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    Weapons FAQ by Dark Vortex

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/13/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                 .                      .f###L.                                     
            .:itjj.                      j###G:                        ::..         
         .;LDK###K                       j###D,                        iGEEGLt.     
      .;fDW#WED.                          ###e                           ,###Gji,. 
    ,tK##KL:                             j####j,                           .,iLK##K,
    :f##Wf:                              j####E;                               tK###
    .,LKWKEti,.                          j####Ei                           .,iGE####
          .tfGEW######################D, tW###Ki fD###########################Dt:  ,
              :iGK####################Ki f####Ki E#######################WELji.     
                .:iiitfLGGGDDEEKWWWW##Ki:G####Ki K##############WKKKEDGLt;.         
                                   jW#E;.f####Ki K##WL;:::                          
                                   tW#E; tW###Ki E##Kt.                             
                                   tW#D, iK###Ki E##Kt.                             
                                   tW#G: :G###D iE##Kt                              
                                   iK#G: :G##Kt iE##E;                              
                                   iK#L:  f##D; tE##D,                              
                                   ;E#L:  tW#D, tE##G:                              
                                   ;E#L.  tW#G, tE##G:                              
                                   ;E#L.  tW#G: tE##L.                              
                                   ;E#f   iK#L, tE##L.                              
                                   ;E#f   iK#L: tE#Wt                               
                                   ;E#j   ;E#L: tE#D,                               
                                   ;E#j   ;E#f: tE#D,                               
                                   ,G#G,  ,D#f: tE#G:                               
                                    tEGi  :L#f. ;fEL:                               
                                    .;     j#j                                      
                                           GG      --tgfcoder--
                                   Quake III Arena
                                    Weapons Guide
                               By: Dark Vortex (Quan Jin)
                                     Version 1.2
    This guide may be found on the following sites:
    [http://faqs.ign.com]------------------------------------------------[IGN FAQs]
    [http://www.dlh.net]--------------------------------------[Dirty Little Helper]
    This guide is copyright (c)2003-2006 Quan Jin
    DOCUMENT INFORMATION                  /
    This FAQ is the property of its author, Quan Jin. All rights reserved. 
    Any stealing, selling for profit or altering of this document without the
    author's expressed consent is strictly prohibited. You may download this file 
    for personal and private use only. 
    Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software and Activision. 
    The author (Quan Jin) is not affiliated with Squaresoft or Capcom in any way 
    or form. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 
    TABLE OF CONTENTS                           /
    1.0 - Introduction
    2.0 - Weapons List
          2.1 - Gauntlet
          2.2 - Machine Gun
          2.3 - Shotgun
          2.4 - Rocket Launcher
          2.5 - Plasma Gun
          2.6 - Grenade Launcher
          2.7 - Rail Gun
          2.8 - BFG10K
    3.0 - General Tips and Strategies
    4.0 - Closing and Credits
    5.0 - Version History
    1.0 - Introduction                            /
    Quake III Arena was released a few years ago by ID Games. Before you ask, yes
    they were the makers of that classic FPS, Doom and it's sequels. Despite their
    skill in FPS, they didn't succeed too much with their Quake series. Keep in
    mind that this game is rated M for Mature. If you are below the age of 18,
    you'll will need parent supervision to buy. No sexual content but EXCESSIVE
    violence and blood.
    Hello, my name is Irving or as my parents call me, Quan. This is my third
    guide. After completing two long walkthroughs, I've decided to set my sites on
    a smaller, in depth guide to give me some relief. Hopefully, this was accepted.
    This guide should prove a bit helpful with my weapon analysis's and strategies.
    I admit that this guide wasn't really a good work but I was bored and just
    didn't feel like writing too much. Oh well, it took up a good hour. And with
    no further ado, here is the guide.
    2.0 - Weapons List                    /
    The main bulk of the guide, the weapons guide is probably what you're here for.
