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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Inferno

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                  Walkthrough/FAQ for PSX by Inferno (Gregory Beckett)
                  E-mail: englandtowineuro2004 [at] hotmail [dot] com
                        Version 1.43 - Last Updated: 31 /08 /03
    Version History
     /   Version   \      KB:    56 KB
     \     1.0     /      Date:  08 /12 /02
    My first and possibly last update. This is a complete guide for Broken Sword 2,
    and won't be updated unless someone contributes towards the guide. This guide
    # The Introduction
    # Game Basics
    # Walkthrough
    This IS my first guide, but it won't be my last. Enjoy!
     /   Version   \      KB:    56 KB
     \    1.01     /      Date:  28 /12 /02
    Corrected a few mistakes here and there, but it's a very small update. Plus the
    Table Of Contents is more detailed.
     /   Version   \      KB:    60 KB
     \    1.11     /      Date:  11 /01 /03
    That's it - NO MORE UPDATES! I doubt that I will ever get an E-mail about this
    guide, so this is the Final version. I also added the find option, which could
    be quite a dandy feature to use...
    So now it's time to say goodbye to this project, and onto my next one - Jak &
    Daxter. Tally Ho!
     /   Version   \      KB:    61 KB
     \    1.21     /      Date:  12 /01 /03
    This certainly is the FINAL version (so final I even put Final instead of a
    number). I decided to take out the Find section as it made the guide look less
    appealing to the reader. Even though this will lose me a bit of Kb, I don't
    like having silly letters all over my document.
    I also added the About The Author section. Just if you're interested.
    Not only that, but I also re-did parts of the Game Basics section. Well, that's
    all folks!
     /   Version   \      KB:    63 KB
     \    1.31     /      Date:  21 /01 /03
    I have changed the format a bit, so it shouldn't be as sick enduing as it used
    to be.
     /   Version   \      KB:    66 KB
     \    1.32     /      Date:  13 /08 /03
    This is only a small update of a few mistakes, but expect this FAQ to get a
    HUGE update soon... or maybe not. It will have to wait until after the batch of
    guides I'm working on (4 of them), so it could well be another 6 months until
    this happens, but it will make the FAQ top around the 120Kb mark. ASCII maps
    and Inventory List is what will be included. Thanks for reading!
     /   Version   \      KB:    69 KB
     \    1.42     /      Date:  30 /08 /03
    Reshuffle of the information at the start, reformatting, a few bits at the end
    added and also there is now an FAQ section. Any questions sent in will be
    listed in there. The big update that will come around Feb will boost it past
    the 100kb mark. And please, do not get horny over this great FAQ. Thank you.
     /   Version   \      KB:    70 KB
     \    1.43     /      Date:  31 /08 /03
    Small update to correct some formatting mistakes. BOOYAH, this FAQ is just damn
    perfect now =)
     /   Version   \      KB:    70 KB
     \    1.43     /      Date:  05 /01 /07
    Changed the E-Mail address. This guide is going to one day get a renovation. 
    Apologies to all those who were contacting the wrong address
                                     Table of contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Game Basics
        I. Controls
        II. The Pause Menu
        III. Other Game Basics
    3. Walkthrough
        I. Oubier's House
        II. MontFaucon Café
        III. Glease Gallery
        IV. Dock Gates
        V. Warehouse
        VI. Ground Floor
        VII. Upper Floor
        VIII. Market
        IX. River & Mission
        X. Village
        XI. River & Mission 2
        XII. Ketch's Landing
        XIII. British Museum
        XIV. Ketch's Museum
        XV. Lagoon
        XVI. Underground
        XVII. Forest Maze
        XVIII. Ship
        XIX. Stockade
        XX. Beach
        XXI. Burnt Village
        XXII. The Base Of The Pyramid
        XXIII. Up The Pyramid
        XXIV. Wheel Room
        XXV. Status Room
    4. Item List
    5. Lifeline
    6. This FAQ is dedicated to...
    7. E-Mail policy + Copyright
    8. Outro
     ______                                                                  ______
    |      |________________________________________________________________|      |
    |      |                                                                |      |
    |      |>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1.Introduction <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|      |
    |      |________________________________________________________________|      |
    |______|                                                                |______|
    This may be a 5-year-old game, but it's still up there with the best on
    Playstation. No wonder Revolution is making a prequel - Broken Sword 3 - for
    next year. The finest puzzle game on the Playstation? If you're reading this,
    you should have played it, so you will well know that by now.
    So what's it about?
    Well, George goes off with Nico to find the Archaeologist Professor Oubier in
    his house on the outskirts of Paris. It's about a Mayan artefact that Nico had
    acquired. Well, she thought it was. She ends up being knocked out with a
    poisonous dart, and George tied to a chair with the room on fire, and a rather
    peckish tarantula.
    Well, I don't know if this is a spoiler or not but there are in fact three
    stones - the coyote stone, the eagle stone and the jaguar stone. These were made
    by the Mayans to seal a great god (his name is a bit of a mouthful so I won't
    even bother attempting to name him). Great he may be, but evil he is also.
    When the eclipse happens that will end the 5th age, he will be released from his
    prison (the smoking mirror) to devastate the world with untold of destruction.
    Just great that Nico and George have to save the world again. The game sets you
    on a quest to find all three stones, and to go head-to-head with this great god
    in his own temple (a pyramid).
    Will they save the world? Play on to find out.
     ______                                                                  ______
    |      |________________________________________________________________|      |
    |      |                                                                |      |
    |      |>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  2.Game Basics  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|      |
    |      |________________________________________________________________|      |
    |______|                                                                |______|
    The very basics of this game (obviously) can be found in here. Most of this
    would come from the game manual (i.e. controls, options menu etc) but I've lost
    it, so please contact me if there's anything I've missed out. Well then, here we
                                      I. Controls
    This game contains very few controls, but none-the-less they do exist any way.
    So here they are:
    Square        - The action button. Use this to pick up things, talk etc.
    Triangle      - This makes the arrow jump up to your inventory from wherever it
                    may be situated on the screen.
    Circle        - Makes George\Nico examine an object.
    Select        - Brings up the Pause Menu.
    Direction Pad - Controls the movement of the arrow.
