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"The game that began it all."

Command and Conquer was the game that began the RTS rage (well actually Dune was popular but not popular enough). Westwood's second RTS game and the start of the Command and Conquer series. Released in 1995, this game redefined what RTS was. However it wasn't until when I was 5th grade that I found this game int he world wide box set of C&C. Anyways the storyline is basically set in the early 1990's. There is a terrorist group named the Brotherhood of Nod (or just Nod) running around the world trying to convince the world that the meteorite that fell to earth carrying tiberium is safe and is the new way of the future. It's leader is none other then the infamous Kane (whom probably every C&C fan knows). On the other side the Global Defense Initiative (or GDI) is the "world police" made by the UN to stop Nod aggression world wide.

Game play 10/10: This game is your standard RTs game where you use the mouse the command and build stuff. Unlike Blizzard's Star Craft or Dawn of War, you can command infinite amount of units. However doing this might eith slowdown the game or just crash it out right if you have a crappy computer.

Graphics 8/10: The graphics are a big improvement from the Dune games. However in today's standard of course it would be considered bad. However for a game made in 1995, it's not that bad.

Music 8/10: The game has like about 10 songs or so and they are either war type of music or funk? (I don't know what the C&C mix is considered as).

Length ?/10: Both GDI and Nod have about 15 missions each and there is no easy, medium or hard option.The game progress on it's own. So depending on how long the player plays for each mission is how long the game is.

Extras 5/10: Sadly since this is the first game, there is no skirmish mode or anything to that. So you can't test play the ion cannon or the nuke strike at all.

To buy or not? Well since this game has been remade in box set called Command and Conquer The First Decade and that it costs like about 20 dollars, I think it's worth getting if you never played it or want to know the history of the C&C games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/08/07

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