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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by MafiaMizo

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                                 Betrayal In Antara
                               FAQ/Walkthrough Guide
                         By: Mizoodh(A.K.A Sacrel Nirvana)
                         E-mail:  Moatazmt@gmail.com
                         29th July 2011 All rights received
    		           Version 1.0 (Incomplete)
       Betrayal In Antara (BIA) is a very old Role-playing game developed By Sierra
     The Game was released in 1997 and sort of a successor to Betrayal at Krondor.
    It's divided into chapter 1-9 with new areas opening and some areas closed with
    progress, each chapter has a main quest and several side-quests.
    Whether you've played Anatara Before or you're new I hope you Enjoy this
    Note: I have a sense of Humour that you may find funny or lame depending upon
    your taste. If you find it funny then Enjoy! If you find it lame then please
    ignore it.
    Table of Contents:
    Disclaimer      (#001)
    Version History (#002)
    Installation    (#003)
    Game Basics     (#004)
    Charcters       (#005)
    Combat          (#006)
    Skills          (#007)
    Items           (#008)
    Hints and Tips  (#009)
    Walkthrough     (#010)
    Chapter 1       (#011)
    Chapter 2       (#012)
    Disclaimer (#001)
     This Guide is Copyrighted to Moataz Tawfik. You're not authorized distribute,
    Modify or sell this walkthrough. It's made execlusivly for Gamefaqs and it's
    not for any other webpage. Please give credit where it's due and play nice,
    Otherwise I will summon my 'Wraith' upon you... ok bad joke.
    Version history (#002)
    15th of July 2011: Started Playing Antara (For the 3rd time)
    29th of July 2011: Finished Antara, Started working on walkthrough
    11th of Aug  2012: Don't know when I'll Finish Writing the Faq, Decided to
                       Launch it on Gamefaqs.
    Installation (#003)
    Antara was designed for Windows 3.1 (which is really old) and new operating
    systems and computers don't like old stuff. Your best bet is to use a fan
    made patch at: http://www.squirtthecat.com/games/betrayal_in_antara/index.html
    Whoever made this, God bless him. It will allow you to play Antara with
    virtually no problems under Windows Xp. I haven't tested it on Vista or 7
    but there's no reason it shouldn't work as well. I only faced minor lockups
    during combat which is no problem since the game automaticlly saves before
    Battles. I also recommend you to ISO your copy which helps reduce lockups.
    Game basics (#004)
       Betrayal In Antara has some Elements which are absent from today's games
    and might give you a hard time, so you need to know the basics.
    What happens is you travel from town to town. Stopping in the middle to battle
    buy or sell stuff and do quests. Your party needs food everyday, they need to
    rest after travelling for a set time.
        It's a personal thing, the coulmn on the left will determine what's done
    automaticlly in the game (Skill allocation, map marks and spell research) and
    the coulmn on the right determine number of opponents at combat.
    You need to eat, every 24 hours your party consumes 1 point of foor for each
    party memeber. All food other than rations spoil after sometime so it's not
    a good idea to buy too much (other than Rations). If you run out of food and
    it's time to eat your party begins to starve. At first they will suffer a
    penalty to skill that increases with every hour starved. Eventually they will
    begin to lose health and die. Resting while starved just speeds the process.
        Henne's horn, the amulet of diet will lower food consumption by half, i.e
    one charecter will consume 1 food every two days.
      When you lose health or stamina, the only way to heal (other than Senwater)
    is by resting. Resting can take place in the wilderness (green areas) or in
    towns (Inn). Resting outside will only heal you up to around 80%. To fully
    recover you need to rest at a town's Inn. Note that in Inns you don't consume
    food, careful though as resting for a long time will make your own food spoil.
     Resting also advances your highlighted Skills (Magic mostly)
    Skill Improvement:
      Skills advance mostly by using them, highlighted skills advance considerbly
    faster than others. You can focus on up to five skills only at a time. If
    you use a highlighted skills 3-4 times it's almost garunteed to level. Every
    chapter you are limited to a maximum amount for that skill. However books and
    Trainers can increase your skill beyond the maximum which always make the next
    chapter easier.
      Money is Important in Antara. You need it to feed your party, pay trainers
    to train you, buying equipment and potions, etc.. Your Main source of cash is
    loot. Your opponents drop stuff when they die (Swords, Armour) you sell them
    you become rich. Your Money Inventory is shared with your food inventory.
    The maximum amound of cash you can carry is 8000 Burlas, but that means no
    food which is bad. At the begining you will struggle with cash, but later it
    becomes too much that you start spending money on silly things: Carriges or
    Dervish Discs, which are tremoundsly over priced. My advice is to keep 5k and
    store the rest. I myself buy gems as they are smaller and easier to carry but
    you lose alot of cash doing so, and Chapter 7 is last place you can sell gems
       Your Inventory is very very limited. It will be a pain in the butt to haul
    all sellable goods or even carrying arrows, Senwater or boosting concousions.
    In Almost every town you will find empty, abandoned houses where you can
    saftely store your stuff between chapters. Chests and Holes also work but
    Keeping track of thier location is troublesome and holes always require shovels
    to dig it up.
