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    Storyline FAQ by Playbacker / KevCat

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                        Storyline FAQ For Command And Conquer's
                       Red Alert, Tiberian Dawn And Tiberian Sun
                                Submitted by Playbacker
                                   August 24, 2001
                             Revised and Updated by KevCat
                                     July 23, 2002 
    Very Important Note:
    There are a number of reasons why we must begin this FAQ with something like a
    Very Important Note.
    What you're about to read is a complete storyline FAQ that covers three of West-
    wood's kick-ass Command & Conquer titles, namely Red Alert I, Tiberian Dawn and 
    Tiberian Sun.  Now, before you read on, it is important for you to know and un-
    derstand the following things.
    FIRST OF ALL, neither me nor KevCat are the persons who actually wrote this 
    masterpiece.  Fact is, we don't know who did, and neither does anybody else up 
    to this point.  I downloaded the original document this text file was from a 
    Finnish FTP server little over a year ago.  And as I read through it, I was 
    seriously impressed.  What this document really is an _incredibly_ comprehensive 
    walkthrough that covers the storylines of Red Alert I, Tiberian Dawn and Tiber-
    ian Sun in a chronological order, much like an actual history book.  The amount 
    of detail and insight with which this document is written is downright fascina-
    ting, and is something anyone who is even half-interest in the Command & Conquer 
    storyline will seriously enjoy reading.  Why?  Simply cause this document is so
    damn rich in content and so damn interesting to read.
    It's because of that exact reason that we have taken it upon ourselves to release 
    this document to the public by submitting it to Gamefaqs, and we're planning to 
    send it to a number of other C&C orientated sites as well in the very near future.  
    All for one single reason - that all other C&C fans out there can read and enjoy 
    this awesome storyline FAQ in the same way we could.  However, there is one pro-
    blem.  We have no way to give the person who wrote this document his due credit, 
    because the original document I downloaded had no name, no e-mail, no ICQ number, 
    in fact no nothing that could identify the author of this text file. (I hope we 
    don't have too much trouble getting it posted because of this.)  Because of this, 
    me and KevCat would like to send out a general request to everyone who reads this 
    document.  If you have seen the contents of this document ANYWHERE else, or you 
    actually ARE the person who wrote this thing, PLEASE, contact one of us RIGHT AWAY.  
    Not only to receive full credit and ownership of your document, but also because 
    there are some questions we'd really like to ask you ourselves.  We've modified, 
    rewritten and even added sections to this text file in numerous ways to make it
    ready to be posted and to keep it up to date, so all you have to do to prove it's 
    really you is send us the exact original text file you wrote which I downloaded 
    and still have on my hard drive.  We hope to get some (valid) responses about 
    this matter as soon as possible.
    SECONDLY, remember one thing real well.  Just because this document is not truly
    officially owned by anyone at this moment doesn't mean you can go around copying
    it, publishing it and then say it's yours.  Remember people, I posses THE ORIGINAL,
    and out of respect for the awesome work the true writer of this document did, I'm
    going to be a watchdog over this intellectual property of his until such time when 
    I finally find him.  If you try to publish the contents of this guide under your 
    own name, I'll smash your claim in a million pieces before any court using the 
    original document as proof that this work isn't yours, an original of which there 
    can be no doubt that the contents of this guide are based upon it, I can guarantee 
    you that.
    FINALLY, the storylines of the Command & Conquer games are about war and politics.
    They always have.  Subsequently this document is about war and politics as well as
    it's essentially a detailed review of the storylines of 3 of the C&C titles.  What
    we're trying to tell you is this: OPEN MIND WHEN READING THIS.  You'll be reading
    about things like power, corruption, deceit, violence, mass-manipulation, conflict,
    - War.  If you know of yourself that you cannot read about these concepts objective-
    ly, then simply don't read this document.  However, if you are an interested fan of 
    the C&C storylines, then don't hesitate to begin reading.  You won't exactly be dis-
    Enjoy people.  What you're about to read is an absolute work of art.
    Playbacker & KevCat
                        Storyline FAQ For Command And Conquer's
                       Red Alert, Tiberian Dawn And Tiberian Sun
              " There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed
                          to the advantage of others "
                            ~ Niccolò Machiavelli
    The Birth Of The Command and Conquer Alternate Universe: Red Alert
    The Events that set it into motion 60 years ago
    1. Introduction:
    May, 1945.  The end of World War II.  The defeat of Adolph Hitler and the destruction
    of Germany.  The flight of the Enola Gay over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The surrender
    of Japan.  The extermination of over 6 million Jewish people and several hundreds of
    thousands of other people that were marked for death by the Nazi ideology.  5 years
    of war that ravaged the European continent, drew the United States of America into a
    massive naval battle against Japan, caused the first nuclear strikes in history and
    resulted in the loss of over 30 million human lives.
    Up to here, reality as we know it and the reality of the alternate Universe of Command
    and Conquer are completely parallel... Until 1949, 4 years after the end of the se-
    cond World War.  During this year, in a classified military research facility at
    Trinity, New Mexico, a chain of events was set into motion that separated our reality
    of the Command and Conquer Universe.  The person who was responsible was a man known
    as Albert Einstein.
    2. The Paradox Equation:
    A genius mathematician, scientist, and theorist who lived in the early part of the
    20th Century created the theory of Relativity and in doing so became the first human
    being to gain an understanding of the fabric of the Space -Time Continuum.  His name
    was Albert Einstein.  A man considered to be one of the greatest thinkers in the
    field of science, mathematics and philosophy in the 20th Century, and quite possibly
    throughout human history.  One of his more famous theories was the equation of e=mc2
    (energy = matter x the speed of light2 ), proving that all energy is made up of light
    and matter.  This knowledge would eventually lead to the "Manhattan Project" and
    resulted in the creation of the first nuclear weapons, the most powerful form of
    weaponry ever to be created by humans.  It was this, as well as many other theories
    which led to the birth of a new science called "Quantum Physics", the complex study
    of matter, energy, light and the bases of all life - the atom.  Later on in his life,
    Einstein was allowed the opportunity to work with a very famous man named Nikola Tesla.
    Tesla was the leading scientist in the field of electricity at the time, so to Albert
    Einstein, it was a great notability for his career, as well as Tesla's.  At a certain
    point in time however, when they met, they were approached by the United States go-
    vernment to undergo a Black Project, which would later become known as the ominous
    Philadelphia Experiment.  The reason for the advance by the United States government
    was, in-part, due to the research that both Einstein and Tesla conducted together,
    during their brief meetings.  Einstein came up with the Unified Field Theory, which
    spoke of the ability to jam certain types of radar, thereby making objects become
    invisible.  It would be some time later in the late 1970's and early 1980's that the
    United States Air Force would complete this device, which would be code-named "Athena."
    It had the potential to eliminate the radar bands which would be hitting the plane,
    by sending back a return signature of the given radar band.  However, the project
    would be dropped due to lack of funding.  The reason why Tesla was chosen as the se-
    cond leading scientist along with Albert Einstein was due to his knowledge and insight
    in generating a large amount of electricity with little or no effort.  The United
    States Office of Naval Research would eventually hire both of them to conduct an expe-
    riment to try and make an object invisible to radar as well as actual sight.  On June
    12, 1939, the Navy prepared seven gigantic Tesla Coils and configured them according
    the calculations of Einstein's theory of Relativity and beamed them towards the USS
    Eldridge, a medium-sized battle cruiser berthed just outside Philadelphia.  The re-
    sults of the experiment were as stunning as they were awesome.  The ship would vanish
    completely for about seven to ten minutes.  When the ship reappeared, Naval research-
    ers and scientists would discover the horrific results of the experiment.  Several
    members of the crew were found decapitated and some seemed to have actually materia-
    lised as a part of the ship's hull, partly embedded into it's structure.  It appeared
    that the experiment had caused a complete breakdown of the Einstein suggested Space -
    Time continuum.
    Einstein would be forced to rethink his theory and write a very lengthy report on what
    occurred in the Black Project.  It would be some years later, that he would again work
    with his Unified Field Theory.  Yet instead of making an object invisible, he decided
    to put the theory of time-traveling to the test.  Experimenting with ideas of using a
    large magnetic field and electricity to generate a small, controllable wormhole, he
    soon learned of the power and complexity of creating a rip in the fabric of time and
    space.  It would take many grueling years working with colleagues and deciphering the
    multifaceted equation which would reveal how to slow down time and create the possi-
    bility of traveling backwards through it.  It also would lead to the explanation of
    what exactly occurred during the Philadelphia Experiment in 1939.  After some years,
    he was able to create a device which could be considered a "Time Machine" based on the
    theories of wormholes, black holes, magnets, and electricity.  The name of the theory,
    which he would endow upon time traveling, would be "Chronoshifting."  It would later
    be defined as "the ability of shifting from one place to another in a certain time
    window.".  Thus Einstein named his "Time Machine" the "ChronoSphere."
