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    Walkthrough by odino

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                   //   ) )                                             
                  //___/ /   __      ___     / ___      ___       __    
                 / __  (   //  ) ) //   ) ) //\ \     //___) ) //   ) ) 
                //    ) ) //      //   / / //  \ \   //       //   / /  
               //____/ / //      ((___/ / //    \ \ ((____   //   / /   
                                                               ___   ___ ___   ___ 
         //   ) )                                                 / /       / /    
        ((                      ___      __      ___   /         / /       / /     
          \\     //  / /  / / //   ) ) //  ) ) //   ) /         / /       / /      
            ) ) //  / /  / / //   / / //      //   / /         / /       / /       
     ((___ / / ((__( (__/ / ((___/ / //      ((___/ /       __/ /___  __/ /___
    The                          /\
      ___/\___      ___   __  __(__) __  _______
    _/  __/\  \/\  /   \ |  |/  ___\/  \/   ___/
    \___ \_/     \/ _/\ \| _/  /|  |    \  / ____
    _/  | \   \/  \ \_/  / \_  \|  |  |  \ \/  _/
    \  ___/\__||   \____/|  |\__/__|__|   \_   |
     \/        |____/    |__|         |____/|__| /\
                                        ___     (__)_____________  ___________
                                        \  \/\  |  |____  \____  \/   \_____  \
                                       _/     \ |  | _|/  / _|/  / _/\ \__|/  /
                                       \   \/  \|  | \_   \_\_   \_\_/  /\_   \_
                                        \__||   |__|  |\___/ |\___/____/  |\___/
                                            |____/ |__|   |__|         |__|
    Version:        1.0     released on the 14th of February 2007
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.
    | .========================================================================. |
    | |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
    | '========================================================================' |
    | 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
    | 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
    | 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
    | YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
    | ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to 'Broken Sword II - The Smoking Mirror' for the PC, released by
    Virgin Interactive in 1997. The 'II' is dropped for the US version. The game
    is the sequel to 'Shadows of the Templars', called 'Circle of Blood' in the
    Suggestions, comments or errors - tell me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    The game is controlled with the mouse.
    In general, left clicking is for interaction and right clicking is for looking
    at things. The pointing will automatically change into the appropriate icon for
    talking or taking items. The mouth is for speaking to people. The hand icon is
    for walking around, it might tell you that the screen goes further to the side
    if it waves you over. If it points to somewhere then you can go to that area
    but it is another screen. Double clicking on these hotspots will automatically
    take you there without having to watch your character walking all the way.
    At the top of the screen is a menu with five different features. Settings let
    you change things like sound and subtitles. I prefer to have the music a little
    lower than the default as it often makes the speech hard to hear. The Windows
    button will quit to Windows, as in Exit the Game. The arrow pointing towards
    the disk means Saving the Game, conversely the arrow pointing away is for
    Restoring the Game. Finally, the last button (circle) is for restarting the
    game from the beginning if you wish to do so. Don't worry, it will ask you to
    confirm if you managed to hit this button my mistake.
    At the bottom of the screen is your inventory. Click on items with the left
    mouse button to use them on something. Right click to look at them. George and
    Nico will tell you more about the item.
    You can die in this game, so safe often. You cannot get stuck by forgetting to
    do something early on in the gam so if you died then you must have done
    something wrong in the last part of the game you are currently in.
    The walkthrough skips a lot of dialogue and only does what is required to
    advance the game. To fully enjoy the game you might want to look at everything,
    talk to everybody and try out many combinations of items. It will greatly
    enhance your gaming experience rather than skipping through to the end in a
    couple of hours.
    For this guide I will be using a simply talk set-up, that you simply click on
    the icons in ()s as they appear. For example: Talk to Nico (Purse) means you
    should talk to her, then choose the purse picture from the menu below.
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
    Oubier's House:
    After the introduction, look at the book case behind. Kick the block away that
    is behind your chair and holding the case. With that out of the way, untie
    yourself on the metal bracket that was behind the case.
    Open the writing bureau on the left. Try to drink the tequila bottle. Pick up
    the worm that was inside off the floor. Open the drawer in the bureau to find a
    pot. Grab Nico's purse and the dart that was used on her. Using this dart, open
    the cabinet near the fire. Take the panties from Nico's bag and pick up the
    cylinder inside the cabinet. Place the cylinder inside the syphon nearby and
    extinguish the flames. Open the door and head downstairs.
    Grab the news cutting next to the phone and read it to find a bank statement.
    Read that too and call Lobineau. Look at the pot you picked up earlier to find
    the key. Use it on the main door to leave this place.
    Attempt to get the waiters attention. On the second try he will come over but
    won't have much usefulness. Instead this is the point where Lobinaeu will show
    up. Talk to Lobineau (Pot). End the conversation. Speak to the man on the other
    table (Man, Man) and steal his flask. Leave towards the gallery.
