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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Estoy Loco

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/20/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror
                 FAQ/Walkthrough by Estoy Loco (estoy_muy_loco@yahoo.com)
    Release Date :  November 30, 1999            Date FAQ Started  :  March 11, 2004
    Developer    :  Revolution Software          Date FAQ Added    :  March 19, 2004
    Publisher    :  Crave                        Last Update       :  March 19, 2004
    Game Genre   :  Adventure                    Current Version   :  1.0
                                 <I> Table of Contents <I>
    1: General Information
        1.0 - Revision History
        1.1 - Our Story So Far
        1.2 - Broken Sword 1 Story
        1.3 - Broken Sword 3 Story
        1.4 - Game Interface
        1.5 - Tips on Playing
        1.6 - About Me
        1.7 - Host List
        1.8 - Copyright Info
    2: Walkthrough
        2.1 - Professor Oubier's House
        2.2 - Mountfaucon Cafe
        2.3 - Glease Gallery
        2.4 - Marseilles
        2.5 - Quaramonte City
        2.6 - General's Apartment
        2.7 - Quaramonte City Part 2
        2.8 - Tree House
        2.9 - Village
       2.10 - Tree House Part 2
       2.11 - Ketch's Landing
       2.12 - London
       2.13 - Ketch's Landing Part 2
       2.14 - Zombie Island
       2.15 - Abandoned Station
       2.16 - Zombie Island Part 2
       2.17 - Docks
       2.18 - Movie Set
       2.19 - Zombie Beach
       2.20 - Village Part 2
       2.21 - Base of the Pyramid
       2.22 - Inside the Pyramid (Nico)
       2.23 - Inside the Pyramid (George)
    3: Character Bios
    4: Item List
    5: Extra Stuff
        5.1 - Thank You's
    Section 1: General Information
     1.0 - Revision History
     <I> 1.0
       This is the first version of the guide to go up on the web. Everything that
       I want to have done is done, and the only revisions that will be made are
       mistakes and maybe the occasional grammar or spelling error.
     1.1 - Our Story So Far
    After defeating the Knights Templar in the first game, George had to leave Nico
    behind as he went to tend his dying father back in the states. However, they
    soon plan a reunion, only for George to find out that Nico is putting them into
    danger once again...
    While George has been away, Nico has been doing her best as a journalist to
    expose a drug-smuggeling ring, but accidently stumbled upon something much
    bigger. It was an ancient Mayan artifact, an obsidian stone. What will happen
    to our protoganists this time?
     1.2 - Broken Sword 1 Story
    George Stobbart was just another tourist in Paris. One day, while partaking in
    one of the many French cafes, he notices something strange. A clown playing
    an accordian stumbles into the cafe. Minutes later, the cafe explodes. However,
    the clown immediately ran out right before it happened. This is the beginning
    of an adventure that could possibly change the world as we know it.
     1.3 - Broken Sword 3 Story
    After Broken Sword 2, George went back to the states and moved to Idaho to
    become a patent lawyer. Things were extemely quiet for the two, who hadn't
    even talked since the end of the first game. However, George and Nico soon
    meet up with each other and discover that they're actually researching the
    exact same thing!
    George and Nico's first next-gen adventure may prove to be the most colossal
    they've faced yet...
     1.4 - Game Interface
    Broken Sword 2 is a point and click adventure game. On the bottom of the
    screen you'll see that you have a number of different items, along with a bunch
    of different things you can do with them. You can inspect them, combine them
    and use them.
    To move around, simply click where you want George or Nico to move. To interact
    with something in the environment, click on it. Finally, to talk to someone,
    move the cursor over them and press X.
    There are a number of different forms the cursor takes on. Here is a list of
    them, with descriptions.
            Cursor Image                           What it does
           - - - - - - - -                        - - - - - - - -
           A Simple Arrow                    Use it to walk or select
                                             topic icons when talking.
          A Pointing Finger                   Use it to exit an area.
          A Beckoning Hand                Indicates that the current area
                                             is wider than one screen.
            Turning Cogs                Makes George use or operate something.
            Cross-Hairs                  Shown when a background object can
                                                       be used.
         "Picking Up" Hand               Shown when something can be picked
           Talking Mouth                Indicates you can talk to that person.
    Also, you can use R1 and L1 to speed up the cursor(because it moves pretty
    damn slow!). This is probably the most useful tool you could ever get in this
    adventure! The square button will automatically position your arrow at the
    bottom of the screen on the inventory.
     1.5 - Tips on Playing
    Like any adventure, if you're stuck try to search in every nook and cranny
    for something that you might have missed. Also, remember to examine everything
    that you come by. You never know what you might find out!
    Also, try to think logically. If there is a puzzle that you don't have an
    item for, think about the stuff in your inventor. Could you possibly make
    something from those items that could work?
    Finally, I suggest going into the "volume" section of the options and turning
    on the subtitles. Yeah, I know, you probably aren't deaf, but sometimes it
    can be hard to understand what some people say. And it kinda sucks to no longer
    understand what's going on.
     1.6 - About Me
    Hi there! Thanks for checking out my guide. This section is here just incase you
    wanted to know a little bit more about the author.
    My name is Alex and this is my sixth full FAQ/Walkthrough I've made. I love
    adventure games, which is probably why I write for them so much! It's a shame
    that more don't come out, don't you think? Anyway, I live in the US(Minnesota
    if you want to be specific) and I'm 16 years of age. Thanks for reading, and
    try not to use it TOO much! Don't want to take the fun out of the game. :)
     1.7 - Host List
    The following list of websites have been okayed to use this guide. If you happen
    to see it anywhere else, please e-mail me at estoy_muy_loco@yahoo.com, thanks!
    1) www.GameFAQs.com
    2) www.neoseeker.com
    3) www.ign.com
    4) www.gazmuyloco.50megs.com
    5) www.justadventure.com
     1.8 - Copyright Info
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright (C) 2004 Alex Pawlenty. It may not be
    reproduced in any way without the author's written consent. It also may not be
    hosted without the author's written consent. Thank you.
    Section 2: Walkthrough
    We start our adventure with a small movie that catches us up a bit on what
    George and Nico have been doing so far after the end of their first adventure.
    They arrive at a Professor Oubier's house. However, George immediately notices
    that the man who answered the door didn't look much like a "Professor Oubier".
    After being led up the stairs, they realize that they've walken right into a
    trap! George is bashed over the head and Nico is knocked out with a poison
    dart! Then, George is tied to a chair while Nico is dragged out!
    The thug then knocks over a carosene lamp, causing a huge fire! This is the
    beginning of George and Nico's second adventure.
    2.1 - Professor Oubier's House
    After the movie, you'll notice the spider inch ever closer to you. Once the
    arrow shows up, inspect the bookcase. George will notice that one of the corners
    is being supported by a small block... move the arrow to the bottom right hand
    corner of the bookcase and press X once the two moving-cogs show up. George
    will kick the block, causing the bookcase to fall and squash that damn spider!
    Phew! At least we got rid of him! But you're still tied to a chair in a burning
    house. I guess things couldn't possibly be that much better... until you notice
    the metal bracket hanging out of the wall where the bookcase once sat! Use it
    to free yourself from the comfy rolling chair. Now all you really have to worry
    about is that fire... and Nico!
    The first thing you'll probably do is pick up Nico's handbag. You'll get a trio
    of items from your abducted friend's purse. Her lipstick, a note and a pair
    of red panties with a red heart! Read the note to discover that it is from
    Andre Lobineau, a man who has also been known to have feelings for Nico.
    If you try to go out the window, George will simply remind you that he isn't
    the Incredible Hulk and can't bend metal bars. There is a picture above the
    small cabinet, but you don't really gain anything by looking at it. Head to the
    left near the fire. On the cabinet beneath the portraits, there is a spritzer
    bottle. However, this bottle doesn't have any pressure isnide of it.
    If you look closely at the ground near where Nico's handbag was, you should
    see the dart that pierced Nico earlier. Pick it up. Head to the cabinet that
    was underneath the portrait of the couple. Open it up and take a swig of
    tequila for the hell of it. Then, open the drawer slightly below the tequila.
    There will be a small pot inside, and George's kleptomaniacal instincts will
    kick in and tell him to take it. Look on the ground now. You should notice a
    small little green thing next to the bookcase. This is the discarded worm from
    the bottle of tequila that George didn't seem to like too much. Take the damn
    worm anyway.
    Look inside that pot you got. Tada! A key! This will come in quite handy later
    one when you need to...well, open something. Speaking of opening thigns...
    remember that cabinet that the soda fountain is sitting on? Well, inspect the
    bottom doors to discover a tiny keyhole. That key you found in the pot is
    way too big for this, so I guess we'll have to be a little bit more bolder
    than that. Take the dart and pick the lock with it.
    As George freed the lock, something blew the doors open, knocking him about
    five feet back! Inspect the inside of the cabinet. There will be one
    un-burst cylinder inside. Unfortunately, the fire has warmed it up a bit,
    and it's just too damn hot for George to pick up with his tender widdle hands!
    So, have George pick it up using Nico's panties as a crude oven mitt(I wonder
    if this was just a ruse to get you to do that for him?). Pick the cylinder up
    with the panties on hand.
    Now, to finally get out of this predicament, use the cylinder on the soda
    fountain. This will give it a bunch of pressure, allowing you to use it to make
    your escape from this darn room! Spray the flames and click on the door.
    Obviously, the door knob on the door would be red hot, so being the badass that
    he is, George will automatically kick the door open!
    Head out of the room finally. You'll be in what looks like the front hallway.
    To your right there is a phone on a desk. Check it out. Looks like there's also
    a piece of newspaper here. It refers to an eclipse of the sun in Mexico.
    Interesting. Next, pick up the phone and call Andre Lobineau. He'll quickly
    tell you to meet him at the cafe in Mountfaucon and hang up.
