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    	  The Unofficial
            A F T E R L I F E
            Strategy FAQ
            Version 1.0
            Last Updated: 11 July 1996, 08:30 GMT
            Written by: Todd M. Lewis
            The purpose of this FAQ is to aid the public regarding strategies for 
    use in the game Afterlife, by LucasArts Entertainment Company. In no way should 
    this promote your killing yourself, killing others, or killing in any other 
            Todd Lewis claims NO responsibility regarding any illegal activity 
    concerning this FAQ, or indirectly related to this FAQ.  
            Afterlife is a trademark and is copyrighted, and is so acknowledged.
    Any trademarks not mentioned
            here are still acknowledged.
            This article is Copyright 1996 by Todd Lewis. All rights reserved. 
            You are granted the following rights: 
            I. To make copies of this work in original form, so long as 
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            temporary and revocable upon written, oral, or other notice by Todd
    Lewis. This copyright notice
            shall be governed by international copyright law. 
            If you would like additional rights beyond those granted above,
    write to the author at
            "Beowulf92@aol.com" on the Internet. Thanks for suffering through
    all that stuff. You're a swell
            person, and will make one Hell of a Demiurge.
            Ring One: Introduction
            [1-1] Foreword
            [1-2] About the Unofficial Afterlife Strategy FAQ
            [1-2-1] Is the FAQ related to the Afterlife Official Player's Guide?
            [1-3] Getting the Unofficial Afterlife Strategy FAQ
            [1-3-1] Via Usenet
            [1-3-2] Via Internet FTP
            [1-3-3] Via WWW
            [1-3-4] Via BBS
            [1-4] Adding to the FAQ
            [1-5] Acknowledgments
            [1-5-1] More Acknowledgments
            [1-6] Accurate Information
            Ring Two: Game Fundamentals
            [2-1] Beliefs
            [2-2] Zoning
            [2-2-1] In Heaven
            [2-2-2] In Hell
            [2-3] Balance
            [2-4] Vibes
            [2-5] Diversity
            [2-6] Efficiency
            Ring Three: Making Money
            [3-1] The Basics
            [3-2] Train your own Angels and Demons
            [3-2-1] Riots
            [3-3] Roads
            [3-4] "X" Marks the Spot
            [3-5] Lost SOULs
            [3-6] Banks
            [3-6-1] "Heavenly" Loans
            [3-6-2] "Devilish" Investing
            Ring Four: The Structures
            [4-1] Rewards
            [4-1-1] Contentment
            [4-1-2] Charity
            [4-1-3] Temperance
            [4-1-4] Diligence
            [4-1-5] Chastity
            [4-1-6] Peacefulness
            [4-1-7] Humility
            [4-1-8] Generic Virture
            [4-2] Punishments
            [4-2-1] Envy
            [4-2-2] Avarice
            [4-2-3] Gluttony
            [4-2-4] Sloth
            [4-2-5] Lust
            [4-2-6] Wrath
            [4-2-7] Pride
            [4-2-8] Generic Sin
            [4-3] Everything Else
            Ring Five: The Planet
            [5-1] Beliefs
            [5-2] Sins and Virtues
            [5-3] Technology
            Ring Six: Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me (Yeah, Right)
            [6-1] Birds of Paradise
            [6-2] Bats Out of Hell
            [6-3] Heaven Gets the Blues
            [6-4] Hell Freezes Over
            [6-5] Heaven Nose
            [6-6] Hell in a Handbasket
            [6-7] Paradise Pair of Dice
            [6-8] Disco Inferno
            Ring Seven: Strategies
            [7-1] The Early Game 
            [7-2] The Mid Game 
            [7-3] The Late Game 
            [7-4] Player tips 
            [7-5] Cheats
            [7-6] War Stories
            Ring Eight: Miscellaneous
            [8-1] Internet resources 
            [8-2] World Wide Web sites 
            [8-3] Other FAQs and texts 
            [8-4] Bugs
            [8-5] Patches
            [8-6] Errors in the Afterlife Instruction Brochure--er, Manual 
            [8-7] Conclusion 
            [8-8] Revision History 
            Ring Nine: There is no Ring Nine.
            Ring One: Introduction
            [1-1]: Foreword
            Afterlife is "the last word in sims," by LucasArts. In this game,
    you must develop two separate planes
            simultaneously. Quite some effort has gone into describing the
    scenario: there is a planet that IS NOT
            EARTH, full of EMBOs (Ethically Mature Biological Organisms). When
    they die, their SOULs (Stuff
            Of Unending Life) have to go somewhere. That's where you come in.
            The mysterious Powers That Be have made you a Demiurge, responsible
    for both Heaven and Hell.
            Your clients will be the incoming SOULs. If they have been bad, they
    will be punished according to
            their sins in Hell. Of course, we're talking about the seven
    biggies: Envy, Avarice (otherwise known as
            Greed in a recent blockbuster), Gluttony, Sloth, Lust, Wrath, and
    Pride. If those SOULs have been
            good, they will be rewarded in Heaven for the seven corresponding
    virtues: Contentment, Charity,
            Temperance, Diligence, Chastity, Peacefulness, and Humility.
            This game is a "simulation," like Sim City and its cousins. You must
    zone for structures, teach a
            workforce, provide living accomodations, recover from
    disasters...but we'll get to all of this shorty.
            [1-2] About the Unofficial Afterlife Strategy FAQ
            Welcome to v1.0 of the Unofficial Afterlife Strategy FAQ. I hope you
    find it both amusing and helpful.
            It became painfully obvious that the documentation provided with the
    game didn't paint a complete
            picture. Sure, there's enough to get you started, and there's also
    plenty of help along the way, but
            there wasn't a lot of printed reference material. Hopefully this FAQ
    will fit the bill. There's not much
            else to say at this point, as this is the first version. Don't rip
    it apart too badly.
            "Unofficial" means that this FAQ is not supported by LucasArts.
    Afterlife is the name of the game.
            FAQs are (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions. 
            Revision classification works something like the following. If a new
    version of the FAQ has only a
            small amount of information changed or 
            added, the version number is increased by 0.1, and is called a
    "minor revision." If a new version of the
            FAQ has a substantial amount of new information changed or added,
    the version number is increased
            by 0.5, and is called a "standard revision." If a new version of the
    FAQ has a huge amount of added
            or changed information, major parts of the FAQ are rearranged, or
    major parts of the FAQ are
            rewritten, the version number is increased by 1.0, and it is called
    a "major revision."
