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    Companion Guide by Taffer

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                           Thief II: The Metal Age (v1.18)
              FAQ Companion Guide v5.0 by Taffer (taffer-six@home.com)
                                    July 19, 2001
    "It is not a question about what the Law is, but rather what it is not. The Law
    is neither noble, nor an end in itself. It is not for the weak-minded or the
    squeamish. The Law is simply a means for those who control it, namely me, to
    acquire that which I want. One with your wealth and connections, who is
    prepared to sacrifice to have a troubling problem resolved, need only describe
    to me in detail the favor you are requesting."
         -- Gorman Truart, correspondence
    "The Master Builder came unto us. He built for us a new house, and the house
    was like His house. And he gifted us with knowledge, and we learned to use
    Boiler and Gear. That unto us would come His Paradise, and there would be no
         -- from Mechanist Rote Texts for Novices
    "Twice moons face darks us showed
     Twice thems jackals singsie
     Thrice Him harvest failsy blights
     Thrice we weeps and chillsing..."
         -- Unattributed, Ink on Parchment
    "Our focus shifted to those who presented two faces: one manifest yet false,
    the other hidden yet true. To interfere directly would bring ruin, still, the
    glyph warnings were absolute."
         -- Keepers Annals
    "He poured his children's eyes from glass and from steel wrought their hands
    that none could escape his judgement."
         -- The New Scripture of the Master Builder
    Table of Contents
    Section 1: The Latest From Taffer
    Section 2: Opening Notes Regarding This Guide
       2.1: Reading This Guide
          2.1.1: What This Guide Contains
          2.1.2: What This Guide Doesn't Contain
       2.2: Contacting the Author
          2.2.1: Contact Through Email
          2.2.2: Contact Through ICQ
    Unauthorized Adding on ICQ
          2.2.3: Thief II FAQ Mailing Lists
    Bounced Emails
    Section 3: Running Interference (Mission 1)
       3.1: Garrett's Words
       3.2: Spoken Lines
       3.3: Written Material
    Section 4: Shipping ... and Receiving (Mission 2)
       4.1: Garrett's Words
       4.2: Spoken Lines
       4.3: Written Material
    Section 5: Framed (Mission 3)
       5.1: Garrett's Words
       5.2: Spoken Lines
       5.3: Written Material
    Section 6: Ambush! (Mission 4)
       6.1: Garrett's Words
       6.2: Spoken Lines
       6.3: Written Material
    Section 7: Cutscene - "Revelations"
       7.1: The Prophecy
    Section 8 Eavesdropping (Mission 5)
       8.1: Garrett's Words
       8.2: Spoken Lines
       8.3: Written Material
    Section 9: Disclaimer
    Section 10: Endnotes and Copyright Notice
    Section 1: The Latest From Taffer
    Two of the prisoners' lines in Mission 3 have been corrected.
    The three prisoners in Mission 3 that have lines...I've done my best to
    translate them, but one I still can't quite understand. I've done my best, but
    if anyone knows for sure what it is that is said, please let me know so I can
    fix the entry here.
    You're probably wondering just what the heck this is. Well, it's a sort of
    "Companion Guide" to Thief II. Basically what I've done (and will try to
    continue to do) is to document here the text of every document, scroll,
    parchment, plaque, letter, report, announcement and palimpsest that I have been
    able to find in the game. (I'm also attempting to include conversations of
    note, but I'm undecided if this will continue or not, as it takes nearly a half
    hour or more do to each long conversation.)
    The idea for this came at a point while I was doing the Thief Gold FAQ, but not
    until late in the game (sometime after I had finished "The Lost City"), and
    despite my desire to do it there as well, I did not relish the prospect of
    going through all those missions again to find everything a third (sometimes
    fourth or even fifth!) time, particularly the undead missions.
    I may still go back and do it, although it would be a very slow process, since
    it would be done while I was also doing the Thief II FAQ. If there is anyone
    else who wishes to undertake this monumental task, they are more than welcome
    to do so in my stead.
    Since I am doing this Companion Guide as I do the FAQ for Thief II, I will
    attempt to make the version number for each document identical. I will keep
    updating the Thief II FAQ version number as I normally do, and simply copy that
    version number here.
    Please note that this is a COMPANION GUIDE only. It is not required to either
    play the game, nor to use the FAQ I am writing. It's simply just a "bonus
    As always, despite my attempts to be as thorough as possible, something is
    bound to get by me every now and then. If there's anything missing from this
    guide that you know of, please let me know about it, and I'll do my best to see
    it gets included.
    Please write in and let me know how you like this Companion Guide. If I get
    enough of a favourable response, I just may continue doing it! :)
    Section 2: Opening Notes Regarding This Guide
    This guide does not cover the entire game at the moment. It only covers up to
    mission five, "Eavesdropping". Other missions will be added every now and then,
    at irregular intervals.
    This Companion Guide is based on the PC version of the game. Does another
    version exist? I don't know.
    2.1: Reading This Guide
    I have had a few people email me saying that they had trouble reading the Thief
    Gold FAQ through certain programs (such as Internet Explorer). They say they
    can't read it through their standard viewing programs, as the lines run off the
    screen. This has so far only come from people who are on my mailing list.
    When I type up the guide, I use the WordPad program which came with Windows 98.
    I have the View/Options set to "Wrap to ruler". Then I type merrily away,
    without having to worry about hitting the "Enter" key. Unfortunately, when the
    document is later viewed in certain other programs, it prints the entire line
    of text until the end, sometimes continuing off the screen (as described
    If you are having this problem viewing the guide, then I suggest you do one of
    two things:
    1) Use WordPad to view it, with the View/Options set to "Wrap to
    2) Go to www.gamefaqs.com and download the guide from there.
    Apparently (and I don't know how), when the webmaster puts the guide up on his
    site, this problem of lines not wrapping disappears.
    I'm afraid that's all I can suggest at this time.
    2.1.1: What This Guide Contains:
    This guide contains:
    1) Conversations between people that are (basically) one-time "trigger events"
    (example: the two guards in mission one (Running Interference) when Garrett
    extinguishes a nearby torch),
    2) Anything "written" found in the game, that you need to "use" in order to
    3) Anything Garrett says.
    2.1.2: What This Guide Doesn't Contain:
    This guide does NOT contain anything said by someone that is a common
    occurence, such as things the guards say when they are chasing you, or looking
    for you, or just standing around bored. It also does not contain anything
    written that you can read without using, such as (for example) writing on the
    side of a crate, or the words on a wanted poster. (I don't know if such things
    exist in the game...I'm just giving examples of what won't be included.)
    NOTE: If something is relevent to the mission, and not just put in for
    atmosphere, then I will probably include it, even if it is something that I
    normally wouldn't.
    2.2: Contacting the Author
    You can contact me either through email, or through ICQ.
    2.2.1 Contact Through Email
    My email address is: taffer-six@home.com
    Please note that this is a new email address. I got a cable modem on July 3rd,
    and as a result had to change my email address. The old one was kept active up
    until July 9th. My apologies to anyone who tried to email me at the old address
    after that time.
    I do read all your emails, and I try to reply to every one of them. Sometimes I
    am unable to reply, simply due to the great number I receive, time constraints,
    and any number of other reasons. However, any questions sent to me that are
    already answered in this guide will be ignored.
    There is a very simply reason why I ignore these emails. I don't read them.
    These missions are not included in the guide yet because I have not PLAYED them
    yet. And a lot of the emails I used to get like this would say things like "How
    do I do X on Mission Y? I've done A, B, C and D, and found that J and K are
    hidden here, but X is still eluding me!" Congratulations, you've just ruined
    some surprises for me on that mission. Because of this, I now delete a message
    as soon as I see it is heading in that direction.
    I hate having something ruined for me...I like playing the game and finding
    things out for myself. So do not waste your time or mine by sending in
    questions for missions not yet covered...they will not even be read.
    2.2.2 Contact Through ICQ
    If you want to contact me through ICQ (all single ladies welcome! <g>), my ICQ
    number is: 82595656. My handle is "Taffer". Please note that this is a new ICQ
    number. Please do not try to contact me at the old one, as I no longer access
    Note that the same rules for email apply to ICQ as well. Also, if you have a
    lengthy amount of information to send me, I would appreciate it if you would do
    so using email.
    Please Note: I do not use the "Chat" mode on ICQ. I only use the messaging
    feature. My ICQ settings are currently set up to automatically decline any chat
    requests. Unauthorized Adding on ICQ
    This refers to people who add me to their contact list using some sort of a
    hack or crack program, without receiving my authorization first.
    WARNING! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT add me to your contact list WITHOUT receiving
    my authorization first! Several people appear to think it's a real laugh to do
    this. Well, the first time someone did that to me, they erased my hard drive.
    So consider this your first and only warning: Do NOT add me in this
    manner...request authorization like everyone else. ANYONE who adds me without
    requesting my authorization will IMMEDIATELY get placed on my ignore list. I
    will not even bother reading any messages that person may have sent. (This may
    seem harsh...but if you had had YOUR hard drive erased, I'm sure you would
    understand completely.)
    2.2.3: Thief II FAQ Mailing Lists
    There are TWO mailing lists for those who wish to be notified of updates: a
    "Zipped" list, and a "Notify" list.
    Anyone who wishes to be put on a mailing list will have to tell me which one
    they wish to be on. One list of people will receive a zipped email attachment
    of the FAQ (the "Zipped" list). The other list of people (the "Notify" list)
    will only be receiving an email stating that the FAQ has been sent up to
    www.gamefaqs.com (and ONLY to www.gamefaqs.com ...anyone else posting the FAQ
    does not necessarily have the most up to date version, but I always send the
    latest release to the address given above!). Anyone requesting to be put on a
    mailing list without stating which one will default to the "Notify" list.