    Repair & Forage:
        Eguipment get damaged when used, when you slash an opponent your sword
    Degrades (Staffs don't), when you're attacked by weapons (Not Bows) your armour
    degrades. When you fire bows thier string degrades. Keeping your equipment in
    top-notch is a high priority. Staffs are excluded and so are sheilds, since
    staffs never degrade and sheilds can't be repaired, except under one condition:
    An NPC in Asperza can repair sheilds but he's only available n chapter 2. The
    More you repair the higher your skill gets the better you become at repairing.
       Foraging Use is very limited since there are only 3 caves in the game that
    can be mined and Fishing is too random and useless except in chapter 8(You Get a
    Superior Sheild)
        This is my personal naming for Items that basiclly boosts your stats or
    equipment. Use them!! These not only make life easier but it will be a good use
    for your cash (Excpet Dervish discs, since they are really over priced).
    I will cover them in detail in the Items Section.
        Saving is Important, Since you could easily miss or screw up quests if you
    aren't careful (or Choose wrong choices). Also skills that use dice roll like
    Gambling and lockpicking change everytime you load. My recomendation is make a
    seperate save for the start of each chapter and quick save at every town before
    you enter.
    Statues afflictions:
        Kinda over stretched I know but I'm a Final Fantasy and Megaten player so
    bear with me. There are only Four in Antara.
    Starved: Yellow background at character portrait and S at resting screen.
    Penalty to states and Death if ignored. Your people are hungry. Feed them and
    it will go away.
    Fatigued: F at resting screen, Penalty to states. They just need to sleep.
    Poisened: P at resting Screen, green background at charecter portrait. Penalty
    to states and Death if you rest. However it does go down when resting so if it's
    a small percentage you can make it go away by resting. Use Fidali paste to lower
    it by 30%-40% I think. Senwater also lowers it. And finally you can use a
    Sister of Senaedrin at her temple but that's overpriced.
    Injured: I at Resting screen, red background at charecter portrait. All states
    are reduced to 1. That charecter is K.Oed. Useless. I myself avoid it by
    reloading before combat or before a trap explodes. Uses alot of Senwater (I
    Don't know, maybe 30?) Rest for around 400 hours (halved by using Healing
    Powder every 24 hours) or a Sister of Senadrin which is really overpriced.
    Charecters (#005)
        You can only use 4 people in the game, and only 3 at a Time. The forth only
    Joins for 2 chapters.
    William Escobar:
        William is a Noble, who's curiosity is basiclly what drives the game. He
    likes the Ladies (as we all) and has tendancy to get into trouble. He likes to
    Drink and party and Party again. He also Snores while asleep. He has a 'booty'
    Call at Panizo's Inn. His father doesn't care much for his exploits and
    cornered him in an arranged marriage with a spoiled brat who really hates him.
        William is your Tank, Fighter, Warrior whatever you prefer to call it. He
    is the best guy with a sword. He also uses the Bow with some Profiency however
    not as good as Kaelyn, it will take some training to get him to Decent levels.
    I recommend to make him your gambler and smith, later focus on assesment.
    Aren Cordelaine:
        Aren recently have discovered his 'Maaaagical power'. Before he was an
    Innkeeper son that when he gets lucky he goes out to Imazi. He has a pretty
    girlfriend which he dumps for unknown reasons and you never get to meet his
    Mother. He is innocent until he meets William and saves his life. Later he
    picks flirting techniques from William.
        Aren is your Artillary, Wizard, Mage. At the start he is so weak you will
    hate his face. But actually he's the most fun to buildup and later he will earn
    your Respect. Pay any trainers since they teach Aren new spells and focus on
    spellcasting skills to unlock new spells. Aren can also Learn new skills from
    enemy mages. But that requires him to be adjacent to the spell or it's target
    so don't relay on it.
    Aren also happens to be good at lockpicking, Foraging and Haggling.
    Kaelyn Usher/Krrrrrrrrflak:
        Kaelyn, the only woman in your party is actually more manly then any of the
    above two (Raal is a hairball so he doesn't count in the gender bender) she is
    tough and doesn't take crap from anybody. She has never dated since hunting and
    skinning take up alot of time. She's immediatly rescued by William and Aren
    from an ugly encounter (which would have ended badly if this was a hentai game)
    with mercenaries. She also has a fur 'Brother' and a fur 'Father'.
        Kaelyn is your Sniper, Ranger, Archer. She is the best with bow and kinda
    decent with the sword. She's good at Scouting and Stealth so focus on that.
        Is he a Wookie? Is he an Ape? nope he's a Grrrlf. Also the resemblence to
    Wookies is uncanny Grrrlf are completly authentic, creative race made by sierra
    that wasn't inspired from wookies, apes or dogs. Raal likes to 'sexy' dance
    (which he thinks it's spiritual) at Ticoro Carnival and loves to scare children
    with his teeth. But then apologizes and says he was joking.
        Raal is also your Tank, Barbarian, Berserker. Sadly though you only have
    him for 2 chapters. He uses a Staff(seriosly?) since Grrrlf don't believe in
    Blood Shed (But Killing is fine). He has the highest hit points in all you
    charecters and also the highest the strength, he has no ranged attack though
    But he doesn't need one. He will mope the wilderness with enemies.
