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Fans of the original Command & Conquer know the drill. Give you a mission with some minor objectives, but you just really blow the living mess out of any and every opposition unlucky enough to come across your wrath. Interested yet? Well, there's more to it than that. I thought this game was great for it's time. It gives you good entertainment, and allows you to vent your frustration the day brought on you. So raise an army, and then go obliterate. Have fun! More on.

Graphics: 6
Ok...this is where the game gets let down. Now, take note that this review is after YEARS of playing and with other great C&C games out like Tiberian Sun, and Red Alert 2, the graphics just don't appeal to you by today's standards...especially if you have played the others. Still, you know what is what. It's no text game so don't expect to be confused when you play.

The FMV scenes are good though. I didn't have a problem with the quality and it's actually real people so you don't have to look at computer generated people.

Sound: 10+
This is the game's savior and then some. The sound effects are good, but can get a little repetitive because each tank has the same sound effects but the music...
The music on the other hand is absolutely spectacular. It's so may find yourself burning some of the tracks onto CD's. I know I have. Hell March is incredibly awesome and still remains as my favorite video game song of all time. It's crisp, clear, but most fits the game. Perfectly. No questions asked at all. Even for a Real Time Strategy, the music is top notch. Every track. It's great. You'll love it.

Gameplay: 10
It's so easy to learn, but incredibly hard or impossible to master. There is always room for improvement. And the game never ends. You can always play another Skirmish, or start a new mission. There's also a map creator with the game so you can let your imagination run wild. It's a good map editor. Not like Tiberian Sun or RA2 where they use random map actually make your map from scratch. Want a money map? Throw in a ton of gems. It's all up to you. As I said before, it is so easy to learn. But you have to make due what what you can get sometimes. There are hotkeys on your keyboard, and you have your mouse to control your command over the fields of war. There are 2 sides you can choose from. The Allies, and the Soviets (each have their own discs for the missions). Each of which has their strong points and their downsides. Both sides have different technology and therefore can build different structures, tanks, and can train different infantray (even dogs!). The main objective in this game is to defeat your opposition while keeping your base operational and defended. Like a game of chess that doesn't alternate turns between the players. This leads into hundreds of thousands of ways to play the game. There is always another variation you can try to get you to your victorious destination.

Replayability: 10
The game never ends. You can always play more. You can always make a new map. You can always play more missions. And then you can go online...I forgot that earlier. Caught it now. As with any game that can go online, it is 100x better. Rather than matching your skills against the computer, you can do battle with others from around the globe. Still not interested...maybe you should check out the expansion Aftermath. (Playstation people don't have the online option and the expansion is called Retaliation)

Story: 7
Well, the main objective in here is to choose between one of the two factions, the Allies or the Soviets. After watching the cut-scene for the mission, you wreak havoc on the enemy and get them to surrender to your war effort. You gain control of the world, or restore peace depending on the side you chose.

So anyway...
The game can keep you busy. While you enjoy the wonderful music, and blow enemy buildings into compost heaps, that stress the previous hours brought on you seems to just float away.

Yes, the game is a tad old. So what? Sometimes going back to the roots proves to be the most fun you've had in a while. Even after you play the game out, you can come back and it'll seem full of life again. Only a few games can do that. This one can, and I know for sure that i've come back to Red Alert more than once and it has been just as fun as the first time I played.
A little nostalgia can go a long way.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/15/03, Updated 04/15/03

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