    Please note that this does not mean that the FAQ has been POSTED there
    yet...only that I have sent it up to BE posted. There may sometimes be a delay
    in the posting.
    Emails will be sent out AS THE FAQ IS UPDATED AND RELEASED.
    Anyone who is on a mailing list that would like to be switched over to the
    other list will have to send me an email stating so. Likewise, if you want to
    be removed from either mailing list, you'll need to send me an email stating
    Anyone who is on the "Zipped" list automatically receives, at no extra cost,
    the updated Thief II Companion Guide.
    Anyone who was put on one of my mailing lists for my Thief Gold FAQ has
    automatically been put on a similar mailing list (either "Zipped" or "Notify")
    for this FAQ, unless they requested otherwise.
    I have no intention, now or ever, of distributing these email addresses to
    anyone, nor will they be used by me for advertising or "spamming". It is simply
    to get the FAQ out to those who are waiting for it. Bounced Emails
    Once when I sent out a FAQ to those on the mailing list, one of the emails
    bounced back. Apparently, someone changed their email address and didn't inform
    me. This is not good. Fortunately, it was only one person.
    What's my point? Oh yes...from this point on, anyone who's email account
    bounces back to me will be removed from the mailing list. Seems fair, since
    they aren't getting the attachment anyways.
    Section 3: Running Interference (Mission 1)
    "Reliance upon others is weakness for the strong, but strength for the weak.
    Wisdom and balance lie in knowing your own nature over time."
         -- Chronicle of the Metal Age
    I've always equated "feelings" with "getting caught"...they both get in the way
    of my money. Unfortunately not everyone is as committed to their work as I am.
    An old associate of mine...Basso, the Boxman...wants to marry Lady Rumford's
    chambermaid, Jenivere...and live happily ever after. Guess prison life spoiled
    his taste for thievery.
    Too bad for Basso that Lady Rumford has other plans...marriage would void
    Jenivere's indentured service contract, so Rumford is keeping her confined in
    the estate with the rest of her "worldly possessions".
    Basso has asked for my assistance on getting her out...since infiltration is my
    specialty. I make it a policy never to take a job so sentimental, but the
    Rumford manor could be a lucrative opportunity for a man like me. It would also
    mean that Basso would owe me a favour...And in this line of work, you can never
    have too many of those.
    I'll sneak in after dark, and clear a path for Basso, so he can rescue his
    "damsel in distress". Along the way I'll pick up a few "souveniers" for the
    local pawn shops. That should make all this aggravation worthwhile. Otherwise,
    I'll make Basso wish he was still rotting in Cragscleft. Huh! This proves
    it...going legit is more trouble than it's worth....
    3.1: Garrett's Words
    Upon entering the butler's quarters:
    "Good thing the butler's out for the night...he left his lights on."
    Upon discovering Jenivere's cell door:
    "Well, that's her door. Guess Basso can open it...he's not much of a sneak, but
    he can sure handle a lock!"
    3.2: Spoken Lines
    Basso, start of the mission:
    "I sprung the lock on the side door for you, Garrett. It's the only good way
    Two guards, when Garrett douses a nearby torch:
    Female: "<Tsk!> Damn torches! Always sputtering out!"
    Male: "Well don't just make taff over it! Light it up!"
    Female: "I lost my tinderbox. Wh-why don't you do it?"
    Male: "I ain't the one that's complaining, am I now?"
    Female: "Huh!"
    Basso and Jenivere, upon her rescue:
    Jenivere: "Basso!"
    Basso: "Shhhh! Come with me!"
    Basso, upon exiting the manor with Jenivere:
    "Shhh! Come with me!"
    3.3: Written Material
    Basement, servants quarters, scroll on bed:
    "Dunya -
    Sometimes I think I miss the days when "crime ruled the streets", as the
    Sheriff would have it. Either way, we walk in fear -- but before, we lost at
    most a purse, while now we may be shut up in irons simply for seeing the wrong
    thing at the wrong time. Give me the old days back again, and a pox upon Truart
    and all his thugs!"
    Section 4: Shipping ... and Receiving (Mission 2)
    "Blessed be the forge, which gives shape unto metal, and steam unto the boiler.
    Blessed be the fire of the Builder and the Forge of Karras."
         -- Mechanist Common Prayer
    Business has been kind of slow these days, thanks to Sheriff Gorman Truart.
    He's been coming down hard on my competition (and anyone else he deems
    "unlawful"). I've been playing it safe by keeping a low profile, but as my
    landlord recently reminded me the rent is late. He says he's gonna pay me a
    visit tomorrow to collect...so I'll have to go amateur for some quick cash.
    The warehouses by the docks should fit the bill. In addition to the usual
    shipping traffic there's also a small smuggling operation, sponsored by the
    local underground. Not too many guards, lots of dark corners, and several
    points of entry should make this job painless, and profitable.
    Maybe I'll even have something left over for myself, once the rent is paid.
    Huh! Wasn't that long ago that I was planning on my retirement...now the only
    thing that's getting retired is my standards. If things get any worse I'll have
    to go back to picking pockets in the streets....
    4.1: Garrett's Words
    Upon entering Bay 0457:
    "This place looks like an inventor's shop...there's probably a valuable gadget
    or two around here."
    Upon falling into the elevator well inside Lord Porter's Bay:
    "If I aim right I could hit that button with an arrow and activate it."
    Upon entering Bay 0928, or reading the plaque besides its door:
    "Jerm is the man that makes those magic lenses. There's probably some valuable
    lenses in here."
    Upon approaching the ship:
    "That looks like Captain Davidson's cargo ship. He's a shady guy...into
    smuggling and piracy."
    Upon entering Bay 5188, or reading the plaque beside its door:
    "I hear this guy's quite a popular musician...his unpublished work should be
    Upon reading Sven Mynell's plaque:
    "Mynell makes the best steaks in the entire city...his recipes may catch me a
    pretty penny."
    Upon releasing the large Spider from the cage in Mynell's:
    "Eeewwww! So THAT'S Mynell's secret ingredient!"
    4.2: Spoken Lines
    Hammerite and dealer, outside Bay 0590:
    Dealer: "You must be Yurielle. Well, you're late! I thought I made it
            clear to you Hammers that I don't like to be kept waiting!"
    Hammer: "Be thankful I treat with thee at all, unbeliever! 'Tis late,
            and I seek to finish here quickly, that I may return to my
    Dealer: "Well, my cranky friend, head this way and I'll show you to
            your shipment. You know, you Hammers used to bring a lot of
            money my way, but I haven't seen you around lately."
    Hammer: "I require but a fourth part of my usual order...'tis all we
            are needful of. For our numbers have fallen since the rise of
            the accursed heretics!"
    Dealer: "Heretics? You mean the Mechanists, right?"
    Hammer: "Speak not that accursed name to me! They follow not the way of
            the Master Builder, but a false prophet, who twists holy
            scripture to his own selfish desire! Nay, worse still, those
            infidels would raise his lies to the level of holy word!"
    Dealer: "I've been hearing a lot about them lately. Don't know what to
            think of them yet, but seems like they've got plans to improve
            the city...making life better for people like ME. Which is more
            than you Hammers ever did!"
    Hammer: "The heretics are not but a trial for the faithful of the
            Builder. They know nothing of devotion...of faith...of
            crafstmanship, or skill...and blindly follow the path of lies,
            greed, and deception! Markest thou my warning: At the forge of
            the Master Builder, He will separate steel from dross, and
            those who follow falsehoods instead of faith will be forever
            cast aside!"
    Dealer: "Yeah, yeah...whatever you say...let's just go and finish up
            our business."
    Guard and Dealer, outside Bay 0928:
    Guard: "Evening Dante. You look exhausted! You should get some sleep!"
    Dante: "I remember what it was like to sleep. Boss left this morning
           and put ME in charge of unloading and catalogueing ALL the
           incoming shipments for the Mechanists. Every single bloody thing
           they order is made out of metal. I've been lifting heavy crates
           all day long, and I think my back is about to break!"
    Guard: "Buncha taffers in this city! *I* live near Dayport, and I useta
           have a nice view of the mountains. I useta watch the sun rise
           with my wife EVERY morning! But now...that metal monstrosity
           casts a permanent shadow over my house!"
    Dante: "Oh, the Mechanist's Tower, you mean? The city has CERTAINLY
           changed over the last year. A lot of that's cause of the
           Mechanists. I was in Dayport just last week...ALL the trees are
           gone, and there are giant chimneys spewing up foul soot!"
    Guard: "My whole neighbourhood stinks of that blackened air! My house
           USED to be white but now it's gone gray with that smudge! And
           my son coughs constantly!"
    Dante: "Well...there's more to the Mechanists than just factories.
           While I was in Dayport I had to stop by the Mechanist's Tower to
           pick up a payment. I couldn't believe what I saw! They had these
           mechanical faces that watched me! It sent shivers down my spine,
           I tell you!"
    Guard: "Yeah...I know all about those metal watchers! They installed
           some here, in the Building B the other day. I hear they plan on
           replacing us guards with them cuz they don't need to give them
           pay at the end of the week! I heard rumours that we're all gonna
           be fired! If that's true...then I'll have to live in the woods,
           like a Pagan!"
    Two civilians, outside Bay 7933:
      Male: "I hear Captain Davidson came into port about four hours ago."