    Next to the phone to the right is a locked door, so don't bother trying to
    go in there. The large double-door to the left of the phone is the exit from
    this place. Well, Andre will (hopefully) be at that cafe, so we might as well
    leave now. Use the house key you found in the pot and open the front door.
    Open it and head off to meet up with Lobineau.
    2.2 - Mountfaucon Cafe
    Mountfaucon seems to be a staple of the Broken Sword series, eh? George will
    automatically come here after leaving Oubier's house. Once he arrives, there
    will be no immediate sign of Lobineau. George, not having anything to lose,
    decides to sit down and wait anyway.
    If you try to talk to the waiter, he'll deliberately ignore you! Screw him,
    instead talk to the only other person sitting out there aside from you. You may
    remember him from the first Broken Sword game, or you may not. Anyway, he'll
    ask you why you're back in Paris. Your choices will be to either say you're
    back to see Nico or back to talk to Andre. The choice is yours.
    Next, you'll have a ton of other things to talk about. You can ask him about
    himself, Professor Oubier, the dart used on Nico, the wine he's drinking,
    that newspaper clipping you found next to the phone in Oubier's house and
    finally the ATM slip. You won't really get any GOOD information from this guy,
    but he does have a few things to say about the ATM slip and the dart.
    If you talk to the waiter again, you'll finally get a response. In a few
    seconds he'll give you the coffee you want. Ask him about the flask that the
    guy next to you keeps using. Turns out it's absinthe. You can also ask the
    waiter about Lobineau, Oubier, the guy next to you and the dart(what the heck
    would a waiter know about a poison dart?). He will know who Andre is, and
    thankfully he'll say that you haven't missed him. He's also heard of Oubier!
    Turns out Oubier married a movie star called Caroll Climax who may or may
    not have been murdered... You can then ask about Oubier again. The waiter
    will stick to his story that Oubier is in fact guilty. He won't have crap
    by the way of info on the poison dart or the guy next to you. Exit the
    Oh, look who decided to show up? It's Andre. He'll sit down across from you.
    Andre will be a bit of an ass, but eventually you'll get off the subject of who
    Nico should be with. Andre will suprisingly pull out the Mayan stone that was
    the reason for Nico's kidnapping. Andre won't take lightly to the though of him
    being in danger as well...
    You'll have to ask Andre a few questions as well. He won't know what the carving
    on the stone means at all, and will decline to give you the stone. However, he
    will know where she got the stone(sorta). All he's willing to let you know is
    that it has something to do with "smuggeling". You can also ask him about
    Oubier a few times. Turns out Andre doesn't even know the guy! How nice.
    The guy won't know for sure if Oubier employed the guy that hit George on the
    back of the head. By showing Andre the worm, George will burn Andre pretty bad.
    Fortunately, Andre knows a bit about the pot you found in Oubier's house and
    also knows a guy who could help you more. Finally, if you tell him of your
    suspicions about the five large withdrawls on the ATM slip, Andre will tell you
    you're even crazier than before... When you exit the conversation, you'll get a
    little clip of what's going on with Nico!
    Turns out these smuggelers really want that damn stone! A guy named Karzac seems
    to be the head smuggeler... Why do smuggelers want a Mayan artifact, anyway?
    You'll soon have control of George once again. Now you'll need to get that guy's
    absinthe. Talk to him again. Ask him if he misses being in the police force
    by clicking on the first talk topic. While he quickly slips into depression,
    grab his flask of absinthe. We've gotten everything we could possibly need here,
    so exit the area.
    You'll need to choose your next destination. Either Oubier's House again or
    the Glease Gallery. Head to the gallery.
    2.3 - Glease Gallery
    For such a nice place, you'd think there would be more people here! There are
    a couple of Japanese girls in here that will simply laugh at you and joke in
    their native language while you stand there. There's also a very large man
    sipping something. Turns out he's some elitist critic. You can ask him about
    Oubier, what he's drinking and the small pot. He's heard of Oubier, and
    apparently doesn't like him very much. The stuff he's drinking? Wine. But
    he says it's urine. How unlike a critic. If you show him your pot, he'll throw
    it to the ground, shattering it into a hundred pieces!
    George has something up his sleave though(wouldn't it be nice if he could share
    it with us? oh well). Talk to Glease, the owner. You can talk to him about a
    handful of things as well. Of course, you came here to ask him about the
    Mayan stone that was found by Nico. Too bad he really doesn't know much about it
    from the sound of things. Just like so many others, he also knows about Oubier.
    You can ask about Ms. Climax as well, a person he doesn't seem to have liked.
    If you ask him about the pots, you'll eventually get the opportunity to ask him
    which docks the pots arrive at. Of course, he won't reveal that.
    By selecting the wine topic, you'll tell Glease that the rat bastard over there
    enjoys the wine very much. But Glease will simply tell you that it was really
    cheap. Finally, you can ask him about the newsclipping you found. Glease won't
    be interested in the least. Go ahead and cut off the conversation now.
    Hmm.. what should we do now? Remember that flask of extremely potent stuff
    we got just a few minutes ago? Well, pour it into the critic's urine. He'll take
    a swig and will actually like the stuff! Since he enjoys it so much, give him
    a little more. Tubby will soon fall backwards, against an entire case of
    artifacts! This will obviously occupy Glease, giving you the opportunity to go
    in the back of the building and do a bit of snooping.
    Inspect the case back here. Inside, there will only be styrofoam packing
    peanuts, but luckily the remains of a label are still here. Pick it up. You'll
    get a close-up view of it. George will already think he has everything figured
    out! What a great detective!
    George will run out to get the next train to Marseilles. You'll arrive dawn
    the next morning.
    2.4 - Marseilles
    Walk up to the small hut. The view will change to a more close-up version.
    The guard dog here will slowly growl at you on and off. Look inside the window
    and you'll see a rather large man drop something down through a trap door
    into the water. George will eventually speak up and talk to the man. You'll
    have nine different things you can talk to him about.
    If you ask him what time it is, he'll tell you "the big hand is on the four".
    When you talk to him about the time again, he'll inform you that the gates open
    at seven. Regarding the pooch, he says that the dog came with the job and that
    he just has to feed him once in a while. He also says that the dog's name is
    twenty. Talking to the man about the dog for the third time will result in some
    rather strange simile's about the guy's wife... o_O
    Mention Condor transglobal to him, and the guy will mention that they have a
    warehouse here. Too bad it's a month long holiday... Ask again and George will
    say that he's got something to deliver to them. He won't let you in without
    the proper papers, though. Ask him about Nico and he'll say he hasn't seen her.
    The guy's never heard of Oubier, so that's out. Hey, you might as well show him
    the panties... Well, all that got you was labeled.
    Ask him about Condor again. Eh.. too bad he doesn't know what exactly it is
    that they do. You can ask him what he's cooking(beans) and if he ever gets sick
    of them. You can show him the dart and letter from Andre, but all they do is
    get funny responses from the guard. Look slike there's nothing left to talk
    about with the guy. So, now, head around the corner of the shack.
    Skim the polluted waters on the right side of the screen until a grabby hand
    appears. George will pick up a boat hook. Then, walk to the left. There will
    be another thing in the water you need to pick up, but it's out of reach and
    George would rather not get into that water. So, use your new boat hook to get
    Wow, two new items in under a minute. Next, we're gonna want to check up on
    the watchman. See that hole on the bottom of the shack? This is what he uses
    to throw his garbage into the water. There's no reason to go look inside yet,
    but remember that this is here.
    Go back out and climb the steps so you're at the front of the shack again.
    Look at the metal chimney. George will try to take the top off of it, but
    will soon realise that chimney's can be hot. So, to cool down this hot little
    number, pour the water that's in the bottle onto the chimney. Then, feel free
    to take the top. Use the botle again to block the chimney. Soon, the watchman
    will come running out because of all the smoke.
    Head back down the steps and make your way up the trap door we looked at
    a bit earlier. George will pull himself up. Snatch the guy's dog biscuits and
    take a piece of coal from the bucket. There's nothing else worth taking here,
    so go back down the trap door. As soon as you do this, the watchman will
    immediately head back into his tiny home away from home and everything will
    soon be back to normal.
    Place a dog biscuit on the platform to your left. Then, use your ever-useful
    boat hook to give the doggie a bath. Eww, wet dog smell...
    With that dog out of the picture, there isn't much stopping you from simply
    climbing over the fence and making your way to the Condor warehouse. Do just
    George will soon arrive at the Condor warehouse. Once you have control of him,
    climb up the ladder. To get to the ladder, walk to the left all the way until
    you can't go anymore. It's on the side of the building. Head to the window
    next to the large metal housing. Then, take your boat hook and shove it into
    the fan next to the window. That guy from Oubier's house will be down in the
    building. Hmm... he's talking about Karzac, the same guy who was harassing
    Nico in the movie we saw earlier.
    Go back out onto the roof. Head back down onto solid ground and knock on the
    front door of the warehouse. The same guy who was in there will answer. Now you
    need to do this next part quickly and carefully, because there's a chance you
    could die here if you do it wrong(save your game!). Instead of telling him
    a name, ask him about the label you found in the Glease Gallery.
    As the guy opens the door, quickly use the ladder to get on the roof. Press
    down on the crane hand that's over the barrel. George will send it over. The
    barrel will go flying over into what is probably a boat. The man in the red
    shirt will walk over to investigate. Once he's over there, quickly do the same
    thing to the next barrell. This will knock the man down and over the edge!
    George will pump his arm in the air as a sign of victory!
    Head back down and enter the warehouse. George will automatically lock the door,
    ensuring that the man can't get back in. Look inside the drawer of the desk
    that the man in the red shirt was sitting at earlier. You'll find a small brass
    key. After getting the key, walk further into the warehouse and a small little
    man will pop up. He's the same guy who got Nico earlier!
