Review by Cronoblade

"Good Graphics but No fun Game"

Omikron was done by Eidos that make the best game Tomb Raider but is Omikron a GOOD game.Well...let me see nice graphics but Boring game...How About That?..Man it is Worst Game Of My Life, I can say that.Althought the Graphics are Great but game ain't great.Story...well it's about the demon taking soul to it's master to open the gateway of the demon world(sounds cool)and you(the Real you not the Main charater in the game...I don't think there is a Main Charater in the gamet save the world from the demon by fight barehands,shooting and racing.The map is damn are wonderful huge building that you can go in to cheack around and the game like in the RPG game.You also can drive car to explore the city.Now the gameplay...Boring and ain't fun....YUCK...stupid way to save and first person shooting is worst shooting game ever,fighting not as nice as TEKKEN and the intro are fate showing the man fighting through the way of the game...The main charater is you...if the demon conquer the game then your world will get conquer(that what the woman say in the game...)the charater you use or the one in the intro die before you leaving to the next city but the soul(you)posses the other charater you will use(a nurse with no hair...Pretty...Nope).The save game is the must have magic ring(save ring like in R.E.2)to save on certain places...while you in first person shooting you cant save at all.If you die restart the begin of the place you begin and reduce 1 magic ring with life so little...Damn Stupid way to save.So if you are a fan of Eidos maybe you should try...but recommend not.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 02/07/00, Updated 02/07/00

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