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"Is it really a great game?"

The Nomad Soul is a game which combines adventuring (Tomb Raider), Fighting (Mortal Kombat) and 1st person shoot ‘em up. All that and exploring a huge city must be good…

The install is huge!!!! Minimum install is about 270 MB of your tiny little HD, Recommended is about 520 and the full install is a cute little 1.6 GB. So this better be good! And the menu is good, you can easily setup controls, video audio and difficulty. The game begins when Kay'l contacts you and asks you to take over his body. Of course you say o.k., because otherwise there wasn't much to play . I wont't tell more about it because that's the biggest pro of Nomad Soul: because you have to find out what happend (including the story that is) you'll really feel like you're Kay'l. OK i'll admit, lip-sync isn't really much to look at, but that's ok, I haven't seen a game who did better (did you?) so at least they try it!!!!(If you got comment on the lip-sync, then try doing it yourself!!!)

David Bowie made great songs for the game that makes the ambience complete. He also gives concerts with his vitual band ‘the Dreamers'. His wife Iman is also in the game. The game is very interactive and not (very) lineair

It's very clear that it's a huge adventure game. Combine things to get through a part. But save wisely!!! A save costs a magic ring and there is a limited number of rimgs in the game!!!!

The graphics are tremendous. Cars (sliders) are beautyful and the people are inhabiting the world of Omikron doing their own business. Going to the supermarket or to the drugstore. GREAT!!!!!

Graphics: 9. A few clipping problems and the lip-sync together is 1 point from the 10.

Sound: 10. This is so great, every person has his own voice. The music is also great. Like I said: the ambiance is complete by it.

Gameplay: 81/2. Because it's a little bit hard to understand but when it's learned, you're a mean lean investigating machine!!!!

TOTAL SCORE: this ain't an avarage, but my impression of the game and what I think about it: 91/2

My advice: Do you like fighting, adventure or 1st person shooting: BUY IT!!!!! IT'S SO COOL!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/06/99, Updated 12/06/99

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