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    FAQ by Ssbm Smash Master

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       \                     Quake 3 Arena FAQ                      /
       /                       Author: Jehuty                       \ 
       \          E-mail: thomas_van_scheppingen@hotmail.com        /
       /          This guide is copyrighted 2004© by Jehuty         \
       \ This guide may only be found on GameFAQs - www.gamefaqs.com/
       /                       Version 1.0                          \
                           = I. Introduction \
                           = II. Models       \
                           = III.Maps          \
                           = IV.Weapons         \
                           = V.Items/Powerups    \
                           = VI.Tips/Strategies  =
                           = VII. Downloading    =
                           = VIII. Special Thanks=
          [====================Legal Information====================]
    This guide is for personal use only.Do NOT sell this to ANYONE.                 
    Do not use parts from my guide to put in your own guide.
    You can print this guide,as long as it's only for personal use. 
    Don't do ANYTHING to this guide without asking for my permission.
    If you have questions,tips or just anything you need to know,e-mail me
    at thomas_van_scheppingen@hotmail.com. I'm online almost every day,unless
    there's something wrong with me or my computer,so you'll receive a reply
         [====================Personal Information====================]
    Hiya,i'm Jehuty(GFaqs ID:SSBM Smash Master),the author of this FAQ. A while ago
    i started on a SSBM FAQ,but i didn't finish it,since i got a new computer. I've
    always wanted to write a FAQ (or more),and so,this is my first FAQ. I've had
    Quake 3 Arena (from now on referred to as Q3A) for a long time,but my old
    computer couldn't handle it properly. Now that i have a new one i can finally
    play it normally. I love this game,it's full of action,yet it still requires
    some strategy. I've always liked shooting games,but out of all,Q3A is my
    favorite shooter.It has nice graphics,and most important of all,awesome
    gameplay. So that's why i picked this game to write a FAQ about. I hope you
    enjoy reading this/find this usefull if you need to know anything.
           [====================I. Introduction====================]
    System Requirements:
    Minimum Requirements:
    - 3-D Hardware Accelerator with full OpenGL® support; 
    -Pentium II® 300 Mhz or AMD® 350 Mhz K6®-2 processor or Athlon®
    -Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000 operating system; 
    -64 MB RAM; 
    -16 MB video card; 
    -440 MB of uncompressed hard disk space for each game; 
    -110MB of free hard drive space for the Windows swap file
     (in addition to install space); 
    -A 100% Windows® 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000-compatible computer system
     (including compatible 32-bit drivers for CD-ROM drive , video card,
     sound card
     and input devices); 
    -100% DirectX 3.0 or higher compatible sound card; 
    -100% Microsof-compatible mouse and driver; 
    -Quad-speed CD-ROM drive (600 K/sec. sustained transfer rate).
    Multiplayer Requirements:
    -Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP and IPX) play supported; 
    -Internet play requires a 100% Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000-compatible
     28.8 Kbps (or faster) modem. 
    Game Information:
    Q3A is a fast paced shooter,with lots of lethal weapons,power-ups,and items.
    Armed with an arsenal of weapons,you fight your enemies,in "Arena's".You can
    customize yourself by choosing the model,name,crosshair,and more. Via the
    internet you can download lots of additional maps and models,made by and for
    the community. You might think that you can just jump in and shoot everything
    that moves,but this game also requires some tactics and strategies. Do you see
    someone quickly run away to a different part of the level?Don't just follow
    him like a sheep,it could be a set up! You get points for killing the enemy,+1
    for a kill.If you accidentally kill yourself,or fall off the map/fall into
    lava,you get -1 point. The first person who reaches the fraglimit (preset
    amount of points needed to win the match),wins the match. Offline you can
    play against bots, which you can set at 5 different difficulties.Online,you
    play against anyone in the world.This makes it a lot more fun ofcourse,since
    the person you're fighting against isn't a programmed bot. This adds more 
    strategy to the game. This all leads to one thing: Kill or be killed.
    After you've started up Q3A,you'll be taken to the main menu.From there
    there are lots of things you can do,play a game versus bots,change your
    settings,or go online. I will explain what you can do:
    Main Menu:
    Single Player:  Here are challenges against bots,like regular matches,but
                    with preset bots on a preset map.There are 26 challenges,
                    divided over 8 tiers.The first tier and the last tier both
                    have 1 match,and the other 6 tiers all have 4 matches.
                    By beating all challenges in a tier,you open the next tier,
                    which starts with a video showing the bots who are in it.
                    You can review these tier video's by choosing the Cinematics
                    option in the main menu. 
    Multiplayer:    This takes you to the multiplayer menu ofcourse,where you can
                    select what type of multiplayer game you want to play.You can
                    choose to play  via the Internet and find matches.You can also
                    play this game on a LAN (Local Area Network). Sometimes the
                    Master Server is offline,so no one can play online.
    Settings:       You can change your settings here.This menu also has 6 other
                    small menu's inside it:
                    Player: Here you can customize your name,handicap,model,and
                    what colour fire you have.
                    Controls: As the name says,you can customize your controls
                    here.Use whatever controls you prefer.
                    System: This is where you edit things as what graphic level
                    you use,the sounds,lighting,and more.
                    Game Options:Here you can change your crosshair,and details
                    such as how detailed the sky is.
                    CD Key: You can input or change your CD Key here.
                    Defaults: By clicking this button,it puts all the settings
                    back to default,how they were before you changed anything.
                    Warning:This can't be undone,so you'll have to customize your
                    settings all over again.  
    Demos:          You can watch demo's of bots fighting eachother here.
