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    Capture the Flag FAQ by MorpheusDV

    Version: Final | Updated: 04/04/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                          UNREAL TOURNAMENT FAQ
    DV Morpheus
    Last Update: 4.04.05
    Version: 2.2 FINAL
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Updates Information
    3. The 10 Commandments Capture the Flag
    4. Unreal Tournament Weapons
       A. Translocator
       B. Impact Hammer
       C. Enforcer
       D. GES Bio Rifle
       E. ASMD Shock Rifle
       F. Instagib Rifle
       G. Pulse Gun
       H. Ripper
       I. Minigun
       J. Flak Cannon
       K. Rocket Launcher
       L. Sniper Rifle
       M. Redeemer
    5. Unreal Tournament Items
       A. Health Vial
       B. Health Box
       C. Big Keg 'o Health
       D. Thigh Pads
       E. Body Armor
       F. Shield Belt
       G. Damage Amplifier
       H. Invisibility
       I. Anti Gravity Boots
       J. Scuba Gear
    6. Maps and Strategies
    7. The Scoring System
    8. Conclusion
    9. Legal Information
    10. Credits
    11. Contacts
    1. Introduction
    Earlier in time I wrote a rather successful FAQ about Monster Hunt. I thank
    those who took the time to E-Mail with praise mail, that gives me a lot of
    hope to make more FAQs. To those who sent me hate mail, you'll get yours :)
    My next FAQ will suprisingly be about Capture the Flag. As I look though the
    Capture the Flag servers on Unreal Tournament, I see a lot of new people. I
    go into these games only to stomp the other team in a total shutout, scores
    of mine being 51 me and 2 them. It was pretty sad, until I thought to myself
    here. I said to myself, "Why not create a Capture the Flag FAQ about the 
    different maps and techniques and share some of my personal secrets? It was so.
    I got up to to creating an FAQ for you guys because I know some of you
    aren't the most elite of people in Capture the Flag.
    In this FAQ I plan to go over the default maps that are included when you first
    install Unreal Tournament. If you want me to go over a custom made map, please
    E-Mail me or IM me (See the Contacts section). I'll be more than happy to do
    2. Updates Information
    Updates go from top to bottom, newer updates appear at the bottom.
    1.21.05 - The first publication of this FAQ. Most likely there will be more
    updates in the future as I explore the maps, revealing important bits and
    chunks of info.
    1.25.05 - A pretty big update. Added 4 new Capture the Flag maps, which are
    Command, Hall of Giants, High, and Face][. Look for these in the FAQ, as
    there's some good stuff in there. New maps will become available once enough
    information is collected. I also made up The Scoring System.
    1.26.05 - A few grammatical fixations, mainly one as I forgot to re-number
    the sections of the FAQ, so that's done. Im trying hard to get CTF-Noxion16
    done, but that's no guarantee if I plan to do it. I'm starting a Bunny Track
    FAQ soon, so that will take a good chunk of my time, as there's a lot of maps
    for that, and the mod itself is very difficult (You puzzle solvers and people
    who like good challenges will love this mod).
    4.04.05 - Last version of this FAQ unless people want me to write a map
    strategy for a custom-made map.
    3. The 10 Commandments of Capture the Flag
    This section will state some basic tips about Capture the Flag in order to help
    you stay alive and not get mowed down so much. Some other parts are basically
    some techniques you can use on all the maps. Anyways, let's get on with it.
    COMMANDMENT 1: Keep Moving, Lest You Get Mowed Down.
    This is pretty obvious so to speak, but I see tons of people just stand still,
    like they feel they're invincible. Let's face it people, a moving target is a
    harder to hit target. The only time you should ever have to stand still is to
    snipe someone down with the Sniper Rifle while you're camping for example. If
    you find someone from the opposing team who's standing still, let them pay for
    their mistake and let them think twice. 
    COMMANDMENT 2: Take Advantage Of The Redeemer.
    There are so many things you can do with the Redeemer, it isn't even funny.
    If you have a Redeemer, take it with you if you plan to go take the opposing
    team's flag. Once you get to their base or are pretty close, use the Redeemer's
    secondary mode to launch it in their base. Nine times out of ten there will be
    a few people camping right beside their flag with a Flak Cannon, ready to tear
    you down if you even try to step foot in their territory. 
    I CANNOT stress this enough either. If, for example, you are on CTF-Face and
    you see your teammate that has the flag getting chased by 10 million people
    (Not literally), assist your teammate by blowing them all to hell. It's really
    ignorant to just stand there and watch your buddy get gunned down like it's
    Vietnam. I see this happen too many times.
    Beware, however, that your Redeemer missile can be destroyed by small arms
    fire. It's really hard to pull off, but if you hit the Redeemer missile in
    flight, it will blow up. If you're near the missile when it blows up, you will
    blow up along with the warhead.
    COMMANDMENT 3: Dark Areas Are Your Best Friend.
    In most maps, there will be some sort of dark area in which it's really hard to
    make yourself visible, unless you shoot and alert someone. Hide in the shadows
    whenever possible, perferably with a Sniper Rifle. You can get a nice headshot
    to any suspecting player that is walking by. If you're dark area gets 
    discovered, however, lay off that area for a while. Most people don't bother
    to recheck dark areas, but the avid and skilled player will. If you find 
    yourself getting repeatedly killed, find a new spot. Most of the time there
    will always be more than one area for you to camp in. Speaking of camping,
    this beings me up to my next point.
    COMMANDMENT 4: Camping Can Be A Good And Bad Thing.
    Don't you love camping? It's really useful for receiving assists from other
    teammates capturing the flag, and it's good for picking off suspecting players
    from a large distance. Let's cover the good things first.
    As I said before, camping is really useful for helping your teammates with
    assists in capturing the flag. If you find a really good camping spot, most 
    people will not even attempt to pinpoint on your location, mainly because
    they can't find you. 
    In another event in whic camping is useful is for picking off the opposing
    flag carrier. If you watch closely, some people will not even bother jumping
    or dodging for that matter. That just makes it for easy prey. It's not their
    fault they suck so bad :)
    THE BAD:
    About a good 80% of the time, camping does go bad, and for a good deal of 
    reasons. One of these reasons would be ammo consumption. Face it, you aren't
    going to camp someone on top of something high with a Flak Cannon, it just
    isn't possible. The Sniper Rifle only holds 50 rounds, that's it. Use your
    ammo wisely. It's a bad thing to go collect ammo and risk getting a bullet
    lodged in the back of your skull because you're too careless about where you're
    bullets go.
    If you are on a skilled server, you will piss off many people if you decide to
    camp. In some servers I've been to, you will get kick banned from the server
    if you decide to camp. Why? Camping requires very little skill to do and
    it's a very bad manner thing to do. Most people, while camping, will try to
    "spawn kill" you, meaning putting their sniper scope over an area where people
    respawn. No one likes that and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't either.
    If you get discovered camping, do not go into that same place again. 80% of the
    time people will watch that area for where you were last seen camping and will
    shoot you on sight with amazing skill. Instead, find a new spot and take
    advantage to teach them a lesson.
    COMMANDMENT 5: Abuse The Translocator.
    This is the weapon of choice for most people who are attempting to get the
    flag. Mostly used by LPBs (Low Ping Bastards, these are people with a good 
    internet connect with very low ping), they will be seen zipping across a map,
    one Translocator shot after another.
