk up a ramp near the pipe. Go northeast once you walked
    along the ramp. Then head southeast and cut northeast. Cross the northeastern
    bridge to leave this area.
    You'll run into Kaleb, the Chosen in charge of the mining of this area. He
    merely tells that the lens are ALREADY complete. Rats. He summons the Mining
    Helgak to fight you and flees the place, running back to his ship.
    The Mining Helgak, well, ain't easy. Immediately in combat, throw a few
    Barrier/Earth combos on the members of your party. Then start peppering the
    Mining Helgak's Head with Level 1 attacks, until it opens. Then hit it AS SOON
    AS POSSIBLE with a power attack. If you don't, it will unleash a wicked attack
    that will cause substantial damage to your entire party. An easy way to win is
    to have Maya and the second pary member hit it with Level 1 attacks. Then, have
    Badu smack it with a Core Knife (Level 1). Repeat until it's dead (600-650 HP
    of damage). Heal when necessary, usually using Roots or Potions.
    Once you win, you'll head to a Chosen shuttle and fly to the Chosen Command
    This walkthrough will be continued...
    The Characters of the World of Septerra Core|
    Grading of the characters:
    All the ratings you see here are based on when I played the game, and does not 
    necessarily reflect the opinions of other players.
    Attack: Attack power and accuracy
    Defense: Ability to absorb or avoid damage
    Speed: Rate in which the character can do actions
    Magic: Power of that character using Fate Cards and absorbing magical damage
    Skills: Usefulness of the character's skills throughout the game
    Fighting (normal): Overall fighting power against regular enemies
    Fighting (boss): Overall fighting power against boss enemies
    Overall: Overall usefulness of the character throughout the game, compared to 
    A young woman from Shell Two, who scavenges useful items from the junk piles. 
    As a girl, her village was destroyed and her parents killed when the Chosen, 
    the inhabitants of the topmost Shell, decided to bring their airborne 
    conflicts to her peaceful home town. She is the main character of the Septerra 
    Core story; hoerver, she will encounter eight other characters who will help 
    her save the world from destruction.
    Being a permanent member of your party, Maya has lots of useful skills and 
    almost no weaknesses. Her skills, though must be store-bought, are pretty 
    useful (Heat Seekers, etc.) for taking out multiple enemies, or groups of 
    enemies. Her only real weakness is the lack of extremeties, i.e. she does not 
    fully excel in any stat. However, she also has no real lack of anything.
    Attack: B   Defense: B+  Speed: C   Magic: B-  Skills: A-
    Fighting (normal/boss): B+/B
    Overall (not an average): B+
    A reclusive mechanical wizard who can turn the junk of the second Shell into 
    almost anything he can think of. He created machines like the Workbots and 
    Grubb, well, is your stereotypical mentally strong/physically weak mage. He 
    has a total lack of fighting offense or defense, and his Core spells will 
    really whup your enemies. Unfortunately, he just doesn't have the usefulness 
    of many of the other characters - Selina or Led could emulate him, and then 
    some with their improved offense and defense. But don't ditch the skinny 
    mohawked dude - he's quite useful when teamed with Led (after getting his 
    LedCombo and Led's GrubbCombo), and just rips enemy robots to shreds with his 
    Repair ability, or heals allied robots with ease.
    Attack: F   Defense: F   Speed: B+   Magic: A   Skills: B-
    Fighting (normal/boss): D/C
    Overall (not an average): D (against or allied with no robots, or without Led), 
    B- (fighting or allied with robots, or with Led)
    Runner is Grubb's mechanical companion, an enormous and affable robot that can 
    walk on two or four legs. While Runner seems like a massive overgrown puppy-
    dog at times, he's a ferocious ally in combat.
    Runner, plain and simple, sucks. He has lots of power in each of his attacks, 
    but he's just too damn slow and is a total hinderance to your Core energy 
    total. He also can't cast spells well, and does not heal well with healing-
    based items. Ditch him to the scrap heap.
    Attack: A   Defense: A   Speed: F   Magic: F   Skills: D-
    Fighting (normal/boss): F/D+
    Overall (not an average): F
    A member of the courageous and dedicated Holy Guard, the protectors of Shell 
    Three and Marduk, Corgan is a skilled defensive swordsman with a knack for 
    diplomacy. His one true love is Layla.
    Corgan is just mediocre in almost everything. He's slightly better at fighting 
    than Maya or Selina, but a bit slower. His magic skill kinda blows, and he has 
    a lot of useful skills (Core Force and Protect), but the others are pretty 
    sucky (Charge). It's up to you if you want to take him.
    Attack: B+  Defense: B+  Speed: C+  Magic: D-  Skills: C+
    Fighting (normal/boss): C+/C+
    Overall (not an average): C
    The daughter of General Campbell of Ankara, Led is a skilled mechanic with her 
    weapon as a giant wrench. Her robotic legs were the result of an accident 
    during military training. Ever since, her father refused to let her fight for 
    her country, and threw her to a remote Ankaran base to prevent her from 
    getting into trouble.
    Led rocks! Sure, she has pretty crappy physical prowess, but she has very 
    powerful magic, and her skills are quite powerful. She has the best skills; 
    not one of them is completely worthless. Repair is like Grubb's, only faster 
    (but weaker), and the GrubbCombo is one of the game's best skills. Her Core 
    power is second only to Grubb. Team Led with Grubb, Araym, or Selina. Just 
    watch her defense - it's pretty low.
    Attack: D+  Defense: D   Speed: B   Magic: A-  Skills: A
    Fighting (normal/boss): A-/C
    Overall (not an average): B (teamed without Grubb)
    A (teamed with Grubb)
    One of Doskias's generals, and his lover, Selina is a dark, mysterious, and 
    powerful warrior with a knack for mystical Core spells. She allied herself 
    with Maya to save the world, but her loyalty toward Maya is complicated with 
    her love for Doskias.
    Selina is easily up there with the best. Her fighting power is quite high, and 
    her magic prowess is only behind Led and Grubb. She's also quite speedy, and 
    has fair defense. Her skills are fairly useful, with the potent (but expensive)
    Curse Strike and the cheap and quick Core Force. If you're confused on what to
    pick as a third party member, pick her.