    Cinematics:     You can watch the tier video's you unlocked in Single Player
                    mode here. You can also watch the ID logo video here,and the
                    game intro.
    Exit:           Exit Q3A.
                  [====================II. Models====================]
    This information about the models has been taken from the instruction
    manual.To change your model,go to Settings,then Player,and from there,you can
    change your model.
    Name: Anarki
    Sex: Male
    Species: Cybronic Human
    History: Always seeking an edge, this cyber-board surfer paid with his
    humanity for a seemingly endless array of cybronic implants.
    Name: Angel
    Sex: Female
    Species: Humanoid Robot
    History: Although certainly not a classical beauty, Angel was created by a
    sculptor to be his ideal companion. She quickly proved herself to be a
    creature of hate, not love-killing her maker in a berserk fury.
    Name: Biker
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    History: Biker is crude and coarse: a bully who gets his kicks out of
    hammering helpless opponents. He may not be smart or brave, but he's
    brutal as hell.
    Name: Bitterman
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    History: This hero of the Strogg War may also be its most tragic victim.
    While a captive on Stroggos, vile experiments transformed his flesh
    into something both far more and far less than human.
    Name: Bones
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human Skeleton
    History: This fearsome foe showcases the powers of the Vadrigar, for it
    has no true life of its own.But it begs the question: Where do the gibs
    and blood come from??
    Name: Cadavre
    Sex: Male
    Species: Undead Human
    History: Cadavre is a brutal murderer who couldn't be executed.
    The electric chair, gallows, and gas chamber only made him meaner. 
    Name: Crash
    Sex: Female
    Species: Human
    History: Once, she was Doom's military instructor.
    Now the Arena Eternal tests Crash's mettle to the extreme-extreme patience,
    that is.She is the trainer who introduces new warriors to the skills
    of battle.
    Name: Doom
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    History: Long after everyone else on Phobos was dead, he kept fighting,
    determined to send out a warning to Earth before the demons could claim
    Name: Gorre
    Sex: Male
    Species: Cybronic Human
    History: Born in the breeder tank of a genetics lab and nurtured in a 
    cybronics workshop,Gorre was created to be the ultimate warrior...at
    least in his own mind.
    Name: Grunt
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    History: A mentally shattered veteran of the invasion of Stroggos,
    Private Nathan Grunt is still fighting a war that ended years ago.
    Name: Hossman
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    History: Easily mistaken for a big, clumsy oaf, Hossman is a deadly
    opponent whose agility is a match for his fearsome strength.
    Name: Hunter
    Sex: Female
    Species: Human
    When her village on Tau Ceti was decimated by the Sorg, Hunter
    vowed to seek out and destroy the reptiloids wherever they might hide.
    Name: Keel
    Sex: Male
    Species: Cybronic Human
    History: Lance Corporal Ben Keel died during the Spiker
    Insurrection-only to be revived as a humanoid battle machine by
    scientists experimenting with captured alien biotechnology.
    Name: Klesk
    Sex: Neuter
    Species: Alien Chitinid
    History: Half religious zealot, half gifted mystic and all bizarre
    alien,Klesk cleanses his soul with the purifying fire of combat.
    Name: Lucy
    Sex: Female
    Species: Human
    History: A former prison guard, Lucy crossed the line and ended
    up on the other side of the bars where every hour was a battle
    for survival.
    Name: Major
    Sex: Female
    Species: Human
    History: A veteran of the Stroggos campaign, Major Wayland is
    haunted by the memories of her fallen troops and the parasites
    that killed them. It may be that she believes she's still 
    fighting that long-concluded war.
    Name: Mynx
    Sex: Female
    Species: Human
    History: Fashion model, master assassin, or adult
    entertainer: Which is the real Mynx?She's part viper, part
    black widow, and all woman.
    Name: Orbb
    Sex: Neuter
    Species: Alien Cybronic Construct
    History: Designed by the Vadrigar to monitor combat in the
    arena,Orbb evolved beyond his specifications and became a
    deadly combatant.
    Name: Patriot
    Sex: Male
    Species: Cybronic Human Vampire
    History: A twisted combination of cybronic implants and
    supernatural powers, Patriot is a throwback to the days of
    nationalism-before mankind found other enemies among the
    Name: Phobos
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    History: An experienced veteran, he led the invasion of the demon-haunted
    tunnels of Phobos. There,he was betrayed by superiors who thought they
    could learn more from watching him die than by studying his reports.
    Name: Ranger
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    History: Originally a slipgate explorer, the man called Ranger has
    faced and escaped certain death a thousand times on a thousand worlds.
    His experiences have left him more alien than human now.
    Name: Razor
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    History: During a time of civil unrest on Earth, Razor and his gang of
    vigilante followers enforced a rigid, brutal code of justice in the
    Pacific Northwest. Razor never admits defeat and shows no mercy in
    defense of order.
    Name: Sarge
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    History: A grizzled combat veteran with plenty of scars to prove it,
    Sarge is the master of modern warfare. He's clever, determined, and deadly.
    Name: Slash
    Sex: Female
    Species: Cybronic Human
    History: A young force-blade punk from the streets of Los Angeles, Slash
    became a test bed for the hottest cybronic implants, turning her into
    a barely-contained bundle of energy.
    Name: Sorlag
    Sex: Male
    Species: Reptiloid Alien
    History: This mercenary Sorg merchant long ago resolved to do whatever
    it took to get ahead,no matter how many others had to die in order to 
    line coffers.
    Name: Stripe
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    History: Raised on the mean streets of a post-apocalyptic city, Stripe
    avoided crime and drugs by being tougher than the gangs and pushers.