    Combat (#006)
        Combat in Antara is turn-based, who goes first depends upon the speed of
    your charecters and the opponents. Whoever is faster goes first. If you're
    ambushed however the opponent will go first and vice versa.
    Important Note: Enemies just love to run away in Antara, Even at full health
    opponents tend to run away and it's completly Random. At first you will hate
    this and it actually might prevent you from getting good items and gold. But
    at later chapters this will be a blessing, you will know why.
    Attack Modes:
         Slash: Slashing is your 'safe bet' attack, it will hit most of the time
    and does decent damage. Use this at the Begining and when things are normal.
    Thrust: Alot of Accuracy, lowest Damage. Use this if your melee is really
    low (hint hint: Aren). Also thrust activates Magical staves powers.
    Hack: It would have been really nice if you could really 'hack' your
    opponents (Actually you can, just not by this attack) Highest Damage, Lowest
    accuracy. This will be you main form of attacks in later chapters.
        No it's not a typo. You can saftley rest during combat to recharge your
    stamina, which actually is very effective. Specially with those people who are
    always low on Stamina (hint hint: Aren).
       Completly useless. It might Increase your defence but it never worked for me
    when I needed it, rest instead.
        Let the AI take control of your charecter. Do this only for a quick laugh.
    Magic or Bow:
        Special attack yay! Raal doesn't have one but who cares? Activates Bow
    snipping for William and Kaelyn, Magic for Aren.
        Usefull if you're having problems, like an enemy mage getting a lucky shot
    with lava sphere or Pirate Archers ambushing you. Unless ofcourse a certain
    someone gets injured (hint hint: Aren) in which case it's disabled. Alt-F4.
    Item Usage:
        Item usage is very friendly in Antara, just click on the portrait, use item
    over and over with no turn or speed penalty. You can even change focus on
    skills during combat to suit your needs.
    Skills (#007)
         Skills are the Only stats in Antara that you can work on to improve. Every
    one has thier strength and weakness. There's a minimum on a skil depending upon
    the charecter and a maximum depending upon the Chapter. Books and Trainers
    however ignore the Chapter's maximum. You can Work on 5 skills at a time and
    when a worked skill is used multiaple times it improves. Aren is a bit diffrent
    He has Spellcasting skill which branches into other Magic skills and he can
    focus on 5 on those (So Aren in a sense works can work on 10 skills at a time)
    and Spell Accuracy replaces his Archery skill. I'm going to list the skills,
    it's raising difficulty and how useful it will be in your travels.
    Main Skills:
        Melee judges your Accuracy with a sword or a staff. Kinda Hard to Raise
    most probably it will be tagged from the start the finish. Very useful since
    you will be picking up fights all the time. Raised everytime you successfully
    strike an Enemy.
        Comes right after Melee importance wise, also hard to raise and very
    important specially for weaklings (hint hint: Aren). Raised everytime you
    luckily evade an opponent attack (Physical or magical for that matter)
        Libra! Analyze! Yep it gives you info about your enemies, like remaining
    health and Stamina. In Anatara it's really isn't that useful unless you are
    focusing fire and can't tell the diffrence between enemies ( I couldn't bother)
    Anyways it's up to you, Since if you do get a certain necklace of Commune you
    will never need to raise Assesment ever again. Keep Assessing enemies (right-
    click) on all enemies during combat to raise the skill.
        Actually useful, since weapons degrade at every use a good repair skill
    will garauntee no penalty to Accuracy, Damage and Damage taken. The greater
    your skill the greater the perentage repaired. Keep repairing stuff to raise
    your skill. If you can spare repair the stuff and loot you find as well, it
    will not only raise you skill faster, but will get you more money.
        Speaking of Money, Discounted stuff rules. However one thing to keep in
    mind: Stores in Antara are a bit picky on what they buy. A merchant in Balmstri
    will buy your armour for the lowest price possiable while the one in Midova
    will buy it for the highest Price possiable. Haggling will not change that, it
    will simply give you some unnoticable discount or raise. Only at hight levels
    you can see the improvment so in my opinion it isn't really important. And
    besides it's hard to raise.
        See those enemies? get a bit close... Click on them. Nothing happens, get
    in just another step closer. Click again. Keep Repeating and you might succeed
    in Ambushing enemies depending on your stealth Skill. Ambushed enemies will
    give you an extra free turn at the Start of Combat. Very usefull against those
    pesky mages. To Raise it you just have to try and Ambush your enemies.
        "Wait! I heard some pebbles falling. Someone missed his footing. I smell an
    Ambush, can't tell how many". This is your scouting skill at work, enemies
    attempting to ambush you caught. Very very useful specially late in the game
    (Pirate Archers). The Best way to raise this skill is to wear the Ring of the
    Ranger and hope you detect enemy ambushes. It's easy to raise.
        Gambling is the most ineffective way to make money in Antara. Because not
    only gamblers are few, the money you get is ridicoulesly low, you can win a max
    of three times before the gambler is broke. And Chapter 4 is the last you see
    of gamblers. Develope this purely for fun. It's actually easy to raise at low
        Removing locks and Disarming traps, very important since there alot of
    locked chests and traps. And some of them really have some good stuff. Self-
    explainatory the more you disarm the better you get. Aren starts out with high
    lockpicking for some reason.