    Attack: B+  Defense: B   Speed: B   Magic: A-  Skills: B-
    Fighting (normal/boss): B+/B+
    Overall (not an average): A-
    A thief, bounty hunter, and former demolitions expert, Araym ended up helping 
    out after being rescued from Duke. His detachable, spider-like arms were the 
    result of a mining explosion.
    In terms of overall fighting, Araym is argubly the best character in Septerra 
    Core. He's very speedy, has high attack power (and can hit multiple enemies 
    for free), and both his magic and Core power make the cut. Steal and Mug are 
    useful abilities almost anytime, and while Taser and Venom aren't THAT useful, 
    his speed might make up for the expensive Core cost. A must-have for almost 
    any party.
    Attack: A-  Defense: C   Speed: A+  Magic: B-  Skills: A
    Fighting (normal/boss): A+/C
    Overall (not an average): A
    A part of the Underlost, Badu is quite an enigma, with a mysterious language, 
    and his former home in the Mold Forest. The Chosen imprisoned his tribe for 
    slave labor, working to extract corite from the mines of Shell Seven.
    Badu is an okay character, with obvious strengths and weaknesses. While slow, 
    he can deal tremendous damage very quickly with Core Knife, and is a big help 
    against bosses. Unfortunately, I never really cared for him that much - he's 
    too slow to be highly useful, his skills just aren't what I want, and his 
    magic isn't too hot. If you know you're going to fight a very powerful enemy, 
    take him; otherwise, forget it.
    Attack: A   Defense: A-  Speed: D   Magic: C-  Skills: D-
    Fighting (normal/boss): D+/A
    Overall (not an average): C-
    A Jinam cyborg forced to fight for his country, Lobo acquired free thought by 
    a friendly mechanic, and became that mechanic's "son". Lobo then became a 
    pirate, fighting against the country that created him. He also desires revenge 
    against Conner for killing his "father".
    Other than his weak magic (about as bad as Runner), Lobo is about as powerful 
    as Maya, and then some. His gun power and multi-target skills are quite useful 
    against groups of minor enemies. He is halfway decent in almost any party, but 
    more useful with characters like Grubb or Led.
    Attack: B   Defense: B   Speed: B   Magic: D-  Skills: B+
    Fighting (normal/boss): B/B-
    Overall (not an average): B-
    And a note on the stats themselves, courtesy of Pete Karsanow 
    "I collected stats for the characters from saved games, and put them in a 
    spreadsheet to evaluate them. My formula adds HP and Armor to get a Defense 
    value, (Strike+Power)*Speed/100 for an Attack value, and Core is the Magic 
    value. But Magic starts out at 1/2 the importance of Attack and Defense until 
    Core values get above 20. Anyway, rank all characters in these, and add the 
    rankings for an overall ranking. I'm a strong believer that it takes a lot of 
    Armor to make decreasing Speed worthwhile. So, I went through much of the game 
    taking out monsters with a quick succession of Level 1 attacks - even though 
    these are weaker than 1/3 of a Level 3 attack.
    Using my method, I believe Aryam and Selena (these happen to be the 2 names 
    that people get wrong!) are usually the 2 best characters to go with Maya. 
    Maya herself is often ranked rather badly. I may be wrong about the formulae, 
    but I certainly noticed how tough it was to play "my way" with Grubb and Led 
    instead of Aryam and Selena, while going after the generator for Connor's 
    electric chair in the prison."
    If you want the spreadsheet, email me karsanow@twrol.com
    Locations of the Fate Cards of Septerra Core|
    Water: From Azziz after the first lesson 
    Heal: After the Holy Guard fight 
    Rock: After fighting the Draxx statue in the Shell Three Mourn Graveyard
    Barrier: After the fight with Selina at Armstrong
    Air: In a storage cylinder in Ankaran Base 
    Summon: Awarded by Gunnar 
    Fire: After the fight with Lava Boss 
    Cure: Given by the Underlost Chief in Shell Seven 
    Resurrect: At the grave of Bowman (in Catacombs) 
    Bless: After fight with Connor 
    Law: After fight with first Magi 
    Slow: After fight with second Magi 
    Mirror: After fight with Hell God 
    All: After fight with Balcaam 
    Achilles' Heel: same as above 
    Chaos: After fight with Doomsday Brain 
    Speed: To the northeast, near fallen bridge in Chosen Temple Area 1 
    Cloak: In Chosen Temple Area 3-Found with Chosen Talisman 
    Curse: In chest to the far southeast in Catacombs Area 3 
    Vampyre: Same as above 
    Joker: After the fight with Alisa
    Spells and Spell Combinations|
    Here, you will find all of the spell combinations found throughout the game.