    Name: Tankjr
    Sex: Male
    Species: Cybronic Human/Strogg Crossbreed
    History: The spawn of a human Tank Commander and an Iron Maiden
    of Stroggos,Tankjr is a sadistic bio-tech nightmare.
    Name: Uriel
    Species: Gargoyle
    History: For untold eons, Mankind has known and feared Uriel's
    diabolical kind.The aura of evil and death hanging around this gladiator
    is enough to send a chill down the spine of any opponent.
    Name: Visor
    Sex: Male
    Species: Cybronic Human
    History: Visor is an enigma who says nothing about his past,
    letting his weapons do all his talking for him.
    Name: Wrack
    Sex: Male
    Species: Human
    History: Wrack is a shell-shocked Slipgate War veteran who relives
    countless battles through a haze of imagined glories, half-remembered
    facts, and exaggerated personal abilities.
    Name: Xaero
    Sex: Male
    Species: Mutated, Cybronic Human
    History: The most dangerous enemy in the arena, Xaero embraces
    honorable death.He longs for the day when he will meet the opponent who
    frees him from the shackles of life eternal-if such a warrior exists.
                  [====================III. Maps====================]
    There are lots of maps in Q3A,and here is a list of all the maps,including
    what weapons and items you can find,and some information about  it.Also,
    you can download maps via lots of sites.For more information about downloading
    maps,go to the "Downloading" section.
           -------->>>>Q3DM0 - Introduction<<<<--------
    Tier: Zero
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Crash
    Armor: Yellow Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+5 Health,+25 Health,+50 Health
    Weapons:Shotgun,Plasma Gun.
    Information:   A very small map with only two weapons to pick up. In my
                   opinion,it's only good to get familiar with the game.
                   Also,even if you're gonna play on it,only do 1 versus 1
                   battles on it,even then it's too small for a normal battle.
           -------->>>>Q3DM1 - Arena Gate<<<<--------
    Tier: One
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Ranger
    Armor: Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health
    Weapons:Shotgun,Plasma Gun,Rocket Launcher
    Information:   A decent map,good size for 1 on 1 battles,but definitly
                   don't play it with more than 4 people. There's not really
                   much to say about it.
           -------->>>>Q3DM2 - House of Pain<<<<--------
    Tier: One
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Phobos
    Armor: Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health
    Weapons:Plasma Gun,Shotgun,Rocket Launcher
    Information:   An exciting map,with some narrow paths,and sliding doors.
                   I'lld play this map with no more than 6 people/bots in total.
                   It's really some sort of house,and a small part is outside.
                   There are several ways of getting in "the house",each having
                   their own good and bad sides.
           -------->>>>Q3DM3 - Arena of Death<<<<--------
    Tier: One
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Mynx,Orbb
    Armor: Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health
    Weapons:Plasma Gun,Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Grenade Launcher
    Information:   A medium sized map. It looks like some sort of castle,with a
                   path around it. Lots of openings from inside the "castle"
                   to the path.When you're on a higher level you can use the
                   Grenade Launcher to drop down lots of grenades so they cant
                   pass,or get killed.
           -------->>>>Q3Tourney1 - Powerstation 0218<<<<--------
    Tier: One
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Sarge
    Armor: Yellow Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health
    Power-ups:Quad Damage,Regeneration
    Weapons: Shotgun,Rocket Launcher
    Information:   This map is somewhat like a factory,with a bit of a
                   futuristic touch. Bad thing is,there are only two weapons,
                   but they are pretty strong.Good thing is,that there are two
                   power-ups.Quad Damage and Regeneration. The map has 4,or
                   5 small rooms,connected to eachother via small paths.
                   A very nice map indeed.
           -------->>>>Q3DM4 - The Place of Many Deaths<<<<--------
    Tier: Two
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Orbb,Bitterman,Grunt
    Armor: Red Armor
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health
    Power-ups:Quad Damage
    Weapons: Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun
    Information:   I think that by looks this map is a lot like Q3Tourney1 -
                   Powerstation 0218. It has the same futuristic touch,with
                   several rooms connected by small paths. But this map also has
                   several levels in height. It's smart to stay on the higher
                   parts,carrying a Rocket Launcher,since you can easily kill
                   people/bots that are below you,and they won't see it coming.
           -------->>>>Q3DM5 - The Forgotten Place<<<<--------
    Tier: Two
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Hossman,Daemia
    Armor: Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health
    Weapons: Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Grenade Launcher
    Information:   A medium sized map,with some levels in heights. It's
                   basically about 4 rooms connected to eachother,each
                   having different types of height combinations. A plain
                   map,not very special in my opinion.
           -------->>>>Q3DM6 - The Camping Grounds<<<<--------
    Tier: Two
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Orbb,Hossman,Daemia,Bitterman,Grunt
    Armor: Yellow Armor,Red Armor
    Health:+5 Health,+25 Health,+50 Health,Mega Health(worth +100)
    Power-ups:Quad Damage,Teleporter
    Weapons: Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Railgun.
    Information:   A popular map played a lot on Multiplayer games.
                   This map is huge, with lots of height differences.
                   As in any other map with big heights,it's a smart strategy
                   to get on a higher floor and shoot the enemy from above,so
                   they can't see it coming. Also,lots of health is scattered
                   around the map so when you need it it won't be hard to find.
                   One more thing,the Railgun is implemented in this map,so make
                   sure you carry one,because you can easily kill people with it,
                   especially when you're on a higher level,and the enemy lower.