        Fishing? don't bother. Picking stones for gems? You'll have than enough
    money. And useful only till chapter 2 (Chapter 5 if you keep carrying pickaxes)
    Aren seems to start high here too.
    Archery/Spell Accuracy:
        Archery(William & Kaelyn) is the Art of Shooting arrows at traget creature
    and making that arrow hit. Spell Accuracy (Aren) is roughly the same. A must to
    be developed skill. Later in the game you could actually make more damage with
    bow than with swords. For some reason armours protection covers only melee
    Spell Casting:
         Aren only. Spell Casting is Further divided into 20! skills, however it's
    still treated as a seperate skil so be sure to tag it. I have no idea what is
    the exact benefit of raising this skill is. Anyways what's it's divided into
    is what's important. Spellcasting Skills when raised (mostly by 10x multiplier)
    a new spell is revealed and can be researched. All spells require 3 magic
    skills to be researched. You need to use a spell to raise it's skills i.e use
    firball to raise fire, range and area.
    Items (#008)
        Items are without a doubt the second most important thing in Antara, the
    first being skills. Anyways items can basically be broken down in three
    categories: Weapons & Armour, Booster items and Misc.
    Weapons & Armour:
        Swords have a Accuracy Mod(ifier) and Damage Mod(ifier) Increased chance to
    hit and added damage respectivley. After adding melee value for accuracy and
    strength value for damage. The more damaged the sword however the lower it's
    accuracy and damage mod gets. Hardness = Durability, the higher the value the
    less damage the weapon will sustain with usgae. Staffs don't ever get damaged,
    however they can't be blessed (or Boosted for that matter). Only Swords and
    Armour(no Sheilds) can be blessed by Kor, boosting the weapon's accuracy and
    Damage and Enchanting armour's Damage Reduction and Hardness.
        Armours work the same way except they have a damage reduction value. i.e
    with 50% damage reduction you will sustain 50 damage instead of 100. Keep in
    mind armours don't work against spells and arrows.
        Bows work the same as well. A damaged bow will have it's accuracy and
    damage modifier reduced, they can't be blessed or boosted as well. Bows however
    work in tandem with arrows. Diffrent types of arrows have diffrent accuracy and
    damage modifier.
        Those act as enhancers and healing weither for the charecter or his weapon.
    They are expensive in supply at first, but later will become your biggest bang
    for burlas, Useful for One Battle, You can use it before or During the Battle.
    I will list each item and what it does:
    Charecter Enhacers:
        These are made for the people, boosting thier stats (hmm, Drugs?) making
    them stronger and faster. The boost bonus depends upon the chapter. The latter
    the chapter the bigger the bonus. The boost is effective for only one battle.
        Abrida's Conduit: Mentats for Aren, Boosts his spellcasting, I have no idea
         What diffrence does it make. it doesn't boost Damage that's for sure. Oh
         it Also boosts his spell Accuracy so that's Aren's Razorcup. It will be
         wasted on William, Kaelyn or Raal. That won't teach them magic, you have
         been Warned.
        Ale: Beer! Boosts your strength but lowers your Melee. Don't use it.
        Carluda's Chain: Divides the Damage recived by an Individual on all Allies
         Useful to save Aren's Butt sometimes but you're better off using Armour
         light(You'll know later)
        Dervish Disc: A.K.A Ninja scroll, Boosts your defense by huge values. Keep
         those for Aren.
        Essence of Wind: Speed, The Second ninja Scroll. With the Essence of wind
         And Dervish Disc you become a 'Hokage'. Makes you so fast that you
         can get two Actions per round ( That can mean 2 attacks, 2 Spells Etc..)
         By Far my Favorite booster.
        Halger's Brew: Buffots, Boosts Strength. And helped Halger the smith beat
         competetion. Like Ale and Wine but without the penalty.
        Kor's Blood: Everybody is happy that it's not the real Kor blood. Boosts
         melee and makes you a better Swinger.
        Malkere's Serum: Malkere was a hero in Antara, Who was a berserker. This
         Serum makes you a little bit like him. Boosts your Melee, Strength and
         Defence but leaves you overdosed with -2hp per turn. For some twisted
         reason Kaelyn isn't affected by -2hp so she rocks with it.
        Razorcup: Razorcup has proved the missing link between bees and Humans, if
         bees don't miss the target after pollinating the razorcup, then humans
         become the same with the bow. Raises Your Archery. Aren and Raal can drink
         it but it's a waste.
        Steadfest Tonic: A cheaper Alternative to Dervish Discs, and later in the
         game the bonus diffrence won't matter because your defence will be high
         anyway. Perfect for those with natural weak defense(guess what? Aren)
        Toungecoat: Turns your tounge to silver, effectivly boosting your ability
         to Haggle. I only used it at the begining cause later you'll be dropping
         burlas like hair in a shower, as this is not a battle related Booster it's
         for a small time (around 5 Mins)
        Wine: Alchohol, but for women :) Same effect as Ale but with less hangover
         the next Morning. As I recommend don't use alchohol as it will lower your
         melee to increase your strength. Halder's brew is way better.
