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"I'll see you in Berlin, comrade."

''Oh look,'' you say, ''it's another review by that stupid Garland guy, who gives every game a 2!'' The reason I give such low reviews are for two main reasons. It's more fun,
and by the time I've finished playing a really good game, it almost always has it's maximum number of reviews posted. Finally, I've found an awesome game that I can still submit a review about! What I say about Red Alert probably applies to all the other Command and Conquer games as well, but I've chosen to do my review on Red Alert because, in my opinion, it's the best of the series.

Story - 10/10

Red Alert takes place in an alternate 19th century. Einstein creates a way to travel back in time. He goes back himself, and removes Adolf Hitler from the stream of time. This does prevent what we know as World War II from happening... but instead causes an even bloodier confrontation. With Germany removed as a threat, the Soviet Union has ample time to build it's industry and military. The game starts out with the world already at war, with the Soviets just having launched an offensive against Western Europe. All of Western Europe and the United States against all the countries of the Warsaw Pact... You know it's going to be good right there. You can choose to help by commanding the Western Europeans defend against Soviet tyranny, or you can join mother Russia and make Soviet power supreme.

Gameplay - 10/10

You've made your choice? Ok, so what now? You start with a Construction Yard. Your main objective is to destroy all enemy structures and units without letting them do the same to you first, and throughout campaign mode you will have to complete many other objectives. This isn't Warcraft, though, so your armies are vastly different. The Soviets rule land and air with their Mammoth Tanks (gigantic tanks with huge double turrets for enemy armor and buildings, and rocket launchers for enemy infantry and aircraft) and MIGs (jets that fire massively damaging rockets). With the Allies getting no air offense and no tank heavier than medium class, how do they have a chance? In the beginning of the game they can hold their own, since they can produce tanks about twice as fast as the Soviets and can do a variety of thinks to them with their spys. In the late game, the Allies have one single, tiny hope. Actually, it's the largest unit in the game. The Allied Cruiser has firepower about twice that of a mammoth tank, and it's range is about two screens. How far is that? Since we're comparing to the mammoth tank, a mammoth tank can shoot about 1/8 of a screen. Yeah, cruisers rock. They do even more damage to buildings, and can them in about two volleys, and then only unit that can get close enough to hurt them are the soviets' only naval units - submarines. Will the Allies make a blind rush and cripple the Soviets early in the game, will the Soviets produce enough tanks to roll over the allies, or will it come down to Cruisers vs. Mammoths?

Sound - 10/10

Hey, these people finally figured it out! They let you CHOOSE what music you want! With a large collection of great music, you probably won't get tired of listening to your favorite techno tune playing as your cruisers pound Soviet airstrips.

Graphics - 10/10

Sure, they're a little dated, but in between every mission you get movies with real actors in them! The occasional victory CG video can be really good, too. I bet you've always wanted to see tanks driving through a city and blowing stuff up, haven't you?

Overall Rating - 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/22/02, Updated 12/22/02

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