           -------->>>>Q3Tourney2 - The Proving Grounds<<<<--------
    Tier: Two
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Hunter
    Armor: Yellow Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Lightning Gun
    Information:   This is also a pretty big map. Lots and lots of staircases
                   and several jumping pads. There are 2 or 3 big rooms,
                   reaching very high,the jump pads take you up. Also,this is
                   the first map with the Lightning Gun on it!There's also lots
                   of ammo scattered around the whole map,so be sure to pick it
                   up. Personally i don't really like this map,so i never play
                   on it.
           -------->>>>Q3DM7 - Temple of Retribution<<<<--------
    Tier: Three
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Daemia,Wrack,Grunt,Slash
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+5 Health,+25 Health,+50 Health,Mega Health(worth +100)
    Power-ups:Quad Damage,Teleporter
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Railgun
    Information:   I think this is a very nice map. It's a lot like Q3DM2 -
                   House of Pain,and also has a bit of a castle vibe. Tight
                   combination.It has it's inside parts and also outside,nice
                   weapons,and every type of Health and Armor. This all makes it
                   a good map,especially on Multiplayer games.
           -------->>>>Q3DM8 - Brimstone Abbey<<<<--------
    Tier: Three
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Angel,Slash,Bitterman,Gorre
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+5 Health,+25 health,+50 Health,Mega Health(worth +100)
    Power-ups:Quad Damage,Invisibility
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Railgun,Grenade Launcher
    Information:   Again,this map has a castle vibe. The room with the
                   Quad Damage/Invisibility has a bit of an Ancient vibe in my
                   opinion though.This is the first map with water in it!But,
                   try to avoid the water as much as possible since you're
                   moving very slow in it,making you a very easy target,because
                   above the water is a platform with a Railgun on it,so you can
                   easily get killed. Only get in the water if you're sure no
                   one is near. The Red Armor is in the water,so if someone
                   else didn't grab it,quickly get it,and get out the water.
           -------->>>>Q3DM9 - Hero's Keep<<<<--------
    Tier: Three
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Slash,Wrack,Angel,Gorre
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+5 Health,+25 Health,+50 Health,Mega Health(worth +100) 
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Railgun
    Information:   There are lots of jump pads and acceleration pads here.
                   On the Rocket Launcher platform(you get there by using
                   an acceleration pad,or jump off a higher edge on the sides),
                   watch out you don't drop in the lava,because you lose one
                   point. Also,watch out when you're jumping on an acceleration
                   pad,since there might be someone else on the other side
                   getting to you,causing you both to hit eachother in the air,
                   and both possibly drop down and die.
           -------->>>>Q3Tourney3 - Hell's Gate<<<<--------
    Tier: Three
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Klesk
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health
    Power-ups:Battle Suit
    Weapons:Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Railgun
    Information:   I see this map as two bases,or castles,connected through
                   a couple of bridges. Watch out,under the bridges is lava,
                   so don't drop in.It's also possible that you'll get shot
                   into the lava(pushed by splash damage,or when you survive
                   a Railgun shot,you get pushed too). Also,this is the first
                   map with the Battle Suit in it!A nice map,but not very big.
                   I wouldn't play this with more than 4 people/bots.
           -------->>>>Q3DM10 - The Nameless Place<<<<--------
    Tier: Four
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Wrack,Tankjr,Angel
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+5 Health,+25 Health,+50 Health
    Power-ups:Quad Damage,Invisibility,Regeneration
    Weapons:Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Lightning Gun
    Information:   This is in my opinion a very annoying map. It's pretty
                   big,especially vertically. This place is like a huge maze,
                   making it pretty annoying to find your opponents if there
                   aren't many. There's also a regeneration spot,i call it
                   a Health Shower,which regenerates your health and shield if
                   you're standing underneath it.This does make you a very easy
                   target for everyone,since there are three paths leading
                   towards this spot.Don't stay there too long.
           -------->>>>Q3DM11 - Deva Station<<<<--------
    Tier: Four
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Tankjr,Patriot,Biker,Lucy
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health,Mega Health(worth +100)
    Power-ups:Quad Damage,Haste,Medkit
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Lightning Gun,Grenade Launcher
    Information:   A pretty big map,with outdoor and indoor parts.
                   It has almost anything,wide paths,narrow paths,but the
                   most interesting thing is the location and surroundings of
                   the Quad Damage.As soon as you grab the Quad Damage,Grenade
                   Launchers on top of the low roof start shooting grenades.Very
                   dangerous.So i suggest you grab the Quad,and run as fast as
                   you can to the doorway,and if possible,also grab the Haste.
           -------->>>>Q3DM12 - The Dredwerkz<<<<-------- 
    Tier: Four
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Slash,Gorre,Lucy,Biker,Patriot,Wrack
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health,Mega Health(worth +100)
    Power-ups:Quad Damage,Regeneration,Teleporter
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Lightning Gun,Railgun,Grenade
    Information:   This map also has mostly everything. One big room with
                   water in in the middle,leading to...a regeneration,and
                   a BFG10K!Without a doubt,this is the strongest weapon in
                   the game.But,the water makes you very vulnerable,so watch out!
           -------->>>>Q3Tourney4 - Vertical Vengeance<<<<--------
    Tier: Four
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Anarki
    Armor:Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+5 Health,+25 Health,Mega Health(worth +100)
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Railgun
    Information:   As the name says,it's a map based on height.It has
                   three levels of height,and has some kind of futuristic vibe.
                   Try to stay on the higher levels of the map,because you'll
                   have the advantage then.