            You may be wondering why chapter numbers are enclosed in either [
    ]'s or * *'s. The definition of
            these is as follows: 
            [ ] Chapters enclosed in square brackets mean that the information
    contained in the chapter has not
            been updated since the previous FAQ. Since this is the first
    version, all chapters will be enclosed in [
            ** Chapters enclosed in asterisks mean that the information
    contained in the chapter is new or has
            been updated for the current version of the FAQ you are reading.
    Pretty simple, eh?
            [1-2-1] Is the FAQ related to the Afterlife Official Player's Guide?
            No, the Unofficial Afterlife Strategy FAQ is not related in any way
    with the Afterlife Official Player's
            Guide other than in topic. Nor is the Unofficial Afterlife Strategy
    FAQ meant to provide competition
            to the Afterlife Official Player's Guide. Get it? I'm not making any
    money here, nor am I trying to. My
            only reward is seeing my own name at the top of this thing. So stop
    thinking about making my life Hell
            with some kind of lawsuit.
            [1-3] Getting the Unofficial Afterlife Strategy FAQ
            [1-3-1] via Usenet
            The Unofficial Afterlife Strategy FAQ is posted on the following
    Usenet groups: 
            (1) comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic 
            The 'Subject:' line of the post will be "[Afterlife] Unofficial
    Strategy FAQ v?.?" where "?.?" is the
            version number of the FAQ. 
            [1-3-2] Via Internet FTP
            New releases of the Unofficial Afterlife Strategy FAQ can be found
    at the following Internet FTP
            (Well, actually nowhere yet. But if someone would care to carry it
    and let 
            me know I'll note it here. I'll even give you credit for it.)
            The file name of the upload will be "alifes??.faq" where "??" is the 
            version number of the FAQ.
            [1-3-3] Via WWW
            New releases of the Unofficial Afterlife Strategy FAQ will be found
    on the following World-wide
            Web sites:
            (Again, nowhere yet. But if someone would like to post it on their
    page and let me know, I'll make
            note it here. I'll even give you credit for that, too.)
            HTML versions of the Unofficial Afterlife Strategy FAQ can be found on 
            the following World-wide Web sites: 
            (Seeing any similarities yet?) 
            [1-3-4] Via BBS
            New releases of the Unofficial Afterlife Strategy FAQ will be
    uploaded to 
            other BBSes as the opportunity arises. The file should be
    "alifes??.faq" where "??" is the version
            number of the FAQ.
            ATTENTION: ALL BBSes, CompuServe, America On-line, and all other 
            information services. PLEASE conform to the naming standard of the 
            Unofficial Afterlife Strategy FAQ when placing this file on your
    system. The file name should be
            "alifes??.zip" where the "??" is the version number of the FAQ or
    "alifes??.txt" if the FAQ is a text file
            instead of 
            [1-4] Adding to the FAQ
            The words [blank] or [incomplete] indicates a section that needs
    filling in. I depend heavily on
            contributions from people like yourself to make this FAQ whole. Want
    some recognition? Help me fill
            in the blanks.
            If you have something to add to the FAQ, please send E-mail to
    Beowulf92@aol.com, with the
            subject "Afterlife USG," and explain what your addition is. It will
    be reviewed, and if accepted, added
            to the next FAQ version. In the E-mail, please supply your name and
    E-mail address. 
            Please note that all submissions to the FAQ become property of the
    author (Todd Lewis) and that
            they may or may not be included. By 
            submitting to the FAQ, you grant the author permission to use your
    submission in any future
            publications of the FAQ in any media. The author reserves the right
    to omit information from a
            submission or delete the submission entirely.
            [1-5] Acknowledgments
            LucasArts for making this game. 
            My wife Jill, who has no idea her name is in here.
            And a big thanks to everyone else who sent something my way, or posted 
            answers to questions in comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic. I gave
    credit to all persons whose ideas I
            included in this FAQ. Forgive me if I miss anyone. If for some
    reason I HAVE missed you, PLEASE
            send me E-mail so I can give credit where credit is due.
            [1-5-1] More Acknowledgments to Some Guys Who Don't Even Know Why
            A huge "Thank you" and an "I'm sorry" to:
            Hank Leukart (ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu),
            author of the "Official" DOOM FAQ;
            Edward Kenworthy (ekenworthy@cix.compulink.co.uk),
            author of the Unofficial Civilization 2 Strategy Guide;
            Both of whom I have shamelessly copied ideas and formats for
    organizing this FAQ.
            [1-6]: Accurate Information
            An attempt has been made to make the information in this FAQ as 
            accurate as possible. However, if you discover that some little imp
    has been successful at having a
            false tip included in this FAQ, please let me know immediately.
            Ring Two: Game Fundamentals
            This Ring will cover some of the basic topics that you should try to
    keep in mind while playing. If you
            don't want to read this incessant rambling, go ahead and skip over
    it. Go on. Go. You'll be back. 
            [2-1] Beliefs
            Okay, first you need to understand something about your future
    "clients." Whether or not the SOULs
            even come to you for processing depends on their beliefs. In
    Afterlife, there are two broad categories.
            NAAA: No Afterlife At All, and AAAA: Absolutely Always An Afterlife.
    An NAAAist is an EMBO
            who doesn't believe in an afterlife. So when he croaks, he won't be
    comin' a knockin' on either one of
            your gates (Pearly or otherwise). Therefore, all SOULs you will be
    dealing with are AAAAists.
            Let's break it down further. Within AAAA, there are two
    subcategories. HAHA: Heaven and Hell
            Await, and HOHO: Heaven Or Hell Only. In other words, a HAHAist
    believes that she will first be
            punished in Hell for her sins, then will go to Heaven to be rewarded
    for her virtures. A HOHOist
            believes that he will only go to one realm or the other.
            Remember when I said that there were two subcategories of AAAA?
    Well, I lied. There are two
            more. OCRA: Only Cloud Realms Await, and OPRA: Only Pit Realms
    Await. These believe that only
            one realm exists, period. An OCRAist would only go to Heaven,
    regardless of her sins or virtues. An
            OPRAist...well, you get the picture.
