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"One of Westwood's best."

Introduction- Command & Conquer is the game that started the wonderful series that has thus far spanned 6 games (Command & Conquer, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert, Red Alert 2, Renegade, and Generals)(not in order). I, myself, am a big fan of the C&C series.

Gameplay 8/10- Excellent! The only people who would not enjoy the gameplay would probably not be fans of the RTS genre. One negative aspect of the gameplay is that many of the beginning missions provide few units, but more become usable as the game progresses. I’ve always loved being able to build a base in a game, and that is what this genre and , more specific to this review, this game is all about. You (usually) start out with a vehicle that turns into construction yard and you can begin building structures. Once a structure is built, new structures become available. Some structures produce units, others generate money, others serve different purposes. Oh, yes, two different sides war against each other in this game and you choose to play as one (or both) of these. Online play is something I have not experienced yet, so I apologize that I cannot rate that.

The game is very easy during the course of the first several missions, but, as in every game, the missions get harder as the game goes on. The first mission (s) is/are child’s play, but some later missions start out with only a half destroyed building and several units with which to ward off enemy forces until reinforcements can arrive.

The controls are quite easy and to the point. Very few keys are used during the game. The Mouse is the main control. Just click on the unit and then click again where you wish the unit to move to and he will.

Story 6/10- Definitely not the most important aspect of an RTS, but important nonetheless. This particular game’s story is not incredibly well done, but I, personally, have no complaints about it. It is relatively interesting pondering what the reason for your actions are, as some may seem rather pointless. One wonderful aspect of the story is that, to me at least, it seems possible. You may see something like this on the news one day, who knows?

Graphics/Sound 6/10- This game is quite old, so not much can be expected of this category. The graphics are very good for this game’s age. You see the battlefield from a bird’s eye view, and its nothing spectacular, but nothing less than you could expect. The sound brings this category down. It gets very repetitive at times, especially when great battles are going down.

Play Time/Replayability 8/10- I am not known for completing games quickly. I like to take my time so, unfortunately, I cannot offer you an accurate estimate of play time. I would say that it could be completed somewhat easily in a month or less. The replay value of this game is good. I’m sure it is great if you can play online.

Final Recommendation- I would suggest buying this game (I’ve never heard of renting computer games). If you don’t know about it, I think there is a trial version somewhere. Command & Conquer gets my personal approval. A great game!

Gameplay - 8/10
Story - 6/10
Graphics/Sound – 6/10
Play Time/Replayability – 8/10
Overall (not an average) – 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/11/03

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