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    Warrior Guide by captainblitzfox

    Updated: 08/08/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    		-Captain Kitusune's Warrior Guide-
                           -[X] Clan Leader-
    This Guide Written by CaptainKitsune (CaptainBlitzFox@hotmail.com)
    Please feel free to email me for suggestions, etc.
    Date Current Version Written: 8/8/03
    This Guide -> Copyright 2003 Randy Smith(CaptainBlitzfox@hotmail.Com)
    This Guide should not be Replicated or Edited in Anyway. It should
    Not Be used in public without permission.
    Version History
    V 0.1: Started The Warrior Guide. Please Email me for suggestions.
    Table of Contents:
    II.Getting Started
    III.The Warrior's role
    IV.Your Weapons
    V.Your Defense
      a.Berserker Charge
      c.War Cry
      d.Tread Lightly
      f.Eye of the Wolf
    VII.Starting out ^^
      b.Basic Moves
      a.Intro to Slaying
      b.Slaying Warriors
      c.Slaying Conjurers
      d.Slaying Wizards
    IX.Advanced Section
    X.The Art of Weaponry!
    XII.Frequently Asked Questions
    Fellow Noxerz, I'm CaptainKitsune. This is a Multiplayer Guide for
    Nox....concerning the art of the warrior. Those of you who play
    the game should know me as Fox. If you have played Nox, you already
    Know that Nox is Unique. The Multiplayer is a very intense world.
    Nox isn't like any other game...because it requires pure skill within
    equal boundaries. Every wizard, warrior, and conjurer starts the
    same way...you need skills to influence on who you are. Don't be
    "that other guy" ---> Be Yourself.
    Many of my Friends wonder why I never or rarley play wizards or
    conjurers. I can answer that. I believe that a warrior should
    not let other classes "bother" the skill that warrior is
    currently working on. Every single battle and game increases a
    warriors skill. You don't see it, but everytime you kill someone,
    your skill has gone up. So please..Stay in your own class...unless
    you wish to be diverse.
    Warriors don't require Mana, or too much equipment. Warriors are
    strong on their own. That is why I will amplify your skill and teach
    you the way of the warrior. In this guide...I will unlock the world
    of The Multiplayer World of Nox to you. I will show you how to slay
    certain classes and I will show you how to be a resposible player.
    I'll be happy to take questions(captainblitzfox@hotmail.com) from you.
    Please No Subjects on Nox Quest.
    II.Getting Started-
    First, there are some things you need to know. The Nox World is
    Sometimes harsh. It's not always peaceful and fun. You have to
    know what might make players angry Hehe. People get mad for many
    reasons...but specific ones are :
    -Being cheap (excessive use of certain spells)
    -Killing a Player that has no weapon...Usually a Conjurer or Wizard.
    -Rambugging...[more on this later]
    These can All Cause Disruptions in the Nox World. So try not to be cheap.
    Many players on Nox are different...none are the same. You will
    encounter COUNTLESS Newbies...mainly because nox has no one to
    help them. Experienced people still reign nox as well. Keep in mind
    not everyone on nox is all "fight." Some people are "peace", or "not
    hostile". Take that into consideration as they will most likely take
    a disliking to you. Dont be an Ass. FIGHT with HONOR! ^^
    III.The Warrior's Role-
    YOU! The Warrior...must rely on your skills to survive.
    You are a Strong Warrior. You have Double the HP(150) of Wizards(75)
    and 50 more HP than a Conjurer(100). You are Much Faster than Both.
    You can wield Weapons and Armor wizards and conjurers cannot even touch.
    Same goes for you too...you arent magical, and need no use for staves
    and robes.
    Unlike Wizards and Conjurers...you have 5..skills. Wizards..have a
    lot of Skills..hah, 45. Conjurers have 25. Thus, cons and wiz are
    hard to use...but if mastered they will be a pain. Utilize your
    skills and show those Mana Users What not!
    Courage..is a big thing fellow warriors. You can't go into battle
    feeling scared. You must be without fear. Although its fun to just
    play around...Seriousness in the game will bring up your overall skill.
    Speed in Nox is ultimatley a player's only way to fight and survive
    well. Without speed, theres not much you can do when a wizard has targeted
    you, or a warrior has his harpoon in your back. Be Fast or die.
