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    Characters Guide by Crisis

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    Omikron: The Nomad Soul
    Faq/Character list and SaveGame Hacking faq
    Character list Written by Crisis
    SaveGame Hacking faq Written by Kalis
    Version 2.00 [ Final ]
    First created: 21.1.2000
    Last updated:17.6.2001
    E-mail: omikron_the_nomad_soul@hotmail.com
    System requirements
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Character list
    SaveGame Hacking faq
    Spell list
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    About the author
    -Important Note-
    The savegame hacking faq is made by Kalis if you have any questions
    about the Savegame hacking faq send them to Kalis not to me.
    -Important Note-
    To people who are reading this Faq E-mail me all of the missing
    character locations & names very fast if you wish them to be
    included in the final version of this faq.You will gain credit
    from it.
    This faq is made for personal use only.You can post this faq
    to other sites as long as it remain unchanced and proper credit
    is given to me.This faq is copyright Crisis 2001.
    Version 2.00
    Corrected some typing errors ,
    Version 1.99
    Added couple characters and SaveGame Hacking faq Made by Kalis
    Version 1.95
    Corrected some spelling mistakes,Added some info.
    Version 1.9
    Added the FaQ section & some other info.
    Version 1.8
    added new character info.
    Version 1.6
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    corrected some mistakes.
    Version 1.4
    added some new character info,added spell list.
    Version 1.2
    added some new character info,corrected some mistakes.
    Story -
    taken from eidosinteractive homepage.
    The Past
    At the beginning of time in this parallel world called Phaenon, the
    demons of the Last Circle, after centuries of fierce combats, were
    finally conquered by the humans. Against the Infernal Hordes of the
    demon Astaroth, one man showed exceptional courage and intelligence.
    Kushulainn was his name.
    In order to help him conquer Evil, all the wizards from the Ancient
    Times decided to seal their souls inside his legendary sword Barkaya'l.
    In this way they gave the weapon a magical power sufficient to
    eliminate Astaroth forever. But the spell would keep them prisoners
    within the blade until the demon died or the blade was shattered.
    At the head of the human armies, Kushulainn decimated the Infernal
    Legions. Hacking away daily at multitudes of incubuses and succubuses,
    he covered Phaenon with their foul blood. At the height of his combats
    he hunted down Astaroth and confronted him in singular combat.
    Their duel lasted seven days and seven nights. In the morning of the
    eighth day, the humans finally dared to come near. Astaroth was lying
    there, inanimate, on the dirty ground. But Kushulainn had disappeared.
    They called out for him, searched in the rubble and the surrounding
    forest, without any luck. Hurriedly they made a cage of Apylande and
    locked the demon inside it.Then they threw it in a pool of cooling
    lava. The golden prison slowly faded into the depths of the ground.
    No one ever saw Kushulainn again, nor ever found out what happened to
    His exploits were sung and his name was blessed a thousand times. He
    became a myth, a legend, until finally he was forgotten. Several
    hundred years later the only thing remaining of humanity's savior was a
    vague recollection, something about an ancient hero, although people
    wondered if he ever really had existed.
    Once the combat had ended, Kushulainn had collapsed from exhaustion and
    fallen into the river Dray'n. The river then carried him to the land
    called Mahahaleel. When he regained consciousness, he realized that he
    had failed at his destroying Astaroth and would never again be able to
    combat him because the demon was now a prisoner within the bowels of
    the earth.
    Astaroth had the advantage of being immortal.Kushulainn retired to the
    sanctuary of Mahahaleel with his legendary sword Barkaya'l as his only
    companion. There in that timeless island he has been waiting for a
    thousand eternities for someone to come and request the magic
    sword, in order to take the combat up again with Astaroth. Only then
    will he be able to find the tranquillity that comes with death.
    No one knows where Kushulainn's Sanctuary is. The only thing said about
    it in the Book of Nout is, to get there, one must cross the territory
    of the Tormented Souls. There is where the spirits wander, the ones
    that Kushulainn liberated from Astaroth's grasp yet who can still not
    forget their torment. Since that time they have been protecting their
    liberator's sanctuary, so that his rest may be peaceful.
    Millions of years later, while Kushulainn was still waiting for the one
    who would be worthy to carry Barkaya'l, the demonic spirit Astaroth was
    once again wandering the surface of Phaenon.
