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"Perfect Darkness!!!"

So you have watch some spy movies and wants to do the same? THAT IS YOUR CHANCE!!! THIEF 2 has everything you ever wanted to see in a SPY game. But who wants a SPY when you get a perfect Thief in the game? Thief 2 follows the same path you finished in the fist game, you play as Garret, a professional thief in his search for some loot. The main difference in this game of FPS (First Person Shooter) from the others are that you don't have to KILL anybody if you doesn't feel you need to do it. The game sounds more like you trying to do some espionage, AND taking some people's personal treasures from them. STEAL, RUN, HIDE and PICK POCKETS to survive in Thief 2. Remember, never fight, you will be always outnumbered, LAW IS AFTER YOU ALL THE TIME!!!

Thief 2 have the same graphic style from Thief 1, with a very little difference that the graphics now seems more ''real''. When you switch all your gamma off, you will be able to see how Garret's doing in all the darkness. But still, for a new game, the graphics could be even better if they are designed for a GeForce 2 or something like that.
The enemies you found in Thief 2 are quite lively fellows, the game is sometimes so dark that sometimes you don't even see the enemy spotting you, this cause the action of the game burst the way up.

This game is surely the best FPS I ever played, since that in the first time on a game in a FPS your main objective isn't to kill everyone that you just finds. Sometimes you must gather some information before you can proceed, and in some missions, you cannot even kill anybody, or the mission will be lost. You have to run in the shadows for not being spotted by the enemy, cause if you do, you will probably ending up with a fight with him, so keep in mind that in this game you are a THIEF not a warrior. It's better and safer for you try to sneak in without blasting everything (Since you don't have the equip for that).

SOUND: 10/10
I guess this game is excellent, but what makes it even better is definitely the sound system, while you are sneaking your way through guards and other things, you can often hear them talking by themselves, this makes the game even more real that you can even imagine, just like in normal life you will notice footsteps in hard soil and even a guard snoring in the middle of the duty. Besides, the sound system is the key for your success in Thief 2, by listening to the footsteps of your enemies you can tell how close and how far are them from you, they also interact with the way you knock them off, for example: If you knock a guard off using your Blackjack they will go down quietly, since they are just uncouncious due to the knock on their heads, but if you kill them with your sword or even with your bow, they will scream before they die, this will sound as an alert for the other guards nearby, so be careful.

While you have 3 ways to walk, the controls are kind of confusing in first time. Garret is able to walk, run and even sneak, witch is a quietter and slower way to walk, don't forget, faster you move, faster you will be spotted.


SOUND: 10/10

Thief 2 has everything you ever claimed for in a thief game, forget about all other thieves you ever seen since then, Garret can show you the true meaning of ''taffer''.

Recommended Way to Play: Lock yourself in a room turn off the lights and turn in max. volume, this will make you piss you off your pens when you play it. :-)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/11/01, Updated 11/11/01

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