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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Crisis / AzNGaMeR

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 07/21/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Version 0.3
    Written by Crisis & AzNGaMeR
    First Created : 15.07.2001
    Last Updated : 22.07.2001
    E - Mail : Omikron_the_nomad_soul@hotmail.com
    Contents :
    - Disclaimer
    - Version Info
    - Introduction
    - Anachronox Story
    - Characters
    - Genaral Info / Features
    - Requirements
    - World Skills
    - Battle Skills
    - TACO locations
    - Walkthrough
      0.1 Rowdys Bar / your Office
      0.2 Fountain Spiral Area
      0.3 Whackmaster Jacks Battle Tutorial
      0.4 Fountain Spiral Area Again
      0.5 Casinox Area
      0.6 JunkYard
      0.7 Tenements and Franks Flophouse
      0.8 Building 5 in Tenements
      0.9 Casinox Area Again
      1.0 Platform Area
      1.1 SideQuest Time
    - About the author
    This faq is made for personal use only.You can post this faq
    to other sites if you ask for the permission first and as long as it remain
    unchanced and proper credit is given to me.This faq is copyright Crisis 2001.
    Version Info
    - Version 0.1 , Document was created.
    - Version 0.2 , Document was published on www.gamefaqs.com , Battle
                    skills and world skills section updated, walkthrough
                    section updated.I have a new partner who helps me
                    creating this faq.
    - Version 0.3 , TACO locations were added.
    Hello everybody, It has been a long time since i wrote something,
    i have been on holiday for while so i like to apologize that e-mail
    questions have been answered so slowly..
    I wrote this walkthrough because i bought Anachronox and found out that it
    is one of the best adventure/rpg games available currently and the other
    reason was that there aren?t many walkthroughs on internet of this game...
    For little misc. info this walkthrough is based on Anachronox version
    Anachronox Story
    The first artifacts were found about three hundred years ago. Left by some
    long-dead alien race, strange mysterious devices were found all over the
    galaxy. Dubbed Mysterium Technology (or "MysTech" for short), these ancient
    machines are considered prized collectables, even though their purpose has
    never been fully understood.
    Perhaps left behind by the same mysterious race, interstellar travel proved
    possible by planet-sized spheres in space called Senders. By flying toward
    one of the spikes on its surface, a ship is shot through a hyperspace tunnel,
    and can travel across the boundless reaches of space to another Sender.
    Senders have become the hubs of lucrative trade and galactic civilization.
    At the center of the universe lay Sender One, and inside the shell of this
    titanic Sender floated the city of Anachronox.
    Theory has it that Anachronox was once home to millions of quarantined aliens
    who slowly died of some sort of horrible plague (Anachronox literally means
    "poison from a previous time"), leaving this city to fall to ruins, to be
    taken over by the refuse of the galaxy as the center of their nefarious
    dealings. Here our story begins
    Sylvester "Sly" Boots sat in Rowdy's, a seedy bar on the seediest street in
    a section of Anachronox called "the Bricks". After being beat up for not
    paying off a debt in time, Boots realizes he's gotta get a job or he's dead
    meat. He gets work as a bodyguard, hired by an old man named Grumpos. They
    travel to a planet, which suddenly splits in half! Boots is thrown into a
    large galactic mystery of who is trying to crush our universe and why. Soon
    Sly is joined by his lackey robot, an old flame turned mercenary, his
    holographic secretary, and a renegade scientist on a journey across six
    planets, trying to find the answer....
    Information in this section is taken from official Anachronox website.
    Sylvester " Sly " Boots [ Main Character ]
    Age 29
    Weight: 195
    Height: 6'1"
    Eyes: Blue-green
    Hair: Dark brown
    Skin: Slightly swarthy-white
    Weapons: Guns.
    World Skill: PickLock
    Sly Boots is a private eye with an office on the city-planet Anachronox. He's
    a regular at "Rowdy's", a bar in the seediest section of an already seedy
    section of the city called "The Bricks". If you ever need his services, check
    the storage room upstairs. It's his office.
    He's bold, brash, overconfident, and thinks everyone likes him. He fancies
    himself a ladies' man, but really isn't.
    He claims to have held a lot of jobs and be proficient at everything, but
    he actually learned just enough to get him into trouble.
    His main friend is a Personal Android Lackey he's had since age nine. PAL-18
    is the only one who can stand him, and that's because he has to.
