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"Your ordinary Strategy game. It's good though."

Talking about Multiplayer madness! This one's a sure hit. I've really enjoyed playing this game with my friends. But is it really worth it? Here's my criteria for judging how great a game really is:

Gameplay/Controls (6 pts): For the gameplay, it's very much enjoyable. You just build buildings and then build your units, then compile a ton of them and then attack. But, what I really hate most about this game is that it has a low strategy game value. Now, why did I say that? Well, once you play it for some time, you'll realize that there's actually no point in the game (except for the story). all you have to do is to create a massive force and charge them at the enemies. That's all. It's all about quantities. If you have a large number of tanks against a small amount of your enemy's, you'll win. Unlike other games out there, there's strategy like invisibility, upgrades to the units, more concentration on terrain, etc. For the controls, it's quite hard. Especially if you want to use the Keyboard to control the actions of your units. It does take practice to master.

Storyline (8): Well, gotta admit. This game has a good story between the Allies and the Soviet. If you're a war fanatic, surely, you'll enjoy every second of the story. It's also perfectly presented in the form of FMVs where real people are shown.

Graphics/Sounds (7 pts): For the graphics, it really isn't much different from it's predecessor, Command & Conquer. It has 2D graphics which are modeled to look-like it's 3D. But, they look good. The explosions are great also. For the sound, yep, it's great. Good explosion, attacking sounds and the voices of the units.

Now, I took off 2 points for a low realism. Can't imagine a soldier being able to survive shells from tanks!

Replay Value (8 pts): You'll play and play this game until you master the controls and win every game. Time will also come that you'll get bored as to the gameplay of this game. But, it has a good replay value and you can always put yourself in a challenge of beating 7 computer players with Hard Levels. You can also try different maps and battle your hearts out.

As a conclusion, this game is a good game to purchase especially if you're a strategy game fan. It's multiplayer concept is great and you'll really enjoy playing with your friends.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/14/00, Updated 12/14/00

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