    Spell Combo             Cost  Effects
    Heal                    10    Heals one ally
    Heal + Mirror           30    Harms one target
    Cure                    10    Removes poison from one target
    Cure + Mirror           30    Poisons one target
    Bless (!)               25    Raises all stats (Power, etc.) of one target by 
    Bless + Mirror          45    Lowers all stats of one target by 1/4
    Resurrect               18    Revives an unconscious ally with about 1/2 their 
                                   Hit Points
    Resurrect + Mirror      38    Pounds one target with mega-damage
    Cloak                   25    Cloaks one target, increases evade %
    Cloak + Mirror          45    Removes cloak from one target
    Joker                   25    Puts Berserk, Curse, Stun, Slow, and Poison on 
                                   one target
    Slow                    25    Slows one target
    Slow + Mirror           40    Speeds one target (Why bother when you could use 
    Speed                   25    Speeds one target
    Speed + Mirror          40    Slows one target (Why bother when you could use 
    Air                     12    Damages one target with Air damage
    Chaos                   25    Berserks one target
    Chaos + Mirror          45    Dispels adverse status
    Chaos + Law             50    Deals chaotic damage
    Chaos + Law + Mirror(#) 70    Insane, substantial damage (6x regular power)
    Curse                   25    Curses target (lowers stats by 1/4)
    Curse + Mirror          40    Blesses target (raises stats by 1/4)
    Fire                    15    Fire damage, one target
    Earth                   9     Earth damage, one target
    Water                   6     Water damage, one target
    Vampyre                 20    Drains HP from one target
    Achilles' Heel          15    View enemy's HP and stats (except bosses)
    Barrier                 15    Halves enemy damage on one target
    Barrier + Mirror        35    Removes a barrier from one target
    Barrier + Air           27    Air barrier, also dispels air-based damage on 
    Barrier + Chaos         30    Barrier also dispels Berserk effects on target
    Barrier + Curse         35    Barrier also dispels Curse effects on target
    Barrier + Fire          30    Fire barrier, also dispels fire-based damage on 
    Barrier + Law           40    Barrier also dispels all adverse effects
    Barrier + Resurrect     33    Holy barrier, also dispels undead-based damage 
                                   on target
    Barrier + Earth         24    Earth barrier, also dispels earth-based damage 
                                   on target
    Barrier + Slow          35    Barrier also dispels Slow effects on target
    Barrier + Water         21    Water barrier, also dispels water-based damage 
                                   on target
    Law                     25    Dispels all adverse effects on one target
    Law + Mirror            45    Berserks one target
    Summon                  20    Summons Bowman for physical damage
    Summon + Air            32    Summons Simurgh for air-based damage
    Summon + Chaos          45    Summons Gemma for tremendous damage, plus casts
                                   Berserk on target
    Summon + Fire           35    Summons Ouroboros for fire-based damage
    Summon + Heal           30    Summons Kyra to tremendously heal one target
    Summon + Joker          45    Random summon for mild damage, plus several 
                                   status ailments
    Summon + Law            45    Summons Marduk for insane damage
    Summon + Resurrect      38    Summons Thanatos for hell-based damage
    Summon + Earth          29    Summons Humbaba for earth-based damage
    Summon + Water          26    Summons Sedna and Pilitak for water-based 
    Any card combo + All(*) N+10  Spell or spell combo affects all allies or 
    (!) - Stat-boosting/lowering with Bless is not cumulative.
    (*) - the amount of the original spell plus 10 Core Energy. For example, if I 
    wanted to cast Kyra's Heal on the entire party, I would spend 10 for the spell
    plus 10 for "All", so it would cost 20 Core Energy. I didn't put all the "All" 
    combos up for redundancy's sake.
    (#) - Cannot be combined with "All"
    Weapons, Armor, and Items|
    Thanks to Pete Karsanow (karsanow@twrol.com) for the revision of the weapons
    and armor.
    Items indented one space not seen in any game - or I didn't buy them when I 
    had the chance.
    Note that there are lots of spelling and column alignment changes.
    Cost = "n/a" means it can't be sold, *#,###* means it can't be bought; only 
    sold for 1/2 this amount.
    Engines: Used by Maya, Grubb, Runner, Araym, and Lobo
    Name              Strike      Power       Cost        Other
    Small Engine        10          10          50
    Turbo Engine        12          10         325        Core +2
    Engine              15          15         300
    MedEngine           30          30         400
    ForceEngine         38          29         450        Core +3
    StrngEngine         45          45         400
    MightEngine         55          55         800        Core +3
    PowerEngine         70          70         900
    SmllBlitzer         95          95       1,500
    Blitzer            135         135       5,000
    WeakBlitzer        140         140       5,200        Core -5
    TurboBlitzer       120         115       5,200        Core +4
    PowerBlitzer       210         210      10,000
    CoreSeed           150         150         n/a        Core +5
    ForceBlitzer       185         180       9,500        Core +5
    ForceTurbine       255         260      35,000        Core +5
    Turbine            275         275      40,000
    WeakTurbine        280         285      35,000        Core -5
    Bahamut            285         295         n/a        Core +8
    Swords (part 1): Used by Corgan
    (note swap of ShortSword and Sword, Core+ for DaemonSword)
    Name              Strike      Power       Cost        Other
    ShortSword          15          15          400
    Sword               30          30          600
    MedSword            45          45          750
    HonorBlade          60          60        1,200       Core +2
    BastardSword        70          70        1,100
    LongSword           95          95        1,650
    BroadSword         135         135        6,000
    Strike Blade       145         115        5,200
    PowerBlade         170         225       11,000
    SteelBlade         210         210       12,000
    HonorStrike        265         245       45,000
    Rune Steel         275         275       50,000
    Gilgamesh          290         290          n/a       Core +3
    DaemonSword        295         295          n/a       Core +3
    Swords (part 2): Used by Selina
    (note swap of ShortSword and Sword, Core+ for DaemonSword, "CoreWitch" not 
    "Power Witch")
    Name              Strike      Power       Cost        Other
    ShortSword          15         15           400
    Sword               30         30           600
    MedSword            45         45           750
    WitchBlade          60         60         1,200       Core +2
    BastardSword        70         70         1,100
    LongSword           95         95         1,650
    BroadSword         135        135         6,000
    WitchPower         115        145         5,200
    SteelBlade         210        210        12,000
    WitchStrike        225        170        11,000
    Rune Steel         275        275        50,000       Core +2
    CoreWitch          245        245        45,000       Core +7
    Gilgamesh          290        290           n/a       Core +3
    DaemonSword        295        295           n/a       Core +3
    Wrenches: Used by Led
    (note changes to Wrench stats (assuming LghtWrench is 30/30))
    Name              Strike      Power       Cost        Other
    LghtWrench          30          30         450
    Wrench              45          45         550
    LargeWrench         70          70         850
     Power Wrench        60          85         750
    IronWrench          95          95       1,350
     Gear Wrench        120         155       4,000
    SteelWrench        135         135       4,500
     Strike Wrench      150         115       4,200
    ImpactWrench       210         210       9,000
    MagWrench          190         225       8,000
    CoreWrench         245         245       8,000       Core +5
    ShellWrench        275         275      38,000
    Glamdink           295         295         n/a
    Knives: Used by Badu
    Name              Strike      Power       Cost        Other
    Core Knives         55          55         850        Core +5
     Knives              60          60         800
    PowerKnives         70          70         900
    Bone Knives         95          95       1,650
    Metal Knives       135         135       5,500
    RelicKnives        115         120       5,000        Core +4
    SpeedKnives        120         115       5,000        Speed +2
    SharpKnives        210         210      11,500
    StrikeKnives       225         170      11,000
    BloodKnives        180         225      11,000
    Slash Knives       275         275      43,000
    OrionBlades        295         295         *10*!