    One of the most miraculous things about the Translocator is being able to
    Telefrag people. Telefragging means "to occupy the same coordinates of where
    someone else is, killing him instantly. Let me clear this up a bit if it sounds
    confusing. If you shoot a Translocator disc into someone or teleport into the
    same exact coordinates of where someone is, you will kill them instantly, 
    mainly because only one person can occupy the coordinates he is in. This
    tactic is really frustrating for the novice player that gets telefragged by
    the expert player.
    If you have a very low ping, don't be afriad to use the Translocator. It's a
    very useful tool mainly because you can cover large distances in a very short
    period of time. Translocators make it very hard on campers to kill you unless
    they're godly at sniping.
    You can leave a Translocator disc wherever you want to come back to the place
    when the going gets tough. Some good places are right by Shield Belts and
    Big Keg 'o Healths. Beware though of one factor. It is possible for you to kill
    yourself while using the Translocator beacon that you left somewhere to come
    back to. If someone from either team shoots your Translocator beacon to where
    the little flashing color on top of it disappears, this will scramble the
    Translocator beacon and disrupt the signal, meaning if you translocate into
    a disrupted beacon, you will automatically kill yourself. Try not to leave your
    beacon out in the open.
    For those who think, "Hey, I can leave a beacon by my flag for when I first
    obtain their flag so I can score instantly when I translocate to my beacon!"
    BZZT! I'm sorry, but that is the WRONG ANSWER. If you even attempt this,
    you will automatically lose the flag. This was implemented to refrain from
    cheating and easy captures.
    COMMANDMENT 6: Be Proficient In Dodging.
    This option can be enabled in the 'Preferences' tab of the Unreal Tournament
    menu. Dodging means to do a quick side/front/back step. This is really
    effective as you can get away quicker. All expert players will use dodging
    to their advantage. Learn to use it and when to use it at the right time to
    easily get away from danger.
    COMMANDMENT 7: Closed Corridors Are Deathtraps.
    There will almost always be a closed corridor. Try to avoid these as much as
    possible. If you really suck at Capture the Flag, or any game mode for that,
    you will get killed unrelentlessly.
    One of the best things to do in closed corridors if you know someone is coming
    is to shoot Ripper blades down there. Since Ripper blades bounce off walls,
    this will make it a very deadly hallway. 90% of the time people do not make it
    out alive if you madly shoot Ripper blades in there. Very good odds.
    If you absolutely must go down the corridor and there's no other choice, bring
    a Flak Cannon along with you. Since the area is closed, The spread from the
    Flak Cannon has to bed reduced to that area, and thus, result in more damage.
    Another sneaky tactic is to shoot grenades from the Rocket Launcher's secondary
    mode down the hall. These are easier to avoid than Ripper blades for the most
    part, mainly because the move so slow and preload so slow. Sending 6 grenades
    down a closed corridor doing 70 damage a piece is just asking for death to
    COMMANDMENT 8: Water Adds To You Getting Killed.
    Water is a very rare occurence in Capture the Flag levels, but sometimes you
    will find a patch of water in which you can submerge into. You might think
    that getting that Redeemer will help you so much, but in reality, it will
    just help you get killed. Most of the time people will see you submerging
    into the water, because of this, they will hunt you down and kill you before 
    you even get to the power-up. Why risk it? Stay out of the water all together
    unless you know for sure that the opposing team is far away.
    COMMANDMENT 9: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
    In any Capture the Flag game I go to, whenever I see someone camping, they will
    almost always never crouch. Let's face it people, crouching will reduce your
    area of where you can get shot by 50%. Crouching will also make you more hidden
    from attacks. As a result, you will get shot at less.
    This doesn't always work, but right when someone is about to shoot you, crouch.
    This doesn't always work, like I said, but it some cases it will save you from
    getting shot. Use this opportunity to cap the opposing person on the team.
    COMMANDMENT 10: Suprise The Enemy Whenever Possible.
    This is a fun thing to do. If you turn your music down and the sound way up,
    you can sometimes hear faint footsteps of other players. This is a great
    opportunity to come out from blazing speed around the corner and bust a cap
    into whoever you see. Most of the time this will scare the living bejeezuz
    out of people, because they never expect it. 
    Invisibility sure goes a long way. This is a great item used for suprising
    people. If you are a little far from the opposing team member, and you try
    to shoot him, he won't know where in hell the shot is coming from because he
    can't see you. Just beware though, while under invisibility, you will have
    very faint white lines around you. If you are in the other player's face,
    yes, they will see you and kill you on sight.
    4. Unreal Tournament Weapons
    Just like in real life, we have weapons to help defeat our enemies in Capture
    the Flag. Instead of using water guns and water balloons, we'll be using
    Miniguns and Rocket Launchers :) These weapons and items come directly off
    of my Monster Hunt FAQ.
    Each weapon will go like a layout of this:
    Name (...Do you need an explanation?)
    Primary Mode (Self explanatory).
    Secondary Mode (Again, self explanatory).
    Power (What's the damage? Scale of 1-10, 10 being the most powerful).
    Accuracy (How accurate is it? Scale of 1-10, 10 being very accurate).
    Maximum Ammo (How much ammo can you obtain and what ammo does it use).
    Notes and Description (General techniques, descriptions, and other stuff).
    A. Translocator
    Primary Mode: Sends out a teleportation beacon. Can be destroyed.
    Secondary Mode: teleport to the spot of the beacon.
    Power: N/A.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Maximum Ammo: N/A.
    This is arguably the best item in Capture the Flag, let alone any other game
    mode. The primary mode will send out a flashing beacon to anywhere you desire.
    When you use the secondary mode, you will teleport to that location. This
    doesn't always have to be used to get those hard-to-reach items, but it can
    also be used to Telefrag someone, as mentioned in my 10 Commandments up above.
    Just launch the beacon into someone and teleport into them or wait until
    someone steps on it and teleport to them. It's the best thing for an instant
    kill. Beware, though, as people can destory your beacon. This will scramble
    and disrupt the beacon. If you teleport to a disrupted beacon, you will
    automatically die.
    B. Impact Hammer
    Primary Mode: Charges up to do a lot of damage.
    Secondary Mode: Short single attack capable of deflecting ranged attacks back.
    Power: 7/10 Primary Mode, 1/10 Secondary Mode.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Maximum Ammo: N/A.
    If you're out of ammo, this can be used as a last resort weapon. It's really
    hard to even nail someone with this, but if you do, you have the potential
    to kill someone in one hit, if not kill them, then damage them pretty badly.
    The secondary function can be used to deflect rockets off course and other
    stuff, but it's really slow and requires ungodly timing to pull off.
    C. Enforcer
    Primary Mode: Single shot action.
    Secondary Mode: 'Gangsta mode'. More damage at a big cost for accuracy.
    Power: 4/10 Primary Mode, 5/10 Secondary Mode.
    Accuracy: 10/10 Primary Mode, 2/10 Secondary Mode.
    Maximum Ammo: 199. Uses Bullets.
    One of your two starting weapons. Every time you respawn, you will always have
    this gun in your hand. It isn't the best of guns but it does get the job done.
    You can dual-wield these guns, giving twice the damage and speed of just
    having one Enforcer. The secondary mode of the Enforcer does more damage and
    has faster speed, but has horrible accuracy, so good luck hitting anything at
    long range. 
    D. GES Bio Rifle
    Primary Mode: Shoots Tarydium sludge forward. Explodes shortly after.
    Secondary Mode: Charges up to shoot a big ball of sludge that splits in pieces.