            Hang in there, just a few more of these dull descriptions. Now that
    we've determined where our
            SOUL believes it will be going, we would like to know what it will
    be doing there. Two more
            categories. SUMA: SOULs Undergo Multiple Afterlifes, and SUSA: SOULs
    Undergo Singular
            Afterlifes. A SUMAist believes that he will be rewarded or punished
    for every virtue or sin, while a
            SUSAist believes that she will be rewarded or punished only for her
    most prominent virture or sin.
            Almost done. There's the matter of reincarnation to deal with. You
    guessed it, two more categories.
            ALF: Afterlife Lasts Forever, and RALF: Reincarnation Always Loops
    Fate. An ALFist does not
            believe in reincarnation. This makes him a _PERMANENT_ guest (he's
    there for eternity). A
            RALFist believes in reincarnation. This makes her a _TEMPORARY_
    guest. These are important
            Lastly, all of these categories can be mixed. A HOHOSUSAALFist would
    believe that upon his
            death, he would travel to either Heaven Or Hell Only. Once there, he
    would be rewarded or punished
            based upon his one predominant virtue or sin, and that he would be
    there forever. As you can see, a
            HOHOSUSAALfist is a pretty easy SOUL to handle.
            [2-2] Zoning
            Just as in Sim City, where you had to create "zones" for
    residential, commercial, and industrial
            building, you must specify zones in both Heaven and in Hell. The
    difference is that in Afterlife, your
            zones are where your Fate Structures are built. Fate Structures are
    the buildings where the SOULs
            actually go in Heaven or in Hell. Once a zone has been defined, the
    Fate Structures will appear
            automatically as needed, until the zone is filled.
            [2-2-1] In Heaven
            You must create zones for each of the seven virtues. Each virtue is
    designated by its own color:
            Green is Contentment
            Yellow is Charity
            Orange is Temperance
            Brown is Diligence
            Purple is Chastity
            Red is Peacefulness
            Blue is Humility
            Multicolor is Generic Virtue
            In Heaven, Fate Structures are called Rewards.
            "Heaven needs to be compact, and easy to walk from point to point.
    SUMAists expect to go to blue
            first, then work their way back to green. Put blue closest to the
    gates, and work from there. Heaven
            likes small zones of color next to each other."
    [jarrell@solaris.cc.vt.edu (Ron Jarrell)]
            "I just 'spider' roads out from the gate, one leg for each reward,
    with plenty of space, training centers,
            and utopias in between blocks and immediately around the main gate.
    This grows harder to do as the
            pop. expands, but it's quite doable with a little monkeying."
    ["Kagetora" <kagetora@pernet.net>]
            [2-2-2] In Hell
            You will be punishing bad SOULs according to their sins. There are
    seven sins, and you must create
            zones so that your Demons may build the corresponding Fate Structures.
            Green is Envy (nice touch)
            Yellow is Avarice
            Orange is Gluttony
            Brown is Sloth
            Purple is Lust
            Red is Wrath
            Blue is Pride
            Multicolor is Generic Sin
            In Hell, Fate Structures are called Punishments.
            "Hell is the opposite.. The damned expect to suffer, so long walks
    are important, both between the
            gate/karma station and zones, and between zones. It should take a
    while to walk from point a to point
            b. SUMAists expect to go to GREEN tiles first, and work down to blue
    (Hell thinks the sin
            importance is REVERSE from Heaven.) Which means green should be
    FARTHEST from the gate.
            Hell hates zones of color next to each other, and favors large
    single blocks of color."
            [jarrell@solaris.cc.vt.edu (Ron Jarrell)]
            [2-3] Balance
            Okay, remember reading about Permanent and Temporary SOULs? At any
    given time, any Fate
            Structure will have a mix of the two. When a Fate Structure is
    well-balanced, it has been set so that it
            is providing the proper mix of activity for its residents. In other
    words, if you had 100% permanent
            souls, you would want to set the Fate Structure to "mental
    activity," which is designed for permanent
            SOULs. You can adjust the balance for each Fate Structure in the
    Microview window.
    X-Sender: cosmos@ianet.net
    Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 04:06:22 -0400
    To: Rai@happypuppy.com, rob@happypuppy.com
    From: Dwight Taylor <cosmos@ianet.net>
    Subject: Unofficial Afterlife FAQ part 2
    Balancing is another Herculean task. I think LucasArts threw it in there so
    that we would have to click
            on individual structures, and while we're at
            it, why not appreciate the neat drawings and humorous biographies
    that go along with them?
            Otherwise all of that detail would go unnoticed.
            The easiest way I've found is to use the "Flatten Hell/Heaven" buttons,
            then use the Microview to click on a square. Keep the Microview window
            open to the Balance screen. Now just rip through and adjust the sliders
            until you see white. Also, by turning on the Autoscroll function,
    you can
            easily maneuver the Punishment/Reward zones so that you can select
            individual squares without constantly having to move the Microview
    Balance window.
            Pressing the "A" key during game play will reduce the size of all of
    the structures in the game. Topias,
            Gift Structures, Gates, etc. included. Makes it much easier to "see
    around" those really tall buildings.
            Lastly, you don't have to close that window for your changes to take
    effect. Just click on the next box
            and be on your way. When you're finished, deselect the "Flatten"
    buttons if you want to see all of
            those Fate Structures packed together.
            "Balance - If they gripe, I look at the map, click around, and make
    sure that the most populated
            buildings are balanced. Fixing those is enough to make things happy
    withought driving you crazy in
            micromanagement. " [ooba@red-branch.MIT.EDU()]
            "Unfortunately, that isn't enough. If each 3x3 zone has a 2x2 and
    several 1x1 buildings (the common
            growth pattern), and you only balance the big ones, you will never
    grow 3x3 buildings...Therefore, I
            just don't do it by hand (except for maybe the first two or three
    zones during the first minute or two). I
            consider the cost of using the macro manager to autobalance all of
    Heaven or all of Hell (when they
            get really bad) simply a part of the cost of running the zones. Yes,
    in the mid stages of a game, I have
            paid 50M cents to balance a plane. It is worth it.
            "It actually tends to pay itself back in growth, believe it not. But
    manual balancing: fooey!"
