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    Walkthrough by RBrasser

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                            ALBION WALKTHROUGH
                            by Ramon R. Brasser
    Albion is a six character RPG with turn-based combat. You cannot create
    characters - you start with a predefined party of two and the program
    generally controls the addition and subtraction of characters thereafter.
    In the middle and end games you get more (but limited) choices as to the
    party composition. It is a true RPG, however, in terms of having character
    statistics that can be improved by magic or use of items, and a wide range
    of items to find, hold and use. The variety of monsters is average. The
    sound is extremely good, the interface is very playable and there are few
    bugs. The graphics are top-down in general and first person in some dungeon
    areas - an interesting mix. In combat you move your characters on two rows
    of a 6x5 grid and the monsters can move anywhere on the grid - it is not
    great but quite playable. The storyline is more complex and interesting than
    usual but there is plenty for the hack and slasher. This may be the
    commercial RPG of 1996 since its strengths outweigh its weaknesses (after a
    moderately slow start) and the competition is not fierce.
    You begin in the Toronto. You pilot a shuttle to the world where the game
    takes place. Click on items to see what is useful. If the menu includes
    "Manipulate" there is something there to do or use. But do read a lot of the
    "Examine" boxes for interesting if not useful descriptions. Check your
    initial room - there are some items there. After a while you are asked to
    go to the shuttle. Ignore this until you are ready - there is no
    disadvantage to delay. The best thing to do first is to talk to everyone
    you can. You have a friend named Joe Bernard who has his residence in the
    northeast of the building. Go talk to him. He will give you the code (1042)
    to enter the service level. This level is in 3D (first person). You will
    find the entrance in the northeastern most corner of the ship.The only
    critical item here is a pistol and some ammo for it.
    OK, now that you there you see a door right in front of you. Walk toward it.
    You see the message "Floor plate lights up" in the corner. Now the door
    should open and the road is clear. In the next room there are four floor
    structures (or should I say pressure plates?) in each corner of the room.
    Activating them all will open the door. Now you will enter a similar room
    but this one has no floor structures. It has two switches, one on either side
    of the door on the walls in the north of the room. Activate both to go
    ahead. The next room has two doors and two floor structures. You cannot open
    these doors. But be patient. A robot will arrive shortly that will open the
    doors for you one by one. When you have entered the third of these rooms,
    there is a switch in the western corner. Activate it to be able to pass
    through the door on the east. After a while you will enter a room with a
    cabinet on the north wall. Remember this, because you will need it later.
    Push the buttons to open the door and when you get to the door with the
    keypad enter the same code that Joe gave you. Now search the room (the COM
    room) carefully. When you find the gun, go back to the service level and
    deposit it in the cabinet. Now go back to the COM room and leave it. You
    leave by passing some security guards. Note that they will search you and
    take the pistol if you have it. Now go back for the gun - leaving the way
    you entered instead of past the guards (which you cannot do originally
    because you pass a one way door). Do search every room you can. You will
    also get to Snoopy's room then, which contains some more ammo. Healing
    potions are very useful. Lockpicks can open locked chests that do not
    require special keys - although the documentation does not make this clear
    you can click on a lock without having a pick and use your unlocking skill.
    If you get a message like "this lock cannot be picked" forget it! If you get
    "Tom cannot pick this lock" it often means he can pick it - he just needs to
    keep trying. There are no locked chests in this area to worry about,
    Explore the building you start in (called the House of the South Wind Clan).
    It does not pay to be cheap with your rescuers (the game generally prefers
    the "good" approach although any loose item can normally be taken with no
    risk or penalty). There is a mini-dungeon here, but it is recommended not to
    explore it until you have the next party member. The best thing to do now is
    to leave the clanhouse and explore. Find the stores and check them out. If
    you have items to sell this is done by going into the same mode as to buy
    items but clicking on your inventory - you do NOT use the offer item command
    in the conversation menu in stores - you use that to give items to NPCs
    where this ties in with the storyline. The documentation does not mention
    this! After two game days you automatically are taken to see the local ruler
    (she is the boss after all) and get a quest and a new party member called
    Drirr who greatly increases your party strength.