    Power: 4/10 Primary Mode, 6/10 Secondary Mode.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Maximum Ammo: 75. Uses Tarydium Sludge.
    Slightly better in terms of power than the Enforcer, this is basically one of
    your "Fire and Forget" guns, meaning once you shoot it, don't worry about it
    because somoene will get damaged by it if they're that dumb. But be careful,
    as you can be that dumb person to run over it and hurt yourself also. This
    weapon is very effective at taking out a group of Pupae with ease, because of
    the splash damage it does. The secondary mode just hurts more. When charged up,
    not only will it do a mass amount of damage when you hit someone head on with 
    it,b ut when hit on a surface, it will split into other small blobs of 
    Tarydium, kind of like a "mine field" effect. Tarydium blobs shortly blow up 
    after a while, doing damage to anyone nearby.
    E. ASMD Shock Rifle 
    Primary Mode: Shoots a blue stream of plasma forward.
    Secondary Mode: Shoots a blue ball of plasma forward.
    Power: 5/10 Primary Mode, 5/10 Secondary Mode.
    Accuracy: 10/10 Primary Mode, 10/10 Secondary Mode.
    Maximum Ammo: 50. Uses Shock Cores.
    This is a neat gun in terms of speed and power. It's your average gun, yet it
    has some good damage to it. the primary mode of it instantly hits, even though
    the stream of plasma seems to move slower. The secondary mode is a lot slower,
    yet slightly more powerful. Most people, if smart enough, will simply dodge
    this, but there is a hidden technique associated with ASMD Shock Rifles.
    First off, press the secondary mode fire. Once the ball is far enough where
    you want it to go, press the primary fire and make it hit the ball. This will
    cause a reaction of occur, which will create a pretty decent splash damage
    range, and do very nice damage. You can easily kill a group of Pupae or Flies
    with this. The drawback? It uses four ammo off the ammo reading when you do
    this, but still, that's a pretty sweet deal.
    F. Instagib Rifle
    Primary Mode: Shoots an orange stream of plasma forward.
    Secondary Mode: Same as above.
    Power: 12/10 both modes.
    Accuracy: 10/10 both modes.
    Maximum Ammo: Unlimited.
    You may ask what's so special about this weapon since the primary mode and
    secondary mode are exactly the same. Well, if you looked at the damage, it's
    astronomical. This weapon can kill anyone IN ONE HIT. Plus, it has unlimited 
    ammo, sweet deal.The drawback? It shoots 2x slower than your normal 
    ASMD Shock Rifle, and there's no secondary mode. If you do manage to get your
    hands on one of these puppies, make sure to not die with it, as this 
    can be a very big help . Its power will increase EXPONENTALLY when you have 
    the Damage Amplifier. Not found in Capture the Flag maps naturally. It's
    unlocked by selecting it as a mutator.
    G. Pulse Gun
    Primary Mode: Shoots plasma bolts forward.
    Secondary Mode: Shoots a short ranged plasma beam.
    Power: 4/10 Primary Mode, 5/10 Secondary Mode.
    Accuracy: 10/10 Primary Mode, N/A Secondary Mode.
    Maximum Ammo: 199. Uses Pulse Cells.
    Not exactly the best gun in the world in terms of power, but it does get the
    job done to a point.The accuracy is correct, even though you may see the shots
    veer off a little in every direction. The bolts hit the dead center. The 
    secondary mode is a little more powerful, but the beam doesn't extend very
    long, so you need to be in an acceptable range for it to hit. The primary
    mode can also be used as a flashlight to illuminate dark hallways.
    H. Ripper
    Primary Mode: Shoots a titanium blade forward that can richochet off walls.
    Secondary Mode: Shoots an explosive titanium blade that has knockback.
    Power: 7/10 Primary Mode, 5/10 Secondary Mode.
    Accuracy: 10/10 both modes.
    Maximum Ammo: 75. Uses Blades.
    One of my favorite weapons for quite a few reasons. The secondary mode lacks
    in power, so as a result, it isn't used a whole lot, but the real power of the
    Ripper comes from the primary function. First, the titanium blades richochet
    off walls, making this a great weapon to scan out an area for people before
    you enter that area. Second, this weapon has the ability to decapitate, but
    you need to aim a little above the head for it to happen, which isn't too hard.
    This is another "Fire and Forget" weapon, as all you do is shoot it and wait
    for it to kill. Don't get too cocky though, the blades can come right back at
    you and decapitate you as well. Note that before using it.
    I. Minigun
    Primary Mode: Shoots bullets forward at a fast rate.
    Secondary Mode: Shoots bullets faster at faster rate at the cost of accuracy.
    Power: 5/10 both modes.
    Accuracy: 9/10 Primary Mode, 4/10 Secondary Mode.
    Maximum Ammo: 199. Uses Bullets.
    This is what's considered your assault rifle in Unreal Tournament. The bullets
    the Minigun uses have the same power as the Enforcer, only it spits out bullets
    at a much faster pace. The only flaw about this weapon is the secondary
    function. When you hold down the mouse button, the accuracy drops like a used
    body bag, unless you're at close range. However, when combined with a Damage
    Amplifier, this can be very deadly at close range. It will easily take down the
    formitable players in only a few hits. Use this to your advantage.
    Try to make your shots count, butut if there's more than 4 monsters in 
    front of you, spraying bullets can only help you.
    J. Flak Cannon
    Primary Mode: Shoots hot, metal shrapnel forward in a shotgun spray manner.
    Seconday Mode: Launches a shrapnel grenade that explodes on impact.
    Power: 8/10 Primary Mode, 9/10 Secondary Mode.
    Accuracy: Depends in Primary Mode, N/A Secondary Mode.
    Maximum Ammo: 50. Uses Flak Shells.
    This is what's considered your Shotgun in Unreal Tournament. One of the most
    deadly weapons in the game. The accuracy in primary mode really depends on how
    far you are or how close you are to that player. So basically, the farther
    away you are, the more the damage is going to suck. On the other hand, if you
    are very close to a monster with it, then this is your best friend. This will
    easily rip a player in pieces in 1-2 shots. The secondary mode is even better.
    A perfectly aimed shrapnel grenade will do over 100 damage, and even release
    shrapnel pieces all over the place to add insult to injury. Very deadly if you
    combine this with a Damage Amplifier, as it can kill almost anyone in one
    hit if you are within close proximity of the player.
    K. Rocket Launcher
    Primary Mode: Shoots 1 rockets forward or preload 6 at a time before launch.
    Secondary Mode: Bouncing rocket grenades, can preload 6 before launch.
    Power: 9/10 Primary Mode, 9/10 Secondary Mode.
    Accuracy: 10/10 Primary Mode, N/A Secondary Mode.
    Maximum Ammo: 48. Uses Rockets.
    What FPS game wouldn't be complete without a rocket launcher? This is a nice
    rocket launcher as you can preload up to 6 rockets at a time. The secondary
    mode is useful in its own respect. You can preload up to 6 grenades at a 
    time, and the bounce off walls as well. The grenades will explode about 4
    after launch or until they hit a player. Use this secondary mode if you
    know someone might be waiting for you around the corner. There are a few
    techniques with the primary mode also. First, you can lock onto a target with
    it, you will know this when your crosshair turns into a red circle. The rockets
    will now home in on your target. Second, you can release 6 rockets into a 
    bundle if you choose to as well. To do this, preload your rockets as you
    normally would, but hold down the right click button down as well. When your
    rockets launch, they will be in a bundle, causing even more damage. Also,
    you can lock onto a player while shooting a bundle off to add insult to
    injury. Rocket launchers - deadly in the hands of an expert, suicide in the
    hands of a novice.