            [sjenkins@access.digex.net (Scott A. Jenkins)]
            [2-4] Vibes
            "Vibes" are weakly described, at best. The first question is "Where
    do these things come from?" The
            answer is from the buildings and structures. All of them. Gates,
    Karma Stations, Topias, Fate
            Structures...the works. Basically, vibes come in two flavors:
    pro-evolutionary, and anti-evolutionary.
            Well, they're are actually described as being good or bad, but those
    designations have polar effects in
            Heaven and Hell. Let me explain.
            Since Heaven is such a happy place, good vibes are pro-evolutionary,
    while bad vibes are
            anti-evolutionary. I doubt that any Reward in Heaven produces "bad
    vibes" that we would associate
            with hatred. Rather, I prefer to think of it as "In this structure,
    the SOULs are only incredibly blissful,
            as opposed to unfathomably ecstatic over there."
            Now, in Hell, vibes work in exactly the opposite manner: bad vibes
    are pro-evolutionary, while good
            vibes are anti-evolutionary. Once again, I doubt that any Punishment
    in Hell that produces good vibes
            promotes happiness. Rather, the SOULs there are only awfully
    miserable, as opposed to the
            demonically tortured. You get my drift.
            Back to the topic at hand. A structure that is operating under
    pro-evolutionary vibes is more likely to
            be spontaneously upgraded (assuming there's enough zone space around
    it, if needed) into a more
            fancy version. Want some of those ultimate 3x3 Fate Structures shown
    in the Technical Manual? Then
            you should have your zone subjected to pro-evolutionary Vibes.
            The Vibes that a particular Fate Structure emits will always be
    constant. "The Perfect Spot Cosmic
            Backrub," a Reward for Chastity, will always emit Very Bad Vibes.
    Vibes from Fate Structures
            appear to have a range of one square. So if you're waiting for your
    "Perfect Evening" Reward (which
            just happens to be immediately adjacent) to get upgraded to
    "Cherubopolis," you may have to wait a
            while due to the Bad Vibes from "Spot."
            Once a zone has evolved to its highest form, I usually ignore Vibes.
            Big Tease Shower Towers," a 3x3 Punishment for Lust, emits Very Good
            Vibes. Who cares? The next XX0,000 lustful SOULs just found a home,
    and I'm paying very few
            Demons to watch over them. Of course, anti-evolutionary Vibes can be
    countered by placing Topias
            or Gift Structures.
            "Use the vibe map - it helped me a lot. And those gift structures can 
            really make an area explode with growth if they're placed right.
    This is 
            a game about PLANNING, as far as I can tell."
    [dleary@umabnet.ab.umd.edu (David Leary)]
            "Gates and karma stations ALWAYS put out anti-vibes, i.e. vibes that
    are WRONG for their plane.
            Keep them away from zones. Bigger structures spread their vibes
    farther. A level one gate affects 3
            squares, level 2 hits four squares... Training centers and Topias
    always put out pro-vibes. I like to put
            a training center between the gate and the first fate zone. Provides
    the buffer I need, plus they tend to
            cancel out. Gift structures put out major pro-vibes, and each
    counteracts 1 disaster with its area of
            effect. (Typically 10-15 squares or so). Siphons put out toxic waste
    and bad vibes. Which is what you
            want in Hell, so putting it in the middle of things helps; and is
    bad for growth in Heaven."
            [jarrell@solaris.cc.vt.edu (Ron Jarrell)]
            [2-5] Diversity
            Diversity is a measure of the amount of variety to be found in
    Heaven and in Hell. Not surprisingly,
            these two planes have opposite needs. In Heaven, SOULs like to
    intermingle with each other, from all
            the different colors. So diversity in Heaven contributes some amount
    of positive influence that may
            contribute to efficiency. Hell is exactly the opposite. You want
    those SOULs to be bored out of their
            minds, so being undiverse is desirable.
            Here's the key to diversity: intelligent zoning. In Heaven, you want
    blocks of the various colored
            Virtues mixed together. In Hell, you want to have blocks of the same
    color, separated from all the
            other colors by a good, long walk.
            "When computing for your adjaceny bounus (part of your efficiency
    score) a tile will look at all the
            surrounding tiles to see what color they are. It gets a bonus point
    for each that's the same color, and
            three for each that's the same color, and same type/species (Hell).
    Heaven it's +3 for different color,
            +1 same color, different species. This then gets averaged out and
    folded into the efficiency score.
            "So Hell does give you bonus for large monolithic blocks of the same
            vs. lots of seperate areas of a single color."
    [jarrell@solaris.cc.vt.edu (Ron Jarrell)]
            [2-6] Efficiency
            Here is another one of those vague concepts. In Afterlife,
    "efficiency" seems to be dependent upon
            balance, and your Angel or Demon Quotients (in Heaven or Hell,
    respectively), over a period of time.
            A new Fate Structure may not be that efficient. But higher
    Quotients, along with extremely well
            balanced Fate Structures will lead to better efficiency grades. "So
    what?" I hear you ask. Well, the
            better your overall efficiency, the faster your SOUL rate will
    climb. In other words, higher efficiency
            equals better profits. 
            Allow me a small aside, and let's talk about _real_ efficiency. Not
    some distorted concept that is
            described above. The real choice you have to make is what type of
    efficiency is most important to
            you? The capacities of Fate Structures increases over time. The
    highest population density available
            on a "per square" basis is found in the highest 2x2 structure.
    However, the highest demon (or angel) to
            SOUL efficiency is achieved by using a 3x3 structure.
            Here's an example from one of my games: "Ignorance Ain't Bliss" is
    the top 2x2 punishment for Lust.
            It can currently hold 627,200 SOULs, and
            requires 1,500 Demons. "Big Tease Shower Towers," the 3x3 punishment
    for Lust, currently holds
            800,000 SOULs, and requires 1,625 Demons.
            Here's the math: 627,200 / 4 = 156,800 SOULs per square. 800,000 / 9
    = 88,889 SOULs per
            square. That makes "Ignorance" 76% more efficient than "Towers," on
    a SOUL per square basis.
            627,200 / 1500 = 418 SOULs per demon. 800,000 / 1625 = 492 SOULs per
            demon. That makes "Towers" 18% more efficient than "Ignorance," on a
    SOUL per demon basis.