    Then it suddenly began to become clear that Einstein was having a second agenda that
    no-one was aware of.  He apparently reached the final stages of the research and com-
    pleted the ChronoSphere device independently with the aid of only one of his most
    trusted assistants, without any knowledge of either his team or the supervisors of
    the project.  The location was Trinity, New Mexico.  The date was sometime in the year
    1949.  It would be this independent action of Albert Einstein to initiate the experi-
    ment on his own, that would separate our dimension from the Command And Conquer Uni-
    verse.  Einstein's motives are unclear, and we must consider the fact that this man's
    intelligence far out ways that of our own.  Therefore, it will never truly be under-
    stood why he committed these acts.  Nevertheless, the most plausible explanation is a
    humane one.  World War II had cost an amount of human lives so numerous that no person
    can truly comprehend the consequences for those involved.  It had caused severe damage
    to an entire continent, led to the creation and utilization of the most dreadful form
    of weaponry ever to be created and it brought a number of ideologies to the human mind
    that manifested themselves as both highly regenerative and severely hazardous to world
    peace.  Therefore, we must consider the possibility that when Einstein realized he had
    the ability of accomplishing time-travel, he decided to use it to prevent the horror
    of World War II of ever taking place.  In order to accomplish this aim, Einstein knew
    that there was only one way: take away the source out of the course of history.  His
    Prime Directive was to eliminate Adolph Hitler and halt World War II.  By doing this,
    the Jews would not suffer from the concentration camps in Europe, the naval war be-
    tween America and Japan could be avoided and the releasing of the atom bomb on Hiro-
    shima and Nagasaki would've never happened.  The only way to do this was to disrupt
    the historical timeline and come into contact with Hitler himself.  When the "Time-
    Traveler" would meet Hitler, the history of mankind would be changed, thus elimina-
    ting the existence of Hitler and ensuring the survival of all those who both directly
    as well as indirectly suffered under his destructive terror.  That "Time-Traveler"
    would be Einstein.  Throughout the course of World War II history, there was both
    only one place and time where Einstein would be able to come into personal contact
    with Adolph Hitler.  A time when Hitler had not risen to power and a place where his
    exact whereabouts were completely confirmed.  The place was Landsberg, Germany.  The
    time was somewhere in 1924, when Hitler was released from custody after his initial
    coup on the German government several years back.  By the laws of Quantum Physics,
    any entity that is in a state of Space-Time Continuum flux had to avoid physical
    contact with any entity native to the visited timeline.  If any physical contact be-
    tween the fluxuating entity and the native entity would happen, the theorized effect
    was something defined as a "Temporal Paradox".  This "Paradox" would result in the
    immediate Space - Time restoration of the fluxuating entity, but cause a complete
    dimensional dislocation of the native entity.  Apparently, Albert Einstein was very
    aware of this, and knew that all that had to be done to accomplish his mission was
    to somehow establish physical contact with Adolph Hitler.
    Somewhere in Trinity, New Mexico in the year 1949, The ChronoSphere was activated by
    Einstein's unidentified assistant and Einstein found himself standing in front of...
    A prison in Landsberg, Germany, 1924.
    Then the moment arrived.  A young man stepped out of the prison door.  Einstein walked
    toward him and said in German: "Herr Hitler!". (Mister Hitler!)  The young man turned
    around, looked at him and answered: "Ja?  Was ist loos?  Ich habe keine Zeit um hier
    rund zu stehen.".  (Yes?  What is it?  I don't have time to be standing around
    here.)  In which Einstein prophetically replied:  "Ja.... ich ferstehe."  (Yes...
    I know / I understand)  Then he held out his hand towards Hitler as to invite him to
    shake hands.  Hitler did so, and in touching Einstein, the theory of the Temporal
    Paradox became true.  Einstein returned to 1949 New Mexico.  Adolph Hitler had never
    even existed.  It would be this fateful day that changed the history of mankind for-
    As Einstein found himself in the ChronoSphere laboratory again, he found his assis-
    tant waiting there for him.  Realizing that due to their proximity to the ChronoSphere
    they had some minutes left before being integrated into the new timeline themselves,
    a short conversation took place in the ChronoSphere laboratory.  A room that had be-
    come unreal, as for those last few moments, it was all that was left of the timeline
    that we tend to call reality.  The assistant asked "....did you find him?", in which
    Einstein slowly replied: "Hitler is... out of the way...".  The anxiety on the assis-
    tants's face was obvious: "Congratulations professor!  With Hitler removed...!".  But
    he never got to finish the sentence.  Einstein raised his hand which silenced his
    assistant.  While looking at his old pocket watch, which was apparently going berserk,
    he spoke the final words of our reality.
                " Time will tell...sooner or later...time will tell... "
                       ~ Albert Einstein, 1949 Trinity, New Mexico
    3.  The Great World War II
    After the completion of Einstein mission, a great many things had changed.  GPS exis-
    ting in the 1950'ies.  The sophistication of rockets understood within 10 years.  Satel-
    lites, super computers, etc...  All accomplished before the 1960'ies arrived.  One of
    the many examples of the changes was the Philadelphia Experiment turning out to be a
    success, and in turn, the United States Government declassified the project and passed
    it out to countries who were in the United Nations.  But most importantly, World War 2
    had never taken place.  Einstein went out to accomplish the impossible, and succeeded.
    Yet, in those final moments in the Space - Time isolated lab, he had a feeling his
    work was not done correctly and there might be some drastic consequences in what he
    did.  This terrifying notion came when he gazed at his pocket watch after returning
    from his trip.  He noticed that the watch had been going haywire and that on his watch,
    time itself had stopped.  But it was his own ironic statement which he said to his as-
    sistant that would haunt him in those last moments.
    " Time will tell...sooner or later...time will tell... "
    The reason for this remark will forever remain a mystery, but deep down inside, Ein-
    stein seemed to think that what he had done was a horrible mistake and that mankind
    as he knew it may be in grave danger.
    In the early 1950'ies, the already established United Nations noticed that the Soviet-
    Union was becoming a Super Power in the world and was beginning to build up a vast
    army, as well as progress in the technological field faster than anyone ever imagined.
    Within a few short years, the Soviets were able to break the speed of sound and have
    the capability of launching a nuclear warhead.  Under the rule of Stalin, the Soviet-
    Union would undergo a drastic change as they began to build up in strength and intel-
    ligence.  There was a purpose though, and that would soon be announced to the world
    when Stalin would launch the first of a series of attacks on Europe.  Although Hitler
    was gone, Stalin still remained.  He would take his place in the role of historical
    global conquest, and would be far worse in military strength, determination, quantity
    of troops, and especially the quality of his war technology.  The intensity of war
    would reach its peak as the Soviet-Union blanketed most of Eastern Europe in an
    "Iron Curtain."  This war between the Soviet-Union and the Allied European Nations
    would later be known as...
     " The Great World War II. "
    4. Fight for Freedom
    By the time Einstein realized his mistake of interfering with the natural Timeline,
    it was already too late.  The effects of the ChronoSphere wore off and he himself and
    his assistant were integrated into the new timeline, completely unaware of what they
    had once done.  The Iron Curtain began to fall upon all of Europe and the Allies (the
    military unification of the beleaguered European Nations) were left with a bigger
    problem then they could have ever anticipated.  Unlike Hitler's concentration camps
    and mass killings, Stalin decided to take all of Europe by sheer force.  Hitler and
    the Axis Power had taken about 1/4 of Europe in World War II.  In this "Great World
    War II," Stalin would take approximately 3/4 of Europe, leaving only England and some
    other countries in the wake of the destruction.  The Chaos Theory had taken place.
    It would take some time before the Allies would realize the power which the Soviet-
    Union possessed.  The fight for the freedom of Europe from the Soviets had begun but
    it might already be too late, as the United Nations was reluctant to come to the aid
    of the European allies into a war that could turn worldwide very easily.
    Einstein's plan to avoid a worldwide armed conflict was a failure, as all of Europe
    was under Red Alert.  The Soviets had a powerful army and air force, consisting of
    MiGs, Mammoth Tanks, and V2 Rocket Launchers.  Their quality, as well as their
    quantity, was the best in the world at the time.  The European Allies (under the
    brilliant command of German General Gunther Von Esling and Greek Colonel Nikos
    Stavros) would prove to be a worthy adversary however, as they managed to battle the
    Soviet invaders for many months regardless the unimaginable losses of lives and
    territory, desperately trying to get the "neutral" United Nations on their side
    against Stalin.  Having the genius of the Albert Einstein of the new timeline
    available to them, they would be able to use many new technological devices that
    would highly aid in the war.  The Chronoshift technology, which was indirectly re-
    sponsable for the entire situation, was an example of this, as it helped outsmart-
    ing the power of the Soviet war machine.
    Eventually, due to the near heroism of the European Allies in holding ground against
    the Soviet seat of power, and due to the fact that the United Nations became aware
    that Europe was just the first step in Stalin's eyes, several of the world's most
    powerful nations including the United States of America, India and Japan turned
    against the Soviet-Union and allied themselves with the European defenders.  After
    several months, the Allies finally broke through the last lines of Soviet defenses
    and Stalin was killed in the last siege on Moscow.
    The surviving Allies would win the war, realizing that their victory had cost them
    all but their lives.  Europe was completely decimated.  Over 100 million human li-
    ves were lost.
    After this great disaster in Europe, a secret organization would be formed by the
    United Nations to deal with terrorism and to stop another incident like the Great
    War from ever occurring again.
                 " When you kill one... it is a tragedy; when you kill a
                           million ... it is a statistic. "
                                  ~ Josef Stalin
    Additional Information:
    The following section contains specific and detailed information about the prime
    armed factions involved in The Great World War II; The European Allies and the
    I. The Alliance of Democratic Nations:
    Commonly known as the Allies, they consisted of Britain, Germany, France, Italy,
    Greece, Turkey, Spain, and a number of other Western and Northern European nations.
    Formed to defend Europe against the tyranny of the Soviet-Union, the Allies ground
    units consisted of small, guerilla style units and mid-level armor units.  The naval
    power of the Allies was incredible however, as it was based primarily off of the
    awesome fleets of Britain and Scandinavia.  However, the Soviets managed to steal
    the submarine designs when they captured Berlin, and sub technology gave them a
    slight balance.  It has been recently disclosed that the United States did supply
    the Allies with some technology during the war, such as the Apache Longbow and the
    M1 tank which the Allies dubbed the "Medium Tank".  The battles of Great World War
    II were intense.  Many a time the Allies were heavily outgunned and outnumbered.
    But several highly skilled Allied commanders held through with superior tactics,
    guerilla style warfare and sabotage missions.  Some of the more famous battles were
    the rescues of Einstein and of Tanya Adams (a female guerilla expert who defined
    the way commandos work today), the collapse of Germany and Greece, the defending of
    the first operational ChronoSphere prototype and finally the attack on Moscow itself.
