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"The Metal Age, all of those metal floors make this heroic quest for challenging than the first..."

Thief: The Dark Project was arguably one of the greatest games to come out in 1998. It's 2000 sequel Thief II: The Metal Age doesn't disappoint, but it doesn't really surpass it's predecessor as you might expect either.

Gameplay 8/10: See my Thief: TDP review under Thief Gold if you want the basics, I'm just going to go over what's new here. Gameplay wise, Thief II is Thief: TDP with both additions and deletions. There are new items for you to toy around a bit with, but other than that and some changes in enemies, the gameplay is pretty much the same as it's predecessor. That's not necessarily bad, but that makes me downgrade it one point since there *could* have been more to it. I for one was disappointed by the lack of haunts, zombies, and burricks. Thief II instead gives us guards, guards... and more guards. There are some non-human opponents, but the Children of Karras are the only ones that appear in more than one mission. Quite disappointing really... I must also add that all of those metal floors (probably obvious since the game's sub title *is* ''The Metal Age'') make being stealthy much more of a difficult task.

Story 8/10: The story in Thief II: The Metal Age picks up one year after The Dark Project. Our cynical hero and master Thief Garrett has been having troubles as of late by the new Sheriff in town. As the story unfolds Garrett becomes part of a massive city-wide conspiracy and is forced into an unlikely alliance just so he can return to thieving in peace.

Graphics 8/10: Somewhat improved over the original, Thief II has improved models and textures as well as nicer looking blood and skies. However, if you're expecting the quality of Unreal, don't look here, though improved over the original Thief, Thief II's graphics still aren't Unreal quality, though that shouldn't really bother a true gamer.

Sound 9/10: Once again the sound is excellent, the conversations, the return of Stephen Russell as Garrett, and the atmospheric music all make the sound in Thief II as superb as the original. No complaints at all here, except maybe the questionable voice for Karras...

Overall 8/10: While Thief II: The Metal Age is a fine game, and definitely a must buy whether you played the original or not, I wouldn't say it's superior to it's predecessor. The original seemed more atmospheric while the sequel tends to have boring and tedious missions. Thief II doesn't disappoint, but to be honest it's not exactly as high quality as The Dark Project.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/22/04

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