    The man will try really hard to say something, but he just can't get it out.
    Talk to him again and he'll exclaim, "Quaramonte! Quaramonte!". You'll have
    a few different things to talk about with the little guy. You can offer him some
    dog biscuits, but that won't work. Obviously, he won't understand anything about
    Nico either... However, the chimney cone does get a bit of a reaction out of
    him... now if it was only in English. Same goes for the dart. Now, if you
    show him the key, he'll reveal himself. Turns out he's shackled. After you free
    him, he'll run off behind the crates. Hmph. That's gratitude for ya.
    Anyway, there is a file cabinet here, but it's locked. The small key you had
    wouldn't work, unfortunately. There is also a map with a piece of paper that
    says, "Quaramonte City". Use the call button for the elevator and head on up
    to the next floor.
    Up here, George will crouch down and prevent the elevator from shutting, but
    he can't just sit here and hold this position for the rest of his life! We'll
    need to use an item that will continue to do this job for us. However, this
    item isn't in our inventory. Push the farthest right box into the elevator
    to stop it from closing.
    There's a switch to the left of the elevator that will turn a light on in the
    other side of the room. Press it and go over there. Inspect the ground to the
    right of the large box near the light and George will learn that it is actually
    a large scratch, possibly from... a door? Inspect the wall in front of the
    scratch and George will discover the secret room. Well what are you waiting for?
    Go inside!
    Look! It's Nico! Pick up the object next to her before doing a thing to help
    LOL! Okay, you've had your fun, now take the tape off of Nico's mouth and untie
    her. Nico will be a little pissed that you took that item next to her before
    helping her. Heh. But she'll get over it once you help her get out of that
    Nico will explain a few things about what's happened. As soon as Nico leaves,
    follow her out into the main room. Obviously, you can't exit the same way you
    came in, because Pablo might be down there waiting for you. So, what we need to
    do is manage to get that damn door open! Take a look at the pulley hanging above
    the statue. Place your rope on the statue. Then, attach the rope to the pulley.
    Damn, the rope is too short to reach it!
    Next, I want you to put the masking tape on the elevator's light beam. This way,
    we can use that crate for something else. Next, move the small box that's on top
    of the larger one next to the statue onto the crate that was just recently in
    the elevator. Then, move the box that had the smaller box on it at first. Once
    that's been moved, pull the hydrolic switch. This will raise the pallet about
    half a foot.
    Now you can put the rope on the pulley! Do just that. Then, lower the pallet
    back to the ground and ask Nico to help you push the statue(you can talk to her
    about a ton of other stuff too, incase you don't want to miss out on some other,
    non game completion necessary stuff). The door will smash open and you'll soon
    be free.
    You'll find yourself on a ledge above the main entrance to the warehouse.
    Inspect the cable dangling from the balcony. George will think about using his
    bare hands, but will decide against it. The manacles would do a pretty good
    job though, don't you think? Use them on the cable and you'll be outta there
    in no time. You'll soon be back at the Glease Gallery.
    At the gallery, George will get the original Mayan stone from Andrea. Then,
    George will mention Quaramonte. Luckily, Glease knows exactly where that is.
    You'll soon arrive in Quaramonte.
    2.5 - Quaramonte City
    In Quaramonte, the first thing you'll want to do is go over to the small musical
    group. George will notice that these guys look a bit down in the dumps and ask
    them why. They'll say that they're pipe player was thrown in prison for no
    reason at all. Talk to them about Miguel and about the mine. You can also show
    them the statue you found next to Nico. They'll tell you that it's Tezcatlipoca,
    a dark god who brings bad luck. Amazing how everyone around here is so damn
    suspicious... If you show them the label for Condor, they'll tell you that there
    was a ship with that flag at the docks three months ago. Finally, you can ask
    them about that total eclipse that's in that newspaper clipping. This is where
    it's supposed to happen after all. Too bad they won't give you very much info
    on it... if any.
    Head to the right to the building with the orange roof. If you've played the
    first Broken Sword, then you might recognize the woman who George automatically
    walks up to. It's Pearl! But where is Duane?
    Ask Pearl about Duane. You can also show her both of your statues. There are
    a few other things you can talk about with Pearl, but nothing that will result
    in anything necessary to your quest. Cut ties with Pearl and walk to the right.
    Duane will be sitting in an old army truck. Talk to him about music and
    Miguel. Show him your label too. Turns out Duane actually knows something about
    Condor! Also show him Nico's panties for a disturbing comment.... *shudder*
    Enter the police station(the building Pearl is standing outside of) and talk
    to the police guy. Hmm... who was that "Professor"? Ask him that exact same
    question to learn that it was, infact, Professor Oubier! Then, ask him again
    about Oubier to figure out what he's doing here in Quaramonte. There are quite
    a few other things you can ask him(the music, the mine, etc.) but you really
    don't have to talk to this guy anymore if you don't want to. If you show him
    the Mayan stone, Nico will get pissed off at you because now he'll know you
    have it.
    When outside, Nico will talk to you. Go ahead and stop the conversation at
    any time, because you won't really have that much important stuff to talk about.
    Walk to the right to Duane's truck and you'll see Oubier standing there,
    apparently talking to Duane! Talk to Oubier. You'll have a crap-load of
    different things you can talk to him about, although only one is necessary.
    If you talk to him about Carol, then you'll get the option of asking about
    her murder or just talking about her some more. You can also ask about Nico's
    abduction, but he won't know a thing.
    If you ask about Pablo, you'll find out that Oubier has never hired a servant
    in his life! Looks like George's suspicions about Oubier are starting to
    come apart... Although it appears he knows who Karzac is... Strange. If you
    show him your obsidian stone, he'll apparently become extremely interested.
    The same thing can't be said about the statue of Tezcatlipoca. Also, talk to
    him about the eclipse to get some good information. Finally, confront him with
    the ATM statement to get a little more info.
    When you're done talking to Oubier, head left and go inside the two story
    building near the dock. After a bit of lying to the woman on Nico's behalf,
    you'll need to ask her a few questions. You'll need to inquire about what
    happened at the mine first, then ask her if she has any evidence that it was
    sabotage. You can also ask about Condor a few times, but it won't result
    in any good hard evidence of anything. Ask her about Prof. Oubier. Oh, and
    don't offer her a biscuit. I think she might take offense to that...
    Leave the building and go talk to Duane again. Ask about Miguel and then
    ask about the detonator. Hmm...
    Head back inside the police station with Nico and try to pull down the
    chart on the back wall that Oubier and the general were looking at earlier.
    He will stop you from pulling it down the whole way. Ask him about the chart.
    He'll say that it's "not suitable for tourists". Interesting.
    Go back into the mining offices and talk with the the woman again. Ask her for
    a detonator. Turns out you can't get one without a good reason.  However,
    when you mention that forbidden chart of the General's... nothing happens. Damn.
    Head back outside to town and talk to Nico. Mention the chart to her. Turns out
    she's interested in what's on that map as well. Talk to her about it again and
    George will have a brainstorm! They'll both go into the police station and
    Nico will distract the general away so George can get a peek at that map...
    Go up and talk to the General. He seems rather interested already.  Once he
    hears about Nico wanting to write a story about him, he seems ecstatic!
    As soon as Nico and the General head off to his apartment. Once they're gone,
    look at the map. Damn it! The General's lacky will prevent you from even laying
    a finger on the chart! You need to find a way to get him out of here... Talk
    to him and bring up the subject of the ruins. Talk to him about it two times
    and he'll say he'd be okay with taking your friend(Pearl) to the ruins! Go
    outside and talk it over with her. She'll be delighted! You'll both walk into
    the station and the both of them will soon be out of your hair.
    Great, now you have the police station all to yourself! Finally, you can check
    out that map! Pull it down and have a look. Apparently, it's a geological
    survey map that shows an area called "Teoculcan". Interesting. Next, walk back
    into the cell area. Could that possibly be Miguel, the musician? Try to talk to
    him. Ask him about that nouse. Kind of disturbing, eh? Then, ask him about
    Karzac. I guess he has. You can't talk to him about anything else, so leave him
    be and exit the police station.
    Go back to the mining company's building and talk to Conchita. Tell her about
    that map you saw in the police station and she'll let you take one of her
    With the detonator in hand... err, pocket, go talk to Duane. He'll tell you
    to go warn Miguel of the forthcoming explosion. So, go ahead and do just that.
    After talking to Miguel, Ronaldo will come back... unfortunately. He'll whip
    out his pistol and send you into a cell. Damn, we were so close... Now, you'll
    play as Nico for a little while.
    2.6 - The General's Apartment
    There's a lot of funny conversation here, so make sure you don't miss any of
    it. :) Once you have control of Nico, you'll realize that she really doesn't
    have anything to talk about with the General. So, inspect everything there
    is to inspect in this room and then talk to him about that. He'll try to pull
    a fast one on Nico when you talk to him about the lava lamp.
    After a while, an old woman will come in. Turns out its the General's mother!
    Ha! It also appears that she is the "President" *coughdictatorcough* of this
    country. After a bit of talking, you'll be back as playing as George in the
    2.7 - Quaramonte City Part 2
    George will be lying his ass off to Miguel when all of a sudden Duane shows up.
    Duane will want to blow a hole in the side of the building while you're still
    inside! Too bad, it ends up failing... I guess George'll have to put his good
    old American ingenuity to good use.
    Talk to Miguel about the noose hanging above him. Neither of you seem to know
    how you'll get out of the cell with a small piece of rope, but I guess it
    wouldn't hurt to try.
    By clicking on the window, you'll call Duane over. Give the rope to Duane and
    George will tell him to tie it to his truck. I guess George wants Duane to
    literally rip the wall down with his truck by using a piece of rope!