    Sly's only other consistent "friend" comes in the form of a Cordicom
    LifeCursor, a floating mechanical arrow that accompanies him from case to
    case. Inside the LifeCursor lives his holographic secretary, Fatima Doohan.
    She keeps track of his quests and other day-to-day activities, all with a
    heavy dose of attitude. She was his real, flesh-and-bone secretary until she
    was killed in an accident two years ago. Boots digitized her, and now she's
    bitter about living the rest of her "life" in servitude.
    Boots ran away from home at age 17. He did odd jobs, playing mechanic, handyman,
    and ambulance driver before working as a photographer for a private detective
    on Cordica. He changed his name from Silvestro Bucelli when he started up
    his own detective agency in a ritzy area of Anachronox. When his practice
    went south, he wound up as more of a nefarious delivery/bodyguard agency,
    with the occasional detective job.
    But don't feel too bad for him. He's a jerk.
    Grumpos Matavastros
    Age: 71
    Weight: 250
    Height: 4'11"
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: White-Gray
    Skin: Pale Gray
    World Skill: Yammer
    Scholar, outdoorsmen, eccentric recluse, and renaissance man, Grumpos
    Matavastros is also one of the hairiest men in the galaxy. Former curator
    of the MysTech Museum on Anachronox, he now devotes his life to the study
    of MysTech--ancient alien artifacts mysteriously scattered across the
    He's always cranky, and rarely laughs, unless something excruciatingly
    painful happens to someone else.
    Despite a chaotic upbringing, Grumpos never had problems defending himself
    against childhood bullies with his trusty staff. Given to him by his combat
    mentor, his great-grandfather Aloysius Matavastros, his staff has been by
    his side for fifty years. All manner of staffheads have graced the top of
    the weathered walking stick, which he cherishes like a member of his family.
    A notorious pack-rat, Grumpos pays for a roof-access apartment where he has
    constructed a corrugated metal workshop. Inside, he continues his obsession
    with MysTech. In his spare time, he plays mumblety-peg and tries to solve
    the mysteries of the universe.
    Did we mention he's as hairy as a hound dog's patoot?
    PAL - 18
    Age: Activated 20 years ago
    Weight: 40
    Height: 3'
    Eyes: Glowing Yellow
    Metal: Gray-white
    World Skill: CompTalk
    On his ninth birthday, shortly after the death of his father, a wide-eyed
    Silvestro Bucelli ripped off the wrapping paper on his only gift. Inside,
    he found a gleaming PAL-18 unit.
    Built by Cordikids Toys, this Personal Android Lackey (Model 18) was to serve
    as his friend, servant, and baby sitter for the next twenty years. Despite
    suffering through Sly's tumultuous childhood, and misplaced adolescent
    aggressions, PAL-18 has remained his dutiful and loyal friend. PAL doesn't
    have a choice.
    Cordicom recently released a PAL-21 model. Toy enthusiasts agree that though
    the new features do make it a better all-around lackey bot, it lacks the bouncy
    charm and playful design of the PAL-18.
    Nevertheless, PAL tends to feel inferior to the new models.
    PAL-18 currently collects dust in a dark corner of Boots' office, out of
    batteries and out of mindshare in a detective's worldview gone sour.
    Doctor Rho Bowman
    Age: 28
    Weight: 135
    Height: 5'9"
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Family: Gerald Bowman, 65. Valeta Bowman, 66.
    World Skill: Analyze
    When Dr. Rho Bowman's controversial book, MysTech Awake!, first hit the
    SenderNet feeds two years ago, it was an immediate success. Eschewing
    technical jargon for layman aesthetics, its espousal of radical science with
    a subtext of spiritualism struck an immediate chord. The book was widely
    interpreted as a metaphor for the awakening of self by a generation of people
    looking for answers.
    The scientific community hated it. Not just for her particular brand of
    populist prose, but for stating her theories were proven based on one
    unreplicated experiment.
    Criticized for peddling bad science for profit, Rho was branded a "heretic"
    by the Scientifica Association and cut off from all her major funding. With
    her career in the scientific community was over after an effective smear
    campaign, she disappeared into obscurity.
    The daughter of an acclaimed astrophysicist and a respected mechanical
    engineer, Rho spent her formative years traveling wherever her parents were
    lecturing that given week. Her entire life, she has never felt that she
    belongs anywhere.