    After the defeat of the Soviet-Union, leaders of the Allied nations and the Soviet-
    Union met at the United Nations Headquarters in New York to write a peace treaty.
    The first condition was that the Soviet-Union must be dissolved back into the
    nations it was before the Russian Revolution known as "Red October".  The next was
    the destruction of the Communist party and the execution of the high military
    officers and political officials that were still alive.  Only one, supposedly
    Stalin's personal advisor, was unaccounted for.  The only records that proved he
    existed were some documents and records signed by Stalin himself addressed to a man
    called "Kane".  The third condition was that all military technology be turned over
    to the Allies and the UN.  Fanatical Russian nationalists destroyed some of the
    high-level technology of the Soviet-Union, chiefly the Heavy and Mammoth Tank con-
    struction techniques.  The fourth condition was that Russia itself would for ten
    years be under total control of the UN.  After those ten years Russia would regain
    self rule but had to act in accordance with the UN until the year 2000.  Russian
    leaders eagerly accepted the treaty, as resisting it would mean the disbanding of
    Russia itself and the placing of the remnants at the hands of Allied nations that
    still bore grudges.  The UN was slow to bring the world the defense force it had
    promised in The Great World War II, so the Alliance stayed active and made the
    agreement with the UN to disband only when the UN stated its world task force.  The
    UN found this as a fair compromise, and the Alliance (similar to the NATO except
    used more often) remained as the unofficial "protectors" of the planet.  However,
    when The Brotherhood Of Nod violently appeared in the early 1990'ies with members
    of all thinkable nationalities, it was recognized that it was politically too
    dangerous for a European based military organization to directly interfere with Nod
    activities.  Thus the UN decided to finish their efforts and wrote the UNGDA.  The
    Allies dissolved, replaced by the Global Defense Initiative on October 12, 1995.
    Known Facts about the Alliance of Democratic Nations -
    Ratified - Generally the accepted date is that of the first Soviet acts of aggression
               against the European Democratic states in 1953.
    Disbanded - Replaced by the Global Defense Initiative on October 12, 1995.
    Ideology - To resist Soviet aggression against any first and second world powers.
               Uphold ideals defined in World Association of Nations charter.
    Official Supreme Commander during GWWII - German General Gunther Von Esling, Supreme
                                              Commander of Allied Forces.
    Former Base of Operations - Headquarters of Unified Operations: London.  Northern
                                Theatre: Oslo.  Southern Theatre: Madrid.
    Former Military Strength - Enlisted forces of about 3.4 million.  Non-regular forces,
                               including guerrilla and resistance forces, about 1.7
                               million.  Armament classified per DEFCOM document 177.4,
                               Allied Defense Regulations.  [Records listed are statis-
                               tics taken before the war.]
    Former Economic Strength - Information never released.  Was to be declassified by
                               the end of the First Tiberium War, but the Tiberium assi-
                               milation of Earth's ecosystems causing a dislocation of
                               most of human civilization as well as the destruction
                               caused by The Brotherhood Of Nod resulted in a loss of
                               the data.  Historical researchers are working on recalcu-
    Former Political Strength - Not Applicable.  Operated as a modified Military Junta.
    Former Affiliations - United Nations, Russia.
    See Also - Einstein, A.: "A History of Allied Weaponry."; Fort, Charles A.:
               "F-Invasions and Telemetry", General Gunther von Esling, Colonel Nikos
    II. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics:
    When the Communist-based Soviet-Union was first created in 1922, many western coun-
    tries feared it because of the anti-capitalistic propaganda it fed to the easily
    influenced masses.  The same year the Treaty of Rapallo was reformed to help secure
    the Soviet-Union and to re-strengthen Germany after its devastation during the first
    World War.  Things went relatively well, but there was notion of a new political
    movement in Germany which was known as the National Socialistic party or Nazi party.
    This German political movement was highly nationalistic and highly anti-Communist,
    which gained them a great number of supporters among the German population and the
    sympathies of the catholic church which regarded the Nazi's as defenders of the
    faith against the increasing influence of the godless Communists.  However, due to
    a series of violent acts against Jewish German civilians and due to regular internal
    conflicts, the Nazi party fell apart around 1926 due to the lack of efficient orga-
    nisation and a leading figure capable of unifying them and their ideas.  After the
    collapse of the Nazi party, Germany became much more democratic, and relations with
    the rest of Western Europe had improved greatly.  However, with the Nazi's official-
    ly disbanding, one of their members proclaimed through the media that he suspected
    Communist infiltration to be the main reason for their breakdown.  Because of this
    politically sensitive statement, tensions began to arise between Germany and the
    Soviet-Union.  Eventually, the diplomatic relations between the two nations soared
    and the Treaty of Rapallo was repealed.
    With the rebuilding of Germany, and the already powerful Britain and France, the
    United States decided to launch a global program to act as the sovereign voice on
    major matters.  The nations of Western Europe and North America also welcomed the
    Communists to join, mainly because it was an attempt to unify the world.  Stalin
    and other Communist leaders decided to observe to see what the UN was really about.
    The Communists were initially pleased to see actual attempts to stop world problems
    like the offset of the ecosystem.  But nothing could stop the total breakdown be-
    tween German and Soviet relations that was already happening.
    The Soviet-Union was shocked by Germany's turning away.  It was also offended by the
    repeal of the Treaty of Rapallo.  Soviet political leaders threatened military action
    against Germany if it did not formally apologize to the Soviet-Union and allow Com-
    Intern (Communist International Party) to be allowed in the country again.  Germany
    agreed to the apology, but it realized ComIntern was essentially a Soviet political
    platform designed to dislocate capitalistic countries, so the allowance of any Commu-
    nist or Socialist party in Germany itself was absolutely refused.  When the Soviets
    appeared true to their warning and began to mobilize, the other Western European
    nations reacted by forming the Alliance of Democratic Nations, a military junta
    similar to the NATO that stated if one nation was attacked by a non-European aggres-
    sor, all would fight together.  The Allies warned the Soviets to stand down so a 
    peaceful settlement could be arranged.  Stalin, however, was too enraged at Germany 
    and kept pushing towards it.  When the Soviets finally invaded Poland and started 
    moving further west into Europe, all nations in the Alliance declared war on the 
    Soviet-Union.   The Great World War II had begun.
    The Soviets' technology was more brute force than finesse.  Although they did manage
    to build submarines, that technology, like their V2 rockets, were originally German
    designs.  The Soviet-Union managed to capture that technology before the Allies could
    even build the first prototypes.  Their own Tesla Coil and Mammoth Tank were further
    proof of this.  For the first half of the war, the Reds were on the offensive, attack-
    ing Eastern Europe with fourteen tank divisions, while the Allies only had three
    divisions mobilized.  With such a small force for defense, the important countries of
    Germany and Greece were easy targets for the Soviet-Union.  Guerilla fighting still
    raged all throughout Greece, with MiG bombers destroying much of Athens, including
    the Acropolis, to be replaced by Soviet structures when appropriate forces arrived.
    Meanwhile, the battle was taken to the Aegean Sea, where Allied naval forces dealt a
    major blow to the Soviet's high tech Iron Curtain project.  The war entered an extre-
    mely critical stage when a high ranking Soviet officer who disagreed with Stalin's
    nuclear policies defected to the Alliance and revealed that at least four 500 Kiloton
    nuclear warheads were in production and were to be used against the major cities of
    Europe, including London and Paris.  A strike team was sent in an attempt to shut
    down the Soviet Nuclear program, but failed.  The warheads were operational and were
    launched at Leningrad (currently St. Petersburg) from the Central Command at the Krem-
    lin.  In an operation that made the history books, a team of "special volunteers"
    under the command of a female commando called Tanya Adams infiltrated the nuclear pro-
    duction facilities and managed to disarm the warheads while in mid-flight towards
    their targets.  The warheads crashed down on the surface of the targeted cities and
    were destroyed during the impact, never detonating.  The Alliance made it through
    its darkest hour alive.
     " If those bombs had gone off... well, let's just say that those of us left would
               all be learning how to speak Russian just about now. "
          ~ Supreme Allied Commander General Gunther Von Esling, 1954
    After word got out that the Soviet-Union attempted a quadruple nuclear strike at Euro-
    pe, the United Nations and thus the other major powers in the world came out of their
    "neutral" chairs.  Recognizing the near heroism of the Allied forces in protecting
    Europe from an overwhelmingly powerful and aggressive adversaries and recognizing the
    immense danger that the Soviet-Union had become to the free world, the United States
    of America, India and Japan joined the war.  This fact, combined with Allied success
    in halting both Soviet super weapon projects, and their own ChronoSphere device fully
    operational, the Alliance knew that the time had finally come to commence a major
    offensive into the USSR.  Alliance warships, under the command of the British Royal
    Navy, began pushing up the major waterways like the Volga River.  Backed by UN rein-
    forcements, Allied forces began retaking Germany, Greece, Turkey and Poland, and
    started moving into Russia itself.  Allied Supreme Commander General Von Esling used
    blitzkrieg warfare to slice through the western blockade.  During the onslaught, the
    Soviets managed to get the Iron Curtain technology back online in a last ditch attempt
    to push the Allies back.  Unfortunately for them, their Leningrad research installa-
    tion and all plans for the Iron Curtain were destroyed.  Soon the Allies were knocking 
    on Stalin's front door, and even the last operational Iron Curtain device wasn't 
    enough to stop the Alliance.  Soon Moscow flew the Alliance flag, and in the rubble, 
    Allied troops discovered the body of Stalin, gagged and buried.  Apparently he might 
    have lived, but someone else got to him first and strangled him.  No one knew who was 
    responsable for Stalin's death until none other than Allied Colonel Nikos Stavros ad-
    mitted to it over twenty years later.  Also on the Allied agenda of investigation was
    the discrepancy of the record of a man named Kane, apparently Stalin's most trusted
    advisor.  His body was never found, but it wasn't until the next generation of people
    would we know why...