    I'll give you a few statistics, ratings, how to use, and things to avoid.
    2.1 - Gauntlet
    Extremely powerful weapon. Dealing 50 damage for each swipe. However... it can
    only do anything at close range which brings down it's rating quite a bit. You
    start with this melee weapon in every map unless otherwise made.
    Best Time to Use: I would only suggest using it if you can get your opponent in
    a corner and stab them repeatedly. Getting one contact probably won't contact
    them plus they'll have a chance to fight back as well.
    Strategy: If you're caught in a skirmish with another with the same weapon.
    Crouch and hit make contact. Chances are, your opponent won't be able to get
    you if they're standing up because then they'd have to look down to hurt you.
    But by then, they should already be sprawled on the floor. NEVER use this
    weapon against someone with a weapon other than the Rocket Launcher or Grenade
    Launcher. Why? Because they'd hurt themselves if they try to launch a rocket or
    grenade at point blank range! Great way to surprise someone you're inching to
    take a chunk out of.
    Things to Avoid: Do not use this if you have better weapons to frag with.
    Range: Point Blank
    Damage: 50 hit points for every time you make contact
    Rating: 3/10(the range is annoying)
    Sound: Low. A light hum when you are using it.
    Visibility: Low to Medium. A light glow when you are using it.
    2.2 - Machine Gun
    For most maps, you automatically start with this weapon as well. This gun has
    a very high rate of fire. There should always be a better weapon to use. The
    machine gun isn't too good.
    Best Time to Use: When you don't have any weapons left to use or when you're
    walking in on an already started skirmish between two or more people and want
    to damage them quickly.
    Strategy: A great close range weapon. Each bullet is considerably weak but when
    they're being shot at high velocity plus at a super quick frequency, they can
    do quite a bit of damage if your target is standing still. Although it uses up
    ammunition very, very quickly, it can knock an opponent off target. Great for
    surprising those annoying campers that always get to you. Stun them before they
    can catch sight of you.
    Things to Avoid: Don't waste all your ammunition in one giant automatic fire.
    Save ammo by using short bursts to conserve ammo.
    Range: Infinite
    Damage: 3-8 damage depending on where you hit them.
    Rating: 4/10(not a very great weapon but very high rate of fire)
    Sound: High. You can easily hear the bullets launching.
    Visisiblity: Medium. Bright muzzle flare
    2.3 - Shotgun
    A very good weapon for close range combat. Each shell contains 11 blasts that
    spread out as they gain more distance. That's really why it's only effective at
    long range.
    Best Time to Use: When someone is charging you, just blast them down where they
    are. Very fun!
    Strategy: If you're target has a rocket launcher, plasma gun, or BFG10K, get
    away, quickly. They will usually be able to blow you down before you can even
    get close enough to take a shot at them. Never give up the chance to take a
    shot. This is a very damaging weapon. If you can get every one of those little
    blasts(each does 10 damage)into an enemy, that's a whopping 110 damage. That'll
    probably keep them down.
    Things to Avoid: Don't give yourself away by attempting to engage a distant
    target by shooting from a distance away. Although the range is infinite, the
    shells aren't very effective that far.
    Range: Infinite
    Damage: 10-110 as explained above
    Rating: 9/10(great weapon although not effective at range)
    Sound: High. Each shot makes a loud bang.
    Visibility: Medium. Muzzle Flare
    2.4 - Rocket Launcher
    A great long range weapon. Although you'll have to dumbfire a few times if
    you're target is in the distance and moving pretty fast.
    Best Time to Use: Because of it's large splash damage radius, it should best be
    saved when going against multiple targets.
    Strategy: Aim at your opponents feet because a direct shot isn't very likely.
    Considering the speed of the rocket, you'll probably just want to shoot at the
    floor to cause the rocket to explode beneath them. Try to fire these at Rail
    Gun campers to give them a nice surprise and get them off target allowing you
    to take a few shots at them with your own weapons. The Rocket Launcher is
    probably the best weapon against campers as they usually don't move too much
    and if they don't see the rocket coming, they're in for a surprise.
