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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JWinter

    Version: 4.0 | Updated: 05/21/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest Walkthrough 4.0  29.03.2002
    Written by Jan-Fredrik Winter  <ecstasy@mi.is>
    PC Version created by Conspiracy Entertainment Corporation
      This document is Copyright 2002 Jan-Fredrik Winter
    This document is for personal use only. Unauthorized actions such as sale, copying, 
    altering or distribution are strictly forbidden without my permission. This FAQ is only 
    found at <www.GAMEFAQS.com> and <www.RPGCLASSICS.com>.
    I.    About this FAQ
    II.   Characters
    III.  Levels
    IV.   Items
    V.    Spells
    VI.   Hints
    VII.  Frequently asked questions
    VIII. Errors
    IX.   Credits
    X.    Last words
    I. About this FAQ
    This walkthrough is not a step-to-step walkthough and the levels are not explained to 
    every last detail. The game is not that hard and the puzzles are not so difficult to 
    figure out with some basic sense.
      The levels are explained a bit and I have written what characters are good to have 
    along on each one and also what items are used on the level. Some tricky parts are 
    explained but not all.
      The items are the ones I have found and then some which have been sent to me by e-mail. 
    The items are 98% accurate.
    II. Characters
    <Warrior>: A really good character if you want to do much damage. Can block non-magical 
    <Dwarf>: Very good character. Not as strong as the warrior but the Dwarf can also block 
    non-magical attacks and crush rocks.
    <Elf>: Very strong character that can use magic. The Elf is also able to break weak 
    <Fairy>: OK fighter but you have more use of it's magic. The Fairy also always levitates 
    so poisonous ground cannot harm it.
    <Sorcerer/ess>: Not that much of a fighter but has very good magic attacks.
    <Priest/ess>: Not a fighter at all but is almost a necessity because of the healing 
    spells. Also the only character with spells to fight the undead.
    <Hunter>: An OK character but you don't use the Hunter's herbs that much. The Hunter, 
    though, can spot secret trails and his long range attack is good vs flying demons.
    <Rogue>: Quite a weak character but the Rogue can sprint across collapsing bridges and he 
    can unlock doors to hidden treasures and shortcuts. The only one who can disarm traps on 
    jewel boxes.
         <If you want all the skills available, choose for your party the Dwarf, Elf, Rogue 
    and Priest/ess. Now you will have all the basic skills as magic, healing, disarming, rock 
    crushing and seal breaking.>
    III. Levels
         -The Wood of Ruins-
    -Bosses:   The Owl Bear  - Easiest (ca 100 Hp) Uses neutral attacks.
               Behemoth      - Average/Hard (ca 2500 Hp) Uses Earth attacks.
    -Characters: Hunter.
    -Items #1: Boathouse Key, Splendid Key, Testing Daggers, Key  to the Clearing, Cellar 
    Key, Test Founder's Key, Stone Tablet (Sagestone).
    -Items #2: None.
    -----The Wood of Ruins is first level and also the easiest. You just walk around killing 
    demons until you get to the Woodcutter's Cabin where you have to kill the Owl Bear. From 
    the woods to continue to the Ruins but you have nothing to do there before you have got 
    at least four Sagestone Gems. There are four statues around the ruins which you have turn 
    until the eyes light up then enter the ruins and use the teleporter. From there on you 
    just continue until you reach Behemoth and then kill him to get a Gem. In the Clearing 
    you'll find several animal tracks if you have a hunter, the tracks all lead in the end to 
    a chest which has some treasure for you.
         -The Abandoned Mine-
    -Bosses:   Baby Dragon  - Easy (ca 300 Hp) Uses Fire attacks.
               The Troll    - Easy/Average
    -Characters: Dwarf, Fairy.
    -Items #1: Green Shimmering Flask (Empty Flask, Glow Moss and Water), Black Key.
    -Items #2: None.