    You can now more easily do the mini-dungeon either before or after the
    quest. Before the quest might be better because you can use the ammo that
    you find there. You will be trapped by a cavein until you find a pickaxe.
    You will need this object in various dungeons - get used to clicking on
    walls to see if an object can be used on them when you run out of other
    things to do or are suspicious. You will probably need to use your pistol -
    save ammo since there isn't much but don't be too cheap - after a while you
    will be more powerful and can get by without it. Click on treasure piles to
    check them out - one of them (and only one, alas) has more ammo. There is
    also a clock - click on it after you get it to make it permanently visible
    in the screen - it is very useful. Don't forget to give Drirr something
    better to wear and fight with whenever you go search for the murderer or
    when you start to do the mini-dungeon. For example, give him the Iskai armor
    by stealing it. Stealing goes as follows: walk up to the bar and just before
    you reach it, click the right mouse button. You should be able to reach much
    further than you normally can. Keep in mind that this routine may take some
    time to get used to. And a good sword (are you also looking at the expensive
    Iskai lance?) is not a bad idea either.
    If you cannot find the first dungeon, ask the cattle breeder just outside.
    He will tell you. Check the map carefully or you may miss the dungeon once
    you are there. Walk onto it to enter. Before entering buy some torches to
    help you find goodies (the torches are very cheap) and a Music Crystal in
    the general store to give to an entity you find right near the object you
    are looking for (an Iskai Dagger). You do not have to give the Music Crystal
    to the entity. You can also buy it just now and use it on the next island.
    See below.  Keep in mind that exploring this dungeon can be very useful.
    This dungeon is actually pretty straightforward, so I will only mention a
    few things. Note that outdoors or in dungeons monster pieces may be left
    after battle and they are usually sellable. This dungeon has two types of
    stationary plants that take the evolutionary niche of dungeon traps. Big
    mouths in the floor can be deadly but will close for a while if given
    chunks of meat that you get killing Krondirs (the big beasts). In town you
    may have been offered fruit to feed to the other type of guardian plant but
    it is cheaper just to turn the lights out - this puts them to sleep. Use
    Drirr (your local guide) as party leader - he sees better in the dark.
    Explore the entire dungeon for experience and loot (and fun for some). The
    entity will then tell you how to increase your attributes after you promised
    him the music crystal. This is critically important - you REALLY need this
    boost. But be patient - do it after you finish the quest and get a new
    member so she can share in the benefit, or wait (a LONG time) until you
    have all six final party members. You get three attributes up one at a
    time - to get the third up you need to pickaxe a wall. You have to make a
    path of light. What you do is walk from one glowing rainbow toadstool shaped
    like a triangle to another in the room where your footprints glow - this
    opens a wall. To finish the quest go see Frill, the old Iskai in the council
    house. He tells you to go see Bradir in the Former Guild in the northwest of
    town. Bradir will fight you but is not a challenge. After the problem is
    solved, you may think that it is a pity you could not keep that beautiful
    little Iskai Dagger. Well, you can. Although the leader took it away, go
    back to the Former Guild and talk again to Bradir. When you end the
    conversation, he will give you 100 gold and the dagger. I recommend that you
    give it to Sira (put it on her tail), because she can do with the extra
    You can now ship out. DO NOT!!! The trip is one way until late in the game
    (that is what the stone outdoors that is shaped like an eye is for but it is
    useless to you now). Don't leave the island until you have the following:
    1) Sira is level 12 and has Frost Avalanche (at maximum is best but it is
       essential to have it).
    2) Sira and Rainer's Long Range attacks are at maximum (assuming you prefer
       them to attack long range. You probably do for Sira as she is better at
       this then Close Range).
    3) Tom and Drirr's Close Range attacks are at maximum (if you prefer them
       to attack close range. Again, you may want this too as the Close Range
       weapons are more powerful, and Tom is better at it).
    4) Drirr has the Iskai Armor (steal it) and the Iskai Lance (unless you
       prefer lighter weapons or armor).
    5) Sira and Drirr each have the Iskai Metal Helmet.
    6) Sira has lots of seeds (200+). (Find them outdoors or buy them in the
       Mages Guild (southwest)).