    Female: "That's what I heard. I hope that dirty smuggler brought us
            some spice! There's none to be found anywhere within this
            cursed city anymore!"
      Male: "I know what you mean. I used to grow my own spice...as well as
            fruits and vegetables...but all my crops died months ago, and
            won't grow back no matter WHAT I try."
    Female: "It's as if...all the plant life in this city just up and died!
            Have you noticed that all the trees in Eastport are wilted and
      Male: "Maybe Davidson will smuggle in trees next. Heh. I don't know
            where he's getting the spice from, but his prices are steep!
            He's quickly becoming a rich man."
    4.3: Written Material
    Plaque beside doors outside of main office (two of them):
    "Main Office."
    Plaque beside door outside of the bay door opening mechanism room:
    "Office Personnel Only."
    Parchment on wall, bay door opening mechanism room:
    This device is now configured for thee so that the managers of the warehouse
    mayst easily enter any tenant's area at any time. When thou wishest to open
    such a locked area, though must needst enter the four numerals of its address
    into this keyed device. When thou hast entered the correct number, see that it
    shalt display on the dials to thy left - this shalt cause the large green bay
    door of thy desired area to open. Thou mayst only open one door at one time,
    and if thou open another door, the first shalt close. If thou hast any
    questions, direct them at once to me.
    - Friend Capezza, 0457"
    Plaques along the wall outside the bay door opening mechanism room (mailboxes,
    left to right):
    "N. Rampone, President Rampone Dockside Shipping"
    "J. Rampone, Vice-President Rampone Dockside Shipping"
    "Main Office."
    "T. M. Blackheart, Musician."
    "Lucky Selentura, Entrepreneur."
    "D. M. Gilver, Gilver Exporting Company."
    "Venik Kilgor, Kilgor Weapon Smithing."
    "E. B. Bramrich, Accountant."
    "Cid Capezza, Inventor."
    "Lord Porter, Fine Art for Sale."
    "Lady Angelica, Experimental Apothecary."
    "Sven Mynell, Mynell Steaks."
    "Noah Jerm, Lensgrinder."
    Parchment in N. Rampone's mailbox, first slot:
    "Our tenant, Lucky Selentura, has not paid his rent in quite a while. No one
    has seen him for weeks, and I've seen wanted posters in the city streets with
    his picture on it lately. I've been suspicious of him for quite a while, and
    I'd bet you his golden dice that he was running a gambling ring out of that
    space. I don't think he'll be back with the Bluecoats looking for him. I have
    put an eviction notice on his area, 0266, and I plan on clearing out the place
    in a few days to rent it to Gonzalez. I felt bad that we had to throw Gonzalez
    out to make room for Capezza, so I cut him a deal on this space seeing that
    it's smaller than his old area. Speaking of Capezza, could you ask him to keep
    the noise down?
    - J. Rampone. Vice-President."
    Parchment in N. Rampone's mailbox, second slot:
    "I was recently contracted by the Mechanists to develop special lenses for
    them. I just received a small shipment of rare and valuable Addonizio Crystal
    for this purpose. For security reasons, I would like to request the
    installation of a metal face into my area within the next week. I don't have
    the funds to replace the crystals if they get stolen, and I hear Mechanists can
    be unforgiving.
    - Noah Jerm"
    Parchment in Lucky Selentura's mailbox, third slot:
    "You have been evicted. Take two days to clear out your things or they will be
    removed by the management."
    Parchment in Lord Porter's mailbox, third slot:
    "Our yearly inspection of your space was last week. Our inspector found that he
    could not get to the second floor because the elevator button on the first
    floor was broken. Why didn't you report this problem? Please see me about this
    matter. I don't like it when a piece of equipment on my property is not
    working. We have also been receiving complaints from E. B. Bramrich. He rents
    the office space below your second floor office and he claims to be hearing odd
    noises late at night. Please look into that.
    - J. Rampone, Vice-President."
    Parchment in Noah Jerm's mailbox, first slot:
    "I hold thy work in much regard, and thou knowest it was on mine own
    recommendation that my brotherhood contracted thy work. I trust by now thou
    hast received a small shipment of Addonizio Crystal. By the coming weekend, I
    shalt need ten lenses ground from the crystal thou hast received. Each lens
    must span three units in width, with a breadth of exactly two units. Grind thou
    one face concave and one convex. Make haste and then bring me thy work for my
    - Friend Capezza 0457"
    Plaque beside door outside of Vice-President's office:
    "J. Rampone, Vice-President Rampone Dockside Shipping"
    Parchment on desk of the Vice-President:
    "Weekly Financial Report
    T. M. Blackheart - Rent paid in full.
    Lucky Selentura - Rent three weeks overdue.
    D. M. Gilver - Rent paid in full.
    Venik Kilgor - Rent due next week.
    E. B. Bramrich - Rent paid by D. M. Gilver last week.
    Cid Capezza - Rent paid by Mechanists.
    Lord Porter - Rent paid in full.
    Lady Angelica - Rent due next week.
    Sven Mynell - Rent paid in full.
    Noah Jerm - Rent paid in full."
    Plaque beside door of Bay 0590 (inside and outside):
    "Venik Kilgor, Kilgor Weapon Smithing."
    Journal on desk inside Kilgor's bay:
    "The last year has been very interesting. The Hammerites used to be my most
    profitable contract. I've been making weapons for them since I went into
    business, but now I rarely make anything for them. Their orders started to fall
    off about a year ago, and I became concerned about my future finances. My
    concerns didn't last very long because I was contracted by the new City Watch
    to produce their swords and armor. The only problem I have now is I have
    nowhere to put all these old hammers that I got stuck with."
    Plaque beside door of Bay 0457 (outside; also inside, beside lever to operate
    bay door):
    "Cid Capezza, Inventor."
    Plaque beside door of Bay 0624 (both inside and outside):
    "Lady Angelica, Experimental Apothecary."
    Notice beside door of Bay 0624:
    "Potion Testers needed...Inquire within."
    Parchment on desk inside Lady Angelica's Bay:
    "Jabril -
    Fifty, and that is my final offer! By the teeth of my ancestors, I nearly think
    I could journey into the forest and cut my own greenery, pagan bandits be
    damned, rather than pay such prices!
    - Lord Signoli"
    Plaque above lever beside door, upstairs in Lady Angelica's bay:
    (also Lord Porter's Bay, Gilver's Bay, Kilgor's Bay, and two in Mynell's Bay)
    "Pull lever to open door. Emergency use only!!"
    Plaque beside door of Bay 7732 (both outside and inside):
    "E. B. Bramrich, Accountant."
    Scroll on desk inside E. B. Bramrich's Bay:
    Our shipment to be exported overseas to Governor Horridge is ready. It is
    waiting over in Gilver's area and will be shipped out tomorrow afternoon.
    Having to replace last month's shipment that was lost at sea is putting the
    company in serious financial trouble. Gilver took out a loan from the First
    City Bank and Trust to cover the extra expenses. If we don't increase profits
    next month then we won't have enough money to stay in business. Fortunately, we
    just received an unexpected order this morning, and this will bring in some
    extra money that we can use to pay back the loan. I just had a new batch of
    shipping labels printed out, and I will bring them over to Gilver in the
    Plaque beside door of Bay 6937 (both inside and outside):
    "Lord Porter, Fine Art for Sale."
    Plaque beneath picture at the end of hall in Lord Porter's Bay:
    "Let thine arrow fly
    Into mine crystal eye."
    Parchment on desk in office of Lord Porter's Bay (second floor):
    "Today's Appointments
    Jerrett Brunelle, charge 150.
    Chris Laskowski, charge 150.
    James Geiger, charge 175.
    Adam Ellis, new client charge discount rate of 100.
    Norman Druart, free of charge as usual.
    Jon Laliberte, feel free to charge this guy as much as you want. He's weird.
    Mistress Carrie, she's here for instruction.
    Shawn Dejesus, charge 125, he tips better when we charge less.
    Mark Ullucci, find a reason to send him away, I think he's an undercover
    - Lord Porter"
    Plaque beside door of Bay 0928 (both inside and outside):
    "Noah Jerm, Lensgrinder"
    Parchment on desk in office of Noah Jerm:
    10 pounds of rare Addonizio Crystal.
    6 grinding stones.
    10 sacks of fine sand.
    Polishing Rags.
    Plaque beside door of Bay 0266 (both inside and outside):
    "Lucky Selentura, Entrepreneur."
    Notice beside door of Bay 0266:
    "You have been evicted. Take two days to clear out your things or they will be
    removed by the management."
    Plaque beside door of Bay 7933 (inside and outside):
    "D. M. Gilver, Gilver Exporting Company."
    Label on Large crate in Gilver's Bay (before switch):
    "Ship From: Gilver Exporting Co
    1369 Winston Avenue Bay #7933
    Wayside Dock District
    Ship To: Governor Horridge (Via special overseas route)
    1094 Richmond Boulevard"
    Label on Large crate in Gilver's Bay (after switch):
    "Ship From: Gilver Exporting Co
    1369 Winston Avenue Bay #7933
    Wayside Dock District
    Ship To: Manny Jabrielle
    499 Taft Avenue
    Journal on desk in Gilver's Office:
    "JOURNAL ENTRY #4279
    I don't know what is happening to my business. Every attempt to gain extra
    profit only leads me to more loss. On paper, every business plan that I devise
    with Bramrich seems flawless, but in practice, they always fall through. Last
    month's overseas export to Governor Horridge was supposed to make us rich, but
    the ship never made it to its destination. I suspect piracy. I had to take out
    a loan just to cover last month's losses. I was hoping to have this reshipment
    to the Governor out the door two days ago, but my workers seem to have a hard
    time toting that barge and lifting that bale when I really need them. I would
    fire them all in a second, but I wouldn't be able to find anyone to work for
    what little I can afford to pay. I just finalized the Governor's shipment, and
    I had my secretary run over to Bramrich's office to grab the shipping label so
    that it can be attached to the outgoing crate. I'm going over to the Crippled
    Burrick for a drink, then it's back here for more paperwork."