    She is intelligent, well-spoken, compassionate, straightforward, and
    Paco " El-Puno " Estrella
    Alias: The Fist
    Place of Birth: Crystopolis, Krapton
    Group Affiliation: None
    Base of Operations: Casa de Rage, Krapton
    First appearance: Krapton Comics #12
    World Skill: RageMight
    Krapton Comics were a line of superhero comic books based on the exploits
    of real-life superheroes from planet Krapton. Rage of the Fist was their
    flagship title until lagging sales and a general disinterest in super heroes
    put Krapton Comics out of business.
    With his enormous fists, Paco was capable of busting through barriers, and
    clobbering opponents with his powerful RageMight punch. He also had the power
    of flight, although there have been rumors that he's recently lost the
    Highlights include: Rage of the Fist #3 (First appearance of scientist
    sidekick, Dr. Hush-Hush); and Rage of the Fist #32 (First appearance of super
    villain Rictus, who would become his chief nemesis).
    Back issues available through Cordicom Comic Book Warehouse.
    Stiletto Anyway
    Age: 25
    Weight: 120
    Height: 5'7"
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark brown (now dyed purple)
    Ethnic background: Chinese-Brazilian
    Weapons: Knives
    World Skill: ThrowLoonie
    Stiletto's past is shrouded in secret. This is all we know: She is bold,
    confident, magnetic, devil-may-care, and she travels light.
    Rumors have floated by -- some say she was seen on Sender Station. Last most
    folks knew, she was slumming around Cordica.
    Some say she was on Anachronox. Whenever someone knew for sure, she was gone.
    A steel glare and a shift of the hip convey she is not taking crap from anybody.
    A turn of sharpened heel, a tilt of a polished knife blade keep all at a
    And that's how she likes it.
    Genaral Info / Features
    Anachronox ("uh-NAK-ruh-nox") is a 3rd person, 3D role-playing game (RPG)
    using the heavily-modified Quake 2 engine (32-bit graphics, particle system,
    spline-based camera scriptor, APE programming language). The player controls
    up to three characters at a time, from an eventual cast of seven, exploring
    the galaxy. Gameplay is exploration and interaction of the environment, melee
    with various galactic foes, and discovery of unique weapons and items that
    aid you on your quest. You can choose different characters to play and
    different ways to do things, leading you to different events and areas in
    the game. Each character has different Battle Skills with unique effects,
    and World Skills they can use to access places and info the other characters
    can't. For instance, one character can talk to computers, another can
    "Yammer" people, annoying them so much by blathering on that they provide
    the info you need!
    Exciting features include the third-person camera; real 3D battle sequences
    in context; 2D and 3D mini-games; lipsynched dialogue and facial expressions
    (mesh-deformation) during in-engine cinematics; multi-source blended
    directional vertex model lighting; procedural models; procedural textures
    (interform, etc); environment mapping; specular highlighting; various
    multitexture effects (shaders, etc); robust, powerful particle system
    (editor shipped in box); epic storyline with a rollercoaster of emotion; and
    tons of amazing weapons effects.
    PII 266 MHz (or equivalent)
    Windows 95B/98/ME
    64 MB RAM
    12 MB 3D accelerator card with full OpenGL support
    DirectX 7 (included)
    4X CD-ROM drive
    AMD Athlon or Intel Pentium III processor
    Windows 98/ME
    128 MB RAM
    16 MB 3D accelerator card with full OpenGL support
    8X CD-ROM drive
    Sense of humor
    NOTE: 3D accelerated video card with OpenGL drivers required.
    It may be necessary to update your hardware drivers before playing.
    World Skills
    This  section has world skill of each character and the location
    of their upgrades.
    Sylvester Boots :  PickLock
    You can pick locks with this skill , there are many locked
    doors and treasure chests that require this skill.
    Master Skill Upgrade : Boots will meet Detective Rukh for the first time at
    Anachronox Tour, he wants you to run an errand for him (find any evidence
    in the dead man's home). Then you will meet him again at Sender Station and
    ask you if you see anything suspecious (Take a picture of the dead person
    who blasted the door to Red Light District). After you come back from
    Hephaestus, you can find Detective Rukh at the Red Light District asking you
    one more time for a favor. Do it and you will get Master LockPick.
    PAL - 18 : Comp talk
    You can " hack " some computers and security systems with this
    Master Skill Upgrade : Talk to Infantine inside Anachronox Tours tram station,
    he will lecture PAL and then teach him Master CompTalk.