    Note: This is merely a recommendation but the seeds and Frost Avalanche
    seem all but essential.
    Kill the enemies and sell their parts, as I said before to get lots of
    money. Spells do far more damage and the  frost spells last much longer
    after fully learned.
    The first thing to do here when you arrive is to talk to the king of the
    village. He will tell you he needs an amulet that you need to get for him.
    Then go to the east until you find the next village, and then north,
    following the path. That is where you need to be. If you have saved the
    Music Crystal from Narikidaani, go a little further north and give this to
    the man guarding the oak tree. He will give you a very good weapon in
    When you have the next party member, a Druid named Mellthas, train the spell
    named Small Fireball the he has. When it is on full power, go to the pass
    south of the Druid village (called Vanello). It contains a valuable supply
    of bandits (but they run out after a while, <sob>) and it leads to a
    trainer, who only trains Close Range combat and a store. If you want
    to train the party, except Mellthas, who cannot be trained here, then do so,
    but this trainer is much more expensive then the Iskai warrior on
    Narikidaani. Another useful thing is to go to the shop there and to buy the
    Music Crystal, unless you saved the one from Narikidaani. The Dreamshield is
    also excellent. It is the only powerful shield that Sira is able to wear, so
    I suggest you consider buying it. And, of course, have a look for seeds
    outside. It is advisable not to enter the dungeon without a rope.
    In the dungeon part of Arjano, you will be stopped by fire. Use a bucket of
    water to extinguish them. There is also a place where there are nine grey
    pressure plates close to one another. Walk over the plates so that a + sign
    appears (you should not walk over all the plates but they can always be
    reset). Then the passage is clear. In the first party view part of the
    dungeon right near the start there is a secret button nearby on the right
    hand side. Push it. Now you can get through the first gate after you get
    to a switch and use it. After that, in the big room with the three flames,
    step on all the pressure plates. A door in the southwest will open.
    On the second level you need to step on a plate that releases moving flames.
    Step on it three times first to open the way to a button that will open up
    a passage in the east wall. Then keep on stepping on it until the road is
    clear. When you come to an area with a pit and two locked doors fall through
    the pit. There are three gates with Warniaks behind them. Open the gates,
    kill them and get the treasure. If you pull the lever behind one of the
    doors, the wall opens up, and you can look in a chest (guarded by a demon -
    a Fear 1). It contains the key to the doors you could not pass.
    On the third level, there are more tricky bits. In the large room with the
    big beasts trapped behind the red, transparent walls, only walk over the
    green pressure plates, otherwise they escape, and they are no joke. Of
    course, if you have Frost Avalanche at full power and make sure all party
    members stand on the last row of the grid and have lots of potions, then
    they are no big deal.
    On the next level you will find some force fields. There is one in the east
    that you will have to walk through. But later on, you will find staffs that
    will get rid of them. Only use them on the six in a row you meet at the end
    of the level. Talking about staffs, in the room where you get them if you do
    not want to fight, go to the exit of the room as quickly as possible and
    pull the lever again.This will trap the enemies. And in the room with the
    three levers on the south side, you need to pickaxe some walls. Look
    carefully, or right-click on the walls. If you fall through the pits a
    little bit further, do not worry UNLESS you do NOT have a rope. There is
    some minor treasure down there.
    The first thing to do here is to look for your next party member. You can
    choose either of two, but the mage (called Khunag) is recommended by most
    people. It is up to you: somebody good at fighting or a poor fighter with
    good offensive spells only (no healing spells). The warrior is a woman
    called Siobhan. But Khunag will help you through parts of the Kenget Kamulos
    dungeon you need to go to much later. You will find both possibilities in
    Beloveno, the big city that you start in. Then it is a good idea to explore
    the countryside, and maybe even talk to the members of each town/ village.
    In the inn in Beloveno there is somebody called Aurino who asks if you are
    interested in a map. If you want some minor treasure, buy it. It refers to
    the waterfall in the northeast of Maini, east of the Iskai village.