           -------->>>>Q3DM13 - Lost World<<<<--------
    Tier: Five
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Stripe,Razor,Visor
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+5 Health,+25 Health,+50 Health,Mega Health(worth +100)
    Power-ups:Quad Damage,Medkit
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Lightning Gun,Grenade Launcher
    Information:   One of my personal favorites,a medium sized map,with
                   indoor and outdoor parts. It's some kind of ancient map i
                   think with a bit of a modern twist. Watch out that you don't
                   backflip into the lava. Also,the platform where the Rocket
                   Launcher is,might be a good spot to stand. Be sure
                   to grab a Medkit when available.
           -------->>>>Q3DM14 - Grim Dungeons<<<<--------
    Tier: Five
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Stripe,Razor,Visor,Keel
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health,Mega Health(worth +100)
    Power-ups:Quad Damage,Teleporter
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Lightning Gun,Railgun,BFG10K
    Information:   A very nice map,with outside and underground parts.
                   The BFG10K is also back! But,it has one downside,because
                   it's very annoying to reach,you get there by a moving
                   platform,that moves pretty slow.Try to only get it when
                   you're alone,because otherwise you're a very easy target for
                   Rocket Launchers and Railguns.
           -------->>>>Q3DM15 - Demon Keep<<<<--------
    Tier: Five
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Stripe,Razor,Keel
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health,Mega Health(worth+100)
    Power-ups:Quad Damage,Battle Suit,Teleporter
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Railgun,Grenade Launcher,BFG10K
    Information:   Another castle/keep map,with a nice outside part. Watch out,
                   the outside part has lots of lava! The Battle Suit is
                   located in front of the entrance to the "keep". The Quad
                   Damage is also placed at an interesting position. It's in
                   the middle of a very small path,and if you fall off,you
                   die. Also,three crosses are swinging back and forth,so
                   watch out that you don't get hit by one,because you'll
                   instantly die. This makes you a very vulnerable target,
                   for Railgunners and Rocket Launchers.
           -------->>>>Q3Tourney5 - Fatal Instinct<<<<--------
    Tier: Five
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Uriel
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+50 Health
    Power-ups:Quad Damage
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun
    Information:   A very interesting map. It's very small,but fog is spread
                   out through the whole map. Because of the fog,your vision
                   has decreased dramatically.This is a cool map,but doesn't
                   have many weapons and health on it. A cool map to play,but
                   really don't play it with more than 4 people/bots.
           -------->>>>Q3DM16 - The Bouncy Map<<<<--------
    Tier: Six
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Cadavre,Bones,Doom
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Railgun
    Information:   As the name does suspect,this map is full of jump pads.
                   Also,this is the first space map,so when you drop of the
                   edge,you die. This map is a big floating island,with a nice
                   "underground" part,with narrow paths. When you go to the
                   highest spot,where the Railgun is located,you have a nice
                   view over the whole map.
           -------->>>>Q3DM17 - The Longest Yard<<<<--------
    Tier: Six
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Doom,Major,Sorlag
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health,Mega Health(worth +100)
    Power-ups:Quad Damage
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Railgun
    Information:   This is my favorite map. Again,this map is also filled with
                   lots of jump pads.But,jump pads make you an easy target,
                   so try to avoid those as much as possible. 
                   Grab a Railgun for some easy kills,you can easily kill
                   people on jump pads.The Quad Damage is placed at an extra,
                   tiny island placed in the sky.This is also a good map for
                   using the Rocket Launcher,if you can "predict" where your
                   enemy lands,and time correctly,you can get some very nice
           -------->>>>Q3DM18 - Space Chamber<<<<--------
    Tier: Six
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor
    Health:+5 Health,+25 Health,+50 Health
    Power-ups:Quad Damage,Teleporter
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Railgun
    Information:   I don't really like this map. Lots of acceleration pads
                   and jump pads,but that's in every space map. But in this
                   map you have a bigger chance of falling into the void. The
                   only thing you could use against falling down is a
                   Teleporter,so that when you fall down,you get teleported
                   away. It's a bit of a maze,with lots of stairs. It's also
                   a pretty high map.
           -------->>>>Q3DM19 - Apocalypse Void<<<<--------
    Tier: Six
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Sorlag,Cadavre,Doom
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health
    Power-ups:Quad Damage,Teleporter
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Railgun,Plasma Gun
    Information:   This map is very funny,as there are many platforms that
                   go up and down to take you from one place to another.
                   There is one distanced platform that you can reach by a
                   acceleration pad,and the Quad Damage is placed there.
                   The Railgun or Rocket Launcher is your main option here.
           -------->>>>Q3Tourney6 - The Very End Of You<<<<--------
    Tier: Seven
    Singleplayer Enemy(s):Xaero
    Armor:Red Armor
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health,Mega Health(worth +100)
    Weapons:Rocket Launcher,Railgun,BFG10K
    Information:   The final map! This map is actually two islands,connected
                   by acceleration pads.Also,the BFG10K is back! It's on a
                   island high in the air,and you get there by acceleration
                   pads. But there's one downside. Look up in the air. See
                   that strange round thing? It's a target. If anyone hits
                   it,the upper part of the island drops down...on you!
                   Insta-kill.So grab the BFG10K and immediatly jump down.
                   Once you've beaten this one,you've completed the
                   Singleplayer mode.
                     ============ CTF Maps ============
    The following maps are only playable on CTF (Capture The Flag) mode.
          -------->>>>Q3CTF1 - Dueling Keeps<<<<--------
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor
    Health:+25 Health,+50 Health
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun
    Information:   A very small map,It's best to play it with 2 versus 2,
                   or maybe 3 vs 3.It's like a tiny version of Q3DM2
                   - House of Doom. I think it's a bit too small for some
                   good matches. There's not really much to say about this
          -------->>>>Q3CTF2 - Troubled Waters<<<<--------
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Red Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+5 Health,+25 Health,+50 Health,Mega Health(worth +100)
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Railgun,Grenade Launcher
    Information:   This map is a lot like Q3DM8 - Brimstone Abbey.
