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"Best Civil War game to date! Test your self to see if your a military genius!"

Gameplay - 10
This is a very fun game, as you have the ability to play this against the computer, hotseat (take turns at same computer), and online against an opponent. This game is very easy to learn. You point and click. There is a little more as you need to know the size, moral, leader,the terrain and firepower of your men and theirs. This game has it all. Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Naval ships. You can even create your own scenario. I have added myself and friends defending our homes. You move from hex to hex on the screen. There are victory points that you find everywhere and you try to take or guard them. When you do campaign mode, you go through each battle. They have almost all the commanders in the war, but they have all the main people, Robert E. Lee, US Grant, William T. Sherman, and Stonewall Jackson. Who will you chose defend the South and seek independence, or will you chose the North and attack the rebels and save the union. Oh, also comes with an electronic Civil War History. You can learn about the war there.

Story - 10
Well, the story is of course great because it's the Civil War. The good thing is you can make it end differently depending on if you win or lose strategic battles. In late 1860 Southern states began to secede from the Union. The South wanted states rights, and the North wanted a stronger government than the south could take. On April 12, 1861, the Union had soldiers still in Southern territory at Fort Sumter and refused to move. The South fired at the Fort and the Civil War began. The game starts after Fort Sumter was over.

Audio/Video - 10
The graphics are not great, but that is because you don't really need superb graphics to play this. I mean its alot better than all the other Civil War games (excluding SM Gettysburg and SM Antietam). The sound and music however will blow you away! Literally! You can play the songs the traditional way or you can play it the more modern war. I was playing Dixie(modern) and that sound is amazing! They are in wav. form so sometimes I just play them off my computer to listen too.

Replayability - 10
This game is never the same twice, and if you played every battle and every campaign over and over, you can then make your own. So there is unlimited possibilities. I have been playing this game over and over. It is my most played PC game. If you have any interest in the Civil War you had better get this game, otherwise you will miss out on a lot of fun. Those without interest should get it too so you can learn about it.

To buy or to rent? - 10
Buy it! I doubt you can rent it anyway. Can't really say anymore. So buy it now!!!! You can't be idle. A lot of stores are sold out of it.

This game is made by Sierra: Impressions.
They have made:
Robert E. Lee: Civil War General
Civil War Generals 3 (which is not out yet, but I am helping them make it, by giving ideas.)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/27/00, Updated 03/27/00

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