    A Warrior can be Offensive or Defensive. You Choose. I am an offensive
    warrior...hehe. I go out there and kill as much as possible! On the other
    Hand, some warriors I know like to put their shield up and wait for the chance
    to Ram somebody. Choose your path, Warrior.
    IV. Your Weapons-
    I will Rate the Weapons according to:
    Power[1-10](How Damaging the Weapon is.)
    Range[1-10](How Far the Weapon can Reach.)
    Speed[1-10](How fast the Weapon Attacks.)
    Swing Recovery[1-10](The time it takes to be ready to swing again.)
    *1 being poor and 10 being Exceptional.*
    I will also Display the Damage..and how much each class has to take
    from the weapon to die(unarmored).
    -Long Sword- [Blockable by Everything]
    Swing Recovery:5
    Wiz: 3 hits
    Con: 3 hits
    War: 5 hits
    -The Long Sword is the sword you start with. It's not good...It's not bad.
    I really don't advise using this. If your warrior instinct is good, fight on
    with this! This sword is perfect for a newcomer. It does Decent damage and is
    very reliable...when you cant find a better weapon.
    -Sword(Short Sword)- [Blockable by Everything]
    Swing Recovery:8
    Wiz: 3 hits
    Con: 4 hits
    War: 6 hits
    -In most games, the Long Sword Reigns supreme over the Short Sword.
    It's Not True here. The Short Sword is the fastest Hitting weapon
    in the game. It swings so fast some wizards and conjurers dont have time
    to respond. I recommend using this with the warhammer because after you hit
    a wizard with force field on...you can instantly switch to your sword for a
    quick finisher. A skilled warrior can kill many players with this.
    -Battle Axe- [Blockable by Everything]
    Swing Recovery:4
    Wiz: 2 hits
    Con: 2 hits
    War: 3 hits
    -The Battle Axe..ahh..it does have more power...but is it fast enough? Sort of.
    Hehe...usually this weapon is pretty good against unarmored foes. Skip this
    weapon unless playing with excessive cons. This is slightly slower than the Long Sword
    and hits harder. Its an axe so expect to have slow results with bigger damage than swords.
    This weapon is funny to use because of it's sound when you hit the ground with it.
    -Mace- [Blockable by Shields ONLY]
    Swing Recovery:7
    Wiz: 3 hits
    Con: 4 hits
    War: 5 hits
    -Ahh, The Trusty Mace. Its the 2nd fastest weapon in the game. Staves cannot block this.
    It's fast and more damaging than a Short Sword. My Fav weapon comes from this category.
    It's called the MACE of COLLISION...it hits fast with knockback. Maces are reliable, and
    aren't used much. Try to use these with care, as they do have poor range. That GS will
    undoubtedly hit you before you hit him.
    -Staff- [Blockable by Everything] *2 handed*
    Swing Recovery:6
    Wiz: 2 hits
    Con: 3 hits
    War: 4 hits
    -This Staff is Very Strong. Dont Underestimate it. Please!! This thing does 45 damage per hit!
    It's speed is just under the mace's. People often use this for fast kills...which often arouses
    the crowd into hatred. Nowadays, people let the staff through..and dont mind it.
    Nox Evolved greatly over the 4 years ive played..the staff has been intergrated for much use now ^^.
    This staff can blockbladed melee attacks. Warhammers and maces still get through.
    You can't block spells with this staff.
    -Ogre Axe- [Blockable by Everything] *2 handed*
    Swing Recovery:2
    -Very,Very,Very.....Useless...A Great Sword Still beats the Damage. This Axe
    Swings as fast as a Warhammer..which is very slow. I've seen people kill with
    this and its very funny because it's so bad. People Think you are joking around
    when you hold this weapon lol. Although a warrior should be skilled with
    Every Weapon...try to leave this one out!
    -Great Sword- [Blockable by Everything] *2 handed*
    Swing Recovery:5
    Wiz: 1 hit
    Con: 2 hits
    War: 3 hits
    -This is my Favorite 2-handed Weapon. This Sword can block incoming spells,
    exluding d-ray, E-bolt, and Ring of Fire. It swings as Fast as a Long Sword...
    and does an Insane ammount of damage! Fighting conjurers and wizards are a breeze!