    Known Facts about the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics -
    Ratified - Officially created in 1922 by the Communist Party in Russia.
    Disbanded - At the end of the Great World War II, during the Treaty Of New York,
                which split the Soviet-Union into Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, and other
                independent states.
    Ideology - According to Stalin, the birthright of the Soviet Empire was nothing less
               than conquering and dominating the entire globe.  And the birthright of
               Josef Stalin himself was nothing less than conquering the spirit and domi-
               nating the actions of every Soviet citizen.
    Head of State during GWWII - Josef Stalin.
    Former Base of Operations - Entire Euro-Asian peninsula.  Command posts identified
                                in Moscow, Kiev, Stalingrad, Khartoum, Karachi and Da
    Former Military Strength - Enlisted forces exceed 14 million.  Non-regular forces,
                               including police and NKVD, about 7 million.  [Records
                               listed are statistics taken before the war.]
    Former Economic Strength - Considerable operating assets believed to be in excess of
                               486.2 billion Swiss Francs.  [Records listed are statistics
                               taken before the war.]
    Former Political Strength - Because every single person in the Soviet-Union was a
                                member of the Communist Party, an incredible agent network
                                of over 200 million citizens infiltrated the governments
                                of most Pan African, Pan Indian and Pan Asian governments
                                with suspected strongholds in Mexico City and Vancouver.
                                The Socialist/Communist subversions of those countries was
                                a primary political strength as it turned many a country
                                away from the Alliance.  The efforts of achieving world-
                                wide Communism were controlled by the Communist Interna-
                                tional party, commonly known as ComIntern.
    Former Affiliations - World Democratic Society, Asian Defense League, Freedom Consor-
                          tium, Communist Political Contingency (CPC), Communist Interna-
                          tional party (ComIntern).
    See Also - Henderson, D.K. and Chou, K.L.: "Soviet Terrorist Activities", Treaty Of
               New York, Russia, other former Soviet states.
    " The world and The Brotherhood view the benefits and threat of Tiberium
                   differently.  They see a scientific anomaly.
                           But I see the future. "
                                ~ Kane
    The Dawn Of The Tiberium Age
    1.  A New Organization:
    After the defeat of the Soviets at the end of Great World War II, the Allies reported
    to the United Nations about their gruesome battle against the Soviet-Union.  The UN
    then started a several years lasting review of all the information gathered from the
    war.  When this review was eventually completed, the delegates of the UN would begin
    the formation of a Peace Corps capable of covertly dealing with anything from minor
    ethnic un-rests and small terrorist factions to a situation involving a state of
    worldwide emergency as defined in the UN review of The Great World War II.  Throughout
    the process, none of this was ever made known to the public in an attempt to prevent
    hostile infiltration of the Peace Corps as well as to circumvent certain UN declara-
    tions regarding restrictions in military affairs that were officially enforced at the
    time.  The UN continued to review many pages of documents, diaries, taped conversa-
    tions and retrieved items from the Soviets in a bid to incorporate the gathered intel-
    ligence in the organizational structure of the new Peace Corps to further increase
    its military potential and overall efficiency.  Eventually, this new and secretive
    peace keeping force became the best equipped and most efficient military organization
    on Earth, utilizing state-of-the-art high tech weaponry and equipment derived of both
    former Allied as well as Soviet designs.
    Towards the end of the 1950'ies, the UN came to a solution on how to correctly finance
    the secret group.  A proposal submitted to all the nations within the UN-pact stated
    the amount each country would invest into the Black Project and which military offi-
    cials would be in charge.  It also outlined the purpose of the secretly funded Peace
    Corps, and stated a number of other policies regarding its activities which are still
    classified today.  The Peace Corps became active under the designation of:
    "Operations Group Echo, Black Ops 9".
    Yet throughout the years, their involvement in matters such as civil wars, coups and
    other politically sensitive situations began to expose their existence, resulting with
    the mass media trying to find out who or what this secret organization could be.  Some
    mediums would later on begin twisting O.G.E., B.O. 9 its actual existence and purpose
    by saying they were implicated with aliens, Unidentified Flying Objects and the like.
    Although the UN continued to deny the existence of the organization, hiding the truth
    while certain matters were already leaked out was starting to become increasingly dif-
    ficult.  It would eventually be the ominous operation "Desert Storm" that would offici-
    ally reveal the existence of Operations Group Echo, Black Ops 9 and their purpose as
    a specialized international peace enforcing unit.  When the international media dis-
    covered that the attempted assassination upon Sadam Hussein by O.G.E, B.O. 9 (in a co-
    vert effort to prevent the outbreak of the Gulf War) was a complete failure with the
    resulting in the death of a large number of agents, O.G.E, B.O. 9's first contact with
    the general public was a catastrophe.  Nevertheless, it wouldn't be too soon before
    the UN would be in the press again.  This time to officially announce the existence and
    purpose of the organization and to come together one more time to rewrite the proposal
    of the late 1950s.
    In accordance with the United Nations Global Defense Act (UNGDA), the "GDI" or fully
    the "Global Defense Initiative" was founded at the date of October 12th, 1995.   The
    UN proposal stated the following:
    " The Global Defense Initiative was founded to enforce the United Nations Global De-
    fense Act and uphold the ideals as outlined in the United Nations Charter. "
    Their supreme commander became the American Brigadier-General Mark Jamison Sheppard.
    By taking the organization out of the shadows and thus giving the public an insight
    into its activities and purpose, the speculations and rumors ended and the trust in
    the UN's peace keeping unit was largely restored.
           " The media can either be your friend... or your enemy. "
                    ~ Kane
    2.  Tiberian Dawn:
    Soon after the announcement of the newly formed "Global Defense Initiative" or com-
    menly the GDI, a strange meteor impacted on Earth near the Tiber river in Italy.  A 
    scientist by the name of Dr. Mobius would find the meteor and discover that it was 
    the carrier of an alien plant-like life-form.  Afterwards he took it back to his lab 
    in the United States to have it undergo a series of tests.  After several months of 
    research Mobius began to see the inherent danger that this alien plant represented.
    He would study the plant as it mutated and evolved in the laboratory garden and
    videotaped what was occurring.  Within 14 days of planting the seeds of the Tiberium
    specimens he recovered from Italy, it had literally taken over the entire garden.
    This shocked the scientists as they began to wonder about the Tiberium's origins.
    But it would be the deaths of some of Dr. Mobius' colleagues that would truly begin
    to frighten him.  It seemed that Tiberium proved extremely hazardous to humans as it
    caused horrible health problems as well as causing the intoxicated person to undergo
    a change in behavior and appearance.  It became clear that Tiberium was affecting
    every known species up to mankind at the genetic level ever since the day of its
    Composed mostly of inorganic material, Tiberium is a non-carbon based substance.
    Tiberium is extremely toxic, and should not be handled by any carbon based life-
    form as it genetically alters DNA and mutates the life-form it comes into contact
    with.  Although these extreme downsides are put into perspective, we do know that
    the possibilities of Tiberium as a mineral resource are unprecedented.  The only
    places where Tiberium couldn't seem to grow were places without minerals, such as
    the poles and desert regions.
    In the words of Doctor Mobius:
    "Molecularly, it's a non-carbon based element.  It appears to have strong ferrous
    qualities, with non-resonating reversible energy that has a tendency to disrupt
    carbon based molecular structures.  It has unequal positrons orbiting on the 1st,
    2nd, and 9th rings.  The consequence of this structure is that the possibilities of
    Tiberium are limitless."
    From the research of Dr. Mobius, the following facts were learned about Tiberium and
    suggests to what its actual derivation might be.
    Tiberium Classes
    - Tiberium Riparius :     Tiberium Riparius is the most common Tiberium.  This sub-
       (Green)                stance (Green) is extremely hazardous to all known carbon 
                              based life-forms.  Tiberium Riparius grows and spreads 
                              rapidly and gives off heavy toxic gases.
                               Known Compositional Facts:  Phosphor   42.50 %
                                                           Iron       32.50 %
                                                           Calcium    15.20 %
                                                           Copper      5.75 %
                                                           Silica      2.50 %
                                                           Unknown     1.50 %
                               Known Toxic Gases:          Methane       22 %
                                                           Sulfur        19 %
                                                           Naphthalene   12 %
                                                           Argon         10 %
                                                           Isobbutane     6 %
                                                           Xylene         2 %
                                                           Unknown       29 %
    - Tiberium Vinifera:      Tiberium Vinifera is essentially matured Tiberium Riparius.
      (Blue)                  Its toxic effects are extremely high to all known carbon based
                              life, and when brought into contact with combusting materials
                              it almost behaves as a physical form of anti-matter.  While
                              much more valuable than Tiberium Riparius this substance is 
                              extremely volatile and dangerous, and should be handled with 
                              intense caution.  Dr. Mobius worked on discovering the exact
                              composition and the nature of the toxic gasses of Tiberium 
                              Vinifera untill his death.
    - Tiberium Aboreus:       Tiberium Aboreus looks almost identical to Tiberium Vinifera
      (Also blue)             while also having many of the same properties, but apparently 
                              there were enough differences present between the two for Dr. 
                              Mobius to classify Tiberium Aboreus in a category of its own.  
                              Like Tiberium Vinifera, this type of Tiberium is much more 
                              valuble as a mineral resource than Tiberium Riparius, yet it 
                              grows and spreads remarkably slow for Tiberium.
    - Tiberium Cruentus:      This appears to be the most mature form of Tiberium. It is ex-
      (Large blue crystals)   tremly large and cannot be passed by either humans or ground 
                              vehicles.  Like Tiberium Vinifera and Tiberium Aboreus this sub-
                              stance almost behaves as a physical form of anti-matter when 
                              brought into contact with cumbusting materials.  Its value as
                              a mineral resource is unprecedented.