    Weapon & Armour Enhancers:
        Those are made for the weapons, armour and Arrows. As boosts they are only
    Effective for one battle, before or during the battle
    (Except for the Attractor) Staffs & Bows Can't get boosted by these items.
        Attractor: Somehow this amulet can only be worn by sheilds, the game
         claims that it helps deflecting arrows, but as far as I can tell it's
         completely useless, that thing does nothing. But I used it anyway. It
         stays forever on sheilds so what's the harm?
        Frost Band: Iceing device, Cold damage = Higher Damage. Even higher Damage
         against Fire enemies(i.e Fire Wolves). Swords only.
        Grounding Wire: That Wire acts the earth wire in your cable, Directing some
         of the current to the ground thus lowering any electrical damage you
         sustain. Useful mostly against lighting bugs. Armour Only.
        Hardening Fluid: Increases the hardiness of armour, weapons and sheilds.
         Higher Durability for said items. You're better off reparing them after
         battles. Can be used on Swords and Armour.
        Irthindes: That Wierd sack contains poisen in it, Can be used on Swords &
         Arrows. Poisened enemies suffer 1 damage per turn (Not phase) So you're
         better off using something else.
        Oil: No that's not food, nor can it be used for cooking. It sets things on
         Fire. Oil is the best things to use as the Damage potiental of any sword
         is raised by around 40%. Use it whenever you could, except on fire wolves.
         Oh yea, Swords only.
        Talicor Dust: Negates Fire Damage, Armour Only. Few Enemies use fire
         Against you, but it's helpful against fire wolves if they get a lucky shot
        Thawing Belt: Negates Frost damage, now this I find useless for one thing,
         There are no Frost enemies in the game. Sure I found only 2 encounters
         that enemies used a frost band in. But they were Pirate Archers so they
         Attacked me with bows mostly.
        Fidali Paste: Ok I know that Item shouldn't belong in this categeroy but
         it Does. Fidali Paste not only cures you of Poisen but it can also be used
         on Armour to Prevent getting poisend. Works in Tandem with the Scent of
         Viper spell but I didn't bother.
    Rings & Amulets:
    These Items are worn around the neck or on the finger, The charecters can only
    wear one Amulet and one Ring (God Bless Might and Magic).
        Circlet of Senaedrin: This Circlet allows to heal faster from poisen, thus
         reducing the time you need to heal from poisen. That really depends, I
         prefer to cure it on the spot.
        Henne's horn: I mentioned this earlier in the food section, Basiclly it's
         an amulet of Diet. Allows you to consume one food every 2 days.
        Lucky Charm: Trkaa Feather's makes you lucky, Basiclly when you do an
         action that depends on a luck roll, sometimes if you fail this amulet will
         let you re-roll to success incase of fail. You can even tell by a strange
         sound and strange greyish 'rain' on the charater portrait. Most noticable
         while gambling and picking locks.
        Necklace of Communion: This Necklace is a Permanant Libra, I.e Assesment is
         useless. This allows you to Asses Enemies regardeless of your Assesment
         skill. Give it to Aren for just one battle and he will learn the spell
        Protective Charm: Given to Kaelyn by her father Usher, Increases defence.
         although it is womenly but William and Aren can wear it nonetheless.
        Ring of Ranger: Increases your scouting skill by 15 points, Useful against
         ambushes and will actually help you build the skill, because you'll be
         detecting most of the them.
        Ring of Welcoming: Makes locks welcome you... somehow. Increases your pick
         lock skill by 15 points. Like the Ranger Ring this will allow to build
         your picklocking skill easier and faster.
        Shadowring: A.K.A Ninja Ring, makes your stealth rise by 15 points. Like
         the two rings above, helps you become a true Ninja.
        Fidali Paste: Combine Ale With Fidali leaves, or buy it if you're lazy.
    	 This Paste reduces you poisen statues by 30%. It can also be used on
    	 armour to prevent getting poisened ( I know it's silly, coating armour
    	 with anitode)
        Herbal Powder: Allows you to recover wounds (and Stamina for that matter)
    	 faster by resting, I.e Instead of needing to rest for 100 hours to heal
    	 you only need 50. ofcourse if it still takes more than 24 hours to heal
    	 you will need to use it daily (Every 24 hours)
        Senwater: Your Healing potion, with an added effect of removing tiny bits
    	 poisen. Senwater Heals you instantly. It can also be called 'Mana' potion
    	 since late in the game Aren will be using alot of them. They are also
    	 cheap, which is a good thing.
        Beewax: Bees are important in Antara, not only because they provide Honey
    	 (Note: There's no Honey in the game) but they also provide valuable wax
    	 Which rangers and Archers need to keep thier bows in Shape. And increase
    	 the Repair skill.
        Bow String: Now A Rich person says: To hell with Beewax, I like Strings.
    	 well he's right. Bow String can get a bow from 0% to 100% with no regard
    	 to the Repair skill. Well it's really up to you which to use, or both for
    	 that matter.
        Drums: Drums are only used to scare off Worms in the game, Since Worms are
    	 without question the weakest enemies in the game this item is very useless
    	 But do fight the worms anyway, you can use them as target practice thus
    	 increasing you melee, defence, archery and spellcasting.