    Dr. Rho Bowman : Analyze
    Can analyze some unknown stuff with this skill.
    Master Skill Upgrade : Talk to Dr. Brywelle at the GDP on Sender Station.
    He will tell her that some of the scientists who survived the incident are
    re-doing a commitee and they are welcoming her to join.
    Grumpos Matavastros : Yammer
    This skill can annoy / make crazy some people.
    Master Skill Upgrade : Grumpos: Have Grumpos yammer Brother Gnosticus, at
    Sender Station Gate 2 before leaving for Hephaestus. He will then teach
    Grumpos the master skill for Yammer.
    Stiletto Anyway : throw loonies
    Can throw loonies to open secret passages,doors.
    Master Skill Upgrade : Talk to one of the Vigil after the battle on Limbus.
    The Vigil will tell you that he has a vision of a woman.
    Democratus : tractor
    Beam some items to you.
    Master Skill Upgrade : Democratus: Have Democratus talk to the diplomat in
    Frank's Flophouse. He is standing near Frank.
    Paco " El-Puno " Estrella : RageMight
    Master Skill Upgrade : Talk to the Mrs. Invisiblus in the poor side of
    Hephaestus. She is located on the very top ramp, in a house.
    Battle Skills
    This section explains each characters battle skills and where
    to obtain them. ( this section is not ready yet ).I think every
    character has 4 Battle skills.These are the skills i have found
    so far. Descriptions for some skills will come later.
    * Sylvester Boots *
    Skill       : Fatima Screen
    Location    : You have this skill at the beginning of the game.
    Description : A shield that takes away half of the damage done to you.
    Skill       : FlashBlind
    Location    : Detective Rukh gives FlashPak when you help him the
                  first time.
    Description : Stun the monster for a moment
    Skill       : Aerial Trigger
    Location    : A chest in the white caves on Democratus.
    Description : A mortar that hurts all the monsters on the screen.
    Skill       : Cap
    Location    : The chest in Boot`s office closet ( Need Master
    Description : A sniper shot that deals a lot of damage.
    *  Stiletto Anyway   *
    Skill       : Pain Pirouette
    Location    : Her beginning skill.
    Description : She does somersault and dive kick at the target, deal a
                  lot of damage.
    Skill       : Charm
    Location    : Talk to the woman in bathroom at Cold Sweat Sex Machine
    Description :
    Skill       : BladeFan
    Location    : Talk to a soldier in Doren forest base , or buy it from
                  Zordo later in game.
    Description : Throws her blades in the air and kick it towards the
                  monsters, deal damages to all the monsters on the
    Skill       : Stealth
    Location    : Located in a chest in Democratus war ship bay.
    Description :
    *  Grumpos   *
    Note: To upgrade his skills, you need to go to Pay2Pray and pay to meditate
    (located in Vend-O-Mart on Sender Station).
    Skill       : Yammer
    Location    : Natural born old man skill ( his base skill )  :)
    Description : Grumpos talks alot and stuns the monster for a moment.
    Skill       :Staff Sweep
    Location    :Get from Jack at Whackmaster Jack's, have Grumpos talk
                 to him.
    Description : Grumpos spinning around with his staff and fly around
                 the monster(deal damage to all monsters.)
    Skill       :Heal Field
    Location    :You get it from a hippie at the top of Vend-o-Mart on
                 Sender Station.
    Description : Heal all of friends' HP.
    Skill       : White Light
    Location    : Late in game, get from Floater near Barton Arms in the
                  Bricks (after Detta declare Anachronox marshall law).
                  You can also buy one from Pay2Pray.
    Description : Heal all of friends' HP and disinfect any Mystech
                  effects (i.e. frozen,burn, poison, etc.).
    *  PAL-18  *
    Skill       : Windmill dash
    Location    : PAL-18 beginning skill
    Description : PAL dash at the target, deal a lot of damage.
    Skill       : Testalus Sphere
    Location    : You can buy one in almost any shops.
    Description : Two yellow glowing balls fire out electricity and deals
                  damage to all monsters.
    Skill       : Taser Drain
    Location    : For sale in shops late in game.
    Description :
    Skill       : Transfer NRG
    Location    : Talk to Zordo when Detta declare Anachronox marshall
    Description :
    *  Democratus *
    How to install upgrades: There is an engineer from Democratus in the Penthouse
    suite at Sender Station, he will build them for you (for a price).
