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"Give it some time..."

I would like to start by saying I have put about 30 hours into MoO III in the last week. When I first went out and purchased the game, I brought it home with high hopes of blasting enemy planets to asteroids. My excitement ended quickly, I started playing and quickly decided it was an embarrassment and one of the worst games ever made. However, an hour into the game, I met a few AIs, began expanding, the wars started tech grew, things were looking up. After 3 hours I was trapped in the game, locked in 30 minute battles for single systems, playing political mind games with other leaders and managing planetary resources. After all this there is just one thing I want to make clear, you are not a general, you are a leader.

Audio 5/10

The music in MoO III is fairly devoid and not exactly exciting, but it fits the theme well. Most people, including myself, would rather just turn the music off and play a few song over the the game. The sound effects aren't as bad, even though simplistic. The usual beam sounds when a weapon is fired, but with variations, the only really satisfying sound is when you order your ships to bombard a planet.

Graphics 6/10

6, even though a little high, is realistic. The game is mainly based on menus, but the movies and political association is very well done. If you play enough, you can begin to tell exactly how another leader is regarding you through the political lines. Planets and suns are nicely detailed, but nothing ground breaking. The worst graphics in the game is by far the battles, I mean, would it kill them to add some stars, its bland, though fun.

Challenge 9/10

The AI is very good at both deciding what you would do next, and how you can defend against it, even though a little easy to tame.

Gameplay 10/10

I know many of you are ready to throw this review out the window at the sight of this mark, but hear me out. I know games should be mindless, senseless fun, but MoO III isn't. You really need to think, plan and connive to survive well. I have personally tried two ways of defeating the computer, both ways have been going very well, and its really a decision on what you enjoy. For instants, my most enjoyable game was when I began turning the entire political senate against the current president; with bribery and false alliances I seized control, then, without wasting a single ship of my own, destroyed my enemies. In the end there was one civilization left, and he was easily taken down after my army cut off the lines he needed to get his war machine back.

Overall 9/10

I know it seems high, but give this game some time, learn it and learn it well, it does get good.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/27/03, Updated 04/27/03

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