    Healing Items:
    Name              Cost        Description
    Bread             50          Heals 50 HP to an ally
    Root              350         Heals 250 HP to an ally
    Cornucopia        600         Heals 500 HP to an ally
    Potion            1,000       Heals entire party for 200 HP
    Elixir            2,500       Heals entire party for 450 HP
    Herb              50          Heals poison to an ally
    Ward              80          Neutralizes poison, stun, curse, and/or berserk
    Core Rune         100         Restore 25 Core Energy
    Core Relic        400         Restore 75 Core Energy
    Core Sphere       750         Restore 150 Core Energy
    Soul Stone        5,000       Restores HP and Core to entire party
    Smelling Salts    250         Resurrect an individual with about 1/3 HP
    Kyra's Tear       2,000       Resurrect an individual with full HP
    Standard - Equipped by Maya, Grubb, Corgan, Led, Selina, and Araym 
    (Not Led if shoes/greaves/boots)
    Robot - Equipped by Runner and Lobo (and Led if springs/hydraulics/shocks)
    Primitive - Equipped by Badu
    Note the fixed spellings.
    (List is rated by increasing armor, then better Speed)
    Name                    Type        Armor       Speed       Cost
    Vest                    Standard      10           0         150
    LightSheath             Standard      13           0         340
    LightVest               Standard      15          -1         350
    MedVest                 Standard      26          -1         500
    LeatherVest             Standard      33          -2         800
    FlackVest               Standard      43          -2       1,000
    HardSheath              Standard      48          -3         900
    ChainVest               Standard      64          -3       1,300
    HeavySheath             Standard      65          -4       1,200
    PowerVest               Standard      96          -4       4,000
    LightShell              Standard      96          -1       3,600
    BulkyShell              Standard     115          -5       3,500
    KahliShell              Standard     120          -4     *20,000*
    HeavyShell              Standard     136          -5      15,000
    SeraphimArmr            Standard     110          -2      *8,000*   Core +3
    HeavyMail               Standard     165          -6      15,000
    LightPlate              Standard     175          -4      47,000
    KnightMail              Standard     176          -7      45,000
    HeavenPlate             Standard     176          -7         n/a
    BulkyMail               Standard     186          -7      46,000
    Coat                    Robot         10           0         240
    Thin Coat               Robot         13           0         425
    PlasticCoat             Robot         15          -1         450
    MedCoat                 Robot         26          -1         600
    MetalCoat               Robot         33          -2       1,000
    HardCoat                Robot         48          -3       1,100
    HvyCoat                 Robot         43          -2       1,350
    HardRobo                Robot         65          -4       1,450
    RoboCover               Robot         64          -3       1,500
    RoboVest                Robot         96          -4       5,000
    ThinRobo                Robot         96          -1       5,000
    HeavyRobo               Robot        115          -5       5,000
    RoboMail                Robot        136          -5      16,500
    BulkyRobo               Robot        150          -6      16,000
    LightCover              Robot        175          -4      48,000
    MetalCover              Robot        176          -7      50,000
    IronMan                 Robot        176          -4         n/a
     Heavy Cover             Robot        187          -7      48,000
    Skins                   Primitive     30           0          50
    War Skins               Primitive     43          -1       1,250
    AncientSkins            Primitive     43           0       1,300
    AnimalSkins             Primitive     64          -1       1,400
    LeatherSkins            Primitive     96          -2       4,500
    RelicBone               Primitive     84           0       5,000
    Petrified Bone          Primitive    125          -1      16,000
    HeavySkins              Primitive    136          -3      15,500
    TiamatSkin              Primitive    175          -5         n/a
    MediumBone              Primitive    176          -5      50,000
    Shoes                   Standard       0           0          40
    LeatherShoes            Standard       3          +1         100
    Greaves                 Standard       5           0         135
    Speed Shoes             Standard       6           1         150
    Fast Shoes              Standard       9           2         300
    LightShoes              Standard       9           3         500
    HardGreaves             Standard      12           0         350
    ArmorShoes              Standard      12           2         450
    LightBoots              Standard      15           5         800
    Wing Shoes              Standard      16           3         600
    Wind Shoes              Standard      24           4         900
    BootGreaves             Standard      37           1         800
    LightGreaves            Standard      31           7       1,300
    Speed Boots             Standard      34           5       1,100
    ArmorGreaves            Standard      38           3       1,000
    Wing Boots              Standard      44           6       1,500
     Heavy Greaves           Standard      51           4       1,300
    Springs                 Robot          0           0         100
    MedSprings              Robot          3          +1         135
    MetalSprings            Robot          5           0         150
    HardSprings             Robot          6           1         240
    ArmorSprings            Robot          9           2         450
    SpeedSprings            Robot          9           3         600
    PlateSprings            Robot         12           0         500
    QuickSprings            Robot         12           2         500
    HvySprings              Robot         16           3         650
    LghtHydrlics            Robot         18           5       1,100
    Hydraulics              Robot         24           4       1,000
    ArmrHydrlics            Robot         28           1         950
    LightShocks             Robot         31           7       1,500
    MedShocks               Robot         34           5       1,250
    HvyHydrlics             Robot         39           3       1,350
    QuickShocks             Robot         44           7       1,650
     Covered Shocks          Robot         51           4       1,500
    Claw Ties               Primitive      9          +1         450
    Claw Skins              Primitive     12           2         500
    LightTies               Primitive      9           3         450
    Claw Pads               Primitive     16           3         700
    ClawSandals             Primitive     24           4       1,000
    HardTies                Primitive     29           1         900
    LightSandals            Primitive     17           5         900
    Claw Wraps              Primitive     34           5       1,200
    LightTreads             Primitive     35           7       1,500
    HardWraps               Primitive     39           3       1,300
    Claw Straps             Primitive     44           6       1,600
    Hard Bindings           Primitive     51           4       1,500
    Protection Items:
    Armor Rune, TouchStone, Luck Charm, SeaPrism, Disrupt, HolyWater, BreatherMask, 
    FirePrism, AirPrism, Air Guard, StickyFingers were added to the list.