        Fishing pole: I really tried hard to fish, no spot is good enough for the
    	 party :( Anyway just get one before chapter 8. Not Compulsory but you like
    	 Treasure don't you?
        Nudberries: Quest item, See walkthrough of chapter 2.
        Pickaxe: Use this in combination with Renosance of fortune and Foraging
    	 Skill to break down walls and Reveal treasure. Tip: Useful till chapter 4.
        Repair hammer: Repairing Armour only (Why not sheilds? Another Antara
    	 mystery) see the number under the hammer? that's how many times you can
    	 use it before it disappears into thin air.
        Rope: Ropes are only useful for 3 chapter in the game. One is enough in
    	 Chapter 2, 3 are enough for chapter 7 and get like 5 before Chapter 9.
        Sheild Stones: When Activated they eat damage from an element instead of
             you. Useless and expensive and nobody buys them. They come in 4 types:
    	 Sapphire: Anti-ice, Emerald: Anti-Poisen, Diamond: Anti-lightining and
    	 Ruby: Anti-Fire. There's only one Ruby Sheild stone in the game.
        Shovel: The only way you could dig holes, Digging holes is actually a great
    	 past time for William, he loves to Dig. Anyways always Carry a single
    	 supply (That is a shovel that can be used for 8 times) and as much as you
    	 could before chapter 9.
        Whetstone: Like Repair hammers, they Sharpen your weapons. Use after Every
    	 battle if possiable. Weapons are more accurate and damaging when sharp,
    	 besides this trains your repair skill.
    Hints & Tips (#009)
    *Skills are your most important thing. The higher your skills, the easier the
    game will be.
    *Money is Important, the Basic income will be from enemy's loot. At the start
    be stingy, but after chapter 3 you should really start to be generous to your
    party. After you have alot of cash be selective about what you loot. There's no
    point on having money if you can't spend it.
    *Speaking of loot, Enemies just LOVE to run away. The less enemies you kill
    during a battle the less loot they will have.
    *Repair you armour, weapons and bows after every battle. Not only you'll have
    maximum killing effciency the next battle but you'll also increase your repair
    *Surprising enemies will net you extra turn, work on stealth and it will pay
    off. Scouting works vice versa, you don't wanna get ambushed by Pirate Archers
    and Pirate mages with Lavesphere.
    *Boosters are very helpful in the begining, during and at the end of the game,
    use them, buy them. Essence of wind will make many of the battle a breeze.
    *Aren is your best Charecter, sure at first he is a wuss who dies easily, but
    level him up and he will turn the tide at any battle.
    *Speaking of magic your most important spell is, IMHO (In my humble opinion) is
    Armourlight=Immunity to physical damage=laughing at enemies(Not mages).
    *If you need a spell list checkout the great spell Faq by Alan Quirino here on
    *Before Every Chapter I will write down which areas are available and which are
    blocked. And Items to bring along if necessary.
    *The only applicable Item combine is Fidlai leaves + Ale=Fidali paste. You can
    only combine 2 others but those are quest related.
    *Sadly there's no quest log so you have to use your memory or even pen and
    paper to solve all the quests, and get all the rewards.
    *To Find out quests on your own without spoiling Checkout all the areas,
    every house. Same houses you checked in a diffrent Chapter will open more
    quests and give access to mage teachers(Which is useful). It also allows you
    get hard to get Items which are useless (Blessed Insurance policy).
    *To give Items to people, while in Conversation click on any of the Portraits
    and give the item to the NPC item in the right corner down.
    Walkthrough (#010)
    Here it is, Antara's walkthrough. The game is fairly simple, with little
    puzzles here and there. Some are cool, others are plain retarded. Just be
    prepared to do alot traveling. The Game is broken down in 9 chapters.
    For each chapter I will list the Main quest of said chapter plus any other side
    Chapter 1 (#011)
    Enjoy the prelude, yep definatly an old game... Anyways after the power display
    By Aren you After that you Should have control of your Party. Feel free to walk
    around (At this point there's not much to do anyway) Go to Biriala and get
    Aren's Dad permission to Travel away. Also say goodbye to Aren's girlfriend
    (Although why would he do that is beyond me..) Forget the way to Imazi at the
    Momment, Towards Aspreza instead. Rescue Kaelyn from an ugly encounter and as
    thanks you'll have Assembled your main party.
    Main Quest: Take Aren to Panizo:
    Easy enough, However the way is long and there's alot to explore. I recommend
    taking the way to Midova First (Easy money selling armour early on).
    The Chapter ends after you enter Panizio AND click on The Escobar State house.
    You're free to visit everywhere else. As well as meet the barmaid I talked
    about earlier.You can walk as far as Midova, both bridges To waterfront and
    Ticoro are blocked. And pretty much to Briala to the east.
    *Hint: Chapter One is a nice start up, invest in full exploration. You got 3
    caves to explore: Aliero Mine (Get pickaxes and Senwater, you'll need it to
    keep casting Resonance of fortune. You'll get many useful gems = Alot of money.