                   Remember the room with the Quad Damage/Invisibility?
                   That is your flag room in this map. The bases have lots
                   of ways to get into,so be sure to guard the flag room
                   good. The bases are separated by water,but you can get
                   over it via an acceleration pad. There's also an underwater
                   route going from each base to the middle part of the
                   map. Be sure to always grasp some air so you don't drown.
           -------->>>>Q3CTF3 - The Stronghold<<<<--------
    Armor:Yellow Armor,Armor Shards
    Health:+5 Health,+25 Health
    Power-ups:Quad Damage,Invisibility,Regeneration
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Plasma Gun,Railgun
    Information:   A pretty big map,with lots of ways to get to the flag.
                   It's almost like a maze.The Invisibility might be pretty
                   useful when capturing the flag,to get into
                   the enemy base without trouble. As in most of the maps,
                   try to stay high,since you might be able to slip to
                   the flag unseen.
           -------->>>>Q3CTF4 - Space CTF<<<<--------
    Armor:Yellow Armor
    Health:+50 Health,Mega Health(worth +100)
    Weapons:Shotgun,Rocket Launcher,Railgun,BFG10K
    Information:   My favorite CTF map. As the name says,it's in space.
                   There are several islands,and the BFG10K is also in it.
                   All you gotta do is watch out you don't drop off and
                   drop the flag.
       [====================IV. Weapons====================]
    This is a list of all the weapons in the game,including information
    about them,how to use a certain weapon,firepower,how many ammo you
    get when picking it up,and more. I rated the power of the weapons
    with stars,one star being the worst,5 stars being the best.
    Name: Gauntlet
    Starting Ammo:No Bullets Needed
    Range:Very close
    Power:   **           
    Rate of Fire:N/A
    Information:   The Gauntlet is a spinning blade,used for close combat.
                   It doesn't do very much damage.Just tag the opponent
                   with it. You always have this with you,because along 
                   with the Machinegun,is this your Default weapon.I
                   don't think it's very useful,so i don't/never use it.
                   It makes a soft,spinning sound,and emits a bit of
                   light. It also gives the enemy a bit of a push,
                   so you sometimes might be able to push the enemy of
                   the map,or into a pool of lava.
                   Only use it when you don't have anything else to
                   use. The Machinegun should be enough for a while,
                   until you find something else. Remember to ALWAYS grab
                   extra bullets,or grab a different weapon,even if 
                   you're not gonna use it at the time. Because you're
                   really gonna need it after a while. And you would
                   rather have that weapon you picked up than the Gauntlet.
                   And the times that you're gonna use it,there are some
                   things you should keep in mind. Don't just jump in
                   at the opponent,try to catch him off guard,or hit him
                   in the back. You can also try to lead him into a
                   corner,that way he can't escape,and you can easily
                   hit him continuously. Try to keep things like this
                   in mind.
    Name: Machinegun
    Starting Ammo:100 Bullets
    Power:   **
    Rate of Fire:Medium/Fast
    Information:   As the name says,this weapon is a machinegun.
                   Along with the Gauntlet,is this your default weapon.
                   An okay weapon for the first few seconds,but try to
                   grab something else as soon as possible. It comes
                   with 100 bullets,so if you have decent accuracy,you
                   can kill a couple of people with it in the start
                   of a match,to bring up your score. Only use it to
                   shoot people that are a bit close to you.
                   Really,don't use it,unless you have nothing else,
                   or you're out of ammo for your other guns. It
                   might also be smart to have full health(100 or more),
                   because anyone else with a Rocket Launcher or
                   Shotgun can easily kill you. Conclusion: The
                   Machinegun is a decent weapon,but only use when
    Name: Shotgun
    Starting Ammo:10 Shots
    Range:Close to Medium
    Power: ***/****
    Rate of Fire:Medium
    Information:   As any other shotgun,when you shoot,the bullets
                   are spread. The Shotgun is a very powerful
                   weapon,depending on what range you use it at.If you
                   shoot someone who is very close,you give him very 
                   high damage,but when the enemy is far,low damage
                   will be dealt. The Shotgun is very useful when used
                   Try to only shoot people/bots that are close to
                   you,for maximum damage.You can almost always kill
                   someone in one hit when he's close enough,depending
                   on how many Health he has,and his Shield. What's also
                   good about the Shotgun is that it's placed in
                   almost every map in the game! The Shotgun is also
                   good in crowdy games,since the bullets are spread,
                   you might hit multiple targets in a single shot.
                   But the Shotgun comes to full power when combined
                   with a Quad Damage. A single shot can kill your
                   enemy. The Shotgun can definitly kill lots of people,
                   bringing you closer to the fraglimit and winning
                   the game.
    Name: Plasma Gun
    Starting Ammo:50 Cells
    Range:Close to Medium
    Power: ***
    Rate of Fire:Fast
    Information:   A very fast firing weapon. Too bad you don't get
                   that many ammo when you pick this up. It's a 
                   great weapon for narrow paths,or crowdy places.
                   Be sure to also grab some extra ammunition,
                   because otherwise your ammo is gone in just a couple
                   of seconds. Don't use it if the enemy is too far
                   away. This weapon is very lethal when combined
                   with a Quad Damage,since about 3 well shot cells
                   will be enough for a kill.