    The Present
    The planet is going through a terrible glacial era, and the extinction
    of its only sun has rendered all life on the surface of Phaenon
    impossible. In order to survive the eternal night and permanently
    freezing temperatures, the population has taken shelter in five cities,
    each encased in a crystal dome.
    At the time of your arrival in this universe, a gigantic central
    computer known as Ix presides over the city of Omikron. In its
    virtually infinite memory are concentrated all of the data from the
    entire galaxy, collected by its numerous sensors. Using this
    information, Ix is better able to manage the interests of the human
    Ix was installed in the heart of the city in a sprawling palace
    inhabited only by the machine. While constructing the building, the men
    dug down and accidentally uncovered Astaroth's cage. The demons that
    had followed their master to his prison instantly took possession of
    the unlucky workers who had liberated them. Then, they discreetly
    dispersed themselves among the population where they progressively
    captured souls or took on a human form in order to spread death more
    But Astaroth, Prince of the demons, had bigger plans. He secretly
    seized the Ix computer and swore his revenge. He would conquer not only
    this planet, but also spread his reign over the entire universe,to
    avenge himself of those who had chased him away.In order to reach his
    goal, he would need to reconstruct his former power that had been
    reduced to nothing in the centuries he had been locked away.
    For this he would need souls. Millions of souls. But not those of the
    shadows of humans who roamed this world. Faded and withered, they would
    never bring enough strength. No, he needed souls from another universe,
    a parallel universe.
    Astaroth had his servants build him a Reservoir of Souls. The souls
    gathered there would endure the most excruciating pain, and from their
    infinite suffering Astaroth would amass his strength. But, in order to
    attract souls from another universe, he needed to lure them into a
    trap. So he came up with Omikron. Through computers using this game, he
    could trap players from our dimension by feigning to ask for their
    help. Once they accept to put their soul in the body he offers them,
    they can cross the breach. Then a demon can capture them, suck out
    their soul and bring it back to him.
    just a few more souls are all that is needed before the Reservoir of
    Souls will be full and the Prince of the demons can finally step out of
    the shadows to dominate the entire galaxy. Later, he will even be able
    to conquer the parallel universes that provided him with his stock of
    The City of Omikron
    At this time, humanity is stagnating in a sort of lethargy. Having
    reached an advanced level of technology, people have begun to live
    mindlessly and to fall progressively into a state of opulent decadence.
    In Omikron, where the adventure takes place, the population was
    concerned only with living a good life, thus turned a blind eye to the
    secret plot that was unfolding in the bowels of the city.From the
    strange Legatee Angus Reshev, plenipotentiary of a totalitarian
    government, to Tolric Graem, High Priest of the mysterious religion of
    the Green Book, to Cliff Humboldt, chief of a private police using
    every possible method to track the movements and activities of the
    citizens, everyone seems to be pursuing some obscure goal.
    The Trusts play an essential role in the life of the city. Long
    standing rivals, Tetra Inc. and Khonsu Ltd. are waging a merciless war
    against one another for a commercial monopoly, despite the fact that no
    one really knows who is behind them and what they stand for. They have
    become so strong that not even the law can touch them.
    They are also in charge of organizing retreats on the far planet of
    Euralys. Due to overpopulation, every individual over the age of 40 is
    required to leave Phaenon and go into retirement on Euralys. But who
    knows what really becomes of these people? Are they really on this
    paradise planet? And if so, why hasn't someone ever heard from a friend
    or relative who has left?
    While in the disturbing city of Omikron, people continue to live a good
    worry-free life, underneath Ix's palace, Astaroth, the Prince of
    Darkness, pursues his evil work. In order to continue gathering more
    and more souls, Thagout, the most malicious of all demons, was named
    general of the Infernal Legions. Soon his master will have recovered
    his former power.
    The Legend of Boz
    Boz was the most famous pirate on the Multiplan. He knew the network by
    heart and got a sly pleasure from foiling Ix's attempts to identify
    him. All those in Omikron who have touched a Multiplan terminal, even
    if only once, know who Boz is. His courage, freedom and audacity were
    always an example for all pirates, until one night when his world
    turned upside down.