    You'll get a little clip of Nico with Raoul, and the collapse of the wall will
    be heard all the way over there! Amazing that that worked... Luckily, Nico
    will show up in time to escape... Ronaldo will try to stop Duane, but George
    and Nico have already run away. You'll get a movie clip of them riding away
    on a boat.
    Everything seems alright, when all of a sudden a helicopter shows up in the
    middle of the night and destroys the boat!
    2.8 - Tree House
    Obviously, George is okay, but where's Nico? You'll wind up at a tree house
    with blaring organ music(which gets a bit annoying after a while I may add,
    incase you want to turn down the volume on your tv or computer). Pick up the
    vine rope that's on the water wheel right where you're standing when you
    Then, take a look at the pile of damp leaves next to the working water wheel.
    Put Oubier's old bank statement over the leaves and then use the statue of
    Tezcatlipoca with the water wheel. This will cause a shower of sparks to fly
    onto the leaves, creating a fire. A man will come rushing out(who wouldn't)
    and instruct you to put the fire out. A sick woman? Could it be...?
    The priest will lower a ladder and come down to talk to you. George will
    introduce himself and the priest will introduce himself as Father Hubert.
    And since the woman he has is speaking French, then it must be Nico! You
    can talk to the father some more about why he's here and what he's doing.
    Also, make sure you talk to him about Nico. He'll inform you that she's been
    bitten by a poisonous snake! Crap.
    Finally, ask him about the root that contains the cure twice. He'll want you
    to crease his collar before showing you to the village, which is kind of sad,
    but I guess you don't have any choice!
    Okay, now we need to crease this guy's collar somehow. Look to the left of
    the treehouse. There are two round stones over here on a wooden structure.
    Put the priests collar between them. After George's little comment on what
    the hell is going on, use the vine rope you got just a little bit earlier
    with the crude pressing machine. Then, you'll need to pick up the cross that's
    balanced against the tree and use it with the machine. Out will pop the collar!
    After successfully pressing the collar, pick it up. Now give it to the Father.
    He'll be very grateful yet still grateful to get to the village. Talk to him
    about the root and you'll be off to the village.
    2.9 - Village
    Hmmm... these natives sure do talk English well, eh? Hubert will leave almost
    immediately after showing you to the village. Oh well, I guess he wasn't really
    necessary anymore. Talk to one of the front guards about Nico. Then talk to him
    about the shaman and Nico again. To see the shaman, you have to give him a
    gift... What about those dog biscuits? Give them to him and the guard will
    soon return to tell you that the shaman actually liked them! I guess George
    isn't the only person on the planet with a taste for doggie treats after all.
    You still don't have access to the village though. Put your Mayan Stone in the
    empty box of dog biscuits and give it to the guard. Now the shaman wants to
    talk to you, so enter the village and go see him. He's the guy sitting by
    the fire who looks like he eats more and moves less than everyone else in the
    Talk to the Shaman about Nico twice. Then, talk to him about Father Hubert to
    discover why he's reluctant to come here... Mention the root twice more. You'll
    get a movie showing some things about ancient Mayan stories. At any point in
    time, you can give the man Nico's lipstick, for which the Shaman will be
    extremely grateful. You'll also have to talk to him about the eclipse, the
    coyote stone and Tezcatlipoca, as well as the other two stones. There's a lot
    of information to digest here, so pay attention!
    After the night of the Monkey dance is over, you'll head back to the Tree House.
    2.10 - Tree House Part 2
    When you arrive back at the treehouse, head right up to the tree house. Talk
    to the priest who ill be sitting at his... home made organ? He must have been
    bored... Mention the root, and the Shaman to give him a bit of a lecture about
    being there for your kids. You can also ask him what happened that night
    when eight children were conceived.
    Walk over to Nico. You can try to shove the root down her throat, but it just
    won't work! So, let's try liquifying the root instead. Head back down the ladder
    and go over to the pressing machine we made earlier. Place the chimney cone
    under it and place the root on the machine. Then, pick up the cross and turn
    the machine once again. The juice from the root will fall neatly into the
    cone. Collect the juice and give it to Nico.
    Nico will be a bit suprised when you tell her about "collecting stones"...
    2.11 - Ketch's Landing
    You can talk to the surveyor named Bronson, but he'll be kind of an asshat.
    Look at his plans sitting on the table under the tent(when he's not there of
    course). The guy seems a bit protective of those plans, eh?
    Walk right and onto the dock. Talk to the little boy fishing at the end of the
    dock. Turns out his name is Rio. Ask him about Captain Ketch and he'll tell
    you that he did indeed live here once and that house on the hill is actually
    his house! You can also ask him about himself and about the old ladies. Well,
    you can ask Rio to help you get Bronson's plans, but he will decline.
    When you're done talking to Rio, head back on dry land off the dock and go
    up hill toward the house. Introduce yourself to the ladies. Ask them about the
    cat and about Captain Ketch. Turns out the two ladies are actually descendants
    of Captain Ketch! You'll get to choose whether you like history or not(I chose
    yes because... well, I do). You can keep talking about Ketch to get even more
    information, then you can talk about Ketch being a pirate and talk to the
    women about Rio. After talking about Rio for a while, the subject of Emily
    will come up. Talk to them about her. Emily is apparently related somehow to
    the women, and when the child's mother and father died, they had to take her
    Now, try to open the door to the museum. What the heck? It's locked! One of
    the old bags will start talking and say that it's undergoing refurbishment.
    Yet no one's here... I wonder if they ever want this thing to ever open?
    George will try to plea his way in, but the windbags are just too stuborn
    to let him in! You can also try and play with the cat, but he'll just scratch
    Now, try to use the ladder. Big suprise, the Ketch sisters stop you! But I
    guess if someone just out of the blue tried to use my ladder like that without
    asking anything I'd be reasonably angry as well. Sounds kinda like Mina has
    a thing for Bronson, eh? Ask about the cat again.
    That's enough talking with the Ketch sisters for now. Head back down to the
    beach and talk to Rio about Emily. I guess they're both pretty good friends.
    Then, ask him about why the old ladies have closed the museum. Hey, turns
    out this guy actually knows something about Bronson's plans! Ask him about a
    fish. Then, give him your tequila worm. Rio agrees to get you a fish, but
    fishing takes time...
    While we're waiting.... oh who can wait! Ask him if he's caught anything yet.
    While you're talking to him, he'll get a bite! Rio'll become very excited, but
    all that excitement will be for nothing... Oh well. Pick up the piece of tire
    on the bike anyway. Go take a walk or something and then come back. He should
    catch a fish now! Hurray!
    Head back up to the Ketch Museum. Climb up onto the ladder and place the old
    inner-tube on the flag pole of the building. Then, put your newly aquired
    fish at the end of the inner-tube. This will distract the cat and will give
    you the opportunity to take his(or her) ball!
    Okay, now you've pissed off four people. Eh, what can ya do? Take the inner
    tube back down from the flag pole. Being the nice guy that he is, George will
    throw the cat the fish. Climb back down and put the inner-tube on the U-shaped
    formation created by the tree that's behind the sister's patio table. Next, use
    the cat's ball with your newly created slingshot. George will miraculously knock
    the theodolite target off of the flagpole!
    Obviously, Bronson won't exactly be happy about this. Uh-oh... here he comes...!
    Bronson will give you a hollow threat about fixing you, so let's get back at
    that sucka. While he's up there putting his spare theodolite target on the other
    flagpole, take the ladder down from under him. He'll hang for dear life(or dear
    ankle) and whine some more. Take the theodolite target that fell down and
    head back down to the beach.
    Now that Bronson isn't around here to stop you, finally get a piece of the
    forbidden fruit(the plans duh!). The man was trying to fool the sisters all this
    time! Sad. Snatch his theodolite for good measure. He won't be needing it where
    he'll be going most likely.
    Go back up to the museum area. The sisters will be back and a bit confused.
    They'll order you to help him, but if you show them the plans first, they'll
    quickly change their minds. You can talk to Bronson about the plans first, but
    he won't seem to see what the problem is with not telling the sisters about his
    hotel. Pretty much all you can do is show the sisters his plans. The sisters
    will have a litle talk with Bronson and poke him a bit(seriously).
    George will finally get into the museum! I wonder what Nico's been up to all
    this time?
    2.12 - London
    The first thing to do in the British Museum is talk to those giggling girls
    from the Glease Gallery... just kidding. Actually, go to the left and look at
    the small black stone in the glass case. John Dee... weren't the Ketch sisters
    talking about him?
    Ask the attendant about the scrying mirror a few times. You'll get some
    information about it and eventually, you'll get on the subject about the
    Jaguar Stone! Ask about the Jaguar Stone and you'll get some info on that.
    He'll take you over to the scrying mirror even though you've already seen it
    and tell you even more about it! I guess he's a bit eager to talk to someone!
    After the attendent discovers that he can't even pronounce Tezcatlipoca, he'll
    decide to get someone to help you. By some strange stroke of luck, it turns
    out to be Professor Oubier! The attendant will go get the phone, leaving you
    two to talk alone. Inquire about the Jaguar Stone and about the forthcoming
    eclipse over central America. The attendant will soon come back and tell
    Oubier that he must leave... to the docks. You can ask even more questions
    about the Jaguar stone now to the attendant. The attendant will discover
    that it was stolen!
    He will tell you that no one is allowed to leave until the security team comes.
    But if you stay here any longer, the most likely suspect(Oubier of course)
    will be long long gone! So, you'll have to figure out how to get out of here.
    Inspect the empty Jaguar Stone case. Nico will notice a tiny key in the lock.
    Move your cursor over the keyhole and pick up the key.
    Talk to the attendant. Ask about the ship that Oubier is getting his artifacts
    from. Then, show him the key you found in the display cabinet. The attendant
    will seem to be a bit flushed after seeing the key. He'll go phone the police.