    -----The mine is not a very difficult level it's just a very long one. It has about ten 
    underground levels. There is nothing tricky in the mine. Just fight your way to the Baby 
    Dragon and then use the elevator to get up again. When you've got at least four Sagestone 
    Gems you can break the barrier which is close to the Baby Dragon and continue your way 
    until you can kill the Troll. The mine is a just a package full of treasures.
         -The Ancient Tower/The Old Palace-
    -Bosses:   Dark Elf             - Easy (400 Hp)
               Dark Elf with Dragon - Easy (? Hp)
               Dark Wizard          - Easy/Average (? Hp)
    -Characters: Rogue, Elf, Sorcerer/ess, Priest/ess.
    -Items #1: None.
    -Items #2: The Great Key, 4x Gate Crystals.
    -----To get rid of the barriers you have to open the windows and then place the eight 
    crystals in the sunlight to break the barriers. The next thing to do is to throw all of 
    the switches marked A-D and activate the bridge. Now it depends on if you have both a 
    Rogue and Elf. If you have them you can break the seal on one door and then unlock the 
    next door with the Rogue. When you get to the place where it says that the teleporter 
    stops working precisely at a certain light brightness there will be a tricky part. 
    Activate the crystal. You now will have opened before a door by touching some statue, 
    this thing is what makes the teleporter stop working, so... close the door and go out the 
    other way (You must have dropped all the platforms from above in order to get over). Now 
    the teleporter works. The Tower is very long but you should be able to finish it and the 
    Crystal Maze is not hard at all. The Gate Crystals are all at the same place and you get 
    two items as well. There are two spells located through the north wall after defeating 
    the Dark Wizard.
         -The Labyrinth of the Dead-
    -Bosses:   Durahan                - Average (? Hp) 
               The Lord of the Undead - Average/Hard (1500 Hp) Uses Evil attacks.
    -Characters: Rogue, Sorcerer/ess.
    -Items #1:Control Room Key, Storage Rom Key, Altar Crusifix.
    -Items #2: Golden Key, Sigil Key, Bone Sigil.
    -----The Labyrinth is a really long level. Jumping back and forth but it's not really so 
    hard to complete. At some point you'll come to a place where there are trap doors on the 
    ground and if you fall into them there is a secret door in the wall. Also when you've 
    killed the Lord you better check out the chest in one of the rooms before you leave. You 
    will find the Bone Sigil in the chest which opens the door in the very beginning of the 
    level plus you'll find the formula for Chaos Rage.
         -The Palace of the Immortals-
    -Bosses:   The Wolf and Tiger - Easy (? Hp)
               Vampire Lord       - Easy/Average (900 Hp) Uses Evil attacks.
    -Characters: Rogue, Elf.
    -Items #1: Control Lever, Copper, Silver, Bronze, Golden, Star and Moon Key, Black 
    Crusifix, Guest Room Key, Theater Room Key, The Iron Book, Bat, Tiger and Wolf Medallion, 
    ---  Ritual Elexier, Water, Purple Gem (Red and Blue Gem).
    -Items #2: Blue, Red, Black and White Dragon Key, Iron Staff, Bat Gem, Cell Key.
    -----This is not such a hard place, it just takes time. You go running around looking for 
    keys to open a door and find another key and so on. But you can find some nice items on 
    the way though. The only tricky part here is first to fill the grand flask with water and 
    put out a fireplace and then to put out the next fireplace you'll need the investigate 
    the paintings on the wall. Here you will also need at least six Sagestone Gems to 
         -The Ruins in the Lake-
    -Bosses:   Kraken - Average (? Hp) Uses Water attacks.
    -Characters: Priest/ess.
    -Items #1: None.
    -Items #2: None.
    -----Here you'll want to have a Priest/ess with you. When you have defeated Kraken, there 
    is a tablet which no one can read... except a Priest/ess. On the tablet you'll find the 
    spell formula for Reincarnation. Remember to check out the chests that appear after you 
    kill Kraken. They are some worth a fortune. I found the Elemental Shield that made the 
    Expert go nuts. It was worth about 7500 Gels.