    Plaque beside door in west wall, hall with Watcher:
    "Conference Room."
    Plaque beside door in east wall, hall with Watcher:
    "N. Rampone, President Rampone Dockside Shipping"
    Journal on desk in room behind bookcase:
    "Profits for our dockside warehouses have been tremendous ever since my brother
    Jason convinced me to let the Mechanists use Building-B for their needs. They
    have taken over and converted all four storage bays to contain their machinery
    and incoming cargo. This has really hurt my shipping contracts. I lost 12
    contracts recently because the cargo had to be stored outside instead of the
    now occupied storage bays. Mechanists are now using my work force to move their
    cargo and assist in their various projects, and I have barely any workers left
    to handle my remaining contracts. They have more than compensated us for our
    losses, but still, they worry me. They threatened me harm when I refused to
    evict Gonzalez, one of the longtime tenants of Building-A, so one of their
    inventors could set up a machine shop. The new machine shop happens to be right
    under my poor brother's office, and he's been complaining about the noise
    constantly. I guess I should be happy about the money the Mechanists are paying
    me, but I feel like they are taking over and I don't even get a say as to what
    happens on my own property anymore."
    Plaque between doors of Bay 2:
    "Mechanist Packaging Bay."
    Scroll on ground inside Bay 2:
    "Weythran -
    Found me the most sharpie way o ridding a self of a blade in the side - Watch
    Officer Morgan. Too much work for him, does he do his *own* scout of breakers
    and bladesmen, so a sniffer drops him a name or two, gets a coin for the mark
    of it. Turn me a profit and grieve me the competition, why not?
    - Blackrat"
    Plaque between doors of Bay 1:
    "Mechanist Material Storage Bay."
    Plaque between doors of Bay 4:
    "Rare Artifact Bay."
    Plaques besides doors along east side of the 2nd level of Building B:
    "Mechanist City Planner."
    "Mechanist Accounting Secretary."
    "J. Hermann, Business Coordinator. Rampone Dockside Shipping."
    Plaques between doors of Bay 3:
    "Mechanist Project Bay."
    Plaques beside doors along west side of the 2nd level of Building B:
    "Foreman's Office."
    "Mechanist Project Planning."
    "J. Osterlind, Supervisor. Rampone Dockside Shipping."
    Scroll on desk in Foreman's Office:
    Iron Ore.
    Scroll on desk in J. Osterlind's Office:
    Smuggling spice has become difficult since Rampone let the Mechanists use this
    building. Hide the spice in the usual location, and take your payment.
    - Osterlind"
    Book on desk in Captain's quarters:
    Make port we did at Rampone's Dockside Shipping. No safe harbor, this, but the
    reward is surely worth the risk. We need to unload the spice right quick and
    stash it among the crates inside that Building-B. Our cut of the bounty should
    be in the safe inside Osterlind's office, as usual.
    I'll stash the spice while the crew unloads Rampone's cargo. I'm eager to cast
    off and set sail for our rendezvous point, where we can join with Captain
    Carr's sloop. From there it's on to the hunting grounds -- that fool Gilver
    continues to send out unarmed merchantmen, just ripe for the plunderin'."
    Plaque beside door of Bay 5188 (both inside and outside):
    "T. M. Blackheart, Musician."
    Parchment posted beside the door to T. M. Blackheart's studio:
    If thou wouldst unlock this kind of door, thou wilt needst use the appropriate
    gear. Insert thou the correct gear unto the locking mechanism. When the
    mechanism be complete with the correct gear, then marvel thou as the gears turn
    to unlock the door. For those with no eye to tell one gear from its cousin,
    know thou also that if thou use the incorrect gear, the mechanism shall fail
    thee and nothing shall happen. If thou hast concerns, please bring them unto
         - Friend Capezza"
    Plaque beside door of Bay 6013 (both inside and outside):
    "Sven Mynell, Mynell Steaks."
    Section 5: Framed (Mission 3)
    "Strike hot iron and call forth sparks
    Strike a man and call forth fury
    To shape man or metal to thy will thou must strike with force"
         -- Collected Sermons of Karras
    Last night an unusual opportunity knocked on my door. Naturally I was a little
    suspicious but my visitor said the job was too sensitive to go through the
    usual channels. He claimed that an old contact of mine told him where to find
    me. I was about to ask him WHO our mutual friend was when he managed...to
    distract me.
    The job is to break into Shoalsgate Station -- headquarters of the City Watch
    -- and quietly frame a certain Lieutenant Hagen for robbing the evidence vault.
    Hagen is Sheriff Truart's number two man...and has no doubt made life difficult
    for someone he shouldn't have.
    My unusually resourceful employer has given me all the information I need to
    pull this off, including a very detailed map of the building. All I have to do
    is choose a way in, plan my route, and get back out...without alerting the
    I realize that breaking into Shoalsgate is like looking down a Burrick's mouth
    with a lit match...but it would pay me enough to lay low for a while. And it
    doesn't hurt to be giving the police some dirty laundry to deal with either.
    Besides, with my luck if I don't take this job I could end UP in there
    5.1: Garrett's Words
    Upon taking the valuable wine in the bar:
    "Ahhh! My favourite year!"
    Upon entering Lieutenant Hagen's quarters:
    "Let's see what I can use against our Lieutenant Hagen."
    Upon entering the Shooting Range:
    "Guess I COULD use some target practice."
    Upon taking the purse in the morgue:
    "He won't need THAT anymore."
    Upon discovering the maintenance code:
    "I should write that down! Now...on to the vault."
    Upon discovering the passage in the Records rooms:
    "Ahhh! A hidden entrance!"
    Upon entering the Locker Room:
    "I should be able to find something in here."
    Upon finding the unopenable solid door in the jail:
    "Ohhhh, yeah...he's gone!"
    Upon emerging from Sheriff Truart's secret passage:
    "Huh! Not so secret anymore, is it?"
    Upon entering the secret passage from Warden Affairs:
    "Ahhh! A back door!
    Upon entering Vault Security:
    "I'd better do this QUICK!"
    Upon completing the last of the three main objectives:
    "Time to go!"
    5.2: Spoken Lines
    Overheard in a Conference Room:
      Guard: "Okay...let's take it from the top. What happened?"
    Rumford: "Well...my servant Jenivere is missing. Now, she had no reason
             to run away, I treated her like my own daughter. Who'll take
             care of me now?"
      Guard: "Ma'am, I'm sorry to interrupt, but you're drifting off the
             subject again. Just stick to the facts please."
    Rumford: "Are you going to help me, or not? I'll have you know, I am a
             personal friend of Father Karras. He has a great deal of
             influence, you know. Where do you think all your fancy new
             devices came from? I doubt he would be pleased to find out you
             were neglecting to help one of his friends."
      Guard: "Excuse me ma'am...I'm just trying to get to the bottom of
             your problem as quickly as I can. Sooner we're done here, the
             sooner we can start looking for your servant. Why don't you
             calm down and collect yourself, while I go over what we have
             so far."
    Rumford: "I-I'm sorry, officer. Thank you."
    Artus: "The Watcher is ready and operational. Now 'twill activate the
           alarm whenever an intruder doth approach."
    Guard: "How does it know the difference between US and an intruder?"
    Artus: "To find the answer to that question, thou must attend the
           Mechanists seminary and join our order. The wisdom of Karras is
           not for the eyes of the common man."
    Guard: "What about maintenance for all these contraptions?"
    Artus: "Thy Sheriff did insist that all information for thy security
           systems be left in the care of Lieutenant Hagen. Instructions
           are locked in thy secure records area."
    Guard: "WHAT secure area?"
    Artus: "The Sheriff requested us to construct a records hall, that only
           he and his lieutenants may view. 'Tis no doubt to keep them from
           the eyes of incompetents such as thee!"
    Guards in stairwell from first floor to second floor:
    Guard #1: "How come WE gotta pull guard duty! Couldn't the Mechanists
              just put more of those mechani...mecha...mechanical eyes
              around the place?"
    Guard #2: "Because WE can't be shut off as easily, you taffer!"
    Guard #1: "Ohhh! At least it's better than sitting watch for the
    Guard #2: "Damn right. No smell of sewage, no mildew, fewer rats."
    Guard #1: "Ya ever wonder why Truart hired us?"
    Guard #2: "Not really. Probably figured we'd spend less time breaking
              the law since we'd be enforcing it. Gold is gold...don't
              matter if it's coming from Rueben, or Sheriff Truart."
    Heard inside Interrogation Room:
    Prisoner: "Y-Y-You guys can't treat me like this! I'm a veteran!"
       Guard: (laughing) "Yeah...bet that's where you learned to pick
              pockets so well!"
    Prisoner: "Wh-wh-wh-when I got back, my family was gone...I-I-I-I had
              no money to live!"
       Guard: "Sure! Tell it to the Sheriff! He's got a real soft spot for
              war heroes!"
