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Reviewed: 06/24/05 | Updated: 07/06/05

Thief II: The Metal Age is realistic, but overly challenging

I first saw the game “Thief II, The Metal Age” on sale in a games store in 2000. Back then; I still remembered its back cover though I did not purchase the game. It showed very exciting scenes of crime, and the graphics seemed good. When I purchased the game in 2002, I realized that not all the box displayed was true.

In Thief II, you play as Garrett, a small time thief who works alone. You embark on missions, some of which are to rescue a mansion servant, frame a lieutenant, break into a large bank, break into a tall tower named Angelwatch, kidnap a person and foil the Mechanists’ plans to control the economy and security of the nation.

In Thief II, almost everyone you meet is a foe. Various enemies include guards, civilians, other thieves, the infamous Mechanists and even mechanical robots!
I said that every enemy you meet in the game is a foe as they will either attack you or alarm the patrolling guards. That makes the game difficult. On why the guards attack Garrett, it is due to Garrett’s clothing and wielded items.

Thief II, developed by Eidos Interactive, boasts that it has 15 long missions. This is true. However, they are long and may require so much time to complete them. It is a disadvantage to the player, as he cannot carry found items into the next game. The Hard and Expert levels provide players with greater challenges, some of which are obtaining more treasures, items or even avoiding killing.

What I find about Thief II is that the graphics are excellent, providing a peek into the past, and the sound fits the atmosphere. However, the music seems to be quite creepy, and it is best for the squeamish player to disable the music.

Thief II trains players to be stealthy. Players are required to sneak up to the enemy and deliver a sudden blow to render them unconscious. Garrett has many arrows to his disposal, some of which are the Noisemaker Arrow and the Moss Arrow, to distract the enemy and allow Garrett to sneak across metal stealthily respectively.

The rating I give for this game is significantly low, as the game is too difficult for the average player, even at the easiest difficulty. And, the game is too dark, and I have to adjust the gamma to nearly the maximum in order to play properly.

I would like to advise players, the decision of buying this game is solely up to oneself.


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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