"The sequel to the original stealth game is even better than the first."

The original stealth game comes back with an even better sequel. Metal Gear? Splinter Cell? They've got nothing on this game.

Gameplay: Stealth, of course, but guess what........it's not in 3rd person........it's in 1st person! 'Oh my goodness! What?',you might be asking. But actually you should be saying that about the 3rd person games metal gear and splinter cell. Why? Because Thief was the original stealth game, so the genre stealth was FirstPersonSneaker. Then Metal Gear came, took the genre, and twisted it to third person. So there, you have it.
You, Garrett, go around in a Victorian mixed with Renaissance (spelling?) type of world, and a bit of medieval on the side.
So in other words this is the best fantasy world yet. The first few missions your stealing for your own good, then the story comes in and you work with it. This game isn't insanely boring and monotonous like splinter cell, it is fun. If you think
of it as 'Boring, where I have to take ten years trying to get something' then you're wrong. It is really addicting!2/2

Story: Okay, your not some government guy assigned to a boring task, your Garrett who steals for his own good.
The first one had a good story, but this one has an even better one. I'm not telling the entire story, but the bare beginning.
There is a guy named Karras who thinks he's a messenger from the Master Builder (play the first one to know more about the 'Master Builder') and he has some new ideas for the city, but really there is an evil secret behind it. He leads a religious group called the Mechanists, and, oh, you really need to play the first game to know the connections. You see, there is another group called the Hammerites...and please play the first Thief to get all this! But, this is the most atmospheric game ever! You feel like you are Garrett, in this fantasy world...it's so great!2/2

Graphics: They aren't amazing, but they are still good! And very sharp and clear!2/2

Sound: The music it plays in the background is so atmospheric! The sounds are astounding considering it's an old game.
Examples: If your in a cozy room in some mansion, it plays cozy music. If you hear some chilling conversation it will play
a suspenseful upbeat.....it's so atmospheric.2/2

Replayability: Very replayable! I have played it five times!2/2

Final score:10/10

Notes: This game has some of the greatest levels ever. The Mechanist seminary and the 'Docks' levels are so atmospheric they are in the top 3 greatest levels of all time (in my opinion). Keep in mind that the first were made by Looking Glass Studios, not Ion Storm. And it's true, metal gear and splinter cell are two huge Thief knockoffs.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/13/04

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