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Reviewed: 04/30/06

Yes sir? A firmative.

Long before Blizzard's Star Craft was a huge a success, there was a company who made real-time strategy games. Their name was Westwood. Now Red Alert was their second game and perhaps the most successful game ever. Made on the Halloween of the year 1996, this game is probably the best real time strategy classics out there.

Story line: The year is 1946. Albert Einstein has invented a time machine and he decided too test it out. Now he decided to make World War II to never happen. He decided to go to Hamburg Germany to kill future leader Adolf Hitler. So he goes back in to the past and does his job. Yay all the bad things of World War II never happen right? Beep! Wrong. As Einstein came back to the present he felt that tampering with time had made the future worse. Just a few months after, the Cold War becomes the new World War II as Soviet Russia attacks the West.

Controls: All you need is your trusty mouse because all you do is use the mouse to command armies and build buildings by selecting them from the side bar.

Length: The game is pretty long because You can play as both the Allies and Soviets. Each having 15 missions which adds up o 30 missions totally. Also there is also easy, medium, and hard difficulties to make the game go longer.

Music:The music seems to just be hard metal with war themes to them.

Replay ability: This game has a lot of replay ability because of the two different sides of missions and the difficulty settings. Also thee is skirmish mode where have custom battles and online play ability.

Ups and downs of each side: The game makes the Allies look weaker because their land units are not as good as Soviet's ground troops. However the Allies navy is the best in the game. Also the Soviets have more air units too then the Allies. The Allies have more infantry support like medics, spies and thieves. The Soviets are just brute land strength.

This game is worth getting because it incredibly fun. It's also easy to learn how to play and teaches people to not make time machines=). Also it is now a very cheap game to get after a decade.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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