         -The Ancient Ruins-
    -Bosses:   You - Depends (on how strong you are)
    -Characters: No special characters.
    -Items #1: None.
    -Items #2: None.
    -----Nothing interesting found here. You can walk around and read some tablets to learn 
    more about the ancient culture who lived there a long time ago.
         -The Mountain of the Fire Dragon-
    -Bosses:   The Fire Dragon - Hard (5000 Hp) Uses Fire attacks.
    -Characters: No special characters.
    -Items #1: Dragon Key.
    -Items #2: Dragon Key.
    -----Here just jump over the platforms to your right when you enter and get the items in 
    the chests. Then go and face the dragon. He has very destructive spells so be prepared. 
    If you have the Earth Tiara in your possession use it on your strongest character and 
    you'll win straight away. The Earth Tiara reduces damage to only 1 Hp per hit.
         -The Valley of White Silver-
    -Bosses:   Griffon - Average (1000 Hp) Uses Wind attacks.
    -Characters: No special characters.
    -Items #1: None.
    -Items #2: None.
    -----This is just a place to test your skills. Find the griffin and kill him. He is not 
    so easy to kill if you go straight away to him when you've found the place. He has very 
    destructive spells. When you leave, there will be a chest but normally there isn't 
    anything great.
         -The Sealed Cave-
    -Bosses:   The Zombie Dragon  - Easy (4200 Hp) Uses Evil attacks.
               The Harbinger      - Average/Hard (? Hp) Uses all attacks.
    -Characters: Dwarf, Rogue.
    -Items #1: Antique Key, Fire and Ice Gem, Demon Amulet, Thunder Medallion, Magic Key.
    -Items #2: None.
    -----This is not so hard. It's not that long either. But remember to jump to the blue 
    switches when you're aboard the moving cart. The Zombie Dragon is really easy to kill if 
    you have a fairy and first use Invincible and the Anti-Circle. You can beat him in no 
    time. Otherwise watch out for his evil spell. It can be deadly. The rest of the level can 
    be tricky though. It was a lot of wind in it and then a volcano that erupts. But, again, 
    it's really not that difficult. Besides you can find some nice items here too. You can 
    end the game when you arrive to the Sages' Gate and choose to sell the Sagestone Gems. 
    You can also choose to continue and challenge the Harbinger.
       The Sealed Cave is divided into The Accursed Place, Ice Grotto, The Flaming Pit and 
    Wind Fortress.
       In the Hall of Demons you have to fight several demons before you make it to the 
    Harbinger. Here comes a list of the demons you will need to conquer:
         Cerberus             - Average (2000 Hp) Uses Fire attacks.
         Efreet               - Average (? Hp) Uses Fire attacks.
         Greater Demon        - Average (? Hp) Uses Evil attacks.
         Gigantes/Demon Lord  - Average (? Hp) Uses Dark attacks.
         Dark Angel           - Average (? Hp) Uses Evil attacks, Holy based.
    I recommend that your characters are at least level 200 before you enter the Hall of 
         -The Roadside Inn-
    Bosses:   None.
    Characters: Sorcerer/ess.
    Items #1: The Host's Key.
    Items #2: The Host's Key.
    -----Here when you've killed the Zombie Dragon you can get the key from the host if you 
    speak to him. There are two chests in the room and they have good items in them plus that 
    you get the Fusion spell there too. If you have a sorcerer/ess, that is.
    IV. Items
      This is a very tricky part. The items in the game are like 403. That makes it quite 
    difficult to write them all down but I will try to make this as complete as possible but 
    it'll take LOTS of time. (I cannot guarantee that everything's 100% correct but I think 
    it's close). Some items have a '?' that means I haven't found that item but it exists and 
    some items I've forgotten what they do. The items with '*' can be bought from the Retired 
    Knight. They cost from 1 Fate Coin up to 99.
    Flame Sword           - 32 At, 10 Fire, War.
    Silver Sword          - 28 At, War.