          " The origins of Tiberium and its actual purpose still remain a mystery
                              to the field of Science. "
                                  ~ Dr Mobius
    However, by the time Mobius and his team first realized about the dangers of Tiberium,
    the plant was reported to have already spread slowly but steadily over most of the
    planet.  Then they began to see that it might already be too late to warn the world
    about the dangers of Tiberium.  This was mainly because the shortage in time wouldn't
    prove to be Mobius his greatest problem in convincing the authorities to take imme-
    diate steps in halting Tiberium growth.  Tiberium seemed to absorb all soil nutrients
    and ground minerals almost like a sponge.  The end result of this unique leeching
    process was the formation of Tiberium crystals which consisted mainly out of a high
    number of enriched minerals and metals.  Shortly after Mobius made this discovery, an
    unknown organization suddenly revealed to the international press to have been doing
    research on Tiberium ever since its arrival and developed a technique of efficiently
    harvesting these Tiberium crystals with a minimum of mining expense.  Immediately rea-
    lising that these harvesting techniques could make the Tiberium crystals into a re-
    source of tremendous economical value, governments and petrochemical companies
    worldwide attempted to buy off the harvesting techniques from the organization for
    astronomical prices.  Eventually leasing its harvesting equipment to the highest
    bidders (mainly the G7 nations) on large scales, the organization made sure to main-
    tain its position as a monopolist on the rapidly increasing Tiberium resources,
    gaining immense financial resources.  Within a matter of months, refined Tiberium far
    outgrew the value of both gold and oil on the world trade markets.  The organization
    that developed the harvesting technology and was therefore directly responsible
    for this Tiberium gold-fever was a group referring to itself as:
    " The Brotherhood Of Nod ".
    The discovery of Tiberium was literally the dawn of a new era for the entire world.  
    It provided a new source for economic gain and technological development as well as 
    destroying life itself.  It would later spread from continent to continent assimi-
    lating most organic plant-life and sucking up natural resources at an extremely fast 
    rate, moving about an acre every week to two weeks.  But unsure about its actual 
    principle and because of its potential, the world welcomed it as if it was diamond.  
    Because Tiberium remained the number one source for economic affluence, the demand
    for it was always greater than for the concern that some may have on how it is af-
    fecting our planet.  Mobius his objections to the whole affair of Tiberium harvesting 
    were "taken under advisement" as he was ordered to continue his research on the un-
    precedented capabilities of Tiberium.  In the light of Tiberium's boundless possibi-
    lities, the world turned blind to its dangers.
    One subject that remained heavily debated nevertheless were the origins of Tiberium.
    While the impact of the meteor that carried the first Tiberium Specimens was offi-
    cially deemed a natural occurrence, a number of people including respected scientists 
    theorized that the arrival of Tiberium on Earth was a deliberate act of an intelli-
    gent alien species.  Following up on this announcement, speculations and theories of 
    all kinds began to go abroad.  Some spoke of a hostile act in a bid to weaken our 
    defenses.  Others theorized that the aliens were unaware of our existence and sent 
    the Tiberium to terra-form the planet.  Some claimed that the Tiberium might even be
    the alien itself.
    Amongst the wild speculation, one group very familiar to the world suddenly reappear-
    ed in the media and proclaimed a very different view about the origins of Tiberium
    and its meaning.  It was a sign from the heavens to begin a final and sacred war
    against the tyranny of the United Nations under the leadership of a living prophet,
    who was destined by God to lead humanity into a glorious Tiberian future.
    This group was The Brotherhood Of Nod.
    Its prophet was a man called... Kane.
    3. "Peace, Unity, Brotherhood"
    " To truly shape the future
    	you must first posses the past. "
    	 ~  Top Nod official Seth
    With the discovery of Tiberium, the world drastically changed in terms of economics,
    politics, technology and environment.  Many began to perceive The Brotherhood Of Nod
    and thus its strong man Kane as the direct reason for these cultural and technological
    advancements, even more so than the Tiberium itself.  In the eyes of the people The
    Brotherhood Of Nod turned Tiberium from a curse into a blessing, and Nod's popularity
    and public support worldwide had begun increasing rapidly over the years.  However,
    while The Brotherhood Of Nod was welcomed and appreciated by the general public as an
    upcoming and promising new religion suited to the needs of today's mankind, a number
    of international intelligence agencies such as Interpol made a disturbing discovery
    about Nod.  Apparently, The Brotherhood Of Nod seemed to have close affiliations to a
    high number of extremistic and fundamentalistic groups off all kinds around the world.
    Because of this, Nod's activities had been closely monitored by the United Nations
    Security Council ever since they gained the Tiberium harvesting monopoly in the mid
    90'ies.  The Security Council seemed to realize that the connections The Brotherhood
    had with such a high number of dangerous groups could mean that Nod was essentially 
    trying to gain a strategic foothold in the countries where these organizations were
    most active or most strongly represented.  However, this theory only being a worst-
    case scenario and considering the fact that bringing Nod's dark connections to light
    would also mean exposing the involvement of American and European weapons manufactu-
    rers supplying the arms to these factions, the UN realized it had no choice but to
    leave Nod's dirty stones unturned.  As time went by however, the Security Council
    monitoring Nod activities began to understand that the theory was slowly but surely
    becoming reality.  It became clear that The Brotherhood's influence on most of these
    extremist and fundamentalist factions had become so substantial time that in effect 
    they were nothing more than Nod splinter groups.  Nod slowly began to play a major 
    role in the political and economical fields of most of the countries its splinter 
    groups were active, with among the common people the number of conversions to Nod's 
    religious views increasing day by day.
    By the time the United Nations realized what kind of situation The Brotherhood Of Nod
    was setting up it was already too late.  UN politicians were shocked to see Kane revea-
    ling himself as an absolute political and strategic genius with an ability to sway
    masses in a way the world had never before seen.  Kane began to hold the capitalistic
    democracy of the UN directly responsible for all of mankind's exciting misery, accu-
    sing it and its policies from halting the coming of the new Tiberium era to satisfy
    the corrupt needs of the few regardless the suffering of the many.  Particularly in
    Third World nations but effectively on a global scale as well, Kane's followers
    started to increase exponentially with people of all nationalities and social stand-
    ings beginning to worship him as a living messiah destined to lead mankind into a 
    Tiberiam future.  As the situation progressed and Kane's abnormal intelligence and 
    charisma became undeniable to the world, high educated citizens and even political 
    officials began sharing the public feelings and started perceiving Kane as an actual 
    prophet, joining him while offering The Brotherhood all of their personal and profes-
    sional support.
    Realizing that the situation was becoming very serious, UN officials tried anything
    they could think of to break Kane's immense popularity through trying to involve him
    into scandals and spreading misinformation about The Brotherhood to the media.  When
    these attempts failed Kane's response to his enemies was unprecedented terror.  Seve-
    ral high ranking UN officials turned out to be among Kane's followers, keeping him
    aware of the entire timetable of the UN's anti-Nod propaganda and sending highly
    classified information regarding military matters and records about the personal lives
    of UN politicians.  Kane periodically released this sensitive information to the media.
    As soon as one scandal was beginning to be digested by the public, the next one was
    released.  The consequences for the UN were devastating as they lost credibility and
    public support everywhere, with in certain countries the situation becoming so cri-
    tical that only the support of the local army was keeping the government in control.
    Many high placed politicians and military officers were forced to step down, while
    others began to get involved in car accidents and gas explosions at their homes or
    were downright assassinated by their own bodyguards or house-personnel who were appea-
    rantly part of Kane's movement as well.
    Backed by vast amounts of financial as well as human resources, The Brotherhood Of Nod
    equipped itself into a huge religious army that began to take over the governments of
    every country where it had enough supporters and annexed them under Kane's single rule.
    In a matter of months The Brotherhood had total control of a number of countries on
    every continent on the world.  And when rumors broke out that several Chinese politici-
    ans were preparing an alliance with Kane in order to destabilize the strongest western
    countries, the UN finally decided that The Brotherhood Of Nod was to be wiped out imme-
    diatly.  With Kane no longer being able to hide his own imperialistic tendencies, the
    UN took immediate advantage of that situation by creating doubt about Kane's true long
    term goals among the public of the western nations.  Then, on a live worldwide broadcast,
    the UN declared the man known only as "Kane" to be the greatest danger the free world
    has ever lived to see, and officially ordered the Global Defense Initiative to liberate
    the countries Kane annexed by any means necessary.
    4. The First Tiberium War
    As the showdown between the Global Defense Initiative and The Brotherhood Of Nod was
    set into motion, those involved were very aware that should GDI turn out to be unable
    to halt Nod, nothing will stop Kane from fulfilling his own prophecy.
    The dawn of an era and civilization the likes the world has never before known.
    The First Tiberian War had begun, and although it didn't rival the materialistic des-
    truction caused by The Great World War II it ended in a human slaughtering beyond
    all imagining, turning by far into the most brutal and dirty armed conflict in human
    history.  Looking back on that very history, one thing became very clear.  Although
    Kane does not have the military power at his disposal that Stalin had, Stalin was
    never nearly the danger Kane is now.  Where Stalin was a military aggressor bent on
    conquering land, Kane is a manipulative genius bent on conquering the human spirit.
    Kane does not annex countries, he annexes the people in it into his fold.  Possessing
    an abnormal intelligence, he turned the peoples of whole nations against their own
    democratic rulers, destabilized the military and political systems through their own
    corruption, through infiltration down to the highest level and sometimes through pure
    terror.  But above all, he proved capable of manipulating the mass media of the world
    in any way he so desired.
    The First Tiberium War had begun, and soon all hell broke loose in Europe and Africa.