            Now, since paying my Demons (and my Angels) is a major contributor
    to my overhead, I'll stick with
            the 3x3 structures. Especially since I don't
            seem to be running out of real estate in Heaven or Hell. If however, you
            want to keep a Fate Structure at its current level of evolution, be sure
            to "lock" it, and pay the per year cost in pennies. This would be a
    particularly desirable option if you
            wanted to improve the pro-evolutionary vibes for a particular zone.
    Using an advanced 2x2 structure
            that gives off the appropriate vibes may be more important to you
    than either type of efficiency
            described above.
            Ring Three: Making Money
            Now, this _is_ the $64,000 question. Let's see here, that would be
    6,400,00 pennies. Do I have your
            attention yet?
            [3-1] The Basics
            Earn more than you spend. It's that easy, right? The number of SOULs
    you have accomodated in
            both realms times your SOUL rate is your only source of income. It
    should be pretty intuitive that the
            way to earn a higher income is by raising the SOUL rate, or
    increasing the total number of SOULs.
            Conversely, you can increase your total profits by reducing your
    "overhead," or the amount of money
            you must spend on upkeep.
            [3-2] Train your own Angels and Demons
            In the early game, this one item can turn your budget around more
    quickly than any other. If done
            properly, training your own Angels and Demons can increase the
    efficiency of your Fate Structures
            (which in turn raises the SOUL rate), as well as reduces your overhead.
            Lets assume for the moment that your zones in Heaven are all set,
    and that SOULs are flowing in.
            There will be a finite amount of jobs for your Angels. Initially,
    all of your Angels are imported.
            Through the use of a Training Center, you can train "homegrown"
    Angels to replace the imported
            ones. You are, in effect, "firing" the imported Angels. Since the
    number of working position remains
            fixed, you are replacing the expensive imported Angels with
    homegrown ones. Reducing the amount
            of imported workers is important, and is one of the earliest ways in
    which you can reduce a portion of
            your overhead.
            I recommend starting with the Seraphim State College and/or the
    Hellward Bound Retreats. You
            should place these Training Centers near your Gates, or any other
    highly trafficked areas. This
            placement will make them more effective in recruiting. Note that
    lowering the admission percentage
            does not mean that these TCenters produce workers at a lower rate. A
    Community College of the
            Clouds can train up to 100 Angels per year, while a Seraphim State
    College can train up to 250
            Angels per year. The number of SOULs currently being trained depends
    on how many
            PERMANENT SOULs walk by that TCenter. If you have 1,250 or more of
    these SOULs passing
            by, then an acceptance rate of 20% will still produce the maximum
    number of Angels each year (250).
            By lowering your acceptance percentage, you will raise your Angel
    Quotient (AQ) or your Demon
            Quotient (DQ) over time. Higher quotients will lead to higher Fate
    Structure Efficiency, which in turn
            results in higher SOUL Rates (see, there was a point to all of this
    after all).
            [3-2-1] Riots
            Be careful with those TCenters, though. When Jasper and/or Aria remind
            yu that less than 10% of your Demons/Angels are imported, TURN THOSE
            you ever seen rioting Angels or Demons? Not pretty. Especially if
    they start a chain reaction. In my
            first game, I kept the percentage of imported workers between 0 and
    2%. Big mistake. When the 3x3
            Fate Structures finally appeared, many of those Angels became
    unemployed. Idle Angels ran amok,
            and started destroying Fate Structures in Hell, which put several
    Demons out of jobs. Now idle
            Demons rioted in Heaven, which created more idle Angels. You get the
    picture. Before too long, I
            was staring at a bunch of empty roads! Kowabunga time.
            [3-3] Roads
            After glancing at the Afterlife Official Player's Guide, I notice
    that the formula used to calculate how
            much you are charged for the upkeep of a road is some nasty
    logarithmic beastie. The bottom line is,
            the more SOULs that walk on a road, the higher the upkeep.
            Early in the game, you'll want to stick to fairly short roads. The
    upkeep you spend on really long
            roads--especially in Hell--can quickly bury you. In Hell, I try to
    use a long series of "S-curves," which
            is basically one long road that keeps twisting back and forth. If I
    need to create more room for zoning,
            I just "nuke" a corner, extend the road, and lay down a new corner.
            [3-4] "X" Marks the Spot
            Another way to reduce the number of imported workers is to "Nuke"
            low-populated Fate Structures. Doing so will free up some of your
            homegrown Demons or Angels to go displace imported ones elsewhere.
    It will also cause your
            SOULs to really pack it in to the remaining Rewards or Punishments.
    Keeping your Fate Structures
            populated at high percentages encourages their growth into higher
    capacity versions. Notice that by
            redistributing your homegrown workers, you are in essence "firing"
    the imported ones.
            [3-5] Lost SOULs
            Losing SOULs is the quickest way to early bankruptcy. You will be
    charged one full penny for every
            SOUL lost, even if your SOUL rate is a fraction of one cent. You
    will want to pay close attention to
            Jasper and Aria, as well as your Graphview to see which zones may
    need a little extra space. Also
            keep in mind that your Gates can (and will) reach their own limits,
    as well as your Karma Stations and
            [3-6] Banks
            When you start becoming a little desperate, you'll want to think
    about building a bank (or two, or
            three). The banks on each plane work a little differently.
    X-Sender: cosmos@ianet.net
    Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 04:06:44 -0400
    To: rob@happypuppy.com, Rai@happypuppy.com
    From: Dwight Taylor <cosmos@ianet.net>
    Subject: Unofficial Afterlife FAQ part 3
    [3-6-1] "Heavenly" Loans
            When you take out a loan from a Heavenly bank, you must make yearly
    payments for 100 years, with
            interest. The interest rate for Heaven is:
            Int(Heaven) = 1% * (the total number of loans you have outstanding
    from Heavenly banks)
            So if you've built three banks, your interest rate for the first
    loan will only be 1%. If you take out a
            second loan before you've finished paying off the first, your
    interest rate will be 2%. This gradual rise
            in interest rates may eventually bankrupt you if you don't start
    turning a profit soon.
            [3-6-2] "Devilish" Investing
            If you take out a loan from a bank in Hell, you won't have to make
    yearly payments. You won't even
            be charged interest. The penalty is that you put a whole bunch of
    SOULs at risk if you don't pay off
            the loan in the next 100 years. This fact can be exploited:
            "You need money, and it doesn't seem there's a way to get it without
    always increasing your debt ?