    Fenris                - ?*
    Ice Sword             - 34 At, 12 Water, War.
    Darkblade             - 52 At, 18 Darkness, War.
    Bloodsword            - 20 At, 10 Evil, War.
    Broadsword            - 12 At, War.
    Long Sword            - ?
    Trueheart             - 15 At, Hun.
    Crossbow              - 22 At, Hun.
    Lightbolt             - 58 At, 14 Light, Shoots Magic Missiles, Hun.
    Bandit Dagger         - 26 At,	Rog.
    Golden Harp           - 36 At,	Rog.
    Cat's Claw            - 21 At,	Curses, Rog.
    Blood Dagger          - 42 At,	10 Evil, Rog.
    Gladius               - ?
    Orichalca Dagger      - 30 At, Rog.
    Defender              - 18 Df, 10 Df, Rog.
    Flamespitter          - 60 At,	22 Fire, Dwf.
    Poison Axe            - 52 At,	8 Earth, Poisonous, Dwf.
    Frost Axe             - ?*
    Battle Axe            - 20 At,	Dwf.
    Ouga Axe              - 84 At,	Dwf.
    Hand Axe              - ?
    Blood Axe             - 67 At, Dwf.
    Wand of the Ancients  - 50 At, Sor.
    Magic Wand            - 27 At,	Sor.
    Skystone Wand         - 40 At,	Sor.
    Pure Wand             - 16 At,	Sor.
    Crystal Wand          - ?
    Skull Wand            - 14 At, Sor.
    Godswand              - 72 At, 20 Holiness, Shoots Fire Bullets, Sor.
    Wand of Runes         - 29 At, Sor.
    Silver Rapier         - 32 At,	Elf.
    Frostfurnace          - 65 At,	18 Water,	Elf.
    Mithril Rapier        - 40 At,	Elf.
    Wyvernstooth Rapier   - 20 At, Elf.
    Chaos Rapier          - ?*
    Poison Rapier         - 26 At, Poisonous, Elf.
    Solitaire             - 60 At, 12 Evil, Elf.
    Rapier                - ?
    Inferno               - 52 At, 18 Fire, Elf.
    Silver Rod            - 28 At, 12 Holiness, Fai.
    Wind Rod              - 56 At, 12 Wind, Fai.
    Holy Rod              - 42 At, 12 Holiness, Fai.
    Jewel Rod             - 10 At, Fai.
    Fey Rod               - ?
    Rhinocerus Rod        - ?*
    Wish Hammer           - ?
    Ritual Hammer         - 40 At, Pri.
    Long Hammer           - ?
    Flail Staff           - 13 At, Pri.
    Mace Staff            - ?
    Club                  - 5 At, Pri.
    Mistortain            - ?
    Fabnihl               - ?, Petrifies, ? Evil, Rog.
    Baphomet              - ?, Shoots waves, Sor.
    Cure Potion         - Slowly restores status.
    Wizard's Potion     - ?
    Mind Potion         - Restores Mp.
    Life Potion         - Restores Hp to party.
    Healing Potion      - Heals single unit.
    Healing Perfume     - Slowly restores Hp.
    Empress' Perfume    - Restores Hp and Mp.
    Healing Stone       - Fully restores Hp.
    Magical Stone       - Fully restores Mp.
    Energy Crystal      - Activates Energy Recover.
    Energy Flask        - ?
    Gray Ash            - Increases Agility.
    Red Ash             - Increases Strength.
    Green Ash           - Increases Con.
    Blood Oil           - Temporarily increases Dark At.
    Blood Pen           - Increases magic recovery.
    Blood Extract       - Fully restores Hp.
    Spirit Extract      - Fully restores Hp.
    Fortune Clock       - Activates Quick.
    Fate Coin           - Changes luck.
    Fairy Powder        - Activates Anti-Circle.
    Miracle Powder      - Resurrect the dead.
    Elixir              - Fully restores Hp and Mp.
    Ice Jewel           - Activates Freeze Beast.
    Earth Jewel         - Activates Poison Cloud.
