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    Property Values Guide by EmpireArmy

    Updated: 07/11/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: EmpireArmy@aol.com
    Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 17:34:37 EDT
    Subject: simcity 3000 building booster info
    if you have a lot of low value and/or no high vaue buildings in your 
    city, read this to find out what helps + raises value   - lowers it
    rec. areas
    small park: +
    large park:  +++
    fountain: ++ but costs water
    pond: +++ but costs water
    playground: ++
    marina: +++++ but usually out of range
    zoo: +++++ (costs a lot)
    ballpark: ++++
    city buildings
    police: +++
    jail: --- 
    fire: +++
    hospital: increases health
    school: increases IQ
    colege: really increases IQ
    library: keeps IQ
    museum: a senior citizen's IQ probably wont slip below 50 or 60 with 
    contractor buildings
    prison:---- (a crime magnet) pays $3000 annually
    mall:--- (kills commerence) pays $3600 annually
    casino:---- (crime magnet) pays $4200 annually
    toxic plant:----- (a lot of pollution) pays $4800 annually
    coal:----- (too much pollution)
    oil:----- (a lot of pollution)
    gas:---- (some pollution)
    nuclear:----- (safety risk)
    solar: (expensive)
    wind: (small)
    fusion plant: (clean, effecient power)
    powerline:-- (ugly)
    landfill (empty): no effect
    landfill: ----- (lowers aura a lot)
    incinerator:----- (a lot of pollution)
    recycling:--- (they still carry trash)
    power incinerator: ---- 
    geyser park:+++++

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