    While Boz was working on his computer, destroying some business
    programs in the Trusts' computers, a demon broke into his apartment and
    leapt upon him. The struggle was short. The incubus played with Boz
    like a cat toys with a mouse before killing it. Boz fell to the ground.
    He who had never believed in Demons now felt his mouth opening in order
    for the demon to suck out the light of his soul. He knew that if he
    didn't act he would stay in hell forever.
    As usual, pure luck gave him a final chance. A neighbor who had heard
    the struggle came to see what the noise was about. Just as he walked in
    the room, the demon turned to look, giving Boz time to move away. The
    demon jumped upon the neighbor and devoured his brain.
    When he had finished, he turned back to Boz's soul, now floating in a
    corner of the room. His battered body was lying in pieces on the floor.
    "I've only got one chance!" Boz realized. Before the demon had a chance
    to understand, Boz slipped into the terminal's Transmaterialization
    compartment and was sucked in by the network, or rather, into the
    network, where he has become Boz, the virtual being.
    He can never come back. From then on he could move around at will among
    the various stations of the network, in the printed circuits of
    terminals, between the lines of programming code. He got access to all
    information, all reports, all secrets. Distance and time no longer
    meant anything to him, he became "the Rider".
    Yet his life was not made any easier as a result. The demons would not
    give up trying to capture his soul and shortly thereafter Astaroth
    unleashed virtual demons to hunt down Boz in the network. Then Ix
    discovered a parasitic life form within its programs. Ix created
    thousands of computer viruses to suppress Boz.In spite of these
    enemies, the Rider is till there and continues to help the
    pirates and all those who would be free. He has become chief of the
    Awakened and runs a guerrilla army against the Trusts, the state and
    the demons. While awaiting victory he continues to spy on
    transmissions, to destroy codes and ruin programs, and to escape from
    those who want him dead.
    System Requirements
    Minimum System Requirements
    Pentium 233 mhz.
    Windows 95/98 operating system
    32 mb RAM
    4 mb SVGA Video Card (100% DirectX 6.1 Compatible)
    100% DirectX 6.1 compatible Soundcard
    4x CD-ROM Drive
    350 Mb Hard Disc Space
    Recommended System Requirements
    Pentium II 266 mhz (or better)
    8x CD-ROM Drive or faster
    4 Mb 3D Card (100% DirectX 6.1 compatible)
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Feel free to E-Mail me if you have any questions about this game.
    Q: How do you get Mana?
    A: Use Mana Potions.
    Q: How do you open door that is locked with symbol code in awakened
       base ?
    A: Just send me E-mail where you ask about this and I send you
       a file with solution to this problem.
    Q: Can you send me a full walkthrough for this game?
    A: Nope but you will find a very good walkthrough from
       http://guides.ign.com you just need to be a member there
       but that is free so sign up.
    Q: What are the system requirements for the game?
    A: Check the section called System requirements in this faq.
    Character list
    4.Pamoka prison
    7.Before the City of Dead
    8.after City of Dead
    Anekbah    -
    Name: Kay´L 669
    age: 30  Sex: Male  Blood type: K-
    Height: 178  Weight: 80  Eyes: green
    Job: investigating agent
    Signs: Received basic Omikron police training in using
    waver weapons and combat techniques.
    Interests: Void
    Body resistance:
    Fight experience:
    Special items:
    How to find:
    You will begin the game with this character.
    Name: Betsy 117
    age: 22  Sex: Female  Blood type: K+
    Height: 174  Weight: 64 Eyes: blue
    Job: journalist
    Signs: Reporter for omikron news
    Interests: Loves truth,nature and sport.Hates lies,
    hypocrisy and media manipulation of the truth.
    How to find: You can find her in drugstore near the
    security HQ.
    Body resistance:20
    Fight experience:Novice
    Special items:Betsy´s apartment key
    Name: Jorg 722
    Age: 33  Sex: Male  Blood type: W9
    Height: 193  Weight: 145  Eyes: green
    Job: Mercenary
    Signs: 2nd generation cyborg,model Khonsu 309K2.Enhanced
    eye and rigth cerebral hemisphere
    interests: Poetry and Murder
    How to find: You can find him at gun shop near Jaunpur pass in Anekbah.
