"An overdue tribute."

This was the ultimate strategy game for it's time, and it still holds up even today. Why, you ask? Simple. This was the defining moment in computer gaming history where the trend and popularity of real time strategy games was set. Dune 2 was made by westwood as the first real time strategy for PC. It was the origin of real time resource management and real time assault and defence formula with units you can control instantly. But that's another story. Do not think for a moment that DUNE 2 is THE first RTS game because it's actually a game for Sega Genesis platform known as HERZOG ZWEI. That is also another story.

I loved C&C. I love the series and I loved every single game made in the series. (except SOLE SURVIVOR)... I love it because it was extremely balanced and yet playable at the same time.


The name of the game sums it all up. Command and Conquer is essentially, commanding and conquering. You select and build units to gather resources and attack. To build units you need money, and to get money you harvest tiberium. To get tiberium (the green crystal structures) you need to fend off enemies (or destroy them) to be able to harvest successfully. It's the cycle of life. (not very nicely discribed but hey...) You get a lot of units for this game. By a lot, I mean a reasonable amount. Enough variety to be interesting, but not too much to make some completely obsolete (umm.. let's just say... Total Annihilation overdone it.) There are 2 different campaigns you can choose from with very different units. The GDI (Global Defence Inititive) have a serious military power. The Brotherhood of NOD on the other hand, has militias and hit and run stealth tactics for it's army. Both sides are very nicely balanced.


In the present time.. or near future. (well, around now.) An alien substance known as tiberium is growing on Earth. It's power unknown, but it appears to be a very useful resource. A terrorist faction only known as the BROTHERHOOD of NOD has risen and threatens the world for unknown purposes. It is up to the GDI, an UN funded army to stop them. The story gets deeper later on in the game and it creates a nice beginning to the C&C saga. You have to play both sides to get the full story. Nice cinematics to keep it interesting to advance on to the next level.


Very good for it's time. A tank looked like a war machine, and infantry looks like a person. Explosions looks nice and the ION CANNON blast looks delightfully deadly. The CGI is very nice as well. Good acting for a computer game, especially for the villian of the game. Kane is one deadly and mysterious dude.


Very nice. Everything works at the click of the mouse. Very nice, and easy to learn interface.


Difficult? I'll say. Maybe it's because I'm not THAT good. But the game get seriously difficult later on near the end. The AI does what you want it to do, but sometimes it's questionable.


Decently enough. There are a lot of missions to keep you busy, and the campaigns are branching so you can choose different areas for some missions. The multiplayer is very good too. You can play against a tougher opponent, your friend.


This is not an average. I love this game, and those who played it would agree. (unless you're a hardcore Star Craft fan.)

Don't get me wrong, I love StarCraft too.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/15/01, Updated 03/15/01

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