    Wind Jewel          - Activates Lightning Bolt.
    Material Magic      - Strengthens weapon.*
    Material Flame      - Adds Fire attr.*
    Material Earth      - Adds Earth attr.*
    Material Wind       - Adds Wind attr.*
    Material Water      - Adds Water attr.*
    Material Light      - Adds Light attr.*
    Material Dark       - Adds Darkness attr.*
    Material Holiness   - Adds Holiness attr.*
    Material Evil       - Adds Evil attr.*
    Ambrosia            - Resurrection.*
    Judge's Scale       - Call Angel.
    Frost Orb           - Activates Freeze Beast.
    Elemental Orb       - Summons Elemental.
    Crystal Orb         - Fully restores Hp to party.
    Light Orb           - Activates Shining.
    Thunder Orb         - Activates Thunderbolt.
    Earth Orb           - Activates Earth Javelin.
    Holy Orb            - Activates Barrier.
    Phantasm Orb        - ?
    Rainbow Orb         - Activates Dispel Magic.
    Jewel Box           - Holder gains fame. (? ? ?)
    Herbal Candy        - A strange tasting candy. (? ? ?)
    Rope of Return      - Activates Teleport.*
    Wings of Seraphim   - Restoration of life.
    Feather Pen         - ?
    Red Spice           - Activates Berserk
    Elders Tablet       - ?
    Holy Water          - ?
    Holy Lamp           - Casts Holy Word(? ? ?)
    Pandora's Box       - Box of surprises (? ? ?)
    Bronze Medal        - Increases defense, All.
    Silver Medal        - Increases defense, All.
    Gold Medal          - Increase defense, All.
    Protect Ring        - 16 Df, All.
    Resist Ring         - Resistance to magic, All.
    Ringnail            - (Don't know what this does), All.
    Blessed Ring        - 8 Df & At, 4 Holiness, All.
    Jewel Ring          - Adds 20 Luck, All.
    Dropneal            - Brings wealth to the bearer, All.
    Elemental Ring      - ?
    Water Necklace      - 24 Water, All.
    Earth Necklace      - 24 Earth, All.
    Holy Necklace       - 24 Holiness, All.
    Dark Necklace       - 24 Darkness, All.
    Fire Necklace       - 24 Fire, All.
    Wind Necklace       - 24 Wind, All.
    Evil Necklace       - 24 Evil, All.
    Light Necklace      - 24 Light, All.
    Fool's Puppet       - Has mysterious powers, All.
    Knight's Banner     - (Don't know what this does), All.
    Magic Pentagram     - Quickens magic incantations, Sor, Pri, Fai, Elf.
    Jewel Brooch        - (Don't know what this does), All.
    Witch's Hat         - (Don't know what this does), All.
    Spring Cape         - 6 Df, 5 Earth, All.
    Winter Cape         - 6 Df, 5 Water, All.
    Dancing Doll        - (Don't know what this does), All.
    Silver Anklet       - 4 Df, All.
    Princess Locket     - (Don't know what this does), All.
    Cross               - 10 Holiness, All.*
    Thieves' Cloak      - 12 Df, Rog.
    Crusader Cloak      - 5 At, 15 Df, War.
    Leather Cloak       - 8 Df, All.
    Resist Cloak        - 12 Df, All.
    Cloak               - 4 Df, All.
    Elemental Cloak     - 17 Df, Magic resistance, Elf, Dwf, Fai.
    Silver Circlet      - ?
    Reflector Ring      - Guards/Reflects magic,	All.
    Talisman            - Quickens magic recovery, Sor, Pri, Fai, Elf.
    Healing Amulet      - Heals the body constantly, All.*
    Dominion Feather    - 30 Holiness, Breaks, All.*
    Sol Crown           - Increases stats, All.*
    Fine Scarf          - 6 Df, All.
    Aqua Shawl          - 20 Water, All.
    Blue Ear-Stud       - (Don't know what this does), All.
    Light Amulet        - 10 Light, All.