    Male Prisoner #1, Jail:
    *** Unfortunately, I have absolutely NO idea what this man is trying to
    say...it is completely incomprehensible to me. ***
    Female Prisoner, Jail:
    "There's no law in the city any more, no justice! Just the strong abusing the
    weak. Shame on us...we let our fair city down. She's ruined and we're doomed!
    Male Prisoner #2, Jail:
    "Life STINKS and then you die! Then life goes on without you. I'll never get
    outta this stinkin' hole! But why would I want to? Life's no good anymore for
    an old gouger."
    5.3: Written Material
    Tip 1 (in your inventory, only if you purchased it):
    "- A control panel in the Front Desk can not only open the Main Gates but also
    disable the alarm mechanism.
    - Shoalsgate is loaded with hidden entrances and secret levers.
    - Don't hesitate to go through people's garbage. You never know what you might
    Plaques outside doors on First Floor (in no particular order):
    "Line Up"
    "Shooting Range"
    "Supply Closet"
    "Mess Hall"
    "Conference Rooms"
    "Front Desk"
    "Records Hall"
    "Main Office"
    "Locker Room"
    Parchment on Front Desk:
    "Attention all Watch Officers
    In a short time we have nearly cleared the city of the criminal element that
    has plagued her for so long. I thank each and every one of you for the effort
    and initiative that you have displayed. Now we must direct this same form of
    hard justice towards another disease of the city, the Pagans. We cannot allow
    these subversives to poison the minds of our fair citizens."
    Plaques on Alarm mechanism (in no particular order):
    "Main Gate"
    "Alarm Enable"
    Plaques outside doors on second floor (in no particular order):
    "Officers Lounge"
    "Waiting Room"
    "Evidence Storage"
    "Robbery / Homicide"
    "Office of Lieutenant Hagen"
    "Office of Lieutenant Mosley"
    "Office of Sheriff Truart"
    "Warden Affairs Division"
    "Secure Records"
    Letter in Lt. Mosley's garbage can:
    "Lt. Mosley,
    I put you in charge of handling the Pagans because you are my second in
    command. Until now, your record has been exemplary. I don't understand why your
    performance has faltered. If you do not want this case to be reassigned to Lt.
    Hagen, I suggest you double your efforts to rid the city of all Pagan
    Also it has been brought to my attention that numerous small thefts from the
    Evidence Vault have been occurring for some time now.
    Fire the officer that guards the vault. The Sentries can handle the security by
    themselves. I want you to conduct an investigation immediately.
    Be it so ordered
    Sheriff Gorman Truart"
    Parchment on Lt. Mosley's desk:
    I instructed the Mechanist, Brother Artus, to leave you a new key. The key will
    open the Vault as well as the Secure Records Room in the Records Hall.
    - Sheriff Gorman Truart"
    Journal on Lt. Mosley's desk:
    "Journal Entry 2234
    It's getting harder to protect my garden from harm. So many plants die. No
    matter how hard I try to protect them, they still fall victim to the elements.
    No matter what anyone tells me, I will not uproot them or cut them down.
    I don't know what we are doing here anymore. Half the people I give orders to
    are people I arrested before. Hopefully the war will be over soon and the Baron
    will return. I don't think I can take much more of Truart's 'New Age', as Hagen
    so often puts it."
    Letter in Lieutenant Hagen's garbage:
    "Lt Hagen,
    I appreciate your memo regarding the Warden Affairs Division. I have personally
    investigated the matter and have found no evidence to support your accusation.
    They have ongoing investigations on the remaining Wardens and have made steady
    progress. They simply don't have enough of a case yet to move against them. As
    for the missing evidence, my search has determined that they were simply
    clerical errors.
    However, I have discovered that several thefts from the vault have recently
    occurred. These thefts are in no way linked to the Warden Affairs Division. I
    want you to find out who is responsible.
    Start making inquiries into the other divisions but stay away from Warden
    Affairs. Also discuss this with no one, especially Lt. Mosley. Mosley's
    inability to handle the Pagans has caused me to question her resolve. I have
    considered handing over the assignment to you, but given Lt. Mosley's excellent
    past record; I want to give her one more chance.
    Be it so ordered
    Sheriff Gorman Truart"
    Journal on Lieutenant Hagen's desk:
    "Journal Entry 459
    So often I hear the whispers of the men, 'What is the Sheriff really planning?
    Why is he so intent on bringing down the Pagans? Maybe the Sheriff isn't the
    man I thought he was.' The members of City Watch are filled with doubt; it is
    my responsibility to see to it that they ignore their doubts. Sheriff Gorman
    Truart is unlike any man I have ever worked for. He has ushered in a new age,
    and it is up to us to support him unquestioningly. If Sheriff Truart asked me
    to arrest my own family, I would without any hesitation.
    Why can't Mosley see this? She always questions everything! Why can't she just
    follow Truart's orders? We are not supposed to think, we are supposed to
    Journal in Robbery/Homicide Room:
    "Journal Entry 709
    Work's been pretty slow these days. Between Mosley and Warden Affairs, every
    thief in the city is out of business. I can't believe we used to try to stop
    crime by arresting the thieves. By attacking the bookkeepers and fences, crooks
    have nowhere to turn to. Besides, who is more anxious about staying out of
    jail, a criminal or some whiny pencil pusher?"
    Journal in Vice Room:
    "Journal Entry 836
    We are still unable to make a case against Madame Volari. Her brothel seems to
    be perfectly legitimate, but Lt. Mosley believes that there is more going on
    there and so do I. The likely possibility is that they are using pillow talk to
    extract information from their rather aristocratic clientele. I can't believe I
    am saying this in a journal, but I think that the Sheriff is somehow involved
    in this. I have seen Truart enter there on more than one ocassion. But is he a
    client or is he somehow working with them? All I know is that I am not going to
    say a word about this to anyone, especially Lt. Hagen. Mosley is the only one
    any of us can trust."
    Plaques on walls in basement (in no particular order):
    Notice on wall in Mess Hall:
    - The Mechanist, Brother Artus, has informed me that the new security measures
    will be fully operational tonight.
    - A room in the Records Hall has been designated for Secure Records. Only the
    Lieutenants and myself have access.
    - The City Watch Ball will be held at Truart Estate. All members of the City
    Watch are encouraged to attend.
    - The Dumbwaiter in the Mess Hall is not a toy. Please refrain from using it
    for rides.
    Sheriff Gorman Truart"
    Parchment in Morgue:
    "Coroner's Report
    Identification: Unknown
    Location: Body discovered in sewage tunnel
    Cause of Death: Pagan worship"
    Book on table in Secure Records Room:
    The vault security can be disabled for minor repairs. Simply enter the proper
    code and the sentries will shut off.
    The maintenance code is: 4026"
    Scroll in centre of table in Secure Records Room:
    "Name: Lady van Vernon
    Activity: Frequent adultery
    Threat: Her husband is very jealous and easily outsmarted. If her husband
    discovers her infidelity she stands to lose her comfortable lifestyle, should
    Lord van Vernon throw her out into the streets of Dayport.
    Use: Lord van Vernon owns a large number of factories. Our Lady could help us
    cut a deal with him for weapons and armor for City Watch."
    Scroll by edge of table in Secure Records Room:
    "Name: Lord Mani Rammstein
    Activity: Embezzling money from his business partner overseas.
    Threat: His business partner has two of the city's top cleaners on retainer.
    Use: Rammstein is a very powerful importer. By keeping him under our control we
    can use him to get to larger criminal activity."
    Journal on desk in Main Office, West cubicle:
    Greevs St. - Paganism
    Courtyard Trail - Paganism
    Balma Drive - Pagan sympathy
    Pearson Mano - Harboring a Pagan
    Danno block - Paganism
    Kimmel Avenue - Paganism
    Fort Street - assault class A
    Fort Street - assault/crossbow usage
    Arlen Avenue - assault class A
    N. Bisbee Drive - assault class C
    Glenover Drive - aggravated assault/dagger display
    Gapoda Oak - assault class C"
    Journal on desk in Main Office, East cubicle:
    E. Park Boulevard - burglary of carriage, horses taken; 800
    Hawkings Drive - burglary of manor, Gold Crest taken; 2300
    Criminal Mischief
    Gorn Avenue - criminal mischief; 300 damage
    Crippled Burrick Pub - criminal mischief, patron thrown through window; 500
    Northcrest Road - criminal mischief to collector tower; 250
    Millans Drive - criminal mischief to street lamp, 25 damage
    Parchment on desk in Main Office:
    "Lucy Walker:
    The Watch Officers have received a number of complaints about your harassment
    of the alchemist Grimmad. Out of consideration for your masters, you have not
    been placed under arrest yet. Please keep in mind that any further trouble may
    result in arrest and confiscation of property.
    For A Safe City,
    Watch Officer Morgan"
    Scroll under chair in Main Office:
    "!!!KICK ME!!!"
    Letter in Sheriff Truart's garbage:
    "Sheriff Truart,
    I must insist that you pay closer attention to the activities of the Warden
    Affairs Division. I know how highly you regard their work, and I readily admit
    that they have shown very impressive results. However, I must point out that
    their arrest records indicate they have been avoiding certain Wardens. Whenever
    evidence is presented against those Wardens, it mysteriously disappears from
    Evidence Storage even though the stationed guards assure me that no
    unauthorized evidence leaves the area.
    Lt. Hagen"
    Journal on Sheriff Truart's desk:
    "Journal Entry 684
    Mosley is becoming an inconvenience. Lately she has been questioning my orders,
    and her conduct regarding the Pagans borders on insubordination. She was always
    my best officer before; why the sudden change? I'm going to give her one more
    chance to redeem herself. If she fails me again I'll have to give the case to
    Hagen. He may not be as good an officer, but he is loyal and vicious, not the
    sort to have any moral dilemmas with this kind of assignment.