    L. Sniper Rifle
    Primary Mode: Shoots a high powered caliber round.
    Secondary Mode: Zoom in to an 8.3x magnification.
    Power: 8/10 Primary Mode, N/A Secondary Mode.
    Accuracy: 10/10 Primary Mode, N/A Secondary Mode.
    Maximum Ammo: 50. Uses Rifle Rounds.
    The Sniper Rifle is easily one of the best weapons in the game, and for good
    reasons. First, the accuracy is PERFECT unlike other games, it will ALWAYS
    HIT DEAD CENTER. Second, unlike other games, it isn't half as bad in up close
    combat. Third, the Sniper Rifle can cause decapitation quite easily. Combined
    with a Damage Amplifier, this can decapitate anyone with ease, . The zoom in 
    magnification is also pretty good, able to get up to 8.3x magnification 
    to sniper monster down from insane distances.The Sniper Rifle takes a 
    while to get used to,but once you do, it  will easily be your best friend.
    M. Redeemer
    Primary Mode: Shoots a warhead forward which creates a cone of damage.
    Secondary Mode: Fly-by-wire.
    Power: 14/10.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Maximum Ammo: 2. Ammo cannot be picked up for the Redeemer.
    A 2-handed thermo nuclear warhead launcher, what else can be better? When shot
    from the primary mode, this will launch a warhead forward. When it explodes,
    it will create a "cone" of damage, which will send anything to hell within
    a 500 meter radius because it does over 1000 damage. You this to clear out
    rooms full of players or monsters that think they're smart. Be careful
    though, as you can kill yourself easily if you are within the cone of damage.
    You only get one shot when you first pick it up, so if you screw up the shot,
    there's no redos. You can, however, hold 2 shots, but these instances are rare.
    Fly-by-wire mode lets you guide the missile to whereever you want, just be
    sure you point it AWAY from the wall. Yes I seen it happen, some stupid person
    will use the secondary mode when they're facing a wall. Use a Damage Amplifier
    to increase the Redeemer's power EXPONENTIALLY. You can take out a boss monster
    with ease using one in conjunction with the Redeemer.
    5. Unreal Tournament Items
    Besides weapons, there are also items that you can pick up. All of these items
    will help in situations, some will help only in certain situations. Learn
    what they are and how to use them right in the right situations, and you will
    rarely die.
    A. Health Vial
    When you see these, they look lie blue, skinny flasks. These will recover 5
    Health everytime they're picked up. With these, you can go over the limit
    of 100 Health, up to a maximum of 199 Health. These are usually found in
    bundles of 2-5 flasks, but this isn't always the case.
    B. Health Box
    These will recover 20 Health back to your meter only up to the limit of 100
    Health. You cannot go over the limit of 100 Health with these, sadly.
    C. Big Keg 'o Health
    A rare sight indeed. These will give you an ungodly 100 Health, which can put
    you way over the 100 Health limit, up to the maximum of 199. When you find
    one of these, be sure to pick it up before anyone else.
    D. Thigh Pads
    These are the most type of common armor. These are usually found in the open.
    They supply you with 50 Armor Points and will protect your thighs as the name 
    commonly says. Armor takes 75% of your total damage, the other 25% coming
    from your health.
    E. Body Armor
    This is the other type of armor, it's a little less common than the Thigh Pads
    but it's still fairly common to pick up. This will provide you with 100 Armor
    Points and protects you from damage you take from the chest and head region, 
    and give you a lot of riot control, for example, from Flak Cannons.
    You can combine this with the Thigh Pads to give you a grand total of 150
    Armor Points.
    F. Shield Belt
    The most powerful protection item you can find in the game. This will give you
    150 Armor Points, AND absorb ALL damage that you take until the shield wears
    off. Most people don't know this, but if combined with the 150 Armor Points
    from the Thigh Pads and Body armor, it will absorb all of those points before
    damage starts draining your Shield Belt. Use this to your advantage. These
    are usually well hidden or in a very dangerous place.
    G. Damage Amplifier
    One of the best pickups you can get in Monster Hunt, this will increase your
    arsenal's power EXPONENTIALLY. Use this all you can because the effect only
    lasts for 30 seconds, and they are slow to regenerate back. Still, increasing
    your weapons' power exponentially is a really good deal as you can rip through
    palyers with ease, turning them into gibs :)
    H. Invisibility
    This will make you invisible to all enemies for 30 seconds or so. During this
    time, be sure to use it to its full effect. Try not to get close to the enemy,
    as they will see you. During your invisibility time, you will have very faint
    white lines surrounding you.
    I. Antigravity Boots
    These make it possible to jump to places where you can't normally jump. The
    only catch is that you only get 3 jumps out of it, so make it worth your while.
    J. Scuba Gear
    This makes it possible for you to breathe underwater for one minute. Doesn't
    make a while difference as it takes a while for you to drown.
    6. Maps and Strategies
    I'm only going over the preset maps Unreal Tournament gives you as a default
    from installing. If you would like me to review a custom made map, however,
    E-Mail or IM me the map name and I'll go over it in detail. Thanks to
    Apathetic Aardvark for letting me use his item quantities for the maps!
    Appreciate it man.
    I will also provide the in-game description of the map, that is, when you
    see the description when you play Tournament Mode. If there is no in-game
    description of the map, I'll make one up to the best of my creative mind.
    NOTE: I'll get more maps done whenever I get some time. If you would like me
    to do a map overview, provide me with a link and I'll have it done in a day
    or so.
    The Last Command is a fully functional Nuclear Processing Station owned by the
    Liandri Corporation.  This facility's system oriented layout makes an ideal
    proving grounds for Capture the Flag Tournament matches.  High Tech
    voluminous industrial architecture paired with curving maintenance corridors
    means fighting here will require quick reaction times if your team plans on
    2 GES BioRifles 
    1 ASMD Shock Rifle 
    1 Ripper 
    3 Miniguns
    2 Flak Cannons
    2 Rocket Launchers 
    2 Sniper Rifles
    4 Biosludge Ammo 
    2 Shock Cores 
    2 Razor Blade Packs 
    8 Boxes of Bullets 
    4 Flak Shells 
    4 Rocket Packs
    2 Boxes of Sniper Shells
    Support Items: 
    7 Health Vials 
    16 Health Pods 
    2 Body Armors 
    1 Shield Belt 
    1 Damage Amplifier
    1 Invisibility
    A lot of cramped hallways, circular tunnels leading every which way, and toxic
    slime to end it off, this is a little of a challenge to navigate around the
    A lot of battles will be mainly head on, because of all the tunnels. However,
    the bases do have a large enough space in which you can maneuver to avoid
    open fire.
    The three main support items in this map are the Shield Belt, Damage Amplifier,
    and the Invisibility. Blue Base gets the Damage Amplifier, which can be located
    in a tunnel duct near the base. Use the Translocator to access it. Red Base
    gets the slightly better support item: Invisibility. If you start off the map
    by the Red Base flag, face the direction in which the Blue Base flag is located
    and walk to the left. This will lead you to a winding pathed room with a 
    Minigun, GES Bio rifle, and a few Health Pods. Look up to the left (If you are
    coming from the Red Base flag) and you will notice a tunnel duct. Use the
    Translocator to access the Invisibility. The Shield Belt can be found in the
    adjacent tunnel duct on the other side of the map. Clearly this map favors
    the Red Base.