    Skill       : TractorHold
    Location    : Beginning skill
    Description : It stuns the monster for a moment.
    Skill       : Stare Down
    Location    : In a chest near the truck on Hephaestus.
    Description : The planet turns big and fire the laser at the monster.
    Skill       : Missile Barrage
    Location    : Plans scattered around Votowne after Villian Ship.
                  (Check the dark corners of every sector)
    Description : Fires nuclear missiles and deals damage to all the
    Skill       : Laser Array:
    Location    : Plib the Seller has one later in the game. Or you can
                  get one in the Villian ship where once you open all the
                  red doors (need to backtrack and Master LockPick skill
                  is required).
    Description : Mini satellites fly out and attack one target, then one
                  giant satellite finishes it off.
    *  Dr.Rho Bowman *
    Skill       : PlasmaWall
    Location    : Her beginning skill
    Description : A wall that rotates around and deal damages to all the
    Skill       : Scanalyze
    Location    : Buy it from Plib the Seller in Mystech Museum.
    Description : Analyze one of the monster.
    Skill       : MysShield
    Location    : You can get one in the court room in Mysterium Tower.
    Description : A shield like Boot's Fatima Screen.
    Skill       : Pocket Singularity
    Location    : Throne room in Sesostris on Limbus.
    Description :
    *   Paco " El-Puno " Estrella    *
    To irradiate the stones: There is a robot in the Mystech factory that will
    do it for you.
    Skill       : Ground Pound
    Location    : Given
    Description : Paco hits the ground and a giant fist pops up and hit
                  the target from the bottom, also stuns the target.
    Skill       : Radius Rage
    Location    : Given
    Description : Paco hits the ground and many giant fists pops up, deal
                  damages to all the monsters on the screen.
    Skill       : Proxima Punch
    Location    : Get the crimson stone from hotel on Limbus.
    Description :
    Skill       : FireFury
    Location    : Beneath tracks at OneGate Station.
    Description :
    TACO locations
    * South Anacrhonox *
    * There's one at Whackmaster Jack's, you need PAL's CompTalk to open
      up a secret closet.
    * Ghalla's Creatures Repair back room has one.
    * Frank's Flophouse Room 6, the room where you sleep in.
    * Grumpos's balcony, near his Mystek shack
    * Junkyard: Just before Eddie's hideout, there is a spiral ramp, go
      around behind it (instead of up).
    * Mystek Tunnel, there is a TACO in a chest
    * Anachronox Tours, use PAL's world skill to open a secret room
      behind exploding broken elevator.
    * Platform Area, use Democratus's world skill from level 3 on the
    * OneGate Station, there is one near the parked cars
    * Sender Station *
    * Inside the station, there are two guys arguing because one of them
      cannot pay for his custom, pay for him and you will get a TACO.
    * Go to Red Light District, then go to Orange Navel, get a girl to go
      upstairs and there's a TACO in Room 2.
    * You can buy one from Tubby's Grease Shack for 50 loonies.
    * Retrieve El Puno toy for MugMug (using Democratus' world skill) and
      it will give you a TACO.
    * Sunder *
    * Inside the Rainbow Lab Building, behind a pillar in the break room.
    * At the Republic Inn, there is a TACO in room 401.
    * After the Rictus' Ship, return to the council place and talk to
      Sgt. Guff (the military chief advisor, one with strange mask and
      green shirt) and he will give you one.
    * Rictus' Ship In the storage room where there's a red door you can
      go in later.
    * Hephaetus  *
    * At the Entertainment District, there is one in the Eco Bar.
    * Factory: In the office where the employee is being fired, which is
      to the "Irradiatatus" robot's right, through the big door and
      beyond the room with 3 conveyor belts.
    * Upper Tower: Next to the ninth enigma.
    Feel free to post any items , sidequests , or other stuff that
    i have missed.
    0.1 Rowdy?s bar / your Office
    Recommended level : lv.1
    Items found : Cordicam Digital Camera,20 bucks,
    So the game begins , after beginning scene it is time to look
    for some work.
    Now head to upstairs in to your " office " , there you will find
    your PAL - 18 but it is out of business , you will have to find a
    new battery for it.So ignore it for time now.
    Then pick the lock on the door and then inside the room , pick up money and
    there is a chest that requires higher picklock skill so be sure to come back
    Before Leaving your office pick up your camera from the desk.