    What really puzzles me is that she wants the case so badly. The last time I
    discussed it with her, I suggested she hand the case over to someone else. She
    assured me that she'd triple her efforts, rather than let go of the
    Parchment on Sheriff Truart's desk:
    7 bells          Stakeout
    12 bells         Lunch at the Shoalsgate Tavern
    1 bell           Meet with L K
    2 bells          Meet with L Z
    8 bells          Appointment at Madame Volaris
    10 bells         Meet with L R"
    Journal on desk in Warden Affairs:
    "Journal Entry 1022
    I still can't figure out who the hell is robbing the third floor evidence
    vault. I mean if it ain't us then who the hell is it? All I know is that it's
    attracting a lot of unnecessary attention. I've told the rest of the crew to
    take the long way to the third floor. Hagen is already suspicious of us as it
    is. Even though the Sheriff will keep him off our backs, I still don't want to
    get on Hagen's bad side. That idiot really thinks that Truart is some kind of
    hero. Ha! If he only knew what we know."
    Parchment on bench in prison:
    "I have ordered that murderer Schmidt be left in solitary to rot and that no
    one venture near him. I want him to suffer as much as his victims did.
    Lt. Hagen"
    Section 6: Ambush! (Mission 4)
    "Sings we a dances of wolfs, who smells fear and slays the coward. Sings we a
    dances of mans, who smells gold and slays his brother."
         -- Pagan Saying
    Seems like the consequences of my occupation have finally caught up with me...I
    went to the Crippled Burrick Pub to meet Sammy about unloading some
    merchandise. The smell of ale and smoke from the place wasn't enough to cover
    up the stench of an ambush. Couple of Watch Officers were there waiting for me.
    Judging by the look on Sammy's face...I'd say he sold me out.
    They didn't seem interested in bringing me in either...the Bluecoats were
    looking for "swift justice". Fortunately I always have an ace up my sleeve. I
    better get back to my place fast, and try to figure out what to do next. I just
    have to get past these guys...and the rest of the city's finest out on
    6.1: Garrett's Words
    Upon starting the mission:
    "Better get moving before they see me."
    Upon "sighting" a sewer:
    "A sewer never looked so appealing."
    Upon approaching your home:
    "Home, sweet home."
    Upon entering the second floor of your home:
    "Looks like I'm gonna need a new address. But I'm gonna have to get to my stash
    Upon taking the Shalebridge Gate key:
    "Good. Now, time to relocate."
    6.2: Spoken Lines
    Two women near the Crippled Burrick pub:
    Woman #1: "What's going on? The City Watch are all over the place!"
    Woman #2: "Oh, they're looking for some guy the Sheriff wants brought
    Woman #1: "Goodness me, is...is this man dangerous?"
    Woman #2: "They SAY they want him dead or alive...but it looks to me
              like they'd prefer dead."
    Woman #1: "And how do you know that?"
    Woman #2: "I was at the pub...saw a couple of Bluecoats ambush the guy
              there. He managed to get away though...never seen anyone move
              that fast before! He just vanished into the shadows!"
    Woman #1: "My!"
    Prostitute and Guard on bridge:
    Woman: "What's a big fellow like you doing out here at night?"
    Guard: "Uhh...." [nervous laughter]
    Woman: "Don't you want a woman to keep you warm?"
    Guard: "What for? This uniform is plenty warm enough, and it's not even
           cold out tonight."
    Two men:
      Man: "What's the latest on the war, Rolly?"
    Rolly: [sighs] "Lord Anders hasn't received a report in some time. The
           last he heard it was not going well. I fear the Baron will
           return with a battlefield coming right up behind him."
      Man: "I think you worry too much. This city is like a fortress. With
           the Mechanists here to help us defend the city, we needn't fret
           about it."
    Rolly: [chuckles] "I think you put TOO much faith in the Mechanists!
           After all, they are only a splinter group of the
           Hammerites...HARDLY a military force! They seem concerned only
           with aiding nobles with their fancy inventions. Their tin
           soldiers wouldn't last long against a real army."
      Man: "Well...until *I* see a battle going on outside MY window, I
           shant worry about it."
    Two Guards by gate, third Guard standing with them:
      Male Guard: "D'ya hear about the raid at The Overlord's Fancy? Truart
                  led the bust himself!"
    Female Guard: "Donal must be pretty pissed."
      Male Guard: [laughs] "You could say that!" [laughs again]
    Female Guard: "Huh...Truart keeps up this pace we'll ALL be out of a
                  job. There won't be anyone left to arrest!"
      Male Guard: [laughs] "Well, I guess we'll just have to arrest the
                  Sheriff at that point!"
    Female Guard: "Yeah...the Baron'll be surprised to find out that Truart
                  is working for everyone but him."
      Male Guard: "Does anyone know who the people the Sheriff is working
                  for are? I'm surprised that no one really talks about
    Female Guard: "You won't be talking 'bout it neither if you know what's
                  good for you!"
    Guards outside Garrett's home:
    Female Guard: "Remember men, his name is Garrett. Consider him armed,
                  and dangerous. The Sheriff wants him brough in, dead or
      Male Guard: "What's the Sheriff want with a common thief? Why all the
                  extra manpower?"
    Female Guard: "Truart says this man is very dangerous and clever. Just
                  follow your orders."
      Male Guard: "But why--"
    Female Guard: "I don't want to hear it! You have your orders."
      Male Guard: "Yes sir!"
    6.3: Written Material
    Scroll under a table in the Crippled Burrick Pub:
    "Watch Sergeant Harwin -
    I must protest that the technique of paying informants has been in place for
    only a week, and I think it has shown far more promise than expected. While the
    first round netted us only a few small fish, the fools have begun to compete to
    turn each other in. A good fraction of the gold we pay out, we reap back again
    when we arrest the informers themselves. Ceasing the project now would be, in
    my opinion, shortsighted.
    Parchment on table upstairs in building with copper coins:
    "My Lord -
    I write to thank you for your most interesting entertainment of the other
    night. The Sheriff's men are, as you said, most efficient, and watching the
    rabble fall over themselves in panic afforded me more entertainment than a good
    month of theatre. Might we avail ourselves of this street-cleaning farce again
    this weekend? I await your reply.
         Your devoted L--"
    Section 7: Cutscene - "Revelations"
    [Note: Anything placed between square brackets is not spoken dialogue...it is
    my addition to describe what is happening.]
    [The views shows blueprints for Garrett's mechanical eye. A knocking on the
    door is heard, and a shadow passes over the blueprints. The image changes to
    show a shelf with some items on it, including a jar, which a hand lifts off the
    shelf. The knocking is heard again.]
    [The view changes to show a closeup of Garrett's mechanical eye, and what
    appears to be a liquid filling the iris. The knocking is heard a third time.
    The picture changes again to show some tools, and hand lifting out a
    [The image changes to show a rounded surface, a screw sticking out partially
    from it. A screwdriver is placed against the screw, and turns, driving the
    screw into place. A voice is heard while this happens.]
    Keeper #1: By order of the Council of the Keepers, YOU must come with us.
    [The view changes to show Garrett's mechanical eye, held in a gloved hand. A
    second gloves hand polishes the eye with a rag, as another voice speaks.]
    Keeper #1: Garrett, be reasonable. Logic dictates....
    Garrett: [interrupting] LEAVE!
    [The image changes to show Garrett's face, one eye socket empty.
    Keeper #1: But we must....
    Garrett: [interrupting] NOW!
    [The silhouette of Garrett's hand is brought up to the empty eye socket. He
    winces slightly.]
    Keeper #2: Has your wealth of knowledge grown so vast, that you've lost all
    hunger for more?
    [As the Keeper speaks, the image changes to show Garrett's silhouette,
    reflected in a burning lamp. It changes again to show Garrett in silhouette, a
    burning lamp in front of him, turning towards the voices.]
    Keeper #2: Is there no more trust between us then?
    [Garrett shakes his head, and sighs. He stands up, and moves away from the
    Garrett: Let's make this fast.
    [The scene changes. The image shows books on a bookshelf, then changes to show
    several shadows moving across a long bridge at night. The image changes again,
    to show an old woman in the background. She speaks in a foreign tongue. Then a
    small girl speaks on top of her, translating her words. She is drawn into focus
    when she starts to speak.]
    Translator: My hand is copper, my brow is lead. Suffer me in a red patina,
    swept along in a molten flow to a sad eternity.
    [The image changes to show Garrett and some Keepers, looking up at the child
    and the old woman. They continue, as the camera draws closer to the men's
    Translator: My stride interrupted, my thoughts untimed. My tears are become
    drops of silver....
    [The image changes, showing the old woman's hand on a page of an old book, two
    fingers extended, flowing over the script. She is obviously reading the words
    she speaks. The letters seem to glow as her fingers cross over them.]
    Translator: ...That shatter the crystalline fern. I plead the wind to sweep us
    [The image changes to show Garrett and the Keepers in silhouette, all looking
    up at the two women. As the men speak, the translation continues in the
    Translator: My alabastrine limbs, useless and tired. My carnelian heart,
    beatless and mired....
    Garrett: Nice poem.
    [One Keeper's silhouette turns towards Garret.]
    Keeper #1: Not poetry. Prophecy.
    [The image changes to show only Garrett and the Keeper speaking.]