    While he's away, look at the cabinet that's next to him. Use the key on it
    (thank God he's looking the other way!) and take the dagger.
    Go back near the empty case that once held the Jaguar Stone and look behind
    the pink curtain. A door! Use your newly aquired priceless, still-sharp
    obsidian dagger on the lock to open the door. Nico will disappear through the
    Okay, back to Ketch's Landing.
    2.13 - Ketch's Landing Part 2
    Inspect the chest next to the map. Oh look! It's little Emily Ketch! Ask her
    about Rio. Then, talk to her about the other stuff if you wish. None of it
    is really necessary. Go look at that picture of Ketch that Emily pointed out.
    George will make a note of the cross hanging from his neck. Go ask Emily about
    it. For some reason, George wants it, but Emily won't give it up. You can
    try to barter for it, but George doesn't have any puppies in his pocket at
    this time.
    Look at the table next to Emily and take the feather. Emily will find it
    strange that you're "borrowing" a feather and threaten to tell on you, but
    George manages to snake his way out of it.
    There isn't much else to do in here for now, so head outside. Give the kitty
    cat the quill and he'll shread it to pieces! Pick up the feather pieces and
    head down to the dock where Rio is at. Talk to him about Emily and about his
    sister. Then, give him those shredded feathers. He can use those to make a fly
    to catch a tiger fish! Rio will be grateful and hand over a conch shell.
    Head back inside the Ketch Museum. Talk to Emily about the conch twice. You'll
    trade Emily your conch for her cross. Might turn out to be a bit more useful
    than that conch... The next thing you have to do is pick up the lantern next
    to the entryway and put it into the unusually large ink well in the desk next
    to Emily.
    After George owns Emily in that little conversation, go pick up the ship chart
    that's spread out next to the window. Put it on the desk with the lantern on
    it. Then, put the cross you got from Emily in the pen holder. You'll immediately
    notice a shadow across the map. This makes an X over an island! That must be
    where the Jaguar Stone is! Well, maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, but it
    doesn't seem THAT far fetched.
    Exit the museum and go back to the docks. Talk to Rio about Zombie Island. Since
    he's having no luck with the tiger fish, he'll agree to take you.
    2.14 - Zombie Island
    You'll arrive on Zombie Island(doesn't exactly live up to the name) and Rio
    will decide that he's going to stay in the boat rather than go with you. Suit
    himself. I guess we'll have to find Ketch's treasure on our own.
    You can try to climb up the wall without anything, but it won't work. Look
    at Rio's boat, however. George will notice that there is a fishing net
    inside. Ask Rio if you can use some of his net. Pick it up and use it to
    get up onto the little outcropping. But before we can figure out what's up
    there, we're going to have to guide Nico through an old ass subway!
    2.15 - Abandoned Station
    Strange, the station is abandoned yet it sounds like the subway or train still
    goes by near it. Look at the coin return slot on the chocolate vending machine
    (the purple vending machine). Use Nico's hairclip on it to get a coin out. Then,
    put the coin into the weight machine to get a card.
    See that little grey cupboard beneath the map of the London Underground? Use
    the dagger to try and pry it open. When that doesn't completely work, use
    the card you just got from the weighing machine. The door will swing open,
    revealing a large red button. What do you do to large red buttons? PRESS THEM!
    A red light will turn on, signaling a train to stop. Nico will automatically
    get out of there on it.
    2.16 - Zombie Island Part 2
    Hmm, things look a little better up here, eh? There are two paths right here,
    an upper one and a lower one. Take the upper one. There are some reeds in the
    swamp that George is disgusted by that you need to take. Thankfully, they're
    right near the path you're on. Take one, and walk around the murky as hell
    swamp and exit to the right.
    In this next area, there is a natural hole under the largest tree on-screen.
    Inspect this hole. When you do this, the "inhabitant" will run farther inside
    to hide from you. Whie you're here, a monkey may go flying by, freaking George
    (and possibly you) out, so be prepared for that. ;)
    Use the reed you just found with the animals home. The creature inside will bite
    a bit of your reed. Oh great, it's hungry! You'll now have a mini-reed, cool!
    Okay, that's enough here. Exit via the left path. Then, head left again. Walk
    along the path you're on and exit to the left so you're back where you were
    when you first climbed up here. Take the lower left path. Put your dart in the
    reed. Don't ask, just trust me on this one.
    Keep walking to the right. The boar will show up, and even though he's
    really small, he could probably still pack a pretty big punch. Shoot the dart
    at him and quickly jump up and grab the branch dangling above you. The hog will
    just barely miss you, and will reveal a path! But don't go there just yet.
    Head down the path that the boar was originally blocking. You'll come to a
    strange, obelisk like structure. First, combine your net and theodolite marker.
    Then, take the "creeper" that's on the structure and combine it with your
    theodolite net to make a creeper theodolite net. Yay. Put this strange
    thing on the spire-like rock.
    Go back to where you were just before entering here. Now, go through the
    path that the boar created in the tall grass. You'll wind up on top of a
    cliff overlooking the entire island! Place your theodolite in the holes in
    the ground and look around with it. You should eventually spot something
    This is the marker you put on the needle rock. Look at it, then look at the
    outcropping directly ahead of it. George will come to the conclusion that this
    HAS to be where Ketch hid his treasure! Exit the theodolite view and leave
    the hill by walking down the top-right corner of it. Now we're back with
    2.17 - The Docks
    At first, you might have trouble seeing where the heck Nico is on this screen.
    She's actually hiding behind a box on the right side of the screen. A word
    of warning: you can easily die here, so do the following things very carefully.
    First, click on the box that's by Nico but closer to the boat. Nico will run
    up and hide behind that one. Wait for the guard that's patrolling the area
    to turn the corner away from the ladder and have Nico run up and climb up it.
    The guard, thankfully, isn't very attentive, because even if Nico is still
    climbing the ladder when he makes his way back over to the front side, he
    most likely won't notice her.
    As soon as the guard turns that corner again, make your way down the ladder
    and open the small closet door that's to the left of the ladder. Quickly go
    back up the ladder and when the guard goes in the closet to investigate, shut
    the door and lock it with the mop sitting to the left. Once again, remember that
    if he sees you at any time during this, he'll shoot you and you'll have to load
    your last save, so SAVE NOW!!! Also, it's probably best to wait for a time when
    the patrolling guard stops to chat a bit with Pablo. When he does this, you get
    a little extra time to do what you need to do.
    With the guard locked away in the storage closet, look inside one of the port
    holes on the ship. You'll see oubier and Karzac talking. Looks like you should
    never trust people like that... o_O Karzac will run out and Nico will run in.
    It's just a little strange seeing Oubier lying there dieing/dead. Well, I
    guess there's not much you can do about it now. Before picking up the Jaguar
    Stone, I urge you to save your game. As soon as you pick it up, Oubiers old
    friend will come back in and try to strangle Nico. If you don't do anything,
    Nico will be strangled and it's game over(and it's more than a little disturbing
    to watch that believe me). So, pull out the dagger you got in the British Museum
    and stab him with it.
    2.18 - Zombie Island Part 2
    George will find himself in the middle of a... pirate battle? Just when you
    thought that this might be a dream sequence or something, the director(it's
    a movie) comes in and gets you out of the way. He's a bit pissed off, but
    luckily you weren't in the shot.
    There are quite a few people here to talk to, but the first person you actually
    *NEED* to talk to is the young male star of the movie, Haiku. Ask him about...
    well, him, a few times. Then, the director will bark out an order for you to
    get out of the shot. George will walk to the sidelines and the scene will begin.
    After the scene, talk to the director. The "stunt" will begin, but then
    it will be called off for lunch. Eh, whatever. Go over to the lunch table and
    pick up a pancake, a bun and some syrup. The syrup can be very difficult to
    locate, believe me. You just have to very slowly over the table until the
    grabby-hand blinks on and off. This means that you've moved over to something
    else you can grab.
    With all three items in your possession, drench the pancake in the syrup. Talk
    to Savage and give him the pancake. You can try to give him the bun and pot
    of syrup, but he'll reject them.
    Try talking to the leading lady and to the cameraman and director some more
    for some funny dialogue. When you're done, throw the bun you got at the buffet
    table at the bush with the little white flowers. A loud buzzing will come out
    of the bush. What the heck are a bunch of hornets doing inside a bush, anyway?
    Walk toward the bush and look inside. Then, get another bun and toss it into
    the bush in defiance toward the hornets. They'll chase after Bert(who has
    syrup all over his chin) and Bert will do his stunt great, at the expense of
    his heath. You'll go down to the beach now.
    2.19 - Zombie Beach
    When George is done just kind of wandering around, talk to the director about
    the cave. The stuntman is obviously hurt, so George will offer to do it. But
    of course, something has to come up. The camera is stuck in the sand, so it's
    a no go. Then, look at the portable camera next to Flash. Mention it to the
    director and he'll eventually go along with the idea.
    You'll get a short clip showing George scale the cliff and... getting the Eagle
    Stone! Next, we'll go back to the Indian Village from before.
    2.20 - Village Part 2
    It turns out that George had left for the Indian village before letting Nico
    catch up with him, so she would have to hurry. When she gets there though, the
    entire place is burned down! She finds George's glasses and Titipoco shows up.
    He pulls a 'gun' on her, but it just turns out to be a lighter. Now we're going
    to have to find George.
    Talk to Titipoco about George's sunglasses. Nico will be able to piece together
    exactly what happened. After she explains, talk to Titipoco about George. He
    will keep pointing to a hut. Look to the left of the barrell. There's something
    there, but it's too hot to pick up. I have a feeling that there might be
    water in that barrel. Too bad Nico isn't strong enough to push it over.
    But maybe with a little help... ask Titipoco to help you. After doucing the
    stone with water, walk to the right to the entrance to the village. One of
    the guards's underwear will be lying here. Pick them up(I guess Nico is
    somewhat of a conservationist). Then pick up the stone.