    Since there are a lot of dark corners, find yourself a nice, cozy camping spot.
    Jump out at the last second and cap someone in the back of their skull while
    they try to take your flag. The various raftors make great sniping positions.
    Find a Sniper Rifle and camp somewhere in the raftors, waiting for someone
    to walk by...
    Since this map has a lot of tunnels, this would be a good opportunity to make
    use of the Ripper. Use it to scount the area before you proceed into the next
    Just remember one last thing, when you get into a base's territory, be prepared
    for heavy resistance. Bring along a few extra men with you.
    Built into a mountaintop on the Coret moon, this facility was once the
    waypoint between the Interstellar zone gate in orbit over the moon and the
    Zeto Research Station located half the moon away in the frozen wastes.
    2 ASMD Shock Rifles
    2 Rippers
    2 Miniguns
    2 Flak Cannons
    2 Rocket Launchers
    2 Sniper Rifles
    4 Shock Cores
    4 Razor Blade Packs
    4 Boxes of Bullets 
    4 Clips of Bullets 
    4 Flak Shells
    3 Rocket Packs 
    1 Box of Sniper Shells
    Support Items:
    12 Health Vials
    18 Health Pods 
    2 Thigh Pads 
    2 Body Armors 
    1 Damage Amplifier
    I never really liked Coret, mainly because the whole map is one big maze zone,
    so to speak. It's hard to navigate and novices seem to get lost a good
    majority of the time.
    The weapons of choice for this map are quite obviously, the Flak Cannons
    and Rocket Launchers. These will help tremendously when invading bases and
    defending your teammates from the opposing attackers. Because of the amount
    of sharp corners and narrow hallways, you can use the element of suprise
    to leap out at the last possible second and frag someone. If you aren't feeling
    confident about that idea, use the Ripper. Odds are you will end up killing
    someone before they can kill you. Do watch out, however, as there are a few
    sniper points, one of these being the upper ledge by the blue flag. Most
    people will snipe you down or launch a few grenades from the Rocket Launcher
    if they even see you.
    The amount of health items in this map is staggering. You should have no
    problem finding health items when your health is low. There are also 4 items
    that can add to the armor points you have, adding up to a total of 150 armor
    points. This can help tremendously and avoid for you getting killed.
    The Distant wastemarsh of Vandaron 3 is said to be the wettest place in the
    galaxy.  A post dreaded by soldiers due to its remote location, cramped 
    quarters, and maddening echo of ever beating rain.
    1 GES BioRifle
    2 ASMD Shock Rifles
    3 Pulse Guns 
    2 Rippers 
    2 Miniguns
    2 Flak Cannons 
    2 Rocket Launchers
    2 Sniper Rifles
    3 Biosludge Ammo 
    4 Shock Cores 
    4 Pulse Cells
    4 Razor Blade Packs 
    4 Boxes of Bullets 
    4 Flak Shells 
    4 Rocket Packs 
    4 Boxes of Sniper Shells
    Support Items: 
    6 Health Pods 
    2 Body Armor 
    1 Shield Belt 
    1 Damage Amplifier
    You will notice throughout the match that most of the enemy invasions and your
    invasions will take place from the top. The top is slightly more dangerous
    to walk upon but you will get to the bases quicker. 
    The one thing that's nice about this level is that some areas are dark. This
    will enable you to hide in the shadows and provide sneaky assaults, while you
    remain hidden, waiting for that unsuspecting player to walk by.
    Health items are very rare this time around, unlike last map. This can make it
    very difficult to find a pick-me-up when you're about to die. If you take the
    top rafter of the map, you will notice one thing: The Shield Belt. The Shield
    Belt will help tons when you're under fire, and with captures. Close to the
    Shield Belt is the GES Bio Rifle, but it's not commonly used, only as a last
    resort weapon.
    Ammo is insanely common, with almost 4 packs of ammo for each weapon. You 
    should never find yourself out of ammo on this map. Once again, the Ripper can
    work wonders for around corners.
    The Blue Base seems to have the advantage here. Most of the powerful weapons
    are close to their base and they have the Damage Amplifier with just a hop,
    skip, and a jump away. 
    Be aware of snipers in the area. There are many places in which a sniper can
    hide, waiting to tag the unsuspecting player. Take caution with some of these
    areas and try to take detours if possible.
    Eternal Cave
    Ruins belonging to an unknown race, acquired by Liandri Corporation's 
    Xenobiology Division for research and excavation.  Deemed a 'valuable and
    entertaining venue' by the Tournament Board after 17 XD archeologists fell to
    their deaths.
    2 GES BioRifles 
    2 ASMD Shock Rifles
    2 Rippers
    1 Minigun
    2 Rocket Launchers
    5 Biosludge Ammo 
    1 Shock Core 
    4 Razor Blade Packs 
    2 Boxes of Bullets 
    2 Rocket Packs
    Support Items: 
    4 Health Pods 
    2 Thigh Pads
    1 Shield Belt
    I hate the way bases are set up on this map. The bases are put on small board
    walks. If you get knocked off or even take one wrong step, you will take a
    plunge into a pool of lava and you will end up dying. You need to take extreme
    caution when entering and stealing the Blue Flag. This is the most common way
    of dying, mainly because people love to camp and knock you into the lava below.
    The Shield Belt can be found on the upper most part of the map, off of the side
    in a little room. Just watch it so you don't get trapped, as there's only one
    way out.
    This map doesn't have a Sniper Rifle, so much of the map will be up close and
    personal action. Use a Minigun or Rocket Launcher if you find one, to capture
    the other team's flag. Ammo is not as plentiful as in other maps, so make all 
    of your shots count.
    There are a few open wide areas, mainly around the bases. Use your dodging
    skills and be moving at all times.
    This ancient asteroid has been converted to an Arena for the Tournament.  It is
    highly dangerous due to aberrant gravitational properties and, of course, the
    snipers from the other team.
    2 ASMD Shock Rifles 
    2 Rippers 
    2 Rocket Launchers 
    6 Sniper Rifles
    2 Redeemers
    4 Shock Cores 
    8 Rocket Packs 
    14 Boxes of Sniper Shells
    Support Items: 
    8 Health Pods 
    2 Body Armors 
    1 Big Keg 'o Health 
    2 Damage Amplifiers
    One of my favorite maps. If there's any map that will improve your sniping
    skills by a lot, this would be the map.
    The one thing you will first notice about this map is that there are two towers
    seperating the bases, with a big connecting land mass connecting them. On
    the land mass, you will find a Big Keg 'o Health. I do not recommend getting
    this because of all the fast paced action and sniping on this map.
    Sniping and camping are two very common elements on this map. With 6 Sniper
    Rifles and 14 boxes of ammo for them, this will make for more than 50% of the
    people sniping. The outer edges of the bases have ridges in which you can
    land on to get into a good sniping point. Some of these areas are even dark
    too, mostly as it goes near the bottom. By getting into a dark area and
    crouching down, there will be a very little chance of you dying, unless someone
    is an expert and knows where the shots are coming from.
    The Body Armors on this map can be found on the very top of the towers. Use the
    center teleport of the big pillars in the towers to enter there. Inside will
    be a Sniper Rifle and 3 boxes of ammo, perfect for setting up and equipping
    yourself to camp and snipe.