    Things to Avoid: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT fire at a target within 10 feet away
    from you. Chances are, unless you're either above or below the target, you'll
    take away some of your own life to make it easier for others to kill you.
    Range: 300 feet
    Damage: A direct hit will do 100 damage while splash damage can be 1-99
    Rating: 8/10(good damage although the "shoot close and shoot yourself" thing
    brings down the score.)
    Sound: Medium. The launch doesn't make too much sound but can still be heard.
    Visibility: Pretty high. I would think someone would notice a rocket coming
    straight at them unless they're in some other situation. Smoke trails.
    2.5 - Lightning Gun
    One of my favorite weapons, the Lightning Gun uses a string of electric energy
    to rapidly bring down an opponents health. The bolt is quick and could be held
    down to release a stream of unstopping energy.
    Best Time to Use: When you get sight of a camper without him sighting you.
    Because of the instant hit, the Camper will either die or get extremely
    damaged. The reason, campers don't expect to move especially when they don't
    notice someone shooting at them.
    Strategy: Ammunition is usually short as it's used up so rapidly so the
    Lightning Gun is really only good for a single use. Don't be afraid to use up
    all it's energy as you can switch it later. Try to walk backwards as your
    target chases you trying to get a hit.
    Things to Avoid: One bolt doesn't do that much damage so avoid trying to kill
    opponents at point blank range as they probably have a Shotgun and blast you
    down on the spot.
    Range: 75 feet
    Damage: 8
    Rating: 10/10
    Sound: Low. Buzzing
    Visibility: High. Electric Stream
    2.6 - Plasma Gun
    The plasma gun is a high velocity gun with a bit of splash damage. Very
    effective weapon. One of my favorite weapons.
    Best Time to Use: Against a moving target. This is probably the best weapon for
    Strategy: Try to sweep the gun back and forth while holding down the trigger to
    give some damage. It allows an even firing arc even if your target is trying to
    run away. The splash damage will also help a bit too. Be careful as the plasma
    cells run out quickly and using this gun too much will make it go down
    Things to Avoid: Don't waste ammunition on targets that you can kill easily
    with any other weapon. Ammo is usually short.
    Range: 350 feet
    Damage: 1-20
    Rating: 9/10(ammunition runs out quickly)
    Sound: Medium. Light zing when being fired.
    Visibility: High. Large blue balls of energy being thrown through the air.
    2.7 - Grenade Launcher
    A grenade launcher living up to it's name. It launches grenades! Ammunition is
    also usually short. Does more damage than the Rocket Launcher although it's
    hard to get a direct hit.
    Best Time to Use: Against a group of targets that haven't noticed you yet. Take
    them out by dropping hell from the sky.
    Strategy: Point the gun higher up to get a better arc to launch more long range
    grenades. Use this strategy to get opponents far away that can use a little
    beating. Eventually, you'll learn to actually hit people directly with enough
    Things to Avoid: Like the Rocket Launcher, avoid launching "too close" to your
    current location.
    Range: Up to 50 feet.
    Damage: direct hit will do 150. Splash does 1-149
    Rating: 7/10(tough to aim)
    Sound: Medium. The clank of the gun may alert some.
    Visibility: Low to Medium. Leaves a small smoke trail and the grenade clanks
    when it lands.
    2.8 - Rail Gun
    The closest thing to a Sniper Rifle in this game. When used with the zoom in
    option, it's very deadly. A favorite weapon of most campers, this is the most
    accurate weapon.
    Best Time to Use: When you're enemy is standing still or doesn't notice. Take
    the opportunity to get him.
    Strategy: Be careful of the slow firing rate and the lack of ammunition for
    each gun. Because of these disadvantages, the Rail Gun is only for the trained
    sniper. If you are to become an annoying camper, move a lot, position yourself
    on high places, and keep track of the Rail Guns and it's ammo. Watch out for
    rockets and such.