    PsycheCharm was also fixed.
    Name              Use/Description                     Specifics
    Aegis             Protects partially from Stun        (n/a)
    Power Aegis       Protects fully from Stun            (n/a)
    Heartstone        Protects partially from Poison      (n/a)
    Hewstone          Protects fully from Poison          (n/a)
    MindShield        Protects partially from Berzerk     (n/a)
    MindBarrier       Protects fully from Berzerk         (n/a)
    Holy Shield       Protects partially from Curse       (n/a)
    Holy Relic        Protects fully from Curse           (n/a)
    Wallet            Protects partially from Steal       (n/a)
    Lockpurse         Protects fully from Steal           (n/a)
    Red Star          Protects partially from Core Drain  (n/a)
    Blue Star         Protects fully from Core Drain      (n/a)
    Knuckles          Adds to Power                       Pwr +10
    Gloves            Adds to Power                       Pwr +8
    Gauntlet          Adds to Power                       Pwr +12
    Silver Clove      Protects from Undead damage         (n/a)
    Air Guard         Protects from Air based damage      (n/a)
    Fire Guard        Protects from Fire based attacks    (n/a)
    Aqua Guard        Protects from Water based damage    (n/a)
    Earplugs          Protects from sonic based damage    (n/a) (need up to 3)
    Spirit Guard      Protects from all elemental attacks (n/a)
    IronHeart         Adds to HP                          HP +8
    True Sight        Adds to Perception                  Per +15, Stk +8, 
                                                           Pwr +8, Core +1
    BreatherMask      Protects against Mold Forest Disease  (n/a) (need up to 3)
    Restore Ring      Defends from all Status Change      (n/a)
    Metal Buckle      Adds to Strength                    Str +15, Arm +8, 
                                                           Pwr +8, HP +8
    Iron Buckle       Adds to Strength                    Str +28, Arm +15, 
                                                           Pwr +15, HP +15
    Titan             Adds to Vitality                    Vit +14, Arm +8, 
                                                           Spd +1, HP +8
    Titan Ring        Adds to Vitality                    Vit +25, Arm +12,
                                                           Spd +3, HP +12
    Titan Charm       Adds to Vitality                    Vit +55, Arm +24, 
                                                           Spd +6, HP +24
    Cats Paw          Adds to Agility                     Agy +15, Stk +8, 
                                                           Pwr +8, Spd +1
    Snake Tail        Adds to Agility                     Agy +25, Stk +13, 
                                                           Pwr +13, Spd +3
    Eagle Wing        Adds to Agility                     Agy +55, Stk +28, 
                                                           Pwr +28, Spd +6
    PsycheKnot        Adds to Psyche                      Psy +10, Core +2
    PsycheRing        Adds to Psyche                      Psy +15, Core +3
    PsycheCharm       Adds to Psyche                      Psy +55, Core +6
    Long Sight        Adds to Perception                  Per +25, Stk +12, 
                                                           Pwr +12
    Sturdy Heart      Adds to HP                          HP +15
    Hero Heart        Adds to HP                          HP +26
    True Strike       Adds to Strike                      Stk +8
    Solid Strike      Adds to Strike                      Stk +12
    Even Strike       Adds to Strike                      Stk +28
    Armor Seal        Adds to Armor                       Arm +8
    Armor Rune        Adds to Armor                       Arm +13
    Armor Relic       Adds to Armor                       Arm +18
    GearMuscle        Adds Power (to robots)              Pwr +12
    HydrMuscle        Adds Power (to robots)              Pwr +19
    MyomrMuscle       Adds Power (to robots)              Pwr +24
    Card Token        Adds to Core                        Core +2
    Power Token       Adds to Core                        Core +5
    Core Token        Adds to Core                        Core +10
    Quick Silver      Adds to Speed                       Spd +1
    Quick Light       Adds to Speed                       Spd +2
    Quick Gem         Adds to Speed                       Spd +4
    TouchStone        Adds to Experience Earned           (n/a) (Maya only)
    StickyFingers     Adds to Steal chance             (n/a) (Araym & Runner only)
    Luck Charm        Adds to Gold Earned                 (n/a) (Maya only)
    FirePrism         Protects from Fire based attacks    (n/a)
    AirPrism          Protects from Air based damage      (n/a)
    EarthPrism        Protects from Earth based damage    (n/a)
    SeaPrism          Protects from Water based damage    (n/a)
    HolyWater         Protects from Undead damage         (n/a)
    Disrupt           Protects from sonic based damage    (n/a)
    EnkiduBell        Bonus to cast Core Spells           (n/a)
     Rock Guard        Protects partially from Earth       (n/a)
     Lightning Guard   Protects partially from Air         (n/a)
     Steel Buckle      Adds to Strength                    Str +55, Arm +27, 
                                                            Pwr +27, HP +27
     Deep Sight        Adds to Perception                  Per +45, Stk +22, 
                                                           Pwr +22
    Character Skills/Skill Items|
    Here are the character skills of each of the characters in the game. For
    redundancy's sake, I didn't add the basic skills (Maya's Rifle, RifleVulcan,
    etc.) These skills can only be gained via level gain, or by purchasing a
    weapon component. Also, the Led Combo and Grubb Combo can only be gained via
    a special sub-quest. Also, note that Runner and Araym's basic attacks can hit
    enemies in a line.