    Glease Gallery:
    Walk left and fill some of the flask into the man's glass. Do it again to knock
    him out. When Glease runs over, walk left and examine the packaging cases in
    the back. Take the label off and speak to Glease.
    Walk towards the hut and look inside the window. End the conversation and walk
    down the steps on the side. Pick up the hook on the right, then use it on the
    bottle in the water. Return up the stairs and use the bottle on the small
    smoking chimney. Take the cap off and use the bottle once more. When the man
    runs out of the hut, walk down the stairs and up the trapdoor. Take the
    biscuits and go back down. Place a biscuit on the platform on the left and when
    the dog has come closer, use the hook on the platform. Return up the stairs and
    climb over the fence.
    Go all the way left and climb up the ladder. Look through the window, then use
    the hook on the fan. Go back down and knock on the door. Talk to the guy
    (Label) and quickly climb up the ladder again. Shimmy right and operate the
    clamp. When the guy comes over, operate the clamp once more. Enter the
    Inside the desk drawer is a small key. Walk right and talk to the small guy
    (Key). Push the button to call the elevator. At the top, push the nearby crate
    into the sensors so the elevator stays here. Push the switch on the right to
    get more light in the room. Walk left and look at the scratch marks on the
    floor. Thus, open the secret door in the wall. Collect the fetish and free
    Nico. Don't forge to take the piece of tape she left behind. Use this tape on
    the elevator sensors. Push the crate back out, then push the small crate from
    the other large one. Move the large one out of the way to operate the pallet
    carrier. Wrap the rope around the statue and then around the pulley. Lower the
    pallet carrier and attempt to push the statue. Talk to Nico (Statue) to get
    Walk outside the smashed door. Use the manacles on the cable to get down.
    Talk to the band (Miguel, Music, Accident). Talk to Pearl, the American tourist
    (Duane, Duane, Duane). Enter the police station behind her and talk to the
    General (Oubier, Oubier). Leave, don't bother talking to Nico and go right to
    speak to Oubier instead (Oubier).
    Go left to where you started and go up the stairs to the mining office. Talk to
    Conchita (Accident, Accident, Accident, Oubier). Return to Duane's truck and
    talk to him (Music, Miguel, Truck, Truck, Miguel). Speak to Conchita
    (Detonator) and then talk to Nico (Chart, Chart). Enter the police station once
    again and chat with the General (Nico).
    Talk to Renaldo (Pyramids, Pyramids). Speak to Pearl outside (Pyramids) and
    they will leave together. Examine the chart and return to Conchita (Chart).
    Open the cupboard behind her desk for a detonator. Speak to Duane (Detonator).
    Back in the police station, enter the cell block and talk to Miguel.
    As Nico, look at the Portrait, TV, Swordfish and Lava Lamp. Talk to the General
    (Portrait, TV, Swordfish, Lava Lamp).
    Talk to Miguel (Noose, Noose) and use the rope on the cell bars. Give the other
    end to Duane outside.
    Pick up the vine from the washing machine. Place the bank statement in the
    leaves next to it and then insert the fetish in the water wheel. Talk to the
    priest (Nico, Root, Root). Use his collar on the press to the left, then place
    the vine around the round stones. Pick up the large wooden cross and use it on
    the press. Take the collar and give it to the priest. Talk to him (Root).
    Speak to the guard (Nico, Priest, Shaman). Give him the biscuits. When he
    returns, place the Mayan stone inside the biscuit box and give it to the guard.
    Talk to the Shaman (Nico, Nico, Root, Stones, Jaguar Stone, Eagle Stone,
    Stones, Root).
    Place the cone underneath the press and then place the root on the press. Use
    the cross to press it as before. Pick up the cone and go up the ladder.
    Ketch's Landing:
    Talk to the boy on the docks. End the conversation and go up the steps. Extend
    the ladder and attempt to enter the building. Talk to the ladies (Cat, Cat,
    Rio, Rio, Rio, Emily). Return to the beach and give Rio (Fish, Emily). Give him
    the worm and wait a while. Speak to him again (Fish, Fish) and take the inner
    tube from the broken bicycle. Return to speak to the ladies (Emily, Emily).
    Climb up the ladder when they have gone, then attach the inner tube to the flag
    pole. Talk to Rio at the docks for the fish. Hang the fish on the inner tube.
    Grab the ball while the cat is distracted. Grab the inner tube again. Place it
    on the tree behind where the ladies were sitting. Use the ball on the catapult
    you built. While Bronson is on the flag pole, retract the ladder. Pick up the
    marker and head down to the beach. Get the plans and the theodolite, then
    return to the house. Show the plans to the ladies.
    British Museum:
    Go right and look inside the cabinet here. Speak to the attendant (Jaguar
    Stone). Talk to Oubier when he shows up (Jaguar Stone). Speak to the attendant
    again (Jaguar Stone). Grab the key from the empty cabinet and use it on the one
    near the phone. Take out the dagger and remove the key again. Talk to the
    attendant (Ship) and show him the key. When he's gone, slide the curtain away
    and open the door with the dagger.
