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    Walkthrough by RSluganski

    Updated: 03/29/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Bad Mojo
    Randy Sluganski
    Co-Editor - Just Adventure
    Bad Mojo - A Crawlthrough
    This crawlthrough only resolves the puzzles necessary to complete
    the game.  There are numerous  interesting video clips and clues
    interspersed throughout the game that you will want to find on your
    Go up to matchbook, then left to rusted water heater leg.  Go up
    leg, right across pipe, then down other leg.  Go up 3 screens and
    make a right at the rat's tail (crawl across the trapped rat's mouth
    for a biting experience).  Push the cigarette butt so that the lit
    end faces the spider.  Go down 2 screens and enter "Cockroach
    Corral".  Climb across the dead roaches to exit the corral. (you
    will have to push a roach larva to build a bridge across the last
    roach).  Go up workbench leg.  Travel left across top of table until
    you reach the vacuum plug in the wall.  Cross wire until vacuum
    comes on.  To turn the vacuum off, go down one screen and then go
    left until you reach the end of the workbench.  Climb down the
    workbench leg and go right at crossbar until you reach the drooping
    vacuum wires above the paint can.  Climb down the wire until your
    weight forces it to hit paint and short the vacuum.  Go back up
    table and crawl past plug until you reach vacuum hose.  Follow hose
    to coil.  Follow coil into garbage can and traverse until you reach
    paint table.  Go down 1 screen, then climb across paint brush and
    through hole in  table.  Go down 1 screen and exit through other
    hole in bottom of table.  Go down 1 screen, right 1 and then climb
    across paintstick to fusebox.
    Go to the right fusebox and meter..   The first meter is always set
    at "7".  Crawl back and forth across the bottom 3 fuses until the
    meters read "7-6-5-8".  The fuse box will then short out.  This will
    not be important until late in the game.  By doing it now, you are
    saving an extraordinary amount of backtracking.
    Go down mop handle.  Cross basement floor to the left until you
    reach bed leg.  Climb up bed leg and travel the length of the bed
    until you reach a TV dinner.  Cross the dinner to the radio and
    enter the back of the radio.  Climb up the silver cathode on the
    left and touch the wire at the top.  Watch video.  Climb to the top
    of the radio and bump the back of the pill bottle.  Push the pill
    off the radio into the beer can.  Watch video.  Go to the floor
    under the bed until you see the cigar box.  Exit across the lid of
    the box.
    Climb down to the bottom of the towel dispenser and enter.  Push the
    switch above gear to release paper. Climb down paper.   Go down 2
    screens and left 1.  Climb up unpainted wall above rathole.  From
    sink, go left 1, up to broken mirror,  enter where glass is missing.
    Go up 3 screens and enter used razor slot.  Push screw into used
    razor jam.  Exit back to rat hole.  Watch video.  Don't worry about
    lit cigarette until later.  Enter rathole and exit to left.
    Follow pipes under cooler until you exit at the front of the cooler.
    Crawl down to floor and cross left across room to mop.  Go up mop.
    Travel right across the counter top until you reach the stove.  Go
    down between 2 pots.  Push the bottle cap down.  Go into the
    knobless hole.  Push the pilot light closed.  Leave.  Go down.  Go
    left, cross handle and go down on the left side.  Go up under the
    little roach.  Wait for roach to jump on back.   Go back to the
    sink.  Crawl on the end of the knife handle.  Exit through garbage
    Cross the baseball bat to the opposite side of bar.  Go to the
    right.  Ride the peanut shell.  Walk on Bartender's Companion until
    Bad Mojo recipe appears.  Cross bat to liquor bottles.   Climb up
    bottles in this order:  grenadine, curacau, brandy and vodka.
    Your Room
    Climb up desk to broken fan.  Push wire until fan comes on and blows
    papers.  Crawl across copy button on fax machine.  Crawl down papers
    to remote control.  Push cigarette butt so that it no longer blocks
    remote control light.  Turn on remote control. Get on butterfly and
    fly across the room.  Crawl all the way left to aquarium.  Crawl
    down cord of heating pad.  Watch video.   Visit yourself on floor
    for fun.  Exit through  fan on top right of wall above the
    experiment table (this fan quit working when the fuse box was
    The Good Ending
    Go to bathroom.  Push cigarette from urinal onto floor.  Push
    cigarette into paper towels.  Go back to your room and crawl to the
    amulet by your head.
    Found at a web page - author unknown - but thanks a lot. Greets, Bernd
                  Bernd Wolffgramm  *  uzs691@ibm.rhrz.uni-bonn.de
               Editor of DIRTY LITTLE HELPER - German Cheat Database
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