                                   II. The Pause Menu
    There are 5 options at the pause screen - the screen settings, controller speed,
    memory card, volume & brightness. This might state the obvious in some sections,
    but for those who don't know a single thing about what to do in here, I've
    decided to put this in.
    Screen Setting
    Use this to adjust the screen's position by using the direction pad.
    Controller speed
    This section lets you adjust the speed that the arrow moves on screen. The speed
    of the controller is marked out of 1 to 10 - 1 being the slowest and 10 being
    the quickest. It's best to have it at an average speed - around 5 would be
    Memory Card
    Stating the obvious, this is where you can save, load or delete any of your
    files. The game takes up 1 block for each save, allowing you a maximum of 15
    saves. Files can't be overwritten.
    You can adjust the sound of speech, the music and FX in here. You can also
    toggle the subtitles on and off to your pleasure.
    This ranges from 0 to 255. Best to keep it where it is for the time being, but
    good to use when you're in dark areas. Don't you dare put it up to 255 though,
    as you will probably be blind for the rest of your life.
                                III. Other Game Basics
    There are many different icons on the screen which resemble different elements
    in the game. It could be to pick something up, examine an object or to talk to
    someone. Read on to find out about them.
    A crosshair looks like this on your screen: +
    When this appears over an object clicking on it will make George/Nico examine it
    to see if it will be any use - which it normally is.
    Two Cogs
    When this appears over an object on your screen it can be used to advance in the
    game and to make something happen. You have to do whatever is over this if you
    want to make progress in the game.
    A Hand
    There are two different things a hand icon can represent. They are:
    A pointing hand is telling you to go into another section that is off the
    screen. Pressing square will make you walk in that direction.
    A hand pointing down at an object is telling you to pick it up. If you don't
    pick it up, you can't proceed with the game.
    A Mouth
    $100 if you can guess what this is for. Use this to talk to someone in the
    game. You don't need to talk to everyone that you meet, but it sure is a good
    idea to do it as you get to hear more of the plot, which will hopefully improve
    your enjoyment in the game.
    Sorry for having you to read through all that, but there are some people who
    don't even know the basics of many videogames. Now it's onto the main section
    of the guide - the walkthrough!
     ______                                                                  ______
    |      |________________________________________________________________|      |
    |      |                                                                |      |
    |      |>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3.Walkthrough <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|      |
    |      |________________________________________________________________|      |
    |______|                                                                |______|
    Welcome to the main section of this guide - the walkthrough! I'm not going to
    state the obvious (i.e. What this section is for) but just to help you a little
    bit I've put all the places that you go to in this game under the name it's
    given on the memory card loading screen (e.g. Market instead of Quaramonte
    port). If there's any mistakes\typing error in this section please notify me and
    it will be changed. Enjoy!
                                    I. Oubier's House
        After the beginning scene when George gets whacked over the head with a bat
    by an "archaeologist", George finds himself tied to a chair, with a tarantula
    after him and the room is on fire. Could it get any worse? Start off by moving
    the arrow over the bookcase, where it will become a crosshair. Click on it, and
    George will notice that there is a loose leg at the bottom. Move the cursor over
    to where the leg is (just behind his chair) until you get the two cogs. Click on
    it to knock it over, thus killing the spider (mind you don't step in that spider
    goo!). Now drag the cursor onto what looks like a tap on the wall (yet again, it
    will come up with two cogs) and press square.
    George will use this to cut off the ropes, making him free. Now, there is a
    brown cabinet near you, so press square when you get a crosshair on the main
    cupboard. Inside you will find a bottle of tequila. Take a sip of it, where you
    will find yourself spitting out a worm. How disgusting! Pick up the worm, and
    then open the small draw below it to acquire a pretty little pot. On the edge
    of the green carpet is the dart that Nico was shot with, so pick that up as
    well. Then go over to Nico's handbag by the curtain, and Press Square on it to
    empty it (you will end up with lipstick, a love note and some red pants, what
    use will these be?). Move over to the fire and pick up the little white fire
    extinguisher look-alike (hint) and pick it up. There's no pressure in it. Use
    the dart to make the cupboard burst open. Use Nico's pants to pick up the
    cylinder, and put it into the little fire extinguisher. Pick up the
    extinguisher, put out the fire, kick down the door and you're free! Think you
    could stop George? Well, you still have to find Nico.
        Once downstairs pick up the newspaper on the desk. Go up to the top of the
    screen (the black line, where your inventory is shown) and press circle on the
    love note you got from Nico's handbag to examine it. It will give Andre
    Laubinau's phone number (Nico's new boyfriend - take that George!). Phone him
    and he will tell you to meet at the MontFaucon Cafe. Examine the Pot and the
    newspaper to find a key and Professor Oubier's bank account. If you haven't
    quite noticed, the key can be used to open the front door.
                                  II. MontFaucon Café
        On arrival at the Cafe, you will notice that Laubinau has not quite got
    there yet. May as well order a coffee while you're waiting. Talk to the waiter
    and he will just walk inside, ignoring you. Talk to the man next to you, and you
    will remember him from the first game. After the first two options, there are
    lots of different things to talk about. You can talk all you want, but if you
    just want to cut to the chase, talk about his life after you met him (the first
    option). Go to snatch his flask, and the waiter will come out again. Ask the
    ignorant arse if he can serve you, and he will go back in and make you a coffee.
    Talk to him about everything, and then Laubinau will arrive.
    A cut-scene will happen, and you will find out that Laubinau is carrying a
    stone (with an animal's face carved on it). When he realizes his life is on the
    line he will join onto your side. The main thing you need to really talk about
    here is the pot, as it will mean you being able to go to the Glease gallery.
    After the cut-scene with Nico, examine your coffee. It's black, not cream!
    Complain to the waiter about this, and he will offer you a fork. Cheeky sod.
    After he is finished talking to you, talk to the man sitting next to you again.
    Tell him about Nico and this will make him pretty depressed. Talk to him again
    and ask if he missed his job. This will make him EVEN more depressed. He can
    still see you if you were to nick his drink though. Time for the final blow.
    Ask him one more time about his life, and afterwards nick his drink. You're
    work here is done, Mr Stobbart - it's time to visit the Glease Gallery.
                                  III. Glease Gallery
        After entering the gallery, talk to the fat man to the left of your screen.