    Level 1: Can only be used if bar is at least 1/3 full
    Level 2: Can only be used if bar is at least 2/3 full
    Level 3: Can only be used if bar is completely full
    Level 1:
    Beam (3 Core) - Hits multiple targets in a line, light damage (1x)
    Heat Seeker (8 Core) - Hits all targets for 3/4 power
    Level 2:
    Grenade (5 Core) - Hits closely grouped targets for medium damage
    Shrapnel (5 Core) - Like Grenade, but hits more targets for less damage
    Level 3:
    Napalm (5 Core) - Hits closely grouped targets at the same range as Grenade;
    more power
    Sphere (20 Core) - Hits all enemies on the screen for tremendous damage
    Level 1:
    Buzzsaw (10 Core) - 2X damage to one target
    Taser (20 Core) - Stuns one target
    Level 2:
    Repair (5 Core) - Heals mechanical allies, or damages enemy robots for massive
    damage (learned at level 2)
    Led Combo (10 Core) - Heavy damage to one target; can only be used when Led is
    in the party
    Level 3:
    Blades (3 Core) - Hits closely grouped targets for massive damage
    Arc Blast (17 Core) - Hits all enemies on the screen, but weaker than Blades
    Level 1:
    Charge (8 Core) - Charges Runner for next attack (learned at level 12)
    Heat Seeker (8 Core) - Hits all targets for 3/4 power
    Level 2:
    Napalm (5 Core) - Hits closely grouped targets at the same range as Grenade;
    more power
    Fetch (0 Core) - Steals gold from target (learned at level 3)
    Level 3:
    Rapid (20 Core) - Runner goes berserk, speed up (learned at level 19)
    Blast (15 Core) - Hits all enemies in a line for tremendous damage
    Level 1:
    Observe (10 Core) - Views enemy's HP and endurance bar (learned at level 7)
    Charge (10 Core) - Charges Corgan up for next attack (learned at level 28)
    Level 2:
    Tremor (10 Core) - Hits one target with an earthquake attack (learned at level
    Core Force (3 Core) - Hits all enemies in a line for medium damage (learned at
    level 14)
    Level 3:
    Protect (10 Core) - Damage dealt to allies is redirected to Corgan (learned at
    level 36)
    Demon Force (20 Core) - Hits all enemies for tremendous damage (learned at
    level 43)
    Level 1:
    Repair (5 Core) - Repairs mechanical allies or damages mechaical enemies for
    medium damage (learned at level 6)
    Berserker (20 Core) - Led goes berserk; increased speed and damage (learned at
    level 14)
    Level 2:
    Wind Strike (3 Core) - Powerful lightning attack (learned at level 10)
    Boomerang (3 Core) - Hits all enemies in a line for medium damage (learned at 
    level 18)
    Level 3:
    Grubb Combo (10 Core) - Combines Led and Grubb to deal tremendous damage to one
    target, plus light damage to other targets; can only be used when Grubb is in
    the party
    Air Lash (20 Core) - Hits all enemies for tremendous damage (learned at level
    Level 1:
    Curse Strike (20 Core) - Damages and curses one target (learned at level 13)
    Core Force (3 Core) - Hits all targets in a line for light damage (learned at
    level 29)
    Level 2:
    Kiss of Death (10 Core) - Deals heavy damage to one target (learned at level 
    Charge (12 Core) - Charges up for next attack (learned at level 45)
    Level 3:
    Ghost Force (12 Core) - Heavy-damaging attack (learned at level 36)
    Sword Rain (28 Core) - Hits all enemies for tremendous damage (learned at level
    Level 1:
    Taser (20 Core) - Stuns one target
    Blade Spin (10 Core) - Hits targets in a line for medium damage
    Level 2:
    Venom (10 Core) - Poisons one target
    Steal (0 Core) - Steals gold from target (learned at level 14)
    Level 3:
    Mug (0 Core) - Steals gold from target, plus damages the same target (learned 
    at level 35)
    Arm Whip (24 Core) - Hits all enemies for tremendous damage (learned at level
    Level 1:
    Core Knife (10 Core) - Hits one target for heavy damage (learned at level 10)
    Sonic Strike (5 Core) - Hits all targets in a line (learned at level 30)
    Level 2:
    Poison Spit (10 Core) - Poisons and damages one target (learned at level 16)
    Sonic Stun (20 Core) - Stuns all enemies (learned at level 26)
    Level 3:
    Vampyre (15 Core) - Drains health from target, and adds same amount to Badu's
    HP (learned at level 20)
    Sonic Wave (30 Core) - Hits all enemies for tremendous damage (learned at level
    Level 1:
    Beam (3 Core) - Hits all targets in a line for light damage
    Torso Spin (16 Core) - Hits all targets for 3/4 power (learned at level 22)
    Level 2:
    Grenade (5 Core) - Hits closely grouped targets for medium damage
    Torso Blast (23 Core) - Hits all targets for medium damage (learned at level 
    Level 3:
    Napalm (5 Core) - Hits closely grouped targets at the same range as Grenade;
    more power
    Torso Burst (27 Core) - Hits all enemies tremendous damage (learned at level 
    Skill Items
    Name              Cost        Equipped by
    Grenade           1,000       Maya, Lobo
    Napalm            2,350       Maya, Runner, Lobo
    Buzzsaw           2,150       Grubb
    Shrapnel          2,500       Maya
    Blades            2,500       Grubb, Araym
    Venom             3,500       Araym
    Heat Seeker       6,000       Maya, Runner
    Blast             15,000      Runner
    Taser             12,000      Grubb, Araym
    Beam              10,000      Maya, Lobo
    Arc Blast         15,000      Grubb
    Sphere            15,000      Maya
    Unanswered Questions (so far)|
    Despite playing Septerra Core quite a bit, there are some things left
    unanswered by either me or the contributors:
    (All courtesy of Pete Karsanow (karsanow@twrol.com)) 
    Glitch seen in v1.02:
    Go to the Helgak Graveyard on Shell 7 with Lobo's ship and the hook.
    After pulling up the Large Helgak Shell, look at the area above 
    where it was. The shell/boat will reappear! (until you leave area)
    In Galdon on Shell 2, why can you still search the Helgaks even 
    after taking the Root out of each one?
