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"Pretty decent animation and gameplay"

The game has its difficulty, but still, if its like Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair II, and Space Ace, it is still good! Also one thing is that it was rated E, yet has like 10,000 gruesome deaths. The end sequence is really awesome, and this was on many consoles. I heard the PS1 version was harder then the other versions! I wonder how it was, though. I guess I'll never know how. Anyway, on to reviewing!

Animation - 10/10

The animation is BEAUTIFUL! Full of color and really fluid. Not much to say about animation except the fact it is awesome, and kinda inspires me, and I'm a cartoonist. One thing about it is that even though you go through really gruesome deaths, there is no blood, or your character gets chopped up and he turns into this weird green and skin color liquid or something, and sometimes, tiny, tiny, tiny squirts of green blood(mostly when your head is sliced off).

Gameplay - 8/10

The game has fun gameplay, but sometimes hard. There are some rooms that do not have to be done for the end elevator to show. One thing that is annoying is the red and blue witch. They have the same animation sequences! The only differences are that the screen is flipped on each, and one is red(more orangish then red) and one is blue. The other thing is the maze, 'cause it is hard to find out where to go. Vivi's part's only problem is that "save your hand from sliceness" scene, where you move your hand the right direction to dodge a butcher knife from cutting off your hand. It is hard to find out which direction to dodge at, but other then that, gameplay is good.

Sound - 9/10

Pretty good sound effects, and really good voice actors. The only annoying voices are the red and blue witches. They are voiced by a guy, and sound really weird. Lance's voice is really well done, and so is Fritz's voice and Dr. Nero(the brain)'s voice. I had a small chuckle out of Dr. Nero's voice when he says "Fritz!" The sound effects are nicely picked out, and fit their parts good. The sound quality is pretty bad, but hey, its DOS.

Overall - 8/10

Okay, alittle bit hard at times, but with practice, along with trial and error, you'll find out which buttons to press to keep yourself alive. You can also practice with walkthroughs, like me. I played a near perfect game once with only 4 deaths in all. So if you love DOS and old games, this is a recommended game for you!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/29/07

Game Release: Brain Dead 13 (US, 01/31/96)

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