    Titipoco will then point to the left again. So, head left. You'll leave the
    village, with Titipoco following behind.
    2.21 - Base of the Pyramid
    I wonder how George managed to get captured? Usually he's pretty good at
    avoiding things like that! Anyway, the first thing you need to do is look at
    the scaffold gantry. Then, pick up the rope and talk to Titipoco with it still
    in your hand. Ask him to take the rope to the top of the scaffolding. He won't
    complain at all and will just do it.
    Pick up one end of the rope and put it on the engine. Then, take the cylinder
    from the old electricity generator. Look for the fuel line and cut it with your
    dagger. Fill your cylinder with fuel and put some in the fuel cap of the engine.
    Push the button on the lift and then pull the lever. It works!
    Talk to Titipoco about the lever. She will tell Titipoco to 'copy' what she
    does when she tells him to. Get on the lift and tell him to copy. At the
    top, you'll find Raoul, Pablo and George. If you look up at the sky, you'll
    notice that the eclipse has already started.
    Once you have control of Nico, pick up the belt of rounds behind Pablo. Nico
    will then sneak back to the lift. After taking it, go back down. Next, head
    left to the steps of the pyramid and introduce yourself to the guards. They'll
    ask you why you're here, and it doesn't really matter which option you pick.
    Nico will be able to talk her way out of things easily.
    By the base of the steps there is an unlit torch. Pick it up and use it on
    Titipoco. He has a lighter, remember? Nico will automatically throw it into the
    fire. The sergent will become suspicious, but since he obviously has a weakness
    for pretty girls, he'll accept Nico's answer of a dropped cigarette butt.
    To REALLY make things interesting here, throw that round of ammunition you stole
    from Pablo on the fire. This will really freak out the guards, who will
    immediately run like scared mice. Pablo and Raoul will hear it as well, and
    become just as scared as the guards. Uh-oh... Pablo's coming down! o_o Nico
    will automatically ride the scaffolding lift up to the top of the pyramid. Sneak
    up behind Raoul and confront him. After the conversation, talk to George.
    The three will run inside the pyramid, but will quickly realize they have no
    idea what they're supposed to do. Look at the wall. There are two levers here.
    Pull both of them. Talk to George about it, maybe he has an idea? Oh wait, no,
    Nico does. So, they go over and pull the levers at the same time... falling
    into a trap door.
    You'll get a cutscene showing Raoul, Pablo and Raoul's mother showing up outside
    the pyramid. You'll also notice that the eclipse is almost full! Raoul will
    finally get the courage to stand up to his mom, and the scene will end.
    2.22 - Inside the Pyramid (Nico)
    There are two ways to complete this puzzle. There's the hard way, and then
    there's the extremely easy and funny way. First, I'll explain the hard way.
    There are two large discs here, each with eight pictures. Then, farther right,
    there are a handful of tiles, most of them on one wall and four of them
    on a right wall. To complete the puzzle, you need to push in each tile. Each
    tile on the main wall of them has two pictures. Line up the two pictures on
    the discs and then push in the tile.
    Now, the four tiles on the other side of wall are different. You'll notice that
    these actually have four pictures. What you need to do is line up the first
    two on the disc, push in the tile on the main wall, line up the next two
    pictures on the discs and then push in the four picture tile(and the other
    two picture tile if there is one). Hopefully this will work. Just repeat this
    until you're done.
    Now, this next method isn't exactly well known, but well... if you'd rather
    not do what is basically a really easy puzzle that's really drawn out, then do
    To complete the puzzle, simply click on the golden "tail" that's above the main
    wall of tiles. Nico will go over to the door and... shake her moneymakers?!
    Yep, you heard me right! Go try it! Now just go through the door!
    2.23 - Inside the Pyramid (George)
    We're getting closer... when you have control of George, pick up the torch
    and have Titipoco light it. Then, pull the lever to the left of the huge
    chair. You and Titipoco will go falling into different areas. When George
    comes to, he'll realise he's in a different part of the pyramid(obviously).
    First, pull the switch in the middle of the wall. A door will shut. Then,
    walk through the left doorway.
    Pull both of the levers on each side of the door here. Head inside and head
    through the next door as well. Pick up your dying torch and light the
    one to the left of the steps. Pick that one up and head down the stairs.
    At the bottom of the steps, pull the lever that's to the right of the
    staircase. Then, have George go down this new set of stairs.
    Hugging his piece of coal for good luck, George heads in. Congratulations!
    You've completed Broken Sword 2! Enjoy the ending.
    Section 3: Character Bios
                                    Table of Contents
                                   I: George Stobbart
                                  II: Nico Collard
                                 III: Andre Lobineau
                                  IV: Mountfaucon Waiter
                                   V: Flobbage
                                  VI: Japanese Girls
                                 VII: Art Critic
                                VIII: Glease
                                  IX: Watchman
                                   X: Twenty
                                  XI: Karzac
                                 XII: Pablo
                                XIII: Pearl
                                 XIV: Duane
                                  XV: Bertrund Oubier
                                 XVI: Conchita
                                XVII: General (Raoul)
                               XVIII: Renaldo
                                 XIX: Miguel
                                  XX: Father Hubert
                                 XXI: Shaman
                                XXII: Bronson
                               XXIII: Rio
                                XXIV: Frost
                                 XXV: Mina
                                XXVI: Emily
                               XXVII: Attendant
                              XXVIII: Haiku
                                XXIX: Director Hawks
                                 XXX: Harris
                                XXXI: Bert Savage
                               XXXII: Sharon Kowalski
                              XXXIII: Titipoco
                               XXXIV: Raoul's Mother (El Presidente)
    I: George Stobbart
    Incase you hadn't noticed, George is the main character of the Broken Sword
    series, along with Nico Collard of course. George is a quick witted and sharp
    guy who has seen his share of adventures. After saving the world in the
    first game, he left Paris to go see his dying father back in the 'states.
    However, he quickly came back a few months later to meet back up with Nico.
    II: Nico Collard
    Nico is a beautiful yet extremely intelligent French woman who is the co-main
    character of the Broken Sword series. She, along with George, managed to save
    the world in the first Broken Sword. After that, George had to leave her to go
    see his father. While George was away, Nico decided to have a little adventure
    of her own and tried to track down and stop a drug-smuggeling ring. However, she
    only managed to get herself into a lot of trouble.
    III: Andre Lobineau
    Nico likes him, George hates him... I am indifferent toward him. Andre is a
    history expert who also happens to be vying for Nico's heart, along with George.
    Sometimes he comes off as a bit smug and a bit... extremely insane. Even though
    that may be the case, it also rings true that much of what goes on during these
    adventures couldn't be possible without Andre's assistance.
    IV: Mountfaucon Waiter
    While he definitely doesn't have as much backstory as Nico or George, this guy
    is obviously disatisfied with his choice of a career, which is apparent with
    his lousy service.
    V: Flobbage
    In the first Broken Sword, George made his way through the sewer into this guy's
    house. Even under those strange circumstances, Flobbage still managed to have
    an upbeat and positive attitude, which can't exactly be said this time around.
    It appears that old Flobby lost his job at the 'force, and he just hasn't been
    the same since...
    VI: Japanese Girls
    They laugh at you, funny American!
    VII: Art Critic
    This guy is about as pleasant as a dead puppy in a garden full of rotten
    He's everything everyone hates about critics, plus an annoying accent. This guy
    can definitely use that absenthe that you give him...
    VIII: Glease
    Glease is the owner of the Glease Gallery in Paris. He keeps a suprisingly
    upbeat attitude, even with that critic inside his establishment. Although he
    could probably stand to update his hairstyle.
    IX: Watchman
    This un-named man is the watchman(suprise!) for the gate to the stuff at the
    Marseilles docks. He's definitely not afraid to speak his mind and definitely
    fit to be a
    watchman. Geez, did this guy get through the third grade? Who the hell talks
    like that?! His only companion is the guard dog, Twenty.
    X: Twenty
    Twenty is the watchdog that came with the job. The watchman couldn't think of
    a proper name, so he simply called him by his I.D. number. I guess the French
    government was experiencing a recession and had to cut back on the watchdog
    XI: Karzac
    Not too much is exactly known about Karzac. We do know that he has funded
    Professor Oubier's dig in Quaramonte and that he is likely employing Pablo.
    Other than that, we don't know too much.
    XII: Pablo
    Pablo is the Central American Indian who posed as Oubier's assistant at the
    beginning of the game and kidnapped Nico. He seems rather quick to anger is
    pretty impatient.
    XII: Pearl
    Pearl is the wife of Duane and a rather sweet woman. She first met George back
    in Syria during the first Broken Sword game. Funny, you'd think she might me
    a bit mad at George for selling her and Duane a piece of junk... She also has
    to put up with Duane. *shudder*
    XIV: Duane
    Duane is Pearl's husband. He is a retired greeting card salesman and lives in
    Ohio. He always think's he's on special missions from the government. No one
    can really say if he is or not...
    XV: Oubier
    Oubier is a famous archaeologist who specializes in Mayan artifacts. When you
    first start the game, he seems like a sinister, evil man, but once you meet
    him and a few things start to become clearer, you realise that he actually isn't
    that bad of a guy.
    XVI: Conchita
    Conchita owns the mining business in Quaramonte City. She's an independent
    and sort of sassy woman who seems to not like men that much... Maybe she was
    burned in the past?
    XVII: General
    The General, at first, comes off as a bit of a ladies man, but the second that
    his mother barges in on him when Nico is with him at his apartment, you know
    only the opposite is true. He is also very loyal to his mother the President,
    to the point where he doesn't do anything without her consent or without her
    saying so!
