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"Omikron is really, really innovative, and the storyline is very long"

Omikron is one of the most innovative, if not creative games ever to be released. Instead of the usual kind of 3D games, this one's the end product when you combine action/adventure, fighting, and first-person shooting together. Some games tried to be different, but failed. However, Omikron manages to win, albeit with a few low points.

Graphically, this game's one of the most detailed. Signboards here and there (not to mention the Omikron font, which you can also use for your desktop!) and many different exterior/interior designs make the game pleasing to play. The reason why about everything is different is that in Omikron, you're playing in a very big city, with different sections that become accesible once you progress. Makes sense, huh. However, comes the downside. If you do not have a decent graphics card that supports Direct3D, don't try running the game (4mb is real bad). If you want to, then all you'll see is a few meters around your character.

Mentioning about characters, this game's got quite a lot of them, which some of them you can 'possess'. Sorry, no turning back. Sometimes, you just have to do it (when you die...). Otherwise its just a fancy extra. But there's good stuff in their apartments y'know (helpful items). Beware of pedestrians, they are rude, real rude. Every character model, from the citizen to the cop to ad players, all are detailed indeed.

Let's go to sound. Excellent is the word here, and you'll get nothing less unless your soundcard ain't working well. Complete clarity is to be expected from this game, even in hectic situations. Background music is nice, they do heighten the sensation at times. There's some songs by a singer and some people, but don't expect hit albums or whatever (read: average).

Depending on how you look at things, this game does pull you into different game genres suddenly, and seamlessly at least. The fighting aspect is a good job, looks and works quite like the Tekken series. However, the exploration and first-person aspects don't provide anything new. Because of the many different game types in a package, controls are, though simple to master, numerous. Theres three sets of controls, you go figure it out.

If you ask me whether to rent or buy it, that's totally up to you. If you're looking for an excellent game and got time to play and balance your life, buy it. If you just want to fill up your time (lots of it), then consider renting. Overall, it's a good game made. Puzzling situation enthusiasts might want to check this out.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/31/00, Updated 03/31/00

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