    The Brotherhood Of Nod turned out to be a heavily armed military faction utilizing
    well trained and highly fanatical soldiers of all nationalities.  Although funded by
    the G7 nations and thus equipped with high quantities of state-of-the-art weaponry,
    it soon became clear that GDI was having much more difficulty in controlling The
    Brotherhood than the UN anticipated.  It soon became obvious that Nod had done advan-
    ced research on Tiberium and as the war progressed, they began to retaliate to GDI 
    with never before seen weapons, tactics, and advanced forms of espionage.  But al-
    though Kane's military power was literally growing by the day, it didn't turned out 
    to be his most powerful weapon.  With The Brotherhood its vast sources of income and 
    followers, they quickly gained support for their cause by advertising factual and non-
    factual information about the Global Defense Initiative through the press.  As he did
    before with the UN itself, he slowly began to ruin GDI's image.  Eventually, GDI
    activities began to be heavily criticized by the masses.  Along with his media frenzy,
    Kane's speeches would enthrall the audiences that he spoke to.  He would openly dis-
    cuss the purpose of Nod and why The Brotherhood was at war with GDI.  Kane almost
    literally controlled the public opinion.  To their own horror, the United Nations were
    forced to realize that they were not capable of standing against the genius of this
    single mysterious man, as it became very clear that GDI was losing all control over
    the situation.
    Then an event occurred somewhere in Eastern Europe that would later reveal itself to
    be the greatest turning-point in the First Tiberium War.  While European GDI forces were
    trying to halt The Brotherhood from penetrating into the mid part of Europe through
    Poland, a number of Nod reinforcements were working their way up north to take control
    of a town called Beoulistock, which was build on a location of great tactical impor-
    tance.  Realizing that the town would soon turn into a combat zone, GDI managed to
    arrive first and began evacuating the civilians.  A well known and popular interna-
    tional news reporter by the name of Eric Randall accompanied them and made a report of
    the evacuation procedures, with the UN hoping to restore some of the damage Kane
    caused to GDI's reputation.  When the report was broadcasted several days later, the
    UN was stunned to find out that Eric Randall was in fact a member of The Brotherhood,
    as he stated on live international television that GDI troops had completely slaughte-
    red the population of Beoulistock on the grounds that they suspected the people to be
    Tiberium smugglers.  The results were disastrous.  The public criticism on GDI escala-
    ted to street riots and the UN was forced to stop funding the organization and begin a
    public investigation into its activities and affairs.  As the names of GDI officers
    were made known so their actions could be reviewed by the Security Council, many were
    promptly assassinated by Nod hit men and suicide commandos.  As GDI's funding was cut,
    Kane immediately began launching major offensives all over the world, particularly in
    Africa.  GDI suffered heavy casualties and loss of equipment, while the public inqui-
    ries of the Security Council continued undiminished.
    What Kane was unaware of however, was that the UN had deliberately faked their with-
    drawel of GDI support in an attempt to circumvent his watchful eye.  This plot worked,
    as Nod began to stretch their forces thin in order to attack GDI strongholds on a
    global scale.  Because of their overconfidence, Nod commanders were completely sur-
    prised to find the GDI bases fully operational and heavily fortified.  Most of the Nod
    attacks were repelled or even completely halted.  GDI High Command had been able to
    outsmart Kane for the first time, and with Nod troops scattered all over the involved
    regions, GDI attacked with full force and new military technology of their own at every
    poorly defended Nod region in the world.  The tactic worked and Nod's war efforts were
    severely cut back.  Then, after 2 years of harsh fighting which decimated region after
    region, GDI finally got the break it had been waiting for.  Surveillance photos pin-
    pointed Kane's exact whereabouts in a Tiberium research facility in the vicinity of
    Joegoslavia.  Although the reports were not specific, there were rumors that Kane had
    begun human experiments involving Tiberium, injecting it into human guinea-pigs of all
    ages in an attempt to enhance human DNA and create a next generation of superior
    The problem was that GDI was short in manpower and equipment for this important mis-
    sion as their prime directive was to retake all ethnic regions Nod invaded.  Therefore,
    it was decided to send a strike force consisting of elite troops under the command of
    GDI's finest field commander; an Afro-American officer called Kyle Solomon.  During
    this mission, GDI's most advanced weapon was utilized for actual combat for the first
    time; an orbital weapons platform described as an Ion Cannon.  Although this Ion Cannon
    had a great drawback of requiring a long charging period, it was nevertheless an awe-
    some weapon of great destructive capabilities and impossible to counter or defend
    against.  Through a number of Ionic charges of the satellite-like Ion Cannon, Solomon's
    task force managed to penetrate the heavily fortified perimeter of the research fa-
    cility.  What was found inside the facility was never disclosed, but there are a
    number of reports regarding psychological trauma suffered by the first soldiers who
    investigated the interior of the facility and found the civilians who were experimen-
    ted on.  Kane was nowhere to be found.
    With GDI chasing the remaining Nod occupation forces out of most East-European count-
    ries, the war entered its final stage.  GDI surveillance agents discovered a huge and
    curiously designed structure in Sarajevo which the Nod followers called "The Temple
    Of Nod".  This Nod nerve center was soon after confirmed to be Kane's base of opera-
    tions.  But the most terrifying news was that this structure was not only a command
    center Kane used to coordinate The Brotherhood its global war efforts, but also a
    facility designed for mass production of NBC weapons (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical).
    Although possessing the resources and the technology to use next-generation weapons of
    mass-destruction ever since the beginning of the war, Kane could not possible have
    afforded to use them without giving up his most efficient tool: the media.  GDI was
    very aware that now that Kane was losing the battle, he would use this weaponry as
    soon as it became available while GDI had no intelligence whatsoever regarding their
    possible targets.  Quick response time became of the utmost importance, so Solomon's
    strike force was send to the nearby Sarajevo base to destroy the heart and mind of
    The Brotherhood Of Nod.
    The area was completely locked down by Nod troops, resulting in a clash between Solo-
    mon's forces and Kane's private guard that would last almost 72 hours.  Then the
    moment arrived: Kane's last defenses were finally crippled and Solomon ordered to fire
    the Ion Cannon directly at The Temple Of Nod.  Through a hidden camera installed in-
    side by GDI infiltrators, all present in Solomon's command center saw Kane welcoming
    the blast as he opened up his arms.  Fear was not noticed as Kane was seen being vapo-
    rized in front of the camera seconds before the temple exploded.
    The First Tiberium War was finally over as without Kane's leadership the remaining
    Brotherhood forces broke in no time.  But the haunting image of Kane willingly
    disappearing inside the Ion beam would loom behind Solomon's mind as he reviewed the
    tape over and over.
    5. The Aftermath
    As the world learned about the events that took place in Sarajevo, the reactions were
    very mixed.  It soon became clear that several international politicians did not ex-
    pect that Kane would be stopped and a number of them were conspiring with The Brother-
    hood to ensure their own place in the new era and civilization Kane was on the verge
    of creating.  However, political leaders and indeed all others who had first hand wit-
    nessed or experienced Nod's extreme aggression and violence knew all too well the value
    of GDI's hard fought victory, with one of them calling the GDI commanders and troops:
    " Heroes To Human History ".
    When GDI forces began to search through the rubble of The Temple Of Nod, they were con-
    fused of their findings in a lot of the structural designs as well as not finding any
    remnants of Kane.  Because The Brotherhood used a unique form of architecture in the
    construction of their bases and temples, the remaining artifacts and schematics were
    placed in museums across the world.  Later massive searches were set up to find any
    and all remaining soldiers loyal to Kane.  As they continued to search for evidence
    that could lead to confirmation of Kane's death, GDI military scientists would experi-
    ment with new technologies as well as expand on the ones they had.  GDI felt that
    they needed to be prepared the next time they went into war, whether it be Nod or any
    other hostile force.
    After the war ended, Nod began to divide into smaller factions until The Brotherhood
    as a whole was no more.  The remaining Nod soldiers and officers went underground and
    disappeared from sight.  Those Nod officials who had been captured were brought before
    international courts, where they were judged and executed for committing the most pro-
    found war crimes on mass-scales or sentenced to life-long imprisonment in mental
    institutions for proven signs of psychopathical behavior.  Although Nod had been de-
    feated, GDI continued to do research with new technologies under the orders of the UN,
    as to ensure that the Global Defense Initiative is never again caught off guard as it
    was by Kane.
    However, soon other ailments would be in GDI's mind besides Nod and technological
    achievements.  As much as most GDI commanders wanted to focus their attention on
    assuring the full elimination of The Brotherhood, it became clear that the very thing
    that provided them with the funds and technology to overcome Kane had now become the
    world's greatest danger; Tiberium.  With Tiberium beginning to assimilate large por-
    tions of Earth's ecosystems, GDI was officially ordered by the UN to begin research
    and efforts on halting Tiberium growth and evacuating civilians from the most heavily
    affected regions.
       " The possibilities of Tiberium... are limitless... "
                ~ Dr. Mobius on Science Talk
    Detailed Information:
    The following section contains detailed information about the two main armed factions
    involved in The First Tiberium War.