    You can find the Damage Amplifiers on the main level of the map. Use the 
    Translocator to look up and see a metal grating. Shoot a beacon up there and
    translocate to that place to find one. You can also snipe people down from this
    position as it is rare for someone to look up.
    The Redeemers are a life saver. Get one and wait until you are right at the
    enterance of the opposing team's base. Launch a warhead missile into the base
    watch as 2-3 people die, allowing for an easy taking of the flag.
    You should use the Translocator as much as you can when going to the other
    base to capture the flag to take back to your own base. Since you can't use
    the Translocator when coming back from the opposite team's base with the
    flag in your hand, this will make it very tough to get back.
    A giant fortress situated in the outer reaches of space, this was converted
    into a place for the Tournament. Situated with stabilized gravity, there is
    very little threat of being thrown into outer space.
    2 ASMD Shock Rifles
    2 Rocket Launcers
    8 Sniper Rifles
    2 Redeemers
    4 Shock Cores
    4 Rocket Packs
    18 Boxes of Sniper Shells
    Support Items: 
    4 Health Pods
    1 Big Keg 'o Health
    2 Body Armors
    2 Shield Belts
    2 Anti Gravity Boots
    The twin brother of Face, Face][ is on a giant fortress in outer space. With
    all the Sniper Rifles and boxes of ammo for it, there will be a lot of sniping
    and this will be mostly everyone's weapon of choice.
    Since there's no low gravity, there won't be any risk of you getting pushed
    off the edge of the map, unless you accidently fall. To make up for the loss
    of low gravity, there will be Anti Gravity Boots, one pair for each base.
    One Redeemer can be found in each base on the little ramp like structure above
    the base. Usually you will respawn here and get immediate access to its
    holiness, otherwise you have to find an alternate way inside. Since there's
    very few places to hide, most people will die by the Redeemer quite frequently.
    The Big Keg 'o Health can be found in the direct middle of the map. You can
    choose to get this, but with the mass amount of snipers in this map, the risk
    of you getting killed is high.
    A Shield Belt and Body Armor and some health items can be found in the back of
    each base. This will provide top of the line defense before going into the
    enemy's base and taking the flag.
    Use all of the tactics from the previous Face map and you will have no problem
    with it, as it's the near image of it. Don't forget to keep using that 
    Not all environments are retrofitted Liandri Real Estate.  The Gauntlet is one
    of a small number of highly stylized combat arenas specifically for the
    Tournament.  This particular venue has been customized for teamplay.
    2 GES Bio Rifles 
    2 ASMD Shock Rifles 
    1 Pulse Gun 
    2 Rippers 
    3 Miniguns 
    2 Flak Cannons
    1 Rocket Launcher 
    1 Sniper Rifle
    1 Redeemer
    4 Biosludge Ammo 
    3 Shock Cores 
    2 Pulse Cells 
    4 Razor Blade Packs 
    6 Boxes of Bullets 
    4 Flak Shells 
    1 Rocket Pack 
    2 Boxes of Sniper Shells
    Support Items: 
    2 Thigh Pads 
    2 Body Armors
    1 Shield Belt
    A map with no health items...
    This will force you to use stealth when going for the flags, no matter which
    team you're on.
    The weapon of choice should be the Flak Cannon. Ammo is common with 4 packs
    of ammo. Sadly, there is only one pack of Rocket ammo, so you won't get much
    ammo out of it.
    There are two main levels to this map: The top and bottom. Going the top way
    will give you a straightforward path to the flag, and there are pillars in
    which you can hide behind if you are under fire or to avoid being seen. If you
    choose to take the bottom level, there will be a good risk of you getting 
    killed, let alone taking heavy damage. Also, to get to the top, you will have 
    to take a left to get to the top.
    Getting the Shield Belt in this map is a big risk. It sits in a basement kind
    of a room. It's sitting on a narrow beam over a pit of lava. One flase step
    or getting knocked in will result in you dying unless you don't take the ramp
    to get out of there quickly. If you do manage to get out alive, most of the
    time you will be on very low life. The Rocket Launcer and a an ASMD Shock Rifle
    are also down there, so take note of this. You don't have to do anything
    dangerous to get it, so that's a plus.
    There is also a hidden Redeemer in this map as well. It is located in a secret
    wall, directly above the Shield Belt on the next level. An easier way to get it
    would be this way: When you first get the Sniper Rifle on that round platform
    on the top level, drop down before you enter the tunnel going into the Blue 
    Base. Search in-between the two doors and you will soon find it.
    Hall of Giants
    An enormous shrine constructed by the once living gods, Liandri has
    remade this palace for crowd entertaining purposes for their tournaments.
    Each combatant will be outfitted with an Anti Gravity Belt to reduce
    injuries caused by falls. Teleportation pipes are implemented to ease the
    trouble of getting from one side of the arena to the other.
    2 GES Bio Rifles
    4 ASMD Shock Rifles
    1 Pulse gun
    3 Miniguns
    1 Flak Cannon
    5 Rocket Launchers
    6 Sniper Rifles
    1 Redeemer
    4 Biosludge Ammo 
    10 Shock Cores 
    2 Pulse Cells 
    6 Boxes of Bullets 
    2 Flak Shells 
    10 Rocket Pack 
    12 Boxes of Sniper Shells
    Support Items:
    10 Health Vials
    20 Health Pods
    2 Body Armors
    1 Shield Belt
    This map is one of the biggest Capture the Flag maps ever. Since there are 
    many tall rampways and very high Flag Base posts, gravity will be reduced a lot
    to limit the amount of damage you take, and to make access to higher places
    Firs thing you will notice about this map is the large amount of Sniper Rifles
    and ammo for it. This is a sniper's dream map. Tall defense posts, a few dark
    places, and a lot of places to hide behind if you are under attack. Most of
    the people on this map will use a Sniper Rifle to their advantage, so keep
    this is mind.
    There are many places in which lead to the flag outposts, namely the long,
    green tube that extends from one end of the map to the other. This tube is
    located at the very bottom of the map, while the enterance to enter it can be
    found in the middle of the map. When you enter it, you will reach very high
    speeds and reach one side of the map in mere seconds, depending on which side
    of the tube you take. You will be launched out of the tube at very high speeds
    and at very tall heights. You need to use your target trajectory of your 
    controls to figure out where to land. Another place to enter tubes to get up
    to the bases are right near the bases themselves. The tubes are located off
    to the left and right of the bases, and go vertical. Jump to enter one of
    these tubes to get the same results as the horizontal one.
    While the Shield Belt can be found in the near middle of the map, the Redeemer
    can be found at the very top of the map, on an extending platform. You will
    need to use the Translocator to obtain the Redeemer. It's not as hard since
    you have low gravity.
    If you get into trouble, there are numerous health items littering the map. 
    They are widely scattered, so no matter where you are, there will always be
    one near you. Also, a Body Armor can be found on each side of the base, on
    the long tube.
    Always looking to thrill their viewers, Liandri purchased two incomplete
    skyscrapers. Combatants are faced with treacherous heights and construction
    based machinery, so they are required to use the upmost caution.
