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"An enjoyable game lost due to lack of advertisement..."

Omikron: the nomad soul has been hidden in the dark ever since its release, which is the worst thing that ever happened to it. Omikron is one of the greatest games that players have witnessed and everyone knows there should be more of it.

Story 9/10
This is an epic storyline with numerous twists which lead up to all the answers at the end. You begin playing as Kay'l, a police investigator that has been working on numerous murder cases with his friend and partner Den in the world of Omikron. As you begin playing you come to find out that Den is dead and more murders are being commited. So who is doing all this? Is it a traitor? You? A demon? All I can say is that killing the murderer isn't the end of the game... just the beginning.

Graphics 8/10
The game starts off with a really action CG cinema that highlights the game's true creativity. The in-game graphics are a little ordinary and very gloomy that gives you the “is there someone around the corner?” feel. Graphics don't get mush better than that but it isn't bad. Characters have too little of polygons but what they lack in characters is what they make up for in the games length.

Gameplay 10/10
I rarely let out a 10 for anything but this deserves it. One of the greatest aspects of the game is the “reincarnation spell” where you are able to transfer your soul to another body. This is useful if you die, want to get something from someone or just want to look pretty. The only catch is that you can't reincarnate with everyone, only certain people that is over 20 people. The game is divided up into 5 districts which are Anekbah, Qalisar, Junpar, Lehoreh and Jahangir. Though there are more but none are accessible. So with all these districts you'd think that you'd spend the majority of your time running to place, eh? Well actually you can use sliders which is the equivalent of cars. You can have it on automatic so it drives you there straight away or you can go manual that gives it a GTA feel though you can't go off the road.

Another thing is your sneak which is your inventory. I stores up to 18 items also has other neat stuff like your character's stats, character bios and also your memory which can help if you're stuck. With the inventory you can mix items to create things such as poisons, potions, spells, bombs, etc... which brings me to the insane amount of items this game has to offer. You can find animal food, coke, beer, wine, noodles, steak, fruit, money, books, magazines, flyers or you can by them from the many stores around the districts like pharmacies, restaurants, takeaways, vending machines, gunshops, hospitals, etc...

One more thing I should add is the “modes” there are. You have your basic adventure mode where you pick up items, interact with people and walk/run around. Then you have your first person shooter (FPS) that you use for many missions. You can use the many firearms that you find in stores or receive. Finally there's the hand 2 hand combat in which you can show off your true skills by taking on the many people that want to “play” with you.

Enough of the good stuff and down to the bad: The controls on the dreamcast version are incredibly horrible so PC would be your best go. Also you find it easy to get lost most of the time. So you have to rely on sliders a bit. Other than that, it's all good.

Sound 7/10
I would give it a better score but you just don't hear too much music. But when there is it's great. The music played is by the well-known David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels. In the game you can go to numerous concerts where a band called “the Dreamers” play. The songs are great and a great little side quest to do. There's also some pretty awesome music during hand to hand combat but other than that I can't say too much.

Rent or Buy: Buy
You tend to see this answer a lot but it's true though you'll find it difficult to get your nippers on. Your best be would be ebay. I got mine years ago from a shop so I can't help on that one too much.

Lastability: 8.5/10
This game is bound to take a few weekends from you going to 30 hours at least. I have beat this game a little less of 10 times and I still love it. I bet you would too. Just don't expect to play it again straight after you've bet it.

Overall: 8/10

This is a classical that shouldn't be glanced at as you walk passed the shelves. Take any opportunity to get it as I doubt you will again.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/05/06

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