    The Global Defense Initiative:
    - History before the First Tiberium War:
    Commonly known as GDI, the organisation was first thought of after Great World War
    II.  Because of the great terror the Soviet-Union brought over Europe and indirectly
    over the rest of the world, the United Nations decided to establish a multinational
    peace keeping force to ensure that no state of world wide emergency would ever be de-
    clared again.  GDI originally began as a covert operations group under the designation
    of "Operations Group Echo, Black Ops 9", but was not truly active on a large military
    scale.  When The Brotherhood Of Nod began invading ethnic regions in the mid 1990'ies,
    GDI was officially enlisted on October 12, 1995 as an international force to counter
    Nod aggression.  Other than these facts, no true details on GDI's internal structure
    or functioning were ever released by the UN, as all statistics regarding GDI's mili-
    tary strength, equipment and personnel are classified to this very day.  The official
    UN statement regarding GDI activities and purpose is as follows:
    " The Global Defense Initiative was founded to enforce the United Nations Global
    Defense Act and uphold the ideals as outlined in the United Nations Charter. "
    - History after the First Tiberium War:
    At the end of the First Tiberian War, GDI High Command began a huge crackdown, perse-
    cuting all remaining Nod officers and officials to ensure the full elimination of The
    Brotherhood.  What they couldn't have imagined however, was that this course of ac-
    tion would turn out to be a fatal mistake.  GDI neglected to contain the rapidly
    spreading Tiberium substance for too long, and the results became disastrous.  Not
    only did Tiberium spread at a much more aggressive and faster rate than anticipated,
    the initial methods GDI scientists developed to stop the Tiberium growth proved
    insufficient as well.  With GDI concentrating all of their efforts on hunting down
    the remnants of The Brotherhood Of Nod, Tiberium began to assimilate Earth's primary
    ecosystems causing vast portions of the planet to become uninhabitable.  Soon after-
    wards, the World Health organisation began to receive strange reports from their
    field personnel about unknown forms of life which had been spotted in the vicinity 
    of large Tiberium fields.  In addition, humans living close to newly forming Tiber-
    ium fields began to show signs of heavy mutation, mutations which were frighteningly 
    enough passed on to their offspring as well.
    Because the Tiberium assimilation of Earth was occurring at a much faster rate than
    GDI was able to contain and because it was still unknown wether or not a person
    suffering from Tiberium poisoning could contaminate a non-affected person, GDI be-
    gan the construction of a large and highly technological orbital space station known 
    as " The Philadelphia ", to which they immediately relocated their main base of ope-
    rations along with all their highest ranking officers and best-educated personnel.
    On top of that, GDI High Command made the highly unpopular decision not to allow any
    humans on board The Philadelphia which were in any way affected with Tiberium
    poisoning.  After the construction of The Philadelphia, GDI began to organize what
    would become the most massive evacuation procedure in history, relocating vast por-
    tions of the world's populations to areas not affected with Tiberium, mainly the
    Polar regions.  The result of these massive relocations was that large portions of
    land on each continent became completely uninhabited by humans for the first time 
    in tens of thousands of years, causing the birth of large "no-man's lands" all over 
    the world.  "No-man's lands" of which GDI was very aware that they were ideal pla-
    ces for Nod to hide and reorganize themselves.
    GDI later on began setting up small outposts and bases all over these wastelands,
    not only to monitor potential Nod activity, but also to better research new methods
    into halting the Tiberium assimilation of Earth as well as to find a way to re-
    verse the effects of Tiberium poisoning and the mutations it causes to human beings.
    Known facts about the Global Defense Initiative -
    Ratified - In accordance with the United Nations Global Defense Act (UNGDA), the Global
               Defense Initiative was founded on the date of October 12, 1995.
    Ideology - To enforce the United Nations Global Defense Act and uphold the ideals as
               outlined in the United Nations Charter.
    Official Supreme Commander during the First Tiberium War -
               United States Brigadier-General Mark Jamison Sheppard, Chief of Staff,
               United Nations Military Command.  Succeeded by Colonel Kyle Solomon in
    Base of Operations - Classified.  Relocated to the orbital space station " The
                         Philadelphia " sometime after the First Tiberium War.
    Military Strength - Statistics regarding equipment and personnel are classified.
                        Officially military strength lies within parameters of the UNGDA,
                        Article V, Section 3A, Paragraph 12.
    Economic Strength - Funded by the United Nations, various international governments,
                        public organizations and private enterprises.
    Political Strength - Not applicable. Operates within parameters of UNGDA and under
                         the review of the United Nations Security Council.
    Affiliations - The United Nations
    See Also - Sheppard, J. M. (deceased); United Nations; United Nations Global Defen-
               se Act; United Nations Security Council; Mobius, Dr. R. H. (deceased);
               Solomon, K.
    The Brotherhood Of Nod:
    - History before the First Tiberium War:
    Rumored to have been founded around 1800 BC, the exact date of its arrival into exis-
    tence is unknown.  The leader of Nod, a mysterious and charismatic man known only as
    Kane, is considered to be Caïn as in the son of Adam by a large number of his follo-
    wers, but both the UN as well as Nod itself refuse to either confirm or deny those
    suspicions.  Nothing is truly known about Kane's origins or past until his first
    appearance in the early 1920'ies when Joseph Stalin took control over the Soviet-Union,
    with Kane apparently being his personal advisor.  In being completely aware of all
    of Stalin's plans and considering his abnormally high intelligence, it is likely that
    Kane indirectly ran the Soviet-Union and was the person directly responsible for the
    Soviet invasion of Europe.  However, when it became clear that the Allies, brilliantly
    led by General Gunther Von Esling and Colonel Nikos Stavros, began to manage to stand
    ground against the military power of the invading Soviet-Union and started to rally
    the United Nations against Stalin, Kane realized that Soviet chances were heavily
    reduced.  He disappeared, leaving Stalin to lose to the Allies and apparently
    planning to resurface when the time was ripe.
    - History after the First Tiberian War:
    The Brotherhood began to fall.  GDI forces began a huge crackdown everywhere and
    what was left of Nod was without leadership, without resources and without much
    chance for survival.  However, through pursuing the remnants of The Brotherhood so 
    vigorously, GDI made a critical error: they ignored calls to leave Nod alone and 
    contain the Tiberium substance for too long, and it began to consume the Earth, 
    spreading everywhere where there were sufficient materials for it to grow and 
    reproduce, mainly to areas with large plant ecosystems.  Only bodies of water, the 
    Sahara Desert, the American Southwest Desert, Siberia, the Australian Outback and 
    the Polar regions were not affected by Tiberium.  GDI then was forced to let Nod 
    go about its quiet business, while it was ordered by the UN to get healthy people 
    to unaffected areas as fast as possible.  As GDI was forced to cut back on their 
    persecutions of Nod's remains, The Brotherhood began to recover.  However, without 
    Kane's leadership, the unity was broken as Nod began to divide itself into many 
    small and harmless splinter groups.  The largest remaining part of these splinter 
    groups came under the leadership of an Egyptian dictatorial-like character named 
    Hassan.  Though this Nod splinter group had enough support among the Nod followers 
    to become a new potential threat, GDI managed to keep their influence under control 
    through infiltration, and under-the-table-deals with Hassan himself - cooperation 
    in exchange for covert GDI support which would help him to stay in power.
    There was however one other Nod group, which had silently remained under ground and
    out of sight of both GDI as well as all the other Nod groups for decades, patiently
    waiting for something or sometime.  This secretive Nod group turned out to be founded
    at the end of The First Tiberium War, by those remaining Nod officers which had mana-
    ged to flee GDI's crackdown after the fall of Sarajevo.  Knowing the inner workings of
    The Brotherhood like none other, this underground Nod group infiltrated the other Nod
    splinter groups much like GDI had done, keeping the spirit and faith in Kane alive
    among the followers over the many years, as well as renewing the already existing
    hatred towards GDI.  When GDI eventually found out about the existence of this silent
    Nod group and their purpose to ready a new generation of Nod followers and officers,
    they realized that this group could potentially represent a serious threat to the
    future of the world.  Recognizing the necessity to find and eliminate the leader of
    this underground Nod group - a man called Anton Slavick, which was apparently the son
    of the commanding officer of Kane's private guard in Sarajevo during The First Tibe-
    rium War - GDI General Solomon instructed Hassan to arrest Slavick with the intention 
    to have him put to death under the accusation of being a GDI spy.  However, both GDI 
    as well as Hassan underestimated the support and great respect Slavick had among many 
    Nod followers.  Slavick was rescued and freed in the midst of his very execution by 
    his second in command, a woman known as Oxanna, and disappeared once again from sight.
    But there was one thing Solomon realized all too well.  If this Nod group, currently
    led by Slavick, had remained silent for decades and now suddenly began preparing the
    followers of The Brotherhood worldwide for a new conflict, it meant something was
    about to happen.
    Only days later, nearly 40 years after the defeat of The Brotherhood at Sarajevo...
    Kane reappeared alive and unharmed, not having aged a day.
    With Kane's "resurrection" reuniting the entirety of The Brotherhood Of Nod splin-
    tergroups in less than 24 hours, GDI suddenly found itself in the middle of a night-
    mare it had almost forgotten about.  Now, the future of humanity flows directly into
    a second Tiberium War, with The Brotherhood Of Nod being as powerful as it has ever
    been and with the Global Defense Initiative being as prepared as it ever was.  While
    all life on Earth is being assimilated by Tiberium.
    Now mankind's darkest hour lurks at the horizon.
    Now the world and humanity are under
    A Tiberian Sun.
    Known Facts about The Brotherhood Of Nod -
    Ratified - Exact date unknown.  The religion proclaimed itself in the new world around
               the late 19th century.  Some exaggerated reports place its foundation
               around the year 1800 B.C.  Known as "Sha Ae Sheer" or "Path Of Nod" among
               a number of traditional African tribes.
    Ideology - To unite third-world nations under a pseudo-religious political platform
               with imperialist tendencies.  In actuallity it is a highly aggressive and
               popular neo-fascist anti-west movement vying for total domination of the
               world's peoples and resources.  Operates under the popular mantra "Brother-
               hood, Unity, Peace".  The religious viewpoints of The Brotherhood Of Nod
               focuss on an alledged Tiberian future for humanity, in which all followers
               of Kane shall recieve "Divination" and flourish in every imaginable aspect.
    Current Religious Patriach - The Brotherhood Of Nod operates under the leadership of
                                 a mysterious, charismatic and highly dangerous person
                                 known only as "Kane", whose IQ is believed to be over a
                                 196.  No forms of civil registration or birthcertificats
                                 whatsoever have been found about him by neither Interpol
                                 nor any other international investigation services.  Be-
                                 lieved to be a living Messiah and the son of Adam by a
                                 great number of his followers, nothing is truly known
                                 about Kane's origins or past.