    The great Sword Is a very powerful Weapon if used in a quick manner. Quick and
    Damaging ...like a FOX! ^^
    -Warhammer- [Blockable by Shields ONLY]
    Swing Recovery:2
    Wiz: 1 hit
    Con: 1 hit
    War: 2 hits
    -This is The Main Palooka. The Grand Daddy of Pain. Warhammers dish out
    Damage to the MAX. If your hit by one, you have 2 choices..Run or stay and fight.
    I'd say Run...unless u have a Ram Ready. Wizards are a prime target for a warhammer
    because you can instantly kill the wizard(with ff on) with a follow up blow with
    a ram or a quick swipe with a fast attacking weapon. This is a good against
    all classes. It's very slow and you could be rammed, X-bowed, or d-rayed
    -Shiruken- [Blockable by Everything but Staves.]
    Swing Recovery:None
    Wiz: 3 hits
    Con: 4 hits
    War: 6 hits
    -This is an OK weapon, if skillfully used. Very Hard to aim these Ranged Weapons...
    but it can kill fleeing Players...which is Total OWNAGE! Errm..These weapons can be
    hit back to you by Great Swords's and Shields so Watch out! Its not fun to die by
    your own shiruken. You can go insane with shirukens, but i advise using them at
    a controlled state. LOL..
    -Chakram- [Blockable by Everything but Staves.]
    Swing Recovery:None
    Wiz: 2 hits
    Con: 3 hits
    War: 4 hits
    -This Weapon is usually called cheap among warriors...mainly because warriors
    want melee fights, not ranged fights with each other. It is very damaging when
    a Warrior switches back and forth from a chakram and Long sword...you will die
    very quickly. It can also kill in a split second when someone is trapped between
    objects and you throw your chakram in. A chakram will return to your hands after
    thrown, if not obstructed.
    -BARE HANDS- [Blockable by Shields ONLY]
    Swing Recovery:None
    Wiz:  8 hits
    Con: 10 hits
    War: 15 hits
    -Underlooked. This is a good thing to use at some times. A ram and a Punch
    is all it takes for one to die. It humiliates your opponents hehe..or
    makes them laugh. Ram and Punch..remember that. WARRIOR instinct takes control.
    V.Your Defense!-
    Blocking Can Save your Life...in Many Ways..It gives your time to counterattack or run away.
    Shields: They come in 2 Sizes. Round and Kite. Kite Shields are stronger hehe.
             They Can block many things...from spells to melee attacks. They can mean life
             or death in a frenzy arena battle so try to be fast. you must put on the shield
             manually if you put on a 2-handed weapon.
             Pros:-Shields can block spells and ALL melee attacks.
                  -They are Very durable.
    	 Cons:-It takes time to put up your shield..like about a second.
                  -Shields restrict raw power from 2 handed weapons.
    The Infamous Great Sword: This thing is a weapon and a blocker all in one!
    			  Its usually Quite Effective VS. WIZ and CONS!
                               Pros:-Can Block Spells and Bladed Melee Attacks.
    				-It's a Weapon that can defend you.
                               Cons:-Wears down quicker than a Shield.
    The Staff: It can Be Any Staff...like fireball staff or D-ray staff but
               your restircted to one...the Staff.
               Pros:-It can Block Bladed Attacks.
                    -It is a Weapon that can defend you.
               Cons:-It Wears down faster than a Great Sword.
                    -It can't block spells
    Armor can make a big difference between life or death..Warriors Are among the ones
    who rely on armor the most. Armor cuts down Melee Attack Damage, Ranged weapons, and
    Some Spell Damage.
    Plate Mail- Probably the Most used Armor Set, mainly because its commonly found.
                Plate mail is the heaviest of Armor... can Reduce Physical Damage by
                a LOT. Plate Mail can make the Long sword..A damage of 35, hit for only 9.
                Of course, there is usually a downside for so much power..Electricity
                Based spells like: Shock, E-bolt, or Lightning is very powerful
                against Plate Mail Wearers...So Never Wear plate when fighting wizards.
                Use it when Warriors or Conjurers are abundant. *
    Chain Mail- I don't usually see Chainmail Wearers...but I usually slip on
                a Piece or two. It's the Medium of the Armors..and can reduce damage
                from melee attacks and still a little spell attack. You still take
                excessive damage from electricity based damage..but its still great to wear
                because its effective against all classes. +
    Leather Armor- Leather armor is a must for warriors, as it does help against
                   Killing Wizards..as you dont take any Electricity Based Damage.
