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"From Triceratops to T-Rex, all species will love this game!"

Introduction- Carnivores is pretty much a hunting game, and also the beginning of a great series. This is a prehistoric hunting game in which you must kill every dino for the planets resources. Venture out into the great planet armed with a weapon, a radar, a cover scent spray, and a jungle camo to sneak around and hunt your prey, the dinosaurs.

Story 8/10- A planet has been discovered containing a prehistoric type of terrain and creatures called Dinosaurs. The founders have started a group called DinoCorp and was hiring hunters to bring down the dinos so the planet could be stripped of its resources. Your job is to hunt plant-hungry herbivores to vicious carnivores. You have now entered the journey of a lifetime!

Gameplay 10/10- Before you enter the dangerous jungles and brutal deserts of the planet, you must grab your supplies: A weapon, a radar, a jungle or desert camo, and a bottle of cover scent spray. Then you must decide on what dinosaurs you want to hunt. Then you must pick the area that you wish to hunt. later on, when you hunt and kill more dinosaurs, you will level up. there are 3 levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert. When you level up, you get more weapons, levels, and huntable dinos. After every thing is settled, you go hunting into the new unexplored world. You can also use special tools built into your camo: binoculars, a dino call, and a dino identifier are just some of the many features that your camo holds. When you do see the particular dinosaur that you are hunting, you must shoot it in its weakspot. It will tell you the dinos weakspot if you simply press the weakspot button on the dino select screen before you start hunting. If you shoot it in the weakspot, it should die. The DinoCorp Aviation Drone will then come and pick up your dinosaur, and then stuff it. When you are done hunting, you may go to the trophy room to see the newly stuffed dinosaur. you may keep 24 trophies at a time. Also, you don't need the disc in the computer to play the game.

Graphics 7/10- The graphics are nicely made: the terrain looks like actual dirt, the dinosaurs look pretty realistic, and even the little things, like the trees and mountains, are nicely detailed. The only thing about the graphics that lowers its score is the glitchiness. The graphics can be pretty rough and crude at times.

Sound 8/10- The sound is pretty good too. The dinosaurs roar sound very realistic, as if it was being heard in a movie. The sound isn't glitchy and buggy and their isn't any music, ehich lets you concentrate on your hunt. the only problem is the sound is that, depending on what type of computer you use, the sound doesn't always work properly until you exit and rerun the program again.

Replaybility 10/10- I got this games a few years ago, and i still play it today. this game was made to be played over, and over, and over, and over again until you get tired!

Rent or Buy?- Well, considering that this is a PC game, its not possible to rent, so buy it instead!

Overall 9/10- This game will make a great addition to your PC gaming collection, and i recommend it to everyone!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/14/03

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