    When you try to talk to Kontos, the leader of the mountain village Kounos,
    you will be stopped by a guard called Nodd. However, if you steer the
    conversation in the right way, you will not have to fight him. But you
    always can, of course. Then it is wise to explore the dungeon under the
    On the first level you will find a chest with a power amulet in it, but once
    you have it, it seems like you cannot go on anymore. But you can! There is
    an illusionary wall close by. If you then get to the point with the three
    pressure plates in a row in front of three doors, run over the plates as
    fast as you can, otherwise you will not make it through the doors.
    On the second level it is imperative that you explore all of it, especially
    directly south from the exit. You will find something that is needed to
    complete the game. There is one room that needs special attention. It is the
    big room in the center of the map. Behind one of the blue walls is an
    opening. Remember, because it is useful. If you go a little more east, you
    will end up in a small room withe a switch on the western wall. Pull it and
    a fireball should appear. The fireball will push the red piece of wall
    forward. Do this until the wall is exactly in front of the opeining behind
    the blue wall. Now go to the west of the big room. There is a switch there
    too. Push it, a fireball appears, reflects of the red wall and destroys the
    blue wall. Voila, you can get in.
    The game itself takes a long time to complete the plot for this continent
    and be allowed to move on, but all of us have found out through trial and
    error that you have to just be patient. The cave is not absolutely essential
    but has some nice loot. It is the same one whose other entry is blocked by
    a door you can't get through except from inside the cave.
    Every morning between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., there is a trainer in the
    village at the house of the leader  (where the dungeon is). He is the only
    trainer that is able to teach you critical hit. However, it costs 950 gold
    per point, so think twice. I found it very useful anyway, especially for
    Drirr and Tom. Sira already has her 5/5 score, so do not bother to train
    The entry to the cave discussed above is from the plateau lower than the
    village, and to the east. I strongly  recommend that you explore it, because
    it contains some very nice stuff, including the best sword in the game,
    although it is cursed. But you have to have a rope, otherwise you will not
    be able to get out.
    It is also imperative to talk to lots of people on this continent,
    repeatedly in some cases, going back as you learn new things. Some examples
    are: the council members in Beloveno, the barkeeper in the Iskai village in
    the north of the land, and Kariah, the prostitute with her house on the
    market square. The barkeeper will give you the second piece of the vital
    item, after a while.
    There are also lots of seeds here. Collect and move on. After the problem
    is solved, you will probably want to go to the Iskai shrine and kill Kontos.
    He has a few goodies.
    This mainly goes all by itself. You also get a new party member here, an
    Enlightened One named Harriet. In the southwest of the building, there is a
    woman who sells spell scrolls. If you got Khunag, buy all the spells that he
    does not know, as there is no other way to learn them. There is no hurry to
    go to the Toronto, despite the fact that Harriet pushes you to do so. The
    first thing to do here is to look for those Flowers of the Goddess you are
    told about. Stand on them for about 15 seconds, and the leader of the party
    will have one of his attributes (which depends on the flower) increased by
    three points. These flowers are for about 15 uses as far as I know, but save
    the game before you use them and think which party member needs this little
    boost the most. You will have to wait for 36+ hours until they can be
    used again. If you have visited them all (there are eight in total) it is
    wise to collect the two party members who took a vacation when you left the
    last continent, as they are very useful.
    If you have explored this city a bit, you will be told there is a prison
    north of the city. It is useless as far as I know, but if you are anxious,
    by all means go. You can free the prisoner, but it has no use that I am
    aware of. You cannot pick the lock, so you will have to wait until the guard
    comes (at 11:00 p.m.) to open it for you. You can follow the guard there (a
    long walk!) or find it on your own. First buy the preservative that keeps
    you alive in the desert. Get several. You get them from the man in the
    Equipment Makers Guild.
    Do have a look at the Jeweler's Guild. The Guild is behind a closed door
    (on the map that is) in the south of the city. Then go and talk to somebody
    called Coskon. If you talk long enough he will tell you about somebody who
    is able to teach you lockpicking. He charges 15.5 gold per point, so think
    To get to the Toronto, you will have to talk to some of the people in the
    bar, and in the Miners Guild. Bringing a jewel is recommended. The guide
    will then show you to a cave entrance. The southern exit from the cave
    leads right to the Toronto. The other exit is useless.