                   The Downside is that Conjurers can still kill you in one shot
                   with a Crossbow. Physical Damage is still reduced a bit. I use
                   this armor alot because i face many wizards. i rarley use plate.
    Haste Boots- These are a must for any class! Please try to find a pair...they are in every
                 level. These can increase your speed so you may attack in a fast manner.
                 DONT GIVE THOSE MANA USERS A CHANCE! LOL. Of course..Wizards and
                 conjurers can still benefit from these so...stay on guard.
    Cloaks- Cloaks Dont Reduce Damage, but rather they protect you against Fire,poison, or Electricity.
    Depends on the color of the Cloak. Always Wear one VS wizards or even cons.
    *- Plate Takes 3X the Damage from Electricity
    +- Chain Takes about 1.5 the Damage from Electricity
    Now That Your Familiar With The Armaments...Get Ready for Your Next Lesson!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    VI.Your Skills!-
    As a Warrior, You have 5 Skills. FIVE skills. Hehe. Be sure to use each skill skillfully..heh.
    Show those Wizards that 45 skills is a waste. Make those conjurers wish they didnt have 25 skills.
    Down with the MANA users!
    A.Berserker Charge- This is Your Primary Killing Cannon. It Sends your Warrior
                        Blasting in a straight line doing MASSIVE damage to the target
                        in your path. Follow up with a hit just in case the target
                        has a pinch of HP left ( Warriors & Wizards ). Its important
                        to know when your ram comes back...a split second can mean
                        the difference between win and loss. Missing with your ram
                        will cause you to lose 30% of your life...and you will be vulnerable
                        if you have no shield.
    B.Harpoon- Intensly useful. Your Warrior Shoots a Harpoon which attaches to the
               Target and pulls the target to you. With a Warhammer in your hands
               imagine the damage will follow up from that 1 HP your harpoon took away!
               ^^. You can follow up with hits, a ram, or u can just lead them into
               an environmental hazard. ( Lava, Spikes, ETC. )
    C.War Cry- Shuts down SpellCasters...Warcry makes SpellCasters unable to cast Spells.
               This Also Stuns Weak Enemies(PLEASE DONT WARCRY A MECH GOLEM). It has no
               effect on warriors, so please dont warcry WARRIORS! This Is usually used
               to initiate a duel amongst 2 or more warriors. I use Warcry to shut down
               Shock if i hear a wizard nearby. It also destroys anything being summoned
               by conjurers.
    D.Tread Lightly- Makes your warrior sneaky like...so he may pass over traps. Sound good?
                     Not Really. You can jump over Traps or just run over them. Could be
                     useful when going through doors and going up elevators. But i suggest not.
                     just jump! [-I took This Skill Off My Set-]
    E.Eye of the Wolf- Enables your Warrior to see invisible subjects. Wizards are
                       using invisibility a lot these days. But still...the trained eye
                       can sense them. Just be sure to run eractically during matches.
                       If you see an invisible wizard, just ram him.
                       [I took This Skill off My Set]
    VII.Starting Out ^^
    A.TERMS- Ok, now you know the basics of armor, weapons, and skills. YOU ARE READY FOR NOX.
             You Have no Fear. Dont Fear...Fight. Remember That. Before we start the main
             stuff...you must learn some terms:
    Ram-Berserker Charge
    Hook-Hookshot or Harpoon
    MoM-Missles of Magic
    Dray-Death Ray
    FoV-Fist of Vengence
    FoN-Force Of Nature
    Spammer-One who casts the same thing constantly.
    Noob-One who is new to the game or isnt too good of a player.
    Owned!-Killed Badly.
    Randomer-One who rams or fires down a hall hoping to hit someone.
    Rape-Getting Killed by 2 or more players at once.
    GS-Great Sword
    B.BASIC MOVES- Okay, Now that you are familiar with the Terms, here are some basic moves.
    -RUNNING AROUND YOUR TARGET can improve your chance of survival...Run around him hitting.
     Dont just Stand there! Try to run in an akward way because warriors can see your pattern
     and ram you. EXAMPLE. LEFT,hit,RIGHT,hit,RIGHT,hit,LEFT,hit. This might not always
     work on skilled Players.
    -RAMMING is very useful. Try to limit your rams to short ranged. If you miss you lose 30%
     of your life. Aim your Rams...dont random. Ram and hit. Ram and hit. Remember that as
    -KNOW THE LEVELS. If you know where all the weapons and armor in the level are, your SET,
     Equipment wise. If you need to find a GS, you'll know where to get one. You can also
     predict where wizards will be...but dont CAMP.