            We have the perfect solution for you in Hell, let me explain...
            "Build a bank (a small one or a big one, it depends on your needs),
    and then build another one just
            like it. Let's call them bank A and bank B. Now, since banks in Hell
    will NOT charge you interest, but
            just bet that you can't pay them back (they will take souls after
    100 years if you don't pay them back),
            we'll use that fact at our advantage.
            "Borrow from bank A (let's say 10M$). After 95 years (there's a 5
    year buffer zone to avoid
            problems) borrow the same amount from bank B. Pay back bank A with
    the $$$ you just borrow
            from bank B. After 95 years, borrow 10M$ from bank A again. Pay bank
    B what you owe them with
            that freshly borrowed money. Repeat this procedure until your cash
    flow is high enough to pay the
            bank without having to get another loan. There you go, 0% interest
    loan in Hell..."
            [asthur@gmgate.gamemaster.qc.ca (Daniel Blanchard)]
            Ring Four: The Structures
            The following is a list of many of the Fate Structures. I don't have
    them all yet, so if you notice a few
            missing, drop me a line and let me know. They are arranged in order
    from the lowest capacity to the
            [4-1] Rewards
            Remember here that Good Vibes are pro-evolutionary in Heaven, and
    are therefore desirable. You
            may wish to "lock in" an advanced 2x2 Fate Structure before it gets
    promoted to a 3x3 building, if the
            vibes are better. The last Reward listed in each category is the
    highest possible (this I know from the
            Technical Manual).
            [4-1-1] Contentment
            Vacation Slides Of The Gods - Very Bad Vibes
            The Good Neighbor - Moderately Bad Vibes
            Coffee Shops Of The Word - Moderately Bad Vibes
            Karaoke Korners - Slightly Bad Vibes
            The Choir Invincible - Slightly Good Vibes
            Envy Aid - Moderately Good Vibes
            Brahmatic Bovine Bliss Ranch - Very Good Vibes
            [4-1-2] Charity
            You Are Already A Winner - Slightly Good Vibes
            Lost And Found - Moderately Good Vibes
            The Good Space - Very Good Vibes
            The Incredibly Lost Episodes - Moderately Good Vibes
            The Final Piece Convention - Moderately Bad Vibes
            Ascetic Mountains - No Vibes
            [4-1-3] Temperance
            The Perfect Party - Moderately Bad Vibes
            Lands Of Milk And Honey - Slightly Bad Vibes
            Deux Ex Diner - No Vibes
            Hog Heaven - Slightly Good Vibes
            Sickeningly Sweet Sugar Savannas - No Vibes
            Party Town - Very Bad Vibes
            [4-1-4] Diligence
            Your Home is Your Castle - Very Good Vibes
            The Eternal Afternoon - Moderately Good Vibes
            It's a Cat's Life - Moderately Good Vibes
            Mom and Pop Shops - Slightly Good Vibes
            Paradise University - Slightly Bad Vibes
            Cloud Nine Labs - Moderately Bad Vibes
            Towers-A-Go-Go - Moderately Bad Vibes
            Divine Engines - Very Bad Vibes
            The Final Frontier - Very Bad Vibes
            [4-1-5] Chastity
            Valentine Town - Slightly Bad Vibes
            The Only Non-Sleazy Singles Bar In Creation - Moderately Bad Vibes
            The Perfect Spot Cosmic Backrub - Very Bad Vibes
            Palaces Of True Love - Moderately Bad Vibes
            Wedding Day Redux - No Vibes
            Castaways - Slightly Good Vibes
            The Perfect Evening - Very Good Vibes
            Cherubopolis - No Vibes
            [4-1-6] Peacefulness
            Perfect Playgrounds - Moderately Good Vibes
            Fishing Holes - Slightly Good Vibes
            Heaven's Complaint Department - No Vibes
            USDA Local #777 - Slightly Bad Vibes
            Board Games - No Vibes
            Fight The Power! - Slightly Good Vibes
            The 19th Tee Links - Very Good Vibes
            [4-1-7] Humility
            Humble Pie - Slightly Good Vibes
            Press Conference - Slightly Bad Vibes
            You Oughta Be In Pictures - Moderately Good Vibes
            Humble-mentary - Moderately Bad Vibes
            Monuments To Humility - Very Good Vibes
            DNA Park - Moderately Bad Vibes
            Keys To The City - Moderately Good Vibes
            Look To The Stars - No Vibes
            [4-1-8] Generic Virtue
            Good Heavens Theme Park - Very Good Vibes
            [4-2] Punishments
            Likewise, Bad Vibes are pro-evolutionary in Hell. Etcetera, etcetera.
            [4-2-1] Envy
            Out Of The Frying Pan - Moderately Bad Vibes
            Another Man's Shoes - Moderately Bad Vibes
            Survey Of The Damned - Slightly Bad Vibes
            Hell Octoplex 666 - Slightly Good Vibes
            NoBody Burgs - Moderately Good Vibes
            Escher Pits - Very Good Vibes
            [4-2-2] Avarice
            Jerky City - Slightly Good Vibes
            The Collective - Moderately Good Vibes
            Bingoslypertukaw! - Very Good Vibes
            Booty Island - Moderately Good Vibes
            Carousels Of Greed - Very Bad Vibes
            DisCorp - No Vibes
            [4-2-3] Gluttony
            Taco Inferno - Moderately Bad Vibes
            Sticky's - Slightly Bad Vibes
            Pinhead Pizza - No Vibes
            Bahb's All-U-Must-Eat - No Vibes
            The Bowels Of Hell - Very Bad Vibes
            [4-2-4] Sloth
            The Itch - Very Good Vibes
            Sweat Shops - Moderately Good Vibes
            Bitter Harvest Fields - Moderately Good Vibes
            Convention Of The Damned - Slightly Bad Vibes
            The Enchanted Forest Of Cable - Moderately Bad Vibes
            666 Pennants Over Perdition Theme Parks - Very Bad Vibes
            [4-2-5] Lust
            Lust Freezers - Slightly Bad Vibes
            Punishing Peep Show Pavillions - Moderately Bad Vibes
            The Laundromat - Very Bad Vibes
            Purple Passion Pulsing Plasma Pods - Moderately Bad Vibes
            Screaming Subspace Voids - Moderately Good Vibes
            Dates From Hell - Very Good Vibes
            Roboto - Very Good Vibes
            Ignorance Ain't Bliss - 
            The Big Tease Shower Towers - Very Good Vibes
            [4-2-6] Wrath
            Immortal Backalley Battle Warriors - Moderately Good Vibes
            The Real Underworld - Slightly Good Vibes
            The Post Office Game - No Vibes
            Hellrose Place - Very Bad Vibes
            Terrorville - Slightly Good Vibes
            Illuminatiland - No Vibes
            War! (What Is It Good For?) - Very Good Vibes
            [4-2-7] Pride
            The Age Of Aquarium - Slightly Good Vibes
            Doll House - Slightly Bad Vibes
            SOUL Farm - Moderately Good Vibes
            The Zoo - Moderately Bad Vibes
            [4-2-8] Generic Sin
            A World Of Pain - Very Bad Vibes
            [4-3] Everything Else
            Well, this section would include stuff like Gates, Topias, Training
    Centers, Siphons, Limbo Structures,
            Omnibogles & Love Domes, Karma Stations, and Gift Structures. Since
    most of these buildings are
            explained thoroughly in the manual and the game itself, I'm leaving
    them out. For now. If some of you
            purists out there _really, really_ have to have that info in here,
    let me know. I'll get around to it. Sure I
            Ring Five: The Planet
            No, this isn't a singular movement by Holst. This Ring deals with
    that annoying little ball floating in the
            middle of your screen. The one with all the EMBOs on it. You know,
    your clients living in a
            non-deceased mode.
