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"A great strategy game"

Red Alert is a great strategy game! It's one of my favorites

Graphics 8.3/10
Not bad for a strategy game. I really like the graphics. There very colorful, you can make them bright or dark. The graphics for this game is very simple.

Music 9.2/10
I love the music for this game! It's really cool and great. It has a lot of great songs on it. The music is one of best things I love about this game!

Sound 9.1/10
The sound is also great! When you make a soldier and make him shoot at a person, the sound of his gun sounds real. When crates, building, cans, ect blow up, it sounds really good. The sound for this game is great!

Gameplay 9.3/10
You can choose from being the Allies or the Soviet. Each team has different missions. After you beat the game you can still do lots of more cool stuff on it. Like trying to beat your highscores or playing a multiplayer game. You can go on the internet and play a game with your buddies. I beaten the game so many times and I still play it a lot. The game is very difficult too. There is a lot of things you can build and there's a lot of things that you can make. The gameplay is great.

Difficulty 9.4/10
This game is very hard. It takes a long time to beat the Allies/Soviet missions. The multiplayer is a tough challenge too. Sometimes there's missions where you have to beat it in a certain amount of time which is very hard. This is a very hard strategy game.

Play control 8.6/10
The play control for this game is good. It's easy and takes about a 1/2 hour to learn. There's just a lot of controls and it's really hard to remember what they do and stuff like that. Besides that the play control is great.

Create a map 10/10
I love the create a map feature. You can do a lot of stuff. You can make water, ridges, and lots of more objects. You can make as much as you want. I all ways play with the map editor mode. It's really fun.

Overall 9/10
Red alert is a very fun strategy game. It deserves a 9/10. I really wish they made more games like this.

Buy or rent
Well I would buy it if you love strategy games. I would rent it if you only want to play the multi player.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/18/01, Updated 08/18/01

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