    -AIMING YOUR WEAPON is a big help. DONT JUST CLICK. Click and move...know where your
     opponent will be. Aim and Hit him. With warriors, this is crucial because if you miss,
     he can ram you or hit u while you miss. A warhammer needs a skillful aim. If you miss
     with a warhammer, your chances of survival are slim for a second.
    -KNOW THE DAMAGE of everything in the game. If you see a Wizard coming At you with a
     D-ray Staff...you'll know how much damage will be dealt to you if your hit.(100)
     If you see a Great Sword wielder, Your not gonna take him with your long sowrd are you?
     Unless your skilled, dont. Lava...think u can cross it wizard boy? 2.3 seconds your dead.
     Warriors...You have to power to go through lava for a period of time namley 4.5 seconds.
     If you see a Force of Nature coming at you...WHAT DO YOU DO? Do you just stand there? no..RUN
     or warcry, dodge it whatever..DONT DIE...your a warrior... you dont have time to die.
    -WEAR PROTECTIONS AND HASTE BOOTS to enhance yourself...so YOU may kill wizards and cons
     ease. Haste boots will help your overall performance.
    -BLOCKING will also increase your chances of survival. Yea, Use that GS to block the
     Force of nature! Put up your shield after you miss a RAM! Anything that can save your
     life and enable you to kill again...do it. You can Block most spells with a Shield
     and you can block spells with your GS. Save yourself. Dont Die.
    -KNOW WHAT EACH CLASS IS CAPABLE OF. A wizard Packs many spells...you must find
     out what each does. Same thing goes for a Conjurer. Warriors Can Ram You...so dont
     Stand in one place or run in a straight line.
    -DODGE. You need to dodge. You have to learn how to dodge rams. Yes, you do it on
     your own. FireBalls and FoNs...they will kill you, unless your WARRIOR instinct
     kicks in...DODGE.
    -KNOW WHEN YOU SKILLS COME BACK. In the Fast Paced Multiplayer...you usually dont
     have time to check if your ram is back. Try to anticipate when it comes back...so
     you can use it instantly when it comes back.
    *sigh* whew...alrighty, seems your ready for some Slaying...~~ ^^
    You Are Now A Level 2 Warrior! Great Job.
    A.=Intro To Slaying=
    Now it is time for you to bring honor to us. Go Out there and Fight some Wizards
    and Conjurers.Heh, There will always Be A warrior out there who wants to kill you
    ...so kill him...and get on with it. You Will have To Use all the Skills You Know
    To take them out...but im pretty sure your are ready. You Learned from Fox. ^^
    I will Rate The classes from levels [1-4]
    B.=Wizard Slaying=
    These Magic Users are big annoyances. They are skilled in the arcane arts that we
    dont know. Dont let that get to you. Although they have spells of protection...
    bypass it with your Ram and kill the pest. Down with the Magic Users.
    -Level 1 Wizards-
    These Wizards usually arent too good. From what i've seen, these guys skip everything
    and just cast one type of spell. They run around the level until they find you.
    They will stand in place and hit you with the chosen spell. Just ram them if safe.
    WarCry if safe. Pound him with your hammer. Many ways to kill a Level 1 Wizard.
    Be sure to not underestimate the wizard...he could be a expert in disguise...so don't
    laugh...just kill...THEN LAUGH. HAHA!
    -Level 2 Wizards-
    These Wizards have pretty much got the game! They will cast multiple spells, ranging
    from MoM to Lightning. Usually skip the E-bolt. They Will Sometimes CAST FF...so be
    sure to have your finger on the RAM. They go for fireball Staves or Lightning staves...
    so prepare yourself if you WARCRY. Just Ram His FF off and hit. There is a chace of
    Heavy MoMing...in this case...run around a corner and run back and ram-hit him. Careful!
    Some find D-ray staves...LOL! Careful! some like to Fumble you!
