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"A terrific Real Time Strategy (RTS)..."

Westwood tries to make another Real Time Strategy game and they are successful. The first one was called Dune and now they release Command & Conquer. A long, challenging game that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

The story is great. There are 2 warring factions. The good guys are known as GDI (Global Defense Initiative). They are like the world's police force. They stop terrorist attacks and all sorts of other things. They are funded by the United Nations. The other faction is known as the Brotherhood of NOD. They are ruled by a terrorist known as Kane who has no past at all. NOD unites 3rd world countries to attack powerful countries. They are terrorists. You choose either side and you go and conquer land until you finally destroy the opposing side. Each side has its own unique units and buildings. The more you progress through levels, the more different units and structures you can have.

The graphics aren't really that great. It's zoomed out way too much but I don't judge games by graphics. It may be hard to see some units but you will get used to it quite quick. This game has movies in it that look outstanding. Some of them contain fighting and explosions while others contain some mission information and show objectives. Nevertheless, they still look great.

The sounds and music are excellent. This game has voice acting. In each mission you will see someone tell you what your objective is and some side information. The music is very good. There are many tracks and you can choose any one of them to hear when playing the game.

This game may be difficult depending on who you choose and which branches you take. There are some parts that you have a choice to attack 3 different cities and you must choose one. One of them is the easiest while another one is hard.

This game has a good replay value because of the different places you can attack. You can also play this online and fight other people. If you like this game I recommend you to get the other ones in the series like the newer ones that basically have the same plot but with improved graphics. You should also get the add-on for this game called Cover Operations. They are very difficult but fun.
I suggest you buy this game.
You wont regret this magnificent game...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/21/02, Updated 11/21/02

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