    Body resistance:70
    Fight experience:Initiate
    Special items:Jorg´s apartment key
    name: Kai´A 332
    Age: 17  Sex: Female  Blood type: Z+
    Height: 172  Weight: 52  Eyes: blue
    Job: Studient of literature
    Signs: A serious and applied studient.Goes window shopping as
    soon as her lectures are over.Fast,agile and sporting,but rather
    Interests: Likes pre-cobalt literature,short skirts,intense sports
    and the boys in her school.Hates mathematics and parties she doesn´t
    How to find: You will find her in book shop near the bank in anekbah.
    Body resistance:10
    Fight experience:Novice
    Special items:Kai´a´s book of poetry
    Name: Ysmala´n 402
    Age: 26  Sex: Female  Blood type: K+
    Height: 177  Weight: 55  Eyes: blue
    Job: Nurse
    Signs: Working for a doctorate in oxy-molecular biology.Has perfect
    knowledge of treament techniques and bio implants.Intends to work
    in research as soon as she get her diploma.
    Interests: Likes studying mortal viruses,discovering new treatments,
    helping those who need treatment.Hates selfisnes,obscurantism,seeing
    people suffer.
    How to find:If you are in Kay´l´s body when you should go to jaunpur
    go to jaunpur pass and show your pass to mechaguard.
    Body resistance:20
    Fight experience:Novice
    Special items:Ysmala´n´s medikit
    Name: Samyaz´a 670
    Age: 28  Sex: Female  Blood type: Z+
    Height: 183  Weight: 63  Eyes: blue
    Job: Spiritualist
    Signs: Bears the mark of the third eye on forehead,the sign of those
    chosen by the supreme being to communicate with the dead,has visions
    of the past and future.
    Interests: Likes the unknown,solitude,silence,seeing through
    appearances.Hates the material world,charlatans,intolerance.
    How to find: You will find her in restaurant somewhere in anekbah.
    Body resistance:20
    Fight experience:Novice
    Special items:Samyaz´a´s apartment key
    Name: Syao 471
    Age: 24  Sex: Female  BloodType: K-
    Height: 173  Weight: 58  Eyes: Blue
    Job: Thief
    Signs: Tattoon on left eye.Agile,fast,Discreet.Wanted by all the
    police in Omikron.
    Interests: Likes Biocats,Detective novels
    How to find: Lose fight against Telis demon on the roof.
    Body resistance:20
    Fight Experience: Initiate
    Special Items:Gem
    Qualisar -
    Name: Lahyli´n 097
    Age: 23  Sex: Female  Blood type: K-
    Height: 177  Weight: 59  Eyes: blue
    Job: Call girl
    Signs: Works in the red light district of Qualisar.
    Her knowledge of Moav message makes her the most
    sought-after call girl in Qualisar.
    Interests: Likes money,luxury,all things that are expensive and
    useless.Hates modern art,alcohol,won´t take no for an answer.
    How to find: You will find her at one sex club in Qualisar.
    Body resistance:20
    Fight experience:Novice
    Special items:Lahyl´in´s pendant
    Name: Dakme´t 329
    Age: 32  Sex: Male  Blood type: W4
    Height: 194  Weight: 92  Eyes: green
    Job: Racing driver
    Signs: Fabulous rich decendant of the prices of Gao´r.
    Has won Omikron slider racing championship for the
    last three cycles.
    Interests: Loves speed,luxury and beautifull women.
    How to find: you will find him in the toilet of some
    bar in qualisar.
    Body resistance:20
    Fight experience:Novice
    Special items:Darkmet´s speed drug
    Name: Nuyasan
    Age: 36  Sex: Male  Blood type: W9
    Height: 180  Weight:78  Eyes: green
    Job: Kamiji Trader
    Signs: One of the last representatives of the kamiji race,a people
    living in the frozen wastes before the exodus,Lives by trading rare
    spices,for which Kamijis have the secret.
    Interests: No known hobby.
    How to find: He will be in Abandoned Temple in some part of the game.
    Body resistance:70
    Fight Experience:Novice
    Special items:Nuyasa´n´s spices
    Jaunpur   -
    Name: Itzam´a 420
    Age: 37  Sex: Male  Blood type: W9
    Height: 195 Weight: 96  Eyes: green
    Job: Taar monk
    Signs: The ultimate warrior,with an absolute knowledge
    of taar combat.Body modified by oxy-organic circuits.