    All you really need to talk about is the little red pot you have, so hand it
    over to him for his opinion. He will drop it on the floor, saying it was
    hideous. Time to get revenge. Take the absent you nicked from the old man at the
    cafe and drop some of it into his drink. He'll like, so add some more. This will
    make him really drunk, and send him tumbling into the pots right beside him.
    Now, you'll be able to go behind the counter, so do this and there will be a big
    pile of crates there. Examine the one with the two labels on it, and then pick
    up the bigger label on that crate (it's the one on the right). This will lead
    you to go to Marseille, the next section in the game.
                                     IV. Dock Gates
        It's late in the night when you arrive at the docks in Marseille, so click
    on the hut to get nearer. Examine the window to talk to the security guard
    inside. You'll find out that the docks are going to be closed for a month, just
    your luck really isn't it?
        Go down the stairs to get to the water below the hut. Right in front of you
    should be some seaweed floating on the water, with a stick beside it. Pick up
    the stick, and use it to obtain a bottle floating in the water underneath the
    floor of the hut.
        Go back up and you will see a little pipe beside the window. Take out the
    bottle you got from the water below the hut and pour any remaining water in the
    bottle over the pipe. This will cool it down so you can take off the top of it.
    Now take out the bottle again and put it over the top of the pipe. This will
    make the guard come out, thus letting you enter
    his hut.
        So go downstairs, and enter through the entrance underneath the hut. Take
    the dog biscuits and a piece of coal and climb back down out of the hut. Look up
    at the dog. There is a ledge right beside him. Chuck a dog biscuit up there and
    he will walk on the ledge and gobble it up. While he is doing that, take out
    your hook and yank the ledge down, giving him a nice dunking in the water (don't
    tell the RSPCA about it though). Go back upstairs and the guard will have gone
    back inside. So just climb over the fence to get to the next area.
                                      V. Warehouse
         This is one of the only parts of the game where your life is on the line.
    Go to the end of the warehouses, up onto the roof and have a look inside the
    window. You have to use the hook to stop the fan from moving, which will let the
    guy in red (the one that knocked you out and left you for the dead at the
    beginning of the game) hear you when you knock the door.
                            IMPORTANT - SAVE YOUR GAME NOW!!!
        Once you've done that, go back downstairs and knock on the door (before this
    you might want to make your cursor speed a bit faster). Tell him whatever you
    like, just make sure you get you're cursor across to the ladder quick enough.
    Once he comes out (and you will hopefully be upstairs - if not you will be six
    feet under) go across the roof that you are on and push one of the crates down.
    This will make him walk over to where the crate fell in, so push another one
    down to knock him into the sea. Rejoice! You've got rid of him, now it's time to
    go inside.
                                    VI. Ground Floor
        After entering the warehouse, press square on the two little draws on the
    desk (to the left of the chair) to find a small brass key. Go over to where the
    lift is, and a little man (Titipoco) will suddenly appear out of his hiding
    place, and will go to shoot you with a dart. Show him the key, and you will
    unlock his cuffs on his feet, thus setting him free - not much help really, as
    he will just run off into some crates behind him. Go over to the lift and enter
    that to leave this area.
                                    VII. Upper Floor
        Once exiting the lift, you will just remember in time to block the eye. Of
    course, you just can't sit there forever, so you need something else to block
    it. So click on the first big crate (the one on the right) so you can use that
    to block the eye. On the wall by of the lift there is a little switch, so press
    it to turn on the lights. Drag your arrow across to the brown wooden wall. You
    should notice that there are some scratches on the floor below it. Press square
    on that. This will lead you to the suspicion that there is a secret doorway
    nearby, so just raise the arrow a bit until you get the two cogs, and press
    square there to find a secret doorway! Whoopee!
        Go inside to find Nico tied up to a chair. It's quite funny actually to pick
    up the statue while she is still tied to the chair, and then talking to her
    about it (by talking to her you will rip the tape off her mouth). Now untie her.
    You will have a little chat with her, so once that is finished follow her out of
    the room.
        Put the tape on the eye, and then move the box that was blocking the lift
    back to where it originally was. Now move the little box across from one lid to
    the other, and you should be left with just one box by the statue. Slide that
    away to reveal a lever. Pull the lever to take the statue off the ground. Then
    hook the rope around the statue. Hover your arrow over the rope, until you get
    the two cogs up again. Press square on that, then drag the rope up to the pulley
    on the roof. Pull the lever to lower the wood beneath the statue, and then try
    to push it. It will be too heavy for George to push, so you will need to ask
    Nico to help you. She gives you a hand pushing it, and it breaks down the wooden
    door! FREEDOM!
        Go out the door, and you will see a cable on the left of you. Use the cuffs
    to slide down the rope, making your escape. After this, you will go back to the
    Glease gallery to meet up with Laubinau, who will hand you the Mayan stone. Next
    stop, Quaramonte.
                                      VIII. Market
         After leaving the boat, have a look around the Square. It's best to speak
    to EVERYONE, and you know that this will take a lot of time. After you have done
    all of this, enter the Police station.
        You will see the General talking to a man in front of the map. It's
    Professor Oubier! After having a little chat with the General about things, go
    to the man at the desk in front of the entrance to the jail. Have a little talk
    to him (best to say everything) and once that is done, have a look at the map on
    the wall (The one Oubier was looking at). The General will stop you. Talk to him
    about it and then depart the building.
        Nico will be annoyed when you get out as you showed him the stone, so have a
    little talk with her about the map on the wall and the General himself, and then
    make your way over to Duane in his truck. Professor Oubier is there. Talk to him
    about everything, and you will especially learn about the Mayan past.
    Surprisingly, this eclipse will mark the end of the world where that evil statue
    (please, don't ask me his name) will destroy our Earth. Whatever - just get a
    life Oubier. Talk to some other people (you don't need to if you don't want to)
    and then go up to the Mining offices (the big one which is on the right hand-
    side of the ship).
        The lady at the front desk will greet Nico (but not you.), and Nico will say
    her assistant (that's YOU!) have some questions to ask. Fire them away. You'll
    get a bit of a fright when you show her the piece of coal though (you'll know
    what I mean when you get there =)). Talk to her sectary afterwards (the half-
    naked one) and then leave the building.