    Plus you have access to Second Skins In Midova. Sell as much Armour as can
    sanely haul over. You should end up with a good pile of cash.
    Side Quests:
    *Lonzo the Farmer: Lonzo in Briala Has Sick cows. Envy from other farmers
    perhaps? Most probably. The Doctor he wants is Myres From Balmasteri. Once you
    tell him you can complete it Chapter 2.
    *Mickel from Aspreza ran away from his mum cause he's not getting enough
    attention. His Mom, also in Aspreza will give you this quest. He's stuck in a
    cave also in Aspreza located just After Kor's Temple (Bless weapons if you can
    afford it, will pay off). Anyway bring one rope, it will do. You will find the
    Kid in  a pit inside the caverns. Use the rope and that's that. You can level
    a bit here if you could and maybe find some treasures to pick. Keep Resonance
    of fortune active and bring some pickaxes.
    *Corrpted Mayor & Pirates: You'll meet William's Brother in a house at
    Balmestri, Some Problem about a Strike because of pirates. There's a house
    gaurded by pirates in plain view. Destroy them and talk to the person inside.
    Tell William's bro the update and then visit the Mayor's house. He will run
    away and that's that.
    *Farmer Brunia: Brunia Is being bullied by Lord G. (For some reason this guy
    reminds me of Lord Bafford From Thief: The Dark Project) Speak to both the
    Farmer and The Lord in Imazi. You'll get a hint about a Curse. Travel to
    Sortiga and Speak to the people. You'll learn of a witch. You'll find her
    outside just before the forest, very close to the Inn. Speak to her, And buy
    off the Handkerchief (I bought it for 50 but I think you can get for less)
    Take to Lord G. He will cry and call you names but sticks and stones....
    Anyway he will give you the Deed, take it to Brunia. He will be Happy, go back
    to Imazi and he will complain again about a scary curse. Hmm, now I figured
    this out by pure coincedense. Get Blessed by Henne from any of her temples (at
    this point the Closest is near Ligano) and walk inside the farm, you can now
    take the strange looking rod outta the ground, it will turn out to be a Staff
    of nightmares, I recommend you sell it. Enemies run away for no reason already
    no need to increase thier fleeing chances. You can go inside and search the
    cave, turn on Resonance of fortune and pick some gold from the wall. This quest
    is completed for now, but it has a followup in chapter 2.
    *The Drum Maker: If you find an Extra pair of skins and you wanna check out the
    drum go to Imazi and the Drum maker will give you a Drum for a some skins. How
    ever they are useless without learning the skill, you can learn it from the
    market place in Midova. I find it to be pointless cause worms are really easy
    and besides fighting them you could increase your skills.
    *Sisters, food and Water: Near Ligano there are some Seneadrin Sister that are
    Hungry. Give them Rations (24 should be enough) they will heal you and give
    you some water. You also need to clear the way of Montari. Later you will find
    them in Aspreza, You saved the people. There's a tinker there that will restore
    any weapon or Armour to 100%. First time free. In Chapter 2 more people will be
    Cured and you can talk to them.
    *Aleless Inn: In Ligano the Bartender needs Ale and he will pay for it. This
    works only Until you clear the Rods of Montari.
    *Wedding, Missing rings and a Sad boy: In Sortiga you will find that a boy (or
    a man) has lost some wedding rings. You will find them on Sortiga's Beach, you
    will need a shovel, give him back the rings. You also need to clear the roads
    off Montari so that the priest can come and wed them. For now this quest is
    *Briala: Catch some piggies, get a stink and increase your stealth by 5 points.
    *Aspreza: Meet Scott, Aren's Buddy and a Bard. Learn some Maaaaaaagic from him.
    *Aliero: A Mine exists in this town, bring alot of pickaxes and some senwater,
    you'll need for constant Moon glow and Resonance of fortune.
    *Ligano: Rosie will tell about Sgt. Kalyx who fights Montari, After you defeat
    and clear the roads Sgt. will return. But he will be hungry (It seems Ligano's
    people are hungry) Anyway give him around 7 rations and he will teach you
    Defence (5 points. Also a healer will need 12 healing powder and she will
    increase your Assesment by 5 points.
    Well that's it for Chapter one. When you're ready to end it just click on
    William's House in Panizo.
    Chapter 2 (#012)
    The South west Part of the map in now open plus Chapter one areas, Keep in mind
    that Enemies Respawn in new chapters. So if you feel you need the extra cash
    You can Always go back to roads in an older chapter and power up. Maybe also
    stock up on some supplies (Start spending on power ups if you could, it will
    make it easier) and some quests do open up in older chapter's towns.
    After Finishing Finch's Quest all you need is to reach Ticro and the chapter
    will end. Oh also Bring a Bucket from Briala, you'll need it for a side quest.
    Main Quest(s):
    *Powering up Aren: Finally Aren is going to learn real Magic. Sure Scott was a
    fine bonus. But Finch, now that's a real mage. Although his name doesn't say it
    at all. Finch also has a weird Fetish...Watching Beetles mate. Yes he says
    mumbo jambo about how it has to do with Magic and the Force and all but that
    seems far fetched, even for betrayal in Antara but I digress. Finch's quest is
    a great pain but it pays off. First off, Finch is kinda hidden. He is at an
    alcove north of Midova. Second he wants some Herbal tea. Which relaxes the
    body (No doubt his anti-depressant) He calls it Chailen (Which happens to
    provide the Cutlass which is used by Pirates, you do the math) which can only
    be imported At Paolo Verezza of Midova. It will take a week, So rest for 168
    hours or go do other things. His Errand boy, Leon got attacked by Fancy men.