    Keeper #1: The metal age is upon us.
    [The image changes to show all the men in silhouette again. Three are looking
    up at the women. The one who was speaking to Garrett turns to look up also, and
    the translation continues.]
    Translator: I pick the gilded apple from the iron tree.
    [The image changes to show the old woman's face in profile. She continues
    Translator: I wipe the rust from my brow.
    [The image changes to show the men in silhouette again. As they speak, the
    translation continues in the background.]
    Translator: The earth rejects me, foul and changed. The wind refuses me,
    unsightly and maimed. My voice is corrupted, my tongue unwind, my pulse is
    mercurial sicked, it slows.
    Garrett: [disbelieving] Iron trees? Not in my part of town!
    [The Keeper turns to speak to Garrett again. As he speaks, the image changes to
    show only himself and Garrett's silhouettes.]
    Keeper #1: Find the humour if you must, but can you tell me truly Garrett...are
    there any trees in your part of town? *I* will answer for you: There are NOT!
    [The image changes to show all the men in silhouette again, the one Keeper
    still looking at Garrett.]
    Translator: Destiny and danger are still focused on the one....
    [The image changes to show something like an iron gate, with a spider sitting
    in its web it has built among the pattern of the iron.]
    Translator: ...The renegade who is both brethren and betrayer.
    [As the translator speaks, a shadow moves across the spiderweb. The image
    changes to show a closeup of the spider, as the shadow jostles it. Several legs
    fall off of the spider, and a gaseous substance escapes from its body. The rest
    of the spider falls to pieces, and fall to the ground.]
    [The image changes to show the men in silhouette again. As they speak, the
    translation continues in the background.]
    Translator: Beware the spider, for he weaves both labyrinth and lair....
    Garrett: Well, you got the danger part right anyway. Tell you what. You Keepers
    can plant a few shrubs about town, and...I'll take care of ME.
    [As he speaks, the image changes to show the four silhouette's looking up at
    the women.]
    [The image changes to show only Garrett's and the one Keeper's silhouette.]
    Garrett: I'll find my own way home.
    [Garrett turns to leave, the one Keeper turning to watch him go. The image
    changes to show Garrett walking away on the bridge, the Keeper watching. In the
    background can be seen many books on shelves...we are looking at a bridge built
    near the top of a huge library.]
    Keeper #1: You're a fool! Do you not understand what is at stake?
    [The image changes to show the three Keepers watching Garrett leave. As they
    speak, their body language changes to indicate who is talking, and to whom.]
    Keeper #3: Did you not hear the interpreter's words?
    Keeper #2: Yes, Keeper Orland, he HAS heard. Do not despair. Let me go after
    him. Alone. Not to persuade, but to leave the door open between us.
    [One Keeper detaches himself from the group to follow after Garrett. The image
    changes to show Garrett at a distance, walking through an archway. The Keeper
    walks into the scene, and stops. Garrett stops as the Keeper speaks.]
    Keeper #2: One more moment if you will, Garrett.
    [Garrett turns to face the Keeper. As he does so, the Keeper starts forward.]
    Garrett: [exasperated] ONE moment.
    [The image changes to show Garrett's silhouette up close. An insect flies
    around in the light of a nearby burning lamp.]
    Keeper #2: You have trouble, my friend.
    [The image changes to show the Keeper's silhouette approaching. As he enters
    the light, his face is revealed. The insect continues to fly around in the
    Keeper #2: Danger from someone who hired Truart to kill you.
    Garrett: [impatient] Yes?
    [The Keeper raises his hand to give what appears to be a letter to Garrett. The
    scene changes to show Garrett's silhouette, the Keeper's hand now shown in
    Keeper #2: Then take this.
    [Garrett reaches forward. The image changes to focus on their hands in the
    light. Garrett's is gloved, the Keeper's is bare. Garrett takes the letter as
    the Keeper speaks.]
    Keeper #2: The sooner you are done with YOUR business....
    [The image changes to show Garrett's silhouette, up close at first, walking
    Keeper #2: ...The sooner you will help US.
    Garrett: Don't count on it.
    [As he walks away, the old woman's voice is heard again. The translation
    Translator: My heart it ceases....
    [The image changes to show the scene where the men had looked up at the women.
    The men are no longer there.]
    Translator: ...My breath undrawn....
    [The image changes to show a close up of the old woman's eyes.]
    Translator: ...My eyes forever focused....
    [The image fades to darkness.]
    Translator: ...On the sanguine metal...dawn....
    7.1: The Prophecy
    For those of you who may be interested, here is the entire prophecy,
    uncluttered by the additional material above. Thanks to Sergey for sending me
    the incomplete areas!
    "My hand is copper, my brow is lead.
     Suffer me in a red patina, swept along in a molten flow to a sad eternity.
     My stride interrupted, my thoughts untimed.
     My tears are become drops of silver that shatter the crystalline fern.
     I plead the wind to sweep us away.
     My alabastrine limbs, useless and tired,
     My carnelian heart, beatless and mired.
     I pick the gilded apple from the iron tree,
     I wipe the rust from my brow.
     The earth rejects me, foul and changed,
     The wind refuses me, unsightly and maimed.
     My voice is corrupted, my tongue unwind,
     My pulse is mercurial sickened, it slows.
     Destiny and danger are still focused on the one,
     The renegade who is both brethren and betrayer.
     Beware the spider, for he weaves both labyrinth and lair.
     My heart it ceases, my breath undrawn,
     My eyes forever focused on the sanguine metal dawn."
    Section 8: Eavesdropping (Mission 5)
    "The man who learns only what others know is as ignorant as if he learns
    nothing. The treasures of knowledge are the most rare, and guarded most
         -- Chronicle of the First Age
    I headed back to my safehouse, and kept thinking about the letter. I know
    they're trying to manipulate me, but Keepers never alter the truth...just keep
    it in the shadows. Besides, it's not like I got a lot of leads anyway.
    Keepers Voice: If you seek the private knowledge of the Sheriff, go to the
    Easport Mechanists Seminary tomorrow night. With stealthy discretion, overhear
    what you may, at a certain very timely meeting.
    Looks like I have something useful to learn from a seminary for a change. There
    are two open towers, and some back doors which might be helpful for getting in.
    The catacombs below the church could be another way in, but I'd rather not
    tread where the dead sleep.
    The meeting will most likely take place in some sort of...conference hall. Heh.
    There's no guarantee that I'll even be able to get inside, but all I need to do
    is get close enough to listen at the door.
    I better pull this off quickly and find a new hideout before the bulldogs get
    my scent. This situation does have one advantage: things can't get any worse.
    Who could hire someone like the Sheriff to kill me...?
    8.1: Garrett's Words
    Upon entering the laboratory:
    "Strange. I wonder what kind of work the Mechanists do here."
    Upon entering the secret trapdoor:
    "I could REALLY learn to hate these guys."
    Upon approaching the door to the meeting room:
    "Better not disturb them. I can hear the meeting just fine from
    out here."
    Upon hearing about the location of the safety deposit box key:
    "I'd like to get a copy of that key myself."
    Upon picking up a key OTHER than the safety deposit key, after hearing
    about it, but before retrieving the safety deposit key:
    "Huh...wrong key."
    "That wasn't the right key."
    Upon reading the book on the pulpit in the church:
    "These Mechanists are just as bad as the Hammers."
    Upon entering the factory area:
    "It's no big secret that the Mechanist's are the ones supplying Sheriff
    Truart with those machines."
    Upon picking up the safety deposit key, after hearing about it:
    "I better come back here and replace this key when I'm done with it."
    8.2: Spoken Lines
    Meeting between Truart and Karras:
    [Clock starts to strike.]
    Garrett: "Better not disturb them. I can hear the meeting just fine
             from out here."
    [Clock strikes twelve. Machinery is heard beyond the door.]
       Man: [whimpering] "Let me go...let me go...someone free me...."
    Karras: "Behold, Sheriff Truart! From the lowly street rot emerges the
            loyal worker. That which I call...the Servant."
    Truart: "THIS is one of the tramps I delivered to you? The
            transformation is spectacular!"
    Karras: "And neither want nor worry has he."
    Truart: "Lucky fellow!" [chuckles] "Strange you should mention worries,
            Karras...because I do have one. It's not that the money's not
            right, no...it's just that I need to be convinced you've taken
            the proper precautions. The Truart name is untainted by
            scandal, and I will not be the one to bring it humiliation and
    Karras: "Trust thee in me, for 'tis The Builder Himself who guides me.
            And the baron...need never know."
    Truart: "Y-Yesss...I'm glad your Builder guides you, but it would make
            me feel even more confident if you were to let me in on
            your...WHOLE scheme. Come now! What's the crux of it all, eh
            Karras? Show me what's so special about your new Servants."
    Karras: "Err...'tis impossible to hide anything from YOU, good Sheriff.
            I will give thee full explanation then in the form of...a
            demonstration. The visual in this instance would far surpass
            any...verbal elaborations I could relate. But, I must ask thee
            to step away from the masked servant. That's right. And
            meanwhile, I will retrieve our...volunteer. A most unfortunate
            guttersnipe who waits just outside."
    [A door is heard opening.]
    Karras: "Come, come, gentle beggar. And stand ye JUST there, next to
            the masked man. Yes. Now, all is in readiness, so keep thine
            eyes on the new arrival, whilst I signal the Servant...thusly."
    [A button is pressed, a whirring of machinery is heard. It continues in
    the background of the conversation.]
    Truart: "My word! The mask emits a red vapour!"
     Woman: [in background beneath the conversation] "Uh! Please, no!