        Now you've got to find Duane in his truck. Have a talk with him about Miguel
    and then head back to the Mining offices. Talk to the woman at the desk again,
    and ask her if you could have a detonator. No is your answer to that one. Leave
    the offices AGAIN and talk to Nico. Ask her if she'll distract the General while
    you take a quick peek at the chart. She doesn't like it, but she agrees to it.
        Once inside the police station, tell the General that Nico wants an
    interview with him. That will soon make him disappear. But that other officer
    (Renaldo) will stop you. Ask him if he would take Pearl t the ruins now the
    General has gone, and he will be honoured to do so. Go outside to break the
    news to Pearl, and you will find that you have the Police station all to
    yourself! Hooray! Take a look at the chart, and then enter the jail to find
    Miguel. Talk to him about the noose and Karzac and then leave the Police
        Go back up to the Mining office and talk to the woman. She wants you to get
    Miguel out of jail, and will let you take the detonator to do so. Go outside to
    start your evil work. Walk over to Duane in his truck and give him the
    detonator. Go back into the jail to talk to Miguel, but Renaldo will arrest you.
    Your only hope lies with Nico now.
    Playing As Nico
        Nico is now in the Generals apartment, and is getting a bit hot under the
    collar. Have a look at some decorations (the lava lamp, the TV, the swordfish
    and the tiger mat) and ask him about them. After you're finished his mom will
    enter, ending this scene...
    Playing As George
        ...and onto the next one. George is stuck in jail, telling Miguel about his
    life in college, when Duane pokes his head through the window. He tells you he
    is going to blow you out of there. This means trouble! He takes his time setting
    it up (`negative to negative, positive to positive.`), but then it turns out to
    be for nothing, as the bomb is a dud (because he got organic fertilizer instead
    of chemical fertilizer). Time to find another escape route. Ask Miguel for the
    noose, and then tie it to the bars on the window. Pick up the other end of the
    rope, and ask Duane to tie it to his car and drive away. Just in time as well,
    as the General is just about to propose to Nico when he hears the noise of the
    wall breaking down. They both escape to the boat to get away, but to their
    avail, in the middle of the night they are attacked by a helicopter. George
    wakes up unconscious on a beach, and follows the sound of music.
                                  IX. River & Mission
        After a while he will reach the River & Mission. You will hear loud choir
    music playing here (which is very annoying) so try to ignore it. There is a
    broken washing machine right beside you. Take the vine rope off of it and make
    your way across the bridge. Shout at the house, but you get no answer. Time to
    take some forceful measures, then. See the big pile of leaves on the floor? Put
    the newspaper on it. Then take out the statue of the evil man, and use it on his
    brand new, unbroken washing machine. You've started a fire! That'll grab his
    attention. He will tell you to put out the flames, as he has a sick woman with
    him - that speaks French. Could it be Nico? Talk to him about her, and he will
    tell you she was bitten by a rattlesnake, and doesn't know a way to heal it. But
    a village nearby might. He would take you there, but his collar is creased
    (putting his collar before another person's life, huh?) and won't go unless it
    is straight. So take his collar, and use the vine on the two big stones nearby.
    This will create a drive belt. Now put the collar there, and use the cross on
    the stones to grind the collar out straight. Pick it up off the floor, and give
    it to Father Hubert. Talk to him about the root, and he will take you to the
                                       X. Village
        Once you're outside the village, talk to the two guards about Nico. Ask them
    if you can see the Shaman, but they will ask you to give them a gift first.
    Amazingly, out of all the things you have, he accepts the dog biscuits! Now put
    the stone with a Coyote on, and stick it in the empty dog biscuits box. Give it
    to the guard. He will come back and tell you that the Shaman wants to talk to
    you. Proceed past the gates and into the village.
        Talk to the Shaman (he's at the fire). Talk to him about everything and give
    him the lipstick (for the monkey dance), and then listen to his story. Talk
    about the stones, and then ask him for the root. You're staying at the village
    for that night, but don't expect to get much sleep - the monkey dance is on! The
    next day you stumble back to the missionary.
                                 XI. River & Mission 2
        You'll arrive back here the next day after a very, very long night at the
    village. Go up the stairs into the tree house. Nico will be unable to eat the
    root, so talk to Father Hubert about it. He will tell you you need to extract
    the juice so she can drink it, not eat it. So climb out of the tree house and go
    down to the press. Put the metal cone (from the guards hut in Marseille)
    underneath the press. Drop the root on top of the press. Now use the cross to
    operate the press. After you've squeezed out the juice, take the cone back
    upstairs to Nico and she will drink it. You will decide to split up to find
    the other two stones.
                                  XII. Ketch's Landing
        George will end up in the Caribbean, in a place called Ketch's Landing. Talk
    to the man in the tent about the stone, but he just thinks you're mad. After
    speaking with him try to have a sneaky look at his plans - he won't let you. Oh
    well. Now go over to the sea, and you will see a boy fishing on the edge of a
    pier. Have a talk with him about the house and Bronson (the guy in the tent).
    After he is finished, make your way up the stairs to the museum.
        Play around with the cat, and then have a chat with the two old women. Once
    you've finished talking with them, go back down to the sea and talk to the
    fisher boy (Rio) again. Ask him about Emily. Have a look through Bronson's
    theodolite and talk to him about it. You tell him that you always wanted to be a
    surveyor, and ask him if you could have a look at his plans. `Horse shit` is
    your reply. Thanks for the manners.
        Now, go up to the museum and try to enter it through the front door. It's
    locked. Have a talk to the ladies, and ask them about their cat. You now need
    another way to get in as using their affection for the cat is obviously not
    working. Ask about Emily. Tell them that she is with Rio and they will run off
    to find her.
        Go down to Rio and ask him if you could have a fish. He will want something
    in return so give him a worm. Walk away and then come back to him. Ask him if he
    has had any luck yet. He hasn't caught anything, but right at that moment
    something bites the line! It ends up to be a bicycle wheel though. How's that
    for luck. There could be some use for it though. Have another short walk around
    the beach and when you come back to him he will have a fish for you.
         Go up the path to the house and when you get there climb up the ladder.
    Use the inner tubing on the nearest flagpole to you, and then climb back down.
    Now you need to hang the fish you got from Rio on the inner tubing. That will
    soon get the cats attention. Pick up the cotton wool ball she was playing with.