    -Level 3 Wizards-
    BAH! This is the Cream of the Wizards Crop! These guys Pack D-ray Staves and are usually
    Quite good with them. They know their Spells and where the D-ray is loacated. Beware...
    they use the E-bolt and D-Ray combo alot. They Usually Cast FF,HASTE, and PROTECTIONS. Some
    Grab triple fireball staves to add to the killings...Watch out for that. Some Lay
    Stupendous traps that kill You once u step on them. Sometimes these guys Cast shock...but
    forget to recast it during battles. They will block your Swords with their staves and D-ray
    you. To fight these Monsters, first run around a corner and warcry ( to take off shock ).
    Hopefully, he wont Teleport to Target to that area. Then come around the corner, hookshot
    him and pound him with a Hammer or Gs...follow up with a ram once FF is down. Watch out for
    slow...and maybe confuse!
    -Level 4 Wizards-
    You Thought the Level 3 Wizards were bad. It gets much worse, fellow warriors. These
    Master Wizards anticipate your movement and kill you in a second with dray-burn combo.
    These guys put it all on...Haste, Shock, Protections, and they mark locations of the D-ray.
    They are so skilled, they usually don't use Slow. They just kill you. These guys are very
    Evasive, so you may miss your close range ram. They usually use lightning staves with a
    D-ray stave for an easy follow up kill for warriors or wizes. These guys are usually
    "old school"...and they know the game more than you do. Slaying these Wizards is almost
    impossible to the untrained eye. Take off their shock...run around the corner and be
    VERY EVASIVE. Once he misses a D-ray ...STRIKE! Ram and swing! Move back if he
    is still alive! Do anythihng to kill him! Hah..you were probably dead before you had
    a chance to hit =MALEK=.
    C.=Conjurer Slaying=
    Conjurers...ah...they are annoying. I myself still die by a FoN or two. They Can be
    Very cheap indeed. You have to be wary of how a conjurer acts. They Hold X-Bows...and
    some know how to use one! Stay on guard because they can also summon creatures.
    If Mastered, a conjurer is unstoppable.
    -Level 1 Conjurers-
    This is the Newbie Division, if you will. Haha...these are where all the new players
    end up. They go "OH cool! You can summon monsters?!" they usually try to summon things
    they don't know of. Like a Skeleton Warrior or a Wolf. (Oooooh A wolf!) These guys stand
    there. Yeah..Just Stand there. They summon a monster and stand there. Even if you warcry
    to stop the summon...yep still stands there. Ram.
    -Level 2 Conjurers-
    Okay this is where most conjurers end up. These guys summon Mech golems to kill you.
    They usually don't use Xbows or Bows. They Summon and run..Using Pixies or A Lame Fist.
    Some Excessivley use pixies while they run which is sort of dangerous. Just try to
    HookHam him or ram him. Watch out for those crazy FoVS! These Guys dont wear Armor.
    LOL, they might grab a X-bow in a while. Expect some Fonning As Well. Watch out for
    Cheap bombers.
    -Level 3 Conjurers-
    Wah-oh! These X-bow Totting Marksmen can kill you in an instant. These guys have
    it made. They Cast Vampirism, summon ember demons or ghosts, slow you, and poison
    you. All that can kill you. Add the Crossbow...and well...your screwed. They seldom
    miss with their X-bows. If you get hit, the pixies will finish you off if you
    haven't died yet. If You Miss your Ram you will take a FoV in the FACE. They will
    sometimes FoN still. They will pick up Armor, so keep that in mind when your
    hitting him. First of all, don't run after him in a straight line because he/she
    will shoot YOU. Run erratically! Once your in position Ram or HookHam him.
    An alternate is to block the x-bow shot with a GS and run after him, hitting.
    -Level 4 Conjurers-
    WOW. These guys are insane. They Own because they can shoot you instantly. No thinking.
    They just shoot you. They Have Vampirism on and Armor. They dont need bombers or summons.
    All they need is a trusty X-bow! They know you. They know how you'll act. They can shoot
    you while your fleeing. They can Anticipate your movement and FoV You while you're running
    or moving. These guys Sometimes Random...for kills. Heh, Few conjurers fall into this category.
    Nick is aiming at your head this instant.
    Fellow Warriors Gone INSANE! Kill them and get it over with!
    D.=Slaying Warriors=
    Yes, Yes, some warriors fight amongst themselves. Watch out for them...they have the
    Same skills you have. Warriors are seemingly easy to kill on your part. You just have
    to know everything i've taught you. You can take out a fellow WARRIOR! Dont let these
    Traitors Strike Fear into You! Even Though they can kill you FAST! HAVE COURAGE!
