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    Boss FAQ by WWalker

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    For Sega PC
    Copyright 2001, Clasher. All rights reserved. Any plagiarism will be dealt with promptly.
    E-mail address: j-d-walker@worldnet.att.net .
    The first boss you have to fight is a huge version of the snail enemies in scene 3. He'll "attack"
    by sliding toward you at the speed of a 500-pound mouse :) . Just jump on him three times. He
    will now retreat into his shell, and start flying. He'll try to land on you, but is EXTREMELY
    easy to avoid. Just keep moving. After five misses (at least they'd BETTER be misses) he'll
    come back down. The pattern is the same: Every time he comes down he'll start crawling around
    faster, and you must hit him one more time than the last time. Here are his air attacks:
    (2): He'll stay stationary and drop three bombs off toward you that explode after the second
    bounce. Simply get as far away as you can.
    (3): He'll fly in a line, dropping bombs that you must slip between. Probably the toughest attack.
    (4): Similar to (1), only now he'll drop bombs in batches of three, so you must move more
    (5): He'll stay stationary and drop bombs, but when they explode you must jump over the shock
    waves that go outward.
    (6): He'll explode, you'll rescue one of your friends, get to play a dragonfly bonus stage maybe,
    and move on to...
    Oh, this is PATHETIC :( . All this giant lizard does is move back and forth, trying to hit you with
    his tongue. Stay on one of the catapults and it'll miss, always. Then he'll go to the center, and
    two rocks fall from the sides. They'll help you soon, but for now, getting hit by them causes and
    Excedrin headache, so run under them. Then catapult them into the background by jumping on
    their catapult so they hit the lizard on the head. Keep bashing him and after nine hits, he's
    through, and you're ready to explore...
    I hate this guy, I hate this guy, wait, you're probably almost out of lives, because Splot is so hard,
    so I'll get to the point. The first thing you should do is the only thing you can: get the green spit
    gob and ride right. He'll appear in the background, but you can't hurt him yet. The reason this
    guy is so hard is because your bug juice doesn't matter, as one hit will knock you into the water.
    Anyway, wait until the platform stops, then stand in the center.
    He'll now rise up on one side, lunge at you, and go back down. When he comes up, immediately
    run to the opposite side, and as he lunges, let him have it with your spit. After 20 or so hits (or
    about three or four lunges) he'll start appearing on either side or behind you, and spitting a blue
    drop at you. If he appears in the back, simply dodge the drop. If he appears on either side, stand
    in the center and the drop goes right over your head. Oh yeah, keep pelting him with your spittle
    After 10 or so hits, the platform shakes and sinks. To avoid following its example you must
    bounce on the monster itself as it moves right. you'll find another, smaller platform. Spitting him
    simply won't work now, as you can't avoid death and hit him at the same time. Instead, as he
    rises up jump and hit the bugger thrice, then bounce back to the platform. (Man, they did a good
    job on those roaring noises :) ). After 20 more hits you'll start moving right.
    This is probably the hardest part, as he'll appear either behind or before you. If he appears
    behind, jump just as his drop hits the platform and *hopefully* you'll survive. If he appears in
    your face, duck down by pressing D and his drop goes right where it should - over your head.
    You can hit him but it's useless. Eventually, if you're still alive, the platform stops, and he'll
    repeat the lunge attack *again*, only (surprise!) faster. Jump and hit the monster thrice each time
    he rises, and after 20 hits he'll sink for good and you're on a one-way trip to...
    Hmmm... this is my favorite boss in the whole game! It's not too hard, and it's fun. Next up on
    Cadavra's payroll is a cousin of the giant squid in 20,000 Leagues. The squid itself can't hurt
    you, but its tentacles will grab passing tiger fish and fling them at you (I couldn't possibly make
    this up, folks...) To compound your troubles is an incredibly annoying crab that walks on the
    platform. Beat him and soon a ping-pong paddle appears. Grab it and press S to swing.
    Stand right next to where a fish is about to fly by, and as it flies by, let it have it with your
    paddle. It'll knock back and if you're REALLY lucky, hit the squid on the head. This only works
    once out of ten tries, but then again, you have unlimited time, and it only takes three hits to make
    the guy disappear. While you're twiddling your thumbs, suddenly it appears right in front of you!
    The four tentacles now come up through the floor. When they swish you must dodge them. Then
    before they go down, hit one once, then hit it again when it comes back up. After five hits a
    tentacle is with Earnhardt. Yep, you guessed it - after taking out all four, another one bites the
    dust, and you're ready to button up your overcoat, put your mittens to the controller, and enter...
    Ah, another fun one. First go right and the abominable snowman blasts out of his icy prison. Go
    along the obvious path but watch out when he tries to jump at you. Soon you'll come to an area
    with four ledges you must climb by riding the moving platforms at the end of each one. That
    would be easy enough, but AB is doing his best to stop you by chucking snowballs in your
    direction. Keep moving and you'll be okay.
    Soon you'll reach a ledge you'll stay on for the rest of the battle. It has four mushrooms that
    reappear shortly after use. AB will attack by walking toward you like the lumbering brute he is.
    Just hit his pathetic skull. After four hits he'll change his pattern to a jumping one. If this is his
    best, I'd really hate to see what his worst is, just bounce on the mushrooms and come on the
    guy's head. After four hits, he'll change again.
    He'll now jump into the background, and throw a snowball that smashes into five when it hits the
    ground (and hopefully not you). Then he'll jump forward - hit him NOW. Four more hits and
    he'll go back to pattern 1, only MUCH faster. Simply jump on him. Give me a break. After four
    more hits, he'll take some steroids and gain some serious muscle mass. I guess this proves that
    size isn't everything, as it's still the same - bash his head by bouncing or even jumping up there.
    Four more hits puts him out of his misery and you in...
    OK, final boss! First do the obvious: ride the small platform to the larger one, and walk in front
    of Cadavra. She'll start swinging back and forth, and neither of you can hurt each other. Soon
    she'll attack by releasing some little beetle enemies. I like to jump on them, it's fun. Oh, and
    when she plunks herself down in the middle of the platform, she's a sitting duck, so hit her. You
    must do this QUICKLY.
    After five hits she'll change her pattern to one where she pulls out two machine guns and starts
    straffing the floor. To dodge this, stand right below her. You should do fine. Again, bonk her
    crowned head as she does a very foolish Body Slam to the platform. Five more hits and we're on
    to phase three, which is a major pain - she'll release the beetles, AND use her guns. Your only
    way of surviving when she uses the guns is to stay below her and make small jumps to avoid the
    beetles. Should you stay alive and manage to get five hits, we'll enter the absolutely final section
    of the game.
    The platform you're on sinks, and to avoid doing the same you must jump on some more sinking
    platforms to the right (don't worry about Cadavra, she can't hurt you). You'll come to an area
    with a ledge behind it. Cadavra hits the wall... errr... floor... and releases two beetles. Obviously,
    hit her, but be aware that she does it much faster now. After vie hits, she'll land on the ledge
    behind you. Ride the elevator up and you'll automatically finish her (and the game) off.
    Enjoy Bug! And good luck!

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