    Now climb back up and pick up the inner tubing. Now, place the inner tubing on
    the tree by the table. This creates a perfect slingshot! Use the red ball to
    knock the theodolite target straight off the flagpole. Bronson is pretty annoyed
    with you now. Once he has climbed up onto the flagpole, take away the ladder.
    This will leave him dangling off of it. You should be able to see the shining
    target below Bronson. Pick it up and make your way down to the beach.
        Go down to the beach and pick up the Theodolite and Bronson's plans. He is
    creating a five-storey hotel, not revamping the museum. Walk back up to the
    house and the sisters will be back. They will tell you to help him, but show
    them the plans and they will think otherwise. After a little scene, you will get
    inside the house, but not just yet.
                                  XIII. British Museum
        Once you arrive, have a look in the cabinet with the black stone by the big
    statue with a hood over its head. After you've examined it, talk to the man in
    green about it. After a while, he will get Professor Oubier, and will go off to
    answer the phone ringing on the wall. Talk to Oubier about the eclipse and he
    will have to leave straight away. Ask the man in green about the Jaguar stone,
    and he will take you to look at it. But when you get there it's gone!
        He tells you you can't leave until the security squad arrive, and that could
    take a while. The key is still in the display case, so take it out and show it
    to the man. He will run off to the phone to call the police. Next to the phone
    is a cabinet, which is locked. Use the key to open it, and take the dagger. Talk
    to the man on the phone about Oubier heading to the docks. He doesn't seem to
    think it's suspicious, but I do. Head over to the orange curtain and examine it.
    There will be a door behind it. Use the dagger to open it, thus letting you
    start your hunt for Oubier - but first, we have to go back to George.
                                  XIV. Ketch's Museum
        Back to George then, and he is now inside the Ketch museum. Read the ships
    log in the display case. You will find out that Ketch has hidden his treasure.
    Now, take the lantern and put it in the ink well on the desk. It fits perfectly.
    Coincidence? I think not. Next, take the map off of the big board it's on, and
    place it on the black recess on top of the desk. Another perfect fit! Is this
    possible? Take the quill off of the desk and have a look at the portrait of
    Captain Ketch on the wall. Remember the cross he is wearing around his neck. Now
    go over to the treasure chest and try to open it. You can't for some reason. But
    then, all of a sudden, Emily jumps out! Have a little chat with her about the
    cross she is wearing, but she will not give it to you. She doesn't mind trading
    something for it though.
        So go outside, and walk down the path to Rio. Ask him about what to give
    Emily and he will tell you to give her the shell he has got - but only if you
    give him the bait to catch a tiger fish.
        So go back up to the house and give the cat the quill to play with. The cat
    makes light work of it, tearing it up in a few seconds. Pick up the shreds off
    of the floor and bring them back to Rio.
        Rio will trade the shell for them. Now take the shell to Emily, and in
    return she will give you her cross. Put the cross on the desk by the lantern and
    the map and it will show you Ketch's Treasure Island - Zombie Island. Ask him to
    take you there, and he will.
                                       XV. Lagoon
        Once you've pulled up to the beach, ask Rio if he wants to come, but he will
    refuse. Examine the outcrop of rock (just to the right of the mast of the boat),
    but it will be too high to climb. Have a look in the boat and you will see a
    fishing net. Perfect. Ask Rio if you could use it (and Emily if you want.) and
    he will say yes. Now use the net on the outcrop to climb away.
                                    XVI. Underground
        You'll arrive in a abandoned underground station with nothing much to do.
    Have a look at the vending machine to your left. Take a look in the coin slot
    and you will find that there is something stuck in there. Examine Nico's bag to
    get a hairclip, and use that to shove the object stuck in there out. Pick it up
    out of the coin slot below, and then move over to the right of the screen. Under
    the orange tube map there is a cupboard, but it has a latch lock on it so you
    can't open it. Damn. Get out the dagger, and use it to make a slight crack. Now,
    go weigh yourself. That's right - put the coin in the weighing machine and weigh
    yourself! Now, once you've taken the card, use it on the crack in the cupboard
    to fully open its contents. Press the button inside, thus making the lights turn
    red. The next train that comes will stop so you can hop on. Back to Zombie
    Island then.
                                   XVII. Forest Maze
        OK, now listen up here. It's very easy to get lost you know. Once you've
    climbed up the cliff, take the first route (the top one) to reach another
    section. When entering this section, break off some reed from the swamp and take
    the route to the right (there's only one accessible in that direction as George
    won't cross the swamp) to enter an area with what seems quite a few different
    exits. You won't be using any of them though. Instead, have a look under the
    tree straight in front of you. There's an animal in there with VERY sharp teeth,
    so you don't want to have your hand too close. Put the reed in there a he'll
    bite half of it off.
                            IMPORTANT - SAVE YOUR GAME NOW!!!
        It's time to turn back now, so go all the way back to the start and take the
    second route. Go forward a little once entering the next screen and a wild boar
    will block your path. Time to take this little fella out. Combine the dart with
    the broken reed, and then shoot him with it. He will get annoyed and charge at
    you. Jump and catch the branch above you to dodge him, and this will make a
    shortcut for you. I'm not going to help you out unless you do this - that's why
    I told you to save the game just then. Go straight down the route he was
    blocking to continue with the game.
         You will reach an area in the forest with a big pillar in the middle of it.
    There is some vine on it, so take it off. Then use it with Rio's fishing net,
    and then put the target on it. Pick up your little contraption and chuck it over
    the top of the pillar. Retrace your steps and take the shortcut the boar
         Hurray! You've reached the highest point in the mountain! Have a look at
    the initials on the nearest slab overlooking the sea. It's FK - Fredric Ketch.
    There are also 3 dots there. Could the theodolite fit there? It does! Now take a
    look in it, and keep turning it to the right until you see three rocks and an
    alcove just before the start of the beach. Straight underneath one of them is
    your marker. Examine the marker, and then the big pillar straight above - the
    treasure must be there! Now exit the theodolite and take the route to the right
    of you to end this section.
                                       XVIII. Ship
                            IMPORTANT - SAVE YOUR GAME NOW!!!
         You arrive in the docks in London to find the ship that Oubier has ran off
    to, but it is heavily guarded (in other words an old man, but that's very
    heavily guarded in this game), so you will need to save your progress before you
    even attempt this section.
         For starters, when the guard has walked around the other side of the boat
    run across to the other crate. Next time he goes past go up the ladder. Now,
    wait until he starts talking to Pablo and quickly open the cupboard beneath you.