    Things to Avoid: Don't use this as a close range weapon.
    Range: Infinite
    Damage: 100
    Rating: 8/10(best weapon for campers)
    Sound: Medium. a zap when launched and even when not in use, emits a low hum.
    Visibility: High. A colored trail.
    2.9 - BFG10K
    The best weapon. It has the rate of fire of a Plasma Rifle and the firepower
    of a rocket launcher. Of course, ammunition would usually be short and the BFG
    is only contained in a few maps in very hard to reach areas. Some people don't
    even bother trying to get it as they'd usually get killed on the way.
    Best Time to Use: Against a lot of people. Use it like the Plasma Gun to hurt
    them all and get a few kills.
    Strategy: There isn't much strategy needed. Take a look at the Plasma Gun
    strategy and keep in mind that the splash damage is larger like the Rocket
    Launcher. It's fun to show off with this weapon. I actually took down five
    with one shot a while ago. No kidding. Think about the damage you can do with
    more. The shots are also more quicker than the RL so you can do a bit with it
    before you're gunned down.
    Things to Avoid: Avoid the large splash damage radius.
    Range: Infinite
    Damage: 1-100
    Rating: 10/10
    Sound: High. The gun makes a loud sound when in use. The projectile also makes
    a sound similar to the rocket launcher when it meets a surface.
    Visibility: High. Large green balls of energy.
    3.0 - General Tips and Strategies           /
    ~ Always try to keep moving. A still target makes for an easy kill for any
    experience camper.
    ~ Some people may jump around to move faster plus make themselves a harder
    ~ Never tell anyone on multiplayer that you're a novice player. They'll only go
    on you harder. Believe me, I've had experience.
    ~ Try to avoid talking to much during matches. Showing off will only get you
    prone to enemy fire. Only talk on the console when you're sure no ones going
    to come. You will notice some don't even bother chatting.
    ~ Know your enemies and they're weaknesses. Do they camp a lot? Do they hide?
    Are they fast? Are they good? Are they good shots? Are they worth killing?
    ~ Never run out of a battle unless you absolutely have to. Running away will
    only leave your back vulnerable. If you absolutely have to for health or ammo,
    run away by running backwards. You can still keep your enemies back by shooting
    while running.
    ~ If you engage a single person, get them into a corner and take them down.
    ~ To stop someone from winning in a cheap way, use a rocket launcher to launch
    them off of platforms or into dangerous areas like lava and acid. If you don't
    kill them yourself, they'll die and lose a point or so.
    ~ If you feel like being cheap, hide in a corner and attack anyone that happens
    to walk in your path. Don't make too much sound.
    ~ Use the zoom in option in the settings when camping with the Rail Gun to have
    a made sniper.
    4.0 - Closing and Credits                   /
    Thanks for reading this guide. I would like to thank the following people.
    Id Games - Mostly for their Doom games.
    http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ - Figlet Generator that created my
    tgfcoder (jordan_trudgett@hotmail.com) - Creator of ASCII at the title. 
    5.0 - Version History                       /
    Version 1.0(release) - Completed the main bulk of the guide. Don't expect
    another update unless I have some serious urgent information.
    Version 1.1 - Small changes and fixed a few spelling errors.
    Version 1.2 - Added the large ASCII. With special thanks to tgfcoder.
                  ____             __      _    __           __           
                 / __ \____ ______/ /__   | |  / /___  _____/ /____  _  __
                / / / / __ `/ ___/ //_/   | | / / __ \/ ___/ __/ _ \| |/_/
               / /_/ / /_/ / /  / ,<      | |/ / /_/ / /  / /_/  __/>  <  
              /_____/\__,_/_/  /_/|_|     |___/\____/_/   \__/\___/_/|_|  
                                   -=Game On Forever=-

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