                   You can quickly get rid of your enemy in a couple
                   of seconds if your aim is well. A smart thing
                   to do with this gun is try to catch someone in the
                   back, because by the time they have turned around
                   and shot their first shot,he/she is almost/or
                   already dead. 
    Name: Rocket Launcher
    Starting Ammo:10 Rockets
    Range:Medium to Far
    Power: ****
    Rate of Fire:Medium
    Information:   One of my favorite weapons,the Rocket Launcher.
                   This weapon is pretty powerful,especially if you
                   know how to use it properly. The Rocket Launcher
                   has one important,tight thing that is very useful.
                   Splash damage. Splash damage means that when a
                   fired rocket explodes,the damage has a certain 
                   reach. So when there are two enemies standing
                   close,you are able to both hit,maybe even kill
                   them with one rocket. Also,ALWAYS shoot at the
                   enemies' feet.Because if you're going for a direct
                   hit,and you miss,the rocket keeps going and doesnt
                   stop until impact(probably a wall).That's why when
                   you shoot at their feet,the rocket will still
                   explode and thanks to the splash damage,he will
                   still get damaged. The closer the rocket explodes,
                   the higher that damage will be.Watch out that
                   you can also damage yourself if the rocket explodes
                   near you.
                   There are two key things that are important when
                   using the rocket launcher:Prediction,and timing.
                   Try to predict where the enemy is going,or when
                   he/she is on a jump pad or acceleration pad,try
                   to predict where he/she is landing,and with the
                   correct timing,you will be able to blast a rocket
                   to the spot he/she will be landing,and the rocket
                   will blast the enemy to death when landing.
    Name: Grenade Launcher
    Starting Ammo:10 Grenades
    Range:Close to Medium
    Power: ***
    Rate of Fire:Medium
    Information:   This weapon is not really meant to use in combat.
                   It doesn't fire very fast,but the main bad part
                   is that the grenades explode after a couple of
                   seconds. This time is most of the time enough for
                   the enemy to get away. It has okay power,but the
                   exploding time makes it a bad weapon for combat.
                   A good time to use it is to catch someone offguard.
                   You can also shoot several grenades to stop your
                   enemy to follow you,or what also a good thing is
                   is to shoot it from above. The enemy won't see
                   it coming and might not have enough time to react
                   to dodge the explosions. It's range is also a
                   bad factor,that's why you should really use it
                   when someone doesn't see you,or from above,because
                   that's the time when this weapon can come to full use.
    Name: Lightning Gun
    Starting Ammo:100 Lightning
    Power: ***
    Rate of Fire: Fast
    Information:   As the name says,this weapon shoots lightning.
                   Personally i don't really like this weapon,because
                   it doesn't have very good accuracy,so you really
                   need to land some good shots to make it come to full
                   use. A good thing is that it fires fast,but it also
                   has a downside,your ammunition is replenished very
                   fast. Against someone with a Rocket Launcher or
                   Shotgun you won't really be standing a chance,since
                   they will only have to shoot maybe one or two shots,
                   and your lightning must be in full contact,and then
                   it might still take a while to take your enemy down.
    Name: Railgun
    Starting Ammo:10 Slugs
    Range:Medium to Far
    Power: *****
    Rate of Fire:Slow
    Information:   A weapon with very high power,but it fires pretty
                   slow. If i'm correct,a normal shot does 100 damage
                   when hit,so you can almost always one-hit-kill
                   someone,unless that person picked up a Mega Health,
                   or has high shield. Really don't use this weapon
                   when the enemy is very close,since that will be
                   very hard to aim. Also,people on jump pads or
                   acceleration pads are very easy targets for the
                   Railgun if your timing is well.Remember,when the
                   enemy is far,you can always zoom in,this is possible
                   with every weapon,but it's almost only useful
                   with the Railgun.
    Name: BFG10K
    Starting Ammo:20 Shots
    Range: Anywhere is good.
    Power: *****
    Rate of Fire:Medium to Fast
    Information:   Without a doubt,the BFG10K is the strongest weapon
                   in the whole game. The BFG shoots big,green balls,
                   similar to the ones of the plasma gun,but bigger.
                   It does very high damage,and it's fast-firing.
                   It also has a bit of splash damage,so watch out you
                   don't hurt yourself.Two fast-fired,well placed shots
                   are enough to finish someone off,and you start out
                   with 20 shots,so you can surely kill lots of
                   people with it. The enemy's position isn't really
                   a problem,because no matter where the enemy is,you
                   can easily shoot someone,even if it's across the whole
                  [====================V. Items/Powerups====================]
    What follows is a list of item's and power-ups in Q3A. There's
    also information aboutj ump pads and acceleration pads,
    and teleporters.
    Name: Yellow Armor
    Use:   This Yellow Combat Armor increases your shield by 50,
           to a maximum of 200. You shield helps reduce damage,so
           this is a useful item to pick up,as it will take you through
           a battle longer than usually without any shields. If
           your armor is over 100,every second it will go down one
           point,until it's back to 100.
    Name: Red Armor
    Use:   A better version of the Yellow Combat Armor,as this item
           increases your shield by 100.If you see this lying on the
           floor,be sure to pick it up. If your armor is over 100,every
           second it will go down one point,until it's back to 100.
    Name: Armor Shards
    Use:   These small things increase your shield by 5 a piece,and
           most of the time these are found in a pack of about five.
           If your armor is over 100,every second it will go down one
           point,until it's back to 100.
    Name: Green,Yellow,Gold,and Mega Health
    Use:   These items increase your health when you're running low.
           Grabbing health is very important,because when you're low,
           you'll easily get killed,and the enemy will get one point.