    TORONTO 2:
    Look everywhere for pieces of paper with numbers on them. The code for the
    door is 1001, in case you could not find the piece of paper with it.
    Once you are in the 3D part, have Joe wake up the robot so that it is able
    to open the door for you. In the long corridor, stand as far away from the
    switch as possible, so that you can just still manipulate it. Then run as
    fast as you can to the other end, and turn the second one. A little further
    on, free all the robots as then the doors open quicker.
    A little further on, make sure that the floor pattern on the west side
    matches the one on the east side. You should go to the east one first. Then
    turn all the switches as quick as you can. The next door to open has the
    code 4312 in case you cannot be bothered to try all the combinations on the pie
    ces of
    paper, or were not able to find them.
    Fist thing to do here is to go to the building in the northeast of the
    city. You are now able to pass as the guards let you through. You are told
    to look for a man in the cellars under the Equipment Makers Guild. However,
    you do not have the key and you need a secret password. He told me the first
    time I went there and had to go back until I had the password. Well, in
    order not to have to make the trip twice, the best thing to do is to go to
    the Miner's Guild. Go all the way into the big room. You notice you only
    have access to one mine shaft. Go in there and stand in the niches so that
    the guards do not see you. Get to the second niche on the right and overhear
    the ceremony. ONLY THEN DO YOU KNOW THE PASSWORD!! The next thing to do here
    is to look for a guy called Zebanno. Fool him and he will give the key to
    In the Equipment cellars, you notice that there are knifes on the ground.
    Search the halls until you enter a big room which has a hammer on the floor.
    Go back and follow the knifes. You should end up in a room full of them with
    a chest surrounded by the knifes. Manipulate the switch and use the hammer to
    knock down the knifes to get to the chest. Search it and you should find a
    key. Go back to the entrance and manipulate the switch close by (which you
    could not do earlier). Now, enter the door and manipulate the switches until
    they are in the positions shown. This will get rid of the knifes.
    Now, follow the corridor until you get to a big room with a chest. Just
    before this, you may have seen a door which leads to a room with an anvil
    in it. Well, you use it to turn swords into two-handers. It only has a
    limited number of uses. You cannot open the chest in the big room yet, but
    the road is clear. Go west and search the chest in the west of the dungeon.
    It has a key with which you can open the chest in the big room. Open it and
    raid it. The map makes this place a lot easier.
    A little later you get to a room with extinguished torches and a fire. If
    you have a full bucket ready, splash the water over it. If you do not, then
    do not bother as this is not imperative to win the game. The darkness leads
    the way to the pressure plate.
    As you proceed you will get to a room where there is a switch which is only
    visible at certain times. Activate it and you should be able to enter the
    mine shaft.
    Once you have entered, you will be in a first person perspective. You are
    close to the guy you came for. Go west and then south. The corridors should
    lead you to him. You may have noticed there is a orange curtain in front of
    a door, made up of flying balls. Well, these doors are one-way doors only.
    When you walk through the curtain, it opens the door, but it closes again
    as soon as you have walked through it, and it cannot be opened from that
    side again. This can be very frustrating.
    Once you have talked to the guy called Kosotto, you can either go or search
    these cellars a bit more. In his room is something that regenerates your
    health points. It contains an item which is supposed to be vital, but no-one
    knows its use.
    Anyway, in order to search this place more, you need to go all the way to the
    southwest until you get to a pit. Fall through it and you will end up in a
    room with a spinner. In the next room there is a chest with a crystal staff
    and there are four flames. The staff can change the colors of the flames.
    In order to open the door, all flames should be blue, in case you could not
    figure this out. There is a button just west of this door in the same room.
    Push it and a pit will appear.
    Now go west. There are a few switches there. Push them all until the leader
    says he heard a sound from the room you fell into. Go back to the room with
    the flames, go back down the pit WITH A ROPE, and then go back to the room
    with the spinner again, exactly the way you came. Go into the next room.
    Manipulate any switches that you find, and explore the part east of the room
    with the flames too, as this too contains some switches. And look out for
    illusionary walls (you will probably see them on the map). Repeat this until
    the door to the west of the room with the spinner is open. Go in there and
    search the chests for the Stone of Visions, which is supposed to be vital.
