Additional ArtTimothy Higgins
AnimationDean Fowler
ArtTroy Adam
ArtMark Daniel Cabuco
ArtJhoneil Centeno
ArtLawrence Kevin
ArtCraig Marschke
ArtMichael S. Maza
ArtRod Parong
ArtJon Tando
ArtDarren Thorne
ArtJason Tull
Art DirectionKeith Rust
Associate ProducerWes Eckhart
Audio Director/Sound Effects/MusicTom Hays
Digital Video ProcessingDaryl Kimoto
Executive ProducerJohn A. Garcia
Mission DesignKeith Butler
Mission DesignDan Chang
Mission DesignMat Jennings
Mission DesignSteve McNally
Mission DesignDavid Merrick
Mission DesignTodd Owens
Mission DesignTroy Sheets
Mission DesignAlicia Taylor
MusicJames Donnellan
MusicRik W. Schaffer
Programmer/Game DesignKyle Freeman
Programming SupportJohn Bojorquez
Programming SupportRandy Casey
Programming SupportMark Davis
Programming SupportEric Milota
Programming SupportJim Ratcliff
Programming SupportKent Simon
Programming Support/Mission DesignDavid King
Project ManagementDavid Seeholzer
Sound EffectsRichard Adrian
Sound Effects/MusicScott M. Gilman
Voice - CaptainDenise D. Howard
Voice - Captain USMCChristopher McCarthy
Voice - CW2Jamie Tardif
Voice - CWOKeith Bauer
Voice - CWOHoward Lewis
Voice - CWOJames T. Ybarra
Voice - First LeutenantMiguel Torrente
Voice - Sargeant USMC-ROscar L. Galvan
VoicesValerie Michelle Arem
VoicesShawn Burke
VoicesTim Knight
VoicesTony Kotelenets
VoicesMichael S. Maza


Data and credits for this game contributed by R351D3NT3V1L4, weckhart, and Fossil.

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