    -Level 1 Warriors-
    These section holds the warriors who stand and just try to hit you while standing still.
    That is a big mistake. They COULD ram you, but you dont know that. Erractically Hit and
    run around him. Ram him in a vulnerable Spot. Sometimes these guys go for Full plate so
    always have a hammer. They Rarley Use Hookshots. These guys usually grab all the items on
    the map... lol.
    -Level 2 Warriors-
    Yeesh. A Sad Excuse for a Trying Warrior. These guys try to use their skills...but fail.
    From Missing Rams to Warcrying Warriors. These guys go for plate! It's funny, yet Sad.
    These guys Put up shields toomuch. So hit Around him and ram.If they miss you with their ram,
    you could risk follow-ramming him, but he might have his shield up by then. Use a hammer
    or Gs on the poor soul. These guys could be packing GS'es or Hammers, so try to adapt to that.
    Most Warriors End up here!
    -Level 3 Warriors-
    These Warriors are strong and Witty so watch out. They'll put their shield up, and wait
    for you to go around so they can ram you. These guys Usually Pack GS's and Hammers. They
    are deadly accurate with GS's and Hammers so watch out. They Usually go for Leather or
    Chainmail. They Wear Protection Cloaks and Armor. These guys are DeadShot Rammers so be
    careful! Try to match your speed against his and run erratically waiting for an opportunity
    to ram. Try to smack him with a gs twice...that should do it. If not, Run around a corner
    and jump back out and hit him again. You can also try to make him miss his ram...then u can
    kill him with ease. These guys wear Haste Boots.
    -Level 4 Warriors-
    Insane. These Warriors are Extremeley War-Like. They Have Instincts no other warriors Have.
    These Guys can use any weapon to kill you. These guys Are Extremley skilful with their rams
    and weapon technique. There is not much you can do to a Warrior with this skill. They Wear
    Leather Armor, A Protection cloak, and haste boots. USUALLY CARRY A GS and A HAMMER. Just
    be sure to be careful when running erratically, as they can anticipate it. Match your speed
    to his and try to hit-ram him with your gs. Hah, By then You Probably Died by FOX.
    Really Now...I want all warriors to be THIS good!^^ Down with the MAGIC USERS!
    IX.Advanced Section-
    Wow!..Now I think you have the brains and skill to learn some Advanced Techniques.
    All that Slaying Talk has brought you up, fellow warrior. Now Master These Techniques.
    HamRam-Hitting your Target with a warhammer, then instantly RAMMING. KILLING ANY PLAYER.
           After this technique you will have an Extra RAM to use...keep that in mind if
           there is a player nearby.
    Ham-hit- Pounding opponent with a warhammer, then switching to a faster weapon and
             finishing your opponent with it.
    Hit-Ram- Hitting and ramming a warrior with a weapon other than a gs. This can kill
             a war or con instanly. You will have your ram still.
    Ram-hit- Ramming your target then hitting him to finish he/she off.
    Flee-Ram- Jumping or Fleeing In the opposite Direction andturning sharply...To avoid
              X-bow, Fireball, or Ram...and then Ramming your opponent who has missed.
    Window Pound- Hookshot someone to your window and hammering him/her.
    Gs Fight- Know if the other Warrior has his ram down...and anticipate when he/she
              will get it back. Block the first hit. Run back a notch..hit him,
              block his hit,and hit. That should finish him off..unless you have a ram
    X-Bow Block- Use the GS during hectic Con fights. Block his First shot and run after him.
                 Try to hit him, but anticipate when his shot will be loaded. Get Ready to
                 Block, then repeat. Throw in a few rams if you want...but beware of FoV.
    Follow-Ram- After someone has missed his Ram, try to adjust yourself to follow the same course.
                You will have hit him right when he hits his wall. Follow with a hit just in case.
    Hookshot Fun- Hookshot a Player into lava, spikes, etc...to give you an advantage over his HP.
    Manual Shield- Using a two handed weapon VS a Player is damaging to them but it can be costly to
    	   you! If you miss your ram, your likey to get owned by the player closest to you.
               prevent this by mastering the manual shield technique. Right when u hit the wall click
               your shield on to prevent you from getting rammed, d-rayed, or xbowed. You wont live
               though a FoV. :(
    X.The Art of Weaponry-
    Tips on the Use of each weapon. This is where you will gain knowledge of how a weapon works.