    Why do you keep the Cell Keys from Connor's jail even after you 
    release both groups of prisoners? You can't get back into the 
    jail after defeating Connor and leaving the island.
    Has anyone tried using the first batch of explosives (that you use 
    at the Dark Lake) on the wall in the Catacombs instead?
    The Hermit's two treasure boxes don't go away, even after you 
    empty them and visit him again.
    Why do you have to bring Lobo into the Northern Forest to cut the 
    cable? Runner is the one with the beam weapon! Lobo uses a rifle!
    If you turn on enemy hit points, you'll see that the birds on the 
    World Map of Shell 3 have 100 HP! Some monsters are shown on the map 
    with no HP, and most bosses have "---". Some NPC bounty hunters on 
    Shell 4 have "strange" HP values, but you can't fight them.
    So where does Duke go? Is he one of the bounty hunters you kill 
    behind the door in Outlaw Canyon on Shell 2?
    Where do the pirates go from Shell 5?
    The Game's Secrets and Other Stuff|
    Here's some info on the extra parts of the game:
    Here are the locations of the birds (after a LONG search!) Use the birdseed on
    the birds, and they'll appear at the towerin World Shell Three:
    World Shell Two, inside Outlaw Canyon, near where you found Tori.
    World Shell Three, in the north part of the graveyard.
    World Shell Four, at the Lost City of Marduk, at the Fire Temple. (This is the
    final bird.)
    World Shell Five, in the upper right section of Gregor Town.
    World Shell Five, inside the Mesa Canyon.
    World Shell Four, World Bazaar, in the Bounty Hunter District.
    World Shell Six, in the northern part of Pranno Town.
    World Shell Six, somewhere in the East Marsh.
    World Shell Six, inside the Chosen Ruins, somewhere at the first right path
    from the ruins' entrance.
    World Shell Seven, along the path in the Dark Lake.
    The 10 birds and the Shell 3 tower are related. Give birdseed to all 10 birds, 
    and the tower opens.  Inside, you'll find an ungodly amount of treasure:
    (note changes)
    HeavenPlate (Armor for people, equal to KnightMail) 
    TiamatSkin (Armor for Badu, but MediumBone is better) 
    IronMan (Armor for Robots)
    OrionBlades (Weapon for Badu)
    Glamdink (Wrench for Led)
    Gilgamesh (Sword for Corgan or Selina)
    Bahamut (A Core Engine)
    They are among the strongest pieces of equipment in the game.
    When you're stronger (about after the time you get Lobo's ship) go to the Tree 
    on Shell 3. (It's in the southeast corner of the main continent, and it's a 
    "???" area).
    Go inside. There's a tree with five stones that kinda reminds me of the Blair 
    Witch Project ;-). Click on each stone in succession to fight some monsters 
    (some of these fights are REALLY tough!). You'll get mega-treasure after each 
    of the battles, getting a total of 2 Soul Stones, a Quick Gem (raises Speed by 
    4), an EarthPrism (protects against Earth-elemental damage), and a Spirit Guard 
    (protects against any elemental damage).
    To get Corgan and Selina to stop smackin' each other in fights, go to Outlaw
    Canyon.  Check the map--there's a door near the bottom of the canyon.  Selina
    can unlock it.  Fight some thugs, and you'll get the seal of Armstrong.  Go to
    Armstrong (where you got the supply cache) and head to the graveyard in back.
    You'll have to fight some boss.  Just wipe it out with "all" attacks, as it
    summons zombies.  Finally, use the seal on the altar, and Corgan and Selina
    will kiss and make up.  Not literally. 8-) Note: You can kill this kind of 
    undead boss easily by using healing items on it. But in this case, wait until 
    at least the first batch of zombies is called  in. Otherwise, you get 23 
    experience and 18 gold for just the boss. The more zombies you dispatch, the 
    more you get; but the boss has very nasty attacks if it isn't raising zombies.
    To get Led to trust Lobo, go to the crashed Jinam ship.  In the back (where you
    got Led's parts for the 3-man fighter plane), there will be a row of tubes that
    are big enough to hold people.  Have Lobo scan them and he'll download a 
    digital cure.  Then go to Gregor (the town that you first wake up in when you 
    crash-land on Shell 5).  Talk to Malcolm (the guy who gave you Corgan's sword),
    and have Lobo cure everybody.  Everybody will be happy, especially Led and 
    Lobo.  BTW, you can't do this quest until after Aspertine dies.
    To get Led and Grubb to get together (Led's got a lot of issues, eh?), put both
    in your party, and go to the Ankaran Capitol, where the pirates have taken
    over.  Examine the (unguarded) locked door with either of them, and they'll 
    work together to open it.  Once inside, Maya runs off to do whatever, and Led 
    gets attacked.  Grubb has a choice of whether or not to help her out or go 
    after pirates that have a really good (for that point in the game) core engine 
    (the Force Blitzer).  Help Led out and you get the Combo skills.
    In the southwest of World Shell 5 is a small floating island with a ???.  Go 
    inside and grab a Mind Barrier, which protects fully from Beserk status.  Goal!
    In Shell 6, there's a small area south of the mountain range that you can only
    get to with the ship.  Fly in and you'll get the Touch Stone, which gives the
    party more experience per battle.  Only Maya can equip it.
    On Shell 2, west of Grubb's, there is an island with a ???. The area is on 
    the same map screen as Shell 3's South Farm, and appears to have only a 
    half-visible small boy who runs around and makes Maya go "...?". Go read the 
    ghost story book in the Library - not sure if you have to do this. Make Maya 
    walk around the inner edge of the fence, then up from the fence to the well.
    If you do it right, she'll stop the ghost and get a HolyWater item.
    On Shell 1, west of Chosen Capitol, there is a hidden area next to the small 
    lake. Fly in and you'll get the Luck Charm, which gives the party more gold 
    per battle. Only Maya can equip it.
    The Disrupt item is found in a hidden area after the two Warbots in the Junk 
    Pile area on World Shell Two. Use the Tab key (map) to locate the yellow 
    exit area behind the building, and search the spaceship. Use Tab again to find 
    the way out. Disrupt is better than Earplugs when protecting against the first 
    Magi's sonic counterattack, but only about 30% less damage. You're better off 
    just not hitting the Magi directly.
