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""He's on fire". No really he is on fire!"

Bedlam is an unknown game that was made by mirage. The game was a okay game that people would have probably liked. Sadly mirage did not really advertise the game. But luckily I found this game at the store for a very cheap price, so I just bought the game. It was really worth my two dollars because i'm still playing the game.

Gameplay 5/10

This is the worst part of the game. Bedlam is a very mindless, hardcore game that focuses on robots monsters and lots of heavy weapons. Thats the good part of the game because all you have to do is buy your weapons enter the level and just shoot almost anything and something will blow up. Also there are a lot of missions in a single level. Those are the only good parts about the gameplay. One bad thing in the game is that your usually on a handicap when your on your missions because you only control one RAT and the enemies just spawn back after a whlie when you kill them. Even though you will get more RATS to control they usually don't defend themselves if you leave them alone. Another problem is that there are too much missions on a level. Even though you only need to complete the main objective the other objectives give off lots of money, but to you that you need lots of weapons which cost money. Also you cannot revisit the stages that you completed.

Story 8/10

It is the future, we now use bio mech creatures to do our mental labor. Somehow the bio mechs have gone insane and are now destroying anything they see. You are the leader of a squad of ''remote assault tanks''. Your job is to destroy biomex around the city and other stuff like that. You control your RATs through a ''satellite uplink''. Wow that is a very good story, though they could have made the story go deeper. Its just a big shame that no one knows about this game.

Audio/Graphics 7/10

The sound effects for the game are good. The explosions sound real. So does the gun fire, monsters screaming and the people talking sound real. Also another thing I like about the sound effects are when the person in the RAT is talking. he'll say things like the H word and the A word when he's in trouble. Also he tells you when something is wrong so you won't have to look on the bottom of the screen. Though the thing I like best about the sound is the soundtrack because it's so energetic.

The graphics for the game are also kind of good. One of the things I like are how the RATS look. Even though there so small they still look cool. Also the when some of the things explode they look really cool. Also the terrain looks nice as well. One thing they should have improved was how some of the biomex looked like because some were not that detailed.

Relpayability 6/10

Playing this game can be fun for a while. One of the things you can do is start a new game and try to complete every mission objective, though I don't think anyone would be that serious of beating an unknown game. Another possible thing you can do is to cheat with an immortality code just for fun. Though that is about all the things you can do.

Buy or Rent

Even though this game is unknown to many people if you do find it you should buy it since it will probably cheap. Though if you have a really good computer with good downloading speed you shouldn't by or rent this game at all since you can download off the internet at some sites.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/16/02, Updated 03/16/02

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