    Power Symbol        - 8 Fire,	All.
    Symbol of Darkness  - 8 Darkness, All.
    Luck Talisman       - Brings good luck to the wearer, All.
    Dragon Amulet       - 16 Df, 16 At, All.
    Star Tiara          - Reduces enemy damage, All.
    Earth Tiara         - Reduces enemy damage, All.
    Renugeton           - Knowledge of demons, Sor.
    Almander            - Knowledge of demons, Sor.
    Strong Gloves       - 8 At, 8 Df, All.
    Tarot Cards         - ?
    Knight's Gauntlets  - ?
    Rune Gloves         - 12 At, 6 Df, All.
    Fine Boots          - 4 Df, All.
    Elven Boots         - 12 Df, Resistance to Sleep, All.
    Quick Boots         - Increases agility. All.
    Leather Boots       - ?
    Feather Shoes       - 6 Df.
    Berserker Bones     - 12 At, Makes wearer go Berserk, All.
    Dragon Scales       - 16 Df, All.
    Basilisk Scales     - Immunity against Petrification, All.
    Gauntlets           - ?
    Leather Helmet      - ?
    Mystical Veil       - ?	Sor, Pri, Fai.
    Hunting Cap         - ?
    Minotaur Horn       - Increases strenght, All.
    Dragon Horn         - Increases strenght, All.
    Dragons Tail        - Increases luck (20), All.
    Master Plate        - 88 Df, 12 At, Dwf, War.
    Earth Shield        - 18 Df, 8 Earth, Dwf, War.
    Ice Shield          - 18 Df, 8 Water, Dwf, War.
    Guardian Shield     - 31 Df, Dwf, War.
    Silver Armor        - 42 Df.
    Fine Shield         - 18 Df.
    Full plate          - 33 Df.
    Knight Shield       - 10 Df.
    Round Shield        - 3 Df.
    Guardian Robe #1    - 80 Df.
    Guardian Robe #2    - ?*
    Dark Shield         - ?
    Elemental Shield    - 97 Df.
    Bishop's Robe       - 24 Df, 8 Holiness.
    Queen's Robe        - 32 Df.
    Robe of the Elders  - 81 Df.
    Holy Robe           - 60 Df, 30 Holiness.
    Robe of Spirits     - 72 Df.
    Fine Robe           - 8 Df, War, Rog, Hun, Elf, Dwf.
    Fine Leather        - 14 Df.
    Reflector           - 66 Df.
    Life Shield         - 76 Df, 15 Holiness.
    Healing Robe        - 39 Df, 3 Water.
    Robe of Sorcery     - 24 Df, 5 Darkness.
    Fata Morgana Arm    - ?*
    Runic Shield        - 60 Df.
    Leather Buckler     - 13 Df , Rog. Hun. Elf.
    Chainmail Shirt     - 18 Df, Dwf, War.
    Silver Shield       - 48 Df, Rog, Hun, Elf.
    Robe                - 5 Df, Pri, Sor, Fai.
    Breast Plate        - 24 Df, War, Dwf.
    Mirror Armor        - 52 Df, Magic Resistance, War, Dwf.
    Lavender    - Restores HP.
    Sage        - Restores MP.
    Ironsage    - Removes Poison Condition.
    Heavensage  - Removes Paralyzation Condition.
    Fennel      - Removes Petrification Condition.
    Hyssop      - Removes Madness Condition.
    Belladonna  - Removes Curse Condition.
    V. Spells
         Here is a listing of spells, their MP use and name.