    I will show you how to bring out each weapons power. Fellow Warriors, this is your last
    Long Sword- Try to use this Sword at high speed pace when fighting with it. Run around your
                Opponent and hit him. Throw in a ram and hit again. This is an overall good war
                killing tool.
    Sword- This Small, but Fast sword will aid you well. Hit your opponent 2-3 times and run
           his side and hit a couple more times or ram. Keep swinging till he/she has fallen.
           Against cons, hookshot and swing like crazy. Against Wizards, Ram then hit.
    Battle Axe- Run around the backs of opponents and hit them with the blade. Throw in a Ram
                and hit again. Watch out! This weapon is slow so expect rams from Warriors.
                Hit-Ram warriors with this. Slash and Chop Unarmored Foes with this axe.
    Mace- Try to utilize it's speed to your advantage. This thing cannot be blocked except by
          shields. So use it to punk wizards with staves, but run around him/her. Hit-ram
          Warriors with this weapon. Constantly hit conjurers 3 times then hookshot and hit once
          more to finish him. Keep in mind the poor range.
    Shiruken- Throw it at your opponent and run around him/her. Run half circle and then run
              around him in the opposite direction still firing shirukens. If he runs away,
              throw them madly at him/her. Throw-ram warriors.
    Chakram- Throw it in the fray to confuse your adversaries then run in and RAM. Mix a GS
             in the action so you may hit-ram.
    Staff- Hit your opponent 2-3 times then run around him and ram him in a vulnerable spot.
           Ram-hit wizards.
    Ogre Axe- Hit-Ram Warriors. Ram-hit Wizards. Hit contwice with a mace or short sword first,
              then switch to axe and finish him.
    Great Sword- Hit Warriors 2 times then run erratically and finish if not killed.  Hit wizards
                 twice and ram. Hit cons twice. You may hit-ram cons and wars.
    WARHAMMER- Wow, this thing has much skill needed. HamRam Warriors with full plate. Ham-hit
               unarmored warriors and wizards. Hit cons once. HamRam fully armored cons.
               Hammer through doors which you have fleed though...cheap but it works.
    GREAT JOB YOU ARE NOW A LEVEL 3 WARRIOR! Go out there and Work on your Skill!
    This Section will tell you all the bugs that help warriors.
    RamBug-A bug which Makes your warrior stand still, and when someone touches he/she
           that person will be rammed. You can initiate this bug by pressing : Attack, Hookshot ,RAM.
    HamRecover- Pounding then switching weapons to avoid the slow hit of the warhammer.
    If there are more Email me (captainblitzfox@hotmail.com)
    XII.Frequently Asked Questions-
    Q:I learned A lot from this! Can I get personal Training?
    A:Sure, Email me your login and I'll contact you.
    Q:Ooh, Ooh, can i join [X]?
    A: We'll see, email me your log in and I'll Test you...or Malek can.
    Q:Why dont you make a Nox Quest Guide or Solo Guide?
    A:It is irrelevant to me. I only play Multiplayer.
    Q:Would you make a FAQ for a Wizard or Conjurer?
    A:Maybe, once I retire my warrior. (50 more years LOL!)
    Q:Can I Have Your #?
    A:Hah...Good One!
    XII.Conclusion						 |
    I am hopeful you warriors out there have learned something.
    I want you guys to show your true colors on nox haha.
    If you want to know more about my skill, contact me(captainblitzfox@hotmail.com)
    Remember, NO EMAILS ABOUT NOX QUEST OR SOLO. Comments or Suggestions welcome!
    Very special thanks to:
    My Noxers: Goten, Malek, Crovax, Nick, Frozen, Zidane, Enigma, Zombie, all my
               clan members, and if i missed anyone...tell me ! RAR!
    Westwood: Hah, dont give up hope on nox...we all love it! Thanks a lot for making
              such a unique game!
    GamefaQS!: Thanks for being so reliable, and always being there to help a Fox ^^.
    My Fellow Warriors: You have been a great bunch reading this FAQ. Now go out there and Win it
                        FOR THE WARRIORS!
    Kitsune's Multiplayer Guide for Warriors by CaptainKitsune(FOX)
    Version 0.1 --August 8th, 2003
    Nox Logon: UltraFox1
    Aim Screenname: CaptainBlitzFox
    COPYRIGHT 2003 Randy Smith

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