    The EnkiduBell item is found in a hidden area on Shell 4, west of the World 
    Bazaar. The box is initially inaccessible until you find a concealed switch 
    on a wall; wave the cursor all over to find it. It should be a yellow light 
    that's different from the others. You may have to do this more than once.
    The HolyWater item is found in a ??? area on Shell 2, west of Grubb's. You 
    can read about the ghost in the Library. After Maya says "...", walk around 
    near the fence until you get past the well, then walk around the west side 
    of the well. If you do it right, Maya will stop the ghost, and you'll get a 
    HolyWater item.
    The Restore Ring item is found in a hidden area on Shell 4, in the jungle 
    north of the World Bazaar. Two nasty bugs and a grey cat guard it. But a 
    few applications of Summon Marduk should take them down.
    The AquaGuard item is received after defeating two crabs at the ??? on 
    Shell 3 near the Helgak Port. You have to wait until Maya and Doskias see 
    Kyra at the Core before these crabs will appear. You will also receive the 
    KahliShell armor ("Standard"/120/-4/10,000 if sold).
    You find a CoreSeed (Core Engine) in Scumm Town once the stores are 
    deserted (after you finish the Chosen Palace but not yet go in through the 
    Sewers). Ditto for the SeraphimArmr (armor) and Air Guard. You can also find 
    BootGreaves, a Titan, and a WitchPower.
    You find a Slash Knives, a Soul Stone, and a StickyFingers item if you 
    go to the Slums after they're raised to Shell 1. It will be a small ??? 
    area then.
    The 2 DaemonSword weapons (note spelling) are for Corgan and Selina. Why 
    they are 2 separate weapons is unknown, as they are interchangeable although 
    they display differently for the two characters.
    (Found by Regent Clark (regentc@apexmail.com)):
    After you kill the zombie and fill the vial in Shell 2, there is a hidden 
    trunk in a small passage directly north of the location of the zombie blood.
    You have to travel nothwest to get to the passage entrance, but once in there,
    there is some kind of Silver Clove that protects you from the undead; very 
    handy for where the party will be travelling after the Draxx encounter.
    Go to any ONE store with a character that steals (Runner or Araym). Steal from
    that store until they catch you and raise their prices. This will also increase
    the selling price AS WELL AS the buying price. So, that means that whatever you
    sell to that store will give you even more money than another store. Add that to
    the amount you stole from that store, and that's a pretty fat paycheck.
    Note: DO NOT steal (and get caught) from more than one store. If you do, EVERY
    store will raise their prices, and the only way to lower 'em is to buy from them
    Press [F12], type "imarealweenie", and press [F12] again to enable cheat mode. 
    Then, press [F12], enter one of the following codes, then press [F12] again to 
    activate any of the corresponding cheat functions, shown below:
    Effect                              Code
    View enemy hit points               enemies  
    View line of sight                  sight
    View debug information              spy
    Disable enemy AI                    makethemstopmommie
    Disable spoken text                 hidetext  
    View frame rate                     fps  
    View .BMP format map                mapmaker
    (More to come, if I can find 'em...)
    Did You Know?|
    Septerra Core is an anagram of "Pro-Secret Era"! Possibly, the secret of the
    Creator...? 'Course, that's probably coincidence.
    Maya (the heroine) was named after the software development kit Maya(TM) for 
    Windows NT. This software produces computer-generated high-polygon graphics 
    and fluid animation. Maya FX(TM) and Maya Artisan(TM) are also two other 
    computer-generating graphics programs.
    Alisa (Aspertine's daughter) was named after Alisa Kober, Valkyrie Studios' 
    vice-president of art and animation.
    When Grubb talks to the WarBots in Oasis in Shell Two (later in the game, 
    after obtaining the ship from Lobo), he tries to override the Warbots' warlike 
    program by saying, "Master override sequence THX one-one-three-eight." Don't 
    tell me the writer wasn't thinking of the movie "THX-1138" by the "Star Wars" 
    creator George Lucas.
    One of the two Holy Guards hiding in the Northern Forest is Yrrkoon; that's 
    the name of a character in the Elric of Melnibone stories.
    If you bring Lobo to the South Farm bar after Wind City is freed, the 
    bartender calls him a "bot" and initially wants him to wait outside. It's 
    almost a copy of the lines in "Star Wars" in the Cantina.
    Copyright Information|
    Copyright 1999-2000 Fred Delles. All rights reserved. This FAQ is not in any 
    way licensed by Valkyrie Studios, TopWare CD-Service AG, or Monolith. You are 
    allowed to publish this FAQ on any website, provided that (1) it is not 
    altered in ANY way, (2) that I am given credit for this work, and (3) that you 
    do not make ANY money off this FAQ in any way, shape, or form. Other than 
    that, go nuts! 8-)
    Some information on weapons, items and succinst descriptions of the locations
    of the Fate Cards were derived from the "Official Septerra Core Official 
    Strategies and Secrets" hint book by Paul Schuytema. This book is a better 
    source than this FAQ, so use that if you still have further trouble and I'm 
    unable to help. It costs money, but hey, it's official...
    Thanks to Shot2Hell (ouisel@worldramp.net) for the info on the sub-quests, 
    including the secrets of the ten birds and the Shell Three "???" tree.
    Thanks to Regent Clark (regentc@apexmail.com) for the info on the silver clove
    in the Mourn Graveyard in Shell 3.
    And thanks to Mark Terrano (MTerrano@EnsembleStudios.com) for finding the bug
    that allows you to steal and increase the money you make selling stuff to that
    same store.
    And another thanks to Pete Karsanow (karsanow@twrol.com) for many, many other
    tidbits, from the revision of the weapon and armor lists to several tips on
    finding certain other items.
    SEPTERRA CORE: LEGACY OF THE CREATOR Copyright 1999 Valkyrie Studios, Inc., 
    all rights reserved. Septerra Core is a trademark of TopWare CD-Service AG.

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