    Next time he comes around, he will go into the cupboard to have a look. As soon
    as he does that close it on him, and secure it with the broomstick. HaHa! He's
    now locked in! It would be a good idea to save your game after doing this, as
    you don't want to ruin it after completing the hardest part of this section.
         Have a look through the window and you will see that Oubier is talking with
    Karzac. Oubier gives Karzac the stone, but Karzac deems him useless now and
    shoots him twice. Karzac then leaves to talk to Pablo, forgetting that the stone
    is still inside the ship. After this scene you will enter the room. Talk to
    Oubier if you want, but for some reason I don't think it will be that much help.
    Pick up the Jaguar stone, and then Karzac will come in. He will start to
    strangle you, so use the dagger on him to make your escape. Nico gets away just
    in time, as the guard breaks open the cupboard just when she's leaving. You've
    got the Jaguar stone, so now it's time to go back to George in the hunt for the
    other missing stone.
                                      XIX. Stockade
         You will arrive in the middle of a pirate fight. Scared shitless, you're
    just about to run off until you hear the words `cut`. It's only a movie George!
    Have a little chat with the director of the movie (Hawks) and you'll learn some
    stuff about the cast and the movie itself (He's doing Treasure Island). Talk to
    Haiku and the scene will start. A bit over the top if you ask me.
        Well, when it's over, talk to Sharon, Bert and the cameraman. Talk to Hawks,
    and he will attempt to start the scene. Bert is too scared to perform the stunt.
    After that little drama get the syrup, a bun and a pancake from the table. Smear
    the syrup onto the pancake, and then take a look at the bush on the left of
    Bert. There are thousands of hornets in there, so it would be my advice to leave
    it alone. Well, my advice anyway. Now, give the pancake to Bert. He will eat it,
    but knowing him he gets it all over his chin. Sloppy fool. Now, I did tell you
    to leave the hornet nest alone, but I know you won't listen to me. Chuck in a
    bun to provoke them, then chuck in another one to get them really frustrated.
    They will chase after Bert, making him complete the scene without a problem. Now
    that this part is complete it's time to move onto the next scene.
                                        XX. Beach
        You will arrive at the beach, and will immediately notice the rock which you
    saw in the theodolite. Just when you're on your way over, Hawks stops you and
    tells you that you're trespassing on their property. Unlucky, but you're going
    to have to figure another way to get there.
         Have a look in the tent, but Hawks will stop you. No reason to really, as
    it's only the wardrobe tent. But then again, what's the point of going in? Well,
    anyway, have a little chat with Hawks and he needs a stuntman. You offer to do
    it, but the cave that he's shooting at is not to his liking. Tell him about the
    cave on the other side of the beach, and that will make him happier. But just
    about when you're going to move out, disaster strikes. The cameraman remembers
    that the camera is broken, so you're going nowhere.
         Talk to Bert if you want, but you don't have to though. Now, examine the
    broken camera and then take a look at the portable camera beside the cameraman.
    Why, George comes up with the great idea of using the portable camera to film
    the scene! How clever! Have a talk with the cameraman, and then talk to Hawks
    about the portable camera. Thanks to that, you can now film the scene! Hawks
    will tell you to get into the wardrobe and to get dressed, as he's going to make
    you a star! Anyway, you then see George climbing up the rock, and then finding
    the eagle stone in Ketch's treasure chest. VICTORY! You've now got all three
    stones, so lets head back to Nico for the next section in this very erotic game.
    Err - this is BMX XXX isn't it?
                                   XXI. Burnt Village
         You reach the village seeing a pair of panties on the floor. This can't be
    good. When you continue on, you find out that the whole village has been burnt
    out and find George's sunglasses on the floor. Sob. Anyway, Titipoco will appear
    and will hold you at gunpoint. Lucky he's holding a cigarette lighter.
         Talk to him. George is gone, but he gave Titipoco the eagle stone. For some
    reason Titipoco keeps pointing at the burnt down hut - well, lets take a look at
    it then.
         There isn't much to look at, but just to the left of the barrel there is a
    stone on the floor. It's the coyote stone! Try to pick it up, but it's
    smouldering hot and you'll not be able to pick it up. Hmm - wait a sec, you
    tip the contents of the barrel over it to cool it down (unless it's lava inside
    it, that is)! What you could do with now is a helping hand. Well, what are you
    waiting for? Get Titipoco to help you - ask him nicely and I'm sure he will.
         Once you've cooled down the stone, pick it up off the ground (you should be
    able to see a little black thing in all that foam) and Titipoco will tell you
    it's time to go to the pyramid (in other words he points his finger in that
    direction). So go that way and Titipoco will follow you. It's getting close to
    the end now, so our final destination is the temple (there's a few more, but
    they're all inside the temple anyway).
                              XXII. The Base Of The Pyramid
         You arrive at the base of the pyramid just in time, as you see George being
    walked up the steps of the very same place you're standing at now. He's going to
    be offered as a human sacrifice, so you better be quick rescuing him.
         Walk across the screen to go up the stairs, but you will see that four
    guards are blocking the path. One will spot you and call you over to ask what
    you're up to. Tell him whatever you want as he will still believe you whatever
    you tell him. Now go back to where you were, as it's time to find out another
    way up to the top.
         Have a look at the scaffolding for the elevator, and pick up the rope. Ask
    Titipoco to take it up there for you, and to chuck it over the top. He will do
    so, and when he comes back down you need to hook up the rope to the engine to
    make the elevator work.
         Well, near enough being able to completely work I suppose. You still need
    fuel though. Now, move your arrow over the electricity generator and cut the
    fuel wire (you'll get two cogs before up you do it - it's on the left side of
    the generator). Take the cylinder off of one part of the generator (it's near
    the fuel line) and use it as a cup to collect the fuel flowing out of the wire.
         There's a tiny cap by the lever of the engine covering where you're
    supposed to put the fuel in, so unscrew it and pour it in. Press the little red
    button on the engine to make the lift go up, and then pull the lever to bring it
    back down.
         But there's a problem. How are you going to get up there by yourself?  Ask
    Titipoco to help you, and tell him to copy what you are doing when you tell him
    to. Hop onto the elevator and tell him to pull the lever. You will arise up and
    away to free George, and get even nearer the end of this game.