    This is also a very good training area. Every time you step on the blue
    pressure plate, Animals 3 will appear. A total of 16. Kill them as many
    times as you want (or can) to get as much levels as possible. This is the
    quickest way to get levels in this game, so I recommend you have a look
    When you get out, go to the Jeweler's Guild if you want to to see the effect
    of the Stone of Visions. When you enter you see a big stone on the floor.
    Use the Stone of Visions there, and it enlarges itself. Now touch it. You
    will be healed. You can now heal each party member. There are mo more uses
    that I found.
    When you have finished here, go look for the High Knowledge. Go back to
    Maini and take the northern exit. The Kenget Kamulos residence is just east
    of there.
    This place is big! I recommend not to enter this forsaken place until each
    party member is at least level 30. And bring lots of potions, even though
    you will get plenty there.
    When you have talked to the local leader, search around thouroughly. After a
    while, Khunag will lead you to the secret passage (provided you have him).
    The closet in that room contains a valuable item. Wait for the novice to
    leave (at about 8:00 a.m. for a few moments), and search the closet. The
    switch is hidden. Manipulate the torch, if you cannot find it. The fight
    after this is endless, so go on for as long as you like, then surrender.
    In the next area, the quickest way is to go east, then north to get a key,
    then all the way south from there and then west to the exit. Do search
    it well because there is a very good sword hidden in a box in the northeast
    of this section.
    The next area is in 3D, as is the rest of this place. Not much to mention
    here. You will find the exit by first going north and then west. In the
    first room, the flame will chase you when activated (very nasty). When it
    starts to move, run as quickly as possible to the pressure plate in front
    of the door. The flame touches it, extinguishes and opens the door.
    On the next level, there are two doors down. If you take the left door, you
    will end up in a room. On each of the walls on the northern side, there are
    buttons hidden behind curtains. Push them both and a door will open. Now
    you can raid the chests.
    If you decided to take the right exit, be prepared to take lots of damage.
    You will find a big room with three little rooms inside. And on the north
    side three passages. The thing to do here is to walk around all three little
    rooms and push the buttons on the wall on the back of each. This opens the
    doors to the northern passages. Now, stand on the pressure plate in front of
    one of the rooms and the door will open. There are flames inside that will
    chase you. Look at the flame color and guide them to the pressure plate that
    has the same color as the flames in one of the northern passages. They
    extinguish when they touch them. Then go into the room and pull all the
    switches you can. Repeat the procedure for the other six flames. There are
    a total of nine, in three groups of three. When the doors have opened (or
    should I say "if",<g>), you will end up in a big room. There is one of the
    little rooms that contains a chest. The other only contain Animals 2 & 3.
    The one with the chest is about in the middle north. The exit is to the
    west; in the corridor and then follow the path. Care with the fireballs!
    There is another little passage in the previous room behind which some good
    stuff is hidden in a room. Follow it and stand on the pressure plate in
    front of  the door for a while. The door opens and you can raid the
    Now, when you have gone down, you will find a pressure plate in front of a
    little corridor. Stand on it until all of the statues have lit up and the
    door will open. This level is called the Beastmaster level. There are no
    puzzles here, but in order to get out you have to kill the Beastmaster. I
    found him to be in the south west room of the ones that are joined together
    in the west. After a little searching you will have found him. Kill him, get
    the key and get out of there. Be careful, because the Beastmaster reflects
    Frost Avalanche. Freeze the other mages, and use Thorn Snare for him. That
    is what I found to be the best option.
    If you are already tired of fire, wait till you see the next level. Adjacent
    to the big room, are a few little rooms that contain blue pressure plates.
    It is better to go first to the southeast into a room that has some buttons.
    There is a similar room north of the passage in the east of the room. Push
    those buttons too. Now, visit each of the rooms with the blue pressure
    plates and wait until the fireballs have revealed a good path to the them.