    XVIII: Ronaldo
    Ronaldo is the "general"'s assistant. One can only wonder why the hell he would
    want to do that. Maybe he wants a little authority? Maybe he wants to wave
    around a gun? One can only guess.
    XIX: Miguel
    MIguel is a very sad man, and for good reason. He was imprisoned on faulty
    charges and will soon be executed. Thankfully, George comes to the rescue, but
    you don't get to meet up with him later to see how things are going for him
    later on.
    XX: Father Hubert
    Father Hubert has been living in the jungle for eleven years now. He was sent
    to convert the peoples of these areas, but after the "monkey dance" he has just
    kind of kept to himself in his rather luxurious tree house. Playing his home
    made organ is one of his favorite activities, which will become painfully
    apparent after a while.
    XXI: Shaman
    The Shaman(or wiseman), according to the guards, lives on a higher plane than
    the rest of the villagers. I guess there might be a bit of truth to that as
    well, since he does have visions and stuff...
    XXII: Bronson
    This guy is greedy, selfish, a liar and a bastard. 'nuff said.
    XXIII: Rio
    Rio is the little boy who fishes on the dock at Ketch's Landing. I don't know
    why, but the two sisters just can't stand the thought of this kid being around
    their little relative. The kid seems really nice too! Maybe they're... aww
    I won't say it.
    XXIV: Frost
    Frost and Mina are descendants of Captain Ketch. But they insist he wasn't a
    pirate. Frost is the dominant sister of the pair, always telling Mina when to
    shut up and when to stop what she's doing. She also seems like the bigger
    bitch of the pair too!
    XXV: Mina
    Mina is definitely nicer than Frost, but that's not saying much. She gets
    bullied around by her sister as well, so you'd at least think she'd be angrier
    than her sister!
    XXVI: Emily
    Emily is the fun-loving, spunky relative of Mina and Frost. The sisters take
    care of her because her parents were killed in a typhoon when she was very
    young. This doesn't seem to have affected her too much, though, because she
    still plays and pulls pranks and other things that normal little girls do.
    XXVII: Attendant
    This Brit really seems to enjoy his work! He'll babble on and on and practically
    force you to listen to him explain certain things in the museum. You'd imagine
    more people would visit the British Museum in London, England for chrissakes!
    XXVIII: Haiku
    Haiku is the supposedly hottest young teen star in Hollywood at the moment.
    Even though from what you see in the game it doesn't seem like he could act his
    way out of a cardboard box... Apparently, his mother named him Haiku because he
    was 'so small and perfect, like a Japanese poem'. Aww, doesn't that just make
    you wanna throw up?
    XXIX: Director Hawks
    This guy was a mailcarrier before becoming a director. You don't ever
    really get to hear how he became a big-shot director, but I have a feeling it
    may have been by studying the Big Book o' Cliche's.
    XXX: Harris
    Harris, or as he has affectionately been nicknamed, "The Flash" is a Hollywood
    cameraman who doesn't seem to be going anywhere else anytime soon with his
    career. Anyone want to know how he was nicknamed "Flash" if it isn't because
    he's fast on foot? Didn't think so.
    XXXI: Bert Savage
    Bert is a Hollywood stunt man who has had a lot of experience in his many years.
    Somehow, he managed to land the role of the stuntman for the teenaged star
    of this movie, even though he's probably in his 50's and weighs twice as much
    as the star. He also seems kinda old to be doing stunts in general...
    XXXII: Sharon Kowalski
    This big booted, huge breasted actress is playing the role across from the
    main actor, Haiku. Good thing she got into acting, because it becomes extremely
    apparent after a few minutes with her that she isn't quite suited for much else.
    XXXIII: Titipoco
    At first, Titipoco was a bad little guy who helped kidnap Nico at the beginning
    of the game. But then, later on he gives up violence and helps Nico out! I
    guess there was some good in that guy after all.
    XXXIV: Raoul's Mother (El Presidente)
    Damn, is this woman a ***** or what? Aside from being the dictator of an unnamed
    Central American country, she treats her son like crap. She's even not beyond
    killing her own son for personal gains.
    Section 4: Item List
    This item list (hopefully) contains every single item in Broken Sword 2 that
    at one time or another calls your inventory "home". Use this list if you're
    not sure what the point of an item is.
    Item Name   :  Lipstick
    Description : "It was Nico's lipstick."
    Use         :  Give it to the Shaman.
    Location    :  Burning Room, Professor Oubier's House
    Item Name   :  Andre's Note
    Description : "It was the letter to Nico from that creep Lobineau. Sickening."
    Use         :  Just read it.
    Location    :  Burning Room, Professor Oubier's House
    Item Name   :  Panties
    Description : "It was a pair of red, lace trimmed panties decorated with a
                   large black satin heart."
    Use         :  Wrap them around the hot cylinder to pick it up.
    Location    :  Burning Room, Professor Oubier's House
    Item Name   :  Dart
    Description : "It was the poison dart that poisoned Nico. I had never known
                   anything to keep her quiet so effectively."
    Use         :  Pick the lock on the cabinet in the burning room with it.
                   Also used with mini-reed to take out the boar.
    Location    :  Burning Room, Professor Oubier's House
    Item Name   :  Small Pot
    Description : "The pot contained a key!"
                  "The red and yellow pot had black decorative markings shaped
                   like hands. Large, mutant hands anyway."
    Use         :  Look inside for a key.
    Location    :  Burning Room, Professor Oubier's House
    Item Name   :  Worm
    Description : "It was that itsy-bitsy tequila worm. I really must remember
                   to take it out of my pants before I send them to the laundry."
    Use         :  Give it to Rio in Ketch's Landing.
    Location    :  Burning Room, Professor Oubier's House
    Item Name   :  Small House Key
    Description : "It looked like a house key."
    Use         :  Use it to open the front door of Oubier's house.
    Location    :  Burning Room, Professor Oubier's House
    Item Name   :  Cylinder
    Description : "It was a small metal cylinder with a valve at one end."
    Use         :  Put it on the soda fountain to give it a little gas.
    Location    :  Burning Room, Professor Oubier's House
    Item Name   :  Charged-up Soda Fountain
    Description :  None
    Use         :  Extinguish the flames in the burning room with them.
    Location    :  Burning Room, Professor Oubier's House
    Item Name   :  Newspaper Clipping
    Description : "It was a newspaper clipping refering to an imminent eclipse.
                   Wrapped inside there was another piece of paper. It was an ATM
                   slip for his bank account."
    Use         :  Tells you about the eclipse and also contains the ATM slip.
    Location    :  Main Hall, Professor Oubier's House
    Item Name   :  ATM Slip
    Description : "It was Oubier's bank statement."
    Use         :  Use it to start the fire at the Tree House
    Location    :  Main Hall, Professor Oubier's House (inside Newspaper Clipping)
    Item Name   :  Absinthe
    Description : "It was the flask of absinthe that I borrowed from the guard."
    Use         :  Put two splashes of it in the critic's wine to make him tip over.
    Location    :  Cafe, Mountfaucon Square
    Item Name   :  Boat Hook
    Description : "It was a short wooden handled boat hook."
    Use         :  Too many to list
    Location    :  Docks, Marseilles
    Item Name   :  Bottle
    Description : "It wawx the beer bottle that slob of a watchman had thrown into
                   the sea. It was now full of murky water. The label read "Surge -
                   The beer that clears your head."
    Use         :  Cool down the chimney with the water inside. Also used to block
                   the chimney.
    Location    :  Docks, Marseilles
    Item Name   :  Label
    Description : "It was the label I'd found in the Glease Gallery"
    Use         :  George uses it to find out where he needs to go.
    Location    :  Glease Gallery
    Item Name   :  Chimney Cone
    Description : "It was the metal cone I'd taken from the chimney of the
                   watchman's hut."
    Use         :  Put it under the pressing machine when you liquify the root.
    Location    :  Docks, Marseilles
    Item Name   :  Dog Biscuits
    Description : "It was the box of biscuits I'd taken from the watchmans hut.
                   'Gourmet Dog: The snack your dog would make himself'. Sure! Like
                   I'd let my dog into the kitchen. There was a cute picture of a
                   boxer wearing oven mitts on the front."
                  "It was the box of biscuits I had taken from the watchman's hut.
                   "This product has not been tested on animals"."
    Use         :  Use them to lure the guard dog onto the platform.
                   Also used to gain access to the village.
    Location    :  Docks, Marseilles
    Item Name   :  Piece of Coal
    Description : "It was my lucky piece of coal."
    Use         :  It's good luck.
    Location    :  Docks, Marseilles
    Item Name   :  Small Brass Key
    Description : "It was a small brass key."
    Use         :  Use it to remove the little Indian's manacles.
    Location    :  Warehouse, Marseilles
    Item Name   :  Manacles
    Description : "It was the set of manacles I had removed from the little Indian's
    Use         :  Use them on the cable to escape the warehouse.
    Location    :  Warehouse, Marseilles
    Item Name   :  Statue
    Description : "It was a flint carving of a grotesque figure with large evil
                   later becomes:
                   "It was the flint statue of Tezcatlipoca I'd found in
    Use         :  Use it against the water wheel at the Tree House to start the
    Location    :  Warehouse, Marseilles
    Item Name   :  Rope
    Description : "It was the rope the Indian had use to tie Nico to the chair.
                   Boy, what a souvenier."
    Use         :  Tie it to the statue and the pulley.
    Location    :  Warehouse, Marseilles
    Item Name   :  Masking Tape
    Description :  It was the strip of masking tape which the big Indian had used to
                   bound Nico.
    Use         :  Use it to block the elevator's beam.
    Location    :  Warehouse, Marseilles
    Item Name   :  Black Obsidian Stone
    Description : "It was the black obsidian stone which had been sent to Nico. One
                   side bore the image of a dog's head. The other side was black."
    Use         :  Put it in the empty box and show it to the Shaman.