                                 XXIII. Up The Pyramid
          You've reached the top of the pyramid, and see George being held at
    gunpoint by the General from Quaramonte port. Time to sort him and Pablo out
    once and for all. George will notice that you are there, and will start
    insulting both the General and Pablo. Show off.
         You're not obviously going to get past both Pablo and the General, so you
    need something to distract one of them. A diversion. Pick up the round of
    ammunition behind Pablo and get Titipoco to take you back down.
         Go over to the stairs and pick up the torch. Bring it over to Titipoco and
    ask him if he still has that cigarette lighter he pretended was a gun back in
    the village. He does - that's a relief. Now, get him to set it on fire and chuck
    it in the pool of fuel. It will set on fire, and you will hear the colonel
    asking you if everything is under control over there. Of course your answer is
    yes. Now chuck in the round of ammunition to create real mayhem. The guards will
    flee, and all the noise will certainly get Pablo's attention. Once he has gone
    down, Nico will go up on the elevator, leaving just her and the General (don't
    forget George) at the top of the pyramid.
         Go up to the general and have a `friendly` chat with him. He thinks your
    finger is a gun so he throws his to one side. After having a little talk with
    him, get Titipoco to hold him at gunpoint with his `gun` (or cigarette lighter -
    you can call it both if you want). Free George from the big table he is hooked
    down to by using your dagger. He is happy to see you, but you need to act
    quickly as the eclipse will happen any second now!
        All three of you (Nico, George and Titipoco) will run into the temple, but
    will hit a dead end. At this point Nico gives George the coyote stone, so they
    are all shared out equally between all three of them.
        Now, have a look at the big green door. It has two levers on it. They're to
    heavy to push by yourself, so get George to help you (remember that you have to
    attempt puling both before asking George to help). Both of you will pull the
    levers at the same time, causing a trap door to open.
                                     XIV. Wheel Room
         This is probably one of the hardest puzzles in the game to complete, so be
    prepared. Ok, here's an explanation:
         There are two wheels on the wall with 8 different symbols on. You can turn
    these to get a combination of the two. If you move over you will see that there
    is one section on the wall with ten different tiles on, showing a combination of
    two of the 8 symbols on the wheels. You need to turn the wheels to match these.
    Once you've got one combination done, press in the corresponding tile on the
    wall. Now, luck at the section with only four tiles on. This is a combination of
    two of the tiles on one wall, so you need to get the two combinations for the
    wheel to push in the square on the wall, and then you need to get a combination
    of two of the tiles on the wall with four squares on. Confusing? Here is a
    summary then:
       1) Have a look at the wall with the four tiles on. The first square at the
          top is a combination of squares 2 and 5 on the other wall with 10 tiles.
       2) Get the combination for tile number two (on the wall with ten tiles) by
          using the wheel. Once you have done that, press the square in. Do the same
          for tile number 5.
       3) Once you have got the two tiles pushed in, you will be able to push in
          the first square on the four-tile wall. Do the same for the other three
          tiles on that wall.
        So that's it! It seems complicated, and may take a while, but that's all you
    need to know. Apart from the combinations that is. So, they are as follows:
    2+5 (top left), 3+10 (top right), 1+8 (bottom left) and 6+9 (bottom right).
        After completing this you will open a secret door. Let Nico walk through it
    to get to the final part of this game.
                                    XV. Status Room
         You've arrived at the final part of this great game and this equally great
    FAQ (sorry, I just couldn't help adding that in). You arrive in a room with
    Titipoco (you're now George) that seems, yet again, to be another dead end.
    Asking Titipoco if he has any ideas, he goes and takes a seat. Lazy little
         Have a look at the wall by the stairs (to the left of them) and you will
    see a torch. Pick it up and see if Titipoco still has his cigarette lighter. He
    does. Now give him the torch and he will light it for you. It isn't a dead end
    after all! Wait a sec - it is! As you have nothing else to do, pull the lever on
    the green wall. You and Titipoco will fall through a hole and into separate
         You will end up in a room all by yourself, with the torch ding out and time
    running out to save the world. Just when it couldn't get worse you're all on
    your own. Just great. Look at the wall with gold/ blue decorations on and a
    lever in the middle. Pull that lever. A big slab will come down and close one of
    the doors, leaving you only one exit. Take that exit (it's on the left of the
         You will now enter another room. There are two levers. Pull the one on the
    right to open the door in that room (pulling the one on the left will close the
    door you just came through). Go through it to enter a small corridor. There are
    two levers yet again in there, so pull the furthest one away from you (just to
    the right of the other doorway). Now go through the door to get back to where
    you were after you had fell down the hole. There is now a secret doorway open.
    Before you go through it, pick up your dying torch and light the new one on the
    wall. It's time to go through now.
         George goes down a long stairway, reaching yet another dead-end. Right
    beside you is a lever on the wall. Pull it to open a secret door. Now go through
    this door to reach the games finale.
                                    - End Of Game -
         George enters the main chamber with the smoking mirror inside. Nico and
    Titipoco also enter the same room. They're all on different platforms, and I the
    central one with the smoking mirror is Karzac - sacrificing himself to the evil
    god. Nico shoves her stone in its holder, but George's is covered up with rock,
    and Titipoco is too small to reach his holder. In the meantime, Tescatlipoca is
    leaving the mirror to take his first sacrifice. Then, the Generals mum - La
    Presidente - attacks Titipoco, making them both hanging on to their lives by
    their fingertips. Suddenly, the General appears above both of them, helping
    Titipoco to climb back up, and leaving his mum to fall to her death. He helps
    Titipoco reach the holder, entering the second stone. But George's holder is
    still covered by rock, and at that moment Tescatlipoca leaves the smoking mirror
    for good. He sends out a wave of death, killing all those in the proximity of
    the temple. This causes the stone to fall off of George's holder, and with
    lightning quick reaction he thrusts the stone into its rightful place. The
    magical power from all three stones combined pushes Tescatlipoca back into the
    smoking mirror, sealing him inside it forever. You've saved the world!
    But I doubt it will be safe for long, as in 2003 Broken Sword 3 is coming out -
    what death will George and Nico be staring in the face in this games next
    instalment - who knows? Well, this game is over, and it's time to say goodbye.
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    |______|                                                                |______|
                                     C0MING SOON!