            [5-1] Beliefs
            So far I've encountered two reasons to mess with the EMBOs' beliefs,
    besides the obvious "because I
            1. To encourage expansion/growth on either of the planes. Remember
    waaay back at the beginning of
            this FAQ I was talking about a HOHOSUSAALFist? No? Then go back and
    read section [2-1]:
            "Beliefs." See, I told you that you'd go back. Anyway, if you want
    to influence the incoming SOULs
            towards any particular belief system, now's your chance to do it.
    Want more permanent SOULs (i.e.,
            more permanent, revenue generating ones)? Then pick a heavily
    populated square and influence
            someone to believe in ALFism. Want to run a Heaven-only game? Then
    OPRAists are the ones for
            2. Because those pesky helpers told me to. Yes, just like everything
    else in this game, the planet can
            become "unbalanced," if you will. I got a little message from both
    Jasper and Aria saying that "The
            people on the planet believe in an afterlife, they just don't
    believe in Hell (or Heaven, respectively)." I
            had to open the Planetview, select Tenets, and influence some Joe
    (or Joan) to go spread the word.
            "I find the planet thing very useful. Pouring enough money into the
    planet in one game resulted in a lot
            less traffic through my reincarnation stations - a BIG savings in
    money in the long run, since I didn't
            have to upgrade to the top-of-the-line, ever. Not sure if I came out
    ahead (tinkering with the planet's
            tenents was expensive) but it was interesting..."
    [dleary@umabnet.ab.umd.edu (David Leary)]
            [5-2] Sins and Virtues
            Want to make things a little more interesting on the planet? Then
    give the EMBOs a healthy nudge of
            some naughty vice. Maybe those EMBOs are killing each other a little
    _too_ efficiently. Or perhaps
            you just don't have enough Cow Corkscrews (Brahmatic Bovine Bliss
    Ranches) for your liking. Now
            it's time to add a dash of Virtue.
            "Before starting time, go down the planet, select the highest
    population area (or the most central; or
            you may only have one) and use the virtue controls to inspire
    demonic lust with the maximum power
            you have. It's relatively cheap now, and it'll turbo charge your
    population for millenia. Check
            occaisonally to see if a booster innoculation is needed. Note this
    will cause Hell to get a LOT more
            people than Heaven. You can balance this, if you like, by inspiring
    Heavenly peace, which is good at
            precenting wars in later eras that have nuclear war (rampant nuclear
    war triggers armageddon and
            ends the game). Or pick two virtues, and lean the balance back
    towards Heaven."
            [jarrell@solaris.cc.vt.edu (Ron Jarrell)]
            "One thing I noticed also is that if your "HATE" factor is pumped up
    pretty high (demonic or so), you
            keep getting the "Conquering Empire kills 40K worth of your
    population" disaster. It gives you a quick
            boost in the afterlife realm, but doesn't do much for your planet
    pop. Hiring a few poets to do a little
            love promotion worked wonders." [sragan@hsf.uab.edu (Stan Ragan)]
            [5-3] Technology
            Lastly, you can sHell out some sense--I mean, cents--to help the
    EMBOs aquire technological
            advancements. Doing so can be beneficial, because these discoveries
    will allow higher population
            densities (especially the first two, Pottery and Irrigation), or
    make more of the planet habitable
            (Boating, Navigation, Aviation). Just be sure that your world is
    pretty peaceful when those cute little
            EMBOs discover Nuclear technology.
            Ring Six: Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me (Yeah, Right)
            First of all, let me say that I'm not going to describe each and
    every one of these "disasters." All that
            info is contained in the Instruction Brochure--er, Manual. This Ring
    is devoted to the strategies you
            should use to protect yourself against these undesirable events.
    Besides saving and reloading the
            game, which would be cheating, now, wouldn't it.
            So if any of you have some suggestions, e-mail them to me and I'll
    insert them here.
            [6-1] Birds of Paradise
            [6-2] Bats Out of Hell
            [6-3] Heaven Gets the Blues
            [6-4] Hell Freezes Over
            [6-5] Heaven Nose
            [6-6] Hell in a Handbasket
            [6-7] Paradise Pair of Dice
            [6-8] Disco Inferno
            Ring Seven: Strategies
            [7-1] The Early Game
            "I build one 3x3 block of each color, one training center (lowest
    grade, set immediately to the most
            selective recruiting rate), one topia, one karma station, and one
    gate. I interpose the topia and the
            training center between the gate/karma station and the fate zones,
    to mitigate the bad vibes they emit. I
            also start off tapping a couple of ad infinitum rocks near the
    gate/karma station, since these emit bad
            [sjenkins@access.digex.net (Scott A. Jenkins)]
            "When building cheaper gates in the beginning of the game, be aware
    that the best gate needs a 4x4
            square!" [Assasins@interramp.com (STaSiS FieLDeR)]
            [7-2] The Mid Game
            [7-3] The Late Game
            "Do you think you're hot??!! Then aim for 1 Billion SOULs per plane.