    Oxylic bone structure Metal mask grafted on face.
    His disconnected nerves make him intensive to pain.
    Interests: Likes prayer,fasting,silence,combat training,
    blood.Hates weakness and pity.
    How to find: You will find him in the temple.
    Body resistance:70
    Fight experience:Master of the inner voice
    Special items:Itzama´s apartment key
    Name: Kuma´r 825
    Age: 28  Sex: Male  Blood type: K-
    Height: 178  Weight: 76  Eyes: green
    Job: Adventurer
    Signs: Has sworn to avenge the death of his brother.Killed ny Tetra
    militia.Nearly lost his life when a mecadog devoured his right leg.
    No known place of residence.
    Interests: Likes justice,honor and vengeance.Hates the Tetra,militia,
    How to find: Wait in the place where you put the bomb in Awakened
    mission one.The bomb will kill you and he will touch body then you
    will get him.
    Body resistance:40
    Fight experience:Novice
    Special items:N/A
    Name: Tahim´a 223
    Age: 23  Sex: Female  Blood type: K+
    Height: 171  Weight: 62  Eyes: blue
    Job: Programmer
    Signs: Works for the Khonsu trust programming the artificial
    intelligence of meca units to maintain order.Perfect knowledge
    of Meta-oxyliac languages.
    Interests: Likes gaddj music,tech trances,electronic gadgets,
    soap operas on transcan.Hates bugs,being disturbed when
    programming,resonable people.
    How to find: You can find her in book shop near the temple
    in jaunpur.
    Body resistance:20
    Fight experience:Novice
    Special items:a little phial.
    Name: Jayli´n 814
    Age: 30  Sex: Male  Blood type: K-
    Height: 192  Weight: 91  Eyes: green
    Job: Ix elite soldier
    Signs: A specialist on weapons,an adept of dose range combat,willing
    to give his life for ix.Titanium bone structure.
    Interests: Training,Training,Training
    How to find: Before blowing up the bridge go to other side of it
    and you will see him guarding a big door.
    Body resistance:40
    Fight experience:Initiate
    Special items:Megazooka with 10 ammo
    Name: Quazma´ad 052
    Age: 35  Sex: Male  Blood type: W4
    Height: 203  Weight: 128  Eyes: green
    Job: Demoted mercenary
    Signs: Ex-mercenary in the Khonsu special troops,was stripped of his
    rank and expelled from the militia when he failed in his last
    mission.Has since plunged in to a deep depression.
    Interests: Likes jirn alcohol
    How to find:In the beginning of the area where you should go to roof
    (mission two of awakened)go to small tunnel in the ground there you
    will find him.
    Body resistance:40
    Fight experience:Initiate
    Special items:Qazmaa´d´s can of liquor.
    Name: Ganji 961
    Age: 25  Sex: Male  Blood type: W4
    Height: 192  Weight: 147  Eyes: green
    Job: Professional wrestler
    Signs: Omikron champion of atzaride wrestling.In uziam his mother
    tongue,his name means"powerful sham".
    Interests: Loves discipline,rigor selfcontrol.Hates anger,weakness
    anything that distracks him from the way.
    How to find: You will find him in restaurant somewhere in Jaunpur.
    Body resistance:50
    Fight experience:Taar disciple
    Special items:ganji´s apartment key
    Name: Iman 631
    Age: 38  Sex: Female  Blood type: W4
    Height: 172  Weight: 57  Eyes: blue
    Job: Escort girl
    Signs: Rents her protection service to highly placed Omikron
    dignitaries.Her mastery of combat techniques and her great
    beauty make her company much sought-after,inspite of her rates-
    which are higly exorbitant.
    Interests: Fashion,Taar combat techniques,modern painting.
    How to find: You will find her in gun shop where you have
    to ask about the secret tetra factory.
    Body resistance:40
    Fight experience:Taar disciple
    Special items:Iman´s apartment key
    Pamoka prison -
    Name: Zao´r 940
    Age: 31  Sex: Male  Blood type: Z-
    Height: 176  Weight: 78  Eyes: green
    Job:Pamoka prison officer
    Signs: Known by prisoners to be particularly violent and
    merciless.A decidedly unpleasant character.Exellent marksman.