    Location    :  Given to you by Andre in the Glease Gallery
    Item Name   :  Detonator
    Description : "It was the detonator I'd taken from the mining company's office."
    Use         :  Give it to Duane.
    Location    :  Mining Company Office, Quaramonte City
    Item Name   :  Noose
    Description : "It was the piece of rope which Renaldo had given to Miguel."
    Use         :  Give it to Duane.
    Location    :  Police Station, Quaramonte City
    Item Name   :  Vine Rope
    Description : "It was a length of rope made of twisted and knotted vines."
    Use         :  Use it on the "pressing machine".
    Location    :  Tree House, Jungle
    Item Name   :  Unpressed Collar
    Description : "It was Father Hubert's collar. He wanted me to press it for him."
    Use         :  Put it in the "pressing machine".
    Location    :  Tree House, Jungle
    Item Name   :  Pressed Collar
    Description : "It was Father Hubert's collar. And very nicely pressed it was
    Use         :  Give it to Hubert.
    Location    :  Tree House, Jungle
    Item Name   :  Large Wooden Cross
    Description :  None
    Use         :  Use it on the "pressing machine".
    Location    :  Tree House, Jungle
    Item Name   :  Empty Box
    Description : "The box was completely empty."
    Use         :  Put the obsidian stone in it.
    Location    :  Was once "Dog Biscuits"
    Item Name   :  Box w/ Mayan Stone
    Description : "The box contained the mayan stone."
    Use         :  Send it in to the shaman.
    Location    :  Village, Jungle
    Item Name   :  Root
    Description : "It was the root which would cure Nico's snake bite."
    Use         :  Liquify it using the pressing machine and give it to Nico.
    Location    :  Village, Jungle
    Item Name   :  Chimney Cone w/ Root Juice
    Description :  None
    Use         :  Cure Nico with it!
    Location    :  Tree House, Jungle
    Item Name   :  Old Inner Tuber
    Description : "It was the old inner tube from the bicycle that Rio had fished
                   from the sea. Three feet of slightly perished rubber. Bound to
                   be useful for something."
    Use         :  Put it at the end of the flagpole at Ketch's Landing
    Location    :  Dock, Ketch's Landing
    Item Name   :  Fish
    Description : "The fish was wet and slimy and decidedly dead."
    Use         :  Put it on the end of the old inner tube.
    Location    :  Given to you by Rio at Ketch's Landing
    Item Name   :  Red Ball
    Description : "It was the ball I stole from the cat."
    Use         :  Knock the theodolite thing off of the flagpole with it.
    Location    :  Outside Ketch Museum, Ketch's Landing
    Item Name   :  Theodolite Marker
    Description : "It was the electric marker Bronson used with his theodolite."
    Use         :
    Location    :  Outside Ketch Museum, Ketch's Landing
    Item Name   :  Plans
    Description : "It was Bronson's plans for the Hotel from Hell."
    Use         :  Show them to the sisters.
    Location    :  Beach, Ketch's Landing
    Item Name   :  Theodolite
    Description : "It was Bronson's theodolite."
    Use         :  Use it to find Ketch's treasure on Hump hill.
    Location    :  Beach, Ketch's Landing
    Item Name   :  Nico's Bag
    Description : "There was nothing very useful in my bag, just a single hairclip."
                  "There was nothing useful in the bag."
    Use         :  Look in it to discover a hairclip.
    Location    :  Nico's Inventory
    Item Name   :  Hairclip
    Description : "It was a hairclip."
    Use         :  Use it to get a penny from the chocolate machine.
    Location    :  Nico's Bag
    Item Name   :  Display Case Key
    Description : "It was the key to the museum display cabinet."
    Use         :  Use it to get the dagger.
    Location    :  British Museum, London
    Item Name   :  Obsidian Dagger
    Description : "It was an obsidian dagger - thin and razor sharp."
    Use         :  Use it to open the door behind the pink curtain.
    Location    :  British Museum, London
    Item Name   :  Quill
    Description : "It was the quill I'd found in the Ketch Museum."
    Use         :  Have the cat shread them.
    Location    :  Ketch Museum, Ketch's Landing
    Item Name   :  Shredded Feathers
    Description : "The quill had been torn into small pieces."
    Use         :  Give them to Rio.
    Location    :  Outside Ketch Museum, Ketch's Landing
    Item Name   :  Conch
    Description : "It was the conch shell that Rio had given me."
    Use         :  Give it to Emily.
    Location    :  Docks, Ketch's Landing
    Item Name   :  Cross
    Description : "Ketch's crucifix was encrusted with precious gems."
    Use         :  Put it in Ketch's desk.
    Location    :  Ketch Museum, Ketch's Landing
    Item Name   :  Lantern
    Description :  None
    Use         :  Put it in the ink well of the desk in the Ketch Museum.
    Location    :  Ketch Museum, Ketch's Landing
    Item Name   :  Pirate Ship Chart
    Description :  None
    Use         :  Put it on the desk that Emily is standing next to.
    Location    :  Ketch Museum, Ketch's Landing
    Item Name   :  Fishing NEt
    Description : "It was Rio's fishing net."
    Use         :  Use it to climb the cliff on Zombie Island.
    Location    :  Beach, Zombie Island
    Item Name   :  Penny
    Description : "It was an old English penny coin. On one side was Britannia
                   looking very virginal and matrimonial. On the other side was
                   King Henry VI, looking much the same."
    Use         :  Put it in the weighing machine to get a ticket.
    Location    :  Abandoned Station, London
    Item Name   :  Ticket
    Description : "The weight was in imperial units; It meant nothing to me. The
                   card also had my fortune on it: A family quarrel will soon
                   turn into an advantage."
    Use         :  Use it to open the cupboard
    Location    :  Abandoned Station, London
    Item Name   :  Reed
    Description : "It was a short, hollow reed."
    Use         :  Put it in the "creatures" lair.
    Location    :  Swampy Area, Zombie Island
    Item Name   :  Mini-Reed
    Description : "The reed was a lot shorter since that creature had savaged it."
    Use         :  Use it to take out the boar(using a dart).
    Location    :  Forest, Zombie Island
    Item Name   :  Dart + Reed Combo
    Description : "The poison dart was loosely lodged inside the reed."
    Use         :  Use it to take down the boar.
    Location    :  Made from dart and mini-reed.
    Item Name   :  Theodolite Net
    Description : "The electronic marker was wrapped up in the net."
    Use         :  Combine it with the creeper.
    Location    :  Made from net and theodolite marker.
    Item Name   :  Creeper
    Description :  None
    Use         :  Combine it with the theodolite net.
    Location    :  Obelisk, Zombie Island
    Item Name   :  Mop
    Description :  None
    Use         :  Use it to lock the patrolling guard in the closet.
    Location    :  Docks, London
    Item Name   :  Pancake
    Description : "It was a plain pancake."
    Use         :  Put syrup on it.
    Location    :  Movie Set, Zombie Island
    Item Name   :  Stale Bun
    Description : "It was a stale bun which could have easily passed for a rock."
    Use         :  Throw it in the bush with the white flowers.
    Location    :  Movie Set, Zombie Island
    Item Name   :  Syrup
    Description : "It was a pot of maple syrup."
    Use         :  Put some on the pancake.
    Location    :  Movie Set, Zombie Island
    Item Name   :  Syrupy Pancake
    Description : "It was a pancake covered in maple syrup."
    Use         :  Give it to Savage.
    Location    :  Made from syrup and pancake.
    Item Name   :  Shades
    Description : "They were George's shades."
    Use         :  Not much!
    Location    :  Village, Jungle
    Item Name   :  Jaguar Stone
    Description : "It was the Jaguar Stone which I found in London."
    Use         :  Used automatically.
    Location    :  Docks, London
    Item Name   :  Underwear
    Description : "They were lovely underpants, really."
    Use         :  Nico can give them to George after the game.
    Location    :  Village, Jungle
    Item Name   :  Cylinder
    Description : "It was a small, screw-fit cylindrical housing."
    Use         :  Fill it with fuel and put the fuel in the fuel cap.
    Location    :  Base of Pyramid
    Item Name   :  Rope
    Description :  N/A
    Use         :  Put it on the engine after having Titipoco throw it over the top
                   of the scaffolding.
    Location    :  Base of Pyramid
    Item Name   :  Cylinder w/ Fuel
    Description :  None
    Use         :  Put the fuel in the fuel cap of the engine.
    Location    :  Base of Pyramid (after filling Cylinder with fuel)
    Item Name   :  Unlit Torch
    Description :  N/A
    Use         :  Have Titipoco light it.
    Location    :  Base of Pyramid
    Item Name   :  Lit Torch
    Description :  N/A
    Use         :  Nico automatically throws it into the fuel.
    Location    :  Base of Pyramid
    Item Name   :  Round of Ammunition
    Description : "It was a round of ammunition."
    Use         :  Throw it into the fire.
    Location    :  Top of Pyramid
    Item Name   :  Unlit Torch (2)
    Description :  None
    Use         :  Have Titipoco light it.
    Location    :  Inside Pyramid (George)
    Item Name   :  Lit Torch (2)
    Description :  None
    Use         :  It illuminates the area!
    Location    :  Inside Pyramid (George)
    Item Name   :  Unlit Torch (3)
    Description :  None
    Use         :  Light it with your lit torch (2).
    Location    :  Inside Pyramid (George)
    Item Name   :  Lit Torch (3)
    Description :  None
    Use         :  Lights up the area.
    Location    :  Inside Pyramid (George)
    Section 5: Extra Stuff
    5.1 - Thank You's
    I just want to thank CJayC, for creating such a great site, my family and
    all of my friends, everyone who has ever e-mailed me saying that my guides
    were helpful, to all of the contributors who have written awesome guides and
    reviews and finally God.
    Copyright (C) 2004 Alex Pawlenty

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