    Ketch's Landing:
    Pick up the quill from the desk. Take the lantern and place it on the ink well
    on the desk. Look at the portrait on the right side. Grab the chart and place
    it on the square recess on the desk as well. Open up the treasure chest to find
    Emily (Cross, Cross).
    Outside, give the quill to the cat and pick up the shred instead. Down at the
    docks, talk to Rio (Emily, Sister, Shred). Hand over the conch to Emily for the
    cross. Place the cross in the pen holder on the desk. Talk to Rio (Treasure,
    Treasure, Zombie) to leave this place.
    London Underground:
    Look inside your purse to find the hairclip. On the left side, use the clip on
    the vending machine's coin slot. Take out the coin from the reject slot at the
    bottom. Insert the coin for a chocolate bar. Take the bar and the coin. Now use
    it on the weight machine for a card. Open up the cupboard with the dagger and
    help out with the card when it's stuck. Push the red button to call the tube
    Zombie Island:
    Walk through the top right exit. Pick up the reeds in the center and go right.
    Use the reeds on the dark lair. Return to the start and take the lower right
    path. When you see the wild animal, place the dart inside the reeds and shoot
    at it. Quickly grab the branch above so that it runs north through the jungle.
    Continue right and go north in the next screen.
    Take off the creeper and place the marker on the net. Place this inside the
    creeper and put it back on the rock. Return to the path you opened up a moment
    ago and follow it.
    At the top of the mountain, place the theodolite in the small holes and look
    through it. A little bit to the right side are a few pillar rocks. Underneath
    should be the shiny marker you placed. Look at it, then the tall pillar behind
    it. Walk down the north side of the mountain, not where you came from.
    First creep left to the next crate. When the guard has passed the ramp going
    right, quickly climb up the ladder of the boat. After he passed again, go do
    and open the cupboard. Quickly go back up the ladder. The guard will go inside
    to check what is going on, so close the door behind him. Use the mop to lock
    it. Look inside the porthole to the right.
    Inside, check if Oubier is still alive and then take the Jaguar Stone. During
    the struggle, use the knife on the attacker.
    Zombie Island:
    Talk to the boy actor (Actor, Actor). After the scene is finished, grab a bun,
    syrup and pancake off the caterer table. Squirt some syrup on the pancake and
    give it to the stuntman who is taking over the scene. Throw the bun into the
    bush next to them. Take another bun and do the same.
    Speak to Hawks (Cave). Attempt to take the handheld camera. Talk to Hawks again
    Pick up the underpants near the village entrance. Talk to Titipoco (Sunglasses,
    George). Attempt to take the Mayan Stone, then attempt to push over the barrel
    nearby. Talk to Titipoco again (Barrel) and grab the Mayan stone.
    Examine the gantry and pick up the rope. Talk to Titipoco (Rope). Take the rope
    ends he throws down and wrap it around the engine. Take the cylinder out from
    the generator. Slice the fuel line with the dagger and dump some fuel into the
    cylinder. Fill up the engine's fuel cap with the cylinder fuel. Pull the lever
    and then push the red button. Talk to Titipoco (Lever), step on the elevator
    and talk to him to get up to the top.
    Grab the ammunition belt and go back down the elevator. Walk left towards the
    guards. Answer anything to get out of trouble and then grab the nearby torch.
    Get Titipoco to light it and then chuck it on the fuel spill. Throw the
    ammunitions belt into the fire.
    Interact with to the General. Free George. Inside the pyramid, attempt to pull
    both levels and then talk to George (Lever).
    To solve the puzzle you need to press all four buttons on the far right side.
    All buttons consist of two other button combinations as seen on the other
    tablet. So you will need to press those two first before you can lock in the
    one on the right. To get the first two pushed in, select them with the two
    large wheels. The icon on the left is pointing right while the icon on the
    right must be pointing left. When they are both in the center together, push in
    the large plate. After the second one is ready, push it in too. Now that you
    have the two plates that make up the one on the right, push it in too. The four
    plates for the exit door will stay in place, but you can only have two icons on
    the left side at the same time. When you select another one then another one
    will be unselected again. This whole process will take out around five to two
    minutes to complete. Just keep in mind that you can you cycle through the
    wheels in both directions. One plate is a little confusing as it shows the
    inside to be both white and blue but that background is suppose to be just
    blue. When done, exit through the door.
    George should take the torch and talk to Titipoco (Fire). Pull the lever. Pick
    up the torch here and light the one on the right wall. Pull the lever and go
    through the left door. Pull the rightmost level and walk through the door. Pull
    the lever where you came out from and go through the next door. Enter the next
    staircase. Pull yet another lever and descend to the bottom.
                                       THE END
    YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00
    v1.0     First version, walkthrough only (14th of February 2007)
    ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00
    GameFAQs for hosting this file.
    Revolution Software for the game.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.        ,,,
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