    Took his money and broke his arm.
    Return to Paolo and tell him the news, he will blabber something about another
    family, anyway now you have to settle his debt cause his goods are gone, and
    you need that tea, speak to Antoni Octomont at the Bank and you will again yet
    another quest to find a mage named Enkudi who was last seen somewhere near
    Montari. He is near the Intersection between south of Ligano and East of
    Sortiga. He needs some help with Montari, that is helping them. Our old Friend
    Lord G created problems for the Montari. Anyways he will give you a rod and
    asks you to  Find a water source. If you already went in before you will most
    probably recognize the place, Dry looking river. Find it and dousing it till it
    sticks. Go back to Enkudi and he will give some gems.
    Take those back to Antoni and that will clear the debt, the tea will magiclly
    return to Paolo and you get it for free. Take and throw it at Finch's Face who
    also suddenly happens to have some tea already (Bad joke, Seirra).
    You will learn new Magic and skills and unlock some cool spells.
    *Reach Ticoro
    This quest is easy, Reach Ticoro. The Main Bridge north of Midova is blocked by
    Imperials for some reason. Near the Intersection between Modiva and Panizo
    is a montain split a passage through the Forest. But I advise you visit the new
    towns and get new items and bonuses.
    Side Quests:
    *Farmer Brunia Bullied again: Lord G Still Bullies Brunia, for a good reason
    he wants to get his hands on the 'Gold Mine' behind his farm which you probably
    already cleaned out. Inside you'll find three bands of enemies, take them out
    and the quest is complete. Feel Free also to talk to other people in Imazi, you
    also can get an Insurance policy as far as I can tell it's useless, but hang on
    to it for something amusing.
    *Family Feud: Remeber Verraza the Importer and his family Problems? Behind
    Finch thre is a chest that contains documents proving that this Family fight
    between the Contusos and the Verrazas is pointless. Give it to the Woman at the
    Mansion in Waterfork. Hang on the Emerlad she gives you though.
    *Maslith and Fishermen: Pretty obvious, but Waterfork is overrun by Maslith.
    Take them out and a Fisherman living there will give a nice Amulet of Diet,
    less food consumed by Wearer.
    *The Crazy Wookie: In Cardone you will learn that a Wookie has gone crazy cause
    of an Injury. Nuddberries act as a Sedative and when mixed with a Ration will
    create Something that will calm the Wookie down, Just mix one since it's enough
    The Wookie in Question is located Northwest of Cardone, near the road, before
    the Forest. Give him the Sedative and that's that.
    *Ambushed by Mage: Also in Cardone A Mage will ask you a riddle, which happens
    to also be a lever chest puzzle solution. You Also can get the solution from
    the Children singing a song at Ravenne. Once you solve his riddle he will lose
    his purpose in life and attack you. Pretty lame but that's Antara.
    *Levosche's Bard: This guy is composing a song and he has forgotten the names
    of three important people. He asks them for them one by one so it's easier to
    get them all and just be ready for him. You can get the names from diffrent
    places. A guy in Ormede will tell about some Exhibtion and demand 150 for
    membership. There's no Treasure but you learn some info. From the Museum in
    Ravenne, you can also get a bonus from using an Emerald on the Emporer's bust.
    From The tavern at Ormede you can also get some Info, and Finally by opening
    the lever chest : Derek. Then go back to the bard and answer all his questions.
    Nothing Spectacular.
    *A cat outside the hat?: In Melay a woman will tell you about her dad and a
    Sculpture. At another house also in Melay a man will tell you more info. The
    well looks kinda funny? Use a bucket (that's the reason I told you to get) on
    the well and you will fish out a Torchite Gem. Now you could return it to the
    guy for a useless diamond sheild stone. I suggest you keep the gem.
    *Waterfork: A sick child needs some medical attention. Give him some Fidali
    paste. Also A trapper will give you some Skinning tips. Foraging +5.
    *Levosche: A man will give you some Defense tips. Defense +5.
    *Ormede: A cool mage will increase a magic skill of your choice for a 100. I
    would go with Creation, but it's your choice. Also a woman will turn any food
    into rations in one day (umm, Yay?)
    When you're ready approach Ticoro and the chapter will end, so buy anything you
    need, I suggest healing items since from the start of the third
    Chapter 3 (#013)
    Ticoro is an Annoying Big town. You can't rest outdoors here. You will need to
    Find an Inn that has empty spaces to rest. And there's alot of fights on the
    street. However I highly suggest to explore throughly cause Ticoro has new
    eguipment and nice bonuses that you don't want to miss out.
    First head to Henne Shadow Inn, located on middle east of town, Scott will hook
    you up for some rooms.
    Main Quest: Find the Consort:
       This quest is long however easy since Ticoro is mangable, don't let it's
    size intimade you.

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