        Sorcerer/ess: (Offensive Spells)
    Fire Bullet       -  2 Mp
    Spark Bullet      -  4 Mp
    Water Bullet      -  3 Mp
    Stone Bullet      -  6 Mp
    Striking          - 10 Mp
    Light Bolt        -  8 Mp
    Dark Wave         - 10 Mp
    Smash             -  8 Mp
    Magic Missile     - 12 Mp
    Enchant Weapon    - 15 Mp
    Blaze             - 16 Mp
    Lightning Bolt    - 16 Mp
    Blizzard          - 16 Mp
    Poison Cloud      - 20 Mp
    Extend Spell      - 32 Mp
    Magic Ray         - 24 Mp
    Shining           - 40 Mp
    Dark Breath       - 38 Mp
    Dispell Magic     - 40 Mp
    Petrification     - 38 Mp
    Explosion         - 45 Mp
    Thunderbolt       - 45 Mp
    Freeze Beast      - 30 Mp (Hold shift for more beasts)
    Earth Javelin     - 45 Mp
    Death Spell       - 60 Mp
    Teleport          - 80 Mp
    Chaos Rage/Flare  - 96 Mp (Found in The Labyrinth)
    Meteor Smash      - 82 Mp (Found in the Old Palace, North through wall after Dark Wizard)
    Fusion            - 100 Mp (Found at the Inn)
        Elf: (Offensive Spells)
    Fire Bullet      -  2 Mp
    Spark Bullet     -  4 Mp
    Water Bullet     -  3 Mp
    Stone Bullet     -  6 Mp
    Striking         - 10 Mp
    Light Bolt       -  8 Mp
    Dark Wave        - 10 Mp
    Smash            -  8 Mp
    Magic Missile    - 12 Mp
    Enchant Weapon   - 15 Mp
    Blaze            - 16 Mp
    Lightning Bolt   - 16 Mp
    Blizzard         - 16 Mp
    Poison Cloud     - 20 Mp
    Extend Spell     - 32 Mp
    Magic Ray        - 24 Mp
    Shining          - 40 Mp
    Dark Breath      - 38 Mp
    Dispell Magic    - 40 Mp
    Petrification    - 38 Mp
        Priest/ess: (Healing and Holy Spells)
    Turn Undead      -  0 Mp
    Healing          - 12 Mp
    Protection       -  8 Mp
    Resist           -  8 Mp
    Detect Align     -  2 Mp
    Refresh          - 42 Mp
    Detect Enemies   -  2 Mp
    Anti-Poison      - 16 Mp
    Anti-Paralysis   - 16 Mp
    Anti-Feeble      - 16 Mp
    Sanity           - 16 Mp
    Restore          - 40 Mp
    Barrier          - 22 Mp (Hold shift for a longer barrier)
    Resist Field     - 22 Mp (Hold shift for a longer field)
    Stone Flesh      - 26 Mp
    Requiem          - 10 Mp
    Holy Word        - 60 Mp
    Remove Curse     - 40 Mp
    Remove Silence   - 40 Mp
    Regeneration     - 86 Mp
    Resurrection     - 62 Mp
    Recover Energy   - 39 Mp
    Reincarnation    - 100 Mp (Found at The Ruins in the Lake)
    Summon Angel     - 108 Mp (Found in the Old Palace, North through wall after Dark Wizard)
        Fairy: (Supplementary Spells)
    Sleep            -  2 Mp
    Slow             -  2 Mp
    Haste            -  2 Mp
    Enchant Fire     - 16 Mp
    Enchant Earth    - 16 Mp
    Enchant Wind     - 16 Mp
    Enchant Water    - 16 Mp
    Charm            -  8 Mp
    Silence          -  8 Mp
    Magic Shield     - 12 Mp
    Levitate         - 30 Mp
    Shield           - 12 Mp
    Heavy Slow       - 40 Mp
    Quick            - 40 Mp
    Invincible       - 60 Mp
    Anti-Circle      - 80 Mp
    Summon Water     - 50 Mp*
    Summon Fire      - 50 Mp*
    Summon Wind      - 50 Mp*
    Summon Earth     - 50 MP*
       *Elemental Control spells are found behind the singing statue in the Wood of Ruins. 
    Just before you enter the teleporter to the Behemoth.
    VI. Hints
    Here are some hints you might want to have in mind while playing BB:EQ.
