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Reviewed: 05/05/02 | Updated: 05/05/02

Real City in computer game? You can believe it!

Omikron (or The Nomad Soul in Europe) is very mixed bag of a game. It has third person adventuring, 1st person shooting and traditional Beat 'em up action. Little bit for everybody right :) That is what may come to mind when playing this game, as any of those parts is not very polished, as in game designed only for one game type. So beat 'em up sections won't match for Tekken 4, 1st person shooting isn't even close to Quake 3 and 3rd person adventuring isn't excactly like Tomb Raider. Still, all those together come up with exciting mixture of a game. And you will be sorry to see it end (after about 30-40 hours I think...)

It is quite old game now, but for it's time (1999?) it looked good. Character models are bit low-poly's by today's standards and everything might not seem too complicated. But designs are great! you'll really feel like being in another dimension...And the game areas are HUGE! So cities are like cities. Spell effects and shooting effects look well and you can see far into distance. (if you have good enough comp...) All and all very nice graphics, some areas look great even by today's standards. I give graphics:

Well, Cities are a bit quiet...You'll mostly hear your own footsteps, but when you go indoors, you will hear many funny adverts, for example i cracked when i heard advert of ''hydraulic penis implants'' or something like that :D
But the greatest thing in sound department is David Bowie's music. I wasn't into Bowie before but when I heard his music in this game I went out and bought a few of his CD's!
Bowie even appears in game ^_^
without David sounds would get 6/10 but with his music included it's 9/10!

Well, 3 gamestyles! sounds great eh? Well, as i've said they aren't great but you'll like the variety! If i separate the sections I'll score them like this

3rd person adventure: 8/10
Clever puzzles and exploration. It is fun to just wander around the city looking for stuff. And there are many items to look for and concerts to see (David Bowie ones)

Beat 'em up: 6/10
Well, I'm not a big fan of beat 'em ups but in this game they were kinda fun variety. It wasn't big part of game but few times it was fun to beat the heck outta demon! :D Still, not very complicated fighting system, you'll win using two buttons...(perfect for fighting game not-liker like me...)

1st Person Shooter: 5/10
Worst part of the game, as i've used to playing good FPS's, I can't forgive QuanticDream they didn't make this better. The controls are, well, unintuitive, but you'll get used to it. There were many weapons for this section of the game but i only used the one you'll get in start :) so not very hard this one.

I'll forgive them though, I think the fighting and shooting were there just to spice up the game a little, which was fine by me.

Story: 9/10
I thought the story was good, but what was the best, was that the game world really was a world! there were book stores where you could buy books and read about history of Omikron, there were their own Cola-drinks, bars, Strip Joints (well, women were in bikinis...) everything you could imagine! Great stuff here! And there were many plot twists too. Story and illusion of real world in computer game are really main points to play this game.

Overall: 8/10
It has it's faults, but the story and clever puzzles (not too hard) will keep you playing. If you're into adventure games this ain't a bad choice at all. Me like!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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