Review by CChan

Reviewed: 02/17/00 | Updated: 02/17/00

Graphically poor but it's still nice and fun to play!

Command & Conquer is a game that is one of the real-time strategy games that I enjoyed the most after Warcraft.

Graphics – 8
I had a problem with my computer to show the screen properly. But, it turns out to be ‘slanted’ on one side and a bit poor in the quality. It’s not really realistic, too.

Musics – 9
Yes, totally nice to hear a bit of nice background musics, voices and good sound effects as a change after the poor graphics.

Gameplay – 9
You can select two sides in this game, Allies or Soviet. Both sides are almost similar in style but some of the units are quite different and missions too. You can have more than 10 buildings that you can choose with lots of units to handle. The missions are easy and hard in certain times, where you’ll need mostly thinking to think out a good strategy to battle, to distract enemies or anything else to help in this game.

Replayability – 8
To keep you entertained, Westwood had provided you with multi-player feature which you can use to play with your friends over the Internet. Of course, this is much fun but expect long telephone bills.

Overall – 8
Quite a decent game and I enjoyed every aspect of it. Still lacks of good graphics but of course, the future games are much better!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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