    There is a strange looking woman in the bar near the stairs
    to upstairs speak with her.You will need to remember her later
    in game.
    Then back at bar talk to Valesta ( blonde girl on bar counter )
    she gives you your first job for a long time.
    Now exit.
    0.2  Fountain Spiral Area
    Recommended level : lv.1
    Items found : HealGrease Plus
    On the passage to Spiral area speak to flying creature , it
    gives you an advice to speak with his cousin in spiral area.
    Go forward , here is your first fight only bad thing is that
    you cant win it. After you get beaten up Fatima will instruct
    you to visit WhackMaster Jack.
    In the same room there is Healgrease on the ground , pick it
    up and then continue to spiral area . There you should find
    WhackMaster Jacks place.Go there....
    0.3 Whackmaster Jacks Battle Tutorial
    Recommended level : lv.1
    Items found :
    Here is not much to do, speak to the guy in red clothes upstairs
    of this place to begin your combat practice.Exit the place after
    you are done with training.
    0.4 Fountain Spiral Area Again
    Now head to the route that has few elevators and use them to
    get to Casinox area.
    0.5 Casinox Area
    After you have taken elevator you spot woman near a timeminder
    talk to her and you will find out that she wants to know where
    Simon Langer lives ( this is a small sidequest that gives you
    75 bucks from completing it ) after you have spoken to her continue
    your trip to overlook on this area there you should talk to flying
    creature after you have done this take the elevator up to the
    real Casinox area..
    In the way there is a guard that has a question for you , He shows
    you a photo of a woman and asks you have you seen her.Do you remember
    that lady on the bar at the beginning ? that is her.You can answer
    either yes or no..
    The Casinox area is mostly unavaible to visit since there is burning
    man running there the Nox guards have sealed the place until the disturbance
    is over..
    So continue your trip to another elevator and proceed to Junkyard area...
    0.6 JunkYard
    In this area there are few diffent shops and routes to Tenements
    and the actual Junkyard so you could either proceed with your mission
    and go to Tenements or if you want to try collecting some cash and
    experience then head to junkyard area from the ramp..
    Remember the junkyard since you will have to visit there pretty soon
    in the game..
    0.7 Tenements and Franks Flophouse
    In the Tenements you should head to Franks Flophouse , so go
    down by the elevator and then head to the flophouse that is
    located right next to the elevator..
    Inside there you can picklocks of every room except room
    B.Room C requires more skill, Room A is your main goal since
    it is the place that you will find the person you are looking
    for, every room has minor treasures.
    After collecting the treasures from the rooms head to room A
    and talk to the lady there also collect the item from the table.
    Now you should head back to beginning of the game Rowdys Bar
    and report Valenia that you have found her friend.After doing that
    head to Building 5 in Tenements area .
    0.8 Building 5 in Tenements
    Now head to the elevator C, then head to second floor
    there search apartments :
    05 apartment where Simon Langer lives
    19 apartment where Grumpos lives
    Some other apartment contain few minor treasures you can search them if you
    like, when you are ready head to apartment 19, After cutscenes
    Grumpos tells you that he will hire you if you are enough skilled to
    prove your skills you need to get noxguard helmet size 5.
    At one alley you can see someone beating one guy and two noxguards
    guarding there , talk to the one and ask him about the helmet size 5
    he tells you that platform area has one guard that has size 5 helmet.
    So lets head there..
    0.9 Casinox Area Again
    Now that the route is open head to platform area elevator here.
    1.0 Platform Area
    Now head to level 1 with the elevator and there you will find a
    noxguard that has the helmet, you can get it in two diffent ways
    either talking to him peacefully and finally he gives it to you
    but you could also talk the agressive way to him and fight him
    to get the helmet after you have gotten the helmet it is time
    to head back to Grumpos..
    1.1 Sub Quest Time
    * Brebulan Photographs *
    OK, To gain this sub Quest talk to the NoxGuard at passage
    to casinox area.He says that he need 5 brebulan photos,so you need to
    find those brebulans, here are their locations :
    * One in Casinox area near the entrance to platform area
    * One in Anachronox Tours area , in the restaurant
    * Two in Junkyard area standing in front of some building
    * Two in Tenements area , one in the upper section near a NoxGuard
      and one on the lower area on some alley.
    * One in Zordos gun place area
    After gaining photos of all Brebulans return to the guard that gave you the
    quest and to claim your reward which by the way is $500.
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