    ASMD Shock Rifle
    2 Ripper
    2 Miniguns
    2 Flak Cannons
    2 Rocket Launchers
    2 Sniper Rifles
    Shock Cores 
    4 Razor Blade Packs 
    4 Boxes of Bullets 
    4 Flak Shells 
    4 Rocket Packs 
    4 Boxes of Sniper Shell
    Support Items
    12 Health Pods
    2 Big Keg 'o Health
    2 Thigh Pads
    2 Body Armors
    2 Anti Gravity Boots
    2 Damage Amplifiers
    Another personal favorite map of mine. The action is very intense when trying
    to capture the flag and all the weapons and items are very well balanced.
    This map is set upon two skyscrapers. Unlike Hall of Giants, the gravity will
    be normal, so if you fall from a great height, chances are you will die.
    In this map, many teleports can be found, which lead to carious parts of the
    map. Sometimes these are the quickest ways around, but you need to remember
    which areas go to which.
    Two Sniper Rifles can be found in the very top of the map, while the Rocket
    Launchers, Flak Cannons, and everything else will be found close to the team's
    flag, on either of the four levels. Since Sniper Rifles can be found in this
    map and since distances from the base are great, chances are there will be
    sniping defenders of the flag coming into play.
    Ammo is sparce in this map, being only two packs of ammo for each weapon on
    each side of the base. Since this is the case, only bring as much ammo as
    you might use on your trip to the other base, so that other teammates get
    the chance to partake on the ammo as well. Weapons with no ammo is not a good
    situation if the other teams come to take your flag.
    Body Armor can be found directly under the platform with the flag. Use this
    to your advantage. The Damage Amplifier is close by as well. It's located
    on top of the intersecting beams above the flag. this can make for a good
    sniping post as well, since you can cover most of the top area. The Big
    Keg 'o Health, on the other hand, can be found in a small hallway, behind 
    some boards. An easier way to find it is to walk along the top, long portion
    of the yellow crane until you find a hallway. Translocate behind the boards
    to find it in all it's glory.
    When you go for the enemy's flag, watch out for the various gun implacements
    around the complex, as they will shoot you. Use the various boxes to conceal
    yourself to sneak in and take their flag.
    Last but not least, make sure you don't fall or get shot off any of the
    buildings. Doing so means instant death.
    Hydro 16
    This enormous hydroelectric plant used to power the colonies on Vesuvius 9
    until a mysterious virus killed everyone off.  Now that a few years have
    passed, Liandri officials have declared the plant safe for combat.
    2 ASMD Shock Rifles 
    2 Pulse Guns 
    2 Rippers 
    2 Miniguns 
    2 Flak Cannons 
    4 Sniper Rifles
    8 Shock Cores 
    12 Pulse Cells 
    8 Razor Blade Packs 
    18 Boxes of Bullets 
    8 Flak Shells 
    8 Rocket Packs 
    18 Boxes of Sniper Shells
    Support Items: 
    34 Health Vials
    16 Health Pods 
    2 Body Armors 
    2 Shield Belts
    Sweet Jesus...
    I'm sorry, but if you run out of ammo in this map, you just plain suck. Ammo
    is insanely common, even the health items. 34 Health Vials? You'll be at 199
    health in a matter of seconds. 
    If you are looking for a Shield Belt in this map, you will need a Translocator.
    Go to your flag and look straight up. You should see a series of beams
    extending from all directions. You will need to use the Translocator to get up
    to the very top. You will be rewarded for your excellence with a Shield Belt.
    The top part of the beams make very good sniping points as well.
    The main tower that seperates both bases houses a nice amount of goodies. This
    is perfect: Gather up a Sniper Rifle and just camp there. You will notice that
    there are Health Vials there if you get it. Just be aware of one thing: You
    might not be alone and someone can easily cap you in your skull. Always take a
    moment to check out your surroundings.
    Since there is a big open area surrounding the bases, you should go into small
    wolf packs before venturing out. Some resistance will be found here, but once
    you get the opposing team's flag, there will be tons of resistance to try and
    kill the flag carrier. while one person has the flag, the others should go and
    support the flag carrier by clearing out the perimeter. Your weapons of choice
    for doing this should be the Rocket Launcher or the Flak Cannon.
    Lava Giant
    This volatile world has an extremely low orbit around a superdense gas giant.
    The resulting gravitational forces have caused the planetary mantle to
    collapse.  Combatants are issued special gravbelts for each match.
    2 GES BioRifles
    2 ASMD Shock Rifles 
    3 Pulse Guns 
    2 Rippers 
    2 Miniguns 
    2 Flak Cannons 
    1 Rocket Launcher 
    3 Sniper Rifles 
    1 Redeemer
    4 Biosludge Ammo 
    4 Shock Cores 
    6 Pulse Cells 
    4 Razor Blade Packs 
    6 Boxes of Bullets 
    4 Flak Shells
    4 Rocket Packs 
    4 Boxes of Rifle Shells
    Support Items: 
    18 Health Pods 
    2 Body Armors 
    1 Shield Belt 
    2 Anti Grav Boots
    This is a very straightforward map. There is a good supply of ammo, health,
    and there's even a Shield Belt and Redeemer to help to the cause.
    Most of the time people will be nestled inside the little towers of the bases,
    sniping away at anyone who dares to approach. Keep moving in a zig zag pattern,
    jump, and dodge all the time. You will have little chance of getting hit if
    you do this. Don't forget to use that Translocator.
    Getting the flags are tough, mainly because they are nestled deep inside the
    fortresses. It takes a little work, cooperation, and patience to get the flag
    and make it out of there alive. If you do manage to get the flag, try to find
    a pair of Anti Grav Boots and jump out of the base over the walls. This will
    make for a faster escape and avoid anyone who might be camping by the exit of
    the base.
    Getting the Redeemer is easy, but treacherous. If you are located at the Red
    Base, it will the in the tunnel on the far right side. You will need to make
    three jumps on small pedistals over lava. Once you obtain it, you need to do 
    the same thing to get out of the room, but it's well worth getting it. This
    will make your escape attempts easier for you and your team. The Shield Belt 
    isn't far away from the Redeemer either.
    An experimental orbital nuclear reactor, abandoned after funding for the
    project dried up.  High radiation levels and waste leakage offer an
    environmental challenge for Tournament combatants.
    1 GES BioRifle 
    2 ASMD Shock Rifles 
    1 Ripper 
    1 Minigun 
    1 Flak Cannon 
    1 Rocket Launcher
    5 Biosludge Ammo 
    4 Shock Cores
    2 Razor Blade Packs 
    2 Boxes of Bullets 
    2 Flak Shells 
    3 Rocket Packs
    Support Items: 
    4 Health Pods 
    1 Thigh Pad 
    1 Body Armor
    A very small map. the general makeup is a rectangle connecting two sidewinder
    hallways connecting to a room with the flag. 
    The rectangular room is the room where action will happen most. All of the 
    weapons are located here. There are also plenty of high places in which you
    shoot down below to kill people.
    Not much can be said about this map because it's so small.
    Battle around a tired November class nuclear submarine docked in an 
    underground pen.  This relic, left from the First Cold War, still includes 
    machinegun nests and defensive positions key to victory.
    2 GES BioRifles 
    2 ASMD Shock Rifles 
    2 Rippers, 2 Miniguns 
    2 Flak Cannons
    2 Rocket Launchers 
    3 Sniper Rifles
    4 Biosludge Ammo 
    2 Shock Cores 
    4 Razor Blade Packs 
    7 Boxes of Bullets 
    10 Flak Shells 
    10 Rocket Packs 
    9 Boxes of Sniper Shells
    Support Items: 
    12 Health Vials 
    8 Health Pods 
    2 Big Kegs 'o Health 
    2 Thigh Pads 
    2 Body Armors 
    2 Shield Belts 
    1 Damage Amplifier
    There are a lot of weapons, ammo, and support items in this map. Take advantage
    of everything while you can, you will need it.