    01. If you find Fate Coins, collect them. You might want to use them later on.
    02. Each character can only hold 10 items except items like healing potion which you can 
        unlimitetly. If you find a sword and it's better than the one before you should throw 
    the old one away 
        to save space.    
        Remember to use the Stock Box at the Inn. It's very useful.
    03. Explore everything and go often to the same place after you've finished it. You can 
    get new items in   
        the chests.
    04. To get your characters up in levels fast, go to some places which are hard to finish. 
    You'll know 
        because they'll say something like: 'This is no place for me.' or 'Maybe I should 
    come back later.'   
        Then find something to kill and stay on the same place for some time and kill demons 
    over and over 
        again. You'll find out that hard demons give experience crystals that make your 
    characters strong   
    05. Read all the signs. Sometimes the sign has a hidden spell or something else that's 
    important. Read 
    06. Don't be afraid of running away if it gets hard. If you have the Teleport or a Rope 
    of Return use them 
        when the going gets rough.
    07. Characters with a high Luck attr. can get better items from chests.
    08. The items at the Inn vary from who opens the chests.
    09. If you own the Earth and/or Star Tiara use them always. They reduce certain attacks 
    down to only 1 hp.
    10. When you are fighting at the Hall of Demons you can save your game after each fight. 
    After beating one 
        enemy up just go through the door in the hall and choose to rest. Return to the save 
    point and save 
        your game. That way you don't have to start all over again if you die and you keep 
    all your points.
    VII. Frequently asked questions
    Q: How do I save the game? (Believe or not but very many people get stuck on this. Even I 
    A: Press F2 and after that hit PageUp or PageDown to scroll the various menus.
    Q: How do I get the remaining Sage Stone Gems? I only have a few.
    A: Every level (except Mountain of the Fire Dragon and the Ruins in the Lake) has a 
    second level. That is 
       you have to play every level twice in order to get all Gems.
    Q: How do my spellcasters learn new spells?
    A: The characters obtain new spells as they advance in combat. The remaining spells are 
    found written on 
       tablets or books which can be found throughout the game.
    Q: How do I get through those barriers in the Abandoned Mine? 
    A: You need at least four to get through the one close to the Baby Dragon and all six to 
    get through the 
       one leading to the Sealed Cave.
    Q: How do switch items between my characters?
    A: That is not possible while playing. You have quit playing and go the the Main Menu and 
    select Auction. There your 
       characters are able to buy things from each other. Just make sure you have enough 
    VIII. Errors
    I found out while I was playing BB:EQ that there are several mistakes or errors in the 
    game. When I found the Chaos Flare for my Sorcerer it said that I had found the Chaos 
    Rage but in the spells section it says Chaos Flare. There are two Guardian Robes. I found 
    one Guardian Robe and you can buy a different one from the Retired Knight. Durahan the 
    man in the Labyrinth of the Dead, is called Dulahan when he speaks but Durahan if you use 
    Detect spell on him to see his Hp. When I found the Thunder Medallion it actually said 
    Demon Medallion but in the events page it was Thunder Medallion. The fairy spell Sanity 
    reads resores instead of restores. The Sorcerer/ess and Priest/ess spells are either 
    Meteor Smash or Meteor Storm and Call Angel or Summon Angel.
    IX. Credits
       Special Thanks To:
               Sabrina Francis   <sabre991@hotmail.com>
               Mike Wittliff     <wittliff@mail.com>
               Robert Lotberg    <alfaprime@voxway.com>
               Rick Nouwen       <rick.nouwen@hetnet.nl>
               Audra             <fernedean@yahoo.com>
               Sandy Saputra     <sandy_ong_saputra@hotmail.com>
               Adam Boruszko     <anonymus_101@hotmail.com>
    X. Last words
    This is my fourth update. The last spells have been added, although not tested. Some new 
    items have been added. You are welcome to send me any info about new items corrections 
    etc. I will add you to my credit list. Also feel free to ask me about anything concerning 
    the game. I'll try to answer them as well as I can.
       This document is Copyright 2001 Jan-Fredrik Winter

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