    Interests: Likes Eagles techball team,Kloops beer,waver weapons,
    law and order.Hates books the degenerate morak of the young,
    How to find: After escaping your cell.You will find him guarding
    a big door.
    Body resistance:50
    Fight experience:Initiate
    Special items:Zaor´s apartment key.
    Lahoreh   -
    Name: Plume 263
    Age: 26  Sex: Female  Blood type: K-
    Height: 176  Weight: 62  Eyes: Blue
    Job: Fashion designer
    Signs: Likes wearing eccentric clothes and jewels.Studied taar
    combat techniques with her father when still a child.
    Interests: Likes modern art,high-society cocktails,koopies
    and vegetarian cooking.
    How to find: You can find her in bank near the new awakened
    base in lahoreh.
    Body resistance:20
    Fight experience:Taar disciple
    Special items:Plume´s apartment key
    Name: Nioma´y 452
    Age: 27  Sex: Female  Blood type: Z+
    Height: 178  Weight: 59  Eyes: Blue
    Job: Actress
    Signs: Has taken part in several small transcan productions.The critics
    predict a great career.
    Interests: Likes acting,lying,manipulating those around her,being
    told she has talent.Hates truth,simple situations,routine.
    How to find: You´ll find her in the book shop in Lahoreh.
    Body resistance:20
    Fight experience:Novice
    Special items:N/A
    Name: Enya´d 843
    Age: 38  Sex: Male  Blood type: Z-
    Height: 175  Weight: 71  Eyes: green
    Job: Scientist
    Signs: Research worker in inframolecular physics.Is said tobe on the
    point discovering a theory that reconciles infra-gravitational and
    polymeic forces.
    Interests: Likes to spend his days conducting experiments in his
    laboratory.Hates inactivity ignorance,anything that distracts him from
    his work.
    How to find: You will find him in library in lahoreh
    Body resistance:20
    Fight experience:Novice
    Special items:Enyad´s apartment key
    Jahangir -
    Name: Neme´t
    Age: 24  Sex: Male  Blood type: Z+
    Height: 181  Weight: 78  Eyes: green
    Job: Techball champion
    Signs: Half center on the Anekbah islanders techball team.his talent
    and extraordinary vision of the game have made him famous.Regularly
    makes the hedlines of the scandal press because of his private
    Interests: Likes training with islanders,the applause of the crowds
    when he scores,adrenaline,exorbtantly prised sliders.Hates his
    adversaries,discretion,modesty,poverty,woman who don´t like him.
    How to find:You´ll find him at Jahangir zoo/park
    Body resistance:30
    Fight experience:Novice
    Special items:Nemet´s "Force" drug
    Name: Hunabk´u 318
    Age: 31  Sex: Male  Blood type: Z+
    Height: 181  Weight: 79  Eyes: green
    Job: Taar master
    Signs: Reared by the taar monks.Raised to the level of grand master by
    Zoyuk´en.Has a perfect mastery of taar combat techniques,is a
    indifferent to pain has absolute control of himself.
    Interests: Likes meditation,peace,the quest for eternal harmony.
    Hates technology,gratuitous violence.
    How to find: You´ll find him at Jahangir zoo/park
    Body resistance:30
    Fight experience:Master of the inner voice
    Special items:Hunabk´u´s potion
    Before the city of dead  -
    Name: Fodo
    Age: 287  Sex: Male  Blood type: W1
    Height: 159  Weight: 71  Eyes: green
    Job: Azkeel farmer
    Signs: Sham breeder near the azkeel city Mayere´m.
    Interests: Likes shams and goddess-queen Soyinka.Hates violence
    and danger.
    How to find: Drink the green poison in his sham farm.
    Body resistance:30
    Fight experience:Taar disciple
    Special items:Mana potion +50
    Name: SHHHY`NLSS
    Age: 2  Sex: Female  Blood type: Z-
    Height: 249  Weight: 190  Eyes: blue
    Job: Krubor
    How to find: Lose in hand to hand combat when you fight against her.
    Body resistance:80
    Fight experience:Taar disciple
    Special items:N/A
    After the city of dead -
    Name: Kushulai´n
    Age: 7216  Sex: Male  Blood type: W9
    Height: 185  Weight: 89  Eyes: green
    Job: Hero
    Signs: Hero of the Cobalt wars,prince of partamor.