    This map takes place in a submarine based level. One thing you will notice 
    about your base is the amount of support items your base has. The bases are
    different looking from one another, but have the same items. You will find
    a Big Keg 'o Health and Body Armor, just begging to pick up. As you find the
    submarine, there will be a Damage Amplifier on top of the submarine. This can
    help create a path of destruction on your way to capture the flag.
    Shield Belts are located in each side of the base, but the Blue Base gets
    screwed on this deal. Their Shield Belt is located towards the middle of
    the map, making it anyone's game, depending on who get's it first.
    Another reason that Blue Base gets screwed is because when you get the flag,
    there will be a hole around that area in which you can jump down to lead you
    back to the main area if you so desire. Be warned, if you do this, you
    will suffer some pretty good damage from it being so high up. Only use it
    if you have a Shield Belt and a good amount of health.
    There are many paths in which you can maneuver towards the opposing sides.
    Always keep a look out for new paths which you can take to avoid enemy
    fire and damage.
    You can also hide or take cover from many objects, such as crates and walls.
    If you know someone's coming, jump out and scare them half to death, then
    pump them full of lead.
    The interior of this dual-sided space station may appear complete, but much
    functionality was never completed when funding ran out due to corrupt
    contractors and irresponsible administrators.  As usual, the savvy Liandri
    location scouts caught wind of this and picked the station up at a discount for
    inclusion in the tourney.
    2 GES BioRifles 
    4 ASMD Shockrifles 
    4 Pulse Guns 
    2 Rippers 
    4 Miniguns 
    2 Flak Cannons 
    2 Rocket Launchers 
    2 Sniper Rifles 
    1 Redeemer
    4 Biosludge Ammo 
    8 Shock Cores 
    12 Pulse Cells 
    4 Razor Blade Packs 
    8 Boxes of Bullets 
    6 Flak Shells 
    6 Rocket Packs 
    4 Boxes of Sniper Shells
    Support Items: 
    12 Health Vials 
    30 Health Pods 
    2 Body Armors 
    1 Shield Belt
    2 Damage Amplifiers 
    2 Anti Grav Boots
    This map has enough weapons and ammo to supply the Chinese for many years. It's
    crazy. There is an abundance of support items and health, making this too
    There won't be as many deaths on this map as you might think, despite it being
    large. There's plenty of health items and armor, and you can hide in tons
    of different places to bring the element of suprise to your enemies. 
    The flag carriers have it easy on this map, as the health items are scattered
    around the map. Most of the time they won't even need support from their
    teammates, but any extra help is useful.
    The Shield Belt and the Redeemer are located pin point of the center of the
    map. Sometimes people will try to snipe others that go for the Shield Belt,
    sometimes not. If you want the Redeemer, it's above on a medium sized platform.
    As you would've guessed, you need the Translocator to obtain it. The Redeemer
    will help in many ways for getting the other team's flag, so take some time
    to make sure you get it.
    Anti Grav Boots can be found in the center of the map, scattered right by the
    Shield Belt and Redeemer. These will help to get on those top ledges to
    get to your base faster.
    There are many routes in which you can take to get to and from the bases. No
    matter which way you go, they will always lead to the same palce, the middle 
    of the map.
    Sniping can be a good help to defend your base. There are quite a few sniping
    points in which you can get a decent headshot of anyone who's walking about.
    7. The Scoring System
    Here's how scoring breaks down in Capture the Flag:
    Suicide (Falling off a high cliff, dying in lava, toxins, etc.) -1
    Suicide (Killing yourself with weapon fire) -5
    Dying (Someone killing you) +0
    Frag +1
    Flag Capturing +7
    8. Conclusion
    Well I sure had fun writing this FAQ, mainly because a lot of people need help
    and that. It was very time consuming getting every last detail right. Now,
    for the people who want some maps, I recommend you go to Nali City.
    Here's a link that you can get some maps.
    There are a lot of crap maps, and there are some really good ones too. Look 
    around to see what you find.
    9. Legal Information
    Webmasters! Do NOT:
    Post this FAQ on your site directly. The only sites that this rule DOES 
    NOT apply to is:
    No if's, and's, or but's about it. Ask me first if you would like to make
    this FAQ available on your site. If I find it on your site and you never
    asked me for permission, I will take legal action against you.
    Webmasters! Please DO:
    If you are a webmaster of a site that wants to post this FAQ, what do 
    you do? As you read above, you can not post it directly. Instead, link 
    to the page at www.gamefaqs.com that lists all the FAQs for this game. 
    Why GameFAQs? Because I said so. To clear up some confusion, you can not 
    link to the URL if it ends in ".txt" or ".doc", you just can't use that. 
    If it ends in anything else, such as the page where it lists all the 
    FAQs for a game, you can link to THAT, but not to the actual FAQ. I'm 
    only repeating myself, but I had to because some people have to be told 
    something twice. If you have any questions on linking, notify me. To 
    answer the most common question I'll get, you can not link to any 
    GameFAQs URL that ends in ".txt" or ".doc" because it's in GameFAQs' 
    legal section. So there. 
    This FAQ cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any 
    other form of printed or electronic media involved in a commercial 
    business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or form, PERIOD. It 
    may not be given away freely, as a "bonus" or "prize", or given away 
    with the game itself, etc. This FAQ cannot be used for either profitable 
    or promotional purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of 
    these rules is in direction violation of U.S. law.
    10. Credits
    Myself, I took the time to write a detailed FAQ for you guys, so you better
    be thankful.
    Apathetic Aardvark. I appreciate it so much that you let me use your item
    list for each map. It would take me a long time to do it, but I'll have
    to do it on my own for some maps. Thank you very much yet again.
    CJayC here at GameFAQS. You made a really nice site, I love it. Always keep
    up the hard work.
    Marshmallow here at GameFAQS. He's known for making FAQs from Goldeneye 007
    and Perfect Dark for the N64, among other names. Thank you very much for the
    legal information section.
    The Capture the Flag community. Keep on fraggin' :)
    The readers who read this.
    That's really about it. If I haven't mentioned anyone (Does happen, my brain
    fails to work 75% of the time), let me know and you'll be added. People who
    send in user tips will surely be added here as well :)
    11. Contacts
    If, for some reason you want to contact me, maybe about getting to know 
    Capture the Flag, or just basic information on how to play, or user 
    submissions. You can contact me two ways. Either:
    1. AIM me @ Agentzero90. This is probably the best way, even though I do have
    my away message on most of the time, but I will get your message.
    2. E-Mail me nick.novak@comcast.net. The second way, but I usually only check
    my E-Mail once a week, so don't pray for a quick response.
    3. Rules About IM or E-Mail:
    * No spam. Heaven help you if I find spam...
    * Don't come E-Mailing me saying "Hey, I noticed a typo in section...". It's
    fine if you send me an E-Mail or IM saying I got a couple errors, but don't
    go rampant finding errors. I don't have Microsoft Word so spellcheck is out
    of the question.
    * If you have a question that is not already answered in this FAQ, please, go
    ahead and ask.
    * If you want to set up a server in which you want to learn how to play, I'll
    be glad to help you. See Contacts above for more information.
    This document is © 2005 DV Morpheus
    All rights reserved.

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