           Your health can come to a maximum of 200,and will drop down
           by 1 every second,just like your shield,until it's back to 100.
           - Green increases 5 health;
           - Yellow increases 25 health;
           - Gold increases 50 health;
           - Mega Health increases 100 health.
    Name: Quad Damage
    Use:   A very useful power-up. This actually TRIPLES your
           damage,also giving you a nice blue glow. Combined with a
           shotgun or rocket launcher,you can easily make one hit kills.
           A very useful item to get very close to the fraglimit.
    Name: Regeneration
    Use:   As the name says,this power-up regenerates your health,
           little by little. When you're in battle,and you're almost
           dead,you can run away and you will be automatically regenerated.
           It also gives you a tight red glow.
    Name: Haste
    Use:   When you pick this up,your speed will be doubled. This
           is very tight,since the opponent will have a harder time killing
    Name: Flight
    Use:   As the name says,you can fly when you have this power-up.
           Use the jump button to go up,and the crouch button to go lower.
           But watch out,you'll fly pretty slow,so you're very vulnerable,
           especially against Railgunners.
    Name: Invisibility
    Use:   This power-up makes you invisible,which can be very useful
           to sneak behind someone and blast him.Also a good power-up
           when playing CTF,since you can sneak into the enemy's base
           without trouble.
    Name: Battle Suit
    Use:   This suit halves damage done to you.It also protects you
           against lava,drowning,and even splash damage.So when you're
           against someone with a Rocket Launcher and you have this suit,
           he/she will have to make direct contact with the rocket.
           Very tight.
    Name: Medkit
    Use:   When you press the "Use" button,this item will regenerate your
           health to 100.Very useful in a fight to make it last longer.
    Name: Teleporter(item)
    Use:   If you press the "Use" button,this will take you to a
           random place on the map. Use it when you're low on health
           in a fight,or when you're falling off the map,to save your
    Name: Teleporter(on the map)
    Use:   When you hop into one of these,you'll be dropped
           somewhere else on the map. It's good to move to a certain
           spot fast,or trick your enemy.
    Name: Jump pad
    Use:   When you jump on one of these,you'll be launched high
           into the air. Watch out,since jump pads make you an easy
    Name: Acceleration Pads
    Use:   This pad launches you with a high speed across the map.
           You can't really controll where you're landing, so try to
           avoid these as much as possible,because this also makes you
           very vulnerable for Rocket Launchers.
              [====================VI. Tips/Strategies====================]
                        -------->>>>Rocket Jumping<<<<--------
    Rocket Jumping is a technique used with the Rocket Launcher.
    When you aim on the ground directly under you,and press the jump
    button,you'll get an extra boost. The downside is that you'll be
    doing high damage to yourself,but it does get you to spots you
    normally might not reach. Actually,in Q3DM15 - Demon Keep,you need
    to Rocket Launch on top of a jump pad,which gives you an extra
    high boost,and when timed correctly,you will send yourself to
    another jump pad located in the air,which sends you to the BFG10K.
    All with all,Rocket Jumping is a nice technique,but try to avoid
    it as much as possible.
    Another key thing to winning is movement. DON'T STAND STILL.
    If you stand still you'll easily get killed.Therefor,if you run
    around,you are harder to hit,and will last longer,and probably
    also get lots morekills.Don't run in straight patterns,but just
    run around like a madman.
    ALWAYS play with the sounds on. You probably think,why?,but
    sound is also an important factor. When someone respawns near
    you,you'll be able to hear that,And that person hasn't picked 
    up a weapon yet,giving you the advantage. Footsteps are also
    important. When the enemy is running,you hear his footsteps.This
    helps you locate the enemy. And when the Quad Damage is respawning,
    you also hear a certain sound. Things like these all help you
    getting more kills.
    Along with movement,jumping also is an important factor.
    It helps you dodge shots,and sometimes even you can reduce the
    amount of splash damage done. Just run and jump around,it'll
    really piss off the enemy too;).
    The main key thing to becoming a good player is practice!
    Just play several games a day,that is good enough for training.
    Also,if possible,play online games,this helps you with strategies
    and stuff.
               [====================VII. Downloading====================]
    There are tons of sites about Q3A,and you can download Models,
    bots,maps,mods,and even graphics.Mods are conversions of the
    game,for example Bid For Power,where you fight in Dragonball Z
    style,with energy attacks,and you can fly and stuff like
    that. When you download maps,you just zip them into the game
    folder,and the same goes for bots and models. Most of the time
    readme files are included saying in what folder you should
    extract the files to. Under this is a list of sites with links
    to download sites or direct downloads.
    - www.planetquake.com - A good site with lots of information.
                            This site also has lots of links to
                            other sites where you can download
                            mods,models,and graphics.
    - www.quake3world.com - Nice site with lots of downloads,also
                            including Q3 Point Release,and other
    - www.quake3arena.com - The official id Software webpage.
                            No downloads here,but it does have
                            lots of information about other id 
                            Software projects.
    - www.google.com      - A search engine,if you're looking
                            for anything,just type in what you 
                            want,and you'll get lots of links.
                [====================VIII. Special Thanks====================]
    ID Software - For making this awesome game,i
                  still love it.
    GameFAQs - For having an awesome site with tight forums
               and letting us submit our guides.
    The Instruction Manual - For the information about 
                             the bots ;_;.
    I hope you like this guide,and find it useful.My email is
    thomas_van_scheppingen@hotmail.com,feel free to add me on
    MSN Messenger,or mail me for any suggestions,fanmail
    (yeah right;)),or just anything else. See yall on the next

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