    Interests: Void
    How to find: Touch his body when he dies.
    Body resistance:99
    Fight experience:Master of the inner voice
    Special items:N/A
    SaveGame Hacking Faq  Made By Kalis
    Omikron : the Nomad Soul
    Unofficial Savegame FAQ v0.5
    by kalis ( wiper@wanadoo.fr )
    with help from crisis ( omikron_the_nomad_soul@hotmail.com )
    Table of contents:
    .1. How to Use this File and Modify your Savegames
    .2. Hexadecimal Structure of the File IAM\GAME
    .3. Known Character List
    .4. Frequently Asked Questions / Tips and Tricks
    .5. Legal Stuff
    .1. How to Use this File and Modify your Savegames
    If you don't own the game, buy it! it worth the cost ;)If your goal is
    only to find characters, you just have to look at the character list.
    If you intend to hack the savegame (which is the file GAME, located in
    the subdir IAM in your install dir), you should at first look for a hex
    editor and have a minimun of knowledge about hex editing.
    I recommend HexWorkshop (see at www.hexworkshop.com). The structure
    table describes what I know about savegame data and what/where you have
    to edit in the file. Watch out! hacking could corrupt your savegame!
    To properly edit the savegame, first load the file in your faforite hex
    editor, then search for your player name, and then your character name.
    I suggest you 1st, create a backup of the file, 2nd, memorize some
    infos/values about your character such as energy, rings, because I
    didn't find a quicker way to know which  save it is! (unless you saved
    only one time through the whole game!)
    If you have any information to give to me (such as new characters, or
    information you have decoded in the IAM\GAME file...), email me. some
    things which could be good to know: date/time coding (to recognize a
    save), and some stuff like the cop/scientific/guard flags, which allow
    you to enter some special zones such as the library in lahoreh, or get
    past the guards in jail, or enter the security center in anekbah.
    Anyone, feel free to use this data to code an editor, but give me
    credit! I don't have time to write such a program, and I don't have
    things like Visual c++ :(
    .2. Hexadecimal Structure of the File IAM\GAME
    - double check what you're doing. You should only overwrite things that
    were already there: most of time, writing over some 00 is a bad idea…
    - put your hex editor font display in ansi mode, you'll see better what
    you're doing and you'll see things you wouldn't before, such as special
    font displays.
    - have both hex and ansi screen in front of you, both give important
    - use a hex calculator and a base converter (get Hexworkshop, they're
    - learn to use offset navigation, it's easier than counting bytes ;) in
    Hex Workshop, left- then right-click on the first letter of the player
    name, use "goto->offset" , from "current position", type in offset (in
    hex!) and voila!
    Here's the structure table:
    Offset		Description			Coding		Rem
    0000		player name			ansi		end with 00
    <---		i don't understand this			maybe date
    --->								and scrshot
    006C		character name		ansi		end with 00
    008C		job				ansi		end with 00
    00AC		adventure script		filename	H1AVNT:men
    00BE		combat script		filename	H1CMBT:men
    00D0		sex				ansi		end with 00
    00D8		eye color			ansi		end with 00
    00E0		blood 			ansi		and with 00
    00E4		height			ansi		end with 00
    00EC		weight			ansi		end with 00
    00F4		model				filename	look in 			
                                          known char list or in 		
    00FE		age				byte		255 max
    0100		mana				byte		200 max
    0102		speed				byte		200 max
    0104		attack			byte		200 max
    0106		stamina			byte		200 max
    0108		avoid				byte		200 max
    010A		combat xp			byte		200 max
    010E		energy			byte		200 max
    0110		money 			short		65535 max
    0112		rings				byte		255 max
    <---		i don't know				maybe map
    ----								slider
    ----								locations
    ----								and quest
    --->								status
    0178		character description 	ansi		end with 00
    0278		hobbies			ansi		end with 00
    8028		player name of next	ansi		end with 00
    if you discover anything you think important, mail me, i'll add it and
    you'll get credit.
    .3. Known Character List
    mail me if you find any new character, but be sure to give FULL info
    about them!