    Base of Operations - Globalized, command posts identified at Kuantan, Malaysia; some-
                         where in Ar-Rub'al-Khali, Saudi Arabia; Tokyo, Japan; Caen, France.
                         Main headquarters was located at the end of The First Tiberium War
                         in the vicinity of Sarajevo, Bosnia.
    Military Strength - Initially considered to be a small terrorist organisation, a scandal
                        involving US and European defense contractors confirms beliefs that
                        The Brotherhood Of Nod is well equipped and has a large arsenal of
                        land, sea, and aerial military operations as well as highly advanced
                        technology of which is unknown where Nod derived it from.
    Economic Strength - Considerable assets believed to be in excess of US $255.2 billion,
                        based on audits of seized financial records (see CIA docket 3231.54-
                        776 FIA).  Economic strength stems from near-monopoly of Tiberium
                        harvesting in the late 20th century as well as cult-like money sei-
                        zure and money laundering with Russian, Cuban, Columbian and various
                        other maffia Cartels.
    Political Strength - Believed to be the sole backers of the Fist of Allah party in Jordan
                         (52%); United We Stand America party in the US 12%); Albion First!
                         party in the UK (25+%), among others.  (See Brooking Institution
                         publication A42962-94 for full discloser.)
    Affiliations - Irish Republican Party; various Islamic Jihad groupations; Khmer Rouge;
                   U.S.S.R.; the People's Republic Of China; others.  (See article: Brother-
                   hood of Nod Splinter Groups and Afffiliations.)
    See Also - Mobius, Dr. R.H. (deceased); terrorist activities; United Nations Global
               Defense Act; Report of World Energy Radical Redistribution; US Congressional
               Report, 1994; Death of Kane Investigation Committee.
    Details about The Brotherhood Of Nod Philosophy:
          " The Brotherhood had its beginnings with the first downtrodden
                           who looked for a better way. "
                             ~ Kane
    The following section contains some of the history of the involvement that the Sha Ae
    Sheer had in political matters as well as many other things throughout history.  Recor-
    ded by the scribes of the Godan Tribes, it historically accounts how the Sha Ae Sheer
    plan to unify the people of Earth under one nation and one rule.  This section is also
    dedicated to proving how the Brotherhood Of Nod plans to invoke its philosophy on the
    The following text is a written recording of a speech Kane addressed to volunteers
    who wished to join The Brotherhood during the 1990ies.
        " Welcome to the Brotherhood of Nod, sometimes referred to as the Ways of Nod
          or the Sha Ae Sheer.  I prefer just The Brotherhood, for that is what we are
          truly striving for; a brotherhood of mankind, where all can live in peace
          and share the struggles of life as one.
          As long as man has had breath The Brotherhood has existed.  For from the be-
          ginning -- when man's struggle was with nature, not knowing where he might
          sleep, how he would eat, or whether he would survive to see the light of dawn
          -- there have always been those who would lord over others.  People who believe
          that they by some unseen right they are granted power over others, and would
          push others down so they might climb, are the greatest threat to mankind's
          existence.  For many years has one man or one race prospered on the sweat and
          work of others.
          Such injustices are not just a sin against mankind, but also a sin against God.
          The Brotherhood had its beginnings with the first downtrodden who looked for a
          better way.  These oppressed sought a path that would allow them to gather
          fruits of life and achieve enough resources and wealth that they and their
          families could survive and advance with the rest of mankind.  Too often have
          these people been crushed beneath the boot of others, their measly gains stripped
          from them.  Throughout history the "overlords," often self-appointed rulers,
          have forcefully taken the resources of those who could not defend themselves.
          Whether we consider the pharaohs of Egypt, the Caesars of Rome, the kings of
          England, or the emperors of China, it was always the blood and sweat of others
          that created their empires.  Today, it is the capitalists of the Western nations
          that are sucking the life out of the rest of the nations of the world.  While
          capitalists barons sit in their mansions, drinking their expensive champagnes,
          the workers of the world continue to die from starvation and disease.  Workers
          are forced to sleep on the ground without shelter in the sweltering summer heat
          and may die from frostbite in the depths of winter, their cries for help never
          heeled by the nation of the Western bloc, whose citizens sleep soundly in their
          beds at night.  The imperialism of these nations is even more insidious than that
          of ancient times.
          When the pharaohs and Caesars ruled the realm, at least one knew one's standing
          at all times.  No pretense was ever made that a man or a race was other than what
          they were.  Slaves were slaves; they knew this and expected that they would be
          treated as such.  They were never seduced into believing that they were free men
          able to achieve what they pleased.  It was never suggested that they might be
          able to do something about their fate and rise above the station into which they
          had been born.  By contrast, the Western nations have created a world of slaves
          without the general populace ever realizing it.  Although the so-called free
          nations claim they are helping to advance the world as a whole, it takes only a
          moment to see through this pretense and realize that the only ones advancing are
          the free nations.
          With their abundance of resources and technology, the free nations have made
          economic slaves of the Third World.  The disadvantaged Third World countries
          have had their resources stripped away, education denied, and technology withheld
          to keep them from threatening the power of the Western bloc.  And the Western
          nations enslave not only the populace of the Third World, but also many of their
          own.  It is not uncommon to find the squalor characteristic of the Third World
          right in the heart of all major cities in the supposedly enlightened nations.
          This lack of caring for one's fellow man, so pervasive in the West, is what causes
          The Brotherhood to flourish. The fact that millions upon millions can reach only
          a poverty-level existence, unable to even feed their own children, is a sin against
          the nations that cannot be ignored.  The Brotherhood has always existed to help
          those in need.  By gathering the resources of our flock and obtaining additional
          material from our enemy in any manner deemed necessary, the Brotherhood continues
          to grow and gain power.
          We have always been here, behind the scenes, the guiding hand.  Empires have fal-
          len by our influence; leaders that could have caused our plans to go awry have
          silently vanished.  The Brotherhood is always in the background, careful to make
          sure others do not notice our activities.  We periodically supply aid to other
          causes to pull attention away from our true goal.  We have slowly and steadily in-
          creased our power, but still were never truly able to confront the forces of evil
          head-on.  For thousands of years we have waited for a sign, something or someone
          that would allow us to mount one last, great Jihad.  That sign has come in the
          form of Tiberium.
          With the unstoppable growth of Tiberium across the Globe, most of it occurring in
          nations friendly to the Brotherhood, our time has come.  The vast wealth and
          resources gained from Tiberium have given us the ability to come into the open and
          challenge our antagonists face to face.  Across the Globe, GDI and Nod forces
          now clash in a titanic struggle that will decide the fate of mankind for all time.
          The GDI hides behind the façade that they are here to help the free nations in
          their struggle against those they would name terrorist.  We in The Brotherhood
          know the truth.  Our fight is for all mankind, not for those cherished few who sit
          behind desks all day, with no greater worry than whatever it will rain and cancel
          their tennis dates.
          Such uncaring attitudes to the peoples of the Earth can be tolerated no longer.
          The Brotherhood will unify this world no matter what the cost.  Our movement has
          always striven to be one of peace, but as we all know, the road toward peace is
          often paved with the blood of those who would prevent peace.  The Brotherhood has
          already taken great strides for global unity.  With our advanced technology in
          Tiberium gathering, we have been able to push GDI forces out of many of the world's
          nations.  The people will follow The Brotherhood -- unfortunately, governments do
          not, and it is the governments that control the armed forces.  These self proclaimed
          governments of the people are using their military forces to keep their populace
          quelled, to such an extent that the people do not rally to The Brotherhood's banner
          for fear of repercussions against them and their families.  We must show the people
          that by entering the fold of The Brotherhood they will be safe and taken care of.
          Their hopes and dreams will be fulfilled only if they place their lives in our care.
          Their needs will be taken care of and their families protected -- all that is re-
          quired is that they give of their finances and labor to The Brotherhood.  With the
          guidance of The Brotherhood helping them along the true path, together we will
          bring the world to a higher state than ever existed before.  We will bring about
          one world, unified, living in peace, and following a single path toward a common
          goal of equality, all held together by the benevolent supervision provided by me,
          Kane.  There are many obstacles blocking my path to this magnificent unity; means
          must be found to surmount these difficulties.
          We now come to the addition of you to my fold.  The EVA operator interface is the
          way of the future: combat being directed by a general safe behind friendly lines,
          but still receiving data of the mission as it occurs.  It would take the demented
          minds of the GDI to come up with a plan like this.  How can a man know fear, feel
          for his comrades, or taste victory in all its sweetness if he sits so far from the
          battle that the only screams he hears are simulated by a machine?
          Be that as it may, the EVA system is the best means available to The Brotherhood to
          ensure our purification of the world.  You have been recruited by The Brotherhood
          because your views closely mirror our own.  Leave behind the dogma of GDI and bring
          the training and education supplied by them to my cause.  We will feed the Tiberium
          fields with the lifeless bodies of GDI, continuing the struggle until no one and
          nothing stands in the way of global unification.  Your expertise is needed in this
          glorious struggle.  You shall give of yourself body and soul in the service of The
          Brotherhood, and in return for your efforts you shall become greater than you ever
          dared imagine.  Know your abilities well, but never be satisfied with what you can
          do today.  Strive to surpass today's feats tomorrow and each day thereafter.  Do
          not fail me, for your failure could mean my failure,  and I will NOT fail.  Uplink
          to your system and lead our forces to splendid victory!"
                        ~ Kane
    Nod Combat Philosophy
    Nod's theory on combat is as follows:
    " It is more important for us to employ intelligent combined-arms tactics than it is
      for GDI because it is the Pen who is mightier than the Sword.  And we are both the
      Pen and the Sword when skilled modern armies are commanded by intelligent strategies
      brought upon by a True Military Strategist... "
                            ~Nod Commander Slavick
       " The Brotherhood exists wherever there is need. "
                         ~ Kane

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