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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

An phenomenal explosive time

C&C: Red Alert must be the most highly acclaimed real time strategy game in the world. I have never before seen such a phenomenal strategy game. The interface is simple and makes the whole C&C: Red Alert experience enjoyable. No PC gamer should go on with this title. This is one of the most spectacular PC games on the market. You’ll never want to play anything else.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert is basically a game of divide and conquer. The main objective is to annihilate your foes and secure supremacy. You must manufacture your army’s economy, construct defense parameters for your base, but most of all build a powerful army to dismantle your opponent’s army and base. This game is really fun and exciting. There are many assets you can utilize. The basic assets are tanks, infantry, aircraft, naval vessels, and the like. There are many assests (units) to choose from. But you must be very careful on what you choose to manufacture because they cost money to build. For example if your opponent is the Russian side and decides to attack your base with one of their tanks which is a heavy tank, you shouldn’t build a light tank with light armor, you should go for the most powerful tank you have to counter that tank. Besides, you can always gang up on the bad guy with as many tanks you desire. That’s the beauty of this game. There are no limitations!! If you so desired, you could make a massive tank army with 30 plus tanks and attack your opponents base having only their defenses to stop you. In time you’ll get used to the way the game is played. The control is very easy to understand and learn. It consists of a few keys on the keyboard, but most of the control is with the mouse. Making the game fast and furious.

You can’t just go building tanks right away. You must build certain prerequisites in order to receive the option to build assists. For example, you start of with only a construction site, then when that is deployed you then have other building options, like a power plant. If you decide to build a power plant, then you’ll be rewarded with other units to build. You must build prerequisites in order to receive other building items. Once you deploy a war factory, then you can mass produce an immense army. In other words, the more variety of buildings you build and deploy the more units or options you receive.

Getting a hold of money is a key factor in the game. You will need to manage your army’s economy in order for your army to be successful. Money is very very important in this game. The way you get a hold of cash is very simple. You have to build a ore factory. Ore or crystals are your source of wealth. Without any cash you be left hung to dry because building things cost a pre-determined amount on each individual assets. For example, let’s say I want to build an allied medium tank (the strongest tank in the allied force), I would need exactly 850 credits to successfully build the tank and my total amount of credits (ore) is 1000, I would then have enough to build one tank. Your ore refinery comes with a free ore truck. As soon as you deploy the built refinery the truck will look and scoop up some ore for money. It will then transfer the stored ore to the refinery in exchange for cash. And the whole process will begin again and again. The more trucks or refineries you build will give you a great advantage. The more trucks you have the more money you have. The more refineries you get a hold of the more storage of cash you have.

Graphics wise the game is overall satisfactory. The explosions and units look well done and are easily distinguishable. They are all color coded for the players benefit. For example the typical color for the Russian army would be red, while the Allied force’s color would be a light blue color. In the Skirmish mode the player has the option to choose which color he or she would like for their army. Buildings are very well drawn and look very good. The unit animation’s are realistic as well. For instance, the rifle infantry would be quick due to their light weapon to carry. On the other hand the rocket solider would be slow due to the heavy rocket launcher they must carry on their back.Explosions of a tank or building look great. If they get heavily damaged they will produce a fire which is a distinguishable sign that they are in trouble and need in repair. The most unforgettable explosion is when the player deploys a Atom Bomb! The authenticity of the mushroom cloud will amaze you!

The music of Red Alert is something every single game should possess. The sort of fast techno feeling is present in the game. It really creates a mood of destruction for the player. It really motivates the player to dismantle their worthless opponents. Sound effects are really good. They sound like their real life counterparts. For example, if an infantry men was killed, he would make a death cry. Or if a tank explodes or fires, it would sound like it exploded or fired a shot. You get the idea.

That’s not all that’s available. If the player has access to a modem. Oh boy!! You’ll have the time of your life. This game has multiplier capabilities. So, you could play your friend from your house, or play other players via the Internet. A nice feature in the game. Making the replayability remarkably high. You’ll play this game for hours on end, day in day out, night and day. You’ll maybe even skip meals to play this stellar game.

Overall, this game is an explosive good time. C&C: Red Alert is one of the best real time strategy games in the world. No PC gamer should go on with out this game in his or her software library.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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