    Name		Job		Zone		Where, When & How		Model
    Kay'l 669	cop		anekbah	start a new game		     HO1_FN
    SYAO 471	thief		anekbah	on roof	at Kay'l's flat, FE2_FN
    						against Telis demon, die
    TAHIM'A 223	programmer	jaunpur	bookstore near tetra TAH_FN
    more to come, i hope ;)
    .4. Frequently Asked Questions / Tips and Tricks
    Feel free to submit some of your best tricks!
    -How to get easy money?
    if you can access the Sha'armet tournament, you'll win:
     -1 victory in a row, 250 seteks
     -2 victories, 250+500 seteks
     -3 gives 250+500+1000
     -4 gives 250+500+1000+1500
     -5 gives 250+500+1000+1500+2000
    and the right not to do the tournament again unless you change of body
    so, loose at the 5th match, buy a big medkit (it's 200!), and do it
    again, you can easily reach 10000 seteks in less than 15 minutes! and
    you'll increase your fighting abilities at the same time...
    -How to get rings?
    find them! or kill a demon
    -How to get mana?
    kill a demon, or buy from a magic shop
    -How to increase my abilities?
     -attack and dodge : fight in hand to hand combat when you reach great
    master of taar you's at max
     -you can also buy potions but it seems that some are temporary ones,
    and watch out, I was at 100 dodge, I boosted to 195 with potions, and
    after some time I dropped to 45...
    -What are the spells available?
     -truth: tongue of dead + wiki
     -protection: tear of ether + virgins blood
     -unhide demon: sham horn + dew of light
     -love:2 sham testicle + 9 bat teeth , I think you can't do it
     -transmute to gold upon touch: woah, this one can't be done too, I
    think... what to do is kind of a huge task... buy the book at the
    sorcerer's shop in anekbah...
    -What are transcan "survive", "something", "seven"...?
    for you that don't read manuals... these are David Bowie (and Reeves
    Gabrels)contribution to the game. there are 8 of them... listen to all
    of them! these are great music. you can listen to them unlimitedly on
    any transcan. There are also 3 live shows to find! Bowie himself and
    his wife did the MotionCapture!
    -What about a "Nomad Soul 2" ?
    it seems to be on work... ;)
    -What about a "Omikron Online"?
    it seems to interest Quanticdream... I hope so...
    .5. Legal Stuff
    - The Nomad Soul (TM) Quantic Dream 1999 / © and edited by Eidos
    Interactive 1999. All Rights Reserved
    - This file should not be modified in any way by any person else than
    - This file could be distributed freely anywhere and anyhow you want.
    - Data in this file could be used as long as proper credit is given to
    - This file is provided as is, use information stored in at your own
    risk, I can't and I won't take any responsibility to any harm done to
    your computer/brain/dimension.
    - Eidos and quanticdream won't give support once you have
    modified/hacked anything in this game.
    - This FAQ is unofficial, Eidos and quanticdream are not linked in
    anyway to me or this document.
    Spell list -
    If you ever discover way to obtain the Love spell inform me.
    Truth spell
    To force a liar to say what he knows,mix a wiki and a dead man´s
    tongue in a beshe´m.
    Love spell
    To make a woman fall in love with you,mix two sham testicles
    and nine mouse teeth in a beshe´m.Cast the spell on the
    woman you wish to seduce and she shall be yours forever.
    Invulnerability spell
    For temporary invulnerability against those who wish your ruin,
    mix a virgins blood with a tear of ether in a beshe´m.
    Unmask a demon spell
    To force a demon with human appearance to reveal his demonical
    nature.mix a sham horn and dew of light in the beshem.
    Coming soon
    You never know , something will come up
    I want to thank following people...
    CjayC for publishing this faq in gamefaqs website.
    Eidos & quantic dream for making this very good game.
    Following people has helped me with this faq...
    Liquid0Snake@aol.com & DJWOLF1818@aol.com
    For telling me about missing character in the Qualisar Temple.
    Name of the character is Nuyasan.
    For telling me about the missing character in Anekbah.Character
    name is Syao 471.
    Special Thanks...
    for making the savegame hacking faq and gaving me the permission to
    merge it with my Character List.
    About the author
    By the way this is third faq i have written.My Faq´s are:
    Omikron:The Nomad Soul Character
    Version:      2.00 , final
    Language:     English
    Next Update:  Coming when Kalis sends me the next update for his
                  Savegame hacking faq.
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