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"Emulation at its finest? No.....What happened to life time updates? Oh it died!"

Introduction: When it was first announced I like many others were skeptical of the program that claimed it could ''Play Hundreds Of Playstation Games On Your PC!''. It said they could make games prettier and make them run smoother and at a higher resolution then on a regular Playstation. So was it worth my $20? Continue on and learn.

Starting Bleem: Bleem is a fairly simple program. Insert the CD, and basically click on the icon. An idiot could do that right? Well, my gripe about this is that it ask for the CD key EVER single time you start it. Menus are easy to set up as you make a memory card, pick your sound and video card options. Fairly easy stuff if you know what the hell you're doing. If not, well find someone who can help you. Oh yes, if you have a game pad you can configure your controller for this also. I must tell you that's much better then using a keyboard.

Playing Bleem: This is my major gripe with this program. On the back of the box it CLEARLY states. That the minimum system requirements are a Pentium-1 233 MX or higher, Windows 95/98, DirectX 6.1 or higher, 16mb of RAM, 3mb free space, sound card, CD-ROM, 3-d Card. Well, I had this all on my old computer all of these and it still ran like crap. However, when I built my new PC. Bleem ran much better. Yet still something was wrong. Oh it could have been half my games never played, but I didn't play my games on it. All I used it for was screen shots for my site, and was handy at that. However, even with a better computer Bleem still ran some games really slow. Sad isn't it? Some games look really pretty actually, I'll give it to them. Smackdown looked great, Metal Gear Solid did also, along with the Final Fantasy series (But they had menu glitches.), Chrono Cross looked excellent also. However I can't forgive Bleem for not being able to run such simple games. Granted the games I'm about to list are unheard of by most people. I still wish to play them on this program. Such as Rosco McQueen: Firefighter Extreme, Bugs Bunny & Taz Time Busters, Touken Retsuden, among others either barely run or don't at all. Sad seeing something boost a great. Is it worth the money? Hm, I'm not going to judge for you. But it certainly doesn't run every game.

Recommendation: Bleem is strictly to me a novelty product produced by a company try to do something no one else has ever tried. Taping into the world of legal emulation. Bleem was called an emulator but really wasn't. They gave Sony the source code and none of the PSX bios were found. So what the hecks that got to do with anything? It's an interesting concept to me. I won't recommend this program for the fact that the programers killed it and no life time updates anymore. However, you can find Bleem 1.6 a and 1.6 b around on the net if your lucky. But don't buy it. Despite its good. It has lots of bads.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/02/02, Updated 07/02/02

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