    Activate them and you should be able to go into the east passage, as the
    trap should be gone. At the end of the corridor, it splits off into a
    T-section. Go south stand on the presuure plates until the flames have
    disappeared and then pull any switches that you can. Now go to the northern
    exit. There are doors which open and close periodically and find the way
    down. There is a chest here and some chasing flames, so be careful. But the
    most important thing here is a button, which you can find in the northwest
    of the room on the wall on the western side of the room. Go back up into the
    northsouth corridor. In that corridor there is a button just north of the
    passage that goes back into the lava room on your left hand side. Push it
    and the exit will be revealed.
    You are getting there! The next level is not such a nuisance considering
    both enemies and puzzles. Go to the east and walk a little over the glass
    pressure plates. Then flames will start to move and will trace out a
    pattern. Now it is up to you! Go south and match the pattern on the glass
    plates there. If you do not do it right, you fall. But do not worry. You
    can go up the stairs again and try until you have done it. Follow the
    corridor and you will end up in a room with fireballs coming out of the
    walls. There is a chest nearby. There are four pressure plates here: two in
    the middle- and two on the western side of the room. Walk all the way across
    the room and activate the western plate. The statue will start to move. Once
    it has reached the other side, it will stop. Then go back and activate the
    other western plate, so that the statue moves back again. Repeat this until
    all the fireballs are gone. Now, stand for a few seconds on the first middle
    plate (until it turns grey) and then on the other. The door should open and
    the road is clear.
    The last level is just to stop you from getting to the exit. There are lots
    (and I really mean lots) of enemies. The quickest way is to go to the
    southwest until you see a door on the southern wall. Open it, go a little
    west until you see another door on the northern side. Go in there and follow
    the path. Voila, you are out of the 3D part.
    You will now end up in another 2D area. Almost there. Follow the path to the
    north, and you will end up in a room with the three highest Kenget Kamulos
    together. One last battle (use Thorn Snare as it is much more useful here)
    and you have done it. Congratulations!
    TORONTO 3:
    This place is actually pretty straightforward. Take a screwdriver, because
    you will need it. You will find it in  the Toronto. Once you are in the 3D
    part, go to the west. You will see a laser barrier. There is a piece of wall
    nearby which you can open with the screwdriver. Have Joe (or Tom) open it
    and manipulate the wires and the lasers should be gone. Now walk all the way
    until you find a wall that contains another one of these things. Manipulate
    it and the lasers in the north should be gone. By the way, you may also have
    noticed that there are some patterns on the walls made up of colored lights.
    Note them. You will need them later.
    Now just follow the path. You will end up in a big room with a door on the
    south side you cannot open. If you have Joe, let him manipulate the broken
    wires just right of the door. Then you will be able to get through. Do not
    go through it yet. Go into the west room and manipulate the other piece of
    wall. This will make some lasers disappear. If you do not have Joe, be
    prepared to fight all the robots behind the walls. If you do have Joe, walk
    past them through the door on the south that he has just opened.
    Now comes a nasty part. You will see that the lasers will go on and off in a
    given pattern. Give Sira or Mellthas (better Sira) all the luck items you
    have, and walk through it. If you do it right, you will not get hit. But the
    second bit does not do this. Just walk through them, reloading if all goes
    wrong. Have Sira heal Harriet, and have her cast Lifebringer in order to
    fight the next enemy.
    A little later, go west to find more light patterns, then east and you will
    find a room with a grid of 4x4 pressure plates. Light the pressure plates up
    so that each row matches one of the light patterns you saw on the walls. If
    you do not get it right, do not worry. You can reset them by pushing the
    switch next to them. If you do get it right, push the switch and the walls
    will open. If you cannot find the tight pattern, it is:
    The 0's mean that the plates are "off", the x's mean the plates are lit up.
    You will find lots of bodies of the AI called Ned. These guys are tough. You
    have to kill one bunch in order to open the next door, but if you move fast,
    you can get past most of them without having to fight them. Open the door,
    rush into the next room, and then into the next and take the first door on
    the northern side. You will enter the reactor core, as you have done before.
    The ship's security forces leader will be waiting for you. If you steer the
    conversation well (never say anything offensive), you will not have to fight
    them. Now, go north. You will be attacked by the housing of the AI. You do not
    have to kill it! It will certainly kill one of your party members. That is
    the time to plant the seed! Congratulations, you have done it!!