    Karras: "Continue thy observations, Truart."
     Woman: [Screams several times.]
    Truart: "But it consumes them! We're in peril!"
    Karras: "Fear thee not, stout Sheriff, for we are safe at this
            distance! See? Already the reaction ceases."
    [The machinery noises stop.]
    Truart: "They're gone! And what remains in their stead? Sand?
    Karras: "Indeed, 'tis very much like rust, and harmless once settled.
            Brother Feegan, I pray thee, do sweep up...what is left of
            those two."
    Feegan: "Yes."
    [Footsteps are heard.]
    Truart: "A weapon then! Quite fantastic! And...monstrous! Of course,
            you'll keep these Servants you're making away from me and my
    Karras: "Thou need not even ask!"
    Truart: "Then, we are in agreement! You need subjects for your Servant
            project, and *I* can supply them. Vagabonds, street scum,
            prostitutes...those who will not be missed by anyone of
            consequence. They'll be rounded up, charges invented, et
            cetera. Still, there's always risk. So I will give
            you...twenty, no more. For your part, you'll rememeber to keep
            our transactions ABSOLUTELY secret! And of course, deliver my
            payment...IN ADVANCE, IN FULL...tomorrow. I don't trust you,
            Karras. So you'll receive the subjects only after I confirm the
            payment. Well, our business here is finished."
    [Footsteps, receding.]
    Karras: "Yesss...Fare thee well, Truart!"
    [A door opens, then closes again.]
    Karras: "Now see, friends...with the Builder's efficiency I have
            completed TWO tasks, with but ONE...effort. Firstly, I did
            secure twenty subjects to be transformed into Servants, as you
            heard. And secondly, I secured the loyalty of the wary Sheriff
            Truart. Yes! His loyalty...heh. Truart fears scandal. Yet his
            actions of late could bring him that, or worse, if ever made
            public! Now, behold, my wax cylinder machine! I've used it to
            capture the Sheriff's very words, even as they moved through
            the air, today. Harken, friends!"
    [A machine is heard to start up, and the Sheriff's voice is heard,
    sounding slightly different, as if recorded.]
    Truart: "...and *I* can supply them. Vagabonds, street scum,
            prostitutes...those who will not be missed by anyone of
    [The macine stops.]
    Karras: "With his voice thus preserved, Truart dare not betray me or
            he'll have the scandal he fears so much. Brother Feegan! Thou
            wilt see to it that this wax cylinder machine gets safely to
            the bank on the morrow. You will find the safety deposit box
            key [*]. Friends, we are adjourned. Return now to your duties."
    [Footsteps recede...a door opens, then closes.]
    Garrett: "I'd like to get a copy of that key myself."
    [*] This part of the conversation is random, the selection being made when
    the mission starts. Karras will say the key is in one of the following
    "in the acolytes' quarters."
    "in the guards' quarters."
    "in the office on the second floor of the church."
    "in the factory area."
    "in the east tower."
    "in the west tower."
    "at the pulpit in the church."
    "in a closet near the pulpit."
    "in the shed atop the acolytes' quarters."
    Two Mechanists in the church:
    Mechanist 1: "Dost thou know whether the Sheriff hath arrived?"
    Mechanist 2: "The Sheriff? What dost he here?"
    Mechanist 1: "In Karras' name, man, hast thou been stuffing leaves in
                 thine ears? Hast thou not heard about the meeting?"
    Mechanist 2: "Oh! The meeting! I hadst...forgotten that today wast the
    Mechanist 1: "Fah! Thou hast NO idea what I speak on! Thou must learn
                 to pay more attention, lest thee find thyself fallen by
                 the wayside as the future passes thee by!"
    Two mechanists near the workshop:
      Man: "A pox upon it! Never shall I finish my design! The springs and
           gears conspire and confound me!"
    Woman: "Calm, friend, calm! On the morrow let ME come by thy workbench
           and help thee untangle things."
      Man: "I...I would be MOST grateful couldst thou help."
    Woman: "'Tis nothing. Think on it as the copper and tin mingle to make
           the stronger bronze...so dost WE each mingle and flow together
           in Karras's forge to make stronger as well."
      Man: "Thou art wise."
    Woman: "'Tis Karras who is TRULY wise. His bounty, and the machines we
           construct shall help ALL of humanity in the coming times, and
           all shall know HIS wisdom."
      Man: "I will be glad to have this wretched task behind me, that I
           might move to a more profitable position."
    Two Mechanists outside by the Iron Beast:
    Woman: "I tell you, for thou art my friend, that I wish the Children
           of Karras were more, umm...mild seeming."
      Man: "Thou'rt not the first to be afeared of them, for their visage
           is wrought to strike terror into the enemies of Karras.
           Or...those who might consider BECOMING enemies."
    Woman: "Well, and it might, for it near strikes terror into mine own
      Man: "Thinkest thou thine own sauced body of leaky flesh and
           wheezing gases is glorious to the eyes of The Builder? Nay!
           'Tis thy SOUL that is the only thing of any worth! So 'tis with
           the Children of Karras, for they are the blessed and immortal
           heirs of The Builder! While I and thou are but the paltry tools
           that forged them."
    Woman: "As thou sayest."
    [Long pause as the woman walks away.]
      Man: "What a fool! Karras would be well rid of that one!"
    8.3: Written Material
    Scroll on table in guards' quarters:
    "Master Gaspar:
    Thy name was mentioned to our lord Karras as one who might be welcoming to the
    future. Perhaps thou hast heard of the Mechanists, but thou may be confusing us
    with our hoary forebears, the Hammers. Where they spurned thou and thy kind,
    the Mechanists embrace those with a voice in the city's future. Perhaps thou
    might attend a sermon at Angelwatch? There be many wonders we would be happy to
    show thee in our workshops.
                   Friend Tickspring"
    Parchment on table in office on second floor of the church:
    "Lord Karras --
    I write to you on behalf of my lord, who is much intrigued with your services
    to other nobility. I am given to understand that your favours are reserved for
    those who please the Mechanist Tower. My lord desires to do so, but he is
    concerned that his gifts may be incorrect, or perhaps misdelivered. Please let
    me know by messenger if I can do aught to advise him.
                   Jerome, of the house Thorburn"
    Scroll on bedtable above the second floor office:
    "Karras --
    I received your note. I think you worry too much. I shall be there in good time
    for our meeting, assuming that your loyal disciples are willing to let me all
    the way in to your meeting hall this time. There is much work to be done
    between now and tomorrow at twelve, so leave me in peace until then.
                   Gorman Truart, Sheriff"
    1st Book on table, bottom of east tower:
    "Week 23:
    Lord Bassel, six crates wool tweed -- send spiral lamplighter.
    Lord Wilkerson, 300 gold -- send clockwork picture-tray.
    Lord Toby, one crate paper -- ignore.
    Brian Masterson, 1500 gold -- will send masked servant.
    Gorman Truart, goodwill -- sending clockwork spy cameras
    Lord Winhill, one crate fine wire -- send spiral lamplighter.
    2nd book on table, bottom of east tower:
    "Week 26:
    Lord Bassel, two crates lambswool -- send clockwork picture-tray.
    Lady Waterdike, sixteen crates flour -- will send masked servant.
    Lord Toby, four crates paper -- send spiral lamplighter.
    Lady Thomson, 200 gold -- send rotary polisher.
    Arthur Whitcomb, two flowering bushes -- ignore.
    Lord Thorburn, two crates tin ore -- send clockwork spy cameras.
    Book on top of the pulpit in the church:
    "Psalm 13: When thou art born.
    When thou art born, thou art blind, and weak, and squalling. So is the ore,
    weak and crumbling when it is pulled from the earth.
    Stoke thy forge, and burn away all impurity."
    Parchment on workbench in workshop:
    "Friend Coltus,
    Recent experiments have confirmed my fears -- mere water can indeed halt the
    Builder's Children! If a significant amount of moisture pools in the aft
    boiler, the result is complete paralysis! The weather has been agreeable of
    late, but if a thunderstorm were to strike....
    Coltus, I task you with fixing this problem immediately. Water poured directly
    into the boiler may shut the Children down, but you must at least be competent
    enough to protect them from a simple rain shower!
    -- Father Karras"
    Notice on wall in wax press room:
    If thou wouldst make a mold, press thine item into the wax press. Such
    impression being made, use the putty knife to scrape away the top layer of wax.
    Use this method, friends, to make molds of most small articles -- keys, cogs,
    gears, springs, and the like.
    To create a tool of hardened steel, give thy mold to Brother Mendelus, whose
    place it is to work the fires of the forge.
    -- Coltus"
    Scroll on floor between pews in the church:
    "Lord Karras:
    Your sermon was so inspiring. I never thought of it that way, to be a little
    cog, floating around in a big boiler. SO warm and toasty, you see? Please
    accept my compliments, and do tell me you will come to the dinner we are having
    on Saturday.
                   Lady Einhorn"
    Section 9: Disclaimer
    Most of this section is taken from the Hellfire FAQ written by by Joseph
    Christopher <sirlordjoseph@icqmail.com>, and is used here with permission.
    While most of this portion has not proven to be necessary, seeing it in his
    document made me think it would be a good idea to include it in mine. (Please
    note I said MOST of this portion has not proven to be necessary...parts of it
    have, which is why I went looking for information such as this.)
    1) I, Adam Gilchrist, the author of this document, am not in any way liable for
    any harm that anybody thinks came from reading this document. Examples of this
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    Section 10: Endnotes and Copyright Notice
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