    This section will include an A-Z items list, details on where they can be
    found, what they look like, where they can be used and much more, including
    Monkey Butlers! Don't miss it, and expect it to be delayed more than the new
    Tomb Raider game! Thank you and ZoopSoul in his critique of mine who inspired
    this section!
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    ER! We have some users in paralytic shock! Get out the Life support machine
    quick! Ok, let's try and use an FAQ to regain his consciousness...
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                                   [From: Shirley]
    Question: I am playing Broken Sword II & have played up to the ship scene where
    Nicole is being strangled by Kerzac. I am unable to get Nicole to stab him in
    the leg. When I try to stab him - all my stuff goes away - pointer & everything
    else. Is there some trick to this? What am I doing wrong? Can you suggest
    anything? Please reply to this message with any ideas. Thanks
    Answer: This sounds like a glitch to me. Phone up the customer service number
    in the back of the manual and inquire about it. You might need a replacement
    disc, which I'm sure Soy and Revolutions would easily do, but due to it being
    such an old game, it might not be available. If that is the case, look in
    stores and on the web for second hand copies. NEXT PATIENT!
                                                   /  \
                          ________________________/    \_____
                                     [From: Inferno]
    Question: How many Cubans does it take to destroy a cracker factory?
                                     [By: Meowthnum1]
    Answer: Only one, as long as its a government official. If the same question
    was posed, except 'Cuban' was replaced with 'American,' then it would be around
    twenty, and would take a good year. First they'd have to get a bill passed
    creating a committee for the destruction of the factory. Next, they'd have to
    get a bill passed from said committee to destroy the building. Next, they'd
    have to argue for a while about how to destroy it. Finally, they'd decide that
    the whole thing was unconstitutional, and don't bother the building.
    He's dead! NO! Oh well, maybe the FAQ might be more helpful next time... If you
    have a bug/virus, injured and need some help progressing, or want help that
    would be illegal for a doctor to give in real life (but I'm a GAME doctor ^_^),
    just send your questions along with your medical past to:
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    Each FAQ I write will be dedicated to a person (or two). So, I dedicate my
    Broken Sword 2 FAQ to...
                                   1 1 8 - 1 1 8
    118-118 - Got your number! These two identical people have really helped me
    with their directory inquiries number, helping me when I don't have anyone to
    prank call. They also have helped millions of others, and I bestow this award
    onto these two. They so PWN 118-500 and 11-88-88. Next time I will have a few
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    Seeing as I now have more guides up when this gets posted, I will have an
    increasing size of FAQs to look after, please E-mail me with reference to the
    guide in the title, such as:
    Broken Sword 2 Guide - How to do <insert question>
    You may think this is unnecessary, but when you could be talking about any of
    the games I've covered I won't have a clue what you're talking about. I don't
    have the memory of an elephant you know. If you don't it will be most likely
    you will be ignored - please show some curtsey, I put a lot of effort into my
    guides, and at least would like to see some in return.
    I don't mind answering any questions about the game or receiving any
    contributions (if there are any possible) to put into my guide. Also if there
    are any codes or glitches, send them in as well.  Any contributions will be
    included at the end of the guide.
    If you are going to slate the guide, don't just criticise it - it's most likely
    that you haven't done a FAQ in your whole life. Either give constructive
    criticism or go away.
    If you want to have my guide for your website, then E-mail me about the matter.
    There is only one or two other sites I would consider letting use this guide at
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    If you use my guide without my permission that is plagiarism, and I WILL find
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    The only sites that have my permission to use this guide are www.gamefaqs.com &
    www.neoseeker.com. No ifs, no buts - that's that.
    If you see any other site using this guide, please contact me at the address in
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    Copyright 2002 Gregory Beckett
    Visit www.Nolo.com for more detail on copyright.
     ______                                                                  ______
    |      |________________________________________________________________|      |
    |      |                                                                |      |
    |      |>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   8.Outro  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|      |
    |      |________________________________________________________________|      |
    |______|                                                                |______|
    It's time to go now and I hope you've enjoyed reading this guide, and I also
    hope it helped you out when you were stuck. This is my first guide, as you can 
    see by the version history written many eras ago. It will be improved after I 
    finish current projects.
    I would like to say thanks to:
    GameFAQs and Neoseeker  - For hosting my guides
    www.network-science.com - For the ASCII art
    CMoriarty               - For critiquing my guide and giving me advice on what I
                              could improve (7/10)
    DMorgan                 - For helping me out when I was totally new and stuck on
                              what is '79 characters per line?'
    Phoniex 1911            - For a critique of my guide and how to improve it.
    Sasha Slutsker          - For the critique (9/10)
    ZoopSoul                - Euqitirc eht rof (King Chocobo?)
    Raging Demon TEN        - Yet another critique (rating = pencil)
    Belfast IsJericho       - For inspiring me to make the ASCII maps for the
                              levels. His Getaway guide is pure class. Plus he
                              supports Liverpool!
    The FAQ Contributor
    Board                   - The above two and others like Meowthnum1, AstroBlue,
                              BSulpher, BTB, ZoopSoul, Warhawk, Myke, Asa, Deflux,
                              Hyprophant, Great White, Belfast IsJericho, Twink,
                              TestALT, HappyBuddah311, Flowerpot, Krustster, Joni
                              Phillips, Raging Demon TEN, MHulbert, King Kool,
                              WFeather, AlaskaFox, HangMe2002, Adrenaline, Phoinex
                              1991 and more for putting up with old annoying me. I
                              think I mentioned everyone...
    Wayalla                 - For giving me the chance to write a joint guide for
                              GTA3, and after accepting the offer I didn't
                              contribute a single thing to it. Sorry.
    So that's all the people I need to thank. If this in some way has inspired you
    to start writing, do it - it isn't that hard at all. Although, doing a quality
    FAQ might be a tad tougher...
    Like my work?
    Go to this link to find more:
    Oh well. See you in Broken Sword 3. Goodbye!
                        _           ___
                       (_)        /'___)
                       | |  ___  | (__   __   _ __   ___     _
                       | |/' _ `\| ,__)/'__`\( '__)/' _ `\ /'_`\
                       | || ( ) || |  (  ___/| |   | ( ) |( (_) )
                       (_)(_) (_)(_)  `\____)(_)   (_) (_)`\___/

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