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"GADA: Go Anywhere, Do Anything... But is It fun to play?"

Many games have made the claim that they were revolutionary. Consider Starship Titanic, its a beutiful game, sure, and somtimes downright hilarious. But, to be honest, its AWFUL (This from a Douglas Adams fan). So when I see something that makes a claim like: its a living breathing world... i was skeptical.

20 Minutes into the game, I had to eat my words.

Let me explain. I simply decided that I was going to take a walk around the city. So I picked a direction and started to walk... and Walk, and Walk, and Walk... Took me about 20 minutes to realize I was lost... Then I smiled. Quantic Dreams did it right.

The CITY is huge, and its just the first section of the game. They werent kidding when they said it was a city. The people in the city act just like people would. Except since you are a police officer, they are rather rude. They bump into you, they ignore you, they generally make you feel like you are one of the unliked people in the game... And as you find out, they are right even though you are trying to save the ungrateful morons. But I am getting ahead of myself. I cant say much more then I already have, or else it would spoil the game, I simply give you the overall plot.

As the name implies, you have the ability to jump from body to body at the moment of you're persona's death. Simply put, the first person who touches you after you die, you inhabit. This makes it interesting, as you have no idea who that person is, what thier life is like, and what they do. So, you have to discover who they are to keep up the illusion that you are who you inhabit... or else bad things happen.

Since they are PEOPLE you inhabit, they have things you must take care of... Sleep, food, and drink are the basics. the first person you inhabit, is some kind of police officer... Thats great, but why wont anyone talk to you? Where is you're office? What were you investigating? I'd spoil it, but thats not any fun is it?

This game attempts to cross several Genres. The meat of the game is Adventure. Go here, talk to this person, get this object, ect. Well done, I must admit, as the game gives you little by little to move you on. Next is a touch of the Fighting Game genre. Lots of special moves, controls are responsive, and easy to master. Think a kind of Tekken3/Street Fighter Crossbreed (if you've played them). Finally, there is the standard FPS shooter. Nothing more exception than you would have in Doom or Quake. A lot of fun for the brief bits its there, if you like that kind of thing.

Add them together and you get a very detailed whole. More an adventure game then anything, Omnikron seem to have taken the idea of Outcast (a favorite of mine), and expanded on it in 3 directions. An excellent idea, with beautiful graphics to boot. More to the point, you dont need a high end system to run it, and its still gorgeous.

Plot is thicker than a knife, but simple... Oh and did I mention it has several songs written by David Bowe? I should probably also mention that Bowe and his wife Iman are also in the Game.... Go figure, ehhh?

It does have some problems though. Controls are hard to learn and somewhat awkward.. especially the FPS section. Also, dont even think about playing the game unless you do a full install. The disc access time is horrendous... And so is the space needed for a full install... 1.6 gigs.

problems aside (as they are minor) I heartily recomend this game. You like epic tales? big Cities? Big bad guys? Cool Fighting moves? Big guns? me to shut up? then Buy the game.

Graphics: 8.5 Slightly less then 9 actually, because the only beef I have with them is the really bad lip synching. Come on folks! A little tweaking could have dome some work. Men look like men and women look good... Oops! I mean look like women. City is huge, and there is even detail in the sky. just dont step in the yellow puddles in the alleyways.

Sound: 9 I dont like Bowe, but his songs add to the overall effect of the game. everyone you encounter has a unique voice, which adds to the fact the city is huge. But not everyone talks to you with a voice, sometimes, its just a subtitle.

Controls: 8 I shouldnt gripe, but i am anyway. some controls are awkward. Thankfully they are configureable. Once learned, they are second nature.

Camera: 9 In order to give the game an epic feel, the game will choose some odd camera angles that arent right. thankfully, they dont get in the way of the action, even when fighting.

Playability: 9 A little something for everyone. Fighting, Shooting, and exploring. Well done!

total: 8- Please give it or the demo a try... you might be surprised!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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