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"Garrett Returns. Nothing else needs to be said."

A lot of people give me flak for giving both Thief and Thief 2 a '10' I tell you these game hold more to that number in truth than most others reviewed with a 10. I stand by that number then, and I stand by it now, but not is not the time to gripe. On to the game!

If you havent played the first, I'll bring you up to speed. Garrett was a street kid who lived by picking pockets and running messages. One day he picked the pocket of someone who specializes in not being seen, that person was a keeper.

The keepers trained garrett to move unseen, stay in the shadows, and avoid the light. Thier lifestyle was one of keeping the status quo between the cities 2 main factions: The Hammerites (a religous order), and the Pagans (led by the Trickster, a god of sorts). To wind the story up, Garrett wound up defeating the Trickster, when it made the mistake of Dragging Garrett into its problems.

Thief 2 takes place one year later. Garrett is Still making his trade by stealing from the rich and giving to the less rich, namely himself. Hey its a tough job, right?

well it just got tougher. The demo (sold seperatly of course, or downloadable) intorduces you to Gorman Truart, a Sheriff recruited by the local nobility to establish order.

But there is something worng with him. Or sure he makes life tough for criminals, but for some reason, he is set on getting garrett out of the way... Personally.

I cant reveal any more, but lets just say, its REALLY well written. Story wise, I'd rank this with Fallout for sheer interest. You keep playing just to find out what happens next.

Graphically, it appears a bit dated, at least in the league of Quake 3: Arena and half-life. But graphics dont make or break a game, for while they arent as detailed, they are a HECK of a lot more asthetic.

That is they look like someone hired a very astute interior decorator to designed the interior of EVERY single level. Just spend 5 minutes wandering around level 1 to see what I mean. The grand ballroom really is grand.

Voices are detailed and professional. Oh sure there are some rookies in the voice acting, but nothing as bad as resident evil, though certianly not Outcast qualkity.

Controls are a snap, and configureable. Not to mention for the first 2 levels, the computer helps you select what buttons to press, and garrett gives vocal clues on what to do. Thank you god.

Enemies are now smart. They relight doused torches, listen for sounds, and stand in generally unhelpful ways. They are equal to, but not better than, Half-life enemies. They surround you, cry for help, set off alarms, or just block and counter attack. They are deadly.

But garrett is no slouch. While he is a lousy fighter (and the whole purpose of the game is to AVOID fights) Garrett has LOTS of tricks up his sleeves.

In addition to his sword and arrows has has: 1) Blackjack-for knocking out enemies without them making a sound or leaving a bloody mess, 2) Water arrows-for dousing lit torches to create darkness to hide in, and to clean up messy blood stains, 3) Fire arrows-They go BOOM! and hurt... Oh they also relight torches, 4) Moss arrows-for covering over thouse lousy bits of floor which make noise when you walk over em. With the Moss arrow, you can jump and no one hears you, 5) Rope/Vine arrow-For those times Ladders just arent available, 6) Noisemaker arrow-Naughty guards look in another direction while Garrett sneaks behind them.

Also he can use a scouting orb to scan a hallway or passage. This prevents him from being seen, and lets him get a look around the corner. Also, he uses an invisibility potion to go unseen, a catfall potion to drop from great hieghts with taking damage.... ect. ect. Need I go on?

Does this game have flaws? Yup, but they dont even equal a full point to drop off the total. The graphics gripe is minimal, and sometimes the enemies reactly slowly. Oh well, live and learn. Get this game, if you want a new take on FPS. Good Bless Loking glass.

Graphics-9.5, Dated visuals are counterbalanced by unbelieveable archetechture.

Sound-10, You cant truly appreciate this game without an Aureal 3d card. the main Sound file alone is over 500 megs!

Playabiltiy-10, Sneak sneak sneak!

Lastablity-10, You'll find yerself replaying a level just to find out where that sneaky mechabeast is.

Controls-10, Hey its no better or worse than another fps.


Overall-10. A masterpeice.

Amakusa thinks that Garrett would be Solid Snake in a fight, cause Snake would never see/hear/smell Garrett coming before the Blackjack decended on his head.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/24/00, Updated 03/24/00

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