    You can kill the AI, however if you want to. The only way that I know is to
    trap it using Thorn Snare and then have Mellthas cast Small Fireball 4950
    times. It will not have any effect when it is not on maximum power however.
    I have never done it as I could not carry enough potions for him to be able
    to do it. If Khunag can by casting Fireball or any other fire spell, please
    tell me.
    Power Amulet.                           Lugh's Hand Helmet.
    Protection: 1                           Protection: 20
    Life Points (LP) maximum bonus: +25     Luck: +35
    Strength: +50
    Shadowsword.                            Protection Amulet.
    Damage: 25                              Protection: 10
    LP max.: -30                            Magic resistance: +30
    Stamina: -50
    Lockpicking: -30
    Casts: Steal Life.
    Bradir's Stiletto.                      Luck Chain.
    Damage: 7                               Protection: 1
    CLO combat: +8                          Luck: +30
    Casts: Frost Crystal .
    Speed Amulet.                           Ring of the Goddess.
    Protection: 1                           Protection: 3
    Speed: +30                              SP maximum bonus: +40
    Ring of Wrath.
    Protection: 2
    Casts: Berserk.
    Lugh's Dagger.                          Goddess' Amulet.
    Damage: 12                              Protection: 8
    Protection: 4                           Luck: +15
    Strength: +10
    CLO combat: +15
    Danu's Light.                           Crystal Staff.
    Damage: 14                              Casts: Light.
    Protection: 5
    Speed: +20
    CLO combat: +15
    Casts: Lifebringer.
    Ice Ring.                               Fire Ring.
    Protection: 4                           Protection: 1
    LP max.: + 15                           Casts: Fireball.
    Casts: Frost Splinter.
    Dji Cantos stone.                       Thief's Amulet.
    Casts: Small Fireball.                  Protection: 1
                                            Lockpicking: +40
                                            Dexterity: +30
    Fireblade.                              Monster Eye.
    Damage: 14                              Detects monsters.
    Casts: Thunderbolt.
    Dreamshield.                            Sun Dagger.
    Protection: 12                          Damage: 10
    Casts: Sleeping Spores.                 Critical Hit: +2
                                            Casts: Blinding Ray.
    Fine Iskai Dagger.                      Red Sword.
    Damage: 6                               Damage: 2
    Strength: +10                           Strength: -25
    CLO combat: +10                         CLO combat: -15
    Casts: Sleeping Spores.                 Casts: Fire Hail.
    Flame Bite.                             Ring of Wrath.
    Damage:7                                Protection: 2
    Casts: Fireball                         Casts: Berserk
    Frostbringer.                           Gaze of Kamulos.
    Damage: 14                              Damage: 26
    Casts: Frost Splinter.                  Casts: Kamulos' Gaze.
    Danu's collar.
    Protection: 1
    SP max. bonus: 30
    LP max. bonus: 40
    Items that are non-magical but worth mentioning are:
    Mini Bolt-Thrower.                      Bolt-thrower.
    Damage: 10                              Damage: 14
    LON combat: +10                         LON combat: +15
    Pistol.                                 Heavy Firearm.
    Damage: 30                              Damage: 40
    LON combat: +60                         LON combat: +80
    Unsolved mysteries:
    1) What is the real use of the Stone of Visions except for healing (ie why
       is it a vital item)?
    2) Are there any other places where these things are to increase your
    3) What happens when you kill the AI on the Toronto?
    4) Why the number of experience points can differ if you kill the same bunch
       of enemies.
    5) What is the use of the prison?
    Enjoy, and if there is anything wrong, or you have any comments or whatever,
    please do not hesitate to contact me. I am not perfect and may have missed
    some things.
    I would like to thank the following poeple:
    ARIANA, (73247,3013) for his great contributions,
    Barbara Becker (70572,1116) for helping with some nasty problems,
    Whit Crowley (102354,2127) for some general problems,
    GD (102770,137) for the Flowers of the Goddess and the Gaze of Kamulos,
    Jurie Horneman (100064,3503) the guy from Blue Byte who knows it all, and
    Zoltan Sessler (72773,1607) for the tricky areas.
    These are the profs. Ask them and they know it all.
    Have fun!
                    Ramon R. Brasser

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