    At this point, you can build
            Love Domes/Omnibolges. Once you build these structures, you can nuke
    most of your fate structures
            and catch up on your sleep since you bought this game <yawn!>."
    [Assasins@interramp.com (STaSiS
            [7-4] Player tips
            Pressing the "A" key during game play will reduce the size of all of
    the structures in the game. Topias,
            Gift Structures, Gates, etc. included. Makes it much easier to "see
    around" those really tall buildings.
            "What works for me, on medium, is to initially build only on one
    plane. I usually start with Heaven,
            because it is less expensive (shorter roads). The idea is that you
    are financing only one zone, until it is
            profitable. At this point, there will be enough SOULs to make the
    other zone profitable
            almost immediately." [ sjenkins@access.digex.net (Scott A. Jenkins)]
            "The key for me was getting the number of Imported Angels/Demons at
    10%. If you have more than
            10% you're paying way too much in pennies. If you have less than 10%
    you run the risk of riots. So, I
            built 2 traning centers (the top-of-the-line and the one below it)
    in both Heaven and Hell at the very
            start. I make them recruit at maximum until the number of
    Angels/Demons is about 50% imported,
            then I reduce the training center acceptance rate a little in order
    to keep the AQ/DQ up. My AQ is
            currently at 116 (with 10% imported) but my DQ is 96 (with 26%
    imported). Those Q's make for
            efficient buildings!" [scotts@bangate.compaq.com (Scott Shaffer)]
            A word about road upkeep: I think that the cost of roads is
    calculated by how heavily trafficked they
            are. I found a cluster of Rocks in hell far away from my
    Punishments. I dropped Ad Infinitum Siphons
            on them, connected the siphons with a road, and then ran the road
    down to the river. Voila! Rivers
            conduct Ad Infinitum. By making sure at least one road from my Fate
    Structures touched the river, I
            prohibited SOULs from travelling on those roads used for Ad
    Infinitum--thus shaving a few pennies.
            "SOULs that are visiting more than one fate zone (SUMAists) will
    visit them in the reverse order of
            importance. So in Heaven, blue needs to be closest to the gate, but
    in Hell it has to be farthest away.
            "If you want to reduce the reincarnation stats cheaply, make the
    karma track long; SOULs forget their
            past lives during the trip [thus making them doubt
    reincarnation--Beowulf92], and that reduces the
            percentage." [jarrell@solaris.cc.vt.edu (Ron Jarrell)]
            [7-5] Cheats
            First of all, let me state that I don't condone hex-editing games.
    Perhaps I'm too much of a purist, but
            if you have to cheat _that_ badly to win, then perhaps you shouldn't
    play. Just return the game, get
            your money back, and claim you beat it anyway. Soapbox off.
            "Money cheat: Gives you 10 million pennies. Type $@!
            "Use it up to 5 times. The 6th time the deathstar will appear and
    start blasting away at your afterlife.
            I'm not kidding...the dialog box that warns you is labeled "I have a
    bad feeling about this..." with the
            text "Look at the size of that thing!" and the button "Use the Force"...
            "The Hidden monster is a Max the bunny. Type, in caps, three times
    (ignore the fact that windows will
            start popping up because you're triggering commands): SAMNMAX
            "The diversity bonus is as such... (It's the real easter egg). Go to
    hell. Switch the view to north (up).
            Go off into some corner you aren't using. Build a circular road that
    surrounds an empty 7x7 area. You
            don't *need* the road, but it'll light up the tiles and make it
    easier to see their colors; otherwise they'll
            all be gray. Go into Divine Intervention.
            "Starting in the north most corner, and working your way down to the
    right, lay out one each of 1x1
            zones of all colors, starting with green and down to blue. Then
    starting with the northern green do the
            same thing down to the left. Now fill in the rest of the rows
    across, starting with the color that's there,
            and cylcing back around when you run out. So the first couple of
    rows would be
            G Y O BR P R B 
            Y O BR P R B G
            "etc. You'll get the entire multicolored glob. Start time. If you
    did everything right, get a surprise
            building (that does nothing for you, but is cute). Read the text,
    it's the easter egg from the designer."
            [jarrell@solaris.cc.vt.edu (Ron Jarrell)]
            [7-6] War Stories
            Love to hear 'em!
            Ring Eight: Miscellaneous
            Okay, everything that didn't fit neatly into one of the earlier,
    neater Rings is being dumped here.
            [8-1] Internet resources
            (This line intentionally left blank)
            [8-2] World Wide Web sites
            "I know the page ain't much...I'm just learning this HTML stuff."
            [briar@worldnet.att.net (linda hubbard)]
            [8-3] Other FAQs and texts
            Thou shalt have no other FAQs before mine. Well, at least let me
    believe that this is the first one for
            Afterlife, okay?
            [8-4] Bugs
            To the best of my knowledge, at the time of the writing of this FAQ,
    there have been no reported
            bugs on the Net (aside from some folks who just can't for the life
    of themselves get this game to work
            on their old 286's).
            [8-5] Patches
            I just told you that there weren't any bugs discovered so far. So
    why would this game need a patch? If
            it ain't broke, don't break it.
            [8-6] Errors in the Afterlife Instruction Brochure--er, Manual
            None that I'm aware of, besides being a little thin (and yup, I did
    just waste about seven lines telling
            you so).
            [8-7] Conclusion
            "Abandon every hope, who set out to write a FAQ." - Dante (sort of)
            That's it!!! This thing is finally finished. Unfortunately, I've
    been thinking SO much about Afterlife while
            writing this beast, that I don't even want to look at it for a
    while. <g>
            My best game so far earns about 400,000 pennies every year, at the
    Medium difficulty level--without
            cheating, and still subjecting myself to Bad Things. Using the
    Macromanager to Autobalance all of my
            structures is S.O.P. Now it's time to fiddle more with the planet.
            Hope this FAQ helped. Drop me a line, and let me know how your games
    are going.
            [8-8] Revision History
            Version 1.0 Initial Strategy Guide (You've been reading it). 

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